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Fine Line
By Danielle, DRMaddux31@aol.com

"Uh," Alex grunted.  "This new ADA is really getting on my nerves.  My shadow has a shadow now.  I mean I thought the purpose of hiring another ADA was to lighten my caseload, but it looks like I got another job--babysitting.  Itís not that she is incapable of doing the work because she is highly qualified.
In fact, maybe I should even feel threatened.  Along with her brains, sheís very attractive."  Alex had noticed all of the Rangers taking notice of the new legal ďasset.Ē  "But I canít get my work done for having to lead her around by the hand. Maybe I am being too hard on her.  It has been a long week, and I am really tired. She has only been here for a week and a half so I am sure things will work out just fine."  Alex leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes.  "I just need a minute to rest."  It was getting late, but she just couldnít find the energy to drag herself to her car.  She had been working extremely late every night for the past two weeks.  If you didnít know it was a law office, you would think it was a paper factory with all of the depositions lying around.  She was pulling out all the stops in order to make sure that Harm Maddux wound up in prison where he belonged.  He was responsible for killing his wife, who had turned stateís evidence against him.
She was a crucial witness in the stateís trial against him for his illegal
drug operations.   "Alex?"  "What!" said a startled Alex who had dozed off.
"Oh, Iím sorry. I didnít mean to scare you.  I just wanted to let you know that Iím leaving for the night unless you want me to stay and wait on you," asked the tall, slender blonde.  "No, Mackenzie, you can go, but thanks anyways.  Iím about to head out, too," replied Alex to the new ADA who could almost pass for her sister. "Well, be careful, and I will see you tomorrow, Alex.  Bye."  "Bye, Mac."  On her way down the hall, Mac bumped into Walker.  "Iím sorry.  I didnít mean to run you over.  I was trying to find my keys in this potato sack," she said as she pointed to her oversized purse.  "No harm done.
Itís pretty late.  Do you need someone to walk you to your car?"  "No, Iíll be ok. Plus, I am sure there will be a couple of other stragglers leaving.  Thanks anyways, Ranger," she said with a flirtatious smile.  "Well, if you are sure, but I think you have been hanging around a certain ADA too long.  By the way, is Alex still here?" "Yeah, she was just about to pack up when I left her.  Goodnight, and I promise to be careful."  "Goodnight,"  with that Walker headed toward Alexís door.  Mac turned around long enough to take in the view.  "I would like for you to do a whole lot more than just walk me to my car, handsome.  I just might have to see what I can do about that," she thought.  Mac could sense that there was something between Walker and Alex but wasnít quite sure what it was or how deep it was. She only knew what she saw which wasnít much because the two still maintained their distance in public.  "Maybe theyíre just best friends or something.  I mean Iíve never seen them kiss or even hold hands for that matter," she smiled at this thought.   Walker reached Alexís office as she was locking the door.  "Well, what do you think youíre doing?  Shouldnít you be at home in the bed all tucked in safe and sound?"  "Well, that depends if you were going to pry yourself away from your desk long enough to take me there and tuck me in," Alex said as she flashed a devilish grin.  Walker blushed as he gave her a peck on the cheek.  "What?† Cat got your tongue or something?"  "Anyways, you never answered my question.  What are you still doing here?" Walker asked as he avoided her question.  "I could ask you the same thing.  Actually, I was just making a last minute run through my papers.  I want to be prepared for the Maddux case when it starts next month." "Well, to answer your question, I was just finishing up some paper work on some busts that Trivette and I made this week."  "That wasnít my question," Alex pouted.  "Well, thatís the only answer youíre going to get," he said, smiling, as he leaned in for a kiss.
After separating from the overdue, and therefore, even sweeter kiss, Alex quickly asked, "So, have you had a chance to get a bite to eat?  If not, I was thinking that you could come back to my place, and I could whip something up for us." "Actually, I am kind of hungry.  So, whatís for dinner?"       
The two arrived at Alexís apartment.  Walker met Alex at her car door, which he opened for her.  "Why, thank you, kind sir." she replied.  "Well, I figured I better be nice because I donít want you to do something to my food," he said with a laugh.  Alex playfully hit him on the arm.  As they reached her door, Walker took her keys and unlocked it.  He held the door opened as he let her slip passed him. "Since itís so late, I guess IĎll just heat up this chili for us.  Is that ok with you?" "Whatever you want to do is fine with me," Walker responded as he took a seat on the sofa.  "Do you need any help?"  "No, Walker, you just make yourself at home. Dinner will be ready soon."  She thought, "I could get used to this scenario real quick."  After about 15 minutes or so, dinner was ready.  Alex had already set the table for two.  "Walker, dinner is served."  "Not a moment too soon because I am starved," he replied as he took a seat.  Over dinner they just chit-chatted about the Maddux case that she was working on and his testimony for the trial.  After they finished, Walker helped her clear the table, but Alex refused to let him help clean the kitchen.  "Would you like some coffee?"  Walker gave her a nod.
They took their cups to the sofa.  They sat close to each other, but there was still plenty of room in between them.  "I bumped into the new ADA on my way to your office tonight.  She seems pretty nice and a lot like you.  In fact, she sort of resembles you," Walker commented.  "Well, the jury is still out."  "What do you mean?  I thought she was brought in to help you and Phil Holland."  "I donít know. I mean that is why she was hired, but it has been a tough week.  You know, not the best week to be training someone.  She has the potential and a terrific resume to back it up, but I just canít seem to get a moment alone.  Once this Maddux trial is over, I think that she will probably settle in just fine.  What do you mean she seems a lot like me?"
Walker smiled and replied, "She just seems like the stubborn type."  Alex playfully hit him on the arm.  "Speaking of being stubborn, did you ever go look at that truck that I mentioned would be perfect for you?"  "Which truck was that?" he asks as he lets out a laugh.  His truck was beginning to show lots of wear and tear from his endless pursuit of criminals, and he had finally admitted that he needed a new one. Of course, this admission came only after tremendous and agonizing hours of pleading from Trivette.
"Walker, you know that I specifically told you about a certain gray Dodge Ram 4 X 4 extended cab."  "Actually, Alex, I meant to, but lately, I have been really busy. Besides I told you that I was probably just going to buy another gray GMC like the one I have now.  You know how I feel about change."
"Please donít remind me!"  "Hey, whatís that supposed to mean?" "Do you want another cup?" she points to her coffee and quickly asks in order to avoid his question.  "No, I should be going."  "Are you sure?" she asked with a wicked grin. "No, I really have to go."  Walker practically jumped up and ran to the door.  As much as he would like to stay, he knew that it would be safer if he left then because if he didnĎt leave, he would find himself reading Alexís paper at breakfast. "Thanks for dinner.  Iíll see you at the office tomorrow."  As he reached for the door, he suddenly stopped and leaned back over and gave Alex a quick kiss.  "Bye, and please go check out the truck.  IĎm dying to say, ĎI told you so,í " replied Alex. Walker laughed and tipped his black Stetson to her.  After she closed the door, she leaned her back against and sighed.  "Oh, Walker, how did I ever get so lucky and find you?  You really are my dream come true."
"Are you sure that it has to be that way?" asked a disgruntled Alex.
"Iím sorry Alex, but you have to go out of town for the next three weeks.
It is crucial that you help the Okitebbiha County D.A.  Besides, you are my best A.D.A., and they personally asked for you," replied D.A. McCoy.  "OK, youíre right, and I do want to see the Carson drug ring taken down ASAP."
"Alex, there is one more thing that I have to tell you, and Iím not sure if you are going to like it."  "What, Mitch?"  "Well, Alex, Walker is going to be going undercover while you are out of town.  The catch is that he is going undercover as part of a husband and wife team," said the weary D.A.  "As part of a what?"  Alex asked cautiously trying to keep her emotions in check.
"Alex, the wife is going to be played by Mackenzie McCall.  I hope that this isnít going to be a problem for you.  I am not sure what, if anything, is going on with you and Walker, but I just wanted to let you know."  Alexís only comment was, "Does Walker know yet?"  She was still shocked and feeling quite uncomfortable. "He was supposed to find out this morning.  You leave first thing in the morning. Bye, Alex."  "Bye, Mitch."

Meanwhile back at the bar, Mac is still talking Walkerís ear off.  It is now about 11:00, and Alex had left about an hour ago.  Walker was well aware of this.  "Mac, I really need to go.  Donít worry about anything.  You will do fine.  I will see you tomorrow at the office.  Bye."  "Ok.  Bye," Mac replies with a grin.  As he practically runs to his truck, he canít help but think of Alex fuming over the earlier incident and his failure to stop her from leaving.  He decides to take a chance that she is still up and swing by her place.  His detour proves to be useless because her lights are off, and he decides against stopping.  "Maybe I can catch her before she leaves in the morning," he thought.    
"Hello . . ." "Hello, Alex, I am glad that I caught you before you . . ."
". . . I am not at home right now, but if you leave your name and number with a brief message, I will get back to you as soon as I can."  Walker tried to call her at 7:00 but only heard the sound of her voice on the answer machine.  Unknown to Walker, Alex decided earlier the previous evening to leave at 6:30 instead of her scheduled 7:30.  "Dang it," he said as he slammed the phone down on the base.  "I canít believe that she left without saying goodbye.  I mean this isnít exactly an overnight trip.  Women.
She makes me out to be the bad guy, and I didnít do anything wrong.  Well, just forget it.  I have other things that I have to worry about right now."
The end of the three weeks was approaching.  Walker and Alex did not make any attempts to contact each other.  During this time, Trivette tried several times to get his partner to try and call her, but he refused.  Each time, he told Trivette that he was working undercover on an important case and didnít have time to play phone tag.  Trivette knew the real reason involved Alexís goodbye or really the lack thereof.  Of course, Mac used this assignment time and Walkerís roller coaster emotions to her advantage.  She made sure to that she and her "husband" had plenty of time to bond through lots of social interaction.  She was surprised to find that Walker willingly accepted her advances to some degree.  It seemed as though they were really starting to bond with each other.  Mac was delighted at this and regretted seeing the case come to a close.  "Well, Mac, it looks like we did it.  This resort wonít be operating any more.  You did a good job."  "Thanks, Walker, but I couldnít have done it without you," with this she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "How about dinner tonight at C.D.ís?  My treat."  "Sure, Mac.  I will see you there at 5:30."  Walker arrives at the office to find Trivette waiting on him.  "Nice job on the bust, Man."  "Thanks, Trivette."  "So, do you want to grab a bite at C.D.ís?" "Actually, I am meeting Mac there for dinner, but you can join us."  "Walker, I was thinking."  "Trying something new, are we?" Walker laughed.  "You do know that Alex was supposed to get back today, donít you?"  "To tell you the truth, I havenít exactly been keeping up with the days."  "Come on, Walker.  Cut the lady some slack.  Are you going to call her and see how her trip was?"  "No, I am going to dinner.
Now are you coming with me or not?"  "Yeah, Iím coming.  Iíll meet you there." After Walker leaves, Trivette lingers for a moment because he wants to call Alex and welcome her home.  He successfully reaches her and invites her to dinner at C.D.ís, but he fails to mention that he knows that Walker and Mac will be there, together.
Mac arrives first and exchanges pleasantries with C.D.  Trivette shows up next and joins in on the ongoing conversation about Walkerís and Macís assignment. Walker and Alex pull up at about the same time.  As they get out of their respective vehicles, they exchange small smiles which were actually hiding their shock of seeing the other one.  Both had the same thought, "TRIVETTE!" "Walker."  "Alex."  They both kind of stood at the intersection where they meet, not knowing where to go or what to say.  "So how was your trip?"  "It was nice and surprisingly relaxing.  Yours?"  "The same."  "So, what are you doing here?  Iím supposed to be having dinner with Trivette."
"Actually, I am meeting both Trivette and Mac here for dinner."  "Oh, I see.
Well, lets not keep them waiting."  Alex starts to walk to the door.  Walker reluctantly follows.  Dinner went as well as could be expected.  Mac took it upon herself to cling to Walker.  These actions were obvious to Alex who managed to control herself and keep from running out the door.  However, it wasnít these actions that hurt.  It was Walkerís reactions that drove the stake into her heart. While he wasnít overly responsive to Mac, he definitely didnít stop her.  He even danced with her when she asked.
Trivette could feel Alexís agony.  He even kind of felt like the injured party.  It hurt him to see his friend being hurt by another friend even if Walker wasnít doing it intentionally.  Trivette even danced with Alex in an attempt to make her feel better.  As the evening was coming to a close, Mac mentioned that she needed to be heading home.  Since it was late, she asked Walker to walk her out to her car. He glanced over to see what Alex thought about this and then agreed to do so.  He couldnít read her look because she was looking away from him, but it wouldnĎt have mattered anyways.  He would have felt compelled to do it regardless.  "Guys, Iíll be right back."  A couple of minutes later, he returned.  He felt uneasy because he was unsure how Alex would react.  "Well, I guess that I should be going, too." Walker offers to walk her to her car.  "Thatís ok.  I think that I can handle it."
"Well, I want to so lets go," he replies sternly but with a slight grin.  He feels the tendency of wanting to offer her his hand but decides that it would be wise not to for fear of drawing back a nub.  As they reach her car, she tells him, "Thank you." "Alex, lets end this thing right now."  "Oh, I thought that we already did that before I left.  I thought that it was pretty clear before, but if you want a spoken agreement, then we can do that, too."
"Alex, what are you talking about?"  "Walker, donít play dumb with me.  It is pretty obvious what I am talking about."  She attempts to open her door, but he closes it.  "You arenít going anywhere until you tell me what you are talking about."  "Well, you said that you wanted to end this, and I am saying that it was over when I left."  "Alex, I want to end this distance thing that we have going on here.  I have a feeling that you are talking about something else."  "Iím talking about ending us or whatever we were.  It was apparent that you and Mac, well, have headed down another road.  Together."  "Alex, we, as in Mac and me, havenít headed anywhere.  Yes, we have become better acquainted with each other, but we didnít elope while you were gone.  And yes, there is an attraction."  He regretted having to add the last statement because he could feel himself hurting her even more but knew that he owed it to her to let her know.  He slowly moved his hand to stop the tear that was trickling down her face.  "I didnít mean for it to happen, but it just did.
You were gone, and she, well, is so much like you.  Smart, beautiful, outgoing, funny, and everything that I see in you.  When you left without saying goodbye, I was hurt, and she was there.  By this time, Alexís tears were flowing freely down her face.  Walkerís heart was crying the same tears.
He couldnít resist the impulse to take her into his arms and comfort her.
Her attempts to fight him off were in vain because Walker wouldnít let her go. Finally, she buries her face into his chest and continued to cry.  By this time, Trivette had come outside.  Walker just held up his hand in order to signal for him to hold off on coming over to them.  Trivette figured that it would be better if he just caught up with Walker at the office in the morning.  Thus, he waved bye to Walker.  After Walker had finally calmed her down, he pulled her face up so his eyes could meet hers.  "Are you going to be ok?  Do you need me to drive you home?"  "Iíll be ok in a minute or so.  I just need to get myself together."  "Well, I am going to follow you home just to make sure."  After helping her into her car, he followed behind her until she had made it safely to her apartment.  He waved to her as he continued to drive past her.  She just nodded her head in acknowledgement. "Alex," was all he said.  It tore him up to see her so upset, especially because he was the reason for it.  Neither one slept much that night.  Both tossed and turned with thoughts of the other one.
The next morning Walker called Trivette to let him know that he had some things that he had to take care of and that he would be in later.  "Anything I can help you with, Partner?"  "No thanks, Trivette, Iíve got it covered."
When he awoke that morning, Walker had the sudden urge to finally do what he had been dreading.  He had decided to go buy a new truck.  As he was driving to the local GMC dealer, he felt a compelling urge to take a detour to the local Dodge dealer.  "I might as well take a look at that truck that Alex suggested.  She seemed so sure that I would love it."  As soon as he pulled up and saw the truck, he instantly fell in love with it.  "Alex, . . ." he thought.  Before he could finish his thought, a car salesman approached him.
"Can I show you something?"  "Actually, I want that," he said as he pointed to the gray Dodge 4 X 4 extended cab.  "Are you sure, sir?  We have plenty of vehicles here to look at so maybe you should take your time."  "I said that I want that truck and that is what I want."  "Very well, sir, just let me get the key for you, and we will take it out for a drive."  "Thanks."  After the test drive, Walker was even more certain that this truck was made for him.
After taking care of the necessary paperwork, Walker drove off in his new truck. He felt a little sentimental over getting rid of his old truck, but the more he drove the Dodge the easier it was to get over it.  

Alex quickly made her way back to her office.  She needed to sit down before her shaky legs gave out on her.  She was not particularly fond of the idea of Walker teaming up with another woman even if it was just pretend.  She knew that the same powerful spell that he cast on her would affect another woman the same way. Alex was also feeling something else.  She was feeling slightly bothered by the fact that Walker had not called her to mention the new assignment.  "Uh, why do I have to go out of town now?"   knock, knock
"Come in."  Walker peeked his head into the door to see Alex alone at her desk. "Hi, I just wanted to talk to you about a case," he said as he smiled at her.  He hoped that she didnít already know about the assignment so he could warm her up before he broke the news.  He knew that she wasnít going to like it.  Ever since Marilee Summers or, as Alex liked to affectionately refer to her, the guttersnipe, Alex didnít like Walker getting too close to any female involved in a case no matter what role she played.  "So, how has your day been?"  "Walker, please donít play with me.  Just spit it out."

"Ok, Alex, I take it that you heard about the new undercover operation.
Itís no big deal.  We are just going to pose as a newlywed couple who is on their honeymoon at a resort that appears to be offering more than leisure time to its customers."  "NO BIG DEAL?" she practically screamed.  While they had no spoken commitment to each other, Alex felt a sharp sting from his words.  "He could put it a little more gently," she thought.  "Alex, I donít understand why you are making a federal case out of this.  I mean it is not like I am getting married for real or anything.  Just relax.  How about we go to dinner tonight?"  "Walker, donít tell me to relax, but I guess dinner sounds ok.  Since I have to leave first thing in the morning for Starkville, I am about to head home and pack.  How about you meet me at my apartment at 5:00?"  "Sounds good to me.  I will see you a little later, but I guess I need to go round Trivette up and get back to work," with this last remark he gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves.  As he is making his way back to his desk, Walker thinks about what just happened with Alex.  "I still donít see what the big deal is."  "Hey, Partner, where have you been?" Trivette says as he looks up from his computer.  "Oh, I had lunch with Mac and then a meeting with Alex."  "Oh, weíre on a first name basis?  Are we playing the A.D.A field now? Does Alex know that you had lunch with another woman?  I think someone is going to find himself in the doghouse in only a matter of time," Trivette snickers. "Trivette, what are you talking about?  I havenít done anything wrong, and no, I am not playing the field.  Mac asked me to have lunch with her so we could discuss our undercover assignment."  "Walker, are you really that clueless about women?  It is painfully clear that Mac is interested in you.  Besides you didnít answer me, does Alex know where you were for lunch?"  "No, why does it matter?"  At this last comment, Trivette doubles over with laughter.  "Walker, for someone with your great Cherokee instincts, youíre hopeless, and donít say that I didnít warn you.  Man, Iím glad that I am not in your boots.  I think that this is going to be interesting, and Iím glad that I have front row seats."  "You arenít going to have a seat at all if you donít go use yours and find some useful
information that Mac and I can use," as Walker finished saying this he glanced at the clock.  It was 4 oĎclock.  He knew that he was going to have to rush in order to get cleaned up and be at Alexís by 5 oĎclock.
"Trivette, I have some things to take care of so I will see you tomorrow
before Mac and I leave for duty."  "Bye, and which one of them are you going to have dinner with tonight?"  Walker just left Trivette laughing at his own question and kept walking out the door.
As Walker was about to walk out the door on his way to Alexís, the phone rang. He hesitated because he was already running late but decided to answer it in case it was Alex.  "Hello?"  "Hi, Walker, it is me, Mac.  I hope I havenít called at a bad time, but I was hoping that we could get together tonight at C.D.ís to put the finishing touches on our plan."  "Well, Mac, I, uh, actually, I am headed out the door right now, but how about I meet you there at lets say 9 oíclock?"  "Sounds great.  Bye"  "Bye."  "Great.  How am I going to explain cutting out early to Alex? Trivette, this is all your fault.  Dr. Love has me paranoid now about everything I say or do."
Walker arrives at Alexís at 5:20.  He rushes up the stairs to her door.  He is always kidding her about being late so he hates when the boot is on the other foot.  "I was beginning to wonder where you were."  "Sorry, Alex.  Are you ready to go?"  he asks as he kisses her.  "Yes, unless you would rather stay here for a little while," she replies with a big smile.  "Well, Iím hungry so we should go ahead and go," he responds in a sad attempt to avoid her overture.  They spent dinner discussing her trip and his assignment.  He still hadnít found the nerve to tell her that he was meeting Mac later.
"Well, Walker, that was a lovely dinner.  Are you ready to go?"  "Sure, Alex."  The ride back to her apartment was particularly quiet with only a few idle comments here and there.  As they reached the door, Walker took her keys and unlocked the door.  He pushed his open and stepped aside to allow her to pass.  As he was closing the door, Alex asked if he wanted some coffee.
"Sure.  Do you need any help?"  "No, make yourself comfortable."  Walker notices that the clock says 7:30.  "Here you go," she says as she slides the cup into his hand and sit on the sofa close to him.  "Thanks," he answers with a small smile. After what seems like an eternity of silence, Walker chimes in with, "Alex, I know you are uncomfortable with my new assignment, but donít worry about it.  It is just a job.  Besides you have more important things to worry about starting with your trip.  When are you coming back home?"  "Well, I think I arrive back in Dallas the same day that you are supposed to be wrapping up your case.  I just canít believe that you are going to be undercover for three weeks."  As he is sliding over toward her and leaning in to kiss her, he remarks, "Well, I canít believe that you are going to be gone for three weeks.  Iím thinking that it is perfect timing for us because we will BOTH be busy."  The conversation ends while the bonding begins.  Walker peeks out of one of his eyes to find that it is now 8:30.
"Oh, no, I should be leaving soon so I can meet Mac," he finds himself
thinking that he wishes that he had told her that he was too busy to see her tonight. After a couple of more kisses, Walker reluctantly starts to pull out of the embrace. "Alex, I hate to say it, but I really should be leaving.
I have to meet Mac at C.D.ís at 9 oíclock so we can finalize any last minute details.  You want to come with me?"  Alex begins to go into defense mode again.  "Why didnít you mention this earlier?"  "Uh, well, I . . ."
 "Never mind.  It doesnít matter," Alex replied even though she was hurt that he had failed to tell her of his other plans.  "I think I will pass on C.D.ís.
You probably have a lot of work to do with Ms. McCall."  "Alex, come on.  Donít be this way.  I want you to come with me.  Besides Mac wonít care, and you can hear all about what we will be doing," he says as his eyes are pleading with her to give into him.  "Ok, I will come for a little while," she responds a loud as she thinks, "Of course, Iím going because I want to see how "friendly" of a wife Mac plans to be to you."  "Well, lets go, honey," Walker smiles and kisses Alex.  As they reach the parking lot, Alex begins to pull her keys out of her purse to which Walker responds, "What do you think youíre doing?"  "I think that it is pretty obvious."  "You can ride with me.  Besides, this meeting shouldnít last that long, and I will take you home afterwards," with this said he opens his passenger door for her.  "Ok, you win."  "Itís about time!"
The pair arrives at the bar to find that Mac is already there.  As soon as they walk in, they hear her and Trivette laughing.  Walker approaches and asks, "Whatís so funny?"  "I was wondering where my husband was," she jokes and gives Walker a flirtatious smile.  Of course, Alex notices this and reaffirms her "none-too-happy-about-this-situation" feelings.  Walker blushes and quickly asks C.D. for a drink. Meanwhile, Trivette sees his predictions unfolding before his eyes.  While he is deriving some pleasure from seeing his partner squirm, he realizes that it is just a matter of time before it hits the fan.  He decides to help his partner out and change the subject.
"So, Counselor, when do you leave on your trip?"  "First thing in the morning, Jimmy."  "And you are going to be gone for three weeks?  Who is going to keep Walker in line while you are gone?"  Before Alex could respond, Mac quickly pipes in with, "I guess that will be my job for a little while."
Walker is slowly but surely beginning to see what Trivette was talking about earlier in the office.  He decides to stop the conversation dead in its tracks before it goes down the wrong road.  "Mac, what did you want to talk about?"  Walker leans closer to Alex who by this time has started to pull away.  He didnít want Alex to get the wrong idea and think that he was encouraging this situation.  He decides that he should tighten his grip on her waist just in case she decides to bolt out the door.  "Well, I was just wondering if there is anything that I should know that you might have thought of after we had lunch earlier."  BAM!  "That loud thud was the sound of it hitting the fan.  Oh, no, here we go.  Fasten your seatbelts, hang on tight, and please keep all arms, legs, and personal items inside the car because it is going to be a bumpy ride," Trivette says to himself.  Trivette canít help but look at Alexís face which surprisingly shows no signs of her feelings about what just happened.  "Anyways, Walker, I have an early morning so I really should be going. Iíll just call a cab so you can finish your business," Alex said unemotionally as she grabbed her purse.  As this is going on, Mac begins to ask questions about their assignment.  "No need in calling a cab, Alex.  I would be honored to carry you home.  Besides, I need to be heading home myself," responds Trivette.  "Alex, uh, bye," is the only thing Walker manages to say even though he is torn between running after her or listening to Mac.  "Bye," she says to both Walker and Mac. "Have a safe trip, and I will see you in three weeks," adds Mac with a conspiratorial tone.
As they drive away, Trivette tries to comfort Alex about what had just transpired at the bar.  His attempts are futile.  "Donít worry about it, Trivette, because Iím not." As they arrive at her place, Trivette decides to put in one last effort.  "Alex, Iím sure Walker will set her straight,† if I donĎt do it first.  Have a nice trip, and send me a postcard."  "Bye, Jimmy," with this last reply she starts heading toward her apartment.
"Walker, I told you so.  I donĎt know why you donĎt listen to me about these things."

 Trivette happened to be in the parking lot when Walker pulled in.
 "WOW!  You did it.  I knew you had it in you," Trivette was practically
shouting like a little kid at Christmas time.  "Thanks, Trivette."  "Did you pick this out all by yourself?" he said doubtfully.  "Actually, I had some help from Alex."  Trivette shot him a puzzled look.  "Really?  I canít believe that she is even speaking to you let alone out shopping with you."
"She didnít go with me, but she had told me about the truck about two weeks before she went out-of-town."  "Does she know that you bought it?"  "No, I just got back from the dealer so I havenít seen her yet."  The two continued to discuss the details on the way back up to the office.  As they were stepping out of the elevator, Walker ran into Alex causing her to drop her files on the floor.  He quickly said, "Sorry."  As they both stooped to pick them up, they bumped heads.  "Sorry, again."  "Itís ok," she responded as she accepted the files from him.  "Iíll see you guys later," Trivette said as he thought that it would be better to leave the pair alone.  Neither one responded to him as they stood back up.  "Alex, I was wondering if we could have dinner tonight."  "Iím not so sure that is a good idea.  I donít think that Mac would like it."  "Please, I need to talk to you.  Iíll pick you up at 6:00.  Ok?"  "Ok."  Later, he ran into Mac who proceeded to ask him out.
Walker explained the situation to her and told her that he couldnít start a relationship with her.  He apologized for any misunderstood signals that might have given her the wrong idea.  He told her that there was only one woman for him and that he had to make things right with her once and for all.
Although he could tell that this didnít set well with her, she agreed to back away.  
Walker showed up promptly at 5:55.  When Alex opened the door, he was stunned by her beauty.  Of course, he was stunned by this everyday.  "You look nice.  I mean you look gorgeous.  You always do," he said as he leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek.  "Thank you.  You do, too."  "Are you ready to go?"  She nodded as she walked out the door which he locked and pulled shut.  Since her thoughts were a million miles away, she didnít notice where Walker was leading her.  Only when they approached the passenger door did she finally realize the new truck.  "Walker?!"  "Alex."  "Is this yours?"
"I hope so because the payment is going to be coming out of my paycheck," he joked.  "But when?"  "This morning."  After they settled into the truck, he told her the whole story about what had happened earlier that morning.  "You see, Alex, when I saw this truck I knew that it was meant for me.  I also realized at the same time that you, too, were meant for me.  You knew me so well to know that this truck would be perfect for me.  I knew then beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would be perfect for me, too.  Iím so sorry about the thing with Mac.  When I said that I was attracted to her, I lied, not on purpose, but still I did.  I saw you in her, and that is what I was attracted to.  So, I asked myself why should I settle for a cheap imitation (he let out a little laugh) when I had the real thing right in front of my face.  I talked to her earlier and explained the whole misunderstanding to her.  I know that this might take some time, but I want to pick up where we were three weeks ago before you left."  "Oh, Walker, Iím sorry about the way that I left. Before I can agree to this, I have to know something."  "Sure. Anything."  "Did anything happen between the two of you?" she asked as tears threatened to pour from her eyes.  "Honestly?"  "Yes."  "No.  Nothing happened.  I mean she tried, you know, besides the assignment requirements, but I just couldnít do it," he said as he slowly wiped the lone teardrop from her cheek.  Her response came in the form of a hug which was returned in kind.         

Note:  I wrote this story as sort of an "official" episode of how Walker got the Dodge and why it means so much to him (like why at the end of "Codename: Dragonfly"  he says that he loves it and is going to buy another just like it).  So, this "episode" belongs in between Season TwoĎs "Stolen Lullaby" and Season ThreeĎs "Badge of Honor."