Authors note:

This story was started by a bunch of us one night as we chatted, BEFORE, we actually saw the wedding episode. (That is the reason for the differences from the episode. I also took the liberty of adding some little things that we would have liked to have seen.) Anyway, somehow, I ended up being persuaded to finish it. (THANKS JEN! It’s all your fault!)

I hope you enjoy this version of the night that Walker and Alex have waited over 7 years for.




The Wedding Night






May, 2000


            The air was pleasantly warm. The soft and amiable breeze gently played with the long veil covering Alex's hair as she and Walker moved hand and hand out onto the dance floor for their first official dance as man and wife. Drawing his new bride possessively into his arms, Walker smiled down at her as he murmured softly, “I have a surprise for you Hon.”

“You do?”  she sighed happily.

Nodding his head, he kissed the tip of her nose before he carefully turned her towards the band, just as the country singer Tracy Lawrence appeared with a microphone in his hand.

As the guests applauded the unexpected singers arrival, Alex turned excitedly back into her husbands arms. “Oh Walker, what a wonderful surprise. How did you ever manage to get him here to sing at our wedding?” 

“I have my ways.” he whispered huskily, as placed his hand softly against her cheek. As he gazed lovingly into her eyes, he continued with heart felt emotion in his voice, “I wanted a special way of telling you just how very much I love you Alex. I wanted to make sure you know how special you really are to me. It just so happens that there is a song he sings that says everything that I want to say to you, but just can’t manage to get out.”

Smiling up into her husbands twinkling eyes, Alex felt the fresh sting of tears as the first strains of music began to waft around her. As she placed her head against his chest, the newly weds held each other tightly as they began to move slowly and gracefully together around the dance floor. Closing her eyes, Alex let herself be carried away with joyous emotion as she listened to the words of the song being sung especially for her.

As you lie in my arms

Girl my heart's on my sleeve
Words come so hard in moments like these
There's feelings I have that are so hard to show
But right now there's one thing
I want you to know

As Walker held Alex even more firmly against his body, he found himself also being swept away with overwhelming emotion. He could feel his heart and hers both, soaring with the glory of having finally given their hearts and souls officially to each other in front of all their friends. 

Alex was indeed the love of his life. She was his reason for living. Never had he loved anyone as completely as he loved the woman he now held so lovingly in his arms.  And even though the words of the song were written by another, they truly expressed his promise to her and exactly what he felt so deeply in his heart and soul. 

As long as the tides ebb
The earth turns the sun sets
I promise I'll always be true
And as long as there's stars over Texas
Darling I'll hang the moon for you

I know I have stumbled and caused you some tears

When you needed me most I haven't always been here

I know I'm not always the man I should be

But don't ever wonder what you mean to me

When the song ended, Walker and Alex stopped and gazed intently into each others eyes once again. There was no words spoken between them. There was none needed. The smiles that radiated from both of them as they gently brushed tears of joy off of each others cheeks said everything that needed to be said. As their lips touched in a tender kiss, other couples joined them on the dance floor for the start of the next song.


Jimmy Trivette stood at the edge of the dance floor as he watched his two best friends glide past him; a huge grin on his dark face. He had never seen Walker or Alex more happy than they were right now. ‘God only knows, they sure deserve it,’ he thought to himself as he continued to watch the happy couple.

 They were totally oblivious to anyone other than themselves. The smiles on their faces were but one of the many clues that told of their deep and undying love for each other. Anyone gazing at them on this day would have to be blind to not be able to see how much they did love each other. It was so evident in the way they held each other as they danced, and in the intense way they gazed at each other as they moved. Their love for each other was so rare. It was the kind of love that everyone dreamed about, but so few ever found. It was palpable and could truly be felt by all that were present.

As they continue to glide slowly across the floor, Walker looks into Alex's blue eyes. His piercing gray eyes lock with hers as they gazed deeply into each other’s souls...both of them remembering the night before.


Walker sighed heavily as he tugged his dress shirt out of the top of his pants, unbuttoning it. Sitting down on the sofa; one of the last remaining pieces of furniture that was in Alex’s apartment, he removed his boots. As he placed them beside the couch he surveyed the almost empty room. Everything that she had wanted to keep had already been moved out to the ranch and been put away or placed where they had wanted it. The things that she didn’t want or they didn’t need, such as the sofa, they had decided to donate to the HOPE. Trivette had been kind enough to volunteer to move those items to the center after he and Alex had left on their honeymoon.

As he positioned himself more comfortably on the sofa, Walker leaned his head back and closed his eyes to relax for the first time today, as he awaited Alex’s return from changing.

Alex walked into the living room a few minutes later.  A soft smile quickly appeared on her face as she caught sight of her fiancée’s prone form. Moving quietly to the sofa, she leaned over the back of it just to gaze at the man in front of her.

The slow rise and fall of his chest indicated he was sleeping peacefully. The serene look on his face made her heart sing with elation. The past week had been hell on both of them with the many thwarted attempts that had been made on their lives. It had even been so bad that, at one point, she had thought they would have to postpone the wedding indefinitely. But because of the extra efforts of their friends and all the people that they worked with, the wedding was going to go on as scheduled.

Tomorrow. She could hardly believe that in less than 24 hours she would actually be Mrs. Alexandra Walker. God she loved the sound of that! After seven years, the day that she had dreamed of ever since that very first day she had met him, was going to come true. It had been a long time in coming and they had had more than their fair share of highs and lows; the past week along was testament to that fact, but together they had fought everything that had been thrown at them and were now going to be able to take that final step that would unite them together for all eternity.

Slowly reaching down, Alex softly traced the shape of his full, sensual lips with the very tip of her finger. They were so perfect. The lips that; with just the slightest of touches, could make her heart race with electrifying excitement. The lips that could soothe and ease any pain or heartache that she ever had or ever would have to endure. The lips that could elicit an ecstasy that was beyond words.

Just by touching them as she was, Alex could feel her body beginning to respond to the memories of feeling them; not only on her own lips, but against her entire body. Her heart pounded. Her breathing became accelerated. She could feel his lips as he would kiss his way so slowly across her face before he would masterfully capture her lips and kiss her with a passion that would leave her breathless. Then after what would seem like forever, he would slowly let them venture down her neck to make their way to her waiting breasts.

Alex inhaled deeply as she felt her nipples harden and began to tingle at the mere thought of him capturing them tightly between his lips to skillfully suckle on them. She could feel the sensuous sensations slowly moving down towards her stomach, following the path that she knew from experience his lips would follow, before they would eventually come to rest lovingly against her womanhood. She could feel the heat and wetness of her arousal beginning to grow rapidly. 

Unexpectedly Walker stretched in his sleep, shifting his position to place his arms above his head. His movements caused his already unbuttoned shirt to fall open, exposing his bare chest and stomach for her viewing pleasure.

Her heart skipped a beat as she let her eyes gaze at his muscular and furred torso and flat stomach. Not being able to with stand the temptation, she cautiously she placed her finger tips on him, letting them roam across his chest, relishing the softness of the curly hair that grew abundantly there. She traced the faded scars he had collected during his life time, thanking God that none of his injuries had taken him from her. As she followed the line of hair leading downwards, her desire for him was building with an overwhelming fever. Just as her fingers made contact with the top of his pants, Walker growled as he grabbed her; pulling her over the back of the couch to lay on top of him.  

“Walker you scared me to death. I thought you were sleeping?” she squealed in surprise.

“I was sleeping, until you woke me up.” Walker replied laughing.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“OH? So you were just going to keep molesting me, even if I hadn’t of woke up then?”

“Molest you? I wasn’t...” Peering down into his face, Alex could see the teasing twinkle in his eyes as he tried to hold back his merriment. “Oh you.” she chirped as she smacked his arm and tried to raise up to move off of him.

“Oh no you don’t lady. You started something that I think you should finish.” Walker growled as he pulled her tightly against him, letting her feel the hardened length of his arousal snugly against her thigh. Slowly he moved his hands down her back to cup her buttocks firmly as he pressed up against her. Feeling her wiggle eagerly against him, he captured her lips; kissing her deeply.

They each let their desire’s run wild. Kissing. Caressing. Speaking of their love for each other. Of their excitement with their wedding being mere hours away. Totally shutting the world out to lose themselves in each other.

They were so lost in each other, neither of them heard the phone ring or the answering machine pick up. When Trivette’s voice vibrated loudly through out the room, Walker and Alex both jumped up in consternation. They hurriedly looked around, expecting to see their friend standing in the room with them, before it dawned on them that he was in fact speaking to them on the answering machine.

As they both laughed at their nervousness of thinking they had been caught in the act of being very close to making love, Alex moved off of the couch to pick up the phone.

“Hello.” she said breathlessly.

“Hey Counselor. Is Walker still there?” Jimmy laughed loudly. He didn’t even need to ask, he could tell by Alex’s voice that Walker was indeed still there and that he had probably interrupted them at a very inopportune and intimate moment.

“Yes he is as a matter of fact. Why? Is something wrong?”

“No, nothings wrong. We were all still sitting around here partying and someone mentioned that it is very bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she is walking down the aisle the day of the wedding.” Trivette paused, taking time to catch his breath from laughing and quiet the group of people that was surrounding him before he continued, “Well none of us wants any bad luck for the wedding tomorrow and with it being almost midnight and all, we figured we would call you to tell you what time it was so you could throw Walker out the door on his butt and send him on his way home to the ranch.” As Jimmy finished his sentence, Alex could here the amused laughter and voices of the rest of the wedding party in the background adding their little comments.

Shaking her head with amusement, Alex waited until the noise in the background had quieted down a bit before she replied, “Thank you Jimmy for the reminder. I had lost track of the time.”

“OK Counselor. I was just trying to be a good ‘best man’. Oh hey...did Walker get over his nervousness for the rehearsal tonight?”

Alex burst out laughing, turning to face Walker as she answered, “Yes Jimmy, I would say he got over it.”

“Ahahaha...Well that’s good to hear. Don’t forget, get him out of there before midnight.”

“I won’t forget. Goodnight Jimmy, and tell everyone else goodnight for us.”

“Will do.”

Hanging up the phone Alex continued to giggle as she moved back over to where Walker was seated.

“What did Trivette want?” Walker questioned as he drew her onto his lap and back into his arms. As he kissed her neck teasingly, he had all the intentions of picking up where they had left off before they had been interrupted.

“Mmm,” Alex sighed as he cupped her breast in his hand. Taking several moments, Alex paused just to enjoy his actions before she continued to answer his question, “Well for one thing he wanted to know if you were over your case of pre-wedding jitters that you had at the rehearsal tonight.” 

Pulling back momentarily, Walker scowled as he remembered how hilariously funny his partner had thought it was as he kept stumbling over every word that he had tried to force out of his mouth at the rehearsal tonight. “Is it too late to pick a new best man?” he finally asked with a chuckle.

“Yes it’s too late to get a new best man.” Alex giggled. “Besides have to admit, you were pretty nervous.”

Walker chuckled as he tightened his arms around her, nuzzling her neck as he murmured, “I may have been nervous then, but I’m not now.”

“I can see that,” she whispered. The desire that he was producing was becoming too tempting and Alex knew that if she didn’t end it soon there would be no ending it at all. Pushing softly against his chest, Alex removed herself reluctantly from his arms, moving to stand just out of his reach.

Walker was puzzled at her actions. “Alex is something wrong?”

Turning to see the confusion in his eyes she answered quickly, “No darling, nothing is wrong but...”

“But what?”

“Sweet heart, as much as I would love to have you stay here, the fact have to leave.”

“I do? Why?” he asked as he moved to her side, caressing her cheek.

“Because it’s almost midnight and it’s tradition that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before she walks down the aisle the day of the wedding. It’s bad luck.”

“Bad luck hugh?” Walker placed tiny kisses against her lips as his hands began to once again explore her body.

“Walker. Stop it.” she replied firmly, grabbing his hands to stop their movements. Continuing she added, “’s bad luck. Heaven only knows we don’t need any more bad luck. We have already had more than enough of it over the past few days, and I, for one, am not taking any chances.”

Walker leaned back just enough to be able to look down into her sky blue eyes. He could see the passion that was burning brightly there, but he could also see her determination in making him leave. “Are you really going to make me leave?” He asked as he gave her his best ‘puppy dog’ eyes and rubbed suggestively against her.

“Yes Walker...I am making you leave.”

Smiling softly, Alex gave him a quick kiss before she took his hand and lead him; reluctantly, towards the front door. When they had reached it, she turned to pick up his hat. As she turned back around to hand it to him, she couldn’t help but laugh at his appearance.

He was a site to behold. His shirt hung open and you could see the evidence of his arousal, which was still boldly outlined by the fit of his pants. If it wouldn’t have been for the old church clock beside her apartment complex beginning to stick midnight, she would have changed her mind by closing the door and locking them both inside to continue where they had left off. But her resolve of not taking any chances of breaking this particular tradition won out. 

Clasping his face firmly between her hands, she kissed him thoroughly. When she lifted her lips from his, she gazed into his dark gray eyes as she spoke, “I’m sorry darling, but after tomorrow we will have the rest of our lives together. You really have to leave now.” With that said she gently pushed him out the door and closed it.

Walker stood as if in a trance as he listened to the loud click of the lock. “She really is going to make me leave.” he mumbled, as he turned and started to walk down the hall. Suddenly he moved back to the door, rapping loudly on it.


Alex opened the door as far as the chain lock would let her, making sure that she stayed out of his line of sight. “Oh Walker really have to go now. This is hard on me too you know.” she sighed.

“I know it is. And as much as I don’t want to leave, I will. But I can’t leave before you give me something.”

“Walker, believe me I know what you and I both want, but I already told you...”

“No Alex, not that!” Walker chuckled loudly. “I need you to give me my boots.”

“Your boots?” she laughed.

“ boots. They are over beside the couch.”

Walker could hear Alex’s laughter begin to fade, as she moved to retrieve his boots for him. When her laughter became clearer once again, he knew she was coming back towards the door. Teasingly he said, “Now you have to unlock the door to give them to me.”

Alex teased back, “Oh you think so, do you Cowboy?”

“What’s wrong Alex? Don’t you trust me?”

“Actually no! I don’t trust you at this point in time. Or me either for that matter.” she giggled as she began to stuff first one boot, then the other successfully threw the small crack of the door.

When she knew he held the second boot she whispered, “I love you Walker.”

“I love you too Alex.” he replied; the echo of the door closing once again, following him as he exited the building.


“What are you thinking about?” Alex asked as they continued to dance across the dance floor.

“I was thinking about how much I love you, and about last night.” Walker replied, then with a frown, “I still can’t believe you made me leave.”

Alex sighed apologetically, “I’m so sorry. But I just didn’t want to break tradition. Will you forgive me?”

“Well...” he paused with a smile, “I’ll forgive you on one condition.”

“And just what would that condition be?” Alex asked.

“I’ll forgive you for last night IF you promise me I will never have to take another cold shower ever again.”

Laughing joyously, Alex wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as she molded her body to his. “Cowboy, I promise you, I will never give you a reason to have to do that ever again.” To seal her promise, she kissed him deeply.

Walker moaned as their lips parted, “That’s going to be a hard promise to keep Alex, especially if you keep kissing me like that. Maybe we had better dance with someone else before I embarrass myself.”

Alex looked into his passion filled eyes, seeing; not only the truth of his statement, but the sparks of desire that were starting to burn within them. “I think you’re right. We had better dance with someone else. Come on.” she smiled as they both moved to find new dance partners.


“Alex...when can we leave?” Walker whispered close to her ear as they posed for the cake cutting pictures.

“Not yet.” she mumbled back. When the photographer told them to relax for a minute while he reloaded the camera, Alex turned to him. “We have to finish this. Then all we have left to do is the throwing of the bouquet and garter. Then we can leave. Just have a little more patience darling.”

“Patience hugh? Maybe I will just have to figure out a way to make you want to leave as badly as I do.”

“Cordell Walker...just what are you planning to do?”

Walker chuckled; never answering her question as the photographer announced he was ready to continue. As they each picked up a bite of cake, Alex could see the devilment that was now shining brightly in her husbands eyes.

“’re not going to smear that on me are you?”  she asked with uncertainty.

“I won’t smear if you don’t smear. Deal?”


As they lifted the bites of cake up to each others lips temptingly, they smiled as they paused. At the touch of their finger tips against each other’s mouths, Alex felt as if a current of electricity had shot threw her entire body. The sensations that were created took her breath away. Quickly she glanced up into her husbands eyes, seeing immediately that he had felt it too.

As she continued to gaze longingly at Walker, Alex felt the slightest touch of his tongue against her finger tip, immediately followed by the gentle sucking action of his mouth, as she slipped the piece of cake inside.

Alex could feel the hot flush of excitement creep onto her face as she tried to maintain her outward composure at his actions. She saw the sly smile that kissed Walker’s face as he offered her the bite of cake he held. As soon as she had taken the piece of cake into her mouth, Walker lowered his lips to hers. “Gotcha.” he murmured with a snicker as his lips claimed hers; kissing her softly.


Alex hesitantly seated herself on the offered chair, as Walker walked towards her to remove her garter. “I wish I wouldn’t have let Josie and the other bridesmaids talk me into wearing this thing so high on my thigh.” she thought nervously. She knew that the cake feeding had only been part of her pay-back for kicking Walker out of her apartment last night. She could see it plain as day in his sparkling eyes as he kneeled on one knee before her.

As she held her breath precariously, Walker slid his hands under the hem of her dress, inching his way slowly up her slender leg to find the object he was seeking. Amidst the playful hoots and hollers of their guests, he finally reached his destination; shocking her beyond believe when he didn’t stop there, but continued the rest of the way up to the junction of her thighs. Closing her eyes, she felt the tender stroke of his hand against her mound of womanhood.

What felt like an eternity to her, was in fact, only a fraction of a second before Walker’s hand had moved tediously back down to the garter itself. Alex fought valiantly to keep her intimate emotions under control. But it was a fight she was destined to lose as she felt the warm dampness begin to build and moisten her panties.

When she finally felt the garter begin it’s journey down her thigh, Alex reopened her eyes with relief; immediately locking them with his. The look of love and desire for her that she found there, was so wondrous it brought tears of joy to her eyes. 

As Walker produced the garter, holding it high for everyone to see, a cheer thundered from the crowd as he positioned himself to throw it to all the single men. As soon as the garter had been tossed and caught, Walker extending his hand to his lovely bride; pulling her up into his arms as he whispered, “Now do you want to leave as badly as I do?”

Alex nodded her head enthusiastically, as they moved hurriedly to make their good-byes to everyone.


Alex joined Walker in jovial laughter and brisk conversation about the beautiful day they had just experienced together, as they settled themselves into the back of the limousine and began to brush rose petals off of each other.

But, when Walker’s hand inadvertently grazed her breast to pluck a petal from it, all conversation ended instantaneously. With a moan of impatience and longing from both of them, they moved into the circle of each others arms to kiss passionately. Their hands moved simultaneously. Touching. Caressing. Fondling each other until neither could breath.

Realizing that they were quickly reaching the point of no return in their desire; and the fact that they were still in the limousine, they reluctantly ended the kiss. As they both smiled with unadulterated anticipation, Alex placed her head on Walker’s shoulder as they whispered of their love for each other; counting the miles that brought them closer and closer to the hotel...and the long awaited afterglow of consummating their wedding vows.


Walker places her feet carefully on the floor beside the bed, never taking his arms from around her. Coming together in a passionate kiss, Alex’s fingers move to unbutton his tuxedo jacket. Slowly she slides it off his shoulders as the kiss deepens. Dropping the jacket to the floor beside them, she then moves to the buttons on his shirt. When she is finished she slips it off of his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor also. Smiling, she places her hands on the center of his chest and sighs with pleasure. Letting her hands wander on their own accord up and down his muscular chest, she watches the display of emotions the flicker across her husbands face. 

Needing to be able to touch Alex as she was touching him, Walker gently halts her actions to turn her back to him. Moving to the first button of her gown, Walker purposely takes his time as he undoes one and then the next; kissing the bare skin as it is revealed to his appreciative eyes. When the last button is undone, Walker slips the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders, leaving the dress to pool at her feet.

Turning her back around, Walker sucks in a deep breath of calming air at the sight of her now naked breasts. His gaze travels further south to take in her lacy white panties underneath the white pantyhose; watching as she steps out of her dress. Leaning down he picks the beautiful gown up and lays it across a chair. Moving back in stand in front of her, Walker places his hands on the sides of her face and pulls her close for another passionate kiss.

As his lips leave hers, his hands drift down her body to her chest; cupping her breasts softly, before continuing to let them move down her flat stomach, to stop at the top of her panties. Kneeling down, holding onto her hips, Walker pulls her body inward and places a tender kiss at the junction of her thighs.

Alex can feel the heat of his kiss through the nylon and lace that still covers her lower body. The warm moisture instantly begins to grow between her legs as she feels him place his fingers inside the waistband of her pantyhose and slowly begins to draw them down her shapely legs. When he reaches her feet, he picks up first one leg then the other, to discard first her shoes, then the nylons.

As soon as he is standing upright once again, Alex glides her fingers teasingly down his chest and stomach to reach for the button on his tuxedo trousers. Pausing for a moment, she sighs and then releases the catch. Licking her lips in anticipation, she carefully pushes his trousers and his underwear over his hips; her eyes growing wider as she takes in the erect shaft before her. Unable to help herself, she drops to her knees, and after placing a kiss on the tip of his manhood, she engulfs him within the hot recesses of her mouth.

Walker gasps at the sensations running through him, and her actions almost cause him to climax too soon. Gently he places his hands on either side of her face again, and gently pulls her off his member. Moving his hands to her arms, he brings her up to stand before him. Brushing a kiss across her lips, Walker’s hands move back down to her firm breasts. Lightly he strokes them before he leans over to take one into his mouth.

Alex buries her fingers in his hair; holding his head firmly in place as he lovingly suckles first one breast before releasing it, to move to the other breast to pay it equal attention. At her husbands continued worship of her body, Alex can feel the warmth burning deep with in her spread and begin to pool at the juncture of her thighs.

Walker unexpectedly releases her breasts and slowly drops to his knees; brushing his throbbing manhood against the mound between her thighs, causing her to shiver in anticipation on his way down. His hands cup the firm round cheeks of her bottom as he places a kiss once more at the center of her being.

Alex became weak in the knees, the passion all but consuming her. Her hands reach out to grasp his shoulders to balance herself as he slowly moves his hands from the cheeks of her bottom, to the waistband of her panties. Hooking his thumbs in, he slowly, draws her panties down. After her panties are discarded, and she stands before him completely nude, Walker briefly rests his head against her creamy thighs, taking a deep breath to control his overwhelming desire to claim her.

Finally gaining control of his desire, he runs his hands back up the back of her legs, over her rounded buttocks, and up her back to her arms. Moving his hands down her arms to her hands, he takes her hands in his as he steps back, running his loving gaze over her nude form.

The moisture drips from his pulsing manhood as he drinks in the sight of his beautiful nude wife. Unable to stand it any longer, he clasps her body to his, and lifting her off her feet slightly, he enters her, sliding easily inside as her legs wrap around his waist.

They both gasp with the intense feelings rolling through them. The love. The fullness. The completeness of their union. Savoring the intense sensations several long moments, Walker withdraws and sets her back down on her feet. At Alex’s moan of protest, he places a finger tip against her lips as he murmurs huskily, “not yet.”

Backing up to the bed, Walker lays down and positions himself in the center of it on his back. Reaching out his hand, he waits impatiently for her to join him. When Alex moves to lay beside him, he gently guides her to the position he wants; placing her to kneel above him, one knee on either side of his head. Delicately he grasps her thighs as his tongue begins to drink of the moisture that he finds there.

As she feels his tongue enter her, Alex moans in ecstasy, grabbing the headboard to steady herself. Rocking softly, she gives him full access to her womanhood. Waves of pleasure shoot through her body as his tongue strokes her with a maddening pace.

Just as her climax begins, Walker thrusts his tongue deep into her. Her soft cries and moans fill the air as her fingers grasp the bars on the headboard tighter. As her climax continues to rock her, her grip tightens even more; her knuckles turning white. His powerful hands leave her thighs to grasp her buttocks firmly, as he rides the crashing waves of her climax; sucking and stroking until it subsides completely.

Breathing heavily, Alex slides down his body; positioning her pulsing center above the tip of his engorged manhood. Walker's eyes close, and in one swift movement he thrusts upward, burying himself in her deeply and completely.

Rolling carefully, he turns them over, and begins to stroke in and out of her slowly and steadily. His breathing continues to come faster and faster as his soft beard rubs against her cheek. Alex feels his strength inside her and raises her hips to meet his thrusts. As his thrusts continued to increase, they climbed together; reaching for the ultimate gratification of their love for each other. With a soft growl escapes from Walker’s lips; signaling that he is about to climax, Alex feels her own climax building once again to it’s incredible peak.

Bucking against each other, their passion continues to mount, until Walker suddenly stiffens, and Alex feels the warmth of his seed spilling into her as his manhood throbs wildly. Wrapping her arms tightly around her magnificent husband, she feels the spasms of her own climax burst forth deep within her, and cries out "Cordell!" as she joins him in the most intimate moment of fulfillment.

As they begin to float blissfully back to reality and their breathing and heartbeats slow, they hold each other lovingly in complete regalement of their love for one another. Their love as Walker and Alex. Husband and wife. Now and forever.