This story was begun months ago I think back in April.  I got the idea because so many of us LOVE the character LaRue but I wasn’t  sure how I could bring him back without rewriting history…I want to thank Chrissy, Swoopes and CC for MAKING me get this story done.  Also the song I used Forever Love is a song by Reba McEntire which I love dearly…the song doesn’t completely say everything about Walker and Alex but I think in some ways it does fit this story.  So everyone enjoy and please let me know what you think…


Forever Love


       Parking outside the HOPE Center Trivette reached over and picked up Josie’s birthday present.  He took a second and smiled to himself.  They had been together for only a short time but both were very happy.  Today was her birthday and together with Alex he was throwing her a party.  Alex was already there and Walker would be arriving shortly.  All they had left were the finishing touches the decorations, the guests would be arriving soon.  Josie was due to arrive in about an hour.

       As he walked up the stairs a sudden feeling came over him. He wasn’t sure what is it was really but something just wasn’t right. “Must be one of those ‘Cherokee Moments’.” He chuckled to himself but stopped short as he noticed the door wasn’t latched.  Easing it open he cautiously stepped inside.

       “Alex!” he called out not getting a response.  Setting the present on the table he entered the next room and his breath caught in his throat. “OHMIGOD!”

       Rushing forward he knelt on the floor next to her.  She laid on her back in a puddle of her own blood.  Feeling for a pulse he finally exhaled…it was there, faint and very shallow, but there none the less.

       “Hang on Alex, just hang on.” Jumping to his feet he raced to the phone and dialed 911.  Rushing back with the cordless he gave an assessment of her injuries to the dispatcher, “Two stab wounds…one to the chest, the other in her abdomen.”

       Setting the phone down he held her hand and prayed. “Alex, you’re going to be all right. Hang on. C’mon…Alex.” His eyes were pleading for her to respond.  He wouldn’t lose her; she wasn’t going to die.  HE wouldn’t let her die in his arms.

       Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him.  He could see the fear and pain as she clung to life.  Within minutes an ambulance arrived.  The paramedics quickly pushed Trivette aside and began working.

       “We’re losing her.” Trivette stood just a few feet away watching as they fought to bring her back.  Looking down he saw her blood on his clothes and hands.

       “Let’s get her out of her.” Alex was placed on the gurney and the three paramedics hustled her out the door.  One was bagging her as she was wheeled past Trivette.

       “We’ll be at General, Ranger.” One of the paramedics called out as they exited the house.  Already the center was buzzing with DPD officers.  A few guests had arrived and were being filled in as Trivette headed back out the door.        “Jimmy…Jimmy, what happened?” Trivette heard the voice and looking up he found Josie. At first he wasn’t able to find the words, his mind was still in shock.  But finally he spoke…

       “I came in and found Alex.  Someone attacked her…she was stabbed.” Taking her arm he guided her to the Mustang and they sped toward the hospital.  Just as they reached the entrance Trivette realized someone had to call C.D. and Walker.

       Grabbing his cell phone he first called the older Ranger. After relaying the news Trivette hesitated.  The second call had to be made. Dialing Walker’s number he found his partner wasn’t going to be easy to reach.  As the couple walked through emergency and to the waiting room Trivette called the HOPE Center, the ranch, dispatch, Walker’s desk and the RAM.  He hadn’t arrived at the center, there was no answer at his desk, the ranch or the RAM, and dispatch was going to get back with him.

       Within minutes the doctors rushed into the waiting room. “Ranger, we’re taking her to surgery.  There is a lot of internal bleeding and damage.  One of the entrance wounds nicked her aorta. I’m not able to make any promises in fact right now the prognosis is not good. I would suggest that you notify Ms. Cahill’s next of kin. I will keep you informed.” With that he was gone leaving Trivette and Josie alone in the waiting room.

       Josie watched as Trivette turned and walked to the window.  She knew Alex and Trivette were close, they were like siblings. Few people in the world had a bond like these two.  Heck all four were a family.  Sure Josie was included but there were times like these when she felt like an outsider.  Yeah she worked with Alex, and actually had become quite close with her, but there was something different between Trivette and Alex. There was a connection with them both, something few people had.  Their friendship was true, a bond that would last forever.

       A feeling of complete helplessness washed over her.  The first thought to enter her mind was to pull Trivette into her arms and hold him.  Yet was that the right thing to do? Choosing to just keep quiet she moved to the sofa and sat down.  Looking up she watched a single tear fall down Trivette’s cheek.

       “Jimmy!” Trivette turned when he heard C.D.’s voice. “What in tarnation happened son?” Trivette had only been able to tell him that Alex had been hurt when he called, and now he was going to have to tell him the entire story. Once again the image of Alex lying in her own blood caused him to shudder.

       “I found her at the center…she…someone stabbed her.” Trivette held out his arm to steady the older gentleman. Together they moved to a cluster of chairs closer to Josie.

       “Do you know who did it?” C.D. finally asked looking around the room in search of something or someone. “Where’s Cordell?”

       “I was hoping you could help me with that one. I can’t find him.”

       Again Trivette pulled out his phone and set to work desperately trying to find his partner.  It seemed Walker had fallen off the face of the earth. No one had any idea where he was.  The only lead Trivette could get was Walker had received a call through dispatch. After asking for a name on the caller Trivette could only laugh at how ridiculous the claim was.  The name given was Victor LaRue.

       Walker was quickly running out of patience.  The call had come in with the caller claiming to be LaRue.  He had said to meet him north of Dallas at an old warehouse.  Walker was just about to cast him off as a prankster until he mentioned Alex.  Whoever this LaRue was he said he had Alex.  Yet once arriving at the warehouse he couldn’t find any sign of LaRue or Alex.

        He felt it hit him, square in the shoulder.  The drug was working fast and after a few steps the famous Texas Ranger collapsed to the ground.  Just before his eyes closed the face of a killer was in front of him, Victor LaRue.

       “Rangers,” the doctor said coming back into the waiting room.

       “How is she?” Trivette asked jumping up to meet the doctor at the entrance.”

       “It was touch and go for awhile. We came really close to losing her a couple of times.”

       “Is she going to be all right?” C.D. jumped in. Josie moved so she was standing next to Trivette. She had virtually remained quiet allowing the two men their time to think. Trivette greatly appreciated her presence he knew it was hard on her as well.

       “To be honest, I’m not sure.  She made it through surgery, which is by far more than we thought. The next 24 to 48 hours will tell us.”

       “Can we see her?” Trivette finally asked, before he went to find his partner he had to see her.  He had to have something to tell Walker.

       “Yes, for a moment.”

       “You two go ahead…I’ll wait here.” Josie said giving Trivette’s hand a reassuring squeeze.  Pulling her to him for just a second Trivette kissed her on the cheek.

       “Thank you.” Nodding her head Josie watched as the two walked down the short hallway and through the double doors of ICU.

       Entering her room both men were thrown back in time.  The ventilator, heart monitor, IV’s, needles…everything just like when she had been shot.  Alex had pulled through then, she would do it again.  They wouldn’t let her die, she and Walker were going to have a wonderful future together.

       Sitting with her for just a brief time they both left and headed back to Josie.  C.D. chose to stay there in the hospital so when she woke up someone would be there. Josie wanted to head home, relax and offered to come and relieve C.D. from time to time.  Trivette though was heading out to find his partner.  It wasn’t like him to not check in and this Victor LaRue thing had him spooked.  The last time he had seen LaRue was when Walker had gunned him down in the courtroom.  C.D. and himself had stood at the doorway watching as they carted him away on a gurney.

       “Thank you Josie.” Trivette said pulling up to her apartment. 

       “I just wish I could have done more.”

       “Just being there was plenty.”

       “Okay…you’ll call me?”

       “Of course.” Leaning over he kissed her tenderly. “I’ll talk to you soon.” He watched as she got out of the car and headed up the walk to her apartment.  It frightened him to think he could lose her.  He had fallen in love with her and couldn’t imagine a day without her in it.

       The room was dark and dank.  Tiny rays of light peaked through the cracks.  His head was spinning and he tried to focus on his surroundings. “Well Ranger, Welcome back.” Things started flooding through his head, the phone call…the warehouse…LaRue..

        “Who…are you?” Walker was able to voice the words even though his throat was parched.

        “There are more important things to worry about…”

        “Where’s Alex?”

        “She’s been taken care of.”

        “Wh…what do you mean?” Walker fought with everything inside to stay conscious.  He had to find out where she was.

        As quickly as he came LaRue disappeared into the darkness.  Walker pulled with what little energy he had left, trying to free himself.  The chains dug into his wrists and pain seared through his arms.  He thought he could hear someone breathing in the room…and had a feeling LaRue hadn’t left but was sitting in the darkness staring at him…watching his every move, trying to paralyze Walker with fear.  But Walker couldn’t let that happen…so instead he thought of wonderful things…horseback riding with Alex…her smile…holding her in his arms…the soft touch of her skin…and just about everything he could think of that pertained to Alex.

       “Yeah, Trivette,” He had gone back to the office to figure out where Walker had headed.  His only lead was the message from LaRue and he had no clue where to start.  All he knew was a dear friend, someone he cherished like a sister was clinging to life and his partner, his best friend, was missing.

       Staring at his computer Trivette tried to figure out where to go with the limited facts.  Glancing over at his partner’s desk he began to wonder how Walker would begin such an investigation.  There was just nothing to go on, but Trivette couldn’t sit idly by waiting for his partner to turn up.  Trivette had a feeling that Walker had only a limited amout of time remaining.

       Pulling up the extensive file he began looking back on the history of LaRue.  He truly was an evil man, Trivette had seen no other.  He had started with kidnapping wealthy people and leaving no witnesses.  But that all changed the day he made the mistake of kidnapping Alex. Actually it had been a complete coincidence she had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But all of their lives were forever changed that day.

       The look on Walker’s face during those treacherous days would forever be etched in his mind.  It was at this moment that Trivette realized how deep Walker’s feelings were for Alex.  He knew they had had a history shortly after he and Walker became partners.  But watching him during that case just proved everything to Trivette.

       Each encounter had been worse than the last escalating to that final moment in the courtroom.  When LaRue’s body had been wheeled past him Trivette had truly believed he would never see nor hear from him again.

       Nothing was coming to him so he decided to head back to the center to see what could be found.  He had been handed the reports from DPD but there really wasn’t much there.  He had broken in through the back door and surprised Alex.  There was a scuffle, which appeared to start in the kitchen area and moved through parts of the house.  They found bloodstains throughout these sections, which showed Alex, must have tried to fight the assailant off. So far it seemed there were no witnesses. Everyone close to the HOPE center had been questioned but either no one saw a thing or they weren’t speaking.

       Entering the HOPE Center Trivette stopped short.  He knew everything had been cleaned but as much as he needed to retrace the steps of the assailant for some reason he couldn’t bring his feet to move forward.  Instead his mind was flooded with the memory of the few short hours before.

       Dropping to his knees he placed his head in his hands and sighed heavily.  Trivette knew he was a fantastic Ranger and for the past eight years he had trained with the best.  But now as he was being put to he test all that was before him was a brick wall.  Maybe he wasn’t as great as everyone thought he was.  Before, when situations like this arose, they would just use Walker’s “Cherokee intuition.”

       “Walker, I’m sorry. I wish I knew what direction to go. There has to be someone who saw something.” Finally the younger Ranger stood up and walked into the next room and began retracing the steps.  As he walked through the back door his eyes were drawn to the slight movement of the curtain, in the house, across the yard. 

       Walking through the backyard he crossed through the adjacent gate and knocked on the door.  After a few minutes his patience began to wear thin. “Hello…I’m Ranger Trivette! I just want to ask you a few questions.  Come on I know you are home!” Finally the door was opened and Trivette was greeted by a middle-aged woman who was confined to a wheelchair.

       “Hi.” The woman said opening the door.

       ‘Hello. I was wondering if I could talk to you…ask  you a few questions about this morning.”

       “Come on in.” she replied moving backwards and allowing room for Trivette to get past.  Moving into the living room Trivette headed for the sofa as the woman wheeled next to him.

       “How are you this afternoon, Ms…?”

       “Thompson…Ella Thompson.” She replied quietly as she clasped her hands on her lap.  Ella knew why he was there she had seen everything but hadn’t brought herself to make the phone call.  It was a tragedy and she was ready to finally tell this Ranger what she had seen.

       “I’m sure you know why I’m here.”

       “Yes, Ranger, I do. It’s an awful shame what happened to Ms. Cahill. How is she?”

       “She’s holding her own.” Trivette said with a sigh as he glanced around the room.  As he brought his attention back he said, “Ms. Thompson, did you see anything this morning?” Trivette watched her expression and knew she had seen something, now he could only pray she would speak up.

       “I think so, of course I can’t be sure what I saw.”

       “Okay well, why don’t you tell me what you think you saw.”

       Ella sat there for a few seconds composing herself so she could tell her story. “I sit at my upstairs window every morning watching the birds.  I love to watch how they fly so freely through the air, something I wanted to do when I was younger.  A lot of mornings I see Ms. Cahill getting things set up for the day.  Now visitors don’t come through the back door and that is why I found it strange when this man was knocking on the back door.  Ms. Cahill came to the door, he pulled a knife, and pushed his way inside.”
       “Why didn’t you call the police right away?”
       “Ranger, I live here all alone. If someone were to break in here I would have no defense.  I was scared…I still am scared that he will find out who told you and come after me.” Trivette watched as tears formed in the poor woman’s eyes.  He could feel how scared she was and knew it had been hard for her to talk to him.

       “Ms. Thompson, thank you for coming forward. Now I have just one more question. Is this the man you saw enter the HOPE Center this morning?” Trivette asked handing her a picture of LaRue.

       “Yes…yes, that’s him.”

       “Are you sure?”
       “Ranger, I know who I saw, and that is him.”

       “Thank you Ms. Thompson, I won’t take up anymore of your time.  You have a nice afternoon.”

       C.D. sat by the bed holding Alex’s hand tightly.  Sighing softly he listened to the monitors and watched her chest slowly rise with every breath. His mind went back to another time when he had once before sat vigil over the beautiful woman that was like a daughter. She had looked radiant the only person who had out done her that day was the bride.  But Alex had pulled through that just like she would pull through this.  C.D. had faith that everything would work out in the end.

       Something caught his attention and he glanced up towards the door.  For a second he thought maybe it was Trivette with news on Walker or better yet, with Walker.  But it was only an orderly pushing a cart and C.D.’s attention was brought back to Alex.  It wasn’t long and his mind began to wander.  He couldn’t help but be worried about the location of Walker.  Word had already hit the street about Alex and yet he was nowhere to be found.  Closing his eyes tightly C.D. offered a prayer for both of his children.

       As his mind was pulled from the dark depths of unconsciousness he could hear the snap of the whip and the immense sting as it made contact with his powerful chest.  The pain seared through his every being.  Timing each breath he was able to grasp a bit of oxygen between each painful blow.  He tried to block out the pain but nothing seemed to work.  His mouth was parched and it took every ounce of strength remaining to utter a sound.  The minute LaRue heard him the beating stopped.

        “Well hello, welcome back to the living.” Walker tried to open his eyes but couldn’t find the strength.  A few seconds later he felt a damp rag touching his lips and he did his best to wet his throat. 

        “Wh…where…is…Alex?” He winced at the painful scratchy feeling every syllable took but he had to find out where she was.

        “Alexandra is dead.” Walker’s heart stopped breathing in the instance the words made their way to his ears.  Alex…dead…it couldn’t be. His beautiful Alex snatched from him? It couldn’t be, he wouldn’t believe it.  She would have called out to him, he would have heard her. “You should have seen her, Walker…begging for her life. Her eyes pleading with me to let her live, but you know I couldn’t let either of you live. Unfortunately she had to go first, I thought long and hard about how to kill you, what the best way would be to end your miserable life. Then it hit me…I would make you suffer the worst possible way…I would kill Alexandra. Every night I dreamed of the expression on your face when I shared the news with you. Let me tell you Walker, it was priceless.  Of course I can’t kill you right away that would be too easy, so I’m going to leave you for awhile and let you mourn the loss of a very fine woman.”

        Walker heard LaRue walking away and finally a door was shut from across the room.  He had already lost so much in his life but every preceding death seemed small in comparison to losing Alex.  His parents…Uncle Ray…Ellen, they all were distant memories now.  Alex was his future, a promising and sound future. He remembered the first time he saw her…

The first time I laid my eyes on you I knew

We’d spend this life side by side

I still feel the same thought you’re so far away

I swear that you’ll always be mine

Forever love

I promise you

Someday we’ll be together

Forever love

I wont’ give up

No matter what

I’ll be waiting for you

Forever love

       That wasn’t exactly how it had happened he knew but both had felt an attraction from the very beginning.  Of course the first attraction was more of a fatal attraction but both had felt something.  A year or so ago Alex had come across a new song and had felt it fit them perfectly.  Even though the beginning of their journey had been difficult they had found a path they thought was right…and now it had all been taken from them.  He knew without her by his side he didn’t have the strength to continue…she was the only thing that kept him fighting and now with her gone he wasn’t sure he had the want to continue to fight.

       The young Ranger was working over Dallas searching for the clues to where this man came from. Ms. Thompson had made a definite ID to the picture of LaRue but that didn’t’ make any sense.  He had personally witnessed Walker gunning him down in the courtroom only a couple of years earlier.  They all had assumed their fight with LaRue was over and had managed to piece back together their lives.

       He could still remember the first week after the shooting.  Alex was put on a mandatory week leave and Walker took a voluntary leave of absence.  Walker then insisted that Alex spend the week up at the ranch with him.  Jumping at the opportunity to get out of the city for a week she packed a couple of bags and met him.  Neither spoke of what happened out there that week but Jimmy and C.D. both knew that whatever it was it had sealed their relationship.

       Looking back to the picture of LaRue Trivette had a feeling whoever this person was he had gone to a lot of trouble to make himself look just like Victor LaRue.  After stopping at the office for a few minutes it had dawned on him to check with the plastic surgeons in the area.  But after coming up empty handed on the first several he was beginning to lose patience.  He had one final name left to check and time was quickly running out.  From deep inside the young man knew his partner didn’t’ have much time left. 

       Parking the car outside the building Trivette offered a silent prayer for Walker and Alex.  Something had to give sooner or later he would figure out what had happened to his partner and how this LaRue person was.  Taking a deep breath he opened the door and made his ascent into the building.

       “Can I help you?” a young receptionist asked Trivette as he entered.

       “Yes I need to speak with a Dr. Kelly please.”

       “He’s with a patient right now, do you have an appointment?”

       “NO, I just need to ask a couple questions.”

       “Just a moment…” He watched as she exited through the double doors and moments later she reentered.  “Dr. Kelly will see you in his office.” Trivette followed in the direction she pointed and entered the empty doctor’s office.

       Trivette waited only a few moments before Dr. Kelly entered.  After greeting each other the Ranger got right to he point.  His discovery was amazing. “Doctor, can you tell me if you have had anyone wishing to look like this man?” He asked holding the picture of LaRue up so the honest doctor could see.

       “Yes I have. Over the past two years I have had a patient that wished to look like that.  We finished the process a couple of weeks ago.”
       “Can you tell me his name please?”

       “Well I would like to but I do have to respect my clients’ privacy.”

       “Doctor, this man is a suspect in an attempted homicide of an Assistant District Attorney and the kidnapping and possible murder of my partner.  Now I could go and get a court order or you could save me a trip and tell me the information I need.”

       Trivette watched as the doctor thought for several minutes and could only pray that Dr. Kelly would listen and give him the information. “All right…” the doctor sighed and taking a second to make sure he was doing the right thing he finally told Trivette the name…”James Madison.”

       “Thank you Doctor…you made the right decision.” After shaking the doctor’s hand Trivette practically ran out of the office. He called the office to get a background check on James Madison as he drove to the hospital to check on Alex.  Pulling into the parking lot Trivette could tell he was nearly there…Walker was going to be found in time and everything would work out.

       “How’s she doing C.D.?”

       “I think she’s going to be all right. Have you found anything out on Walker yet?”

       “I think so…I have a positive ID on an old picture of LaRue and…”

       “LaRue…Jimmy what have you been sniffing? That maniac is long dead.”

       Trivette stifled a chuckle and nodded his head. “I know C.D. but apparently the guy that did this looks just like LaRue. I found a witness who saw this guy enter the HOPE Center and Doctor Kelly who worked on this guy to get him to look just like LaRue.  Right now I’m waiting for some news about a James Madison.”

       “C.D.?” Both Rangers turned and found Alex staring at them both and rushed to her side.

       “Alex…” C.D. said with tears forming in his eyes.

       “The way you two talk you could wake the dead.” Both men chuckled as she opened and closed her eyes still weary but finally awake. “Walker…?”

       “Well he’s…uhm…”Trivette searched for the words to tell her and came up empty.

       “LaRue…” With that she fell asleep but it was all he needed to know that they were on the right track.

       “C.D., I’m going to head to the office and see if I can rush this we need to find Walker.” The older man nodded his head as he sat down once again next to Alex’s bed.

       “I’m getting too damn old for this…” Trivette heard coming from the room as he headed down the hall. Laughing quietly to himself Trivette knew C.D. was right.  One would think after all time he would be used to sitting by their bedsides after being injured or near death.  But it only wore him down more.  For a second he tried to imagine a time when C.D. wouldn’t’ be there when they woke up from a coma or rushing to be by their side while they received stitches or had a bullet removed.  Someday the old Ranger was going to be gone and it was these special moments they would be left with.  Shaking his head Trivette cleared his mind, for the time being he needed to stay focused on the case at hand, finding Walker.

       Arriving back at the office, Trivette was given a note with an address and James Madison written on the top. Without stopping to think he turned around and raced to his car.  He could feel that Walker didn’t have much time left and he had to save his partner.  So many times over the years, Walker had saved his life, and now Trivette was being called to find his partner.  He refused to let Walker down.

       The Ranger found himself driving farther and farther outside Dallas. The sun was beginning to set and he knew he had to get there soon. Finally, in the distance, he saw a farmhouse and started down the driveway. From somewhere deep inside he could feel Walker calling to him now, it was a strange sensation but he was beginning to understand what Walker must feel like all the time.

       He stopped several feet from the house and before exiting his car he quickly called for backup.  For several seconds Trivette stood outside his car checking out the surroundings.  The evening air was cool and damp and as the sun set he was being placed in complete darkness.  Slowly he made his was forward to the small entrance of the house.  Looking cautiously through the windows nothing could be spotted except cobwebs and dust.  Noting there was nothing out of the ordinary he retraced his steps and found his way slowly to the rear of the house.  It was there he saw the door.  Through the dim remnants of daylight Trivette spotted a tiny door.  Walking with purpose he made his way to the door and upon drawing his sidearm he slowly pulled it open.  Before him was a small set of stairs and a tiny ray of light which cast an eerie shadow on the walls around him.  As he reached the bottom of the stairway he used the small allotment of light to guide him down the narrow hallway.

       It was then he heard the noise.  His eyes were adjusting to the light but the person standing in front of him was seen as clearly as if they were out on a bright blue afternoon.  There wasn’t much of a scuffle, which partly upset Trivette. He had almost hoped for an all out war.  Something to justify the pain of seeing Alex once again near death and the uncertainty of his partner. Trivette saw the gun and fired himself…and he watched as LaRue or James Madison stopped and slowly slumped to the ground.

       Trivette rushed forward and entering the dark room he found a light and seeing Walker his voice caught in his throat.  If it hadn’t been for the red hair Trivette might not have recognized him. His face was swollen and his chest was beaten raw from the whippings.  Taking the chains down from the hook he gently lowered his partner to the floor.  Hearing backup he shouted for assistance and before he knew it Walker was placed on a board and taken back to Dallas by helicopter.  LaRue on the other hand was once again placed in a black bag and taken out.  Trivette could only hope this would truly be their final encounter.

       The hospital was a buzz with media everyone trying to find out the condition of Ranger Walker.  Dealing with dehydration, malnutrition and the wounds from the beatings the doctors chose to keep him sedated heavily for a couple of days.

       As he opened his eyes for the first time in days the bright light caught him off guard.  Letting out a slight moan he turned his head.  Feeling the pain in every joint and muscle he knew he must be alive.  Everything flooded back and he knew he would have to be strong now that she was…suddenly he heard a noise and felt a hand in his.  Someone was stroking his forehead and he felt the lips on his cheek.  Forcing his eyes open he had to know who was seated next to him.

       It was like a dream and she looked like an angel, the light reflecting off the golden hues of her hair.  The face looking back at him made his heard soar and he tried to speak. “Sh…it’s all right…just rest. I’m not going anywhere.” As she touched his face gently he closed his eyes and again drifted off.

       “Oh, Jimmy, I can’t believe you chased a ghost.”

       “C.D., it wasn’t a ghost.” Trivette said trying to make the older man understand what had happened. 

       “Is LaRue alive?”


       “Who were you saying you were chasing?”
       “A man who LOOKED like LaRue.”

       “Who would willingly look like that man?”

       “Apparently his cellmate. Madison became so caught up with the story about LaRue that when he was released he had his appearance altered and then set out to avenge the death of his “hero”.”

       “Do you two ever stop?” Both men turned and saw Walker staring at them both.

       “Hey there pard.” Trivette said as they walked to his bed.  “How are you feeling?”

       Walker didn’t respond right away as he noticed Alex wasn’t in his room. “Alex…” he said with a lump forming in his throat. “I thought she was…” he added remembering the night before but realized it must have been a vision.

       “She’s resting, but should be here in a little bit.  We couldn’t get her to leave your side last night and the doctor wasn’t very happy with her.”

        “You mean she’s all right?”

        “She’s doing better. But yeah the doctor said she’ll make a 100% recovery.” Trivette said as if on cue the door opened and a nursed wheeled Alex in. Her face was still very pale and she appeared very tired and weak yet Walker hadn’t ever seen a more beautiful sight but he didn’t reveal the emotions that were searing through his body. Trivette was pulled out of the room by C.D. allowing the two to be alone.

       “I thought I had lost you.” Alex said taking Walker’s hand.

       “I was told you were dead. Are you all right?” He asked looking deeply into her bright blue eyes.

       “I am now.”

Minutes and hours and years may go by

But my heart knows nothing of time

So don’t cry, just keep me right here there

In your dreams

And hold on to these words of mine

Forever love

I promise you

Someday we’ll be together

Forever love

I won’t give up

No matter what

I’ll be waiting for you

Forever love

Love is the road to our destiny

Nothing can change what is meant to be