High Stakes
By: Tammy


"Jimmy, what do you think you are doing?" C.D. asked as he watched Trivette swing Alex around the dance floor.

"Alex is teaching me how to dance." Jimmy said as he attempted to two-step. Unfortunately Jimmy was stepping on Alex's feet more than the floor.

"Ouch! Jimmy watch what you are doing." Alex said stepping back for a second.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, let's try it again." Alex sighed as she sat down for a second rubbing her feet.

"Jimmy, this new interest in country dancing wouldn't have anything to do with a new girl, would it?" C.D. asked as Jimmy gave him a Cheshire cat grin.

Just then Walker came up to the booth they frequented. "What's going on?"

"Jimmy's breaking poor Alex's feet." C.D. responded.

"Come again?"

"Jimmy, wants to learn how to dance so I offered to teach him. The only problem is he is having a little trouble staying off of my toes." Alex said glancing towards Walker.

"Dancing huh?" Walker asked looking between Alex and his partner.

"Yes Walker…dancing." Trivette responded knowing the joking was soon to come and would last for days.

"Well, Trivette, watch and learn…" Walker said taking Alex by the hand and leading her to the dance floor.

Trivette and C.D. watched as the happily engaged couple began to dance around the open floor. "How does he do it?" Trivette asked watching them as the music moved them as they matched each other perfectly. Each step was made without thought.

"Do what…dance?" C.D. asked as his attention was held even as other couples joined them.

"Of course I mean dance."

"Practice Jimmy, practice."

"You know Jimmy's the only one who needs practice." Alex said as her and Walker danced around the floor. Her arms wrapped gently around his neck pulling him close. She loved being this close, feeling secure and at peace. He was such a powerful man and yet with her he was always so gentle.

"If you want I could go over to the bar and…" Walker said stopping for a split second.

"No…not yet." Alex said pulling him back. "Let's just stay here for another song."

C.D. had gone over to the jukebox and slid a quarter into the slot. Glancing through the many choices he smiled when he reached one in particular. He made the selection and walked back to the bar.

"What did you do Big Dog?" Trivette asked as C.D. came over with a huge grin on his face.

"Let's just say your dance lessons are probably over for the evening."

"One more dance, then back to Jimmy." Walker nodded at the request. Suddenly the jukebox began playing a song that mesmerized the both of them.

How do you fall in love
How do you say I do
When is the perfect time
To spend the rest of your life
Seasons may come and go
And sometimes it rains and snows
And there will be highs and lows
So only you will know
You never know just where it will find you
'Cause it's more than sowing some seeds
It takes sun and water
So give it what it needs
And that's how you fall in love
That's when you say I do
That's when you know it's time
To spend the rest of your life
Now seasons may come and go
And sometimes it rains and snows
There will be highs and lows
So only you will know
There will be highs and lows
So only you will know

"Thanks a lot Big Dog. I will never learn how to dance now." Trivette said a little upset.

"Sorry Jimmy, I just thought those two could use some help now. They are finally beginning to relax." Trivette glanced back out to the floor and nodded accepting what C.D. said.

"You know what would make this night ever better? " Walker said looking into the bright blue eyes that were before him.


"Come on." Walker took her by the hand and led her out the door. The past week had been as close to hell on earth as possible. Trivette and Walker had been working really hard on a case. A daughter of a State Senator had disappeared. They had worked around the clock to find her, to save her. Finally they did find her, but it had been too late, Tonya had been brutally raped and murdered. Still searching for the killer Walker and Trivette, with the help of Alex, had begun to place some pressure on a Reggie Fredricks. The only problem was Walker had been so caught up in finding Tonya and now her killer, he hadn't spent anytime with Alex. They barely had seen each other at the office and by the time Walker and Trivette finished up their leads it was too late. Alex had finally decided to leave a note for him requesting his presence at C.D.'s. She understood how it was, but she wanted to be selfish and have him all to herself for a little bit.

"Where are you taking me?" Alex asked as Walker drove out of Dallas.

"It's a surprise." He responded as Alex threw him a glance. Driving up to the cliff Walker stopped the RAM and got out as Alex followed behind. To the West was the most gorgeous sunset either could remember. Together they sat on the edge of the cliff watching the vibrant colors that illuminated the sky. A nice gentle breeze filled the air with the fragrance of flowers that were growing nearby. As the sun said goodnight the air chilled just a bit and Walker took off his jacket to offer it to Alex who took it graciously.

"I thought you would enjoy this."

"I've missed you," Walker said catching her off guard with his words. But he had missed her it was becoming harder and harder to stay away from her. He could only imagine how hard it would be once they finally got married. He too had missed being with her. After finding Tonya he had gone off by himself for two days, and he knew that had hurt Alex. Sure she understood that he needed his time alone, but for the first time in their relationship he hadn't truly enjoyed being alone with only his solitude to keep him company. Now he was back and even though he really hadn't talked about it just being with the woman he loved was helping him deal with the death of the young girl.

"How are you doing?" Alex asked not wanting to rush his disclosure in the issue. But she was concerned, but so far he hadn't really said a word but she knew it would come, when he was ready.

"All right." He said nothing more but instead pulled her close into his arms. She could tell the tension that had been in his embrace earlier had receded and as she laid her head against her chest she knew he was healing. She loved knowing all it took was her near him to help him through a time of crises.

Several hundred yards away Reggie Fredricks watched the two though binoculars. He had followed them to the spot and was trying to figure out how to put his plan into action. Reggie had been following Alex long before Tonya. For months he had gone everywhere the blonde ADA had gone. He wanted her so badly, to feel her against him…he had to stop…this much planning wasn’t going to stop Reggie from his goals.

"Let's go away, get out of Dallas and…" Alex stopped as she looked up at Walker who wore a questioning expression. She knew there was no way Walker would leave…not with this case left open. "I'm sorry, I can dream can't I?"

Nodding his head he once again wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her in his strength and love. She was so soft to touch, so wonderful to hold. He wanted to say yes, wanted to run off to Tahiti and take that vacation she had promised him years ago, but how, he had a criminal to catch.

"Alex, I promise you, soon…ok?"

"Don't make promises you can't keep." Alex said solemnly. As much as she would love for him to leave with her she also knew things usually didn't work out for them.

"Ok smart-alec you make the reservations and as soon as we get Fredricks we'll go, just you and me." Alex looked at him with a look of uncertainty, exactly who was this man that was sitting with her?

"Walker, are you serious?" She asked sitting up.

"Yes, I'm serious."

"You…" Alex said leaning over to him.

As he shifted to meet her he lost his balance and fell onto his back. Alex moved so her body matched his. "You know I think I like this view even better." Walker said cradling her face in his hands. Leaning forward Alex playfully kissed him. Time flew and before the couple knew it, it was time for them to head home.

"Are you going to be all right?" Walker asked pulling up next to Alex's car where she had left it at C.D.'s.

"I'll be fine thank you." Walker watched as she got out of the truck and into her car. It wasn't until she was on the way home that Walker headed off to the ranch.

Reggie was ready; he had already headed for her condo, after seeing Walker drop her off. He was stationed next to her carport eagerly waiting. The cowboy had headed off in the other direction, she would be alone.

Walker was just pulling away from C.D.'s when he noticed Alex's cell phone lying on his seat. Not knowing for sure what time he would see her the next day he followed just a few minutes behind her.

As Walker arrived, at her carport he saw two people struggling. As he got closer he saw it was Alex trying to ward off someone. Stopping the RAM he ran to her. Reggie looking up saw Walker coming and ran. Catching just a glimpse Walker was sure it was Fredricks, but Alex became him first concern. Turning to her he saw her blouse had been ripped at the shoulder and her hair was disheveled. "Are you all right?" He asked helping her off the ground.

"Yeah, I think so…" She replied letting him secure her in his muscular arms.

"What happened?"

"I'm not sure exactly, he came out of no where. I thought you were going home?"

"I was but you forgot your cell-phone." He replied pulling it out of his jacket and handing it to her.

Alex took her phone and let out a huge sign, "Thank goodness for absent-mindness."

"Will you be all right?"

"Yeah, thanks." Bending forward Walker kissed her tenderly. Once he was sure that she was safe in her condo he finally headed home, a little uneasy but she had assured him that she was fine.

Reggie watched as Walker left. His face was fixed in a scowl as he sat in his car frustrated. His chances at getting her that night would have to wait. He had felt her even if it had been for a couple of seconds. He could wait but would need something to satisfy his hunger for the time. Driving just down the street he stopped when he spotted a lovely blonde lady all by herself.

"Hey Walker, morning." Trivette said glancing up as Walker hung up his hat and sat down behind his desk.

"Morning, got anything yet?"

"Yeah, just came in. A 22 year-old female raped and murdered. It seems to match the Senator's daughter but it was done faster. Tonya had been kept alive for a few days, this girl was murdered with in hours. But there was a witness, and she ID Fredricks."

"Any leads on him?"

"No, we still are looking." Trivette handed Walker several pieces of paper as Leslie walked over.

"Ranger Walker, Miss Cahill left a message this morning for you." Walker took the piece of paper and walked back to his desk. Picking up the phone he dialed her home phone.

"Hello?" Alex said and Walker could note how tired she sounded. His heart ached knowing her should have stayed with her, but she had insisted on him going home

"Good morning."


"What's going on?"

"I don’t feel well this morning so I thought I would stay home." He could tell something was going on but didn't press the issue.

"How about I stop by around noon?"

"That would be great."

"What's going on?" Trivette asked Walker as he hung up the phone.

"Alex, she isn't feeling well."

"Nothing serious I hope."

"No," Walker took the murder report and glanced over it. He noted the murder happened just blocks away from Alex's condo. Heading out together Walker and Trivette went to investigate the scene. Everything had been cleaned away but Walker was getting an uneasy feeling, his inner-Cherokee was having a word.

"Walker what are you thinking about?"

"Alex only lives three blocks from here."

"Yeah," Trivette knew there was more.

"A guy attacked her outside her car port."

"You think it's related?" All Walker did was nod his head. They both knew they had to find Fredricks.

Reggie was chuckling to himself. That girl last night, hadn't meant a thing to him, but it had help calm him down. She had fought him so much, hadn't meant to kill her so quickly. But this meant his plan could go together today. He was sitting outside her condo had waited for her to leave, well he would have to go to her.

The knock on her apartment door came sooner than planned, it was only eleven thirty. Smiling to herself she sat down the notebook where she had been making notes for the plans for her and Walker's getaway. Her first thought had been Tahiti, what better than an earthly paradise, where she could spend two weeks with her fiancée. Instead she chose a cabin in the Rockies, Tahiti would wait for their honeymoon. As soon as Walker and Trivette caught Fredricks they would be off together, up in the mountains, alone. One of her fantasies, something she hadn't even shared with Walker was to go to the mountains, rent a cabin and pray they got snowed in. Nothing more excited her than being rapped up in a blanket with Walker, by a crackling fire, with snow falling outside.

"Walker, you're early…" Alex stopped short when she opened the door and found a strange man standing there. "Can I help you?"

"I was wondering if I could use your phone."

"Yeah sure…" Alex moved so he could enter the room. Suddenly he grabbed her arms and tried to force her onto the floor. Fighting with all her might she tried to get away, but it was no use he was much stronger than she was. Just before he placed the rag of chloroform over her mouth the lamp and end table sending it crashing to the floor. Just moments before Walker arrived Fredricks carried Alex down to his car and placed her in the trunk. A wide grin filled his face as he drove past Walker heading towards Alex's condo to meet her for lunch.

"Trivette," Jimmy said answering his phone.

"Get an APB out on Fredricks."

"All right, what's going on?"

"Alex is gone. I’m at her place."

"You think Fredricks has her?"

"Right now it's our only lead."

"Ok…I'll get this out."

Walker hung up the phone and sat down. For once he wished he had just stopped with the investigation and headed out on vacation like she had wanted. Trivette could handle the case on his own. He was so stubborn, but his heart was torn in two directions, that for his job and that for the woman he loved and cherished. After he had lost Ellen he had thrown himself back into work, it had helped. But then Alex had come into his life and darn if it wasn't soon and he found he couldn't' get enough of her. He loved being with her, holding her, kissing her, dreaming of her, but more important he loved the fact that she felt the exact same way. Never once did she try to change him that had been proven the night before when she knew he wouldn't leave because of the investigation.
Yet he should have, his love for her was like wild fire it blazed out of control. He had finally dropped the barriers that he had built up around him and proposed. That had frightened him more than anything in the world…the complete giving of himself to another woman, the idea of spending the rest of his life with someone. He would find her if it was the last thing he did…Alex was his life, now the only thing that made any sense to him. Glancing to her coffee table his eyes fell on the open notebook. Picking it up he read the notes she had made and smiled to himself. Ripping out the page he folded it and stuffed it in his shirt pocket. He had a new plan, but first things first he had to find Fredricks and get Alex back where she belonged.

Alex's head was light and she felt a little sick to her stomach. As she tried to sit up she found herself tied to a bed. Her wrists where bound tightly and even in her drugged state she could feel the pain searing through her arms. Moments later the drug caught her again and she lost consciousness.

"Walker, we finally have an address," Trivette said as Walker came into the office. Together they drove to a small house in Irving. Three back up units met them there. As they entered the house there was no one to be seen or heard. Trash littered the floor and from the dank musty smell it appeared Fredricks hadn't been there in some time.

Following a hallway Walker entered a back bedroom. Stopping in his tracks he took in the full view before entering the room. In front of him he found a makeshift shrine that had been set up in dedication to Alex. Candles, pictures, articles of her success, and anything else Fredricks had been able to find with her name on it. Walker could feel the hatred for this man swell inside of him. He had to be stopped and when Walker caught up with him that was exactly what he was going to do.

Trivette stood outside the door and watched as his partners entire body tensed with the stress of his fiancée being abducted. His mind wandered back to the night before remembering how wonderful they had looked on the dance floor. If there were ever two people who belonged together it was Walker and Alex. Their love was something to treasure, something Trivette himself he wanted. For a long time he had admired what they had, watching from the sidelines, and helping C.D. coach them along. Things were finally working for them and now this. Trivette knew his partner, after seven years together he could read him almost better than himself. Until they found her Walker would be working non stop to get her back and Trivette would be there by his side helping, Alex was his "sister" and they would find her before anything happened.

"Get pictures…" Walker stated the short phrase before walking past Trivette and heading outside.

"Ms. Cahill," Reggie said as he walked up beside her.

"What do you want?" she asked with pursed lips and look of contempt written on her face. She was still trying to clear her mind and focus on her surroundings. Whatever he had drugged her with had yet to completely wear off. All she could make out were outlines of objects, but she could feel his hands roaming her body.

"Just relax and everything will be just fine."

"Let me go!" Alex yelled in his face as she struggled with her bindings, which once again caused enormous twinges of pain to run throughout her body as her ankles and wrist twisted and pulled against the thick ropes. He smiled at her, watching her struggle and yearn to be released from the bindings that locked her there for him.

"That's not very nice."

"What do you want?"

"Why you of course Ms. Cahill." Reggie now sat on the bed next to her. He stroked her cheek with his fingers as she moved her head away. She was so beautiful and he could never get enough of the way her skin felt when he touched it. He had finally captured his prey and he was going to enjoy it…savor it.

Alex was frightened, she could read his thoughts on his face. As long as she remained tied up there was nothing she could do. Immediately her thoughts went to Walker, the only thing that would allow her to stay sane in this moment of turmoil. She was sure he knew by now that she was missing, their lunch date had since come and gone. Closing her eyes, Fredricks claimed her lips suddenly she pictured Walker. Seeing his eyes and that bright smile helped her deal with the knowledge of what was soon to come. Sending her thoughts to the night before she thought of the bright sunset they had shared together up on the cliff over looking the city. She would survive this and find her way back to the arms of the man she loved.

"Walker, I'm sorry I tried to get here as fast as I could. They had me down in Austin. What do you have?" Carlos asked entering the briefing room. They had called for help, not knowing how much time they had. Tonya had been missing for 48 hours before they found her body.

"Not much Carlos, there was another girl last night. We have a witness, a girl named Micah, she ID him, but we think she knows more. She was really shaken up though and the doctors have her on a sedative right now."

Carlos had been listening to Trivette and watching Walker. He could tell the older Ranger was distraught, could see her was concentrating, focusing firmly on the evidence before them. Scanning the table himself Carlos saw the scene photos of both murders and then the collection of Alex.

"Looks like he was after Alex all along," Carlos said picking up a photo of Alex and Walker leaving C.D.'s. It had been taken two weeks prior, right before Tonya had disappeared. Carlos had been with them that night. C.D. had thrown them a huge party because Walker and Alex had finally set a date. They hadn't gotten a chance to have an engagement party C.D. had used this as an excuse to have one. The bar had been packed and nearly all from Rangers HQ and Alex's office had been there. Carlos couldn't remember a time when the couple had looked happier. Walker had barely left her side the entire night. For the first time he was completely open in public with his fiancée. They had danced for hours locked in each other's embrace, never getting enough of one another. As the night turned into early morning the couple thanked everyone and walked into the twighlight hand in hand.

"I'm going to go see Micah." Walker's words pulled Carlos back from his daydream where he found Walker grabbing his hat and heading out the door.

"How's he holding up?" Carlos asked as soon as Walker was gone.

"Not too well…we figure we have 36 hours tops."

The room was dark as Alex opened her eyes. She wasn't sure how much time had lapsed; all concept of time ceased to exist. Her thoughts rolled back to what he had done to her and she knew she had to escape. Pulling at the ropes with her arm she could feel them begin to loosen. "Well he wasn't a Boy Scout that's for sure…" Alex thought to herself, thankful she had lost feeling in her arms and couldn’t' feel the intense pain she was sure was going through each inch of her body. Finally the rope loosened enough for her to get her arm free. Slowly she moved it around, getting the blood flowing. As soon as it did she could feel the deadening pain but at least she was on her way to freedom. Rolling over she fumbled with the ropes on her left hand, her fingers not wanting to work correctly. Finally both hands were free and she spent several minutes rubbing her arms and ignoring the pain. Minutes later her ankles were lose and she carefully got the circulation flowing in them. Slowly moving her legs to the edge of the bed she stood up. Staggering at first and then finding her balance, she took each step carefully, not knowing when Fredricks would return. Moving to the side she held out her hand feeling for the wall. Once her hand came in contact with the cold flat surface she followed it until finding the door. Not expecting her to escape Fredricks had left the door, thankfully, unlocked. Opening it just a crack her eyes had to adjust to the small amount of light that was before her. Finally she opened the door and peaked out looking side to side for signs of Fredricks, as well as a way out. Not seeing the first she cautiously stepped out and allowed the door to shut with a small 'click'. Choosing to go right Alex used the wall for support and slowly made her way down the dim hallway. At the end of the hallway Alex turned left and found a door. Willing her legs to continue she moved deftly to her designation. Ever so slowly she opened the door. Before her were steps that led up, and at the end she could see light. The stairs were troublesome on her abused body, but she would escape. It seemed like hours before she reached the end and there before her was the outdoors, she was surrounded by trees. Fredricks had been holding her in some kind of cellar that he had modified. Thankful for a full moon Alex walked forward into the woods. Hearing a door shut Alex moved to hide behind a pile of brush. She quickly took in a deep breath as she saw Fredricks walk down the small incline to the entrance. Waiting until he was out of sight Alex moved farther into the trees as far as her legs would take her. It would only be a matter of minutes before he realized she was gone and come after her. She had already endured more than enough and didn't want to wait to see how he reacted to her disappearance.

She was gone. Fredricks threw the ropes onto the center of the bed. His face became twisted and distorted with frustration. Knowing she couldn't be far he grabbed his knife. She would pay dearly with her life, Alex Cahill was going to die.

"Hi Micah." Walker said entering the small living room and finding her curled up in a ball on the couch. He had taken a few hours and driven around Dallas…trying to clear his thoughts. He could feel her, he knew she was still alive, but where. Finally his thoughts together and he had driven to talk to Micah. He knew she knew more than she was letting on, and somehow he had to get her to open up to him.

Micah looked up at Walker as her entered the room. Moving slowly to her Walker sat down on the opposite end of the couch. Taking off his hat he sat it down on the coffee table that stood to his left Sitting there for a few seconds he waited, picking the right words to start.

"Micah, I know you are hurting but I need you to tell me what you saw." She just looked past him seemingly in her own world. But he had to get her to open up. With each tick on the clock that was one more second closer to losing his beloved, and he wasn't about to let her go, not this way. Standing up Walker turned his back to her. The sun was going down and Alex had been gone longer than he cared to admit to himself. He wanted her in his arms, to hold her, feeling her.

"I need you to tell me what you know. See Fredricks has kidnapped someone who means the world to me. I need to find her before he hurts her anymore. Please Micah, I can't do this without you." He watched as her body shifted, moving her legs outward she placed her feet on the floor. Walker could tell he had gotten through to her.

"He'll hurt me."

Moving back to her side he took her hands in his reassuringly. "Micah, if you can tell me where he is I promise he won't hurt you."

"Reggie…he'…he's my brother. He had called me wanting to talk…and so I drove out to the address he gave. I got there a few minutes early and that's when…when I saw him…kill that woman." Her sobs came and Walker put his arms around her in a comforting hug.

"How can I find him?" Micah sat there for a few minutes composing herself before she continued. Moments later she told Walker about his hideout in the middle of the forest.

The sun had set and the air was cooling rapidly. Her legs had finally begun to respond to her movements with better ease. Alex's entire body was getting cold in the night air and her mind went back to the night before and she remembered how Walker had given her his jacket. Even better she longed to fall into his arms and have him hold her. She wasn't sure how long she had been in the woods, and thankfully hadn't heard Fredricks behind her. But what frightened her was the knowledge that she had no clue where she was.

Stopping for a moment Alex leaned against a tree stump catching her breath. Listening for several seconds she couldn't hear the sounds of anyone behind her. Allowing herself to rest for a few minutes she realized her body was shivering. "Have to keep moving, find something to keep warm." Talking aloud was helping her stay awake. Wanting nothing more than to build a fire she knew that would lead Fredricks right to her. If only she knew where she was a way out could be found. Starting out again Alex moved forward with planned movements. Her body was so cold and she knew shelter had to be found soon or she would freeze. Moments later Alex stumbled and fell. Trying to get up her energy was spent. Knowing hypothermia was setting in Alex could only lie there, her body wasn't responding to the commands she willed it to.

Suddenly her thoughts went to her beloved, the man who had lost more and been through more than one person ever should. She could see his eyes, sparkling when he smiled at her. "I'm sorry Walker, I couldn't go on. I tried for you, tried to get away, but I'm not strong enough. I've always fought to be independent and to get myself out of situations, but I've always needed you. All those times I was upset because you worked to protect me, secretly I loved knowing you were there for me. Walker, I love you, and I'm sorry I won't ever be your wife, you don't deserve this and I sure didn’t deserve you. Please forgive me for not being strong enough to make it back to you. I can only pray that you can find another that won't leave you. Lord, please take him in your hands and help him get past this. I love you Walker…." With the last words falling from her tongue Alex slipped into unconsciousness. Her body shutting down to the cold night air.

Arriving at the spot Micah had given him Walker barely took the time to put the RAM in park and shut off the engine. He could feel her, she was close. Seeing Fredricks' car Walker ran ahead of Trivette, Carlos and the backup that had followed. Running down the incline Walker saw Fredricks exiting from the small doorway. Jumping down, landing on top of him, the knife flew from Fredricks hands as the two men rolled on the ground. Within minutes Walker had Fredricks subdued and it took every ounce of reserve in his body to keep from hurting him farther. He wanted to rain punches on this man…he wanted to kill him.

Trivette and Carlos had rushed into the cellar. Every crevice was searched and both men took a breath before retreating to tell Walker they hadn't found her. As soon as Walker saw their faces he knew the answer, they didn't have to speak.

"Where is she?" Walker demanded only receiving a blank stare in response. Drawing his gun he aimed it at Fredricks, still no response. Walker wanted to kill him, make him suffer like Tonya and the other girl, he wanted to make him pay for taking Alex.

"You have three seconds to tell me where she is….one….two…"Walker pulled the hammer back on the gun and placed the barrel close to Fredricks. Everyone in attendance, hearts pounding, waiting to see if Fredricks would talk or if Walker would follow through.

"Man…I don't know, she escaped." They all, but Walker, sighed with relief as Fredricks spoke.

"Get him out of here!" Walker demanded pulling Fredricks to his feet and throwing him in the direction of two uniformed officers. Rushing to the RAM Trivette, Carlos and Walker grabbed flashlights and headed into the woods. All three started from the cellar entrance and spread out once they entered the line of trees. With only the full moon and the small beams given by the flashlights the men searched leaving nothing overlooked. After an hour they reconvened all offering the same.

"It's too dark…"Carlos said trying to convince Walker to stay put until morning.

"Walker, he's right, we could have walked past her several times and not known it…" Trivette said not wanting to admit the truth before them. They all knew the chances of finding Alex alive was going down with every second, but it was so dark.

"I'm going back." Walker vocalized the simple phrase and the two nodded and headed after him. Both had known this would be the outcome of the conversation, but they had spoken the truth. Walker entered the forest and stopped. Dropping to his knees he closed his eyes. Within seconds his vision took him to Alex…straight ahead…she was unconscious…she needed him. Rising to his feet he rushed forward to find her…to save her.

"Trivette, get a chopper out here!" Walker yelled back to Trivette. "Have them land a mile down at the clearing, I'll meet them there!"

Once at her side Walker took off his coat and covering her he took her limp body in his arms. She was still breathing, but her pulse was weak and he knew she needed immediate attention. With Trivette's help Walker drove Alex down to the clearing and as the life care helicopter flew towards Dallas Walker followed in silence.

The paramedics were optimistic about her recovery, though it would be a tough fight. One more hour out there she wouldn't have made it. The drive was long but Walker had found her alive. He could tell she had been hurt, violated. He wanted to hurt Fredricks, but there was no way they'd let him in the interrogation room. The last time he had been allowed to be alone with a criminal that had hurt Alex was after she had been shot. Breaking Drell's nose hadn't really been enough but it was all he allowed himself. The Captain hadn't been happy when he found out what had happened. Thankfully it had been chalked up to stress from the fact that Alex had been shot.

Several hours later Walker was allowed to enter her room. So far she hadn't awaken but was responding. Her vitals had improved considerably and she was expected to make a full recovery. Taking her hand gently in his he pulled the chair close and sat down gently rubbing each finger. Moving her hand he kissed each finger before resting the back of her hand against his lips. Finally she began to slowly come around. It took several times for her to awaken completely. At first her eyes were open but she couldn't focus. But over time she began to stay awake longer and understood what was going on around her.

"Walker?" Alex asked finally turning her head to look at the person holding her hand.

"Hey, look who's finally awake." Walker said as her eyes filled with tears of joy.

"Sh…don't cry…hey you're all right." Walker said moving to the bed and drawing her into his arms. She was once again shivering but this time it was fright not coldness. He hated feeling her this way, not being able to control her fear.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry…I didn't…didn't think I'd see you again…oh Walker I thought…" He knew what she meant and he too had been frightened by the same thing…he was so lucky to have found her.

"Alex, you are safe."

"I know…thank you." She laid her head on his shoulder and sat there as he ran his hands up and down her back. Her muscles began to relax and she eventually allowed herself to lay back against her pillows. This man had saved her so many times and each time he held her, never wanting to let her go.

"Guess what?" Alex looked up at his face and saw his eyes sparkling as his face lit up in a smile.

"What?" She asked with extreme curiosity.

"Well arrangements have been made and we are leaving once you are released from this place."

A confused look filled Alex's face as she tried to figure out exactly what was going on. "Leaving…Walker, where…what?"

"Well it was your idea…and I think you really could us some time away. When I went to meet you yesterday for lunch I found your notes for Colorado. While you were resting I called the travel agency and our cabin has been reserved…we leave in two days. "

Alex was shocked…he was really going to take her away…and to Colorado. Ten days with the man she loved more than life itself, in the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain. "Walker, are you sure you want to do this…?"

"Alex…I said I would go right…and I think you could use some time away to start getting over this…."

Alex took her hand and moved it up to meet his face. He never ceased to amaze her, always doing what he could to make her feel special. Vocalizing his feelings for her was tough and she knew it…but it was the times like this that were even more special than anything he could ever say. Knowing her inner most thoughts and wants was what made this relationship special…made her know that she loved him more than anyone she ever had before.

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