Father/Daughter Day

By Sasquaw

            Alex Cahill-Walker listens intensely as her daughter describes in her very own way of how she spent the day with her daddy.
            "We done a lot of things, mama---Daddy showed me how he catches bad guys."
            Alex looks to her husband and smiles softly, as she sits down at her office desk and motions for Angela to climb up in her lap.
            "O.k. sweetheart, tell me everything that you and Daddy did today."
            Angela 'toys' with her little stuffed doll, her piercing blue eyes look back to Alex and then to Walker.
            "Daddy showed me how bad guys get caught, and why."
            Walker is beaming as he listens to his daughter describe the events of the day. The annual -Take Your Daughter To Work Day- started very early as Walker dressed Angela in a pretty little lavender dress, with petticoats and ribbons to hold the little girl’s strawberry blonde hair back. 
            Alex had to leave early for a court case so Walker and Angela had breakfast at the local I-Hop. Walker let Angela order their breakfast, she ordered strawberry pancakes for her, then she looks to Walker and says. "You can have eggs, daddy----and that yellow stuff!"

            The waitress is smiling and staring back at Walker, "Yellow stuff?"
            "She means the runny yolk that I like to sop up my biscuits with," answers Walker.
            "Ahhhhhh, now I see.  Well, I tell you what, Angela---I will get your Daddy his eggs and I will ask the cook to fix your pancakes in the shape of---how about rabbit ears?"
            Angela nods her head and giggles, "My Daddy likes coffee too."
            The waitress smiles, "Coffee it is, and would you like juice or milk with your pancakes?"
            "Milk, please!! My Mommy says milk is good for me."
            Walker is all smiles as he watches his daughter and the way she takes care of her little stuffed doll.  She makes sure that the doll is all propped up to the table and she puts a little napkin around its neck. Angela looks back to her daddy and asks, "What do we do first, Daddy?"
            "Well, after we finish our breakfast, I’ll take you to my office and explain how my cases come about. Sometimes, my boss, Captain Malloy, will have my cases lined up for me, but other times, robberies and other cases happen without any warning. When this happens, your Uncle Jimmy and I have to go and investigate the crimes."
            "Will I be 'vesticating---what's that mean, Daddy?"
            Walker looks up to see the waitress coming with their order, "No, baby---we won't be doing investigating today, this is Daddy's day off—remember?"
            The waitress sits the strawberry pancakes down in front of Angela, the shaped rabbit ears looking back at her. A small carrot sits to the side of the plate and Angela giggles           

"Look, Daddy---the rabbit has a carrot!"
            Walker smiles back at the waitress, "Thank you, Diane, you made my daughter’s day."
            Diane laughs, "The carrot was a extra touch from Duane, he's working the kitchen this morning----you two are my favorite customers."
            Diane refreshes the Ranger’s coffee and then goes to wait on other customers. Walker peppers his eggs and reaches for the hot sauce.
            "You ask what investigating meant, well---my angel, it means---looking into things and trying to find out what makes everything work. Your Uncle Jimmy and I have to do a lot of investigating and making sure that everyone is telling the truth."
            Angela takes a bite of her pancakes, "If somebody lies to you and Uncle Jimmy, are they bad?"
            "No, baby----to tell a lie doesn't make you a bad person. It just means that it makes it harder on us to find out the truth and get everything straightened out."
            "Oh," replies Angela softly, "do you like your job, Daddy?"
            Walker smiles, "Yes, I do--because you know why?"
            "Why, Daddy?"
            Walker reaches out and touches his daughter's cheek, "Because---my baby---if I didn't have this job, then I might not have ever met your mommy, and then we wouldn't have fallen in love, got married, and had you and your brothers."
            Angela giggles, "Will the twins be at your office today too, Daddy?"
            "No, sweetheart---they're too young--they're at daycare, Mommy took them there earlier while I was getting you dressed for ’our special day’."
            "I like our special day, Daddy. Can we go to your office now and see the bad guys?"
            Walker laughs as he finishes his eggs and bacon, "Angela, the bad guys aren't at my office, that's just where I do mostly paper work and occasionally get on the computer. The bad guys are out on the streets, and your Uncle Jimmy and I have to chase them down. Then, we arrest them, read them their rights and then take them to jail."
            "What do they do to make them bad guys, do they hurt people?"
            "Yes," replies Walker as he sips his coffee, "unfortunately---sometimes they hurt people---and sometimes---they kill."
            Angela shakes her head and looks to her doll, "Don't worry, Miss Dolly---Daddy won't let them hurt us, will you, Daddy?"
            "Never in a million years would I let someone hurt you, your brothers, or your Mother.   Now---are you ready to go, do you want to go to the little girls' room?"
            The girl nods as she slides down out of her seat and then reaches back for her prized possession, her little petticoats making a swooshing sound. The waitress approaches them and looks to Walker.
            "Would you like for me to take Angela to the little girl's room, Ranger Walker?"
            Before Walker can answer, Angela answers, "I'm a big girl, Daddy, I can go by myself?"
            Walker shakes his head, "No---you let the nice lady take you----and I'll be waiting right here."
            Angela pouts, Oh, o.k.----we'll be right back, Daddy---you can pay the ticket."
            Diane laughs as Walker nods his head, and comments--"She's her Mother's daughter, alright."

 Ranger headquarters:
            Walker looks around the huge office as he observes other Rangers and secretaries that have brought their daughters into work also.
            Walker takes his daughter over to his desk, lifts her up and sits her down gently. He starts pointing out important papers that have been left on his desk.
            "These are warrants, Angela---these papers tell me what bad guys are out there, their crimes, and where they have been seen last.  And, these other papers come down from the district attorney's office----"

"That's my Mommy's office, right, Daddy?"
            "Yes, baby---that's your Mother's office and these papers give me the lawful right to go out and arrest these people, they are called search warrants."
            Angela giggles and holds her dolly closer, "You arrest the bad guys and Mommy puts them in jail, huh, Daddy?"
            Walker nods his head as he reaches out and kisses the top of his daughter's forehead, "That's about it, baby---you got it all in a nut shell.---Now, want to go down to see the lab, and then we will go to Mommy's office."

Crime lab:
            Walker and Angela stand outside the huge picture window and watch the lab technicians go about their work. The Ranger points out the test tubes that the workers are using.
            "What are they doing, Daddy?"
            Walker reaches down and lifts his daughter up so she can see better, "Those are test tubes, Angela, and they hold DNA---all of that will be explained to you as you get older. But right now, the best way I can explain what it is--is that it is ways of proving the type of blood genes that each person has.  And, the most important thing about DNA is getting proof that an innocent person doesn't get punished for a crime he or she didn't commit."
            Angela looks back to her Daddy and sees the sad look in his eyes.   "How, Daddy?"
            "Well, my baby---everyone has a different type of blood cell, it's like fingerprints---no two people in the world have the same type of fingerprints.  DNA is a little difficult to explain to you at such an early age, but let's put it this way:
             "Let's say that you have been taken away from me and Mommy---and you're a small baby---in a room with dozens of other babies.  Other Mommies and Daddies are saying that you are their child, that's when DNA is used. The tests from DNA run on your blood, and your Mommy’s and mine will determine that you are "our child and no one else's! Because all of our blood cells will match, understand, Angela?"
            Angela becomes sad as she squeezes her dolly closer to her, "Are you sure Daddy, that nobody else can take me away from you and Mommy?"
            Walker squeezes his daughter close to him, "I'm sure, Angela----never in a million years would I allow someone to claim you---you belong to just me and Mommy---no body else!"
            "But Daddy, what if those things---the 'n a' stuff is wrong?"
            "Angela---you listen to me, baby---you are a part of me and your Mother---our genes run through you---no one else's!  You and your brothers were a gift from God, and his seed of life was taken from me and put inside your Mommy's womb. You grew inside of her, that's how life is formed---from the love of two people that wanted you and your brothers so badly that God blessed us with 3 healthy babies!"
            "O.k. Daddy---I'm glad that you and Mommy belong to me, 'cause I don't want any other Mommy or Daddy."
            Walker continues to hold his daughter tight, he whispers into her ear, " My life starts and ends with you, Angela----each morning that I wake, I thank God for having you and your brothers---I can't imagine a life without you, your brothers, and Mommy in it."
            Angela squeezes her daddy's neck, "I love you, Daddy."
            Walker's eyes begin to mist, "I love you too, baby---want to go see Mommy now?"


Alex's office:
            "Wow----it sure sounds like that you and Daddy have had a fun day," answers Alex as she kisses her daughter's cheek.
            "YES----we had a fun day, didn't we, Daddy?"
            "Yep, we sure did----and now Mommy will take you down to the courtroom so you can see what she does to the bad guys that I arrest!"
            Angela squeals as she jumps down from her Mother's lap, "Oh goodie---come on, Mommy---are there bad guys there now?"
            Alex laughs, "No, sweetheart---I'm just going to walk you through and show you what happens in a court of law---Walker, aren't you coming with us?"
            Walker stammers, "Uuuuuhh no, I've got something else to do, I'll join you in about an hour, o.k., hon?"
            Alex looks back at her husband, her brow arches---"What are you up to?"
            "Nothing," he answers quickly as he kisses both of them, "I just got to take care of something---I'll meet you back here in about an hour."
            Walker walks hurriedly to the door, and Alex whispers under her breath "What is he up to?"
            "What's wrong, Mommy?"
            Alex takes a deep sigh as  she takes her daughter's hand, "I don't know sweetheart, but your Daddy is definitely up to something, and I'm almost sure I'm not going to like it."


            Angela's eyes grow wide as she looks around the huge room with it's desks on each side of the room, and a bigger one that sits elevated at the front of the room.
            "Where are the bad guys, Mommy?"
            "There are no bad guys here, Angela, the court is now closed because of this special day that is set aside for daughters to come to work to see how their parents work. There is no one here but us and the daughters of the people that work here. You remember my law partner, Jack Martin and his daughters, Clarisse and Ginger, don't you?"
            Angela waves at the two girls as they are walking around the courtroom and their Father is pointing out points of interest to them. The bailiff and his teenager daughter see Angela and they wave back also.
            A woman of about 50 approaches Alex, "Hello Mrs. Walker and hello to you, Angela."
            Angela smiles, showing her dimpled cheeks and speaks softly, "Hello, do I know you?"
            Alex laughs, "Angela, this is Betty Vanders, she is what is called a court stenographer. She sits over there by the judges' bench and she uses a machine that is similar to a typewriter, but it's much faster and in short hand.. Betty listens to all of the things that are being said, by the lawyers, witnesses, and even the people that are on trial. Then, if someone wants to hear it again, Betty reads from the paper that she has typed on."
            Angela looks to the lady and asks quietly, "Do you know the bad guys that my Daddy gets arrested?"
            Both Alex and Betty laugh softly, and Betty nods her head. "Yes, Angela I have seen the 'bad guys'---but sometimes they're not all bad. That's why we have people like your mommy and other lawyers to prove who the bad guys are."
            Betty then points to the long line of chairs of the opposite side of the room, "Do you know who sits in those chairs, Angela?"
            Angela nods her head quickly, "Yes---they are juries!! My Mommy says they decide who is telling the truth and who goes to jail. When that man in the black dress says "guilty"---they go to jail!"
            A loud clearing of the throat is heard as Alex and Betty look up to see "the man in the black dress" enter.
            Alex makes a fake groaning noise, "Uh oh, here comes the judge!!"
            The bailiff clears his throat, trying to stifle a laugh, "All rise please, this court is now in session."
            Angela looks around her and whispers, "No body is sitting down, Mommy, what does he mean?"
            "They are having a 'mock court session', Angela--to show how court is brought to order. In a real court everyone stands when the judge enters. You've seen that on TV sweetheart, don't you remember?"
            Angela nods, "Yes---and we stand for the flag too."
            Alex smiles as she looks to the judge who is staring back at Angela, the man tries to make his voice stern. "Did I hear someone mention that I wear a black dress?"
            Angela moves behind her Mother, and peeks shyly around her. The judge crooks his finger at Angela, "Young lady, would you come up here please?"
            Everyone is staring back at Angela and then to the judge, Alex nudges her daughter forward, "It's o.k. Sweetheart--the judge just wants to talk to you."
            "Will he put me in jail?" Asks Angela.
            The judge laughs as he motions for Angela to come forward, "No, young lady--I'm not going to put you in jail---I just want to talk to you. Would you like to come up here and sit at my desk? I'll even let you play 'judge' for the day"!
            Angela clutches her doll tighter and looks to her Mother for approval, she then approaches the judge's bench slowly.
            Alex and Betty watch as the judge lifts Angela up and sets her down in his chair. The judge motions for the bailiff to bring cushions so Angela can look out over the huge desk. The judge sits down on the edge of his desk and motions for the other daughters to come forward. He then starts pointing out things to the kids and letting each of them pound the gavel down and shout "GUILTY"!
            Alex smiles as she watches her daughter lift the hammer and pound it down, she then looks up to see her husband walking towards her.
            Walker waves at his daughter, "She's enjoying this day, isn't she?"
            "She sure is, she has been firing questions at Judge Davis ever since she got up there---where have you been?"
            Walker hesitates, "Well, I had to make sure things were still set---for Angela's next stop."
            Again Alex's brow arches, "Honey---what are you up to?  What is Angela's next stop?"
            Walker continues to hesitate as he scratches his chin, "Well---so far --Angela believes that I arrest only people that are bad, and that you put only the bad people in jail------''
            Alex shakes her head slowly as she looks back to her husband, "And----what are you getting at, Walker?  I don't think I like where this conversation is going."
            Walker takes a deep sigh, "I want to take Angela over to the jail-------"
            "Jail?  No way Walker---are you crazy?"
            "Alex, just hear me out---o.k. Hon?  I want to show our daughter that innocent people go to jail too, and I want to explain to her how you and I have to make things right in getting these people released. She can't go through life thinking that only bad people get locked up."
            "Walker, she is too young to be going to a place like a jail, we can explain to her later how sometimes innocent people are wrongly convicted-----"
            "Alex, she will be perfectly safe----I have everything arranged----and it's been set."
            "Set?  Walker, you made arrangements to take her to a jail with known crime offenders without asking me first?"
            Walker can see the anger in his wife's eyes, "Yes, because I knew you would try to talk me out of it, Alex---I will be with her every moment---and Monk will make sure that everyone behaves-----"
            "Monk?  Monk Adrian?   Walker, that man is doing 20 years to life---what can you be thinking?"
            "Alex, I don't believe he's guilty of killing those 2 troopers, and you don't believe it either. We've talked about it----and we've both said that he's gotten a bum rap and the sooner he gets another trial---I believe he will be found innocent."
            Alex begins to pace as she holds her hands up, "Walker, I represented him in the first trial and "yes" I've always believed those witnesses were lying---but honey---if he is granted another trial---and we let Angela go to see him---I can't be his lawyer-----I will be disqualified---you know that!"
            "Yeah, I know," answers Walker slowly, "but, I just want Angela to understand the other side of the coin too---that sometimes 'we' do make mistakes---and not just you and me----but the whole judicial system."
            Alex continues to pace, "Walker, I am going on record saying that I am against this--you want her to see the inside of a jail cell?  My God, what do you have planned for her next?  To witness a live execution?"
            Walker sighs, "Come on Alex, if you are so worried about this, you can come too."
            "I can't leave right now, Walker---I have other cases------Oh---very well---yes---I'm going too. Does Angela know where you are taking her?"
            "I will tell her, and if she thinks she will be afraid---then it's out---but let's ask her first---okay?"
            Both Walker and Alex walk towards the judge's bench. Angela is sitting on his lap and still asking questions. The judge looks to the Walkers and replies.
            "Your daughter is going to make one heck of a lawyer, Mrs. Walker---she's very observant---and just like all lawyers, she loves to argue and ask questions."
            Alex laughs as she motions for Angela to come down. "Angela, your Daddy wants to ask you something---and you think about it real hard before you answer----okay, sweetheart?"
            Walker glares back at his wife as he goes down on one knee in front of his daughter and begins telling her of his plans for her. Angela looks back to her Mother.
            "Are you coming too, Mommy----and Daddy, too?"
            Alex nods her head, "Yes, sweetheart----are you sure you want to go?  You won't be afraid?"
            "Not if my Daddy is with me, 'cause my Daddy won't let nobody hurt me---I'm not afraid!"
            Walker smiles back at his daughter and whispers proudly, "That's my girl."
            Alex draws a deep breath, "I can't believe I'm agreeing to this---now all that is left is a prison riot!"


Tarrant County Jail:
            The Walkers follow the guards down to the cellblock that they will be visiting, with Angela walking between them.
            The guard turns to Walker, and looks at Angela. "Everything is all set---they've 'buzzed' Monk, he's coming out.  Are you sure about this Ranger Walker?"
            Walker nods back to the guard as the gate opens, leading into a huge holding cell. There are about 20 inmates milling around, they look back at Walker and sneer.
            Alex groans, "Oh my God, Walker---you have arrested almost all of these inmates---and some of them I have prosecuted---we have got to be out of our minds for bringing our daughter here!"
            Suddenly a huge man emerges from the back and walks slowly towards the Walkers, he stops and stares at Walker.
            "I'm here, Ranger, I said I would do my part and I meant it!"
            Walker nods his head as he looks back at the other inmates, the huge man follows the Ranger's eyes. He grunts.
            "Ain't nobody gonna hurt your little girl, Ranger---I owe you for what you're trying to do for my boy." The man turns to Angela and extends his massive hand.
            "You must be Angela, glad to meet you Angela---my name is Mortimer Elias Adrian, but my friends call me "Monk". Can I call you my friend, Angela?"
            Angela's blue eyes stare back at the man and his massive build, his arms are like tree trunks, and they are covered with tattoos. She nods her head slowly, her voice low as she asks.
            "Are you a bad guy?"
            Both Walker and Alex shift back and forth nervously as the huge man goes down on one knee and takes Angela's small hand into his. He smiles softly.
            "No, Angela---I'm not a bad guy---and I won't hurt you---I promise. Could we just talk? I have kids too, I have a little boy and a ----a little girl."
            Angela looks back to her parents for approval and then she holds her doll up to the man. "Miss Dolly says she is not scared of you----she likes you."
            Monk looks back at the doll as the other inmates start to snicker. He stands up abruptly and stares them all down.
            "Listen up--all of you----not another snicker out of any of you or you will feel my wrath. There's a little girl here and a lady, I don't wanna hear no bad words coming from your mouths---do I make myself clear?"
            The other men mumble and move to the far end of the cell block, Monk looks to Alex.
            "No need to fret, Mrs. Walker---ain't gonna let nobody hurt your little girl----I mean that."
            Alex takes a deep breath as she touches Walker's arm, "I think I will go check on some things---and you can stay with Angela."
            Walker's brow arches, "You o.k., Hon?  You're okay with this?"
            Alex walks outside the cell and the guard brings her a glass of water. She then follows the guard to a phone. Angela sits down close to her Daddy.
            "Angela, I brought you here because you seem to think in all of your innocence that only bad people are here---well baby---that's not exactly true.   And, your Mommy and I believe that Monk is not guilty of everything he has been accused of."
            Angela looks to the big man and then back to Walker. "Why is he in here, Daddy, if he didn't do bad stuff?"
            Walker starts to reply and Monk stops him, he looks to Angela and smiles softly. "I am guilty of some things, Angela, and I admit it----but the worst thing they have accused me of---I didn't do---and your Daddy is working hard to try and prove that.----Would it be alright, Ranger Walker----if I tried to explain my actions to Angela? I promise I won't be trying to scare her, and you can stop me at any time."
            Walker nods his head, "If you get scared, baby, you just tell me---and we'll leave---okay?"
            Angela nods her head, "Monk is a nice man, huh, Daddy?"
            The two men stare at each other, and Monk begins his story.
            "I'm in here, Angela, because I was caught stealing---and that's bad.  You see---my little girl was real sick---she had cancer, do you know what that is?"
            Angela shakes her head, "Where is your little girl?"
            Monk clears his throat, "She's in heaven, Angela---she died about 5 years ago----she was real sick."
            Angela clutches her doll closer to her, "Is she with the angels?"
            Monk's eyes get misty, "Yes Angela---she's with the angels-----tomorrow would have been her 7th birthday. How old are you, Angela?"
            "Almost 5, my birthday is next month----and I got twin brothers, they will be 3 next month, too!”
              "Twin brothers?  Wow---that's real nice, Angela. I have a boy, he's almost 16, his name is Marty----and Marty has been having a very rough time---dealing with me being in here. The other kids tease him and make fun of him---and call him the son of a cop killer."
            "Did you kill somebody?"
            "That's the other charge against me, but "NO"---I did not kill those two state troopers---people that testified against me---lied----and your Daddy is trying to prove they were lying. But, most of all---Ranger Walker has been visiting and looking out for my boy----trying to help him understand what has happened and to keep him from going down the same road that I have taken."
            "What did you steal?"
            Monk clears his throat and sighs, "I robbed a convenience store, Angela,---my family was starving, the hospital bills were eating us up----I robbed that store to get us food-----and to buy my little girl----a stuffed teddy bear----that she had always wanted. The day they arrested me for the robbery was the day I was taking the teddy bear to the hospital. -----I arrived ------too late----my little girl---died-------just moments before!"
            Monk has to stop and wipe his eyes, and Walker continues the story."
            "You see, Angela----on the way to the hospital---Monk was pulled over for speeding.  There was an argument and the officers didn't use good judgment on Monk's behalf. He argued with them and they arrested him and took him to jail. By the time your Mother was notified of his arrest, his little girl's health took a turn for the worse. He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late---his daughter died just moments before."
            Angela becomes sad as she squeezes her doll closer to her, "What was your little girl's name?"
            Monk fights back the tears, "Trudy----her name was Trudy."
            Angela bites her bottom lip and whispers softly. "Did the policeman know your little girl was sick?"
            Walker and Monk exchange glances, and Monk shakes his head slowly---"No, they didn't know at the time they arrested me,----but they had plenty of time to acknowledge it later---they never apologized."
            Walker nods his head slowly, "The officers knew they were in the wrong for holding Monk and your Mother argued his case with the judge to get him out---so he could go to the hospital----but it was too late."
            Monk takes a deep breath, "You see, Angela---I became very bitter---and very angry and I made threats against those officers. But, I swear on my daughter's grave that I never harmed those officers---but witnesses said I was the one that pulled the trigger and so--I am in here waiting for my trial to get another appeal."
            Angela looks to Walker, "What's that word, Daddy--'peal?"
            Walker reaches out and pushes his daughter's hair back out of her eyes, "The word is 'appeal', Angela, and that means when new evidence, new proof--is brought forth in a criminal case---the prisoner in question will get a new trial."
            "Are you getting a new trial, Mr. Monk?"
            Monk continues to clear his throat as he looks out at Alex who is walking back into the holding cell, "Yes---thanks to your parents, I'm getting a new trial."
 Chapter 2
            Alex walks slowly up to her husband and touches his arm softly, "Are we ready to go now?"
            Walker nods as he reaches out to shake Monk's hand, "Don't give up, Monk---Alex and I are working day and night to grant you that new trial."
            "I know, Ranger Walker and thank you again for trying to spend time with my boy---his Mother is working two jobs now---it's really rough on her. I appreciate you letting my boy come to your ranch and doing odd jobs."
            Walker looks to his daughter, she looks back at him and whispers, "Daddy, can I talk to Monk alone?"
Alex starts to object, but Walker pulls her gently away. Angela walks up to the big man, he goes down on one knee and begins to listen to the little strawberry blond haired girl. They talk for a few moments and Monk reaches back for his handkerchief and begins to dab at his eyes. He shakes his head over and over and then he reaches out to hug Angela.
            Walker and Alex watch the embrace as Monk stands up and continues to hug her, the tears pouring down his cheek. He walks slowly towards the Walkers and smiles.
            "Thank you," he sobs, "thank you so much for bringing your little girl here to see me----it was like I, " he sobs harder--"like I was holding my Trudy once more."


            The ride home to the Walker ranch is quiet as Walker and Alex continue to look at their little girl. Alex's brow arches as she asks.
            "Angela, where is your doll---where is Miss Dolly?"
            Angela bites her bottom lip as she looks up to her Mother and answers.
            "I gave Miss Dolly to Monk---so he won't be sad any more.  And, then I told him that Trudy says to tell him Happy Father's Day and----that she doesn't blame him for not getting to the hospital in time. Was that okay, Mommy?"
            Alex fights back the tears as her husband reaches over and squeezes her hand, "Yes, my precious---you did a very nice thing---and I know that Monk will cherish Miss Dolly---for always."
            Angela then looks up to her daddy, "Daddy, can we buy a teddy bear and put it on Trudy's grave?"
            Walker smiles as he hugs his daughter, "Yes, we will go to the toy store now and you can pick one out, we will ask the sales clerk to seal it in plastic so the weather can't harm it."
            "That's good," replies Angela,  "and---when Monk gets out of that bad place, he can go to see Trudy and the bear."
            The Walkers take the exit and head back towards town and "Toys 'r' Us".
                                              The End

June, 2004