Ghost Busters
By Sissy (
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Walker looks up to see Alex coming through the door of Ranger Headquarters with a stern look on her face. He doesn't say anything until she stops in front of his desk. "What's wrong, Alex?"
"Walker, have you had any … words with Cranston?"
"With Bill Cranston? No, why?"
"Well, something's up. He's called a meeting and wants you, Trivette, Captain Price and me at this meeting. So if you have any idea why, I'd appreciate hearing about it before the meeting."
"Alex, believe me, I really don't know. As a matter of fact, I haven't even seen the DA for over a week. When is this meeting, and where?"
"Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a. m. in my office." She watches as he pencils the meeting on his desk calendar.
"Do you want me to talk to Capt. Price? Would that help?"
"I doubt it." She picks up his coffee cup and takes a sip, "I've already tried to talk to Cranston and he's basically said that I'd find out what it's all about when everyone else does." She puts the cup down, "No one is saying anything, but the whole office is jumpy."
"Alex, don't you think you might be reading more into this then you should?"
"Well, possibly but my boss and your boss have had their heads together all week and it's got everyone on edge. The tension is so thick around the office you could cut it with a knife."
"Come on, hon, it's almost lunch time, let's go to CD's and relax." He smiles, eliciting one from her and he feels his body growing warm as she holds her hand out to him. He walks around the desk, gets his hat and takes her hand in his, pulling her close as they walk out of the door.
When they get to CD's they take a booth in the back away from every one. They place their order and as Alex picks up his hand, he leans over and kisses her softly. He pulls back slightly, looking into her eyes, then lowers his lips to touch the corner of her mouth then brushes his lips across her cheek.
She whispers his name as his lips return to claim hers again. She can taste the passion and longing he has for her but she knows this is not the place. Since they both have to return to work she pulls back "Honey, maybe we should wait till later." She looks at him with a slight smile and lays her hand on his cheek, then just barely touches his lips with hers.
He whispers, "Later."

Unfortunately, later won't come because late that afternoon Walker and Trivette are called into Capt. Price's office and given orders to escort a prisoner to Austin. Walker knows this assignment will cause 'later' to be much later.
Walker stops by Alex's office to give her the news. He can see the disappointment in her eyes. He takes her in his arms and kisses her tenderly, trying to keep it light, but as she raises her arms to his neck and presses against him the kiss deepens. As their passion rises, his hands move over her, caressing her softly. "I want to make love to you," he whispers. She can taste his hunger as his lips press against hers and the kiss lights a fire between them.
She can feel his need for her even through their clothing. "I know," she whispers against his lips, "tonight … wake me when you get home."
He murmurs, "It'll be late."
She pulls back from him slowly, "It doesn't matter. Wake me, please?"
He smiles softly, "Are you sure?"
"I'm sure." Just then the intercom on Alex's desk buzzes, "Ms Cahill, Ranger Trivette is waiting for Ranger Walker."
"I've got to go." He kisses her softly then reluctantly walks away, knowing she will be the only thing on his mind until he can hold her in his arms again.
As the door closes behind him, she slowly sits back down at her desk, She can still taste his lips on hers and her cheeks are warm from his touch. 'This is going to be a very long evening.'
It's just after 2: a. m. when Walker enters the front door of his ranch house. He closes the door quietly, stops, leans back against it, and inhales deeply. Her essence fills his nostrils and he smiles as he starts up the stairs, knowing his wife is waiting for him. He remembers when he last held her, his body immediately responds to that memory.
He pushes open the door, to see the sleeping form of his wife in bed. He closes the door, removes his clothes on the short walk to the bed, then raises the blankets and slips in beside her. He leans over her and kisses her softly on the lips, then again, until he feels her respond then he pulls her nude body into his arms.
"Hi," he murmurs into her ear as his hand slides up her body in a soft caress. He feels her body come alive under his hands as they move sensuously over her.
"I didn't think you would ever get here," she whispers against his lips. When his hand cups her breast, she moans softly and presses closer eager for his touch. He drops his head down to take her nipple into his mouth, suckling gently, bringing soft moans from her. She runs her fingers through his hair as he moves to the other breast giving it the same attention. Her hands reach down to cup his face as she pulls him up to her kiss. He pulls her close as he probes the soft interior of her mouth with his tongue. Then as they part, she lowers her head and begins moving her lips over his face, neck, and down to his chest. The flicking of her tongue over his nipple brings a growl from her lover. She slides her hand up and down his hips, then gently caresses his manhood before moving back up to his chest.
At her touch he almost looses it, but pleasing her pleases him and he moves lower to cover her bare stomach with kisses, and a thrill shoots through him when her body arches up to meet his mouth.
His hand ventures lower, stroking the soft triangle of hair between her legs. He hears her slight catch of breath and is surprised when her hand moves down to cover his, stilling the motion of his fingers against her tender flesh.
Alex is on fire. Every touch, every kiss, sends her deeper into the agonizing heaven of wanting more. He takes her hand and slowly moves back up to her lips, caressing them tenderly with his tongue as he covers her with his body. Parting her legs with his knee, he enters her in one smooth motion, then stops, savoring the feel of her around him. As he slowly begins moving, she joins him, matching him move for move. As their passion increases so do the thrusts which bring them ever closer to the pinnacle of ecstasy. He feels her spasm as she cries his name. He gives one final thrust, driving deep, as he explodes within her. Their bodies slowly relax as their heartbeats return to normal. He withdraws and rolls to her side. Then without a word, they snuggle into each other's arms and fall asleep.

Alex stretches and rolls closer to Walker, kissing him softly. He stirs and pulls her tight against his chest, molding her body to his. "Good morning, darling." He listens to the sound of her voice...the fact that she tastes like heaven and that every breath he takes is filled with her fragrance, makes her his dream come true. With every breath, he feels the swell of her breasts against his chest. He begins caressing them with exquisite care, teasing them to a sensitivity that is nearly unbearable. As he returns to her lips, she begins rubbing her fingers over his chest, feeling the power in the muscles there. As she touches his nipples he quivers and she drops her head down to take one in her mouth, nibbling gently with her teeth. He pulls her up beneath him and covers her in one easy motion and, as he enters her, she presses up to meet him. Soon the wave of pure sensation arrives lifting them both into the realm of ecstasy, exploding on their senses in a pulsating crescendo, draining them completely. He withdraws and rolls them both to their sides, facing each other.

He kisses her softly, whispers, "I love you so much." As he buries his face into her hair, he notices rays of sunshine around the blinds. He turns quickly to look at the clock, "Alex, it's 7:30. Isn't that meeting at 9:00?"

Alex sits up quickly, "Oh, no. I forgot all about that meeting. She jumps up and starts for the bathroom, stops, and returns to place a small kiss on his lips, "Last night and this morning were wonderful."

"They were, weren't they." They gaze into each other's eyes for several minutes, "Why don't you shower while I tend to the horses." He blows a kiss at her, puts on a pair of jeans and a shirt and leaves the room.

By the time they are both dressed and ready to leave, he is already hungry for her beneath him again and her eyes speak of the same longing. She is a need so deep he could spend a lifetime trying to satisfy it and die still wanting more. He silently chastises himself again for waiting so long to admit his love for this beautiful woman.
Arriving at the courthouse, they split up, Alex going to her office and Walker into Ranger Headquarters. He pushes the door open just as Trivette is coming out.
"Hurry up, Walker, you're going to be late."
"I'll be there in a minute, Trivette." He takes his time, moves over to his desk, hangs up his hat then fills his coffee mug before finally turning and leaving for the meeting.
When Walker enters the room he glances at the woman he had just spent the morning making passionate love to and tries to adjust his mood and his eyes to the stark atmosphere of her office. He can still feel her body pressed against his, the fiery touch of her kisses on his skin. As he looks at her, he sees her lips are still slightly swollen from their passionate kisses. When his eyes meet hers, he sees that the morning is still fresh on her mind, too, and he wonders if he's going to remember anything about this meeting except the vision of his wife. He moves to stand as far from her desk as possible trying to keep his mind on what Cranston is saying.
Standing behind and to the side of her boss, Alex watches Walker move to the side of the room leaning against the wall behind Trivette. He can touch her heart like no man ever could, with nothing more than just a look. Alex can feel the heat climbing up her body as if he was still touching her. She forces her eyes away from him, trying to concentrate on what her boss is explaining but is hearing only half of what is being said.
"I know everyone is anxious to find out why this meeting was called and I apologize for the secrecy but we didn't have any choice. This matter will only involve the individuals in this room, and I'd like to keep it that way." He stops and his eyes scan the room looking at each person in the eye. When he sees Walker back against the wall, "Ranger Walker, since you will be one of the key players in this operation, would you please come closer. I don't want you to miss anything?"

When Alex hears that Walker will be a 'key' player, her stance immediately changes to one of worry. She catches his eye as he moves closer and he can see the fear in her eyes. Cranston also notices the change in Alex's attitude and he turns to face her with, "Alex, you will be a key player, too, but it's not ..."

Cranston's statement jolts Walker back to reality and he moves closer to the desk. Not waiting for Cranston to finish, he opens his mouth to vigorously voice his objections to Alex being involved in any kind of police action. Capt. Price moves up next to Walker and places a hand on his shoulder, "This is not a cut and dried operation, Walker, let him finish before you do battle." Walker turns to face the Captain ready to shake his hand off, when something in his eyes tells him to wait.

Walker looks at Alex, and when he receives a small smile from her, he finally relaxes slightly. He feels Trivette move up beside him. His partner's body language is enough to get Walker to back down just a little. Trivette glances at his partner's face and wonder's if Cranston realizes how close he came to meeting Walker's full wrath. When anyone brings Alex into a conversation, he had better know what to expect from Walker. He grins slightly, 'maybe he knows Walker better than I thought. Maybe that's why Captain Price and I'm here.'

End of Part I

Ghost Busters Part II

"We don't expect there to be any danger involved in this but there are never any guarantees." Looking directly at Walker, he continues, "just hear me out before anyone starts panicking. It seems the county owns property north of Dallas. They acquired it through unpaid taxes, and have decided to put it up for sale before it deteriorates any more than it has. It consists of several acres with a large house situated in the center of the land. An individual came forward a week ago and has made a very generous offer for the place, but the offer has one condition." He stops, waiting to see if anyone has any questions before he continues.

"What condition?"

"Well, Walker, the condition is, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but the prospective buyer wants the rumors about the place put to rest before he completes the sale. Now, this is the part that must not be discussed outside of this room. He wants to turn this old estate into a house much like the HOPE house." He looks at Alex as he says this, "the difference being, it will be used to house troubled teenagers that can't seem to find their niche in the world." The District Attorney turns to Captain Price.

"My part in this is to enlist the help of you three to investigate and dispel these rumors. In other words to clear the air surrounding this house and give it a clean bill of health."

Trivette moves up, "Captain, just what are these rumors?"

"Well …" Captain Price's face breaks into a grin, as he glances at Cranston who is also grinning, "it seems that this house comes alive after dark. It has a night life." Turning to look Trivette directly in the eye, "In other words, it's haunted. Ghosts or whatever you want to call them, come out to play after dark."

Laughter fills the room, as the tension is defused. "To make sure that nothing complicates this mission, which is very possible if it is discovered that my best Rangers, and my best ADA are involved in a ghost hunt, we've developed a cover for you. You two (he points to Walker and Trivette) are being sent to Florida to help set up a Camp Justice in Dade County, which by the way, is in the beginning stages there now."

Bill Cranston turns to look at Alex, "And you Ms Cahill, are going along with your husband as a … say, a second honeymoon but also to help set up a HOPE house that is also in the beginning stages." He smiles when he is awarded with a smile from his beautiful Assistant. Turning back to face Walker and Trivette, "Now, do you two have any questions?"

Walker turns to look at Trivette, then back at Cranston. "Well, first, when does this start to begin with? And second, I'd like to get as much background as possible on this place before we leave."

"All the information that we have on this estate, from the time it was built until now, is in this folder." Cranston hands him the folder. "You can read it on the way there. You'll leave immediately so you'll be established in the house long before it gets dark. I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with each floor, including the basement, and all15 rooms plus the kitchen. Sleeping bags and provisions have been provided so all you have to do is go home and pack enough clothes for two or three days." He starts to dismiss them then says, "Oh, we were going to include CD Parker in this, since he is a good friend to all of you, but he went on vacation before we could get this all set up."

"Try to be back here by noon and please, just bring essentials. Remember this house hasn't been lived in for years. We're not sure what works and doesn't work so plan accordingly. He looks at the three of them, "If there are no more questions you're free to go. Good luck."

The three of them leave Alex's office and go to the elevator. Being the only ones on it, Trivette turns to face Alex and Walker with a large grin on his face, "Just call us the Ghostbusters!" All three of them start laughing. They're still laughing when the door opens on the main floor, causing everyone to look at them.

At the parking lot, they each get in their vehicles with the promise to meet back at the courthouse by noon.

At the ranch, Walker follows Alex into the house, "Honey, if you want to start the packing, I'll see if I can get the neighbors to take care of things till we get back." He kisses her before she goes upstairs and he heads for the phone. After making arrangements for the care of the horses, Walker goes upstairs to help Alex finish packing. When he enters the bedroom, he sees two suitcases lying open on the bed but no Alex. Looking at the suitcases he sees that they are already pretty well packed. He looks in the bathroom but she's not there either. "Alex?"

"In here, hon." The voice is low and his blood starts rushing through his veins as he opens the door to the spare bedroom. The room is dark when he enters, but he feels Alex close to him as the door is pushed shut. He turns as she slides her arms around his waist pulling him close, feeling her lips touching his, whispering, "This may be our last chance before we get back unless we can figure a way to ditch Jimmy."

He dips his head bringing his lips hard against hers. Finally releasing her, he murmurs, "No way, my love. We'll figure out a way, I promise." He pulls her up close, feeling desire coursing through his body as he presses his lips to hers again, probing with his tongue until she parts her lips, letting him enter to wind around hers in a sensual caress. They quickly undress, knowing time is of the essence. They feel their way to the bed, falling together in a tangle of arms and legs. They begin caressing each other with light touches, moaning with the pleasure that rages through their bodies. He covers her with his body, his manhood probing then sinking into her sweetness. The pace starts slow but with their blood already boiling, the thrusts quicken bringing Alex over the edge first followed quickly by Walker. Laying together, basking in the glow of their love, he withdraws but remains on top of her, kissing her softly. "Nice but way too fast." Kisses her again. "Maybe we can lock Trivette in a closet or something for an hour or so."

"You think so?" She brings her arms up around his neck, pulling him close, kissing him deeply. Then reluctantly pulling back, "Right now, I think we need to shower and get dressed if we're going to get back to town by noon. Don't you think?"

"Shower? I think we have time for a shower, come on." He stands, pulling her up with him, and taking her hand he leads her back to their bedroom then into the bathroom.

They manage to get showered, eventually, dressed and back into Dallas before noon. When they get off the elevator, "Darling, we did make it, but, just barely. It's one minute till 12:00."

"Come on, but get ready for some of Trivette's teasing. You know how he is. I wish he'd get married, then maybe he'd leave us alone." Alex giggles as they push open her office door only to find it empty. "Alex, this is where we were suppose to meet, isn't it?"

"As far as I can remember, he said, "Meet back here by noon" but my mind did take to wondering somewhat this morning as was yours, I think." She smiles and puts her arms around his neck pulling him close for a kiss. Suddenly the door swings open smacking Walker in the back. They quickly separate as Trivette walks in with Josie on his arm.

"Oh, hi, Walker, Alex. I was wondering if they left without us."

"Us? I didn't know Josie was coming."

"Well, Walker, I figured since Josie runs the HOPE house here in Dallas, it would make sense that she come along and help Alex set up the house in Florida. Besides, we can always us another Ghostbuster! I've already talked to Cranston and Capt. Price and they gave their approval, so … here she is!" Trivette stands there looking at them like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"Welcome aboard, Josie. Has Jimmy told you the whole story?"

"Yes, for the most part. We talked on the way to my apartment to get my clothes and then on the way here." She leans in closer to Alex and in a whisper, "Are we really going to a haunted house?"

"I'm afraid so, Josie. At least that's what they told us." Just then the door is pushed open and Captain Price and Bill Cranston walk in.

"Is everyone ready?" They all nod. "Okay, lets go. There's a van parked in back that we'll use to transport you four and the provisions to the house. Grab your suitcases and let's go." Walker picks up his and Alex's luggage and Trivette carries his and Josie's.

The ride out to the 'Haunted House' is friendly with light conversation and questions like 'What are we to do with the ghosts if we catch one' and 'Reckon they'll be friendly like Casper'. All are in a very good mood by the time the van parks in the back of the house. When they get out of the van and look around, they see a very large three-story house with gables and turrets like they have on castles. The house is very rundown and looks as if hasn't been lived in for ages.

"God, Alex wouldn't you hate to have the job of washing the windows in this place."

Alex giggles, "You better believe it, Josie. This place will take a lot of work before it's even close to usable." She starts to turn toward Walker, "Look, Josie, there's someone up there in that window."

"Where Alex, I don't see anyone."

"They're gone now. Wow, that one didn't wait till dark."

"Come on Alex, you didn't see anything, right? You're just trying to get us in the mood, huh?"

"No, Jimmy, I really did see someone." She looks at Walker, who is grinning at her, "Stop it, Walker, I did see someone in that window."

"Honey, I didn't say anything." He goes to the back of the van and gets their suitcases and follows Trivette and Josie toward the house. After the provisions have been unloaded, they stand on the back patio and watch as the van disappears form sight. They look around the grounds noticing that the yard is so overgrown it gives the place the total look of abandonment. Walker looks toward the sky and sees storm clouds rolling in. "Well, guys, it looks like our first night in this old house is going to be spent with a thunder storm."

"Hey, that's great, that will really set the mood, huh." Trivette chuckles, and starts after Josie with his hands in front of him, "Booooooooooo." She turns and runs back into the house with him chasing her.

Walker turns to Alex and takes her in his arms, murmurs, "Maybe, we won't have to lock Trivette in a closet, maybe Josie will keep him occupied so we can find some time alone." He brushes his lips across hers, then says, "Come on, let's find us a place to set up our sleeping bags and see what we have to eat. Since we didn't have time for lunch," he wiggles his eyebrows at her, "I'm hungry and we need to keep our strength up if we're going to go ghost hunting tonight."

They find a small room off of the kitchen in which to put their sleeping bags, zipping both together to make one large one. "Honey, I'll bet this was the maids room, it has it's own bathroom."

"Could be, hon, come on lets find something to eat."

They discover that they have running water and the refrigerator works but the lights do not. Fortunately, an ample supple of flashlights and batteries had been provided. After fixing themselves a couple of sandwiches they sit at the kitchen table that has definitely seen better days as have the chairs. They are almost finished eating when Trivette and Josie enter the kitchen.

"Hey, Walker, we have a problem."

"What's that, Trivette?"
End Part II

Ghost Busters Part III

"There ain't but three sleeping bags, man."

Walker grins, remembering another time when they were one sleeping bag short. "Well, Trivette, I guess you do have a problem." He turns to look at Alex and winks. She also remembers, and is trying hard to hide the smile on her face as she looks at Josie who seems to be thoroughly enjoying Jimmy's predicament.

"Come on, Walker. Since you and Alex are married can't you share one bag?"

"Trivette, I'm not the one who made the last minute changes. Why should we be uncomfortable?" As Walker looks at Jimmy he swears he can see a blush creeping up Trivette's neck. "That puts you and Josie in the same fix that Alex and I were in the last time."

Trivette looks at Josie. Her expression silently asks what fix that was. Jimmy is definitely blushing now and Walker loves it. He gets up from the table, takes Alex by the hand and they walk into the room where their sleeping bags are.

"Walker!" They listen as Josie tries to get Jimmy to tell her about the fix that Walker and Alex were in. All they hear, though, is a lot of hemming and hawing as he tries to sidestep the question. Alex starts giggling and Walker pulls her away from the door and they go out the second door in the room that opens into the dinning room.

"Darling, are you going to let Josie have one of our sleeping bags?"

"Yes, but I want to make Trivette sweat a little first. Besides, the last time we shared a sleeping bag was kind of fun."

Alex giggles, remembering, "Yeah, but I had to persuade you to have 'fun'."

"Yeah, well, as I recall you didn't have to persuade to hard."

"Well, that's true. Honey, where are we going?"

"I just want to look around, check out the rooms like the Captain suggested. Let's go up to the third floor and see if can find that window where you thought you saw someone."

"Walker, I did see someone."

When they get to the third floor, they go through each room on one side of the hall, then turn around checking out each room on the other. "Walker, this is the room, look, you can see where we were standing on the patio."

"You're right and, look here, the dust on the floor and the window sill has been disturbed. Hmmm … Alex I think we owe you an apology. Someone was up here."

"I'd just as soon be mistaken. That's scary, knowing someone else is in this house."

After thoroughly checking the room, the look through the rest of the rooms then decide to find Trivette and Josie and tell them what they found.

Upon reaching the kitchen, they find that Trivette and Josie have left, "Maybe they decided to try out the sleeping bag early."

"Walker, stop it." She gives him a playful slap on the arm, "I would feel more comfortable if we knew where they were, especially since we know someone else is in this house."

"Hmm … you're right, honey. But lets stay here for awhile, maybe they'll return soon. As big as this house is, we could look for them all day and never find them."

They sit down at the kitchen table, discussing their adventure, "I don't know who is buying this house, but it would be a great place to set up for trouble kids. Lots of rooms, and I noticed a large barn out back for livestock. I don't know how many acres go with the house but there must be quite a few, maybe they could even raise crops. There's a lot of possibilities for an old ….


"Alex, that sounded like Josie, come on. Stay close to me, I don't want to lose you, too."

Walker moves fast in the direction of the scream. When he enters the large room at the front of the house, he sees Trivette holding Josie in his arms. "Trivette, what happened? Is she all right?"

"I think so. She was looking at the books on that shelf and when she moved one, she says she saw two eyes looking back at her." He continues holding Josie tight in his arms, slowly caressing her arm with his hand, as her shaking slowly subsides.

"What book did she move Trivette?"

Josie raises her head from Jimmy's shoulder, and points at the shelf and says, "Moby Dick. That big book laying on its side."

Walker picks up the book, looking at the wall behind it then taps on it. Solid. He moves several more books but the wall is the same behind all the books.

"Can't find anything, huh. I didn't either but she sure saw something. Looking at a blank wall isn't going to scare someone like this." Josie straightens up and he relaxes his hold on her, but doesn't release her completely.

"But I did see something, Jimmy, eyes, two of them and they moved."

Alex comes up to her and places a hand on her shoulder, "I know Josie, and I believe you. And I did see someone in the upstairs window. We found proof up there a little while ago. So you probably saw the same person I did."

Trivette looks at Walker for confirmation, "She right, Trivette. The dust up by that window was disturbed. So, whether we like it or not, someone else is in this house. I don't want anyone to go off by himself. No one! We stay in pairs, at least."

Before leaving the large foyer, Walker stops and glances around at what use to be a very impressive room. Looking up he sees a very huge chandelier hanging down in the center of the fifty foot ceiling covered with dust and long hanging strands of cob webs, he turns shakes his head and walks out of the room.

All four make their way back to the kitchen, sit down at the table while Alex hands out soft drinks to everyone.

"We need to eat something, then get some sleep so we'll be ready when it gets dark. I've got a feeling this is going to be a long night." He turns to Trivette as Alex and Josie get up and fix sandwiches for everyone, "How accessible is this room where you're going to sleep?"

"There's only the one door, and one small window, it must have been used for storage. Why?"

"No reason, just be careful. We don't know if this visitor is a man or a woman, but he knows this house a lot better than we do. Check the room thoroughly before you turn in."

"Yeah, you're right." He looks up into Josie's face as she hands him a sandwich. "Are you feeling better?" She nods and sits down beside him. "This looks good, and I'm starved."

Walker looks at Trivette with a smile on his face, 'In more ways than one!' He glances at Alex when she hands him a sandwich, and the look he receives from her, warms his heart. He can feel his desire building. When she sits down beside him he moves his leg over to touch hers. He lowers his hand beneath the table and lays it lightly on her leg as he talks about their plan of action when darkness falls. Alex almost chokes on the food in her mouth as his touch moves slowly up her thigh. She reaches across in front of him for her soda, letting her breast brush against his arm slightly, causing him to stumbled over his words and silently letting him know how his action is affecting her.
She drops her hand down to cover his, stopping its progress up her thigh. Each slight touch brings a glow to her cheeks and puts a twinkle in his eyes. When they finish their sandwiches, Walker stands, pulling Alex up with him and without saying a word, they push open the door of their room and move inside. Several minutes later Walker comes back to the door carrying a sleeping bag, drops it on the floor, then retreats back into their room, closing the door quietly behind him.
Josie noticed the play between her friends but was sure that Jimmy hadn't, at least not until Walker dropped the sleeping bag on the floor because then he just stared at the closed door for several minutes not saying a word.
He stands, picks up the bag and looks at Josie, "I think we should follow their lead, and …" he realizes what he has just insinuated, and begins stammering, "ah … well … I mean … ah"
Josie smiles at him, "I know what you mean Jimmy," she stands and slips her arm through his, "come on, since we'll probably be up all night, we need to get some … sleep, too."
As they make their way to their room, Jimmy notices that the closer they get to the front of the house the more nervous she becomes. He slides his arm around her waist, "It's all right Josie. I won't let anything happen to you."
She gives a small scared smile, and snuggles close. He pushes open the door and makes sure the room is empty before closing it behind him. He unrolls both bags laying them about three feet apart. "Come on, Josie, maybe a little rest will make you feel better." He guides her to one bag and gently persuades her to sit down. She takes her shoes off, but doesn't attempt to get down into the bag. Jimmy leans over and kisses her softly on the lips then moves over to the other bag. He sits down, takes his boots and shirt off and slides down into the bag. When he lies down, he turns on his side facing her.
She watches as he slides down into the bag. After several seconds she does the same, turning on her side to face him, her head resting on her arm, she shuts her eyes, finally drifting off to sleep.
Trivette watches her as she sleeps, thinking she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Suddenly, lightning flashes and he looks up at the tiny window as thunder rumbles loudly and large drops of water begin beating against the window. When he glances back at Josie she is just starting to sit when a blast of ear splitting thunder rolls overhead. A lightning flash lights up the room and Josie's scream "Jimmy!" brings him to her side almost instantly.
Holding her tight against his chest, "Shh … it's all right, honey. It's just the storm."
"Jimmy, don't leave me. Stay with me, please." She takes his hand and moving over, tugs gently. After a moment's hesitation, he slides into the bag with her. He pulls her close, bringing her head to rest against his chest. As she quiets down, he notices that the storm clouds had darkened the sky, and the little room grew dark as the storm raged outside.
But that wasn't the only storm raging. Jimmy could feel a storm building up inside him, almost equal to the one outside. Her soft breath against his chest was stirring up emotions that he knew he was going to have a hard time dealing with. She stirred against him, pulling herself closer, loving the warmth of his chest. She began running her fingers through the soft hair there, slowly letting them drop to trace over the ridges of muscles across his stomach. When she touches the top of his jeans, her fingers hesitate, then slowly make their way back up to his chest. Moving her head slightly she touches her lips to his, bringing a soft moan, and a murmur, "Josie …" She silences him by pressing her lips tightly against his, and molding her body into his.
Unable to hold back any longer he tightens his arms around her. He moves his hips slightly against hers bringing a moan from her against his lips. He probes with his tongue until she parts her lips allowing it in to softly caress hers. He brings his hand up to cup her breast, squeezing gently through the fabric. As she presses against his hand be begins fumbling with the buttons. Pushing the fabric to the side, he releases the front catch of her bra. When it falls away, he hesitantly, almost reverently lets his finger brush the softness of her breast then begins rubbing his thumb over the nipples until they harden from the passion that's building within her.
End of Part III

Ghost Busters Part IV

She drops her hand back to the waist of his pants, deftly unbuttons them, and slowly slides the zipper down. Touching his erection through his briefs just about causes him to lose control. He stops her by lying his hand on top of hers, then whispers, "Josie, are you sure about this?"
A murmur, "Yes Jimmy … very sure … make love to me … please." He releases her hand and begins removing her jeans as she tries to remove his. The sleeping bag causes some restriction of movement but the clothes are finally removed and tossed out of the bag.
He slowly caresses her with his hands as he traces her throat with his lips, bringing soft moans of pleasure from her. As he moves his lips over her face then down her throat to her breasts, the warmth turns to fire, pulsing through her like heated blood. She gasps as he draws one into his mouth, sucking gently. When he releases it, she turns just enough for him to take the other into his mouth, giving it the same attention. He moves back up her body, leaving a trail of fire as he touches her with his lips never stopping until they find hers. She can taste the hunger in him as his lips press against hers and the kiss turns to fire between them. Her bottom lip trembles against his mouth, silently begging for more.
He senses her need and moves over her but as he pushes into her, tightness causes him to hesitate, not wanting to hurt her. "Josie …?"
Writhing beneath him, "Jimmy … don't stop … please." She puts her arms around his neck pulling him down and kissing him, at the same time pushing her hips up to him. He resumes slowly easing into her, bit by bit until he's fully buried inside of her. He holds her tight against him then slowly withdraws almost completely before sinking into her warmth again. When she arches up to meet his thrusts, the passion starts building and the pace increases rapidly and when he hears her say his name, he drives down hard bringing her to the brink of ecstasy. With one final thrust, he pushes them both over into a sea of bliss. As their bodies relax, he withdraws and rolls to her side, and she turns with her back to him, melting into his embrace. They are silent for several minutes basking in the aftermath of their love. He nuzzles his face into her hair, murmurs, "Did I hurt you?"
She whispers, "Maybe … a little …"
"I'm so sorry, Josie. I wanted our first time to be special not on the floor in a haunted house." He tightens his arms around her.
"It was special, Jimmy. We were together. I've waited a long time for this moment. Don't regret it, please?"
"Oh, Josie … I could never regret this with you. I think I'm the luckiest man alive to have found you. I … love you, Josie. I have for a long time."
She rolls over to face him, "Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because I wasn't real sure how you felt and I didn't want to lose you by speaking to soon."
"Oh, Jimmy," she touches her lips gently to his, "I think I fell in love with you the first time I met you."
He pulls her close, and she puts her leg over his, as they face each other. "I never knew love could be like this. I always thought what Walker and Alex had was a rarity, and had always envied what they had." He tilts up her head, looking deep into her eyes, and whispers, "But no more, I've found what I've been searching for. A lifetime with you is all I want." He starts caressing her with his lips, moving slowly this time. She begins caressing him with her hands down his back to his bottom pulling him closer to her, and the fires of passion are lit again…….
After Walker takes the sleeping bag out of the room, and shuts the door, he turns to find Alex already removing her clothes. He quickly undresses and follows her as she slides down into the bag. Pulling her into a tight embrace, he lowers his lips to hers. Feeling her tongue probing, he opens his mouth and pulls it in. His hands begins caressing her breasts softly, bringing the tips to fullness. He releases her lips, and dropping his head down, he draws one tender mound into his mouth, tasting her sweetness, seeming never to be able to get enough. He feels her hands moving lightly over his chest, pausing as they touch his nipple. His body shivers at the sensation it causes knowing that passion is rapidly consuming them. He moves his mouth back to hers as he moves over on top of her and into her. She arches up to accept him, pulling him in fully. She finds his rhythm and they move as one. They start slow, wanting the sensation to last, but as desire grips them, their pace increases until the final plunge when their passion explodes sending rippling wave after wave of pleasure flowing through them. Walker crumples on top of her, then he quickly rolls the both of them over, still intimately joined, until she is on top. He pulls her head to his chest, holding her tight, as he hears the sound of their heartbeats merging then slowing, resuming their normal rhythm.
After their bodies relax, she feels him becoming soft within her. "I love you." She murmurs as she listens to his slow steady heartbeat. When she moves her hand down between them, she feels his heart rate increasing, feels him coming alive inside of her.
He growls, "Lady, you are a hard one to satisfy, but oh, how I love trying." His hands start caressing down her back to her bottom, holding her hard against him. Feeling her muscles constrict around him, he feels himself responding.
"Are you complaining, my darling?"
"Me? Never, baby, not in our lifetime." He pulls her head down for his kiss as the passion rises again.
Alex nestles close to Walker, his arm across her stomach. After their vigorous … exercise, they had fallen asleep.
A massive blast of thunder brings both of them straight up, "God, Walker, what was that!"
He rubs his hand up and down her back, "Just thunder, honey." He looks at his watch, "Maybe we should get up anyway, it's almost 8:00 o'clock." He stands and helps her up, and after quickly dressing, "I'll go see if I can find Trivette."
"Uh huh, cowboy, not without me. Orders, remember, no one goes off alone." She loops her arm through his, "Besides, Jimmy and Josie may be … ah … well, you know." They rummage around in their packs and come up with flashlights then start out to find Jimmy and Josie.

Chuckling, Walker says, "Come on, Alex, we're talking about Trivette. He was the one hollering about the sleeping bag, remember?"
"Walker, you may not know it, but Jimmy is in love with Josie. And I'll bet that she's in love with him, too."
"Well, I think we can quit worrying about how we're going to find them. Here they come." The couple is caught in the beam from the flashlights.
Alex turns her flashlight on Walker, "Walker, be nice. You hear me?"
"Me, I'm always nice."
"Yeah, right. I see that look on your face. Just think back to when we were young lovers."
He turns and takes her in his arms, whispers softly, "We're still young lovers, honey. You make me feel that way." Kisses her quickly then turns as the 'other' young lovers stop in front of them.
"Hey, did you hear that thunder? It's turning into quite a storm. Guess it goes with the house, huh, partner."
"I think you're right, Trivette. It doesn't seem to be letting up any, either. This may last most of the night."
Another crash of thunder splits the night in half and Alex looking past Josie's head, "Ohhhhh …." Then whispers softly, "Walker, did you see that?"
"What Alex, all I can see is Trivette's head in front of me."
"Down there in the foyer. In that last flash of lightening. It looked like a woman in a white nightgown."
Josie wraps herself around Jimmy, making it almost impossible for him to move. "Come on, honey, just stay with me, okay?" Walker and Alex begin walking slowly toward the foyer, flashlight beams cutting through the darkness but they find nothing when they enter the large room. The room is empty except for dust and spider webs. As the four of them stand in the center of the room, shining their lights into dark corners, Walker hears a slight snapping and cracking sound. Looking up, he sees the chandelier crystals swishing in the ray of his flashlight. He screams "Trivette", and throws his arms around Alex shoving her back into the darkness at the edge of the room. When it crashes down on the floor directly behind them in a massive explosion, all that remains of the once beautiful light fixture is crystal slivers and bits of broken glass spread over the entire room. As he stands and pulls Alex up with him, "Alex, are you alright?"
She nods, not able to get words past the lump in her throat. He takes her hand, "Trivette, Josie, are you two okay?" Hearing nothing, they move around the shattered remains of the chandelier, "Trivette, Josie?" Shining the light around the room, he sees Josie struggling to get out from under an unconscious Trivette who is lying almost on top of her at the other side of the room. Kneeling down beside them, he puts a finger under Trivette's chin, feeling for a pulse. Trivette moans and rolls partially off of Josie.
"He's all right, Josie, just knocked out. Looks like he hit his head when he went down. I can't find any cuts on him so he wasn't hit by any of the flying glass." He turns to look a Josie, "Did you get hit by any glass, Josie?"
"No, I'm fine. Jimmy knocked me out of the way before I even knew what was happening. Are you sure he's alright?"
Jimmy starts struggling to sit up, raising his hand to head, groaning, "Oh …" Then remembering what had happened, he turns, frantically looking for Josie. "Josie … are you alright?" she nods at him and he pulls her into his arms, holding her tight. As Walker and Alex try to bring him to his feet, "Walker, I thought Cranston said this wasn't going to be dangerous."
Walker chuckles, "Well, Trivette, if you remember right, he said there were no guarantees."
"Yeah, well." He looks up where the chandelier use to be and asks, "Did it just give from old age or did someone cut it loose?"
Walker, with Trivette at his side, moves over to the massive light fixture lying on the floor and look for the chain that had held it up. "No way to tell from this Trivette, but I think we had better stay on our toes from here on."
"I agree. This is getting spookier by the minute." Suddenly it seems that every light in the old house comes on.
Alex quickly moves into the protection of Walker arms, as Trivette pulls Josie close. Then just as suddenly the lights go out. A shaky murmur, "Walker," from Alex, at the same time Trivette feels Josie mold herself to him.
"Trivette, I think someone is trying to scare us out of here. Come on, let's go to the kitchen, We need to do some talking."
They get the lantern and turn it on to save the flashlights, and sit at the table to make plans on how to proceed. "Trivette, didn't I see some walkie-talkie's in with the flashlights?"
Trivette scrounges around in the box, "Yeah, there's two pair, good up to two miles. This is great, at least we can keep in touch as we search this place." Moving back to the table, "Where do you think we should start, Walker?"
"The basement. And since that's going to be the spookiest, I think we should all go down there."
"I'll be with you all in just a minute, I'd like to wash some of this dirt off, first."
"No, we'll all wait on you Alex." The stand at the open door to the basement, waiting.
"Okay, I'll hurry." She move to the sink and turns on the water, picks up the bar of soap and holding her hands under the water to work up a lather, she screams and back away from the sink. Walker is at her side instantly, "Alex, what is it."
All she can do is point. As he looks back at the sink, he sees the water running blood red, but before he can touch it, it starts turning clear.
End of Part IV

Ghost Busters Part V
Trivette and Josie hurry over, "What is it, Alex?"
In a very thin voice, "The faucet … was running … blood." Trivette looks at Walker, who just nods his head. Alex watches it run clear for several minutes, then quickly washes the soap off her hands and turns it off. Moving up to Walker, he circles her with his arm and they start down to the basement, taking the lantern with them.
Walker hangs the lantern in the center of the room, "Don't anyone wander off alone. There may be some hidden rooms down here. If you find one, make sure it's safe before you go in." The room is large with numerous boxes and barrels stacked by the walls. Several closets and cabinets also line the walls. They begin searching through the cabinets, opening boxes and barrels. They find a lot of junk but nothing that helps solve the 'ghost' mystery.
Josie and Trivette are moving along one wall when Trivette bumps against what looks like a pump handle. When he does, a section of the wall swings open in front of Josie. As she looks up, a skeleton in the opening slowly starts falling toward her. She screams, and screams until Trivette turns her away from the sight, pulling her head down into his chest.
Alex and Walker join them. When they see the pile of bones on the floor, Walker pulls Alex into his arms as she covers her mouth, stifling a scream that's starting to build. After moving both women over by the stairs, Walker and Trivette bend down and begin examining the skeleton. "Walker, this is the real thing, it's not a fake."
"Yeah, I know. There's a wedding ring," he slides it off the finger, holds it up to the light, "It says, 'My Love Forever, Tim'. Trivette, look in there, see if you can find anything else."
When Trivette returns, "I found this under the pile of rags in there. Looks like a letter."
Walker examines the letter. It has no address but is still sealed. He walks over to Alex, "Honey, hang on to this. We'll finish searching down here then go back up to the kitchen and read it." They continue their search, finding only a thick door that seems to be locked. When they can't find anything to use to pry it open, they decide to call it quits and move back upstairs to the kitchen..
They sit down at the table listening to Alex read the letter:
My darling, Angie
My time here is almost over, darling, by this time next week, I'll be in your arms.
I know that my being away has been hard on you, but I'll soon be home and we'll claim my heritage and start our family. I love you with all my heart, and miss you with every beat of it.
Till we're together next week
All my love, Tim
When Alex finishes reading the letter, everyone is silent. "There's a date at the top, July 10, 1969." "Darling, do you know who used to own this land, I mean originally? We have first names here, so that should be a big help in identifying the remains in the basement. I think we need to get in touch with Captain Price."
"I think you're right Alex. Where is your cell phone, I'll call him now."
She goes into the room where their things are to get the phone from their luggage but returns in just minutes, "Walker, it's gone!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I've looked through everything, your stuff, too. It's not here."
"Walker, I don't like this. This little ghost hunt has taken a nasty turn. It's a good thing we're carrying our weapons or they'd probably be gone, too."
"I think the four of us need to stay together and search this house from top to bottom. But first let's go back to the basement."
As everyone troops back down to the basement, "Hey, partner, why did you want to come back down here?"
"To put that skeleton back into the wall if possible. I don't want anyone to know we found it or the letter." The ladies stay by the stairway while Walker and Trivette seal the skeleton back into its hiding place.
Leaving the basement, they make their way to the top floor and begin their room to room search. The most they find in any of the rooms on the third floor are a few empty hangers in the closets and maybe an empty box or two in a few of the rooms. Moving down to the second floor, they hear the low rumble of thunder off in the distance, indicating that although dissipating, the storm is still close by. The first door they open is a completely furnished bedroom, dusty and dank smelling but still showing the luxury that once adorned this place. They move quickly through the room, opening every drawer, every door, looking behind every picture and even under the rug. Finding nothing, they move to the next room, which is almost the exact copy of the last room except for the color of the dιcor. This one is done up in blue whereas the last room was red. They search it just as thoroughly. Coming back out into the hallway, Walker looks up and down the hall, trying to understand why there are half as many rooms on this floor as the third flood. As he pushes open the door, he gets his answer.
"This is the ballroom, darling. Oh, I bet they had some grand balls here." Just then all the lights come on placing the ballroom in a bright glow. Alex looks around at the huge room and starts twirling around as if she had on a fancy gown and was dancing with her beau.
Walker watches Alex pretending and smiles. In his mind, he sees her in a beautiful gown, hair piled high on her head, an absolute vision. And her heart belongs to him. He moves out into the room and as Alex comes close, "May I have this dance, My Lady?" He bows, takes her hand and they begin waltzing around the room, with eyes only for each other.
Trivette and Josie watch for several minutes, large smiles on their faces, forgetting everything else. Jimmy then turns to Josie, bows, and holds his hand out, "My Lady?" She curtsies, takes his hand, and they too, begin the grand waltz around the room.
Barely audible, the strains of Johann Strauss' Blue Danube drift across the huge room. The dancers on the floor don't realize they have music until it fills the room. Walker slowly pulls his eyes from Alex's and looks over at Trivette, wondering if he's the only one who can hear it. Trivette glances at him, shrugs his shoulders and brings his eyes back to Josie. When Walker looks back at Alex, she's smiling. His eyes lock on hers and they continue dancing until the music slowly fades away.
The two couples meet by the door, "That was really strange, wasn't it Josie? Very beautiful but very strange."
"Yes, Alex, but I loved every minute of it."
Alex turns in Walker's arms, touches his lips lightly, "Darling, I didn't know you could waltz."
"I can't."
Alex gives one of her, 'I don't believe you' looks, "Walker, you were dancing beautifully. What do you mean you can't?"
"Just what I said, Alex, I can't. Don't ask me to explain what I did tonight because I can't. That's the first time I've ever heard a waltz let alone danced to one."
"Hey, man, I believe you. I've never danced to a waltz before, either."
Lightning chose that moment to flash blindingly through the large unboarded windows of the ballroom, causing the ladies to let out a shriek and the men to jump.
Walker pulls Alex into his arms, "Let's get out of here. Away from these windows." As they turn to leave, the room goes dark.
"Walker this place is starting to give me the …." She is interrupted by a faint sighing moan that rolls through the room followed closely by the sound of chains dragging across the floor upstairs.
Josie instantly closes the distance between she and Jimmy with a shaky "Jimmy?" She puts her arms around Jimmy's neck hanging on for dear life.
"Walker, did you hear …?"
"Yeah, I heard it. Someone has sure gone to a lot of trouble to scare us. What I can't figure out is how they knew we were coming."
"Maybe it's been set up like this for a long time, for this very reason, to keep people out of here. Something must have happened to trigger the start of the rumors."
"You're probably right, Alex. Let's get back downstairs. It's the only floor we haven't really searched."
Upon reaching the first floor, "Hey, Walker, how about taking a break. It's going to be daylight in about an hour or so, and I'm thirsty."
"Okay, Trivette, I guess it wouldn't hurt. We need to replace the batteries in these flashlights, too. The ones in here aren't going to last much longer." As they walk toward the kitchen, Alex and Walker's flashlights give out completely, and they are left only with the ones that Trivette and Josie are carrying.
Walker lights the lantern in the kitchen, while Trivette gets sodas for everyone and Josie and Alex get fresh batteries for the flashlights. Walker turns to his partner, "Trivette, why don't you gather up your and Josie's belongings and bring them in here with ours." He looks at Alex, grins and shrugs his shoulders, "I think we'd better all stay together until we figure out what's going on."
"You really think that's necessary, Walker?" He glances quickly at Josie: she returns his look with a soft smile. "I mean, I guess we could if you think we should."
"Yeah, I think we should, Trivette. At least until we know what's going on around here. You know what they say."
"No, Walker, what do they say?" He puts his arm around Josie and they start out the door to get their sleeping bags.
"There's safety in numbers." He turns to Alex as they leave and sees the questioning look on her face, "I know, honey, but there are too many weird things going on around here. I'd feel better if we all stayed together." He pulls Alex into his arms kisses her softly. "Maybe we ought to eat something before we start out again." Kisses her again.
Alex leaves the warmth of his arms and goes to get some lunchmeat from the cooler on the back porch. She shines the light around the area to make sure she's alone. As she does she notices a chest freezer in the corner of the porch. Curious, she lifts the lid. It takes a few seconds for her brain to comprehend what her eyes are seeing. When it does, she jumps, backs up, and screams, long and loud.
Walker comes charging out the door, gun in hand, and bumps into her "What? What did you see?" he asks, a little breathless, as he takes her into his arms.
She turns and buries her face into his chest, shaking violently. Without looking up, she points toward the freezer. As Walker moves over and shines his light on the freezer, he sees what scared Alex so badly. It takes a lot to get to Walker but even he has to choke back an exclamation and a gag when he sees the contents of the freezer. It's a corpse, the half rotted skeletal remains of what use to be a man, according to the clothes, is curled up in the bottom of the freezer.
Walker takes Alex into his arms and they move back into the kitchen just as Trivette and Josie come rushing into the room.
"I heard a scream." As Trivette sees Alex trembling in his partner's arms, he asks, "What happened, Walker."
Walker motions toward the back porch. When Josie follows Trivette, he reaches out and grabs her arm, "Josie, don't. You don't want to see what's out there."
She stops then moves over to hold Alex, as Walker joins Trivette on the back porch. "Alex, are you all right? Come over here and sit down."
Walker stands next to his partner as they take in the sight of a partially decomposed corpse-most likely male-curled up in the bottom of the freezer. "God, Walker, I think I would have screamed if I'd open this up. What's going on here, man? This is a hell of lot more than a haunted house. This looks like murder to me."
"You're right, Trivette, and I think it's time we start working this like a crime and not just a haunted house. It's gonna be light soon and we've got lots to do before it gets dark again. Come on, let's get started."

End of Part V

Ghost Busters Final Chapter

"Don't you want to check this guy out?"
"No, I've got a pretty good idea who it is but without your computer, we can't follow up on it."
Going back into the kitchen, Alex moves into Walker's arms, "What's happening around here, Walker? This isn't fun anymore. Did you figure out who that was?"
"No, hon, but I've got a pretty good idea." He sits down at the table and pulls Alex onto his lap. "Any other time, Trivette would have brought his computer, I wish he'd …" Suddenly a laptop appears on the table in front of him. He looks up to see Trivette grinning back at him.
"Your wish is my command."
"Trivette, I could almost kiss you!"
"No, thanks, Walker." He takes Josie in his arms, gives her a quick kiss on the lips then pulls her in a tight embrace. "I've got a better offer." He releases her and they sit together at the table. "Now, partner, what was it you wanted to look up?"
Walker and Trivette spend the next two hours hunched over the laptop checking ownership two papers, and running down lead after lead. Trivette finally stretches his arms over his head, flexing his fingers. Looking up, he sees that morning has arrived. "Hey, man, my fingers are cramped. How about we take a break?"
"Yeah, we'd better stop and get some sleep. As long we're up by 4:00, we should have plenty of time to get everything done before dark." He takes the chair that he was sitting on and motions for Trivette to do the same. They enter the room where he and Alex had slept and see Josie asleep in a sleeping bag on one side of the room and Alex curled up in a sleeping bag on the other side. Walker takes his chair and shoves it under the knob of one door while Trivette does the same under the knob of the kitchen door. Walker sets down, pulls his boots off, lays his gun belt next to the bag and slides inside next to Alex. When she feels his warm body next to her, she rolls against him, sighs contentedly when he pulls her close.
Trivette watches as Walker slips into the sleeping bag. Looking back at Josie, he shrugs his shoulders, takes his boots off and slides into the bag with her. He turns, takes her in his arms and shuts his eyes.
By 4:00 that afternoon, they were ready to put their plan into effect. Since they had spent the previous night searching the inside of the house, they wanted to take a quick look around outside before it got dark. They paired up and started off around the house in opposite directions, agreeing to meet at the front of the house.
"Alex, don't react to anything I may say or point to anything we find. I just want to look. If someone is watching us, I don't want them to know if we find anything, all right?" She nods and slips her hand into his, needing to feel his touch.
"Okay, but what are we looking for? Anything in particular?"
"Any place that looks as if it's seen a lot of traffic, you know, a worn dirt path, grass tromped down, anything that might tell us how they are entering the house."
They walk slowly around the house trying hard to give the appearance that they are just out for a stroll, "Walker, those basement doors look …."
"I know, I see them. Look at me, Alex and smile." She does as he asks, even leaning over and kissing him lightly on the cheek, but Walker sees the fear in her eyes. "That's fine, honey, you're doing great. There's Trivette and Josie. Let's keep the conversation light until we get back inside." As they approach Jimmy and Josie, Alex sees the forced grin on Josie face. It somehow makes her feel better to know that she's not the only one scared around here. Walker and Trivette walk together, talking and laughing, discussing things to do to fix up the house.
When they get back to the kitchen, Walker turns on the water in the sink and quickly tells Trivette about the path leading to the basement doors.
"But we didn't see any outside doors in the basement, man."
"I know. They must be on the other side of that huge door we couldn't get open. Trivette, we need to think of something that will draw them out." He shuts off the water and turns toward Alex, "Honey, maybe we should eat something before we get started. Come on, I'll help you fix up some sandwiches."
"Come on, Josie, let's get some fresh air while they fix up something to eat." He slides his arm around her waist and they slip out the back door onto the patio.
"There, sandwiches all made. You want to step out there and get Jimmy and Josie?"
"Okay … but first…" He takes her in his arms, pulls her close and lowers his lips to hers in a soft sensuous kiss. He releases her, looks into her eyes, then kisses her again. She prolongs their kiss as long as possible not wanting it to end. He finally pulls away, murmuring softly, "Woman, you're starting a fire that we can't put out right now."
"I know," She gently pushes him away then turns to set the plate of sandwiches on the table.
Walker eyes her for a few minutes then turns to go out the back door. Standing in the cool air, trying to clear his thoughts, he starts to call to Trivette and Josie when he sees their silhouette in the shade of the patio. Kissing. He watches for a few seconds, 'Sorry, Trivette, I can't, you can't' "Trivette, chow's ready." He watches as they part and when they turn to come inside, he heads back into the kitchen.
They keep the conversation light as they eat their sandwiches then just sit quietly making small talk as Walker doodles on a piece of paper. His doodles, however, are in fact a message to Trivette. After making sure that Trivette had read it, he crumbles it and slips it into his pocket. He then stands and reaches for Alex's hand, "Come on, hon, let's take a walk before it gets dark."
They walk with their arms around each other's waist, talking quietly. They stop once in a while for a kiss before walking again. Speaking softly, "Alex, do you have that letter that we found in the basement?"
"Yes, it's in my pocket."
"If I pull you back into my arms, can you take it out of your pocket and get the letter out of the envelope?
"I think so, why?"
"Because when we get back inside I want you to 'accidentally' drop the envelope on the floor. Which pocket?"
"Okay. Come here." He pulls her close and as her hand slips into her pocket, he kisses her deeply drawing it out as long as he dares. Finally pulling back, "Alex?"
"All done." He kisses her gently then they turn back toward the house.
When they return to the kitchen, Trivette and Josie are waiting for them. "Well, are you two ready to search the rest of the first floor."
Alex reaches into her pocket and pulls out a tissue. As she does, the envelope falls to the floor.
"Ready as we'll ever be, Walker. Come on, GHOSTBUSTERS!" The laughter can be heard as they go down the hallway to the foyer. After the laughter dies down, they quietly go into the dining room and then into the room where they had slept earlier that day.
They wait silently in the dark hoping the dropped envelope lures their 'ghosts' out into the open. The wait is short, as they see beams of light slicing through the dark and hear a whispered, "I saw a letter fall, I swear it … there it is, see I told you."
Walker and Trivette move silently into the kitchen, turn on their flashlights and catch their 'ghosts' with very shocked looks on their faces.
"Texas Rangers, don't either one of you, move, we're armed." Within a matter of minutes, the ghosts are tied and as the lantern is lit, they see a middle-aged couple whose faces show the result of the hard life they had chosen.
A week later, they are all gathered again in Alex's office listening to Cranston fill in the details of their adventure. This time, however, everyone is much more relaxed. Walker stands with his arm around Alex's waist and Jimmy stands with Josie at his side.
"The skeleton in the basement was that of Angie Cunningham and the body in the freezer was that of her husband, Tim. They were murdered to prevent Tim from claiming his inheritance. What the killers didn't know was that there really was no inheritance. The estate consisted only of that house and its grounds. There was no money. It was gone. The couple you apprehended was the Johnston's. They were Tim's father's servants and they were looking for a treasure that they thought the father had hidden in the house. They searched the house every night for years, desperately searching for a treasure that didn't exist. Apparently, people in the area noticed the lights going on and off at odd times throughout the house and occasionally would see shadows in the windows. This, of course, was the start of the 'haunted house' rumors. The house and grounds had been abandoned for several years. When no owner could be found, the county seized the property for payment of taxes. When the county put the property on the market and a buyer became interested, the Johnston's tried to keep up the 'haunted' atmosphere to give them more time to search for the treasure. Their biggest challenge came when you four moved in to dispel the rumors. The Johnston’s had no idea they were dealing with the Texas Rangers. They rigged up all kinds of theatrical tricks to scare you and even to trying to kill you with the chandelier. Little did they know that their efforts were for nothing because there never was a treasure hidden in that house.
Now that the house is rid of its 'haunted house' reputation, the buyer, who has insisted on remaining anonymous, has finalized the sale and is already making arrangements to start renovations next week. Thanks to the four of you, Dallas will be getting yet another way to help our young people get back on the right track. You all did a great job."
As everyone mills around shaking hands and joking about the Ghostbusters, Captain Price clears his throat and with a wink to Walker, says, "Ah hmm … I … understand that we have an event coming up in the spring." He looks around, staring deviously at everyone in the room, before his eyes stop on Trivette. "I understand that you are getting married. Is this the lovely lady?"
"Yes, sir, I am, and she is but how did you all find out? We just made the plans last night."
Capt. Price lays his hand on Trivette's shoulder, "Son, you're one of ours. You should know by now that you can't hide anything from the Texas Rangers.
Alex's office echoes with laughter as everyone congratulates Trivette and Josie on their upcoming nuptials.