Extenuating Circumstances
By Sissy & Jennifer

When the dark green Chrysler Sebring convertible with the brown top pulls up and stops at the entrance to the lodge, a man standing back in the shadows smoking a cigarette, glances at the car with just a slight interest. Until the long shapely leg slides out when the door opens, then his eyes smile appreciatively as the beautiful woman is helped from the car. He doesn’t take notice of the man until he blocks his view. Then something stirs in his memory but as the couple disappears into the lobby, he shakes his head and puts his cigarette out in the butt can beside him then he goes inside as well, to return to his job.


“Oh, Walker I’m really going to enjoy our get-away up at this mountain lodge. Working on the task force has really been hard on the nervous system, especially mine.”

“I know, I think we both needed this. What with you being kidnapped and then that house blowing up around us.”

Alex turns a deep shade of pink; still slightly embarrassed remembering how she had jumped Walker after escaping from the house just before it blew up. But she feels like what she did and the way she did it saved her sanity. Besides, Walker had never once complained.

Locking the door after the bellboy leaves the room, Walker turns toward Alex, moving up behind her, sliding his arms around her waist. Kisses her softly on the side of her neck then joins her in looking at the beautiful panoramic view out of the large plate glass windows.

Her voice hushed at the awesome sight, “Walker, it’s so beautiful and serene. Makes me feel at peace with the world.”

Murmuring in her ear, “I know. It’s breathtaking isn’t it?”

“Hmm … just think three whole days, just us two, no courts and no Texas Rangers until Monday morning.” Snuggling back against his hard body, she feels the heat intensify from Walker’s body, igniting a fire in her own. “Darling,” she softly murmurs. A ridge against her buttocks begins to grow and harden adding fuel to the fire within her. “Me thinks we got here in the nick of time,” she murmurs softly.

“Me thinks so, too.” Feeling a slight tremor run through her, he tightens his embrace, bringing her up hard against his growing erection. He moves his hands up to cup her breasts, tenderly cradling them in his hands, smiling softly as they become heavier with desire, the nipples becoming hard and erect under the light caress of his thumbs.

She turns her head and he lowers his mouth and kisses her slowly, sweetly, deeply. It’s a kiss that stirs the flames even higher in them both. She turns into him, gasping at the intensity of the passion that has risen so swiftly. He pulls her hard against him, letting her feel the strength of his arousal as he takes her mouth once more.

The kiss is hotter and deeper than the last, hinting at the passion that’s building inside of him and desire surges through her like an electric current, converging in the most feminine parts of her body and intensifying there into pools of heat.

Walker scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bed, sinking down into the mattress with her still in his arms. Alex purrs her contentment as Walker settles himself on top of her, his manhood prodding at her from behind the snug barrier of his trousers.

She parts her legs letting him nestle into the cleft of her thighs, loving the weight of his muscular hard body bearing down on her, loving the masculine sounds of frustrations that rumble in his throat as he tries to get closer to her.

Impatiently, he tugs on her skirt, pulling it down along with her panties then his fingers are at her shirt and in a matter of seconds, she is naked beneath him. He whispers breathlessly, his lips brushing hers, “You’re so beautiful.”

His mouth is hard and warm as he brushes it back and forth across hers, when he feels her mouth quiver beneath his, he touches her lower lip with the tip of his tongue, probing for entrance into her sweet cavern.

When her hands begin grappling for the clasp at the front of his trousers, he stands and lowers his pants and briefs in one motion and another hot flame of desire courses through her as his manhood is revealed. He returns to her side and as his lips cover hers he picks up her hand and lowers it down to his throbbing erection. She whispers his name within the kiss as her hand softly caresses the hard velvety length of him.

His kisses move to her throat, and then her breast, making bolts of pleasure shoot through her. When his mouth closes over her nipple she moans and begins to move her entire body in a rhythm against him as he sucks gently at the tender flesh, he kneads the other breast with his hand doubling the pleasure that is careening through her.

Her hand tightens around him as she writhes against him. Then his hand leaves her breast sliding down over her belly and her body tightens in anticipation as she feels his hand cover the triangle of hair between her thighs. She arches up as his fingers part the folds at her entrance and when a finger, then two probe her entrance she cries out as the fire threatens to consume her when they slide deep inside her.

Alex feels like she’s on fire. Every; touch, every kiss, sends her deeper into the agonizing heaven of wanting more. She cries out, “Walker …please!” Then suddenly he’s over her, spreading her thighs wider, his hand around his turgid member, pushing it against her then plunging into her, swift, hard, and deep.

Deliberately, he tries to insert his finger into her alongside his engorged manhood. There’s no room. He knew there wouldn’t be. She is already stretched too far, filled too completely with him. But when he added the extra bit of pressure there at the sensitive entrance she gasps. The unendurable pleasure builds within her and she knows nothing but him, the feel of him throbbing inside her, stretching and molding her as his body; moves urgently, feverishly, against her own. She clings to him tightly, instinctively wrapping her legs around his, arching her hips to meet each powerful stroke as he drives her over the edge of consciousness into the brilliant, bursting abyss of blind ecstasy. As she slips over the edge, she cries out, “Walker. Oh, my God, Walker.” Unable to hold back any longer, he shudders convulsively against her, his head lying against her shoulder, his breath coming in harsh gasps, his heart hammering against her own as he spills himself inside her. He thrust once, twice more, than collapses on top of her.

As he lies there, letting his breathing calm, his heartbeat slow, he knows if she made love to him every day for the rest of her life, it would never become routine or boring.


As they walk out on the veranda off the large lounge room, Alex turns to take Walker’s arm as she steps off onto a path that leads out through the garden. “Walker, how did you ever find this place? It is definitely not on the beaten path of vacation spots.”

“Captain Briscoe, told me about it. Said it’s the best place to go for complete relaxation. A great place for taking walks or canoeing on the lake or … just staying in bed all day.” Saying this, he turns her around and begins nuzzling her neck.

“Walker, stop it. People are looking.” She half-heartedly tries to push him away.

“Let them look. I’m sure they’ve seen a man in love before.” He replies as he kisses her soundly on the lips, then reluctantly pulls back.

“Darling, did Captain Briscoe really say that?”

“Say what?”

“About … just staying in bed?”

“What do you think?” He turns and taking her hand begins walking down the path again.

“I think … not.”

The path eventually leads them through a wooded area, where they walk for several minutes making comments about the abundance of wild flowers and the many butterflies flitting from bloom to bloom. Alex kneels down to look closer at a small plant and when she stands Walker is nowhere in site. “Walker?” She moves further along the trail trying to catch up with him but after several minutes at a brisk pace she begins to realize that she has gotten lost from him. She stops and looks around her, the foliage so thick she’s unable to see very far. The path has disappeared and the area reminds her of a time and place that she never wanted to think about again. “Walker?” A little louder this time. She feels a panic attack coming on but can’t seem to stop it. Her pulse is pounding and she can scarcely breathe and sweat begins pouring off of her. She struggles to draw the needed air into her lungs but they fail to work. She has to find Walker, can’t let the Trammels find her, she begins running, her body straining for needed air, she cries out again but no sound escapes her lips, she stumbles and falls.

Walker turns and not seeing Alex behind him, he stops, waiting for her to catch up with him. After several minutes when she doesn’t appear, he starts back down the path to find her. He hears a soft “Walker,” and begins moving toward the sound. He’s wondering how she’s gotten off the path when he hears his name again, this time he hears the panic in her voice, and he picks up his pace in his effort to find her, fast. He stops to listen and hears someone crashing through the bushes, a soft cry and then nothing.

When he finds her she is curled up in a fetal position, her body gasping for air. Immediately, concern and worry overwhelms him and he runs to her side. Realizing she is hyperventilating, he sits down beside her and pulls her into his arms. “Alex! Alex, I’m here.”

“Wa … Wa … Walker?”

“Sh … take it easy. Take short breaths, slow it down. That’s it. Once more, honey.” With her breathing coming under control, the tears start, a flooding, at the relief of finding Walker. “Sh … honey, it’s alright.” Finally her tears slow and the trembling stops. “Honey, what happened?”

“I’m sorry, Walker. I don’t know what came over me. I got separated from you and the area looked like … the mountains … where the Trammels…” Her body begins trembling again, tears flowing once more at the mere recollection of what happened to her in the Utah mountains a couple of years ago.

“It’s alright, honey.” He tightens his arms around her, tugging her head into his neck, “That’s why we’re here. To unwind, to get our life back on an even keel.”

“But you always seem to be in command of your life while mine, at times, has me coming unglued by my memories.”

“Not always. I’ve had my share of panic attacks, and from the same memories that you have.” Alex pulls back to look up at his face and sees the torment in his eyes. “But mine are of the fear of not getting to you in time.”

“Oh, honey.” She comes up on her knees in front of him, taking his face in her hands, and softly touches her lips to his. “I’m a horrible burden to you, aren’t I?”

He takes her hands in his bringing them against his chest, “No, you will never be a burden. I love you, my life would be over without you in it. Don’t ever think that, we are an equal, no matter what happens, we balance each other out, okay?”

Her eyes searching his, she murmurs softly, “I love you so much … so very much.” As his lips come down on hers, she melts against him, the wetness of growing desire pooling within the soft folds guarding her sweetest treasure. The kiss quickly heats up, fueling a familiar desire within both of them. Before she knows it, her hands are twining in his hair and the hard ridge of his erection is pressed into her stomach. She breaks off the kiss, breathless with desire and the need to have that erection buried within her body. "Let’s get back to our room," she breathes, kissing him again, shifting so that his erection lay at the juncture of her thighs.

Her kisses make his heart beat faster, his desire for her grows. Feeling her soft skin beneath his hands increases that desire, but when he feels the heat of her arousal against his manhood ... it is his undoing. There can't be any waiting until they get back to their room. He'd die if he had to wait that long to join with her, to bury his straining manhood deep within her trembling body, to make love to her. "No," he whispers. "We'll be okay here." Her lips claim his again. He pulls his lips away to murmur, "Its off the beaten path." He's breathless, his hard shaft straining painfully against the zipper of his jeans, "No one's been out this far into the woods ... since we left the path." He lowers his lips to hers once again, his tongue delving into her mouth, imitating what his body wants. A whimper escapes Alex, and with an arm around her waist, the kiss continuing, Walker shifts his body and lowers her to the ground.

He quickly releases the button on her jeans and lowers the zipper, sliding them and her panties over her hips, to below her knees. As she kicks free of them, her own fingers are fumbling with the zipper on Walker jeans. Growling, he lowers his jeans and shorts just enough to free his pulsing erection, then parting her thighs he lowers himself between her legs. Her desire as strong as his she lifts her hips in her haste to be joined intimately with him. With a strong driving thrust, he sinks down into her silky smooth warmth. Sinking until he is buried to the hilt, his body trembling with desire, her moans turning to soft cries of passion. Gazing down into the crystal blue depths of her eyes he begins thrusting deeply, moving in and out of her body at a delicious pace, her hips rising to meet each frantic thrust. Gripping his arms, Alex wraps her legs around his waist, bringing his thrust impossibly deeper. Moaning at the exquisite feel of the deeper thrust Walker's movements become increasingly faster. When she feels the beginning spasms of her climax, Walker reaches down between them to the swollen bud, pressing it up and back. Alex screams. And all thoughts of anyone possibly hearing completely forgotten in the flash fire of her release.

Walker seals her mouth with his, trapping her cries in his own throat. She returns the favor when he surges against her, every muscle rigid.

When he feels the spasms of her climax grip his manhood, he lets go with all that is in him, groaning as his orgasm hits him, spilling his hot seed deep within her trembling body, his own body shaking with the intense pleasure assaulting his senses.

He collapses onto her sated body, her arms surround him, holding him close. After several minutes he rises up on his elbows, and smiles down into her glazed eyes. “We'd better get up and get moving.”

“I know,” she murmurs. “I just don't want you to move yet, I enjoy this part of our lovemaking, Darling. Laying in each others arms ... still together.”

“I do too, hon, but this isn't the place.” Alex sighs as he separates their bodies, and takes his hand as he helps her up off the ground. She straightens her bra and pulls her panties and jeans back on as Walker pulls his jeans back up. He picks a few pieces of twigs and greenery out of her hair as she buttons her shirt and tucks it back into place.

Checking his hair to make sure there were no telltale signs of a romp in the woods, she asks softly. “I don't look like we've just made love, do I?”

His thumb caresses her lips. “No ... you just look like you've been kissed soundly.” He begins to laugh, “But we have really got to reign in our passion hon, one of these days we're going to get caught!”

She smiles demurely up at him. “Do you really want to?” she purrs.

“No!” With an arm around her waist, they make their way back to the path.


He sees them again, walking with their arms around each other’s waist. Who is he? Can’t get it out of my mind that I should know him. The register, I’ll check the desk register, maybe I’ll recognize the name. Making his way to the desk, he sees the book lying open, and moves behind the counter, and begins thumbing through the pages.

“Hi, Conrad, looking for something?”

“Yeah, Bill, I saw someone I should know, but the face ain’t clicking. Thought that maybe the name would jar my memory. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I’ve had that to happen to me a time or two.”

Conrad turns the pages back to when he first noticed the couple and slides his finger down the list of names on the page. His finger stops. Mr. & Mrs. Cordell Walker! His hand begins to tremble as his eyes move along the line to the address. Dallas, Texas! His eyes go blank as his mind races back to that fateful day six years ago, when his father had died. The bullet fired from the gun held by none other than Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. A name he will never forget. He turns slowly and moves away from the desk, rage making his face distorted and hard.

“Conrad, are you all right? You look about half sick.”

The voice breaks through the haze, and when he turns to look at Bill he has himself under control again. “Huh … ah … no, I’m fine. I feel like I’m getting a headache, though, think I’ll go to my room and get an aspirin.”

“Okay, but you’d better hurry, you still have dining room duty tonight.”


The rest of the weekend seems to fly by, being by themselves, without worry of interruptions, they spend many hours talking about the past but mostly about the future and an equal number of hours making love. An activity they never seem to tire of.

Sunday afternoon finds them standing at the entrance as their luggage is placed in the trunk of their car. Walker holds the door as Alex slips inside, then shutting the door he walks around and gets behind the wheel. When Walker starts the engine and the car pulls away from the curb, the both are saddened that their vacation is over, but, looking into each other’s eyes, they know the can handle anything as long as they’re together.

Conrad stands back in the shadows watching the small car pull away, then turns and gets into the black Ford sitting at the curb, putting the car into gear, he follows the same route that the Sebring takes.


The first few days back are hectic as they take care of the work that has piled up while they were gone. But by the next weekend they’ve both settled back into the routine of their working as well as their private lives.

Friday afternoon, Alex makes her way into Ranger Headquarters, heading straight for Walker’s desk. Sensing her presence, he looks up and smiles as she comes around the desk to stand beside his chair. “Hi, Cowboy, what’s up?”

Looking around at the room full of Rangers, he murmurs just loud enough for her to hear, “Honey … that’s a loaded question.”

Her eyes glued to his, her voice lowers, “Oh … well … we can take care of that tonight.”

He smiles, feeling his manhood stirring at the tantalizing suggestion. “Ah … Alex … did you want something?”

“Yes … I have to stop for some groceries so you may beat me home.”

“Well … maybe not. I’ve still got at least an hour of paper work yet.”

“Then maybe we’ll get home at the same time for a change.” She leans over and kisses him lightly on the lips then feeling his hand take hers squeezing lightly, she smiles at him then turns and leaves the room.

Almost an hour later, Alex has her groceries and is on her way to the drug store to pick up some personal items and the next issue of Black Belt. There is an article on Chuck Norris that she wants to read. Taking her sack with her items she walks outside and crosses the street to where her car is parked. She’s reaching for the door handle when the screeching of spinning wheels catches her attention. Looking up she sees a black car barreling down the street; the driver is either drunk or vision impaired because the car is coming straight at her. With only seconds to react she takes a flying leap over the hood of her car onto the sidewalk on the opposite side. With scraped knees and elbows, she gingerly gets to her feet looking down the street as the black automobile turns the corner. After calling the police and filing a report, Alex calls Walker from the police station, telling him she has had a little accident but she’s fine and is on her way home. “I’ll tell you the details when I get home. No … don’t worry, hon, I’m fine. See you soon.” and finally continues on her way home.

When she drives down the lane her headlights catch the figure of her husband on the front porch, she knew he would be upset.

Moving quickly off the porch as she drives up, Walker is at the door before she can get it open.

“Come on, honey.” He helps her out of the car and slides his arm around her waist. As he moves with her toward the house, he feels the stiffness in her gait. Once in the light he sees her disheveled appearance and the bloodstains on her clothes and his worry, already working overtime kicks into high gear.

“Walker, it’s really not that bad, just some scraped elbows and knees.”

Ignoring her remarks, he picks her up in his arms and quickly carries her upstairs to their bedroom then into the bathroom.

He carefully strips her clothes off, soaking the edges of the tattered cloth so as not to start the bleeding again. He applies an antibiotic to the open scrapes then bandages them. “Alex, tell me, from the beginning, just what happened.”

She tells him the frightening details of her near brush with death, trying hard to insure him that it was just an accident. A drunk driver! But as he slowly slides his hands over each bruise, each scratch, she sees the hard set of his jaw and the glint of anger in his eyes at the thought that she could have been seriously injured or even killed.

Pulling his hands up to her lips, she looks him in the eyes, “Honey, it was an accident that’s all.”

“You didn’t see the driver or get the license number?”

“No, I was to busy diving over my car to even think about it. And when I did, he was gone.”

He pulls her into his arms, crushing her to his chest, relieved that she’s all right, but still furious at the thought that someone dared to hurt her.


A week later, with the near sideswipe forgotten, Alex makes her way back to the courthouse after a short trip to the little boutique for a new negligee. Smiling to herself, thinking of the look on Walker’s face when he sees her in it, she stands at the curb, her mind on the coming night instead of her surroundings. Suddenly, a shifting in the crowd and Alex finds herself shoved out into the street. Caught unawares, she stumbles, nearly falling. The blasting of horns and the screeching of brakes makes her alert to her danger and looking up, she sees this yellow monster baring down on her. She feels her arm being grabbed and she’s yanked back on to the curb, seconds before the cab slides past. Turning around in the arms of her rescuer, she sees the shiny badge on his chest, and shakily looks up into the face of the young patrolman.

He loosens his arms and takes a step back, keeping his hands on her arms until he’s sure she’s got her sea legs. “Are you alright, Mrs. Walker?”

Her legs still shaky but able to hold her up, “You … you know who I am?”

He chuckles softly, “I think every cop in Dallas knows who you are, ma’am.”

“Thank you,” she glances at his name tag, “Patrolman Conners. I think you saved me from some very nasty bruises, if not my life.”

“I guess I was in the right place at the right time, Mrs. Walker. Are you going back to the courthouse?” When she nods, “Why don’t I walk with you, you still look a little shaky.”

“Thank you. I would appreciate it. Nothing like a good scare to turn a lady to Jell-O.”

“Always glad to help a friend.”

She looks up in to his face, “But I don’t think I’ve ever met you before … have I?”

“I don’t think so ma’am. But I know Ranger Walker and anytime I can do something for him, I feel honored.” Alex’s heart fills with pride at the patrolman’s statement, realizing how well her husband is thought of down through the ranks.

At the top steps of the courthouse, she sees Walker striding toward her with Jimmy close behind. Steeling herself for the barrage of questions she knows is coming, she turns to the patrolman, “Conners, I want to thank you again for your timely rescue and also for seeing me safely back to the courthouse.” She squeezes his hand and gives him a beautiful smile of which he deems to be more than adequate payment for services rendered.

Jimmy is the first to speak, “My God, Alex are you all right? You’re as pale as a ghost.”

“I’m fine, Jimmy.” And then turning to face her husband, letting herself sink into his arms, “I just had a close call a few minutes ago, and that young patrolman save the day.”


Three days later, coming out of Ranger Headquarters he sees Alex coming out of her office. “Hey, pretty lady, where you headed?” He smiles when she looks at him and he leans in, kissing her lightly on the lips.

“Hi, Cowboy.” Tilting her head up slightly for his kiss. “Going down to interrogate a prisoner. Wanta join me?”

He falls in beside her as she walks toward the elevator, “I can’t. I’m waiting on Trivette. We have a meeting with the mayor.”

“See you later, then.” She reaches out to squeeze his hand then turns to get into the elevator as the doors slide open.

Seeing the dark cavity of a hole instead of the elevator car, Walker quickly reestablishes his hold on her hand as it begins to slide from his, and pulls her back away from the open cavity.

Extenuating Circumstances part II
By Sissy & Jennifer

“Walker … what?” When she sees the emptiness, her face turns ashy as she realizes that if not for Walker she would have fallen into the deep abyss of the elevator shaft. Wrapping her arms around Walker’s neck she hangs on for dear life. Trembling in his arms, she realizes that he’s saved her from another close call.


Walker pushes the door open and sees Alex looking through the books that line one whole wall of her office. She turns and smiles, saying, “Hi honey, be with you in a minute.”

“That’s okay. I’m in no hurry,” he says, moving around behind her desk and sitting in her chair.

When she finds the book she’s looking for, she lays it on her desk then with a wicked gleam in her eye, sits down on his lap. “Hi,” she says softly as she circles his neck with her arms, then lowering her head she gives him a soft sweet kiss. Feeling less than the usual response, “What’s wrong, darling? Got a problem?”

“Yes, I can’t seem to get a handle on this nut that is bent on trying to kill you.”

“Walker, you can’t be serious. A few ever day minor mishaps and you’re looking for a killer!”

“Mishaps? Alex, any one of these … mishaps … could have killed you. I wish you’d take this a little more serious.”

“Darling, a drunk got to close to me with his car, someone accidentally bumps into me and knocks me into the street and then an elevator that wasn’t there, these things happen to people everywhere.”

“Yes, I’ll agree to that. But they don’t happen all to the same person! And don’t forget that light fixture that almost fell on you in court yesterday.”

“Honey, if someone wanted me dead why not just shoot me, rather than these little trivial accidents?”

“I don’t know, I wish I did. Maybe he wants it to look like an accident so there wouldn’t be an investigation.”

She can feel the frustration surging through him, and she is upset because he is. “Honey, I’ll make you a deal. If you’ll quit worrying so much, I’ll take these … accidents more serious.”

He looks into her eyes and sees the twinkle, “Alex, I’m worried about your safety.”

“I know you are, hon, but nothing is going to happen to me. I’ve got you in my corner.” She pulls him closer and kisses him softly, then feeling the result of the kiss by the growing bulge beneath her, she kisses him again, deeper, then feeling his hands sliding up under her skirt, she moves her mouth from his, and breathlessly whispers, “No … wait.”

Her eyes meet his and then slide quickly away. Her pulse begins to pound with excitement at the outrageous and the forbidden thought that has entered her mind. She brushes her lips across his then eases herself down off his lap and kneels between his legs.

“Alex…” Walker murmurs when she begins to fumble with his belt buckle. He looks down at the top of her head. “Alex … what...”

“Sh…” She touches the heavy bulge in his jeans with light tentative fingers.

Alex, afraid she might burst into nervous giggles, slowly and cautiously lowers his zipper. There is a rasping sound and then his heavy, fully aroused manhood is thrusting out from the nest of dark hair and she is cradling him in her palm. Her fingers are full of the fierce, hard length of him, and she is no longer poised on the brink of laughter.

“You really are beautiful,” Alex whispers as she leans forward to touch him with the tip of her tongue.

Walker sucks in his breath. His fingers tighten in her hair. “Alex,” his voice almost lost as her touch sends sensations of pleasure ripping through him.

Growing bolder by the second, Alex leans closer, tasting the essence of him. She can feel Walker’s intense reaction and the knowledge thrills her. She leans closer to him, sheathing him with her mouth determined to give him the kind of pleasure he has so often given her.

At that moment there’s a light tap on the office door just seconds before it swings open. Alex freezes, when she attempts to draw away from Walker his fingers tighten in her hair holding her in place. Knowing she’s hidden by the desk, she slides her body around, till its nestled in the space under her desk. When she hears Jimmy’s voice, she stiffens and sincerely wishes she could disappear.

“Hey, Walker, what are you doing here?”

His face flushed and his eyes glazed with passion, he struggles to control his outward appearance. “Ah … just … ah … waiting on Alex … to finish.” (Finish? Did I say finish?”)

“Where is she anyway? There’s something I need to ask her.”

“Ah … she had to go out for a … few minutes.” He feels her lips tighten around him, and he has the strongest urge to thrust his hips against her.

“Well … when she comes back tell her I’d like to see her before she leaves today.”

“Okay … I’ll … do that.” Several long seconds pass before Trivette finally turns and goes out the door pulling it shut behind him.

Walker groans as he loosens his fingers in her hair, and when he feels the suction tighten around him he quickly pulls her up. Slipping away from him she locks the door and returns to stand in front of him.

He slides his hands up under her skirt, pulling her panties down and off, then brings her down to straddle his lap. Alex feels his shaft brush against her, probing, then he begins easing up into her, gasping as she sinks down slowly, feels him climb higher and higher until she is full. Her body takes control then and she wraps herself around him, joining him in the ride of her life. With a tiny muffled shriek Alex shudders in the throes of her climax. A thrilling sense of euphoria races through her as she hears Walker’s guttural sound of masculine satisfaction. She feels his fingers close around her buttocks as a heavy shudder racks him. She moans softly at the delicious sensation then wraps her arms tightly around his neck, lying her head against his.


“Hmm?” His voice muffled in her hair.

“Don’t ever let me do this in the office again.” Embarrassment creeping into her soft murmur.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t … at least not without locking the door first.


It’s been three weeks since Alex’s last ‘accident’ but Walker is still uneasy. He goes with her wherever he can but when that isn’t possible he makes Alex promise him that she will stay alert to anything and everyone around her. He’s still convinced that Alex’s accidents are attempts on her life, however bizarre they may be. And he has a feeling the accidents aren’t over yet.

He glances at his watch, and seeing that it’s almost time for Alex to get out of court, he gathers the files that’s spread out over his desk into a neat stack. Then, sighing deeply and shaking his head in frustration, he picks them up and starts out of Ranger Headquarters. Ever since he had left Alex at the courtroom he has been going over all the cases where Alex played a significant role in ending a criminal’s career, someone that might hold a grudge.

As he pushes open Alex’s office door he sees her getting off the elevator. “Alex, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to wait until I came after you?”

“Well, Judge Palmer ended it early so I came back to get you so we wouldn’t be late getting to C.D.’s, I don’t want to miss one minute of his special tonight featuring Clay Walker.

“I wish you had waited on me.”

“Oh, quit being a grump and come on.” She smiles at him and tugs on his arm.

“All right, let me put these files on your desk.” He pushes the door open and leans in to set the stack of files in the middle of her desk. Unbeknownst to Walker, he sets them down on top of a stapler. As he backs out of the door they begin to slide off the desk onto her chair.

Just as the door swings shut, a brilliant flash and a loud explosion blows the door off the hinges knocking it and Walker out across the hallway.

Alex screams and rushes over to where Walker is lying with the door on top of him. With strength she didn’t know she possessed she shoves the door off of him. “Walker … Walker, are you all right.” Kneeling on the floor beside him, she presses her fingers to the pulse point on his neck. Feeling a light flutter, she cries, “Oh, God, Walker…” Then he moans and attempts to sit up. “No, lie still until the medics get here.”

He looks up into Alex’s worried face, “I’m all right, Alex, just a little shaken that’s all.” She helps him to sit up, just as Trivette moves up beside her.

“God, Walker what happened.” Then seeing blood streaks on his face, “Are you all right, partner?”

“I think so.” He stands then with Trivette and Alex’s help. “Get someone in here to go over Alex’s office, Trivette. I want to know how the bomb was set up”

“A bomb?” Jimmy turns to look into the destruction of the ADA’s office and in a hushed voice, murmurs, “God Almighty … Okay, I’ll take care of it.”

Walker turns to take Alex into his arms, lifting her head to make sure she hears him. “Honey, that was meant for you. Someone deliberately set that to get you?” He watches her eyes, letting his words sink in. Her eyes begin to widen and he feels the trembling starting in her body. He tightens his arms as the shaking worsens, her knees buckling.

Her eyes mist over, her voice shaky, barely audible, “I’m sorry, Walker. So very sorry.”

He looks at her with surprise. “Sorry? Sorry for what?”

“I should have listened to you. I didn’t and you were almost killed.” She lays her head against his chest and wraps her arms around his waist, hanging on like she’s never going to let go.

“Alex,” he says softly, “I wasn’t absolutely sure myself, until now.” He tilts her head up again, “But I can guarantee that he’ll never get that close to you again.”

When the paramedics arrive, Walker quickly explains what he wants and with everyone in agreement, his plan is carried out.


He stands off to the side waiting for news of what had happened upstairs. He hadn’t wanted to go this route but since everything else he had tried, failed, he felt that more drastic measures were called for. Watching the elevator doors open he sees the gurney being pushed out by two paramedics. Trying to move through the crowd to get a better look, he sees blonde hair, and a blood covered sheet and Ranger Walker, his face contorted with rage and worry, holding onto the gurney. Conrad backs away, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. ‘Now you know what it feels like to lose someone you love, Walker.’

Feeling content now that his father has been avenged, Conrad goes back to his motel room, to pack and get back to the resort lodge and his job. As he packs the suitcase he turns on the TV to get the news to gloat over his success. He pauses and listens, his face turning red as he gets angrier by the minute.

“Mrs. Alexandra Cahill-Walker was seriously injured today when a bomb went off in her office. No leads have been found and no one has claimed responsibility for this heinous crime. We spoke to Ranger Walker, her husband, and he says the doctors have assured him that without unforeseen complications she will come out of this tragedy as good as new. Other news at this time….”

Conrad kicks at the television, knocking it sputtering and snapping to the floor. He turns and rams his fist into the wall, cursing wildly. “She won’t live, I’ll see to that.” He flops down on the bed his mind already churning with a new plan to get rid of her.


After finding out what had triggered the bomb, Alex knew without a doubt that Walker has been right all along about her being in danger and that this bomb was meant for her. The bomb had been connected to the bottom of her chair, set to go off when pressure was applied to the seat. When the files had slide off her desk onto the chair, it was enough pressure for detonation.

If Walker had not been closing the door he would have felt the full impact of the blast. Since the door had sheltered him, he’d only received minor bruising. As soon as he was able to think with a clear head, he realized there was only one way to catch this guy. To make him think that Alex had been severely hurt, but would recover.


Conrad, after commandeering a set of hospital scrubs, moves easily down the hall pushing a janitorial dolly that holds a mop bucket and assorted cleaning supplies. Just before pushing into an empty room he sees Walker come out of the room down the hall where a police officer is standing guard. He watches as Walker exchanges words with the patrolman for a few minutes then smiles as the Ranger moves off down the hall and disappears into the elevator.


“Don’t leave this post for any reason. I’ve got to check on something than I’ll be back.” Looking at the officer, his eyes reflect recognition, “You’re the patrolman that saved my wife when she was pushed into the street aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir. Glad I was there to help.”

“I don’t suppose you saw who pushed her, did you?”

“No, sir, I didn’t.”

“Thanks for saving her, I’m very grateful. Stay alert.”

“Yes sir, I will.” He keeps his eye on Walker as he walks down and enters the elevator.


Conrad waits a few minutes then he backs his cart out of the vacant room and pushes down the hall in a slow unconcerned manner. When he passes the police officer, he quietly murmurs, “Evening, Officer.”

Before Officer Conner can reply, Conrad jams a device that emits an electric charge in the officer’s neck. Conner cries out, tries to reach for his gun but stiffens and falls to the floor before he’s able to do anything. Conrad quickly drags the office inside the room, then his cleaning equipment, checking the hall to make sure he has not been seen.

Moving up to the bed he sees his intended victim, face swathed in bandages. If not for the blonde hair fanned out on the pillow he wouldn’t have been sure of who was in the bed. Moving silently to the head of the bed he eases the oxygen mask from her face then taking a pillow from under her head, he presses it over her face. As he presses down on the pillow, the body in the bed begins struggling to draw air into her lungs. “You’ll die this time, that Ranger will know what it feels like to lose someone he love.” Suddenly he is thrown away from the bed into the wall. Looking up, he sees the bearded Ranger standing over him, enraged, and the look on his face terrifies him.

When another man moves up to Walker’s side he shifts his eyes to the dark Ranger, “Please, don’t let him touch me … he’ll kill me … don’t let him touch me!”

Walker leans over into Conrad’s face, his anger hissing between his teeth. “Why? What has she ever done to you?”

His bravado returns with the added witness and Conrad sneers at him, “It’s not her! It’s you. It’s always been you! You killed my father. I wanted you to know how it feels to loose someone you love.”

Walker seems to shrink in on himself when he hears that it was because of him. All of this fell on Alex because of him. In a weary voice, “Get him out of here, Trivette.” He turns around to leave the room.

Trivette hauls Conrad up on his feet, being not to gentle with him, handcuffs him and marches him toward the door. Thanking the policewoman for her role as the patient, she helps escorts Conrad out of the room. Seeing Patrolman Conners standing by the door, “You feel well enough to help Teresa take this goon down to headquarters?”

“Yes, Ranger Trivette. I’m fine.” He takes Conrad by the arm as Trivette turns to find Walker, but it’s too late, he leaves the hospital in time to see the silver gray Ram leaving the parking lot.


As he races away from the hospital he feels the fear grip his heart, churning his insides, knowing he has put her life in danger again with what he does, with being who he is. He’s starting to wonder again if he had a right to marry her, to put her life on the line like this. But, he had had no choice … not really. He knew their lives were wound together, if one died the other would cease to exist. It was that simple. They were soul mates, they were meant to be together. They knew it wouldn’t be easy but they had endured till now, and as long as they were together they would continue to endure whatever came their way.

His heart settles into a peaceful rhythm, pulling his mind back to the present, and he turns the Ram around to go home, to go to Alex.


When he arrives home, the house is dark, but opening the front door he notices that a fire has been burning in the fireplace, burnt down into soft glowing embers. He sees Alex on the couch, curled up asleep in her white terry cloth bathrobe, her hair still damp from a shower. When he steps into the room she sits up.

“Walker, are you all right,” she asks in a soft hushed voice.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he says, one arm braced on the mantle of the fireplace.

“I called Jimmy. He told me what happened.” When he doesn’t turn to look at her, she continues, “I take it you had some … demons to exorcise?”

He turns to look at her then and smiles, “You know me too well.”

In a soft purr, “I know my husband.”

“Do you?” He puts one knee on the sofa beside her and lowers himself slowly till her mouth is close enough to kiss.

She puts her arms around his neck and brushes her mouth lightly against his.

He groans and crushes her slowly against the back of the sofa and covers her mouth with his.

She mutters something that’s lost in the kiss, clutching fiercely at his shoulders. Walker, feeling the heat radiating between their bodies, catches her head between his hands and deepens the kiss. Together they slide sideways along the back of the sofa.

When their bodies come to rest against the cushions, Walker finds himself sprawled on top of Alex, one leg firmly lodged between her thighs. The sash of her robe has loosened, revealing he delicious curves of her breasts.

He pushes himself up slightly, just far enough so that he can push the terry cloth garment out of the way.

She puts her hands beneath his shirt and spreads her fingers through the crisp hair on his chest. “This is probably not a good idea.”

“I know, lets go upstairs.” He starts to rise, but her arms tighten around his neck and she kisses his shoulder. He feels her teeth and her tongue and he squeezes his eyes shut for a few minutes, fighting for control. When he feels he has it, he bends his head and takes the nipple of her right breast into his mouth. He bites down gently.

“Walker!” She comes up off the sofa with a gasp, straining against him.

He puts an arm around her waist and rolls to the side. They tumble off the edge of the sofa and land on the carpet. This time she is on top of him. She unbuttons his shirt and begins to kiss his chest with hungry delight.

He gives a low husky chuckle. “What are you trying to do? Eat me alive?”


“No.” He traces his fingers down her spine to the divide that separates her firm rounded buttocks. “I just want to be sure you realize that we get to take turns.”

“Okay by me.” She murmurs as she nibbles at his throat.

Delicious sensations ripple through him when he realizes that her robe is wide open and so are her legs. He looks down the length of her body as she moves up to straddle him.

“Your beautiful,” he breathes.

“So are you.”

He grins, “You think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh, yes,” her smile slow and sexy. “Maybe a better way to say it would be, you’re really put together nice.”

“Think so, huh?”

“Yes … I do.” He sees the open hunger in her eyes, and knows she wants him.

He reaches down between her legs, and when his fingers slip through the blonde, silky nest, he discovers she is already wet and hot. So very, very wet and hot. The nub that is the essence of her is swollen and tight and when he draws his finger across it, Alex shudders.

Knowing he won’t be able to hold himself together much longer he strips out of his jeans and briefs, his manhood hard and erect jutting out from his body. When Alex takes him into her hands Walker feels on the verge of exploding. He shifts positions, turning her in his arms and pushes her flat on her back.

“Yes,” she whispers, reaching for him. He hesitates for a moment, stroking the blunt end of his manhood through her dampness until he is wet and slick with the evidence of her desire and then, not able to wait any longer, he drives himself into her and she is sinking her nails into his back. Her knees lift, her thighs press against him. He reaches down between her legs once more, finds the full plump nubbin, and slides his finger over it. A moment later she screams out at the intensity of her release, then she is convulsing in his arms, at the same time he feels his world explode and he is beyond the point where he can speak or think.

She feels him withdraw and turns instinctively into his arms, and feels them close around her. Her head nestles into the hollow of his shoulder and her hand rests on his chest, feeling the crisp hair beneath her fingers. “Darling,” she murmurs sleepily, “don’t ever have doubts about us being together. Being together, you and I, is all that matters.”

“I know, honey, I know.” He whispers into the darkness, knowing that her love is the only thing that keeps him believing. He knows that even to save his life, he could never give her up.

The End.