If Wishes Came True

By: Lelani

Alex sat on the porch and sipped her tall glass of lemonade and thought. 'If wishes came true, I would be married to Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. We would live at his ranch and we would have cattle and horses, maybe a few laying hens. There would be a swing set in the yard and children climbing all over it. I would have a successful career with the DA's office and a husband who supported that career. There would be good friends who dropped by to visit and share happy times with. If wishes came true, I would go to sleep every night wrapped in the arms of the man I love and wake every morning to the sound of our babies. I would have my father in my life and he would come to visit for weeks at a time and bring silly overpriced presents for his grandchildren. I think I would probably have trouble sitting still and enjoying moments of peace, because they would be rare and I would have so much happiness bubbling up inside me that sitting still would be a chore.'

Just then, Alex heard the sound of a very hungry baby demanding attention. She came out of her musings to see her husband, Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, and her father struggling to put together the swing set her father had brought that morning. Alex stood and stretched, setting her lemonade down on the small table. She opened the screen door and walked up the stairs to the all pink nursery. She opened the door wider so that she could walk in and bent over the crib to gaze at her blond haired little angel. Lifting the tiny infant up, she walked her over to the changing table and cooed and sang to her as she changed her miniscule diaper. Next, she lifted her back up into her arms and tucking her under her chin, grabbed a cloth diaper and a cotton blanket and headed back to the swing.

 Once she had settled herself and Angela into the swing and undone her blouse and nursing bra, she allowed the infant to attach herself to her right breast and suckle. "Ow, you're as bad as your father, go easy," she admonished her. Alex then lay the blanket over her shoulder, being discreet for the sake of her proper father. She was glad she had brought the blanket when a Mustang pulled up spreading dust and depositing Jimmy and Ericka into the tableau that lay before her. Jimmy waved and wandered over to give his advice to the two mechanical engineers who were busy at work attaching the base poles to the swing set. Erika approached the porch swing with a happy expression on her face. "Hi Alex, how are you and the munchkin?" Alex smiled in return. Ericka was one of those people who brought a smile to everyone's face. She had such a happy optimistic outlook on life. "We're both good. Angela seems to think that the harder she suckles, the better the milk tastes though." With that, Alex pulled her off her right breast to switch her to the other side. There was a loud 'pop' as the seal the infant's mouth made on her breast was broken. Erika had a surprised look on her face. "Yikes, that sounded painful." "Yeah, it's lucky I'm used to it." "Already? It's only been ten days," Ericka was impressed. "No, I meant... oh never mind." Erika processed what hadn't been said and then followed Alex's gaze to the redheaded man in butt hugging denim, who was bent over a pile of nuts and bolts. "Oh," she said in understanding and if her skin weren't brown, her blush would have been as evident as Alex's.

Angela suckled the left breast oblivious to the conversation around her, or seemingly so. Her father had noticed that her little fist waved or her foot kicked to the rhythm of her parents' conversation. He had an ongoing experiment that he used as an excuse to gaze at his beautiful newborn. He said that he was 'observing the phenomenon' whenever Alex accused him of staring at the baby for hours on end. Alex then accused him of watching way too much Discovery Channel.

Alex looked up at the men in the yard staring and scratching their heads. She raised her voice to be heard by them. "Dad, I take back what I said about the absurdity of you buying Angela a swing set when she is only ten days old. By the time you men get that thing together, she'll be wanting a car." Ericka had gone in to get drinks for everyone and Walker looked up at his wife sitting on the porch with a tolerant, amused expression on her face. He rushed up the stairs at her growling. "Watch it woman, you're playing with fire." "You always say that and I haven't got burned yet." "Oh no?" he challenged looking into her eyes and remembering nights of passion that followed her challenges to him. "Well, maybe a little singed," she finally admitted. He smiled at her and leaned in to give her a kiss and pull open the blanket exposing his wife's breast as he peeked at his daughter. "All right little one, you take good care of those, I want them back." Angela's leg kicked at the sound of her father's voice and Alex smiled at the movement. Looking at Walker this close, she felt a rush of love that brought tears to her eyes. He glanced up and saw them, brushing a stray tear away with his thumb. He knew Alex well enough by now to know that tears were not always a bad thing. "Happy?" he asked sotto-voice. "Yes, all of my wishes have come true and they all start with you." Walker's eyes misted and he leaned in to kiss her lips. "I love you," he told her. Then he clarified, "I'd have to, to be able to put up with your father and his surprise gifts." Alex smiled back at him and returned the kiss as she heard the screen door slam and the tinkle of ice as Ericka came out with tea and lemonade for everyone.

Walker replaced the blanket covering Alex and his nursing child and stood up. He walked over to help Ericka with the tray of drinks as Jimmy and Gordon headed towards the porch. 'Thank you God, for making wishes come true,' Alex said in silent prayer.


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