Happy Mothers Day

By Sasquaw

            The bearded Ranger watches patiently as his daughter of almost 2 years looks at all the pretty flowers before her. The little girl is grinning and touching each of the petals on the roses. She laughs, bringing her hand down quickly as if an invisible little elfin has touched her tiny little hands.
            She looks back to her daddy and smiles; her blue eyes light up her whole face. She points back to the roses.
            "Look, Daddy---pwetty flowers---smell good."
            Walker smiles and kneels down on the floor of the florist shop, he kisses his daughter gently, "Yes, they do smell pretty---which ones do you want to buy for Mommy?"
            She bounces up and down, squealing --"All of them, Daddy------me buy all of them!"
            The lady florists smiles back at the Ranger, "Your daughter has good taste in flowers--they are all pretty---but expensive."
            Walker laughs, nodding his head. "Yep---until I met the mother of my little girl here--I never even knew the price of roses. In the past few years I've gotten to know every florist shop in Dallas---and the prices!"
            Angela has spotted more flowers and runs to them, Walker follows her. Angela stops and looks at some pale colored flowers of purple and white clusters. Her little mouth purses together, she replies softly.
                "Mommy likes those kind-----buy them kind, Daddy!”
            Walker stares back at the flowers in question, and then to his little blonde headed daughter. He reaches out and touches the flowers, then sniffs them gently.
            "Let me smell, Daddy---let me smell!"
            Walker reaches down and picks up his daughter and holds her up to the flowers, and she takes a deep whiff. "They smell pretty---just like Mommy---buy them, daddy-----please!"
            "Okay, baby, okay---whatever you say. Do you want roses, too?"
            "No, Daddy---pay the lady the money---let's take Mommy the pretty flowers now."
            The florist has followed them over to the other flowers, and Walker starts digging for his wallet. Angela is again jumping up and down, clapping her little hands together.
            "My Mommy is in the hospital----she's got two babies!"
            The florist stares back at Angela, "Two babies---twins?  Are they boys or girls?"
            Walker is grinning from ear to ear as he watches his daughter hold up two fingers---"Yes---I got two brothers---you want one?"
            The florist bursts out laughing and Walker shakes his head at his daughter, "No, Angela---you can't give one of your brothers away----they would get lonely without each other and that would not only make them cry, but Mommy and me, too."

Angela stares back at her Daddy and then to the florist, she shakes her head, "You can't have one---we got to keep both of them---so Mommy won't cry."
            The florist nods her head slowly and smiles, "I think that's best.  Two brothers----what are their names?"
            Angela looks to her Daddy, "What are their names, Daddy?"
            Walker hands the florist a credit card, and then smiles down at his daughter, "We don't know yet, baby---that's why we got to hurry and get to the hospital so Mommy and I can decide on names before the hospital decides they want to keep them."
                 Angela's eyes grow wide, "Keep 'em?  Daddy---if they don't have names---the hospital will keep them?"
            Walker looks to the florists and winks, "Yeah---afraid so."
            Angela starts to cry, then grabs her daddy's pant leg, "Daddy---let's go---hurry."
 Walker laughs softly and then looks to the florist, "Can you make sure the flowers will be delivered within the hour, to St. Mathews hospital, room 610?"
            The florists is laughing as Angela is pulling on her daddy's pant leg and urging him to hurry, "Yes, we have a truck going there now, do you want to sign the card?"
            "Most definitely," Walker replies, "I will never make the mistake again about not signing the card."
            Walker takes the card and signs it, "Alex---you make my days worth waking up to, and my nights complete with my arms embracing you. I will always hang the moon for you, love, Walker."
              "Angela---come sign your name."
            "No, Daddy----no time---hurry, daddy---lets' go."
                     "Angela, we have plenty of time---come on---Daddy will help you to sign it."
            He holds the pen out for her, and he helps her to climb up on the counter. "I can write my name, Daddy---it's like this."
            She scribbles a large ‘A’---"There!  That's my name."
            The florist looks at the ‘A’ and smiles ----‘A’ for Angela--that's a very pretty name, it comes from the word--angels---did you know that?"
            Angela starts nodding her head up and down, "Yes---my Mommy and Daddy say that an angel was in my room, and she protected me."
            Walker remains quiet as he looks to the florist and smiles. The florist reaches behind her to the stuffed animals, and starts searching for something in particular. She finds a doll with angel wings, the doll has blonde hair and big blue eyes, she hands it to Angela, and the little girl takes it to her body and squeezes it.
            Walker starts reaching for his wallet again, but the florist shakes her head--"No charge."
            Walker clears his throat, "Angela, what do you say to the nice lady?"
            "Thank you--so much---she's so pretty."
            "You're so welcome, Angela---will you come back again and visit me, and bring your little brothers, too?"
            "Yes ma'am," Angela continues to hold the doll tightly.
            Walker and Angela leave the florist shop, heading for the hospital. They are about half way to the hospital when Walker remembers he has left his Stetson behind, he makes a u-turn and starts back to the florists shop. Pulling up to the front door, he runs in quickly to retrieve his hat. He doesn't see the lady florist anywhere around, a young man is sweeping up.
            "Excuse me---but I left my hat here---a black Stetson with a silver band."
            The young man stops sweeping, "Oh yeah, the delivery truck just left---they're sending your hat with the flowers you ordered."
            Walker keeps looking out to his Ram to keep an eye on Angela, he breathes a sigh of relief, "Thank you--I just want to say that the lady that just waited on me and my daughter was most helpful--I forgot to thank her---would you get her for me please?"
            The young man stares back at the ranger and says quietly, "She's already left for the day, you were her last customer."
            Walker stammers, looking back to the truck, "Oh, well, I'll come by tomorrow and thank her--you've been most helpful--thank you."
            As Walker goes back to his truck, another man walks up to the younger one, he sighs softly.
            "Every Mother's day, she helps someone------we'll never forget her, will we, son?"
            The young man wipes a tear from his eye, "No Dad, it's been nearly two years since Mom died, she always comes back to us in some shape or form, and she's still passing out those dolls with wings."
            "And---the lilacs--don't forget the lilacs---how she loved them."
            The two men stare as the Ram heads for St. Mathews hospital. Walker is still puzzled about something as he looks to Angela as she plays with her doll.
                "Angela---baby---how did you know that Mommy liked lilacs?"
            Angela kisses the doll, and smiles back at Walker--"The angel told me, Daddy---she said to tell Mommy--"Happy Mother's Day."
                                                               The end--Mother's Day 2003