It's baseball season and I'm sitting here watching my favorite team----THE TEXAS RANGERS (who else?) They are on a winning streak and so is my inspiration to write what happened in Walker and Alex's motel room when they were in Sage, Texas for that baseball game.

Grand Slam

By Sasquaw

Sage, Texas: October 15th, 2000

The Walkers, and Rangers Trivette, Gage, and Sydney have arrived in Sage, Texas for the 6th annual policeman's baseball game. The Rangers' team, The Broncos, are trailing in the bottom of the ninth, 5-2. It is now bases loaded, two out and Cordell Walker steps up to the plate. Alex is talking to her good friend and former law partner, Christy. The women stop talking as the announcer's voice booms out over the public address system.


            Alex smiles nervously as she watches her husband of almost 5 months take his stance at the plate. She whispers to her friend, "Oh no, bases loaded and Walker is up."
              The first pitch is a 'slider', Walker times it just perfect, a loud crack is heard and the ball is sent sailing over the center fence. The stands go wild and everyone starts clapping as a very excited Alex Walker stands up in the stands screaming. Tears of joy roll down her cheeks as she grabs her friend, shaking her jubilantly back and forth.
                       "Christy----did you see that? Walker----"MY" husband just hit a grand slam?"
            The women are jumping up and down as Alex starts heading for the quickest way down to the field. Walker is rounding the bases, his hands up in victory, the gleam in his eyes as bright as the sun hitting the gold in his wedding band. He crosses the home plate as his friends congratulate him with high fives and slaps to his back. Out of the corner of his eye he sees his beautiful blond headed wife running in his direction. He has a smile as big as TEXAS cross his face as he starts in her direction, shaking hands along the way.
            A young handsome player from the opposing team stops him, "Good game, Walker."
            Walker stops and looks at the young man, "Thanks-----Cooper, isn't it?"
            The young man extends his hand, "Yes----you know my goal is to be a Texas Ranger someday"?
            Walker grins, he feels so much pride in his profession and he feels extra proud when someone credits him with their choice in a career. "Well, it's a good choice----and the Rangers would be proud to have you----I'll see you tonight at the 10-7 roadhouse?"
            The young man says his regrets about not being able to join the celebration at the local  'watering hole', then walks away. Walker has barely enough time to look up as Alex jumps into his arms, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him

            "Way to go, Cowboy---a grand slam---you won the game!"
                   Walker's face turns red, as all of the players look in their direction. "I didn't win the game alone, Alex----I had the whole team behind me."
            Alex continues to embrace him, "As far as I'm concerned------you're the hero----MY HERO!"


            It is now a couple of hours later and everyone has changed out of their uniforms, and are now talking about the highlights of the game. The opposing team is good heartily praising Walker for his 'come from behind' four run win. They have now turned their attention to Ranger Sydney, the teams' shortstop.
                   Everyone is laughing and drinking. Walker and Alex are sitting at the end of the table, his left arm around her shoulder. She drops her right hand down discreetly to Walker's left thigh, her hand squeezing gently. Walker starts to sip his beer, he jerks slightly. He turns his head quickly and looks at her, narrowing his eyes. She pretends to pay him no mind as her hand inches slowly up his thigh.
            He sips his beer again, relaxing his legs, as her hand continues to find their destination. She is talking away to Jimmy, pretending to be saying something "pertaining" to the game She leans back slowly, closer into her husband. Her hand is doing a number on the front of his jeans, while Walker is trying to carry on a conversation with the man to his right.
            Alex now has her hand flat against the front of Walker's jeans, and commences to rub harder, she can feel his body starting to spasm, she rubs harder. Walker is trying to find a more comfortable position without drawing attention to himself.  He can feel himself getting aroused; the room is starting to get very warm. He signals for the waitress to bring him a colder beer, he looks to his wife and asks quietly.
                   "Another drink for you, hon?"
            Alex smiles back at him, never missing a beat as her hand continues to grope for the zipper on Walker's jeans that are now suddenly getting very tight.  She coos back at him, "No, sweetheart---I'm fine-----everything is----just fine!"
            Walker gives her a warning look as she goes back to talking to Trivette. Her fingers have worked the zipper down and she reaches in for her "prize".  Walker jerks as her soft fingers encircle his manhood, and he reaches for the cold beer and downs it.
            The man sitting to his right reaches out and slaps Walker on the shoulder, "Come on, Walker----let's shoot some pool!"
            Walker tries to clear his throat, "No----I'm not----up to it."
            Alex turns and looks at her husband, smiling at him, he knows that look all too well. "Oh, honey-----go ahead--you're up to it."
            Walker pulls her in tighter to him, squeezing her shoulder, "Are you---ready to call it a night?"
            Alex smiles and turns her head towards him, "Yes----yes, I am."
            She can feel his body relax as she gently pulls her hand from around his erection. She pulls the zipper up slowly, allowing him to 'deflate' slowly. Very discreetly, she allows her hand to come back up to the top of the table.
            "Well----it's been 'fun' you guys---but we're calling it a night."
            "Wait a minute, you two, you can't leave yet----the party is just starting," replies Gage.
            Walker and Alex stand up, and the bearded Ranger is so grateful he left the tail out of his western denim shirt. Otherwise, his 'condition’ would not only be obvious, but just the standing up would be ---painful. He grins back at everyone, hoping his voice will not crack.
            "Well, enjoy----we'll see you in the morning."
            Trivette snickers, "Old folks need their rest."
            Alex grins, reaching down to her husband's leg and pinching him lightly, "I didn't say anything about being tired----are you tired?"
            Walker grins back at her, his left hand going around to pinch her buttock, "Not----one bit."
            The 'ohs and "ahs" fill the room as the couple turn to walk out, their hands brushing across each others' rears. The men on the opposing team grin in envy of the Ranger, their eyes going up and down the body of the blond in the tight fitting jeans. Her peach colored sweater is doing overtime as the men fight their imaginations from doing the same.


            The couple falls through the door of the motel room as Walker barely gets the door open. He braces himself to keep them from hitting the floor, pushing Alex gently towards the wall, his hands going up under her buttocks while his mouth entwines with hers. They are both breathing heavy as Walker whispers, "Ooohhh, you're going to pay, woman.  I thought our end of the table was going to start rising because of my 3rd leg."
            Alex is giggling and kissing her husband's chest, pushing his shirt back. "Promises, promises---------did I embarrass you?"
            Walker pulls her sweater up and over her head, his lips searching for her right breast. His hand cups her as his mouth closes over her breast, and sucks.
            He pulls back, and continues to massage her, "Embarrass?  You're going to think 'embarrassed'------you're not going to be walking straight in the morning------explain that to your friend, Christy."
            Alex reaches out and takes Walker's bottom lip into her mouth and nibbles gently, "Who cares what she thinks----she shouldn't have admitted to me, that she's had a crush on you."
            Walker reaches for her left breast, his tongue circling her nipple, his eyelids dance up and down teasingly. "A crush on me?  Really?"
            Alex is breathing harder as she pulls Walker's face back to hers, "Oh, quit playing coy----you've known all along that Christy had a crush on you when she was in Dallas."
            Walker sighs, "Oh----you said "had" a crush on me----she doesn't anymore?"
            Alex lets her right hand drop to Walker's crotch; he parts his legs eagerly without any hesitation. She grabs his bulge and squeezes lightly.  "She better not have--------or I will be defending myself in a murder charge!"
                  Walker's hands are reaching back to his wife's buttocks,  his face going in between her breasts. "Oh----- I love the 'killer instinct' in you."
            Alex sighs and pushes her husband back gently-----"Ahhhh, honey----you need to hit the showers."
                 "Shower?----Now?----I don't think so---you've put me through the ringer for the last hour----getting me all hot and bothered-----now you want me to shower?"
            Alex bites her bottom lip, pushing it out---pouting. Her eyes continue to tease him. "Please---honey?"
            Walker looks at her puzzled, "Alex-----I just showered before we went to the roadhouse---are you trying to tell me that I have b.o.?"
            "No, sweetheart-----I just need a few minutes---please will you give me a few minutes-----to do-----what I have to do?"
                    Walker's eyes narrow as he smiles softly, "What are you up to, Mrs. Walker?  No way are you sending me to the showers, you started something woman----and you're going to finish it!"
            Alex pushes him gently towards the bathroom, "Come on honey----I'll join you---in just a few minutes----okay?"
               Walker's shoulders slump, he shakes his head. "Am I going to like this delay?"
            Alex nods her head, "Oh, I guarantee it------you might say I'm going to knock you out of the ball park."
            Walker turns around and starts backing his wife up, "Knock me out of the ball park? You mean "blow" me out of the ballpark---right? I hope-----I hope."
            Alex puts her hands up, "Well, you're never going to know---till you hit the showers."
            Again, Walker eyes her suspiciously, "Are you going to be using one of those---you know----douching crèmes ----that I like---the strawberries and crème------or is it the watermelon?"

            "Okay, okay----I'll get the shower started---just hurry up-----or I might----get out of the mood----and you'll have to work extra hard to get me back into it----and you know---how much I-----I hate all ----that extra work."
            Alex is fighting to keep from laughing, "Oh, yes-----I know how much you hate that----about as much as I hate 'trying' to get you in the mood."
            Walker starts backing up to the bathroom, he shakes his finger at her, "You better not be too long----you got 5 minutes."
            Walker reaches into the shower and turns the water on, but he keeps looking back into the bedroom. Alex is standing there, giving him that 'look', and motioning for him to close the door. He sighs, wondering what she's going to come up with next. Ever since the day he met this woman, she was constantly one step ahead of him, and he had to admit----he liked it! He never knew what to expect from her in the romance department, sex with Alexandra Cahill-Walker was never boring---or routine!
            Before they were married, there was the mechanical bull and her imitation of a Debra Winger 'wanna be", then there was the time she made a banana split out of him. Things really got spicy on their honeymoon, in the 'honeymoon capitol of the world----Paris, France! There she discovered the body crèmes and the countless ways she could use them. The first week he was exhausted, trying to keep up with her, and he swore that as soon as he got back to Texas, he was going to sleep for a week!!!


            It is now almost 10 minutes later and a 'water logged' Ranger is getting very impatient. He pokes his head out of the shower.
            "Alex?  What's taking so long?"
            There's no answer as Walker washes his face, rubbing his beard. "Alex! Honey----come on---the water is cooling down."
            There is still silence. Walker is getting worried. "This doesn't feel right," he mutters, stepping out of the shower and putting a towel around his waist, and reaching back to turn the water off.
            The bedroom is dark as Walker pads barefoot into the room, and sees a shadow on the other side of the room. "Alex----I've been calling out to you----why didn't you answer me---what's ---------"
            The light from the bathroom falls softly on the shadow moving out, Walker can only stare, his eyes grow wide.
                     Alex sashays towards him slowly, wearing nothing but his baseball cap, and his jersey that is unbuttoned all the way down----revealing---no underwear! She has a bat resting up against her left shoulder, she whispers.
            "Hi, Cowboy-----wanna play ball with me?"
            The soft light circles Alex like a 'halo', the Ranger is speechless as Alex keeps walking towards him. The baseball cap sits askew on her head, with her blond hair pulled up under it, wisps of curls dangle down. She has applied fresh makeup and is wearing a deep red lipstick that is---oh so wet looking. She runs her tongue over her top lip, back and forth---knowing it drives her man crazy. Her blue eyes are smoky and the deep blue jersey---only accents them more. With her free hand, she takes her long, manicured nails and teasingly pushes the jersey back, just enough for him to see her breasts.
            Walker just stands there and stares, he can feel the towel starting to rise. He takes a deep breath and groans, his eyes going all the way down to the tail of his baseball jersey. Her long silky legs seem to go on and on, he tries to speak, but his voice is hoarse.
            "Damn it, woman-----that jersey----never looked so good."
            Alex giggles, taking the baseball bat down from her shoulder and imitates a "bunt" gesture. "Shall I go for the bunt----or a full count?"
            Walker is grinning as he reaches out and takes the bat away from her, and pitches it to the other side of the room. His eyes never leave the jersey, and what is waiting for him underneath it. He exhales slowly, his hands going towards the jersey and slipping inside, finding her breasts.
                    "Woman-----we are going for the full count---no short cuts in this game--------and when you get to first base---I'll have a little surprise for you".
            Alex continues to lick her lips----------"Darn----I have to wait---till I get to first base----I don't think I can."
            Walker takes her right breast into his mouth and twirls his tongue around her nipple, and stares up at her, "Oh---you're going to like first base----first base can be very----dangerous----a lot of 'pop up flies' and 'grounders' come down the first base line. And, my job as first baseman is to 'protect the runner'---and I do my job very well---I might add!"
            Alex strokes the side of his cheek, whispering---"Let the games begin."
            Walker grins, reaches down and sweeps his wife up in his arms and heads for their bed. Alex is nibbling on his chest and neck, "What?  No national anthem?"
            Walker laughs and lays her down gently, "Are you kidding, I'm already at full staff."
            "Okay, Cowboy---I'm all ready for my lesson in baseball----now, introduce me to first base."
                    Walker's hands are going back inside his jersey, kneading her breasts very slowly. "Well, first of all-----I have to guard the runner and that means I have to keep you very close---so I will be very snug against you, that's called crowding.  And, to do this, I have to put my arms around you----and keep you in between me and second base----like this."
            Alex giggles as her husband's hands squeeze tighter around her waist and pulling her back against him. All of a sudden, she pulls away from him.
            "Wait a minute, Cowboy---this is not the way you were playing first base----are you trying to play interference?  And by the way---it's a darn good thing that there weren't any female players on that opposite team, because if I saw you protecting first base like this with 'them'------you would be in a lot of trouble!"
            Walker starts to nibble on Alex's neck, his right hand going down the front of the jersey, while his left hand continues to massage her breast. "I'm not crazy," he whispers, "I would never try to protect my base like that, with you watching from the stands!"
            Alex smiles, "You better not ever try it with me a thousand miles away!"
            Walker has now found her mound and begins to rub his palm across it slowly, "Hon-------I wouldn't be fool enough to try it, with you on the same planet!"
            "Smart comeback, Cowboy---now explain to me about 'sliders, fastballs, and what was that famous pitch called---the Vulcan?"
            Walker hesitates, "The Vulcan ball----how do you know about that one?"
            Alex giggles, reaching back for her husband's hand and encouraging him to continue, "I've heard you and Jimmy talk about it, now do you mind demonstrating?"
            Walker buries his head into Alex's neck and starts trying to give her a ‘hicky’  “Are you sure about a demonstration---it might be painful."
            "Lay it on me, Cowboy," she coos.
            Walker grins, "Why don't I just start from the top and cover all there is for you to know about baseball. First of all, a player has to limber up----get your body completely relaxed and we will do some stretching exercises."
                  "Sweetheart------I stretch muscles that I never knew I had, until I had sex with you," Alex murmurs.
            The Ranger laughs, "Okay, let's start with the legs-----hmmmmm---a good place to start------and end." Walker strokes her long legs gently, raising them straight up and over his shoulders. "It's important to keep the legs limber-------less cramps."
            Alex is starting to get warm as Walker continues to stroke her legs, letting his hands slip gently inside her thighs. "Now------ we have to stretch the arms, "and he pulls her arms over her head and lays them back on the bed, "No cheating----keep your arms back, this is called resistance."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "Resistance, to what?"
            Walker kisses her raised arms, going slowly down to her neck and then to her breast, "Don't ask questions------that's 'taunting' the batter.  And, I certainly don't want you to be ejected from the game."
            "And, just who is going to be doing the ejecting?"
            "Alex------no questions----a batter has to concentrate on the pitching------he steps up to the plate and sizes up the situation, and the pitcher."
            Alex giggles, "I take it-----I'm the pitcher-----"
            Walker says nothing as he sits back on the bed, with his legs doubled underneath him, stroking her legs and just staring into her eyes, he grins.
                       "Oooooh, yes------and you're 'pitching' all kinds of signals-----now, will it be a "slider or a curve ball?"
            Alex swallows and takes a deep breath as Walker lowers himself to her mound. She gasps as he lets his tongue lap slowly across her mound, her arms start to come down, and he pushes them back. His eyes look up at her, "Oops----that's a 'balk'----ball one!"
            "A 'balk'---," Alex's eyes go up in question, "is that a baseball term----or----are you just making that up?"
            Walker remains silent, "You're 'taunting' again----that can lead to early 'ejection'----and you certainly don't want that-----or should I say----I don't want it. -----Concentrate, Alex------ you're ahead in the count-------"
            "That's good-------isn't it?"
            Walker replies with his tongue flickering in and out, "Oh----that's real good, and I can feel----you're finally getting into the game-----but, you need a 'spit ball' and they can be ---oh----so----wet."
            Alex is getting warmer as she feels Walker's tongue go deeper, gently pulling at the sides of her vagina, she groans-----"When------do I get the-----Vulcan?"
            Walker slowly moves his head away from her mound and inserts a finger into her vagina, she jerks. "Not for awhile----yet-----I just felt a 'slider' and that was strike one."
            The room is starting to get warmer as Alex takes a deep breath, Walker goes back to her mound and caresses it lightly with his tongue, letting it flicker in and out slowly, while he rotates his index finer deeper inside her. She moans as he increases the motion with both his tongue and finger, she tries to rise up, but he pulls her down with his left hand. He takes another finger and inserts it slowly, then builds up the tempo. He can feel her getting warmer, her juices are starting to flow, he stops and moves up to her lips, slowly licking and biting her belly, and her breasts.
                 "Walker" Alex whispers-----"I have-----I have---a complaint."
            The Ranger stops and looks at her, "What----kind of a complaint?"
            She kisses him long and tender, tasting her fluids, ----"Why should you-----have all the fun-----I didn't get any batting practice," she looks back at him with those blue eyes, teasing.
            Walker grins, "Batting practice-----ohhhh baby----you can have ----all the batting practice-----you want," and lays back on the bed, with his hands behind his head----still grinning.
            Alex sits up in bed, reaches for her cap and throws it across the room, Walker's eye dart from the cap being tossed, back to the determination in his wife's eyes. "Ooh, ----you mean 'business'-----don't you?"
            Alex smiles, deviously----"I don't like obstacles getting in the way," she starts gliding over her husband's long, hard body. She looks down at his manhood, which has come to full attention. "Maybe------I'll practice the Vulcan pitch-----on you----since I am suppose to be the pitcher."
            The Ranger's eyes grow big, visualizing the grip that goes into the Vulcan. "Ahhh----careful hon-----that's quite a grasp----that---that there pitcher uses----I mean----it's difficult to master."
            Alex grins bending her head down to his penis and taking it all the way into her mouth, and then lets it slide back out. Walker's reaches back for something to hold onto, he grips the sheet tightly, exhaling a long sigh.
            Alex smiles, taking his manhood into her right hand and strokes up and down, "What---were you saying, sweetheart----you don't think----I can 'master' it?"
            Walker shakes his head up and down, his voice cracks as he starts to speak, "Never---mind------just continue with-----what you ----started-----you'll get----the hang of it."
            Alex is fighting to keep from laughing.  She strokes his penis harder, letting it rest up against her mouth, she teases it with her tongue, all the time---watching the look on her husband's face turn from delight to sheer ecstasy. His eyes are starting to roll back as she commences to stroke harder, he sighs.
            "Jee---ez, woman----I still say----you missed ---your calling," he whispers, “you can keep this up all night-----and---all morning------whatever---you want-----"
            Alex stops and looks at him, " I think----I've had enough---batting practice--------I call a delay in game---I want a conference."
                  Walker's eyes narrow, " Alex-----the pitcher----doesn't call for a 'delay in game'-----there's----no such rule," he replies disappointedly.
            Alex giggles and starts up to her husband's face, letting her mound slide gently over his swollen membrane, she reaches for his mouth and kisses him slow, letting her tongue find his. She pulls away and looks at him, "In this game------I make the rules and I say---I want a conference--at the mound!"
Walker's eye lids dance up and down, "At the mound?------Why didn't you say so?"                      Walker reaches up with his left hand, and flips Alex over on her side. She's grinning back at him, anticipating her husband's next move. She moves more to the center of the bed, to accommodate his weight. He finds her right breast and begins to encircle the nipple with his tongue, then quickly goes to the left one. Alex gasps as he ever so slowly moves down her slender body, kissing and licking, sucking on her navel.
            As his tongue goes deep into her vagina, she moans. "Am I ready for the Vulcan yet?"
            Walker rises up and grins, "Not yet--------I feel another 'slider' coming-----and that's ball two."
            "How-----many strikes?"
            "Only one------you may 'walk' me-----but you'll never strike me out-----I feel a homerun in the making."
            Alex giggles-----"Oh yes-----another one out of the ballpark?"
            Walker says nothing, as he pulls her body deeper into the bed and goes back to her 'mound'. He reaches under her and inserts two fingers into her anus, she jerks, as he stretches her rectal muscles. As his fingers move deeper inside her anus, his tongue continues to go deeper, pulling on her vaginal walls.
                       "Walker-------come up ----here-----please."
            Without missing a beat, Walker replies, "Nope-----not yet----you're not ready-----and neither am I."
            The room is getting warmer, and Alex closes her eyes.
            Walker stops and moves up to her belly button, grins at her and then sits back on his bended legs, pulling her down close to him.
            "Okay, Mrs. Walker-----you want the Vulcan----you're going to get it-----are you sure?"
            Alex's eyes grow big, she nods her head slowly, not sure what she's agreeing to, "Yes-----I -----think so."
            "Good-------because you are more than ready."
            Alex watches as her husband slides back down to her nest and he slowly starts flickering his tongue in and out. She continues to watch him as he looks back at her, then he takes his three middle fingers and crooks them slightly, and inserts them slowly, going deep. His thumb finds her clitoris and he rubs it back and forth.
            Alex's body jerks upward, Walker holds her steady with his left hand. She moans even louder, "You've------done this----before----right?"
                Walker's eyes continue to watch her, he replies slowly, "Nope-----I'm making this up as I go along-----does it hurt?"
            "Ahhh-----a little."
            "Want me to stop?"
            "Alex takes a deep breath, "No way----Cowboy----you started it-----you finish ---it."
            Walker smiles, "Good girl-----'cause I don't think I could stop-----even if I wanted to."
                  Walker's fingers go deeper, his thumb rubs harder and his tongue is causing Alex to come up off the bed. She groans, "Walker!!!!"
            He withdraws his fingers and rubs her mound lightly with his hand, then brushes his tongue quickly over her. She reaches out for him as he finds her lips, spreading her legs, and then enters her quickly. He can feel her body starting to jerk in unison with his in long, even strokes. Their tongues are like snakes, they are breathing heavily. Their bodies are hot, their fluids are starting to spill, and Alex can feel the fluid dripping down the inside of her thigh. Walker has never felt her so hot before, he withdraws and goes back to her hot, wet, nest. He licks the inside of her thigh and his tongue goes deep, lapping her fluids. She starts reaching for him again.
                  Walker gently covers his wife's body again, entering her with one quick thrusts, coming all the way out and thrusting back into her. She matches his body movements, as his right hand goes up under her buttock and enters his middle finger into her anus again. Alex's body is jerking and the room is spinning.
            Walker whispers, "You've never------felt so ----hot before----are you ready?"
            Alex can only nod, as they both climax at the same time. Walker's legs become Jell-O as he collapses on top of her.
            The lovers lay next to each other, trying to get their breath. Walker whispers, "Told you I felt a homerun coming."

            The next morning:
            Alex is awakened to the sound of someone singing. She rubs her eyes and starts to sit up in bed, she sees her husband backing into the room, carrying a tray of coffee, juice, and sweet rolls.
            She smiles as she watches him cross to their bed, he's still singing as he sits the tray down and bends over, finishing the last line in the song.
            "And, as long as there's stars overrrrr Texas-
            I'll hang the mooooooonnnn for you."
He finishes the song and then kisses her long and tender, "Good morning, gorgeous!"
            Alex giggles, touches his bearded cheek and looking at him with those blue eyes, "Someone is mighty happy this morning?"
            Walker reaches over for the orange juice, sips it, then hands it to her. He teases, "Why shouldn't I be happy-------my baseball team won yesterday!"
            Alex's eyes narrow----"That better not be the only reason for that smile on your face, Cowboy!"
            He laughs and lays down on the bed beside her, stroking her left thigh as it lays atop the sheet. "Here, hon----I got you sweet rolls----figured you could use some quick energy-----so you can have that meeting with Christy-----so you women can 'talk about me'!"
            Alex kicks out at him, playfully, "Now, why would I want to talk about you with another woman------do you discuss me---with other men?"
            Walker is still teasing her, "All the time."
            Alex giggles, "Yeah-----I just bet you do-----Aren't you eating anything----do you want a sweet roll?"
            Walker reaches for his coffee, "Nope-----I've had three already------now I got to burn the calories off-----any suggestions?"
            Alex's eyes study her husband's face, "I would love to go another round with you, maybe two----but I did promise Christy that I would come by and go over some of her cases with her."
            Walker nods his head slowly, "Okay-----do you remember me telling you last night that when you got to first base, I would have a little surprise for you?"
            "Yes-------what kind of surprise are you talking about?"
            Walker reaches over and kisses her softly, reaches into his pocket and takes out a small, blue, box, trimmed in blue velvet. "This--------I was going to wait and give it to you on our 6 month anniversary-----------but----I want you to have it now."
            Alex's eyes look to her husband and then to the box, "What's this?"
            "Open it-----and see," Walker replies softly.
            Alex opens the box and takes out a locket, in the shape of a crescent moon, with two hearts dangle down. Her eyes start to 'tear up' and she tries to speak, "Oh, sweetheart-----it's beautiful."

Walker smiles, "Remember last month when Trivette and I had to come down here for that jewelry heist?------Well, as we were waiting for the owner to fill out his report I started looking around and I asked the jeweler if I designed something, could he make it. He said yes, so I designed this----there's a inscription on the back."
            The tears are starting to fall as Alex turns the locket over:
            Alex is crying harder as she reaches out and put her arms around him, "Oh, Walker-----is there any wonder why I love you so much----how dare Jimmy say you haven't got a romantic bone in your body, I'm going to punch him out-the next time he says that!"
            Walker laughs, "Careful hon, I have that 'tuff guy" image to live up to, we don't want to break his bubble."
            Alex is sniffling, as she hands the locket to her husband so he can put it around her neck. "Tuff guy image, huh? You can pretend to be so tough when you're in the office, and on a case----but thank God, you're not that way in the bedroom-----you're my Lancelot, my Romeo. Jimmy would really eat his words if he ever heard you recite poetry!"
                 "Ahhhhh, Alex----let's don't go spreading that around---okay?"
            Alex has her arms around her husband's neck, "Why? ---Oh okay----I won't embarrass you."
            Walker kisses her softly, "You better get up and start moving around, you said you were going to meet Christy at 10am."
            Alex groans, "I hate you."
            "What? Why do you hate me----it couldn't be because you're a little sore-----this morning----could it?"
            Alex grits her teeth, "I am so sore----I'm not going to be able to walk."
            Walker stands up and gently pulls his wife out of bed and points her in the direction of the bathroom, "Go take a nice hot shower----you'll feel-----a little better, and by 11o'clock, you'll feel a lot better----I guarantee it!"
            Alex looks back at him, and heads naked toward the bathroom. "What are you up to, Cordell Walker?"
            Walker is grinning, "You'll find out!"
            At exactly 11o'clock, Alex and Christy's meeting is interrupted by a soft tap on the office door.
            A young man stands there with a huge bouquet of red roses. "Alex Walker?"
            "That's me," Alex says, surprised.
            "These are for you," and the young man hands the flowers to a very surprised Alex.
            Both she and Christy stare at the flowers, "Oh Alex----they're gorgeous!  They smell so heavenly."
            Alex stands there for the longest and then reading the card, she smiles. Christy looks at her and sighs.
            "God, Alex-----are you sure that Walker doesn't have a brother out there somewhere---that would sweep me off my feet,---the way Walker sweeps you?"
            Alex just sighs, and holds the card next to her heart, "I'm sorry, Christie-----but when God made Cordell Walker----be broke the mold."


It is now the middle of November and the Walkers are feeling devastated about losing their temporary foster care for little Max. The boy has been re-united with his Mother and they are going to live with her parents. The phone rings and Alex gets up to answer it.
            As Walker is watching the sun set, Alex very softly tells him that she is 8 weeks pregnant. Walker can only say "Wow"---over and over as the two embrace and he keeps touching her belly. Suddenly, Alex pulls away.
            "Eight weeks----eight weeks---oh my God, I got to check something!"
            Walker is confused, "What? What's wrong?"
            Alex turns and runs into the house grabbing a calendar, Walker runs in behind her. "What are you doing, hon?"
            Alex turns to him, "I got to know-----when I conceived----now eight weeks, I got to count back eight weeks------that would make it----October----October15th."
                Walker's eyes narrow as he repeats the date, "Why does that date stick out so much----wait a minute----that's when we were at that baseball game----in Sage, Texas!"
            Alex looks back at him, her face is glowing, "That's right! It was the game in which you hit that grand slam!"
            Walker stares back at her, and then he grins, "Hmmm two grand slams----in one evening----DAMN, I'M GOOD!"
            He starts laughing as Alex giggles, taking his face in both hands and squeezing his lips together, kissing him, "Well-----I've always known that-----Daddy!"
            (The sound of a baby's laugh fills the evening air, as the Walkers hold each other tight)


July 4th, 2001