By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker was gripped in a life or death struggle with the man who was going to kill a woman if he didn't stop him.  First Walker grabbed the man's upper arms to keep him from getting away, then he kneed the man in the lower abdomen. When that didn't work Walker then kneed him in the groin and then finally Walker wrapped his hands around the man's throat and began choking him. Walker dimly heard a voice pleading with him to stop that he was hurting her. Suddenly Walker felt cold water hit his face and his wife pleading "Walker please stop, you're hurting me."

Quickly awakening Walker realized that instead of choking a would be killer he had in fact been hurting his pregnant wife. Hurriedly getting out of bed Walker paled and said to her "Oh my God, Alex are you hurt?  Honey please tell me that I didn't hurt you." Before Alex could answer Angela ran into the room and asked her father "Daddy, what have you been doing to Mommy?"

Walker didn't answer his daughter but looked at his wife instead who avoided looking at him so he finally said to his daughter "Honey did you have a nightmare?"

"No Daddy, I heard Mommy yelling for you to stop that you were hurting her." Angela answered as she went to her mother's side of the bed where Alex told her daughter in a hoarse voice "Honey go back to your bedroom."

Walker went over and picked up Angela and took her back to her bedroom where he tucked her in. As he was leaving the room Angela asked "Daddy, are you going to hurt my Mommy again?" Walker answered his daughter "No honey I'm not." Then he returned to his bedroom and said to his wife "Alex, I'm sorry. Are you and the babies okay?"

Rubbing her sore throat Alex asked him "What were you dreaming about? You were dreaming weren't you?" When Walker started to her side of the bed Alex flinched so he stopped and replied "I was dreaming about this man who was going to kill a woman and I had to stop him but he wouldn't tell me where he had put her and time was running out. That's all I remember. God I am so sorry about what I did to you. Did I hurt the babies?  What about you, did I do anything else besides choking you?"

After looking at her husband for a minute Alex pulled up her pajamas sleeves and showed him the marks on her arms from him roughly grabbing her. Then she said in a still hoarse voice while trying not to cry "You kneed me in my lower abdomen then between my legs and then you choked me." A shaken Walker said "I'm calling Dr. Bates right now."

Still rubbing her throat Alex asked "And tell her what?  That you assaulted me while you were sleeping? There'll be a report filed that you abused me."

"I don't care if there is a report filed, I just want to make sure that you and the babies are okay." Walker responded and when he was done talking Alex winced and he asked her "You're not having another miscarriage because of me, are you?"

"No they just kicked me really hard right now. As for Dr. Bates, I have an appointment for tomorrow with her anyhow. I'll have her do a sonogram to be sure that the babies are okay." Then Alex looked at him like she was afraid to say something but finally she asked him "Would you mind sleeping downstairs for the rest of the night?"

     Realizing that his wife was afraid of him hurting her again Walker picked up his pillow and left their bedroom sickened at the thought that he had in fact already hurt Alex. Alex gingerly got up from the bed and went to the door where she locked it. Then she went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror where she could already see Walker's handprints around her neck. After awhile Alex got back into bed and was able to fall asleep but Walker got no more sleep because all he could see when he closed his eyes was the look of fear in Alex's eyes and the marks he had left on his pregnant wife's throat.

Chapter Two

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Angela asked her mother "Mommy are you okay?" Alex replied "I'm fine honey."

Angela then said "Mommy, Daddy promised me that he wouldn't hurt you again." Alex told her daughter "I know honey, your daddy is a man of his word." Angela questioned "What does that mean Mommy?"

"It means that your Daddy always keeps his word, if he's says that he won't hurt me anymore then he won't." Alex explained to Angela who then asked her mother "Aren't you hot in that sweater Mommy?" After hugging her daughter Alex answered "No, I'm not." Then changing the subject Alex said to Walker "I have a doctor's appointment for ten, but I have another appointment before that at nine. After they're done can we meet for lunch? We need to talk about what happened last night."

"I'd like to go to Dr. Bates' office with you." Walker suggested and his wife quickly told him "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Why not?  I want to make sure that you and the babies are okay." Walker said and Alex told him "Because of my bruises, that's why.  Look Walker we can talk about this when we meet for lunch.  Right now you need to go to work and I need to drop Angela and Ray off at the Hope House. Moody left me a message that he wanted to talk with me at nine and I'm going to see him before I see Dr. Bates."

"What does Moody want to talk to you about?"  Walker questioned Alex who replied "I don't know but it probably has something to do with one of my old cases. Now can we please get ready and go?" Alex asked as she started getting Angela and Ray ready to leave.  Helping her Walker took them to his wife's new van and made sure that they were buckled in right. When he went to kiss Alex she hurriedly stepped back from him so he said "I am sorry about last night Alex." Looking very sad and a little scared she replied "So am I. Goodbye Walker." Then Alex got into her van and drove away.

Chapter Three

At work Trivette noticed that Walker seemed distracted by something so he asked him "Walker, is Alex okay?  Is there something wrong with the babies or Angela or Ray?" Walker motioned for Trivette to follow him into his private office where Walker closed the door and said "No, Alex isn't okay.  I hurt her last night."

"Did you guys have a fight and you hurt her feelings?"  Trivette asked Walker who replied "No when I said that I hurt my wife I meant that I hurt Alex physically."

A stunned Trivette questioned him "Walker what exactly do you mean by you hurt Alex physically?"  Walker bluntly answered "After I grabbed Alex's upper arms I then kneed her in her lower abdomen.  Then I kneed Alex between her legs and then I choked my wife."

"Why in the hell would you hurt Alex like that?  She's pregnant for god's sake." Trivette angrily asked Walker.

"I was having a dream where I was trying to stop a man from killing a woman and I thought that I was doing those things to him. I realized that I was in fact hurting my very pregnant wife when Alex threw water in my face and woke me up." Walker shamefully said.

"How badly was Alex hurt?"  Trivette questioned and his long time partner replied "Bruises on her upper arms, lower abdomen and between her legs. Not to mention my handprints around her neck."

"God Walker, are the babies okay?" Trivette asked.

"Alex has a doctor's appointment this morning and she's going to have Dr. Bates do a sonogram to be sure. Trivette, what am I going to do?  I can't take the chance of hurting Alex ever again." Walker said.

"I don't know man. I remember when we took that trip to Black Bayou and you were having flashbacks. I touched you at the wrong time and you choked me, I thought that I was a goner then. Is that what happened?  Were you having a flashback?"  Trivette questioned Walker who replied "No Trivette it wasn't a flashback, it was a very vivid dream in which I had to stop a killer. This man had this lady that he was going to kill and I had to stop him anyway that I could. I can't even remember what their faces looked like, just that I knew that I had to stop him before she died."

Trivette then suggested "Walker maybe you ought to sleep downstairs until you figure out who this woman is that you need to protect from the man who's trying to kill her and who the man is."

"Alex had me leave our bedroom last night and I'll stay downstairs because I will not  take the chance of ever hurting Alex like that again. If I have to I'll sleep down there for the rest of our marriage, that's if she doesn't divorce me." Walker vowed.

Trivette assured him "Walker, Alex won't divorce you. You know that she'll never let the children lose their father." He replied "I know but Alex deserves better than what I've given her." Then Walker opened his office door and they went into the outer office and got down to Ranger business.

Chapter Four

Around eleven D.A. Moody was shown into Walker's private office so Walker asked him "D.A. Moody, what can I do for you?" Moody answered "Well I was really looking for your wife. Alex rescheduled our appointment for ten and she hasn't shown up or called, that's not like her. Do you know where she's at?  It's important that I talk to her about something."

"Maybe she get stuck at the doctor's office. Hold on while I call and see if Alex is still there." Walker said and then picked the phone up and called Dr. Bates' office.  "Hello this is Ranger Walker, I was wondering if my wife Alex Walker is still there?"

"Ranger Walker if you would please hold Dr. Wilson wanted to talk to you if you called in." Walker was told so he waited until Dr. Wilson got on the phone and asked him "Is this Ranger Walker?"

Now concerned Walker replied "Yes it is. Is my wife okay?"

"After what you did to her, you have some nerve asking that question." Dr. Wilson said to Walker who then asked him "Is Alex okay? What about the babies?"

"Yes, they are fine no thanks to you. I saw the bruises that you left on her and I reported them to the authorities. By law I had no choice in the matter but in your case I felt that they needed to know what you've done but my patient said that she wasn't going to co-operate in a spousal abuse investigation, aren't you the lucky one." Wilson informed Walker who questioned the doctor "When did my wife leave your office?"

            "About nine. Like you care after the way you beat her." Wilson answered and then slammed the phone down in Walker's ear.  Turning to Moody Walker told him "Alex left her doctor's appointment in plenty of time to have made the appointment with you. Let me see if I can find her. I'll call you later and set up a time to meet."

"I'd better tell you now and you can take care of your wife's well being yourself.  Walker do you remember Dewey Baker?"  After Walker nodded yes Moody added "The feds got him released from prison with no restrictions on his movements. He was given a full and unconditional pardon because Baker gave them inside information on a prison smuggling scheme."

"When? Why weren't we notified?  He kidnapped Alex once and was planning on raping and killing her to get back at her for his conviction." Walker said getting mad.

"Walker, I just found out myself. A friend of mine in the justice department told me off the record about it because he was opposed to Baker's being freed. They let Baker out a week ago and my friend says that he hasn't been seen since then. I suggest that you find your wife and let Alex know about it as soon as possible." Moody told Walker and then left the office.

Walker called Trivette in and explained the situation to him. Thanks to the locator in Alex's van they were able to locate it fairly quickly. As they were leaving Walker's office Garrity from the Dallas Police Department entered it and said "Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B., I'm here to question you about spousal abuse."

Trivette looked at Walker and said "Walker, I'll go and take care of what we just discussed."

Chapter Five

After Trivette left Garrity said to Walker "Our office received a call from a Dr. Wilson who said that he had just joined Dr. Bates' practice and he said and I quote here 'Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B. physically abused his pregnant wife last night.'  Dr. Wilson also stated that the patient, Mrs. Walker has her husband's handprints around her throat, bruises on her upper arms, lower abdomen and between her legs. So Captain Walker do you have anything to say about these allegations?"  Walker didn't respond so Garrity then asked him "Where is Mrs. Walker at now?  We have to interview her because these kind of things are taken very seriously nowadays."  Again Walker didn't reply. After a staring at Walker for awhile Garrity stated "Well Captain Walker since you're not answering my questions, I'll need to interview your friends and your wife's friends. Also I need to interview the people that you work with, I might as well start with your fellow Rangers. I wonder what they'll have to say about you beating your wife. Does it make you feel like a man when you hit her?"

Yet again Walker didn't respond so Garrity went to leave Walker's office when the door opened and Trivette entered with Alex. Trivette said "Hey Walker look who I found."  Walker went to go to Alex who avoided her husband. Noticing this Garrity asked Alex "Mrs. Walker, aren't you hot in that turtleneck?"

Alex looked at Walker before shaking her head no. Garrity then questioned her "Mrs. Walker, do you have anything to say about Dr. Wilson's allegation that your husband here physically abused you last night?" Alex again shook her head no. Giving up Garrity left Walker's office followed by Trivette who closed the door behind him.

Walker looked at his wife and asked her "Alex where were you?  Moody came here looking for you." Alex then asked him "What did Moody want?"

"To tell you that Dewey Baker was released from jail and has since disappeared."  Walker explained to Alex who then asked "What moron let him out?  He tried to kill me and would have if you and Trivette hadn't stopped him."

"The feds, apparently he gave them some inside information on a prison smuggling scheme. Moody said that he just found out about it. Baker was given a full and unconditional pardon by the feds."  Walker told her and then asked "Alex, are the babies okay?" Alex didn't answer but began to cry instead and when Walker went to take his wife by her arms to comfort her Alex said "Please let me go, my arms hurt." Walker quickly released her and stepped back. He went and sat down at his desk then Walker asked her "Alex do you want me to move out? I will if you want me to."

Going over and looking out the window she replied "No I don't want you to move out but I think that it's best if you sleep downstairs for awhile."

Walker then pointed out "Alex honey you still haven't told me if the babies are okay. they are okay, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are okay.  During the sonogram Dr. Wilson noticed the bruises on my lower abdomen, he was also able to see your handprints on my throat in spite of the makeup that I wore to conceal them. He then yanked up the arms on the hospital gown that I wore during the exam and spotted those bruises. The nurse had already told him about the bruising between my legs. Anyhow he started to question me about you abusing me but I made it clear that I would not co-operate in any investigation. After I left the doctor's office the van got two flat tires. However a member of the Dallas Police department happened by and gave me a ride here. She also arranged for the van to be towed to the garage to get the tires replaced."  Then turning away from the window to look Walker in the eyes Alex stated "Walker I love you more than life itself, but if you ever hurt me like that again while you're dreaming I will divorce you. I will not live like that."

Getting up from his desk and carefully taking her into his arms Walker vowed "neither will I Alex. It will never happen again, you have my word on that. Alex until I understand why I was having such a realistic dream I will sleep downstairs because I will not take the chance of hurting you ever again."

"Yes you will. Jimmy told me about that flashback you had where you ended up choking him, is that what happened?"  Alex asked her husband who replied "No, it wasn't a flashback. It was as though it was actually happening, not like I was reliving something or even dreaming for that matter. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am Alex, I love you so much."

Totally changing the subject Alex said "Your very healthy twins are demanding to be fed and it's your turn to buy. Then after that I need a ride to the garage to pick up my van so that I can then get Angela and Ray and take them home."

"Okay after lunch, we'll go to the garage and then go get your van. Then we'll get the children and I'll follow you home to make sure that you get there okay." Walker told his wife.  In the outer office Walker told Trivette what he was doing and after the Walkers left Garrity asked Trivette "How often has Walker abused his wife?"

Getting mad Trivette snapped "Walker is not an abusive husband and that is all that I'll say on the subject." Getting mad himself Garrity said to Trivette "Well since you Rangers are sticking together I'll have to get my answers elsewhere."

Chapter Six

After they lunch they stopped and got Alex's van and then headed to the Hope House to collect their children. After they got there Alex was talking with Josie while Walker got Angela and Ray for Alex. Josie said to her "Alex, there's a member of the Dallas police department here asking people about your husband abusing you. Like Walker would ever do that." Not at all surprised that Garrity showed up there to question people Alex asked Josie "Did he leave?"

"No, he said that he had to talk to our daycare workers, he's in there right now."  Josie answered and Alex hurriedly headed to the daycare area where she found Walker who was holding the children by their hands while glaring at Garrity. Walking up to her husband Alex took Angela's hand and said to Walker "Help me put them in my van."

As they went to leave Angela said to her father "Daddy, the policeman wanted to know if you ever hurt Mommy. I told him that you did last night but promised never to do it again." Garrity smiled and then asked Alex "Mrs. Walker are you still refusing to co-operate with my investigation or do you wish to press charges against your husband Captain Walker?"

Alex replied "You are never to go anywhere near my children again." Garrity then said to her "You need to answer my question lady."

When Walker looked like he was going to say something Alex told him "Walker, I really need to go home and get off of my feet, will you please take Angela and Ray and put them in my van?" Walker took them and left. Alex said to Garrity "What happens between my husband and me is our business, so no I won't co-operate with your investigation. Now if you'll excuse me I have more pressing things to worry about, like a ex-con being released who has in the past kidnapped me with the intention of raping and killing me. Who by the way was stopped from doing that by Walker and Ranger Trivette." Alex then left and got in her van and drove home followed by Walker who watched until they were in the house and returned to work.

A week went by and Garrity got nowhere in his investigation so he let it drop. As for Walker he slept downstairs but was plagued by the same dream that he was having the night he hurt his wife. He could never see the woman's face or her would be killer's face, Walker just knew that he had to save her or die trying. Alex's bruises faded. Dewey Baker hadn't been spotted and Walker began to think that maybe Baker had just left town.

Chapter Seven

The night before Angela was to start kindergarten Alex was thirsty so she came downstairs to get a drink of water, as she was passing the guest bedroom Alex heard her husband crying out "Where is she?  What have you done with her?  I'll kill you if you don't answer me." Alex entered the bedroom to see Walker fighting someone in his sleep. Then he uttered "Damn you, where is she? What have you done with my wife? Tell me. Alex honey, where are you "

Unable to stay away from Walker Alex approached the bed while saying to him "Walker, I'm right here. I'm fine. Walker honey wake up."  Then Alex lightly touched him on the shoulder and again said "Walker Honey wake up." Awakening Walker blinked and then asked "Alex what are you doing in here?"

"I was getting a drink of water when I heard you cry out in your sleep. Do you remember what you were dreaming about?"  Alex asked him and he answered "The same dream, you know the one that I was having when I hurt you."

"Honey, I heard you call for me in your dream. I'm the woman that you're trying to save from a killer. Do you have any idea who he is?" Alex questioned her husband.

"No, all I remember is that I had to save a lady before she died and time is running out and he wouldn't tell me where she's hidden at. I just know that I have to save her or die trying. God Alex it can't be about you because I can't lose you." Walker said to his wife who sat down besides her husband on the bed and assured him "You'll never lose me, I love you Cordell Walker." Then Alex kissed him. Walker moaned and then pulling back suggested "Alex honey, maybe you should go upstairs right now."

Looking down her husband's body Alex quickly figured out why he wanted her to go back upstairs. Smiling Alex said to him "I'd rather stay here and make love with you my dear."

"Alex please go back upstairs, I don't want to hurt you when I'm dreaming." Walker objected but Alex slipped under the sheets with him and said "You won't now that you know that it's me that you've been dreaming about. Besides I don't feel like walking back upstairs just yet." Then she kissed him. Pulling her closer Walker returned her kisses and then made love with her. Then they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later Walker had the same dream and this time he realized that it was Alex he needed to save from a killer. Only this time when he went to fight the man he heard Alex assuring him that she was right besides him and okay. Awakening Walker asked her "Alex I didn't hurt you just now, did I?"

"No Walker you started to have the same dream again but you weren't moving about and fighting the man. You just called out for me and I told you that I was right besides you and okay. So cowboy do you feel up to carrying your wife up the steps to our bedroom so that we can sleep in our bed?" Alex said to him and Walker picked her up and carried her to their bedroom. Placing Alex down besides the bed Walker asked her "Alex, are you sure about this?  Do you trust me not to hurt you?"

Looking him in the eyes Alex replied "Yes, I am sure about this and yes I do trust you not to hurt me. Walker honey I do know that you would rather die than hurt me. The other night you didn't know that you were hurting me, you thought that you were stopping a killer." Then Alex smiled and added "Besides I've really missed sleeping in your arms at night." Walker smiled and said "Me too Alex and I think that I'll show you how much I've missed your arms at night." Then Walker made love with Alex again.

Chapter Eight

The next morning it was hard to tell who was more nervous about Angela's first day in school, Walker or Alex. Angela herself seemed excited to be going to school and told her parents "I'm glad that I'm going to school with the big kids." Walker answered his daughter "So am I honey."  Then he told Alex who was fussing over Angela's hair "Alex, Angela is just fine. Sit down and get something to eat."  So Alex sat down but before she could actually eat anything Walker questioned her "Okay, Alex you are taking Angela to school and then going back to the Hope House to get Ray and then later on you're picking Angela up, right?"

"Who's the nervous parent?  Yes Walker, I will take Angela to school and then later go to Hope House to get Ray whom you're dropping off there on the way to work so that I can make sure that Angela is okay on her first day in school.  Then after school Ray and I will pick Angela up. Now will you be home on time or do you have anything that will keep you at work later than I expect you to be?" Alex asked her husband who smiled, kissed Alex on the cheek and said to her "If anything comes up Sydney and Gage can handle it, I have plans for tonight."

Smiling herself Alex asked even though she had a pretty good idea what his plans were "And what would those plans be Mr. Walker?"

Teasing Walker answered "Why hearing all about my little angel's first day in school, what else?" Alex then asked him "Well then after that how about giving me a back rub?  I'll need one the way that the twins are kicking me right now."

Walker answered "Maybe, we'll see."  Then he kissed Angela goodbye and took Ray to the Hope House then he went to work.  At work Trivette noticed that Walker looked better than he had in awhile so he asked him "So, how is my favorite lawyer?"

Smiling Walker answered "Alex is just fine." Then Walker turned slightly red so Trivette turned his attention to Ranger business.

Around noontime Walker got a phone call "Walker, this is Josie at the Hope House, do you know where Alex is at?  I thought that she was supposed to pick Ray up by ten."

Concerned he asked Josie "Alex never made it there?"

"No, I tried her cell phone, she's not answering it. Walker we can keep on watching Ray here for you and I'll go and get Angela.  Alex put me on the list of people who's allowed to get your daughter from school.  So don't worry about them, we'll make sure that they are okay but if you hear from Alex let me know will you?"  Josie asked and Walker replied "Okay Josie thanks for seeing to them while I find their mother."

Walker yanked open his office door and told Trivette "Trivette, I need your help, Alex is missing. She didn't pick Ray up like she was supposed to, can you locate her van?" Trivette located Alex's van and they went to where it was at, it was in an empty lot about halfway between the Hope House and Angela's school. After going over the van Trivette said to Walker "It looks like she just walked away from it."

Walker snapped "Well she didn't." Sydney then said "We'd better get a crime scene team out here and file a missing person's report." Gage then asked "Captain Walker before we go any further on this, is there a chance that Mrs. Walker left you?  I mean there were reports in the media that you had abused her." When Walker looked like he was going to kill Gage, Trivette told him "Walker someone had to ask that question and you know it. The husband is always the first suspect in a wife's disappearance and it was leaked to the media about the bruising on Alex. Now answer the question so that we can concentrate on finding Alex."

"No Mrs. Walker did not leave me and yes I admit that there were bruises on her because of me." Walker formally stated and then told Trivette "Damn it, it has to be Dewey Baker that took Alex. He must be the killer than I've been dreaming about. Listen Trivette last night Alex heard me dreaming and I was trying to find her in my dreams, including the one where I ended up hurting her. She was the lady whose life was in danger from a killer. I never saw the killer's face in those dreams but I know that it has to be Baker."

Trivette told the others "Okay Rangers Gage and Cooke go back to headquarters and file a missing person's report on Mrs. Walker and then get a updated picture of Dewey Baker. Release it to the media and tell them that Mrs. Walker is missing and that Baker is a person of interest. Then check into Baker's background for relatives and any other things that you two can think of." They left and Walker and Trivette stayed there waiting for the crime scene people.

Chapter Nine

As luck would have it Garrity was one of first police officers to arrive on the scene. After looking over the van Garrity asked Walker "Captain Walker did your wife leave you because of the beating that you gave her?"

Walker answered "My wife did not leave me, she was taken by someone and we have to find her.  She's carrying twins." Garrity then asked him "Are you still denying that you abused your wife?"  Trivette yanked Walker aside before he could answer Garrity and said to him "Look Walker if you admit to hurting Alex you will be arrested and put in jail before you know what hit you. That will leave Angela and Ray without either one of their parents so be careful about how you answer his questions. We need to get the police focused on the fact that Alex has been taken and if Garrity can he'll tell anyone who'll listen that your wife left you."

Walker turned back to Garrity and said to him "I admit that Alex and I were having problems but she never would have willingly left our children.  Now I suggest that you look into Dewey Baker and all the other scum my wife has gotten convictions on over the years when she was a A.D.A. for Tarrant County."

"Captain Walker, if your wife turns up dead do you get her money?" Garrity asked and Walker answered while trying not to lose his temper "No, I don't. It goes to charity, Alex made a new will after her father died and gave her that money."

"Okay if your wife isn't found, do you have power of attorney over her money?" Garrity then asked. Walker replied "No, I don't."

Garrity then questioned Walker some more "Let me get this straight, your wife is a rich woman and you don't get access to any of her money?  Not even to take care of your children?"

"No I don't. Alex and I agreed on this matter. I don't need any of her money and our children's college educations have already been paid for by their mother. Angela and Ray will inherit one million dollars each on their twenty first birthdays, so I don't need it for them. Now can we get back to the matter at hand?  My wife who is almost seven months pregnant with twins is missing. Garrity, you had better put your dislike of me aside and start doing your job. Because if Alex is harmed due to you not doing your job you will regret it." Walker said to him.

"Oh Captain Walker you can be assured that I will do my job properly and investigate the people; including Dewey Baker that your wife has gotten convictions on. After I do that I'm willing to bet that this case will come back to you and your motives to make her disappear because I doubt if the other night was the only time you hurt her. Good day Captain Walker." Garrity said and then left.

After taking a deep breath Trivette told Walker "Walker you have to let me lead this investigation, now before you say anything hear me out. You're too focused on Baker to see that maybe someone else could have done this. Alex has made about as many enemies as you have because she was very good at getting convictions. It could also be someone who holds a grudge against you too. Or it could be someone who heard about Alex's money or just a random thing. Walker, why don't you go get your children and go home? That way if this is a ransom for money you will be there to take the call. We'll have the phones and Alex's e-mail accounts tapped before you arrive home, okay?"

Walker thought over what Trivette had suggested and agreed to him leading the investigation.

Chapter Ten

When Walker arrived to pick up Angela and Ray he spoke to Josie first "Alex's van has been found but she's missing. Josie I did hurt Alex bit I swear that it had nothing to do with her disappearance. I know that someone has taken her. There will be police officers coming by to ask you and the staff questions about Alex. Can you make sure that everyone answers the questions truthfully?  I have to get the children home and wait to see if there is a ransom demand."

"Walker, Alex will be all right you have to believe that. If you need anything at all let me know, the staff and I will help in any way that we can." Josie assured Walker who then collected Angela and Ray. When he got to the ranch the media was out in full force but the sheriff saw to it that they stayed away from the house. After taking the children into the house Walker told them "Mommy has gone away for awhile but she will be back."

Angela asked her father "Daddy did Mommy leave you because you hurt her?"

"No Honey Mommy didn't leave us, some bad person took your Mommy and your Aunt Sydney and uncles Gage and Jimmie are going to help me bring her back." Walker replied and Angela started to cry so he picked her up and said "Honey please don't cry, Mommy will be back in no time." Wiping her tears away Angela questioned him "You promise Daddy?"

"Yes sweetheart, I promise that Mommy will be back home in no time." Walker vowed.

A little while later the phone rang and Walker answered it and was told "Mr. Walker we have your wife and if you ever want to see her again you have to put five million in a bag and put the bag in the trash can outside of O'Malley's pub on Fifth Avenue." Stalling for time Walker said "It will take me some time to get that money together, I have to call my wife's banker. Can you hold while I call them on the other line?"

"Yes but make it quick and no funny business either. "The caller replied and Walker knew then that they didn't have Alex. That it was just someone trying to take advantage of the situation. Trivette and Gage caught up to them and they quickly admitted that they hadn't kidnapped Alex, that they were just trying to get some money.

That was the only ransom call that Walker received, another week went by and there were no leads on the disappearance of Alex Cahill-Walker. Walker had Angela keep going to school because he wanted her life as normal as possible. Walker himself was sick with worry. Garrity had convinced the police and the F.B.I. who had also been called in to help that Alex had left Walker. Some members of the media had begun to hint that Walker had in fact killed Alex in a blind rage when she had attempted to leave him. The Texas Rangers were the only ones to believe that she had been kidnapped and even they began to wonder if Alex was still alive. Trivette asked his friend " Walker, have you considered the possibility that Alex may be dead?"

Walker answered "Trivette, Alex is not dead. I would know if she were. I can still feel  Alex, she's in a hole somewhere but doesn't know where, she's also hungry. In my dreams Alex is begging me to hurry that time is running out for her and the babies. I know that Baker has her somewhere. We checked where he took Alex to last time didn't we?"

"Yes, he wasn't there when Gage and I checked four days ago but you know it wouldn't hurt to check again." Trivette told Walker who said "I'm going with you."

After dropping Angela and Ray off with Erica they headed to the cabin that Baker had taken Alex to before. When they got there Baker was there and taunted Walker "Hey Ranger I hear that you beat your wife so bad that she left you. "Walker did to Baker what he had first done in the dream but Baker just laughed at him. Walker then started to choke him saying "What have you done with my wife?  Answer me damn it, I'll kill you if you don't." Baker laughed some more.  Trivette pulled Walker off of Baker as some feds entered the cabin and told Walker "You are to leave this man alone, he's in our protective custody."

Trivette was trying to pull Walker out of the cabin when Walker said to him "Trivette Alex is nearby, I can feel it. We have to hurry."  Walker went outside and headed towards a rundown shack as the feds followed telling him "Ranger Walker there's nothing in there. We checked it ourselves when we brought Baker here to protect him from you." Ignoring them Walker and Trivette entered the shack. Noticing that a section of the flooring looked wrong Walker began to pry it up with Trivette's help. When they heard a moan from under the floor they doubled their efforts. After getting the floorboards up Walker jumped into the hole and took a dirty, bound and gagged Alex into his arms and handed her up to Trivette. Getting out of the hole himself Walker took Alex back from Trivette as they headed to the truck where Walker carefully got Alex to drink some water. The feds took off after Baker. Trivette got into the driver's side while Walker placed Alex in and got in himself. Coming to Alex grabbed her stomach and said "Get me to the hospital now."  Then she passed out.

Trivette sped to the hospital as Walker held Alex and whispered into her ear that she and the babies would be okay while he was really praying that his wife and unborn children would be okay.

Chapter Eleven

As they were speeding to the hospital Alex began moving around and cried out "No leave me alone Baker.  My husband will kill you if you hurt our babies.  No don't hit me there, you'll hurt my babies.  Walker will make you pay for this."  Walker tightened his arms around Alex who was still reliving her ordeal and thinking that it was Baker holding her clawed his face in an attempt to get away. When that didn't work Alex put both of her hands together and nailed Walker between his legs with them. Walker turned white as a sheet and moaned so Trivette said "Alex we got you, you're safe. Walker and I are taking you to the hospital. Come on Alex wake up. Alex."

Coming to Alex opened her eyes and snuggled closer to Walker as he gave her another drink of water. Then Alex said to him "Walker, the babies they aren't moving at all. I can't remember when they last moved."

Walker managed to choke out "Honey they are just taking a nap." Alex noticing that Walker looked like he was hurt asked him "Walker you're white as a sheet, did Baker hurt you?" When he didn't answer Trivette volunteered "No you nailed him pretty good."

Walker growled at him "Shut up Trivette." Alex then passed back out again as Trivette called into headquarters "This is Trivette, have Rangers Gage and Cooke meet Captain Walker and myself at Methodist hospital. Also inform Methodist that we are bringing Mrs. Walker there for a medical evaluation, we just found her. We will be there in about fifteen minutes."

Alex then moaned "Why are you doing this Garrity?  What has my husband ever done to you?  Where are you taking me?" After looking at Walker Trivette again called in "Trivette again, send Ranger Hunt to my house to pick up the Walker children and take them to Methodist hospital and watch them until we get there. We have reason to believe that they may be in danger from the person or persons who kidnapped Mrs. Walker. Also put out a A.P.B. on Dewey Baker."

Walker vowed "I am going to make Baker and Garrity pay for this."  Trivette told him "One thing at a time Walker. Right now we have to get Alex to the hospital and make sure that her and the babies are okay. After that we can find out what if any Garrity's involvement with Baker is in this. Alex is somewhat out of it, she may be mixing things up in her mind."  They finished the rest of the trip in silence.

Chapter Twelve

At the hospital Alex was loaded on a stretcher and Walker somewhat gingerly followed behind it. After Alex was wheeled through the door into a examination room Trivette suggested to him "Walker, why don't you have a doctor look at you? Alex got you pretty good there and let's face it you're walking funny."

Walker answered "I'm fine, it's Alex that I'm worried about. Where is Hunt with my children?" About hour later Gage and Sydney showed up and Sydney asked Trivette "Have you heard anything yet about Alex?"

"No we haven't. What did you find out about Dewey Baker?"  Trivette questioned them and Gage said "You'll never guess who he's related to."

Trivette stunned them by saying "Garrity." Sydney then asked "How did you know that Garrity is Baker's younger half brother?"

"I didn't but after we found Alex in a shack near where the feds were hiding Baker, Alex was half out of it and asking Garrity where he was taking her to. Okay for now you two know nothing about Garrity's involvement with Baker. We don't want him knowing that we found Alex and we also need to get her statement about what exactly happened. Also Ranger Hunt is bringing Angela and Ray here, can you two keep an eye on them until we get that statement?" Trivette said and Gage answered "You got it." Then noticing that Walker looked like he was in pain Gage asked him "Are you okay boss?"

Ignoring them Walker started down the hallway to the room that Alex had been taken into when Dr. Bates came out and took him aside saying "Mr. Walker the babies are moving again, although somewhat sluggishly. That is probably from the fact that your wife hasn't eaten for at least three days from she told us. Now we are going to keep her here for several days to make sure that she and the babies recover. I must warn you that Alex's blood pressure is high right now and we need to get it down. Since she is begging to see you I'll let you go to her now in the hopes that she'll calm down and the blood pressure will drop. The sounds that you will hear are the babies' heartbeats, they are starting to sound better but I must tell you that they aren't out of the woods yet. If Alex were to go into premature labor the chances of the babies survival aren't good. Ideally Alex needs to carry them for at least another month or two in order for them to be healthy. You can see her now."

Before entering the room Walker told her "Dr. Bates, I don't want Dallas P.D. or the feds interviewing my wife, can you say that it's not good for her to be subjected to an interview?"  Dr. Bates assured him "Believe me Captain Walker I will insist on that. Your wife is not up to anything like that at all. I'll restrict her visitors to a list approved by you, leave it at the nurses' station for me. As it is Alex will have to have I.V. drips and eat high protein foods to regain her strength. Also Alex has asked that she be seen by only me and in light of her condition I've agreed to that."

Walker entered the room followed by Dr. Bates who said to Alex "I'll just take these clothes to get cleaned." Alex said "Don't there's evidence in the blazer." Dr. Bates smiled and replied "Okay Mrs. Walker, I'll be back later to check on you." Then she left as Walker told his wife "Alex honey, Dr. Bates said that the babies are moving around again. They are going to be okay."

"Oh Walker after Garrity delivered me to Baker and he threw me in that hole I thought that I was going to die. I didn't care about me but I was terrified for our babies, I just want them to make it. Walker I'm scared, I wasn't fed and I'm afraid that they..." Alex broke off and began crying. Taking Alex in his arms Walker told her "So was I honey but then I thought about how mule headed and stubborn that you are and I realized that they would be just fine. After all they have Cahill blood in them."

"Not to mention the hardheaded Walker blood in them."  Alex said as she stopped crying. Alex then asked her husband "You know what honey?" Walker smiled and asked back "No what dear?"

"I had a vision of these two once and they were beautiful healthy babies and that's exactly what they are going to be. If I have to I'll spend the next month or so in bed and you can wait on me hand and foot like a good husband should." Alex said to Walker who replied "Oh I can, can I?  I love you Mrs. Walker."

After looking at his face Alex said "Oh my god I scratched up your face and then I... uhm...nailed you in your equipment so to speak when I thought that you were Baker. Walker you will be okay, won't you?"

"Well let's put it this way Mrs. Walker, it's a good thing that you're already pregnant because after the way that you nailed me there I'm not sure that I could get you that way again." Walker teased his wife who teased him back "Darling I have no doubt that if you put your mind up to it you can do it again."

Dr. Bates re-entered the room and after looking at the fetal monitors and then Alex's blood pressure monitor said "Mr. and Mrs. Walker your babies are doing much better and your blood pressure is coming down but to be on the safe side we'll keep you in the hospital for several days. Now I believe that there are two young children waiting in the hall to see their mother. They can visit for only an hour, after that you must rest."

Angela and Ray were brought in by Trivette who asked Alex "How are you?"  Smiling Alex asked him "From what I hear shouldn't you be asking my husband that?"

Trivette answered "Well you did give him a pretty good shot there, just don't ever teach Erica that move. I thought that Walker was going to pass out from the pain." Alex replied "I won't I promise unless you make her really mad."

Chapter Thirteen

They visited with their children and most of the hour was taken up by Angela telling her mother how much she liked going to school. Then Alex said to them "Give Mommy a kiss so that Daddy can take you guys home and get you ready for bed." Angela and Ray kissed their mother goodbye and Walker said to Alex "I was planning on staying here with you tonight."

"I think that our children need at least one of their parents home with them tonight. Walker I need to give a statement but I don't trust the Dallas Police department because of Garrity so I won't give one to them. I also can't give one to the Rangers because they won't be trusted because you're my husband."  Alex told her husband who replied "I see your point, the Rangers won't be trusted right now because Garrity has convinced the Dallas P.D. and the feds that you left me. I don't trust the Dallas P.D. because of Garrity. Isn't there anyone else that you can give your statement to?"

"How about Moody?  That way he can get the warrants that will be needed to search Garrity's place." Alex suggested and after agreeing Walker went out into the hallway and told Ranger Hunt that she was to spend the night protecting Mrs. Walker after D.A. Moody had gotten Alex's statement. Walker then told the others that Alex and the babies were doing much better, he then thanked Trivette for his help. Walker then assigned Sydney and Gage to watch Angela and Ray until he took them home. Walker then made arrangements with Moody for him to take Alex's statement.

After arriving at the hospital Moody went into Alex's room with a tape recorder and recorded Alex's statement. Walker was there but he didn't say a word. Alex stated "This is Alex Cahill-Walker, as I was driving to the Hope House to pick my son up Dallas P.D. detective Garrity pulled me over. After I stopped the van Garrity opened the driver's door with his gun drawn and motioned for me to get out. When I refused he dragged me out of the van. He then held out a pair of handcuffs and made me put them on by pointing his gun at my belly. I was then blindfolded and placed into his car. He drove me to a rural area and took me into a house which turned out to be his. Garrity then sat me down on a chair and cuffed me to it by one hand while he told me to enjoy the view because it was the last one I would ever have. He left the room for awhile and when he returned I was taken downstairs and placed in a small room in the basement with some food and water. Several days later I was removed from there at night and driven out to the woods. On the drive there Garrity told me then that Baker was finally going to do to me what Walker and Trivette had stopped him from doing all of those years ago. Garrity also said that if I had gone out with him when he asked me to he wouldn't had to do what he did. But I don't ever remember Garrity ever asking me out. Anyhow Baker was there waiting for us and smacked me around some but I fought back. Then Garrity told Baker that after he killed me to dump my body at the ranch and Walker would then be convicted of my murder. That he, Garrity, had already convinced everyone that Walker had already killed me because I wanted to leave him. Baker agreed and Garrity left then Baker began hitting me again but still I fought back scratching him. He then dragged me outside to that shack where he threw me in that hole telling me that not eating for several days would take the fight out of me."

"Mrs. Walker the feds were protecting Baker, did you see them?" Moody asked Alex who said "No but he told Garrity that they would be back soon and to leave another way so that they wouldn't see him."

Moody questioned "Mrs. Walker do you have any proof against Garrity?"

"In the basement room that I was held in I scratched my name and the names of the babies that I'm carrying plus the date that Garrity kidnapped me with a nail file. Also when I was cuffed to that chair upstairs I managed to get a letter of his, it's in my blazer pocket." Alex answered and after he got the letter Moody told her "Garrity'll be arrested as soon as we can find him and his house will be searched for evidence. As for Baker, the feds haven't found him yet. I'll see you Alex take it easy."

            Walker kissed his wife on the cheek and told her "Bobbie Hunt will be protecting you tonight, try and get some rest. I'll be back first thing in the morning." Walker opened the door and Bobbie Hunt came in and Walker left.

Chapter Fourteen

They were able to find and arrest Garrity fairly quickly because he was at home unaware of the fact that Alex had been rescued but they couldn't find Baker. Trivette, the feds and detective Grear from Dallas Police department were the ones who arrested him. After Garrity was taken away they searched his house and found a hidden room that was a shrine to Alex. There were pictures of her all over the walls and several scrapbooks containing articles about her. The articles ended when Alex's engagement to Walker was announced. After taking pictures and collecting evidence they went to headquarters to question Garrity.

Detective Grear led the questioning "Garrity do you have anything to say about Mrs. Walker's claim that you kidnapped her and after holding her in your basement for several days turned her over to your half brother Dewey Baker?  That he was then supposed to rape and kill her and pin the crime on her husband Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers?"

Garrity tried bluffing his way out by saying "She came to me for help in getting away from her husband, she said that he has been abusing her.  She begged me to hide her out in my basement. How Baker got a hold of her is beyond me."

"Really, is that so?  That shrine that you had to Mrs. Walker that you stopped adding to when her engagement was announced.  That doesn't mean that you were obsessed with Mrs. Walker or anything does it?" Grear asked Garrity who replied "That idiot could of had a kind and decent man instead she chose the likes of him."

Gear questioned "By idiot, do you mean Mrs. Walker?"

"I mean Alex Cahill, I would have kept her from getting hurt like he has so many times. I asked her out on a date once and she didn't even bother to answer me because she was flirting with that dime store cowboy." Garrity spat out.

"Really when exactly was this?"  Grear scoffed at Garrity who snapped back "About ten years ago, I asked her in C.D.'s but she pretended that she didn't hear me. I know that she heard me because she smiled at me later."

"Garrity it is about time for you to face reality. You never asked Mrs. Walker out because you knew that she was involved with Walker and even if she wasn't she would have turned you down. You were never in her league and you know it. Now cut the crap and tell us where to find Baker. Maybe then we can arrange for you to go to prison where they don't know that you were a cop. On the other hand if you don't start talking you are going to end up in Huntsville with some of the people that you've arrested and you know how much they like former cops. So what's your answer?"  Grear asked him and Garrity caved "All right I'll give you a confession in return for a less time and being placed in a prison in another state with a new name if I want one."

The fed spoke up for the first time by saying "We can put you in a federal prison in another state but as to a lighter sentence, the longer Dewey Baker is free the longer you'll serve."

"Okay, okay. it was Baker's idea. He told me that the feds were springing him from prison and that he was going to take care of Cahill for once and for all. Baker also said that he wanted Walker convicted of her murder and sent to prison for the rest of his life. All I had to do was kidnap her and then convince everyone that she had left him. Baker will then eventually kill her and dump her body somewhere on Walker's ranch. Walker being reported for abusing her was a godsend and helped me convince people that she had left him because of it. Anyhow that morning I followed her and forced her to pull over. I then took her to my house and held her in my basement for several days then I delivered her to Baker to finish off. It's all her fault anyhow because if she had gone out on that date with me she would have been spared all of this. Now Baker has several hideaways that he thinks I don't know about." Garrity told them and they went to the hideaways spotting Baker at one of them where he pulled a gun and the fed shot and killed Baker. The fed then said "Well that takes care of our mistake. Goodbye." He then left.

Trivette called up Walker "Walker, it's me. Garrity has confessed and Baker was shot and killed by a fed. I'll call you tomorrow with the details."

Walker called Alex "Honey, Garrity has confessed and Baker was killed by the feds. I'll tell you more tomorrow. Right now I want you to get some sleep."

"As soon as your babies settle down I will. They are really kicking me right now." Alex answered him and Walker questioned her "Nothing is wrong, is it?"

"No, they always kick me like that just like Angela and Ray did when I was carrying them. I think it has something to do with the fact that you're their father, it's all your fault because you're a martial arts expert and the children are taking after you. I'll see you tomorrow." Alex replied and hung up the phone.

Chapter Fifteen

The next morning Walker was at the hospital bright and early, as he was entering Alex's room Dr. Bates was leaving it and said to Walker "Good news Captain Walker, your wife and babies are doing much better than I expected them to be doing this morning. If all goes well I'll release Alex tomorrow." Smiling Walker entered the room and dismissed Bobbie Hunt after thanking her for watching over Alex last night. After she left Walker asked Alex "How are you feeling today?  How are the babies, are they still kicking you?"

"I'm fine and the babies are kicking me hard like always. Walker I want to go home, I've missed you so much last night. I couldn't sleep right without you by my side. Can you get me released today, please?" Alex pleaded with her husband who said "Alex I missed you last night too but Dr. Bates said one more day and that's what it is going to be. We have to make sure that you and the babies are recovering okay."

"You're right but I so wanted to sleep in your arms tonight." Alex said.

Stumbling over his answer Walker replied "Alex, I don't think that I'm...uhm... up to anything like that quite yet."

"Oh Walker you have to get a doctor to look at you. What if I caused permanent damage when I nailed you there thinking that you were Baker?" Alex questioned.

"Alex you didn't damage me, it's just a little bruised that's all."  Walker answered as Trivette walked in and asked them "What's a little bruised?"

Alex answered "Nothing." She then quickly changed the subject and asked Trivette "So why would a cop like Garrity help out a con like Dewey Baker?"

Trivette who figured out why Alex changed the subject said "Because Dewey Baker is Garrity's half brother and Garrity himself was smitten with you years ago and got mad when you got engaged to Walker. Garrity had a shrine to you in his house that he stopped adding to when yours and Walker's engagement was announced. When Garrity confessed he said that if you had only gone out with him like he asked you to you would have been spared what you went through at their hands. Anyhow Baker's dead and Garrity's going to a federal prison in another state. Now let's talk about you. Since you and Walker are smiling I know that you and the babies are okay, so when are they kicking you out?"

"Tomorrow and thanks for your's and Erica's help with the children." Alex said to Trivette who replied "Hey, that's what friends are for. See you around." Trivette left and Alex said to her husband "I don't remember Garrity ever asking me out."

"That's probably because he never did because he knew that you would have turned him down."  Walker said.

"That's because I was interested in this certain cowboy who was in the habit of driving me crazy."  Alex teased him and Walker teased right back "What cowboy was this?  Do I know him?"

"I think that you know whom I'm referring to but if you want me to refresh your memory come closer." Alex suggested and Walker came closer and she kissed him. Then she asked "Is your memory refreshed now cowboy?"

"Yes and I'd better go to work right now before I lock the door and we give in to my desires." Walker said to his wife. Smiling Alex kissed him again and then he left.

Chapter Sixteen

The next afternoon Alex was released from the hospital; however right before she left Dr. Bates said to her "Mrs. Walker until your next doctor's appointment I want you to take it very easy and to be on the safe side no relations with your husband. Are we clear on that?"

Walker who was there to take Alex home said to Dr. Bates "Yes doctor we are very clear on that. Alex will be taking it easy because I will be there to see that she does."

Alex added "As you can see Dr. Bates my husband will be making sure that I take it easy because he will be there to wait on me like he should." Dr. Bates signed the papers and the Walkers went home. After getting into the truck Alex said "I'm more than ready to go home and have you wait on me."

Walker teased "I guess that I can do that until your next doctor's appointment and then you can wait on me." She replied "I can't wait on you, I'm pregnant in case you hadn't noticed."

Smiling Walker said "I meant at night because by then I'll have a lot of energy that you'll have to help me to get rid of." Alex said "For a cowboy you are a very naughty man, did you know that?"

"Yeah but there's this blonde who wants me that way." Walker answered.

"You've got that right cowboy now let's go home, I've missed Angela and Ray." Alex told Walker and they headed home. Later on that night after Walker had put the children to bed he returned to the bedroom where he found Alex deep in thought so he asked her "What's the matter honey?"

"Nothing is the matter, I was just thinking that it was ironic that we hurt each other while both thinking that we were hurting Baker." Alex answered. Walker winced and replied "Alex honey, you will never know how ashamed I am of hurting you when I was dreaming. I don't know how you could ever trust me again let alone want to stay with me."

"Walker I did the same thing to you. Honey neither one of us intended to hurt the other. Yes that night I was scared but I knew that you were dreaming and I don't blame you because I know that you would rather die than hurt me because I would rather die than hurt you." Alex said to him.

"Okay lady now into bed with you." Walker said. He then spent the next week taking care of Alex and by the end of the week she was biting her tongue to keep from telling Walker that he was driving her crazy because of his fussing over her.

At the next doctor's appointment Alex was told that her and the babies were fine and that she could resume relations with Walker as long as she didn't feel any discomfort from it.

That night after the children were sleeping Walker told Alex "Since I spent the last week waiting on you, it's your turn to wait on me."

"In my condition, you still want me?" Alex asked him. Smiling Walker said "Lady I will always want you but first you have to kiss the boo-boo that you gave me and make it feel all better."

Sliding down in the bed Alex kissed Walker where she had nailed him and then asked her husband "Well does that feel all better?"  Pulling her closer Walker said "It's about to."  Then they made love and when they were done Alex hugged Walker and said "Thank god I didn't do any permanent damage when I nailed you there. I don't think that I could handle not being able to make love with you."

"Me too baby, me too." Walker said as he pulled her close and fell asleep. Later on that night Walker awoke to Alex touching him where she had hurt him so Walker asked her "Alex what are you doing?"

"Seeing for myself if you're really okay." Alex answered and Walker pulled her up and said "Here I'll show how okay I am." Then they made love again and Alex said "You're as good as ever cowboy."

"You too Mrs. Walker."  Walker said and they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

I do not own Walker Texas Ranger it is owned by C.B.S. and other entities. Neither I or this story is meant as a infringement  on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.