This story idea came from Lili. Beautiful idea, glad you sent it. THIS IS ADULT!!!! Enjoy all.

Firewalker Returns
By Sissy & Jennife

He pushes open the door and steps inside the large room that's full of people milling around, talking, listening, smiling, and some light laughter can be heard in different areas of the room. His eyes scan the room, checking each small group, looking … he knows she's here, he can sense her presence. He mutters softly to himself, "I didn't know there were this many attorney's in Texas, let alone Dallas."

"Ah…" a soft sigh, his heart steps up a pace, and a smile spreads across his face. "My wife…" He stands still, watching her, standing with a group of men, both young and old, and all have a look of complete enchantment on their faces. She is in her bailiwick. This is her area of expertise. Among her peers she is one of the best. She is well known for her accomplishments, and if not liked, she's admired, for her diligence and tenacity.

As he stands still, his heart full of pride, she glances his way. Smiles and turning to the people surrounding her, she makes her excuses and starts across the room toward him. Her eyes are for him only. He makes his way across the floor to meet her. He takes her hands, pulls her close and lightly touches his lips to her cheek.

"Hello, darling. I'm glad you made it."

"I told you I'd be here." Walker slides his arm around Alex's slender waist and rests his hand just under her breast. His hand trembles slightly as his thumb moves upward and lightly strokes the side of her breast.

A shudder envelops her at his hidden caress, her eyes meet his, acknowledging his touch, and she murmurs softly, "I know, but I also know you detest these things."

"You asked me to come with you, and although I don't particular like these gatherings I know they are important to you … besides I'd rather be here with you than at home alone."

"And I really appreciate it, honey."

"Alex … I've never seen so many lawyers in one room. Are you sure I'm safe in here?"

She giggles and murmurs, "Of course. No one would dare touch you with me at your side."

Guiding her to the bar, "Oh, and why is that," he says, teasing her.

"Because I don't take to having my man … manhandled."

"My wife … the tigress."

"You had better believe it." They take their drinks and wander around the room, stopping to talk to several people, then getting cornered in a discussion that pits Walker's expertise as a lawman against Alex's, as a lawyer. Failing to get a heated debate started between them, most of the group disperses, but one man lingers. Eyeing them thoughtfully, he queries, "How do you manage to keep from butting heads from all the adversity that must come your way with two jobs that are linked with the law but still very different."

Both turn to look at each other, then Alex, smiling, turns to the gentleman and replies softly, "Oh, we definitely 'butt heads' from time to time with the definition of certain laws, but we manage to defuse everything at the end of the day."

"Well, maybe you should put your 'defusing' technique in a book. I could have used it six months ago when my wife and I broke up because of a difference of opinions." The man mutters under his breath as he turns and walks away. "Opinions that we couldn't 'defuse'."

They mingle until dinner is served, then afterward they mingle some more. Then they quietly take their leave and slipping out the door, head for home.

Later, back at the ranch, Alex lets Walker unzip her gown, and while she slips out of it, he takes his tux off and hangs it up in the closet.

"I'm glad you had me buy this tuxedo. At least now, when I have to wear one, it doesn't strangle me." He slips his shirt off and drapes it over the back of a chair. Nude now except for his shorts.

Moving up behind him, sliding her arms around his waist, "And, darling, you look very nice in it."

"Yeah? Well, just don't get use to it, I still don't like wearing it."

"I know, and I won't ask unless it's really necessary, okay?"

He turns around in her arms, and pulls her close, "Okay."

Purring softly, "But you really do fill one out nicely, honey." Her hand edges down his abdomen, fingers dipping under the waistband of his shorts, brushing the more courser hair that surrounds his maleness.

Walker's breathing quickens, "Filling out nicely, there, too."

Her hand slides lower. "Hmm … so you are," she murmurs in a soft sensuous voice.

He lowers his head and touching her mouth, teases it with butterfly kisses, trailing them across her cheek as he slides the straps of her slip off her shoulders, letting it float to the floor. She reaches up her hands, her fingers tightening in his hair, drawing him down to her. She opens her lips wider to his, pliant, eager for the taste of him. Her tongue spears into his mouth to twine with his. As their mouths feed off each other, she feels her bra fall away and his hands sliding her panties down.

Naked now, her eyes lock with his as she takes his hand, bringing it to her breast, covering it. She runs her fingertips up and down the length of his fingers, as he caresses her.

His eyes stay on hers, as he lets his hand glide across her breasts, his fingertips circle them, teasing the sensitive tips before sliding sensuously down her belly. He watches her eyes glaze over as he slips his hand between her thighs, rubbing her lightly. Her hands graze over his back, stroking, kneading. Walker kisses her again, deeper, his tongue seeking, stabbing her with its heat. Her breasts swell against him, aching to press against his naked chest, to feel the fine mat of dark hair that covers him there. Her fingers stroke the soft fur, drawing tiny circles amid the curls, outlining his nipples, finding them as hard as hers.

He drops to his knees, spreads his hands wide over her derriθre and draws her to him. He kisses that silky nest with a fiery passion.

She goes still, every fiber of her being focused on the feel of his moist, hot tongue against her sensitive flesh. She closes her eyes as delicious sensations bombard her body.

A breathless whisper, "Walker … I can't…" Her hands dropping to clutch at his shoulders for support as her knees weaken, and her nerves go haywire as his tongue caresses her.

Unable to support herself any longer her legs start to buckle. He quickly stands and wraps his arms around her, holding her tight, letting her ease back from the edge, then he moves them both to the bed. He lowers her down on the sheets and follows her, kneeling between her legs, his swollen member probing for entrance into her warm tunnel of ecstasy. He leans over her, bracing himself with his hands on either side of her, as he slips into her. Slow, painfully slow, he slides deeper into her until the dark course hair at his groin, blends with the blonde patch between her legs.

As he fills her, she struggles to maintain control, wanting to wait for him. Her body is ripe, ready to bloom, just waiting for him to supply the needed push to carry them sublimely over the edge.

"Alex … now," he cries as he thrusts hard and deep. She wraps her legs around his hips, shoving her hips up to join him. Her breathing stops, as his movement takes them to blissful oblivion. Their bodies stiffen, then melt into each other as tremors of pleasure ripple through them.

When she falls off the edge of the world, he is there with her, there to catch her to him gently as she coasts back to earth, into his warm embrace of love. Alex lets out a long shuddering sigh, and relaxes into his protective custody. He rolls to her side and, snuggling into his chest, she sighs contentedly and shuts her eyes.

"Why me?"

"Hmm … What was that?" Mumbling softly, pulling herself up from the threshold of sleep.

"I said … Why me?"

"Why me … what?" She's wide-awake now with his question.

"What was it about me that you liked enough to stay around as long as you have? I mean, it's not too many would stick around as long as you did."

"Darling, what brought this on?"

"Just wondering how I got so lucky. You're beautiful, smart, sophisticated, and could have anyone you wanted. Why me?"

She rolls over on her stomach, lifts her leg over his, her breast resting in the soft curls on his chest, and with her head resting on her hands, she looks up into his eyes. She smiles, "Ummm … well, I took a lot into consideration." She moves her hands from under her chin, laying her head on his chest, listening to the soft beat of his heart. "I think it was your sensitivity, your principals, your outlook on life that really got me interested in the first place."


"Yes, really. But there were several things that tipped the scales in your behalf, like, your dark red hair. And your shoulders, you have very broad shoulders," her gaze slides lower, "and your chest … I can almost get high just running my fingers through the hair on your chest." Alex hears the sharp intake of his breath as she tangles her fingers in that thick mat of fur, finding his nipple. When his hand comes up to brush her cheek, she takes it in hers, "And your hands," she murmurs, "they're strong but very gentle," beginning to caresses his fingers with her tongue. "And I can't forget these fingers, these fingers have brought me … so much pleasure," whispering softly as she draws a finger into her mouth sucking greedily. She notices that Walker's breathing has gotten heavier, and seeing the beginnings of a bulge, she slips her hand below the sheet, brushing her fingers through the curly hair she can't quite see. In a matter of seconds he is fully aroused, "and, of course, there is this," softly closing her hand around him. Moaning, she throws the sheet back and slides over on top of him, impaling her self on his rigid shaft. She throws her head back, takes a deep breath and shuts her eyes, holding still, enjoying the way he fills her, completes her. Huskily she murmurs, "This is why I chose you … you're the only one … who can do this to me … can set me on fire." She lies down on the length of him and slowly starts rocking. As passion builds, the movement between the two lovers increases until both are riding the wave that takes them over the edge.

Come morning, they are in the bathroom, Walker asks, "It's not just the sex, is it?" He's watching Alex drying her hair. Her body is wrapped in a large bath towel, matching the one around his torso.

She turns to look at him, surprised that the questions are still on his mind. "Of course, it's the sex." She turns, letting her gaze slide over his chest and belly to the slight bulge below. "You are very well endowed, honey."


"I'm serious." Never taking her eyes from his groin area. "What's that expression? Well-hung? Honey, you are definitely that."



He moves up and takes her in his arms, "Just … how do you … know this? I mean, how many men have you … ah … seen … to come to that conclusion?"

She giggles, "Oh, honey … it's the way you fill out your jeans." Then turning serious, "But it's more than just the sex and you know it." Still holding the hair dryer, she slips her arms around his neck, pulling his head down for a slow, lingering kiss. Pulling back, looking deep into his eyes, "I love you, for the person that you are." She kisses him again and resumes drying her hair. "The sex … is a fringe benefit." With her back to him she smiles, "And if you don't hurry and get dressed Trivette is going to find you in your very sexy birthday suit."

She doesn't turn around but with the scrambling noises coming from their bedroom, she knows that he is hurriedly getting dressed. They haven't been married long enough yet for him to feel comfortable around Trivette concerning their intimacies of marriage. And his blushing and embarrassment are a never-ending source of delight to her. It brings out the little boy look in him. This gorgeous hunk of a man, who is deadly against the bad guys, is so shy when it comes to letting his feelings show.

As Walker makes his way down the stairs, he thinks about what she has said, and his heart swells with the love he feels for her. He knows without a doubt she loves him, especially after last night, knowing she choose him over all of them.

But he will soon find out just how much she loves him, very soon.

Alex and Walker are sitting at the kitchen table, talking quietly over a cup of coffee, "Darling, you look … very different in those buckskins. Not at all, like Walker the Texas Ranger, but like Firewalker, the Cherokee warrior."

He smiles, "Well, I thought I'd get Trivette in the mood. He has gotten so wrapped up in the Cherokee Indian lore that it's almost funny."

"But you really like this side of him don't you? Have you got buckskins for him, too?"

"Yeah, but I'll wait and give them to him when we get there. Don't want him to get to wild on me, we have a long drive."

Alex giggles, "I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about something. It's nice."

"I guess. Alex, are you sure you're all right with this? I mean, we can always do this another time."

She stands, comes around the table and sits down in his lap, looping her arms around his neck. "Honey, the two of you have had this trip planned for months, even before we were married, so I see no reason why you shouldn't go. You don't want to disappoint Trivette do you?"

"Alex, that's the point, this was planned before we were married. I really don't want to leave you for a whole weekend. He would understand."

"He would understand but he would still be disappointed. You're worried about leaving me alone aren't you? Well, don't be. I've got lots of things to occupy my time, one of which is the Willard Johnson trial. I've got to work on that this weekend." She touches her lips to his in a light kiss, "besides, you'll be back Sunday evening. I'll miss you but you will only be gone for just one night." She kisses him softly again.

"I know, but this will be the first night apart since we've been married." He places his hands on her hips as he moves her over his slight erection. "I'm not sure I can survive that."

Alex moans softly, "Darling, if you don't stop this, you're going to embarrass yourself in front of Jimmy." She stands then and grabbing his hand pulls him up just as they hear Trivette's car in the driveway. "Have you got everything?"

"I just need my sleeping bag, and it's in the back of the truck. Knowing Trivette, he's probably got everything but the kitchen sink." He slips his arm around her waist and they walk to the front door to greet Jimmy.

"You ready, Walker? Man, I've really been looking forward to this, can't wait to get out there."

"Just what are you all going to do on this trip?"

"Walker's going to take me up into the badlands and show me how the Indians lived years ago. Maybe find some arrow heads, and give me a chance to learn some more about the Cherokees."

"I didn't know you were interested in that stuff, Jimmy."

"Oh, yeah. And who better to learn from than Washo himself. I'm looking forward to it." He turns and gets in on the passenger's side, "Come on, Pard, lets get on the warpath."

"Where's you stuff, Trivette?"

"Already in the back. I only brought what you told me to."

"I guess I'd better go," he pulls Alex into his arms, "I love you," he whispers, and kisses her deeply, knowing it will be awhile before he kisses her again.

"I love you, too, honey," she murmurs softly in his ear. Stepping back, "You two be careful out there. That's awfully rough country." They nod and wave goodbye.

As the Ram disappears down the drive, Alex turns and goes back into the house. For all the words of encouragement she gave Walker, she dreaded him leaving and now feels lost and lonely without him.


Alex did manage to work on the preparation of the Willard Johnson trial and spent time working in her flower garden, but the night is a different story. Even though just married two short months, she had already gotten accustomed to sleeping in her husband's arms so she spent the darkness tossing and turning in the bed usually occupied by two. And when the sun begins shining it's golden rays into the bedroom, Alex is already in the shower. Anxiously looking forward to the return of her husband.

She hadn't really expected them back till after dark so when she sees the truck pulling into the drive early in the afternoon she's surprised, but elated, that they have returned so early.

Surprised also to find Jimmy driving. When Walker gets out of the truck, Alex runs down the steps and throws herself into his arms. Although he seems on the quiet side, his kiss is full of fire and his embrace is one of a man that has been starved. Stepping back from her, he goes to the back of the truck and gets his sleeping bag and starts walking toward the house.

Alex turns to glance at Jimmy, a puzzling look on her face. He gets his bag from the truck and moves up beside her. "Alex, he fell down a ravine early this morning, and banged his head on a rock. He was only out for a few minutes but he's been acting a little out of it ever since. I wanted to take him to the hospital to get him checked out but he wouldn't have any part of it. You know what he's like."

"Yes, I know."

"But counselor, if I was you, I'd try to get him to a doctor tomorrow. He has really been acting weird."

"Weird? How?"

"All morning, he took spells of really getting into the role of a Cherokee warrior. Then he would shake his head and be himself. This went on all morning, until finally I suggested we call it a day because I was tired. Finally convinced him I meant it and … we came home."

"Okay, Jimmy, I'll get him to a doctor first thing in the morning." She turns and watches as Jimmy gets into his car and drives away.

With some apprehension, she walks up on the porch, takes a deep breath, opens the door and goes inside looking for Walker. Finding him in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water, she moves up quietly behind him, and lays her head against his back, "I missed you, honey."

He turns around, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tight. "I missed you, too." He kisses her lightly then steps back. "I think I'll go up to bed … I've got a slight headache." As he walks out of the kitchen, she feels uneasiness creeping into her mind. She straightens up the kitchen, then follows him up the stairs. The door is closed. Oh, God, Walker, what's happening? She quietly opens the door and steps inside. He's lying on his side facing the wall, with the sheet up to his waist. His clothes, the buckskins, are lying in a pile beside the bed. She goes to the bathroom and takes a shower then quietly returns to the bedroom, she gets into bed, crawling in next to him, snuggling into his back. He doesn't move. She knows he's not asleep, he's too tense, edgy. She lies still against him and just having him next to her, she finally relaxes and falls asleep.

End of part I

Firewalker Returns Part II
By Sissy & Jennifer

Walker lays there, rigid as a log, not wanting to disturb Alex. He lies there afraid, his mind is doing weird things. The stories he's been telling Trivette is bouncing around in his head and sometimes they're getting mixed up with the present. Ever since he fell and struck his head, his mind is thinking more like the stories than about the here and now, his job, his wife. He turns toward Alex, to tell her he wants to go to the hospital, he's afraid, afraid he might hurt her. But she is sound asleep. He turns over and pulls her into his arms, and little by little, he relaxes and joins her.


Alex wakes to a not so gentle shaking of her shoulder. "Umm … What is it, honey?"

"Get dressed."

"It's still dark, what time is it?" She yawns and stretches her arms over her head the room dark, except for the moonlight coming in through the windows.

"Get up." The blankets are yanked off of her, and the cooler air hitting her naked skin, definitely wakes her up.

"Walker … what's the matter?" She sits up in bed, starting to get just a little scared. His voice sounds strange, then remembering what Jimmy had told her, "Walker … let me take you to the hospital. You're starting to scare me with the way you're acting."

He moves closer, his face clear in the moonlight coming in the window, and throws a bundle of clothes at her and says gruffly, "Get dressed … hurry."

She just sits there, stunned, looking at him, then begins peddling back until she rams her back up against the headboard. His face, different, what's wrong with it. The beard! His beard is gone. 'Oh, God, Walker, what's happening to you.' As she stares at his changed appearance, realizing for the first time that he is wearing the buckskins again. "NOW!" At his shout she hurriedly picks up the clothes he had tossed at her. Buckskins! He grabs her arm, pulling her to her feet. Seeing the look on his face she quickly puts on the buckskin shirt and trousers. She sits down on the bed to put on the moccasins that he gives her. Surprising, they fit perfectly.

He takes her hand and pulls her after him as he leaves the room, down the stairs and out the front door, where she sees Ranger and Angel, saddled, waiting. Also a third horse loaded like a packhorse, with what, she has no idea. He helps her to mount, than as he checks the pack horse, she debates whether she should try to run from him, to get him help or to go with him. Her heart says to stay with him, she fears if she loses sight of him, she may never find him again.

He mounts then and leads the way past the barn through the meadows into the rougher parts of the ranch. She has no idea what time it is or where they are going. He keeps the horses heading in a southeasterly direction never pausing to rest or to talk to her. She follows him willingly, knowing in her heart he will take care of her.

At daybreak he stops to water the horses and to get drinks themselves. "Are you alright?"

Looking down into his face, a face that looks so different but still the same, but she still sees genuine concern. "Yes, just tired."

"We will stop soon. We are almost there."

"Where … Walker, where are we going?" He stares at her for a hard minute then turns away without answering.

It is early afternoon, when he stops the horses. Alex has been dozing in the saddle and the stopping of the gentle swaying awakes her. Looking around, she sees a small cabin that is almost hidden in the bushes and trees. Some twenty yards in front of the cabin is a stream, swift moving, and clear. She can hear the gurgling as it flows over rocks and around larger boulders. The site is beautiful, tranquil, and as she gazes in wonder, she sees several deer come up to drink from the clear water. And at the edge, a family of raccoons, dipping their front feet into the water then rubbing them together, as they feed off the bottom. They all watch the new visitors but none feel threatened enough to run.

At the side of the cabin is a lean-to, and this is where Walker leads the horses. He reaches up to help her down but her legs collapse under her, weak from prolonged sitting astride the horse. His arms pull her up against him, holding her tenderly, as the blood finds its way to her extremities again. She looks up into his eyes, eyes that are soft with love for her, she sees it and feels it in the way he holds her. She rests her head against his chest as tears of wonder fill her eyes. This man, who has forgotten everything about his life, their friends, the law, the Rangers, even Jimmy and C.D. But he hasn't forgotten her. She's still an essential part of his life. His life, whatever that may be, she will stay with him until he regains his memory. And if he doesn't? Well, one thing she knows for sure, she will never leave him. Their marriage vows said 'til death do us part' and she intends to abide by that vow, come hell or high water.

He softly murmurs into her hair, "Can you stand now?"

She straightens her legs, letting them absorb her weight, and finding them shaky but willing, she nods her head. He releases her and she steps aside as he leads the horses into the lean-to. While he unsaddles the horses and rubs them down, she slowly makes her way to the stream where she sits on a flat boulder. She dips her hands into the water and cupping them brings the cool liquid to her mouth, where she greedily sips it into her dry mouth. After her thirst is satisfied she becomes more aware of her surroundings, and hearing a small roar of water, she glances downstream and sees a small waterfall. Making her way along the shore to where it cascades down into a small pond, she stares in wonder, then with hardly a thought, she strips off the buckskins, kicks her moccasins off, and steps out into the deliciously cool, refreshing water.

She takes several laps back and forth across the pond, then just floats, letting the water wash away the aches and pains from sitting in the saddle for so long. As she relaxes she realizes that she is being watched. Turning her head she sees Walker watching from the bank, obviously enjoying the view. She turns and swims back toward him, touching bottom she stands and walks toward him. He takes her hand and helps her out of the water, letting his eyes roam over her, eyes that have darkened with desire. She glances down at his groin, and is pleased to see that he still desires her.

"Get dressed," he says softly, "we need to get the cabin ready before dark." He turns and makes his way back along the stream without waiting for her.

She dresses then hurries back to the cabin, watching the door as objects come flying through the opening. After a quiet period, she hesitantly steps through the door into the darkened interior. It is now empty except for a large stone fireplace along one end. And that's where Walker is, cleaning the fireplace out, making sure it isn't plugged up. Finding a broom of dried grass in the corner Alex begins sweeping out the debris that has accumulated over time. Taking a pail, she goes to the stream and fills it, starting back to the cabin, she meets Walker who takes the bucket from her hand and takes it inside. She cleans the one window, then the shelves that are on the wall and the mantle over the fireplace. Standing back she watches as her husband brings in the table of which he has refastened a leg, then the two chairs. She looks outside to see what she can help with and notices several pots and pans that are in dire need of cleaning. Bundling them up she starts for the stream again. Without the use of soap, Alex gets frustrated when she can't get them clean. Throwing a pot down, tears build in her eyes, unable to cope with her uselessness any longer. She drops her head into her hands and lets the tears flow. Hearing the banging of metal together, she looks up to see Walker swirling his hand inside a pan. After several minutes, he dumps the water out, and holds the pan up for Alex to see.

"How … how did you do that?" Looking in amazement at the shinning bottom. He just smiles and picks up a handful of sand and drops it into another pan. "Well … I'll be." She takes the pan and begins to follow Walker’s example. When she finishes with the pans, she feels good at her accomplishment. Walking into the cabin is totally different then before. The place is clean, a table sits in the center of the room, and there is a bed in one corner with fresh cedar branches as a mattress, covered by a blanket. Looking around she sees Walker kneeling at the fireplace building a fire.

Everything is beginning to look very homey. She moves up behind her husband and circles his neck with her hands. "Everything looks so nice, darling. Funny what a little elbow grease will do isn't it."

He stands, turns and, with her arms still around his neck, places his arms at her waist. "It will keep us dry and warm in the winter. Now, I must go hunting to find our evening meal. Stay inside until I return." He tightens his arms and pulls her hard against his chest, his lips covering hers in a fiery kiss. Before she can gather her wits, he is gone. She stands still, trying to understand what had happened. He had never kissed her like that. As far as kisses go, it was simple, no tongue, just his lips against hers, but she had felt fire sear through her like never before.

When Walker returns she is sitting on one of the chairs staring into the fire, wondering what her future will hold. It's warm now but cold weather is just around the corner. She wipes her hand down the leg of the buckskin pants, knowing this is the only clothes she has, what will she do when these wear out. The door swings open and Alex jumps up, startled. Walker stands there holding a sage hen and a rabbit.

"I caught 'em … you clean 'em."

Alex's mouth drops open as he thrusts the carcasses at her. She cringes away from them, but he grabs her hand making her take them. "Wha … Walker I don't know how to clean these!"

"Then you will learn." He takes her hand and pulls her out side and proceeds to show her how to skin a rabbit and to dress out the hen. "The next time I won't have to show you." Later that night they dined on rabbit and sage hen, cooked in the fireplace.

When the fires dies down, "We must sleep now. Tomorrow will be full. I will check on the horses than I will be back." Alex takes off the buckskins, sits down on the bed, then pulling the blanket up she settles back on the cedar mattress to wait on her husband.

Firewalker stands outside the cabin, staring up into the heavens, thinking of his woman inside. He doesn't understand how they came to be in that strange house, but they are home now and she is waiting for him inside. A love for this woman, his Morning Star, burns deep in his soul. He doesn't remember when she became his, but he knows that she belongs to him, with ever fiber of his being.

When he enters the cabin, he drops his clothes on the floor and turns toward the bed. The only light in the room is from the dying fire in the fireplace. Lifting the blankets, he settles down next to Star. He pulls her into his arms and she snuggles up against him in her sleep. He kisses her forehead, and shuts his eyes.


Alex moans softly, her dream seems almost real, so erotic, so sensuous, her body is writhing against the onslaught of the sensations that are building inside of her. Her hands move down over her body, reaching for that part of her that is on fire. She feels another jab of ecstasy and lurches up, her eyes opening wide, seeing her husband kneeling between her legs, his face between her thighs, his tongue touching, surging into her, tasting, sucking that tender bud that is her essence.

She cries, "I'm … on fire … please stop … don't stop. Oh … God … Walker help me."

He rises over her then and lifting her bottom he plunges into her hard and deep, carrying her to the edge time and time again, until finally he thrusts hard and cries out her name, "Star," as he takes her over the edge, this time with him.

Alex lays quivering in his arms, weak from the fantastic orgasms coursing through her. He wraps her in his arms, holding her tight against his body as she comes down from her high.

Lying quietly she listens to the steady beat of his heart, content to be with him regardless of who he thinks he is. Then it comes to her, the name he cried out at his release. Star. "Honey, why did you call me … Star?"

"That is your name, why shouldn't I call you that."

"Star is my name?"

"Yes … Morning Star is your name. Don't tell me you have forgotten your own name."

"No … no, I just … like to hear you say it." With a sudden inspiration she says, "Firewalker."

His arm tightens slightly, "I like the way you have shortened it, just calling me Walker."

"It … just … feels right."

Suddenly he rolls her over, smacks her on the fanny, "Time to get up, wife. We have much to do today."

She gets out of bed, but doesn't dress, "Well, that may be but before I do anything, I want to wash up." Grabbing the blanket off the bed, she wraps it around herself and starts out of the cabin.

"I will go with you, I … need to wash up too." He takes her arm and they leave the cabin.

"Would you like to share the blanket?" The air is a little chilly and he hadn't bothered to dress.

"No … the air is refreshing."

Glancing down at his groin, "Yes … I can see that."

At the pond, Alex drops the blanket on the ground, sticks her toe in, yelps, quickly wades out into the cold water, then dives, swimming to the far side in rapid strokes. Once her body has adjusted to the temperature of the water, she turns looking for Walker.

She feels a slight touch on her feet just seconds before she is yanked under the water. Coming up sputtering water, Walker comes up right beside her with a wide smile. Giving him a hard look she turns around, starting to move away from him. Then, in a sudden movement she turns back around and throws herself at him, effectively pushing him backward, down into the water. With her arms out, she pushes him further under as she stands back up.

Now it is his turn to come up sputtering, wiping the water from his face with his hand as she grins broadly at him. Her smile fades slightly, her eyes grow wide as she detects that all to familiar glint of a challenge. As he gives a Cherokee war cry, she turns and begins to move quickly away from him, splashing water wildly in her efforts.

She isn't able to move far before Walker tackles her, sending her face down into the water. With his arms around her waist, he rolls, bringing her up out of the water. A splashing battle ensues, with each getting a fair amount of water in the other's face, amidst a cacophony of squeals, cries, shouts, and laughter.

During their playfulness they have moved farther downstream, and are now close to the waterfall. After receiving yet another face full of water, Alex moves to throw herself at Walker again, but sensing her intention, he braces himself for the onslaught. She throws herself into his arms, succeeding only in pressing herself tightly to his body. Their gazes meet as her arms surround his neck, eyes dancing, laughter still bubbling up from them. Ever so slowly their lips come together in a tender kiss, a kiss that swiftly turns passionate as Walker walks them toward the waterfall. The kiss continues with a whimper from Alex when she feels his erection pressing into her groin, as they move under the waterfall, the water cascading over their bodies.

The coolness of the water does not diminish Walker's desire for his woman, his erection still presses into Alex's groin as he lifts her onto the chest high ledge behind the waterfall. She stands and walks into the small cave-like indentation in the rock behind the waterfall, and finding a large bearskin rug on the ground, she turns to look at her husband with a raised eyebrow, wondering if he had put the rug there, anticipating them needing it.

Walker easily climbs onto the ledge and stands, his stiff erection jutting out proudly from his body. His eyes are darkened as he gazes at Alex with unbridled desire, moving slowly, but deliberately, toward her.

Alex's breathing quickens as she watches Walker approach, her breasts swell with anticipation, and she feels the wetness of desire drip from her womanhood. Feeling a pull of desire as strong as his, she walks slowly toward him.

As they near each other, Walker reaches out, taking Alex's hands in his. Moving her arms to her sides and up, he holds her hands there as he gazes at her nude body, from her face, pink infused from the passion, to her full breasts with their hardened peaks, down her flat stomach, to the blonde mound of hair between her legs. Alex does the same, and when she sees the moisture dripping from the end of his pulsing manhood, she involuntarily licks her lips.

Walker's gaze has by now drifted back up to her face, and seeing her lick her lips spurred him on. Slipping one arm around her waist, the other hand gripping the back of her head, he clasps her to his warm muscular body, kissing her with the same fire as the day before, still without using his tongue.

Alex is on fire as she melts into his body, and tightening her arms around his neck, she deepens the kiss. Needing to taste his tongue, she sensuously runs her tongue over his lips, parting them, then running her tongue over his teeth. Moving her hands from his neck down his back to his buttocks, she pulls him in tighter, bringing his erection hard against her, moaning as she grinds her hips against him. Walker opens his mouth slightly when he moans deeply, giving Alex the room she needs to gain entrance to his mouth. Slipping her tongue inside the hot wet cavern, she greedily explores its surfaces. Firewalker is momentarily stunned when her tongue touches his, but the passion in her kiss consumes him and he kisses her back, his tongue dueling with hers in the dance of lovers about to make love.

With both arms around her waist, he lifts her off her feet, clasping her to his body, his throbbing manhood between her legs. He walks with her in his arms to the bearskin rug, the friction of his manhood rubbing against the moist heat between her legs weakens her knees and sets her heart to racing. Reaching the rug, he sets her back on her feet. Her knees buckling, he lowers her gently down onto the soft fur. Coming down on top of her, he spreads her legs with his hands, then runs them around to cup her bottom, pulling her hips up to him and moaning deeply as he enters her with a powerful stroke, filling her, then withdrawing, to enter her again and again and again. Her hands gripping his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his hips as she cries out at the intense pleasurable sensations. The strong sensations build higher, carrying them both closer to the edge.

She cries out again when he pulls completely out, and gasps when his hot tongue touches the sensitive flesh between her legs, licking at the juices he finds there. Her body shudders with an explosive climax when his tongue spears into her, her legs stiffening against his head, her hands holding his head in place as her hips writhe and buck as her climax peaks.

As soon as Alex's hands loosen their grip, Walker quickly moves over her again, entering her with a strong thrust, going deep. The deep penetration combined with the climax still gripping her senses brings a scream from Alex, her hands gripping his arms tightly as her legs once again wrap around his waist. Her hips move in time with his as they reach for the edge, the pace quickening, their moans and cries drowned out by the roar of the waterfall.

"Walker!" Alex cries out as her legs stiffen around his waist.

Walker gives one last powerful thrust and spills his hot seed deep within her trembling body.

Walker's legs are still shaking as he collapses onto Alex, their breaths coming in quick gasps as they try to regain normal breathing. He gathers her into his arms, cradling her body tenderly against his as they bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking, his hand lying pleasurably, sedately, on her buttocks.

Leaving their small private den of paradise behind the waterfall, Alex dives into the pond intent on washing up, especially her hair because after running her hands through her hair she feels all kinds of foreign matter. Wishing dearly for shampoo, she turns to look for her husband. Seeing him sitting on a large boulder watching her, she smiles, "Walker, I need to wash my hair but I have no soap, could you find me some?" Not really sure what to expect from her question, she watches as he stands and disappears back in to the bushes.

He returns several minutes later with a plant of some kind in his hand, roots and all. He swishes the plant in the water, removing the dirt. He then moves over to the boulder, and lays the roots in an indention in the rock, then adds enough water to cover. Picking up a rock that fills his hand, he begins to pound and grind on the roots.

"What is that, Walker?"

"It is soapwort. Watch!" As he pounds the roots into the water, rich suds begin to foam up.

Alex oohs and ahs in amazement, "Oh, Walker, you're wonderful … can I?"

She dips her body underwater then moves out of the water and rubs some into her hair, working up a good lather, then covers her body with the rest, scrubbing vigorously. It doesn't have the fragrance that her shampoo at home does, but it is soap. Giving Walker a kiss on the cheek, she turns and dives into the water, rinsing the soap from her hair and her body.

Returning to the cabin wrapped in the blanket, she sits down on the side of the bed, combing her fingers through her hair, working out the tangles. Turning she looks down at the buckskin shirt and pants she had taken off, picks them up and smelling them, makes a face and tosses them back on the bed. "Walker, I need something else to wear beside these things. They are beginning to smell."

"Wash them."

"That fine. But what do I wear while they are drying, this blanket?"

End of Part II

Firewalker Returns Part III
By Sissy & Jennifer

"Nothing." He smiles as he pulls on his trousers but foregoes the shirt as he knows the day will be warm. He watches her give him an exasperating look as he sits down on the bed to pull on his moccasins. Then, as though a thought comes to mind, he stands and starts rummaging in the corner where he had stashed all the stuff from the packhorse.

"Wear this while the other dries." He pulls out something and throws it at her. Picking it up she realizes he must have taken it from their bedroom at the ranch. The denim dress that she wears when she is just lounging around the house. She had it on when Walker and Jimmy had returned from their trip. Also wrapped up in it were two pair of panties. She could have cried when she saw the underwear.

She quickly slips on a pair of panties and pulls the dress over her head, then smiling at Walker, "Now, this is much better. I'll wash these, then I'll at least have a change." She grabs the buckskins and takes off for the pond.

Walker takes care of the horses while Alex does her washing and when he sees her drape the buckskins over bushes to dry, he walks up to her, "Star we need to find something to eat for our morning meal and start laying in for winter." He then turns and walks back in to the cabin, with Alex right on his heels.

"What do you mean?" She looks at him, startled to think that he is contemplating being out here in the winter. She knows that Texas doesn't usually have that severe a winter, but there have been some wicked storms in the past. She worries that if he doesn't get help, his memory may be lost forever. Staring at him now, she wonders if she has what it takes to spend a winter in the wilderness. She knows that people are probably looking for them, but would they even think to look for them way out here in the badlands?

When he straightens up from looking through the stuff in the corner, she gasps aloud as she sees a rifle in his hand, a rifle she knows he had taken from the house. Covering her mouth with her hand, she watches him closely as he turns and looks at her, "Are you ready?"

"Ah … I … I guess so." She follows him out of the cabin and stays close behind him as he follows a path that leads out into the heavy brush.

After following him for what seems like hours, she stops and drops down on a log lying along the trail. "Walker, where are we going?"

He stops and turns around, seeing her sitting on the log, her foot drawn up and resting on her knee. She has taken the moccasin off and is rubbing her foot. "We're not going anywhere, we are looking."

"Well, can't we look without so much walking? These things aren't much in the way of shoes and I can feel every stone that I step on digging into my foot."

"Your feet are tender?"

"Yes, my feet are tender, I don't usually walk on rough ground without shoes!"

"They will toughen up. Come on, let's go." He turns and starts walking away, but when he realizes she isn't following, he stops and turns back. "You can't stay here, come with me."

"I'm not going anywhere till I've got better shoes." She drops her foot to the ground and brings the other one up to rub the soreness from the bottom. "I want to go back to the cabin."

"You will come with me, we need to find food for the winter. If I can find a bear or a…."

"A bear? There's bears in here?" She stands then, moving closer to him, scanning the area like a bear is hiding behind every tree.

"Yes, also mountain cats, deer and wolf."

She is thoroughly upset now. Before, the woods had been peaceful and quiet with the singing of the birds and the little animals scurrying for cover at their approach, but that has changed with the mention of the predators. "Wha … why do you want to find a bear." The words coming out high and squeaky.

"For the meat and the fur. The fur will keep us warm when we come together in bed." He closes his arms around her holding her tight, letting his meaning fill her mind.

She jerks her eyes from the trees to his, sees the love glowing in them, and slowly relaxes in his arms, knowing that he is her protector. She reaches up and kisses him softly then turns to get her moccasins, slips them on her feet, then resumes her place behind him.

Suddenly he stops and she bumps into him. A whisper, "Morning Star, look."

Her eyes follow his and she sees a fawn nursing at its mother. A smile covers her face as she watches the beautiful scene. With a gentle touch, she turns to follow him.

"Walker, I'm hungry. We didn't have breakfast if I remember right." A warm flush covers her face as she remembers the way they had spent the morning. Waking up with him between her legs and then the intense loving in the cave behind the waterfall. She feels a gush of wetness in her panties as the visions of them together making love fill her mind.

"Morning Star?"

"Hmmm?" She pulls herself back to the present, finding Walker looking at her quizzically. She blushes a deep red as she looks up into his eyes, knowing that he knows what she is thinking.

Dropping her eyes from his, she sees a large bush that is overflowing with ripe raspberries. She drops to her knees and begins picking and poking them into her mouth as fast as she can. More to hide her face than from hunger.

After eating her fill, they continue their search, hopefully, for deer. She doesn't relish the idea of meeting up with a bear.

Thinking of bears, she begins to pay more attention to her surroundings. That's when she realizes that the brush has thinned out and she hears the sound of running water. Water! She brushes past Walker wanting a drink in the worst way.

"Morning Star, wait!" He reaches out to grab her by the arm, pulling her back from the drop off right at the edge of the trees. But in grabbing for her, he steps on a round rock, causing him to slide and with the awkward position he is in from pulling Alex back, he feels himself falling. He quickly releases his grip on her arm, not wanting to pull her over with him.

Alex screams, watching him tumble down the almost vertical wall. "Walker!" she screams. Not even waiting for him to stop rolling she begins looking for a way to get down to him. Moving along the edge of the ravine she finally finds a place that she can get down without danger of falling.

Rushing to where he had gone over, she sees him sitting up, rubbing his head. Dropping at his side, she pulls him in to her arms, holding him tight against her breast. "Oh, God, Walker, are you all right? I thought … I thought…" Tears streaming down her face she pushes back from him, her hands running over his body, making sure he is all right.

Seeing blood on his hand, "The blood … where?"

He murmurs softly, "My … head. I struck my head."

Tenderly she examines his head, finding a lump and a small cut that is bleeding, much in the same spot as when he fell on the trip with Jimmy. Suddenly he turns and looks around him wildly, "Where's Trivette? Where's…" Then he clamps his head between his hands, falling against Alex.

Alex holds him till he pulls away, then helping him up, she walks him over to the water and cleans the wound, finding that it is superficial. Her usual worried state when he is hurt is in overdrive. Taking his face in her hands, she says in a tone that says she is not to be argued with, "Walker, we're going back to the cabin. You're in no shape to do any hunting." Her look softens, "We'll rest here for a little while first though."

Walker looks at her, wanting to protest, but seeing a look in her eyes that he knows he's seen before. "The rifle...get the rifle." She leaves him by the stream and returns to the spot where he had fallen. It didn't take her long to find it and return to Walker's side. He smiles slightly at her. "I'm alright, Morning Star, let's start back."

Giving him a once over, checking to make sure he is okay to stand, she helps him up. The hardest part is getting Walker back up the side of the ravine, but once that is accomplished the rest is fairly easy, just slow. He keeps stopping every so often complaining of dizzy spells. By the time they finally reach the cabin it is late afternoon.

She pushes the door to the cabin open and gets Walker to lie down on the bed while she grabs the small pail and rushes back outside for water. Seeing the horses in the lean-to, she makes a note to take care of them as soon as she gets Walker settled in. Reentering the cabin, she starts scrounging around in the corner where he had dumped everything. She finds her bra, some clean towels, a sheet, his Ranger badge, her brush, another blanket, and surprisingly, a first aid kit, all stuffed into a pillow case. What Walker was thinking of when he packed this stuff, she can only guess. She sees another gunnysack filled with stuff also but she needs to take care of her husband before doing anymore exploring. Taking the sheet, she tears it into strips and with the first aid kit, she soon has the wound clean, an antibiotic applied and bandaged. But he's restless, feeling a need to be working and she can't make him lie down. He insists on staying up, "Morning Star, I need to take care of the horses. They've been without food and water all day."

"I'll take care of them, you just lie down and rest. When I come back I'll fix us something to eat."

"Like what? We didn't find anything today."

"I'll … think of something. Now just lie down."

"No ... I will help with the horses." He stands and after swaying slightly, bringing Alex quickly to his side, he starts for the door. Between the two of them they soon have the horses watered and staked out in the grassy area in front of the cabin.

Coming inside, she makes him lie down again and watches him for a few minutes, then decides to finish checking out the stuff in the corner. Opening the gunnysack, she finds a can of coffee, several cans of peaches, dried beef, crackers, and she heaves a sigh when she finds a half-empty sack of potatoes, a small bag of carrots, and several onions. She sighs, 'Well, at least we won't starve, but what I wouldn't give for a pot roast."

She soon has a pot full of clean and peeled vegetables and as she hangs it on the hook over the fire, she turns to see Walker watching her.

He gets out of the bed, turns and starts for the door, "Where are you going? You should be resting."

"The traps ... I will go check the traps, we need meat."

"Traps? What traps?"

"I went out early this morning and set traps for small animals."

She stares at him for a minute. "Well, I'm going with you." When he doesn't give her an argument, she knows his head is aching.

Finding three of his traps empty, Alex is ready to resign herself to an all vegetable supper. But luckily the fourth trap has a fat rabbit. She grimaces when he hands the rabbit to her, but after setting her mind to the task, she quickly and efficiently skins and cleans it.

That night they eat a bountiful meal, with enough left over for breakfast, after which she decides to take a swim and wash up before dark. She takes off her clothes, picks up the blanket and wrapping it around her goes out the door to the pond.

Returning from washing up in the river, Alex enters the cabin quietly, finding Walker sleeping. She walks to the fireplace, and dropping the blanket, sits in front of the fire so that her body and hair could dry.

Walker soon wakes, feeling the beginnings of a headache. Turning his head, his gaze is immediately drawn to the fireplace. There sits the most beautiful sight he has ever seen ... his Morning Star, her nude body bathed in the glow of the flames. The light dances off her soft skin as she sits sideways in front of the flames, knees drawn up, her body bent forward, resting her arms on her knees. He marvels at the light reflecting on her golden hair and his gaze drifts downward as he reaches out with his hand as if trying to cup her breast. It is at that moment that Alex sits back, bracing herself with her arms behind her, and straightening one leg, revealing more of her nude body to his gaze.

His desire building, despite the pain in his head, he reaches out again, softly calling for her, "Star..."

Surprised to see him awake, she goes immediately to his side, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Why aren't you sleeping?" she whispers.

He reaches out to cup her warm breast, "Head hurts, couldn't sleep ... then I saw you...." his voice trails off as he moves his hand to her other breast, squeezing it gently.

Alex feels the desire pooling in her groin, feels the flesh between her legs moistening. She knows he's in pain and should rest. Looking down his length she sees the bulge under the blanket. "No," she murmurs, "you need to rest." Bending, she kisses him lightly on the lips, then rises and retrieves the blanket, wrapping it around her body, under her arms, before returning to his side.

Sitting down once again on the edge of the bed, she leans over him, kissing him tenderly. Then reaching out, she begins to tenderly rub his forehead with her fingertips, applying just the right amount of pressure. Smiling when his eyes close, she bends to place butterfly kisses over his forehead where her fingers have touched, as she continues to massage the pain away.

Walker is in heaven. First he sees his Morning Star, nude in the glow of the firelight, then she's by his side, gently rubbing his head, her lips like a soft breeze on his forehead and face, her warm breath stirring the hair at his temples.

He closes his eyes as he enjoys her loving touches. Sighing deeply he drifts off to sleep as the pain melts away.

Hearing his steady breathing, she touches her lips to his in a light kiss, then dropping the blanket on the floor, she crawls into the bed, snuggling into his side, her hand lying protectively, possessively over his heart.

Walker's mind fills with a delicious erotic dream as he sleeps, the dream starting with the earlier vision of his Star, nude and bathed in the glow of the firelight. The dream seems so real to him as she rises from her place by the fire and slowly makes her way to the bed, his body begins to slowly writhe, his manhood beginning to thicken and rise. It is so real to him that he can feel the warmth of her body as she opens his legs and kneels between them, and he moans deeply when her hand closes over his growing erection. He moans again in his sleep, as in his dream, she runs her grip up and down his throbbing shaft, his head turning from side to side as the sensations begin to overwhelm him.

When she reaches out with her tongue and licks the moisture from the tip of his manhood, he gasps and is pulled up from the depths of sleep, rising up in bed ... finding his Star between his legs, her mouth sheathing him. "Morning Star!" he cries. He moans deeply when she lowers her head, sucking on his shaft, then bringing her mouth back up his long length, his hands reach down to tangle in her soft golden tresses. He throws his head back and cries out again as she sucks on him like there is no tomorrow. He lays back in the bed as she continues her loving assault on his steel hard shaft, his hips bucking in unison with the rhythm of her mouth and hand. His orgasm begins from deep within, and when she slides her hands under his buttocks and brings him deeper into her mouth, he explodes in a glorious release, crying out her name "Star! ... Oh Star!"

After his release, he feels Alex plant a light kiss on the end of his still hard manhood, and wanting to return the pleasure, he reaches down, gripping her by her upper arms. He pulls her up his body so that she lies on top of him. He is about to pull a full breast into his mouth when he is stricken by a pain in his head, a pain so intense that he cries out, sitting upright, his head in his hands.

His cry of pain stuns Alex momentarily and when he sits up, she backs off his lap and sits beside him, cradling his head to her chest. "Oh Walker, what is it?" she asks as she pulls back to look into his eyes.

"It's my head...Alex! Aahh!"

Alex is stunned when he calls her by her name and turning his face so she can look in his eyes, she doesn't see the recognition and realizes that it was only a fleeting recall. She pulls him into her arms but with nothing to give him for the pain, she does the only thing she can think of. She lays him back on the bed and resumes massaging his forehead, crooning to him softly as she massages.

She lies quietly beside him until she hears his soft even breathing, knowing he's asleep, then she silently slips out of his arms, then grabbing her dress, and a bucket, she leaves the cabin to take her morning swim.

When she returns, with a pail of water, he is still sleeping, so being as quiet as possible she gets a fire started then gets out the pot and pours some water in it, then coffee. As it cooks, the smell wafts through the cabin, an almost dreamy look covers her face. She turns to check on Walker and sees him raised up on his elbow watching her. Smiling at him, "Good morning, Cowboy … ah … Firewalker."

End of Part III

Firewalker Returns Final
By Sissy & Jennifer

He looks at her quizzically for a few minutes, seeing quick flashes of a woman looking very much like Morning Star saying, 'Cowboy' … 'All I need is a crazy cowboy' … 'You got it Cowboy' … 'Hi Cowboy'…

It's all nonsense, he's sure of it. Shaking his head he throws the blankets back. "Good morning, Star," he says as he swings his legs out and sits up in bed looking around for his clothes. "My…"

"Uh huh, today you will rest. You've had a nasty blow to your head, so take it easy for awhile, okay? Just for me?"

"What is that I smell?" He stands and walks toward her.

Looking at this man that is her husband, her heart fills with love. Her eyes glance down at his manhood, huge, even lying at rest in its nest of curls. 'Well-hung!' That he is. Turning quickly, not wanting to arouse him, she takes the tin cups and pours the coffee, "This is called coffee, a morning drink." She turns and finding him sitting at the table she sits a cup in front of him. She watches as he takes a sip, smiles at his look of acceptance, then fills a plate with the left over rabbit stew.

After eating she gathers up the dishes taking them to the stream to wash. Finishing, she picks them up and turns back to the cabin. She stops short, when she sees him standing in the doorway in a breechcloth. "Where … where did you get that?"

He nods toward the corner behind the door, "It was in that pile of stuff."

"Oh," She does remember seeing a small roll of buckskin when she was rummaging through the things in the corner.

He watches as her face lights up with a smile, and hearing the words, "Nice. I like it," he feels a stirring in his groin but forces himself to think of other things. Like finding meat, and getting ready for the winter. He moves past her to the horses, taking them one at a time to drink then returning them to the lean-to.

As he is leading Star's horse back to the lean-to, something catches his eye, and looking down he sees two scorpions. His breath catches in his throat as he sees a flash of a man with an evil look in his eyes. He is lying on the ground as this dark eyed man places scorpions on his chest. Then just as quickly as it came, the picture is gone. Shaking his head again, he finishes leading the horse to the lean-to.

As he turns to leave the shed, a wave of dizziness washes over him, he blinks his eyes trying to clear the haze. It's then he sees a glimpse of the ranch house, but it's gone so fast that he isn't sure of what he saw.

When his mind clears he sees Star watching him. "I need to check the traps … would you like to come?"

She wonders what had happened to him, causing him to lean against the wall of the lean-to, but when he looks up at her, his eyes are clear and bright. "Let me take these inside first."

They find two rabbits in the traps and after resetting the traps, they return to the cabin, where Alex skins and cleans the fat hares then puts them on a spit over the fire for a slow roast. The rest of the morning is spent quietly, with Walker showing her how to find the soapwort, and Alex washing out his buckskins. When Walker starts to shave she patiently talks him out of it, wanting to bring him back to the Texas Ranger that is hidden somewhere inside of this Firewalker.

When the sun is high in the sky, Alex suggests a dip in the cool river. They sit on the large rocks by the river to dry off. After several minutes, Alex turns to Walker and murmurs, "The sound of the river just makes me melt."

Her words echo in his head, and he's sure he's heard her say them before.

The look on his face makes her realize what she's unintentionally done. "Walker, you okay?" she questions hesitantly.

He stares at her for another moment, then stuns her when he lunges at her, actually moving past her as he grabs at something beside the rock she's sitting on. Using the knife on his belt he quickly cuts off the head of a snake, and holds it up for her to see.

"Snake!" she yells, horrified.

Again he's struck by her words, sure he's heard it before. He can hear himself say it. Shaking his head in frustration, he drops the snake and then pulls her up by the arm. "Time to go back," he says gruffly, stalking off in front of her.

That evening while she is rummaging through the stuff in the corner, she comes across the Ranger's badge again. She rubs her had across it, trying to restore a shine to it, when an idea begins to form in him mind. Palming the badge, she gets a can of peaches and takes it to the table. Seeing Walker coming toward her, she lays the badge down on the table in full sight. She turns toward the fireplace, to get the rabbits, but watches Walker out of the corner of her eye.

He moves up to the table and starts to sit down when he notices the badge. He stares at it for several minutes before he tentatively reaches out to touch it. Sitting down, he takes the badge into his hand, brushing his thumb across it. Alex sees a softening of his features as he caresses the silver star. Then, laying it down, he rubs his eyes and shakes his head. Alex moves over with the plate of rabbits and sits down in front of him. He pushes the badge to the side and takes a piece of rabbit from the plate.

She knows that he feels a connection to the badge, there had to have been some reason that he had taken it from the house. She would leave it out; maybe the constant reminder would force him to remember.

The next morning when she wakes up he is gone, but comes in as she is making the coffee. She turns, flashing her million dollar smile at him, and greets him with, "Hi Cowboy." He looks at her a little funny, but then he smiles back at her and pulls her up close for a sweet kiss. Over breakfast, he tells her they need to check the traps again and think about another hunting trip.

She doesn't want to think of going hunting again, but knows he will insist. Already the nights are starting to cool down, and they will need meat if they are to stay here.

That night after making love, she is nestled spoon fashion against him, her back to his front, his face next to hers, when she barely hears, "Alex, I love you." She is half-asleep, but the words go straight to her heart. He's starting to remember. He's having flashbacks. She is wide-awake now, wanting to probe his mind, but when she turns in his arms, she hears his quiet breathing and knows that he is asleep.

Wound up with the belief that his memory is on the way back, Alex wakes up groggy from lack of a good night's sleep. She crawls out of bed and without dressing, stumbles over and puts the coffee on. As she turns to return to bed, Walker comes in the door, and catches her in the flash of sun shining in the door. She freezes, he stares, a soft murmur, "God, you're beautiful." He moves toward her to take her in his arms, then suddenly stops, sways slightly, catches himself, shakes his head and pulls her into his arms, kissing her deeply, passionately, his tongue probing for entrance into the warm cavity of her mouth. Twining her tongue around his, she sucks softly, his taste filling her senses.

Then suddenly he pulls back, and moves around her, picks up her buckskins and tosses them at her, "Put these on, we're going hunting."

She stands there looking at him, trying to ease her breathing into neutral after the quick high he put on her. Then it hits her he was tonguing her. That was Walker kissing her, not Firewalker. "Honey, maybe you should wait a couple more days, after all, you took quite a bang on your head."

"I'm all right. Let's go."

"No! I'm not going with you."

"Stay here then." He gets the rifle and turns to go out the door.

"Cordell Walker, don't you walk out of that door…"

"Wha … what did you call me?" He staggers back against the door, puts the rifle down and shakes his head, looking back at Alex, "I feel … my head … what's … happening?" His legs give out and he sags to the floor.

Alex drops down beside him, taking his hands in hers. "Walker … Walker … what's wrong?"

"I … I don't … know." He shakes his head as pictures begin flashing through his mind, of people, a ranch house, the Ranger Badge, a silver Ram …his wife. His head jerks up, his eyes boring into Alex's, and as he stares at her, it seems like all the parts of his life slide into place. "Oh, God, Alex, what have I done to you?"

"Oh, honey, it's all right now. It's all right." She sinks into his arms letting tears of joy wash through her. They sit together on the floor, holding tightly to each other, letting their lives come back together in the present, leaving the past behind.

Slowly they raise their heads looking deep into each other's eyes, kiss softly then Alex stands, "Come on, honey. Let's get up off the floor." Taking his hand she helps him up, than circles his waist with her arms. "Do you know this place, Walker?"

He turns to look outside then steps through the door to look around the area. "It … looks familiar." They walk down toward the waterfall. "Yes, I remember Uncle Ray bringing me here when I was a boy." He sits down on the large boulder, and looks up at Alex. "I loved this place back then."

"Darling, do you remember … everything?"

He takes her hand in his, "Pretty much." He tries to read what's in her eyes. "Alex, did I hurt you?"

"No … kinda scared me when I saw you without the beard." His hand comes up, touching his cheek, feeling the stubble. "But even then, it was just the difference in your looks, I was never afraid of you hurting me."

"Alex, why did you come with me, not knowing what would happen?"

"I love you, Walker. I would follow you willingly to the ends of the earth whether you're Cordell Walker or Firewalker, you're still the same man. Till death us do part remember?"

He stands, taking her in his arms, pulling her tight against his body, his head nestled next to hers, "Alex, I love you so much." Tears fill his eyes, knowing how deep her love is for him. He pulls back slightly, letting her see the tears, letting her see in his eyes the love he has for her.

Taking his hands in hers, she pulls him into the pond, letting the cool water soothe and caress their senses. He releases her hand and strips off his buckskins as he joins her in the water.

"Alex," he breathes as he takes her in his arms. She reaches up for him as he bends down to touch her soft lips with his in a firm, hungry kiss. He runs his hand down her back, feeling her soft warm skin. She loves his touch and responds to his caress with instant anticipation.

He bends over and tickles a nipple with his tongue, feeling her warmth in the cool water. She feels his hand between her legs, the coolness of the water as he opens her and a stronger sensation when he finds her hard little nub and rubs it. Wanting to slow him down, she backs away and starts swimming lazy laps around the pond, with him at her side. Returning to the shallow water, he takes her hand and pulls her closer, his lips covering hers. She melts against him as her breasts, stomach, and thighs press against his body as he slowly walks her out of the water.

He lowers his lips to hers in a soft tender kiss that quickly deepens, their love coming together as their bodies meld and slowly drop to the ground. The soft lush green grass forming a soft cushion beneath them.

For some reason being in this beautiful place, away from civilization, she has lost all her inhibitions that she didn't even know she still retained. Although she had thought that her love for Walker was as free and as open it could ever be, she found out differently in this place, as she looks at him stretched out beside her.

She leans across him, kissing him again, and his neck and shoulder and chest, then his nipples. Then shifting she gets up on her knees beside him and leans the other way, reaching down, she grasps his enlarged manhood. She takes as much of it as she can into her mouth then pulls back slowly, creating suction, and he feels a pulling that seems to come from deep inside of him, spreading throughout his whole body. He closes his eyes against the growing sensations as she continues to move her hands and her warm mouth up and down his long shaft.

She probes the end with her tongue, then makes circles around it and he can feel an urgency building in him, wanting her. She reaches down and takes the soft sac nestled below his manhood, into her hand, and as she gently massages it she feels a difference in his body. She pulls away and looks at him and sees in his eyes the enjoyment he is receiving from her ministrations. Pleasuring him also pleases her. She kisses him then, a long lingering kiss, then pulls back and puts her leg over him straddling him, facing his feet.

Sitting on his chest, she bends over and takes his hard throbbing member in her two hands, one above the other. Though he is hard and swollen, his skin feels soft and when she holds him in her mouth, he's smooth and warm. She makes soft nibbling kisses down its length.

He's jolted as an unexpected sensation shoots through him. It is almost too much for him to bear. Not only the sensations but the site of her. She has lifted up to reach him, and with her legs straddling him, he can see her moist, fleshy folds and her delicious opening. She moves back to take his throbbing manhood into her mouth to suckle again, when she suddenly feels him move her back a little farther. Then she feels the unexpected jolt of desire as his tongue finds her folds, and the opening to her pleasures.

He explores her eagerly, using his hands and his mouth, suckling, fondling, feeling the joy of pleasing her, and at the same time, the enjoyment she causes within him as she rubs him back and forth while she suckles him.

She's ready quickly and can't hold back, but he's trying to, straining not to let go, not just yet. When she stops as the hungry sensations overcame her, arching her back and crying out, a feeling of satisfaction sweeps over him, satisfaction at once again giving such sweet pleasure to his wife.

He feels her wetness, then grits his teeth as he struggles for control barely managing to hold back before he peaks.

He moans and swiftly turns her around to straddle him the other way. Lifting up, she eases his fullness into her, then lowers her body down. He moans her name, over and over, feeling her velvet walls sheath him.

She can feel herself building again as she moves up and down and back and forth on him. He feels his stronger urges coming over him again, and when she sits back, he grasps her hips and helps to guide her movements, pushing up and pulling down. He feels a surge as she lifts up, and then suddenly, his peak is there. She moves down on him again, and he cries out with the quaking tremor that rises from deep in his loins in a towering eruption, as she moans and shudders with the burst of ecstasy that roars within her.

Walker guides her up and down a few more times then pulls her down on him. Alex quivers once more, then collapses on him. They lay still, breathing hard, trying to catch their breaths.

She rises up off of him and lies down at his side. Taking her in his arms, "Alex that was … I don't know, I can't find the words to tell you what I feel."

She sees such a look of love in his eyes, she has to blink back tears. "I love you, Walker, and I don't need words to know how you feel. You just showed me and every day you show me in so many ways how you feel." She buries her face in his neck feeling a contentment she's never known before. Sleepily she murmurs, "Now, do you know why I chose you over all the others?"

His arms tighten around her for his answer, pulling her body in close to his. If ever he had any doubts of her love for him, that doubt has been forever excised from his mind. She has shown many times over the past few days how deeply her love for him goes. If his memory had never returned, he knows she would have forsaken all else to stay with him. That thought so overwhelms him that tears fill his eyes. Seeking her lips with his, he covers her mouth in a sweet tender kiss that speaks of his deep love for her, as a tear escapes his eye. The kiss swiftly turns passionate as his hands caress the soft skin of her back, then down to her bottom, cupping the cheeks with both hands ... a perfect fit ... then pulling her up against his renewed erection. The kiss ends only to resume again and again, tongues touching, dueling, and exploring. Grasping her lovingly around the waist, Walker gently rolls, placing her safely beneath himself, nestled in the soft lush grass.

Moaning softly, Alex spreads her thighs, bucking up against Walker's groin, against his warm hard shaft. With a low growl of his own, Walker easily thrusts into the tight moist warmth that he so loved being inside of, and withdrawing completely, enters her again as he begins to thrust at a slow and lazy pace, holding her body tightly to his.

A wave of ecstasy overwhelms Alex as she nears the edge, and wrapping her legs around his waist, she meets him thrust for thrust, her moans punctuating each thrust as her hands grab fists full of grass. Bending down to suck a breast into his mouth, Walker begins to pump furiously, needing that sweet release. Alex cries out, her head thrown back, her hands now gripping his arms in a vice grip as she is pushed over the edge, her body trembling with the release as Walker cries out himself, spilling himself deep within her quaking body. His hips continue to move against her as his climax continues, and as it wanes he collapses, spent, onto her soft curves. Alex wraps her arms around him tightly, enjoying the closeness, the intimacy of still being joined with him.

He buries his face in her hair and with sated bodies and minds at peace, they fall asleep in the grass under the warm sunshine. While they lie asleep, clouds cover the sun and a soft rain begins to fall. Walker wakes first and with a whispered, "Alex, it's raining, we need to go in." He pulls her up, and grabbing his pants off the ground they make a dash for the cabin.

Once inside they dry off and Alex moves to warm up the coffee she had made earlier. Walker builds a fire in the fireplace and while he gets a blanket off the bed, Alex hunts through their meager supplies and manages to come up with a light lunch. As they sit on the blanket in front of the fire, eating, they begin discussing when to make the return trip home.

"We'll leave in the morning, today we'll pack everything up and be ready to leave at daybreak. Even then it will be past dark before we get home."

"Jimmy is probably frantic, looking for us. He knew how you were acting, God only knows what he's thinking."

"That morning with Trivette is a jumbled mess in my mind. I remember telling him some of the folk lore about the Cherokee and at times felt like I was living it. When we got back, I knew something was wrong, but my head was aching so bad I just wanted to lay down and shut my eyes. When you came to bed, I finally made up my mind to have you take me to the hospital but when I rolled over to tell you … you were asleep. And I couldn't make myself wake you."

"When … when did you shave your beard off?"

"When I woke up in the dark I was confused by the surroundings, couldn't understand where we were. In between being a Cherokee and a Ranger I picked things up at random and poked them into a pillow slip. I have no idea why I took some things and not others. At least I had the presence of mind to take some food. After I saddled the horses and the pack horse I came up to get you, and … I saw my reflection in the mirror and that's when I took my knife and shaved."

"It must have been horrible for you, not being sure where you were and at times not even sure who you were." Her voice softens, and she leans back against him. "You reverted back to being a Cherokee but you never forgot me."

He tightens his arms around her, "No, I couldn't remember how we came to be together but I knew you belonged to me. Somehow…" turning her face with this finger, he kissed her tenderly. "I knew we were soul mates," he whispered.

"I'm just glad everything is back to normal. Although this … living like this, being out here with you, just the two of us, has been so wonderful."

"Well, I know one thing, we sure couldn't run around like this at home."

"You mean in the … buff?"

"Yes, in the … buff. But I sure do like you that way." He shifts and tilts her head up for a kiss.

"Maybe … we can come back here sometime for a real vacation. Not tell anyone where this place is."

"We can do that." He kisses her than stands, "But right now, I need to check the traps and see if we've caught anything and to … dismantle them."

"Are … you sure you feel all right? I mean … you won't revert back to being … Firewalker again, will you?"

"Would you … feel better going with me?"


"All right. But I think we'd both better get dressed first, don't you?"

The find two of the traps full, and after dismantling them they return to the cabin, Walker dresses them out while Alex fixes the vegetables. While the meat is cooking, they pack up everything but the clothes they will wear and the blanket on the bed.

The eat a filling meal, then go to bed, and after coming together in a lover's quest, achieving the ultimate high, the nestle together and fall into a deep sleep. And by sunup they are mounting the horses, heading for home.

Walker is right, it is close to midnight when the ranch buildings come into sight. Taking extra time with the horse, extra feed, clear cold water, and a good brushing, they finally shut the lights out in the barn and walk arm in arm into the house.

Alex turns the lights on the foyer, and in each room that she moves through. Looking around, she feels a little strange, almost like she doesn't belong.

Walker moves up behind her, his arms sliding around her waist, and whispers in her ear, "We're home, baby. Really home."

She answers in a soft murmur, "I know, it just … feels different."

"A little, but … it will soon feel like ours again." He kisses her cheek than moves away form her, "I need to call Trivette, let him know we're home."

"What are you going to tell him."

"I don't know, the truth I guess."

"Trivette? It's … Walker. We're home."

The End