Eye Witness

By: Shawna and Lisa

The sun was just coming up. Walker turned down a side street in downtown Dallas, and headed to Ranger Headquarters for another long day of work. A shot rang out from one of the alleys. Instantly Walker slammed on his brakes, and drew his gun, running to the side alley.

"Texas, Ranger! Freeze!"

Another shot rang out, and Walker saw a young man fall to the ground. Standing over him, was Jose Hone, a leader in the Knights gang.

"Freeze Jose!"

"Or what Walker?" The young gang leader stared at the Ranger.

"Or you'll regret it! You're already in a lot of trouble son."

"Man, it's time for you to go!" Jose pulled the trigger.

Walker fell to the ground, and returned fire, hitting Jose's gun hand. The gun fell to the ground. Walker pulled handcuffs out and approached Jose.

Knowing he was in trouble, Jose took off running. Putting his gun in his holster, and shaking his hand, Walker muttered. "Never the easy way" then took off running after Jose.

In just a few minutes, Walker took a flying leap, and tackled Jose to the ground.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford one, the court will appoint one for you. Do you understand your rights?"

"No english." Jose smiled.

"Oh, want to play wise guy huh? Ok, fine. " Walker repeated the rights in Spanish. " Ud tiene los derechos de guardar silencio. Todo Ud dice puede y serán sostener agaist Ud. Ud tiene el derecho a un abogado. Si Ud no puede permitirse un, el tribunal designará un para Ud."

Jose seemed surprised the Ranger knew Spanish that well. He kept silent as Walker led him to the truck, and threw him in the back. Walker took out a piece of cloth from the truck and picked up the gun. Today’s work had started early.


Walker led the Jose into the booking room. "I have a right to one call you know! I need to make a call."

"You'll get your call soon enough." Walker replied.

"Book him for murder. I witnessed the killing, and I have the murder weapon. It's going to the evidence room."

"Thanks Ranger, well take it from here." The guard answered.

"Oh, he wants a call too." Walker added, leaving the booking room.


"Hey amigos. A Ranger Walker arrested me. You know what to do.." Jose hung up. Before long, he'd be free.

"Come on, your time's up."

Jose smirked. "Yeah, just about."

The guard shook his head and led him to his cell.


"Good Morning, Partner! You're late? What's up?" Trivette asked as Walker came in, poured a cup of coffee, and sat at his desk.

"I ran into a little trouble this morning." Walker answered

"Oh? What happened?"

"Jose murdered a young man. Not sure of the cause. There's a forensics team out there now. I took him down to the booking room before I got in."

"You saw him?"


"You'd better watch out man. Jose runs with The Knights. A mean gang there. If you're the only witness, they may try something."

"Don't worry about it, Trivette. I'll be fine."

"What did you tell Trivette not to worry about?" Alex Cahill, Walker's fiancée walked though the door, and over to his desk.

"Nothing Alex."

"Jimmy? What is it?"

"Walker witnessed a murder this morning. Jose, the leader of The Knights was the one who committed it.

"Walker. You know how the Knights are. You'd better watch you're back."

"Ok. I'll watch my back."

Alex leaned over and kissed her Ranger. "You'd better."

"See you for lunch?"


Alex left and headed to her office, while Walker picked up a file to look over.


The gang gathered around in their clubhouse, an abandoned warehouse.

"Okay, Amigos. Here's what's going down. A Texas Ranger by the name of Cordell Walker arrested Jose this morning. He's an eyewitness to the murder of Martin Lupez. We take him out, Jose goes free. Rangers won't have a case. Who wants the job?"

"Hey man, I am gamed! I can use Despreato! Kick some Ranger butt!"

"Yeah! Go get them!" the others cheered.

"Go do it, Carlos."


Walker's phone rang.


"Yes. I followed the rules this time"

"Of course. In English and Spanish."

"He claimed he didn't know English, but he knew it when he wanted to use the phone."

"In the evidence room."

"What do you mean gone?"

"I sent it over there first thing this morning."

"It was Smith and Wesson Colt 45"

"Of course I am sure."

"Alex, I am not lying. I didn't forget."

"Ok, let me know soon as you find out something."

"I'll be careful. Love you too. Bye."

Walker hung up the phone and stared across the room. What was going on here?

"What is it?" Trivette asked.

"That was Alex. She's got the case agaist Jose. But the gun that was used for the murder isn't anywhere to be found. I sent it to the evidence room this morning. Right after I booked Jose. It just doesn't make any sense."

"You know, this isn't the first time a piece of evidence became missing. Same thing happened twice last week."

"Really? You think we have a snitch?"

"Could be. I'll check into it and let you know something."

"Thanks, Trivette. Say, I'd better head on over to C.D.'s. I don't want to be late again today."

Trivette smiled. "Ok. I'll be there soon. See ya then."



Walker had the radio on. Traffic was light today. He wondered if he should have taken the main road. It would have been faster, but he liked the country roads. It was relaxing and not as much traffic. Everyone needed a little breathing room now and then.

He heard a rumble coming from a side street, and glanced in his review mirror in time to see a black monster truck, with "DESPERATO" scribbled on the side in red paint.

"He's not suppose to have that on the road." Walker thought, then noticed it was gaining speed, heading straight for the Ram!

Walker realized it wasn't out for a joy ride, it was after him. Quickly he stepped on the gas, and speed forward, but the truck had gained too much on him. He heard the crunch of metal, and all went black.


Alex sat impatiently waiting at the back booth of C.D.’s Bar and Grill. Where was he? He promised he wouldn't be late this time, and he was already fifteen minutes late.

The door opened, and Alex looked up, hoping it was Walker. She sees Trivette come in.

"Jimmy! Where's Walker?" She asked, noticing he was alone.

"He was supposed to be here. He left early just to make sure he got here on time."

"Jimmy, something must be wrong."

"Let me try his cell."

Trivette took his phone out and quickly dialed the number.

"Strange. Busy single. He must have forgot to change the batteries."

"Trivette, he's in trouble I know it." Alex had this feeling. She was getting scared now.

"Ok. I'll go out and drive the roads and see if I can find his truck. I am going to put a APB out on the truck We'll find him, Alex."

"Thanks Jimmy. I know of a little country road he likes to drive at times. It leads to the main road. I'll drive down that road and check."

"You guys call me as soon as you hear anything." C.D. called after them.

They left and went separate ways.

Alex felt Walker's pain. He was in great pain, she knew it. She had to get to him. Had to save him.

"Hang on Walker, I am coming. Please, don't give up."

She turned down the country road. A strong feeling of dread hit her. This was it. Walker was on this road, and in a great deal of pain.

She pushed the gas a little hard, eager to get to him. Eager to help him and praying she wasn't too late.

As she rounded a small curve, her breath caught in her throat.

"Oh God. No. Not Walker."

She couldn't believe her eyes.

The Ram was in middle of the road. Crushed like it was just a piece of junk.


Alex ran to the truck. She could see him. He was pinned by the roof of the truck. Blood was all over the truck, and he had cuts and bruises on his face. He laid sideways, his seatbelt ripped in two.

Alex was afraid to check for life. No one could live though that, but she had to know.

Slowly Alex moved her hand between the crushed metal. Placing her hand on his neck, she feels for a pulse. Waiting for a minute, she finds a pulse. Very faint, but it's there. His chest was slowly raising and falling. He was alive, just barely, but he was.

"Hold on, Walker, help's on the way." Alex ran back to her car and grabbed her cell phone.

Alex frantically dialed 911. She hastily gave their location and the situation Walker was in. She headed over to the truck, and relayed his condition.

"Ok Ms. Cahill. We can stay on the line with you."

"No. I need to call a friend of ours. I need to be with him."

"Ok. Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yes, just hurry up and get here."

Alex hung up and reached in the truck, taking Walker's hand.

"I love you Walker. You can't leave me. Please, stay with me, Walker. Help's on the way. Hang in there, Cowboy."

Alex dialed Trivette number, and gave him the news.

"Ok, I'll pick C.D. up and meet you at the hospital."


Alex brushed the hair from Walker's face the best she could.

"You've been there for me so many times. You've helped me so much, always have been there to save me."

Tears came to Alex's eyes. She couldn't loose him. She just couldn't. She wasn't ready to loose him. They had their whole life together. It just wasn't right. He had so much to live for. So much to do.

"Please Farther. Have mercy upon me and hear my prayer. Spare this life. Give Cordell Walker more time on Earth. More time to work his miracles. I know you love him, too. But I need him here with me. Please, Lord. Please."

Alex heard sirens in the distance. A helicopter was landing right behind the Ram.

Paramedics ran to the truck.

"Is he alive?" one asked.

"Yes, just barely. Please hurry." Alex begged them, stepping back.

The team tried to pry the metal off of Walker, but was unable to move it.

"We need to wait for Jaws of Life. The ambulance team has one on board.

"He's having difficulty breathing." A paramedic said.

His partner was able to fit an oxygen mask over his mouth just as the ambulance team arrived, and brought out Jaws of Life.

"Shouldn't be long now." One told Alex.

Alex watched silently as they pried the metal off of Walker.

In just a few minutes, they pulled him from the wreckage, and strapped him to the stretcher.

"I am coming."

"Come on."

Alex follows them in the chopper, and takes Walker's hand.

"It appears he has internal injuries and possible head injuries." one of the paramedics told Alex, after he did a quick check.

"Will he be alright?" Alex asked.

"It's too soon to tell. We don't know how much damage is done yet. We will need to get to the hospital and do ex-rays and a catscan before we can really tell.

Alex shook her head, and said a silent prayer for Walker.


The chopper arrived at Methodist Hospital. Alex followed as they rolled Walker into the emergency room.

"I am sorry, you will have to wait in the waiting room. It's up the stairs on your left." a doctor told her, then took Walker though some double doors.

Alex watched him go, and then headed up to the waiting room. C.D. and Trivette were already there.

"My gosh, honey, what took so long? Is Cordell, ok?" C.D. asked as she entered.

"The truck was crushed all the way down. Looks like it had been though a crusher. They had to get Jaws of Life to pry the metal off and get him out. It's too soon to tell if he'll be all right. The paramedic said it looks like some internal injuries and possible head injuries. They will have to run x-rays and catscans to know the amount of injury."

"Oh, honey." C.D. came over to Alex and wrapped his arms around her.

"C.D., I am just so scared. He looks so bad. And the truck was a total lost. I couldn’t even see the license plate. I can't lose him C.D., I just can't".

"Now honey, don't you go talking that way. Cordell has pulled though before, he'll pull though this time. He's strong Alex. He'll make it though."

"I hope you're right."

"Alex, what happened? Was it a wreck or what?"

"Trivette, I don't know. I didn't see any other cars. It was just Walker, there in middle of the country road. But there were skid marks in front of the truck, not behind it, though. I am not sure if that had anything to do with it, or if that was just another wreck. They were huge marks. Like, bigger then a tractor trailer."

"That's strange. Anything that big shouldn't be on the road."

"I know."

"Anything on the truck."

"Not that I could tell. I really didn't pay that much attention."

The doctor entered the room.

"Are you here for Cordell Walker?" he asked,

"Yes, how is he doctor?" Alex answered.

"Well, to be honest, it doesn't look good. He has a concussion, internal bleeding, and four broken ribs. But what worries me the most is some swelling around the spine. Now that seems to be just temporary, but I can't say for sure what damage has been done."

"What are you saying, doctor?"

"He may never walk again. Now, let's give it a few days. Maybe the swelling will go down, and everything will be fine, but I am warning you, if he can't walk by the time the swelling goes down, it's a good chance he won't walk again. I gave him some pain medicine, he will be in a lot of pain the next few days."

"Can we see him?"

"Sure, right this way. He should be waking up soon. Try not to make him talk too much."

Alex, Trivette, and CD entered the room. Walker laid flat on his back, some IV's running into his arm, and he was hooked up to several monitors. He actually looked better then he had in the truck. She had seen him worse off.

Alex walked over to the bed and took his hand.

"Hey there Cowboy. You sure were lucky this time." Alex smiled. "I thought I had lost you. Don't you go and scare me like that anymore." She smiled.

"Yeah man. You aren't going to leave me stuck with all that paperwork piling up on your desk. You'd better get back to work soon." Trivette joked.

"Yeah, Cordell. I have some new chili for you to try out too." C.D. laughed.

Walker could hear his friends talking. Could hear what they were saying, but he couldn't open his eyes.

"Alex.." he mumbled, turning his head.

"I am right here Walker. Don't move. We're right here." Alex placed her hand on his cheek.

He forced his eyes opened.

"Glad you decided to join us!" Trivette grinned. "What happened man?"

"Monster.." Walker paused and drew in a deep breath. It was hard for him to talk.

"Easy man. Just rest a little bit." Trivette tried to quite his partner.

"Red and black monster truck." Walker said. "Had a name.."

"What was the named?" Trivette asked. "D...Started with a D. Can't remember"

The medicine was taking effect, making it hard for Walker to stay awake.

"Ok man. We'll catch them. You just rest."

"Talk to ya later, Cordell. Take care of yourself." C.D. and Trivette left, leaving Walker and Alex alone.

"Alex...Sorry I didn't make lunch. Should have taken the main road."

"Shh.. Just sleep Walker. I'll be here when you wake up. Get some rest."

Walker closed his eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. Alex stayed by his bedside and held his hand.


Trivette sat at his desk. If the Monster Truck had a name, then it was must likely registered.

Trivette looked up the registered Monster Trucks in Texas that started with a D. He came up with DeSoto, Dead Man, Death Grip, Desprotao, and Destroyer.

Now all he had to do was narrow it down to a black and red one. Desprotao and Destroyer were the only two that were black and red. Desprotao was black with red lettering, and Destroyer was black on top and red on bottom.

Trivette copied down the address of the owners and decided to check them out.


Walker awoke after a few hours of sleep. Alex was sitting at side his bed, holding his hand.

"Hi there, how are you feeling?" She asked.

"Great, as long as you are here." he smiled at her. Gosh, she was so beautiful. He knew he was lucky to get a woman as good as her. All the other woman he had been with wanted to make him choose them or his job. He couldn't choose. Alex wasn't like that. She took him for who he was. Not for what she wanted to make him.

"I love you so much. You know that, right?" He asked.

"Of course I do. And I love you." She leaned down to kiss him just as the door opened and the doctor came in.

"What's the news?" Walker asked, smiling. He had no idea that he may never walk again.

The doctor’s face was grim. He looked over at Alex, who squeezed Walker's hand a little tighter.

"Tell him, doctor. I am here for him."

Walker's smile faded. He could pick up on the tension in the room. He could feel Alex's fear as she held tightly to his hand.

"Ranger Walker, as I told your fiancée a few hours ago, there's some swelling around the spine." Walker closed his eyes, trying to block out the words. He knew what this could mean. "Now, this looks like it's temporary. We don't know yet. If you can't walk in a few days when the swelling goes down, then, chances are that you will never walk again."

"Anything else, doctor?" Walker asked.

Alex could see the pain in his eyes. But this wasn't physical pain; this was a pain in his heart. In his soul. She knew Walker's life was in the Rangers. If he couldn't walk, then he could never ride his horse again, couldn't do things on his own. Could never be a Ranger, or drive his beloved Ram, which now laid in the junkyard, smashed like a pancake.

She also knew Walker wanted a big family, but that would be impossible with him paralyzed.

"You have a concussion and four broken ribs." the doctor answered Walker's question.

"I'll leave you two alone, now. Just call if you need anything."


"Yes?" The doctor turned to Walker.

"I want to go home. Now."

"I am afraid I can't allow that."

"Please. I will be much happier and more comfortable at my ranch."

He looked over at Alex.

"I'll be there for him, doctor. No matter what. You must know, that a patient does better when he's at home, with his loved ones.

"Very well then. Here's what I'll do...Ranger Walker, you will have to spend the night in the hospital. If everything goes well and we don't run into any more problems, I'll release you in the care of your fiancée, Alex Cahill."

"Fair enough, Doctor. Thank you."

"Thanks, Doctor." Alex smiled.

The doctor smiled and nodded his head. "I've got some rounds to make. I'll leave you two alone, and a nurse will bring a cot in for you Ms. Cahill."


Trivette ran the names and address of the owners for the monster trucks. Randy Swan owned Destroyer, and Derek Travis owned Despreato.

Trivette looked over at his partner’s desk while he wanted for the files to load on the two suspects. Walker had been though so much in his life. Has had such a hard time. Now this. Now he may never walk again. Never be a Ranger. He won't even be able to take Alex to dinner or dancing. Or have a first dance at their wedding. It won't be any kind of life for Walker if he couldn't walk. Couldn't do things on his own. He decided to call Alex and see how she was holding up and check on Walker.


Alex sat at the end of the bed. No words were spoken. They both knew each other's pain. They could feel it. Alex was just there for Walker if he decided to talk about it, or needed someone. She would always be there for him, no matter what.

The pain medicine was begining to take effect. Walker closed his eyes, and began to drift off in a peaceful sleep.

The door opened and a nurse stuck her head in.

"Ms. Cahill? There's a call for you on line 1. You can pick it up in here if you would like."

"Thank you." Alex smiled and picked up the phone. "This is Alex."

"Alex, hey! How are you holding up?" Trivette asked.

"I don't really know, Jimmy. I am just so scared for him. What if he can't walk again? It would just kill him."

"I know, Alex. I thought the same thing. But the doctor did say it may be temporary. We'll just have to pray for the best and wait for the swelling to go down." Trivette said.

"Yeah, your right, Jimmy."

"Does he know yet?"

"Yes. The doctor came in and told him. He was pretty upset by it, but of course, he didn't let anyone know. They agreed to let him go home tomorrow as long as there's not any problems tonight."

"Well, I am sure that will help some."

"I found two red and black monster trucks registered in Texas. It's Despreato and Destroyer. Randy Swan owns Destroyer and Derek Travis owns Despreato."

"How about Jose Hone? Is he still locked up?"

"No. We had to let him go. No witness, no murder weapon."

"What do you mean no witness? Walker is still alive. And the murder weapon was suppose to be in the evidence room."

"Alex, Walker's in no shape to testify at this time. We don't know about in the future. And I don't know what's up with the murder weapon. I talked to Ranger West today when I got back. He said that the Captain was going to check into Tritt Davis that works in the evidence lab. They suspect him to be accepting money from crooks to make the evidence vanish. I should find out more about that tonight."

"Thanks, Jimmy. Please keep me informed."

"I will. Good night."

"Good night."

Alex hung up the phone and sighed. What would happen in the next few days? Will their lives be changed forever?

The door opened again and a nurse brought in a cot.

"Here you go Ms. Cahill. We have a cafeteria down stairs to your left if you get hungry. The nurses station also has hot coffee."

"Thanks." Alex smiled.


Trivette studied the computer screen as the files he requested came up. Randy Swan was a pro racer with his monster truck Destroyer, and currently he owned property in Phoenix, Arizona. His other residents were in San Antonio. No criminal background, just one traffic ticket.

Derek Travis though looked to be an all around bad guy. His registered truck, Despreato raced only in high stakes private racing. Travis was a member of The Knights, the same gang that Walker had witness murder a man, and Travis had a load of criminal background, including jail time for murder, which he was just released from last month.

Trivette copied down the address, and decided to head out to check things out.



Alex was startled out of her sleep at the sound of her name. She jumped out of the chair, hitting her foot on the nightstand.

"Aw.. Darn it."

It took her a minute to realize where she was.


Alex turned to the voice. She saw Walker, struggling in bed, calling out her name.

He was having a nightmare. His head moved from side to side, and sweat poured down his face.

"Honey, it's ok. Wake up."

Alex gently shook Walker to wake him.


"I am right here, you had a nightmare. Are you ok?" she asked.


The doors opened and the doctor rushed in.

"What's wrong? The heart monitor went wild and your respiration was hard and labored."

"He had a nightmare, doctor. Everything is fine now, thank you." Alex smiled, still holding tightly to Walker's hand and stroking his hair, trying to calm him down.

The doctor looked at the couple. He could see the amount of love they had for each other, and knew that his patient would be just fine.

"Alright. See you in the morning."

"Go back to sleep." Alex told Walker.

"Alex... I can't do this." Walker said, his voice filled with pain and sadness.

"Not now. You sleep. We'll talk about this tomorrow."

Walker looked into her eyes for a long moment, and slowly drifted back to sleep.


Alex pulled her Sebring into Walker's drive.

"You know you don't have to do this." He said. "I can take care of myself."

"Yeah, right." She answered.

"I can. Just move around some things and I can move the chair around the house."

"How are you going to get up stairs?"

"I don't have to. I can sleep on the sofa."

"How will you get in and out of the shower."

"I can pull myself. Alex, please. You don't need to take time off of work. What if I never walk again?"

"Then I'll think of something." she said. Alex hated the thought of him never walking again.

Alex parked close to the steps. This wasn't going to be easy. Especially with Walker being as stubborn as a mule.

"Here, let me help you." Alex went over to the passengers side, where Walker already had the door opened and was struggling with the wheel chair.

"Alex, please. Let me try."

She stood back and looked at the man he loved. She could tell his heart was full of pain. He hated the thought of not being able to take care of himself, nor the woman he loved.

"Alright. At least let me get the chair out for you before you hurt yourself." Alex said softly.


Alex pulled the wheelchair from behind the seat, and sat it on the ground next to Walker's seat, locking the breaks. She then backed up a few steps.

"Go on. I am here if you need me."

Walker leaned over, grabbing the handlebars of the wheelchair, and lifting himself out of the seat. Right at this moment, his weight tipped the chair over, sending both him and the chair flying to the ground.


Alex ran to Walker's side.

"I am ok, Alex." he assured her.

Alex sat the chair up, and moved it beside Walker.

"Great, now how am I going to get you back in there?" she asked,

"Just steady me." Walker said.

Alex wrapped her arms around his waist, and pulled him up gently. Walker grabbed hold of the bars, and Alex supported him until he was sitting safely in the chair once again.

"Now maybe you will let me help you."

"Alex, I need to do something on my own."

"Ok. I'll let you have some freedom, but I am going to be right next to you, just in case you get yourself in trouble."

"Ok. In that case." Walker released the brakes on his chair, and gently grabbed Alex around the waist and sat her down across the chair.

"Walker! Don't! You'll hurt your self!"

Walker smiled and used his arms to push the chair toward the barn, while Alex cling to him, arms around his neck.

"Walker! What are you doing..."

"We're going to see the horses, and I am making sure you are right here with me." He grinned.



Trivette pulled into the driveway of Derek Travis. He saw the Monster Truck sitting in the garage.

Trivette approached the door and knocked.

A young woman came to the door.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"I am Texas Ranger James Trivette." Trivette showed his badge. "I would like to speak to Mr. Travis, please."

"I am sorry, Derek isn't here right now. Is there a problem, Ranger?"

"I just need to ask some questions concerning his Monster Truck, Despreato."

"Wh..What about it.."

Trivette handed her a card. "Just tell him to give me a call when he gets in."

"Ok, Ranger."

"Thank you." Trivette left, and got back in his car. Now what he thought.


The woman rushed to the phone as soon as she saw the Ranger leave.

"Derek. There's a Ranger on your butt. I think he knows about Despreato."

"You'd better get it done then."

"Alright. Just get it done with. I need you here." She pleaded.

She hung up the phone, and paced the floor. This was the first time she had a Texas Ranger knock on her door. She loved Derek Travis, no matter what he had done or will do. She needed him. She just hopped his plan to finish Ranger Cordell Walker off for good would work out. She didn't want to lose him.


"Now how am I going to get you up here?" Alex asked, stopping the chair at the steps.

Walker looked up at her with a "How do I know" expression.

"Oh, you're a big help, Cowboy." she smiled.

"Ok, let's try this."

Alex got behind him and lifted the front of the chair up, easing it to the first step, and then she pushed the back wheels up.

Slowly but surely she finally got Walker up the steps and to the door.

"Ok. That wasn't so bad." She sighed.


The next few days went by kind slow. Alex finally got the hang of taking the chair up and down the steps. Walker had given in and let Alex help him when he needed it. Alex had let Walker do minor things on his own, including helping with dinner at times.

They went out to see the horse’s everyday, and Alex took Walker out for long walks. She could see the pain in his eyes each day, when he still wasn't able to move his legs. She knew he wanted more then anything to be able to be there for her. To do things on his own. Not to be 'taken' places.

It was the fourth day since the accident. Alex had helped Walker out of the chair, and sat him on the porch swing. They laid wrapped in each other's arms looking out at the stars.

"Alex, I am beginning to get worried."

"Why?." She asked, knowing the reason.

"It's almost been a week. I still don't have any feeling in my legs. I go back for a check up tomorrow. What if they find it's permanent? What if I never walk again?"

"Walker. What have you always told me?"

"A lot of things."

"Remember you said that when people tell you they'll believe it when you prove it. And you reply 'I'll believe it until you prove it's not true."


"Well, I'll keep believing that you will be able to stand up and walk again just as you did before the accident, until someone PROVES you won't. And I don't mean some doctors statement. You can and you will overcome this Walker. I know you will." Alex said.

Walker sat in silence for a moment, running his hand though her hair. He gave so much advice to everyone, and then when he needed it, he didn't think of it for himself.

"You're right Alex." was all he said.

"Walker?" Alex had a hint of fear in her voice.

"Yes, Alex?"

"Something moved. It looks like three men."

Walker sat perfectly still listening to every sound.

"Yes. There are three men they are moving behind the trees. Closing in on the porch.

"Walker! What do I do?"

"Go in the house. Call Trivette. And then go up to my room. Get my gun."


Alex stood to go just as a black masked figure grabbed Alex from behind.

"Now what Ranger."

Just as Walker went to move, Alex pulled her elbow back and brought it across the attackers face, breaking loose of his grasp. Another figure came over the porch coming after Walker. Walker threw himself from the swing, hitting the attackers legs, knocking him down flat, and the gun he carried went flying across the porch.

Alex was free from her attacker, and sent a final kick to his mid section, sending him out cold.

The third attacker approached her from behind, and pulled a gun on her.

"Now what, Ranger?" he asked.

Walker laid on the porch, feeling totally helpless.

He remembered Alex had said. "I'll believe it until they prove it isn't true."

Well, he was about to prove to the doctors that they were wrong. That he would walk again.

With all the strength he had, Walker was able to master the power to force his legs to work. He stood, and lunged at the guy, knocking the gun from his hand. He sends a flying punch to the attackers head, knocking him out cold.


Walker looked at Alex, standing in middle of the porch, trembling in fear and shock. Walker stood and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug.

"It's ok, Alex. Everything is ok, now."


Trivette and C.D. stood behind Alex as Walker sat on the examine table.

"Well, Ranger, you are one lucky man. The swelling is gone, and I can't find any sign of damage done to your spine. You're as good as new!"

"Thank you doctor."

On the way out of the hospital, Trivette came up beside Walker.

"Hey, partner."


"Catch!" Trivette threw a small object up in the air.

Walker caught it and opened his palm, peering at a set of keys.

"Being that your truck was destroyed while on duty, the Headquarters paid for a replacement."

"It had better be the same as the old one."

"1998 Dodge RAM 1500 four by four, grey." Trivette smiled.

"That's my truck!"

The friends walked out of the hospital together laughing.