I wrote this story as an ending to a great show.† This is just my idea of how ďWalker, Texas Ranger,Ē should come to an end. Itís just one idea and† I hope you like it. Hereís a cheer to a great show we will all miss.

ďI Love You Enough.Ē

By: Cathy†† [melissa_b38@yahoo.com]

Cordell Walker finished taking care of his horse, Ranger, and his wifeís horse, Angel. Closing the barn door he headed toward the house to get some breakfast. As he entered the back door, he was greeted with a kiss and a smile from his beautiful wife of 10 months.

"Alex, right after breakfast we better get going."
"I know, I'll be ready, donít worry."
"I just donít want to keep the doctor waiting."
"Walker, we havenít kept him waiting yet.† Please, Honey try, and relax"
"Hon, ever since you gave me the news that we're going to have a baby, relaxing is the last thing on my mind. I have to finish getting the room upstairs ready, we have doctors appointments;† pretty soon we're going to start those childbirth classes, and someplace in between all of this I have to find time to be a Ranger, which is, after all, my job, remember?"

Walkerís words left Alex with tears streaming down her face. She quickly ran upstairs and buried her face in her bed pillow.† Walker, although not completely used to it, was fast becoming accustomed to his wifeís emotions running rampant. She would be laughing one minute and in tears the next.† He knew from reading every book he could get his hands on that this was normal and to be expected but still, it didnít stop him from worrying or being concerned about her.† Seeing Alex cry always ripped through him like a knife. He hated it 9 years ago and he hated it even more now. Alex was finishing her third month of pregnancy and at least the morning sickness was gone.† That had been awful for him and her. He hated seeing her sick as much as she hated being sick but at least that was behind them. He thought that the hormones would be getting back to normal soon and Alexís roller coaster personality would return to normal, but for now he took it in stride and tried to just be there for her. Feeling like he left her alone long enough he headed upstairs, knowing where he would find her.

Alex lay on the bed, her face buried in his pillow, trying to stifle her cries as her husband opened the door.

"Honey, Whatís wrong?"
"Alex, I'm sorry, I didnít mean that to sound like it did.
"Yes you did!"
"I didnít, I love you, and I love everything that has to be done to get ready for the baby. You know that.Ē
"No, you donít."
"Alex, please look at me."
Alex picked her head up and looked into the loving and caring eyes of her husband. Walker was a man a few words, but those that he saved just for her were always filled with love and understanding.

"Please baby, forgive me?"
"ok., Walker I'm sorry, I donít know whatís wrong with me sometimes"
"I do, youíre pregnant"
"You noticed huh?"
"Sure did and† you are so beautiful, more beautiful then I have ever seen you"
"Youíre just saying that"
"Its true, I swear"
"We better get going, cause if I stay here with you one more minute, we are going to be late"
"We could be a little late"
"I know, lets go"

Alexís doctors appointment went by smoothly, the baby was growing nicely and everything was just fine, Walker went with her to every appointment, they wanted to share this pregnancy together, just like they had created this wonderful life.

Walker took Alex to her office when they returned from the doctors and headed for Ranger headquarters where Trivette was waiting for him, he had some news that was going to be upsetting and right now Walker was never in a mood to be upset he had too many things on his mind

"Morning Trivette, well afternoon"
"Hi partner, hey you got a minute I have something I need to tell you"
"Sure, what have you got"
"Well, Walker, oh how did Alexís doctors appointment go?"
"It went fine, thanks for asking"
"How is she?"
"Trivette, I tell you, I will never understand any of this, I read up on stuff you know, pregnancy stuff, but yet I just donít get it, all this hormone stuff and emotions, crying one minute, laughing the next, sometimes I think I live with 2 different women"
Trivetteís only response was to laugh

"Whatís so funny"?"

"Walker, you are, the big bad Ranger is totally baffled when it comes to normal everyday female problems"
"Normal, Trivette, you arenít there, this canít be normal"
"Oh but it is my friend, but donít worry, pretty soon you will have Alex back just the way she was before, well at least until after the baby comes"
"Whatís that supposed to mean?"
"Well all those hormones that are raging and going up or whatever, after the baby comes they all go back again and it starts all over"
"Yep, so get ready"
"I donít think I will ever be ready, but you know what Jimmy"
"I am having a blast, I mean I love it, I love her, and me a father can you believe that?"
"You will make a great one Walker, I know it"
"Thanks, anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Walker you better sit down"

"Frank Graham is out of prison"
"Yep, got released this morning, good behavior"
"After only 10 years?"

Frank Graham ran a drug ring geared at high school students 11 years earlier, he had been the first case that Walker and Alex worked on together, Walker was working alone at the time, after C.D. busted his knee and had to retire Walker didnít have a partner, the Graham case kept him awake many nights, catching him was the easy part, trying to prove he was the one was a bit more difficult but Walker and Alex worked day and night finally getting a conviction, Graham had a soft spot for the beautiful ADA, but Walker was a different story, he blamed the Ranger for everything, vowing if he ever got out, Walker was a dead man, although he never made a threat against Alex, for some reason he only blamed the Ranger.† Not only was he responsible for manufacturing and distributing the drugs but he was responsible for the deaths of four teenagers killed in a car accident high on the stuff, and Walker vowed to stop him.

"Walker, are you going to tell Alex?"
"No, Trivette, I donít want Alex worrying about me, she has enough on her mind right now, besides, that was along time ago, a lot of people have said they would kill me when they got out, and I'm still here"
"But this guy is a wacko Walker, at least be careful"
"I always am"
"Walker, seriously, maybe you should start wearing a vest"
"I'm not going to start wearing a vest, I never needed one before and I donít need one now"
"Ok, whatever you say, but watch youíre back ok"
"Thatís youíre job partner, we watch each others backs"

Graham checked into his hotel room, he had a meeting with a couple of people he had been in constant contact with since going to prison and they had done some checking for him

"Sykes, what have you got, and I want everything"
"Well, looks like the Ranger married that Assistant District Attorney, you know the beautiful blonde"
"Alex Cahill, how could I ever forget, I should have known, those two gave each other the eye way back then, so when did they get married?"
"Just this past May, although they dated each other for a few years, after Cahill got shot by Karl Storm they got engaged and then married"
"Someone shot that beautiful woman, where is he now?"
"Dead, Walker killed him"
ĒWell good, cause if he didnít I would have"
"But she put you away"?"

"No she didnít, he did, and now its payback time, I want Cordell Walker dead"

"Listen Frank, Walker is not a man to mess with, believe when I say you donít want to cross him"
"Oh I'm not going to cross him, I'm going to kill him"
"One more thing Frank, his wife, Alex, sheís pregnant"
"Really, well too bad that baby is only going to grow up with a mother"
"Now get going and keep tabs on Walker, I want to know every move he makes, and get back to me"
"You got it Frank"
"Oh and one more thing, I donít want it done too soon, thatís too obvious with me just getting out, they may be watching, I waited along time, a few more months isnít going to matter"

3 months later:

Walker and Trivette kept tabs on Frank Graham, he seemed to stay out of trouble and had changed his ways since going to prison, which is exactly what he wanted them to think, he waited patiently and prepared for Walkerís undoing.

Walker and Alex both had the weekend off, the first one in a long time and they just wanted to relax. Alex seemed to be in better spirits and Walker was hoping whatever her hormones were doing they were done for now, but he wanted and needed to spend some quality time this weekend, they both needed and deserved it, after taking care of little Max, they both had become extremely attached to him and watching him leave broke both their hearts, but then they had gotten the news that made them the happiest people on earth, they were going to have a baby of their own, something they both wanted and everything was perfect, but with work and preparing for the baby and Alexís mood swings Walker wanted to do something special for her and this weekend was perfect. Most of Saturday was spent working on the spare bedroom, they both went through junk and got rid of stuff that they didnít need, clearing out the room, Walker would start painting it next week but at least most of the work had been done.

"Honey why donít you relax and let me cook dinner tonight, why donít you go up and take a nice bath and I'll call you when its ready"
"Ok, sounds good"
After Alex finished her bath she put on one of Walker shirts, for some reason he always loved her in his shirts as much as she loved wearing them, making her way downstairs she could smell the delicious aroma of dinner, the dining room was set with candles and sparkling grape juice was poured in the wine glasses.

Dinner was wonderful, after cleaning up Walker led Alex into the living room and put pillows around the fireplace, helping Alex to sit next to him, it wasnít as easy for her getting up and down now, although she still only had a little belly, she wasnít used to it and it got in the way sometimes.

"Honey are you comfortable?"
"Yeah, as long as I have you to hold me"
"You'll always have me, you know that"
"Walker, I love you so much and thank you"
"For putting up with me these last months, I know I havenít been the easiest person to live with"
"Honey, I wouldnít want to live with anyone else"
"Youíre so sweet"
"Am I, I mean am I really?"
"Yes, why?"
"Well, sometimes I wonder if you know how much I love you, I know I donít express myself very good sometimes, I just wanted you to know thatís all , Alex I heard a song yesterday on my way home, It says everything that I canít, so I went out and bought it,† I want to play it for you, will you dance with me?"
"I would love to."
Walker got up, helped Alex and put the cd in the player, taking her in his arms he held her tight and she rested her head on his shoulder as they both moved slowly to the music

Every morning when I wake up, I thank the lord above

that I'm the lucky one, lying next to you

and when you reach out to me

you make my life complete

thereís just one thing I ask of you

do I love you enough

do I give what you need

do I make you feel like youíre my everything

can you† see it in my eyes

do you know every time we touch

can you tell its forever

do I love you enough

Walker continued holding Alex close, but he knew he could feel the tears falling on his shoulder and he wondered if he was upsetting her by playing this song, why else would she be crying

I know how much you care for me

I know youíre always there for me

Thereís never any doubt I see, what I mean to you

when I hold you close like this

I know what heaven is

all I want is for you to feel it too

do I love you enough

do I give what you need

do I make you feel like youíre my everything

can you see it in my eyes

do you know every time we touch

can you tell its forever

do I love you enough

I love you so, I gotta know, do I love you enough

When the song ended Alex continued holding onto her husband, never wanting to let him go, pulling back to look in her eyes

"Honey, why are you crying?
ĒWalker, that was the most beautiful song I ever heard"
"Do I Alex?"
"Do I love you enough?"
"Honey, you love me more than I ever thought possible, you give me everything any woman could ever want or pray for, not a minute goes by in any day that I donít know how much you love me, even though you donít always say it, I know its there in youíre heart every day, yes you love me more than enough"

"Alex, I just wanted to make sure, all I ever wanted was to make you happy, to make sure you knew how much I love you and what you mean to me, you are everything to me sweetheart and I wouldnít trade one minute of our relationship for anything"
"ooh!! "Walker"
"Hon, what is it whatís wrong"
"The baby kicked, do you want to feel it?"
Walker placed his hand on his wifeís stomach and felt the most amazing thing he ever had, the new life he and Alex had created kicking inside of her, it brought tears to the tough Rangers eyes, He put his strong arms around Alex and held her tight, this time his tears falling on her shoulders.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?"
"Yeah, nothing could ever make me happier than you do Honey, I love you."
"Walker, lets go upstairs."
"Come on."

Walker made love to his wife, tenderly and gently, long into the night, savoring the closeness and love they felt for each other they held each other close and sleep found them as they drifted off, each holding on to the other.

Alex was set begin lamaze classes, Walker went with her, the other mothers envied the attention he gave her, and the loving and gentle way he helped her through her breathing, during class they had met a couple, the husband went through the DPD with Walker, they went to C.D.'s to catch up on old times and talk over their impending fatherhood.

Sitting in the back booth, Grahamís henchman had kept a close eye on Walker, he knew the Rangers reputation, he knew what he was capable of and he tried warning Graham but he would hear nothing of it, he wanted Walker dead and that was that.

Sykes reported back to Graham, Walkerís guard was definitely down, he didnít suspect a thing, Graham wanted to make his move tonight, he knew the Walkerís were at C.D.'s with friends and Walker would be right out in the open, Graham left his apartment, heading for the bar and grill in the stockyards, positioning himself in clear view of Walkerís truck he waited for the moment to take out his long time enemy.

Alex and Walker sat enjoying the company of their friends, walking to the bar Walker was getting a coffee for himself and a juice for Alex, when familiar hands tapped his shoulder

"Hey partner, how did the class go?"
"Great Trivette, just great"
"Good, how was the film?"
"What film"?"

"You know the famous film everyone always talks about, the birth film."
"We didnít see any film tonight, maybe thatís next week."
"Well, get ready I hear its pretty graphic."
ĒTrivette, I have delivered babies before, remember."
"I know but its different when its youíre own isnít it, I mean its youíre wife going through that pain and youíre child coming into this world.Ē
"I guess youíre right, thanks Trivette, now my stomach hurts, thanks a lot, would you like to join us?"

"No thanks, I am supposed to be meeting Josie tonight."
"Ok, well have fun."
"You too oh and Walker, be careful."
"I always am Trivette."

Walker and Alex continued with their conversation when he noticed the look of discomfort on his wifeís face.

"Honey are you alright"?"

"Yes, this chair is just a little hard on my back thatís all."
"Do you want to go home?"
"I think so, I am getting kind of tired."
After saying their goodbyes Walker and Alex bid Trivette and Josie a goodnight and headed for the truck, unlocking Alexís door, and helping her in he headed around the truck and opened his door, Alex heard what sounded like firecrackers on the fourth of July, then all she saw was Walker hitting the open door and falling, hurrying around to his side she screamed his name over and over again.


Jimmy hearing Alexís screams raced out of the bar, finding Walker slumped on the ground with Alex holding him crying, grabbing Walkerís radio mike, he quickly called for help.

"This is Ranger Trivette, we have an officer down, I need a ambulance at C.D.'s bar and grill in the stockyards immediately, hurry.
"Roger, ambulance is on its way."
"Walker, hang on partner, Alex are you ok, were you hit?"
"Jimmy, I don't know what happened."

"Alex, did you see anything or hear anything."
"I heard what sounded like loud popping then, I only saw him go down, Jimmy, please do something."
"Alex, the ambulance is on the way, hold on."
ĒWalker, please, can you hear me, please Honey, Alex cradled her husbands head on her lap, stroking his hair and praying that he would be alright.

Trivette tried to remain calm for Alexís sake, checking Walker, he knew it was bad, his pulse was weak and he was bleeding badly from the chest, Trivette searched for the gunman but it was dark and he knew he wouldnít be able to see anything with this much time gone by.† The sounds of sirens and the glare of red flashing lights heading towards C.D.'s brought a stunned Alex back to reality.

The ambulance pulled up next to Walkerís truck, the paramedics went to work accessing his condition.

"Please, you have to save him, please."
Noticing Alexís condition, one of the† paramedics tried calming her down, he didnít want any other emergencies happening at that moment.

"Míam, please calm down."
"Donít tell me to calm down, my husband has been shot."
"We are doing everything we can for him, I promise, they are ready to transport him, would you like to ride with him?"
"Yes, please."
Walker was loaded into the ambulance, the paramedic helped Alex inside, she sat watching them work on Walker praying he would be alright.

"We have a 47 year old male, multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, pulse is 35 and weak, respiration extremely shallow, he's lost a lot of blood, ETA 7 minutes."

As the ambulance pulled into the emergency room entrance, Trivette was right behind it, Walker was wheeled inside with four doctors shouting out orders and giving statistics of his condition, Trivette grabbing a hold of Alex helped her inside. Sydney and Gage were called and arrived a few minutes later.

Trivette held Alex close as she cried on his shoulder.

"Please Jimmy, he has to be alright."
"He will be Alex, he has too much to live for, I promise he will be alright, Alex please try to calm down, I donít want anything happening to you."
"How can I calm down?"
"I know, Honey, but please try for the babyís sake."
"Jimmy what happened, who could have done this?"
"Alex, I think it was Frank Graham."
"Graham, when did he get out?"
"About three months ago."
"Walker never said anything."
"He didnít want you to worry."
"He said he would kill him Jimmy."
"I know."

Everyone sat and waited, waited for word on Walker, Trivette continued holding onto Alex, she was shaking and he was starting to worry about her even though she kept insisting she was ok.

"Mrs. Walker?"
"Doctor, how is he?"
"Mrs. Walker, they are preparing him for surgery now, the bullets did a lot of damage, I'm afraid it doesnít look good, I'm sorry, we will do everything we can I promise."

"Tha† thank, everything went black as Alex slumped into Trivetteís arms.

"Get me a gurney now."
Alex was wheeled into an examining room and her condition accessed, she was given something to calm her down and help her rest, the doctor examining her came looking for Trivette.

"Ranger Trivette, we have Mrs. Walker sedated for the moment and we have hooked her up to a fetal monitor to keep an eye on the baby, sheís extremely upset about her husband and we are trying to keep her calm do you want to go and sit with her while you wait for word on Ranger Walker."
"Yes please, thank you."
"I'll come and get you as soon as he is out of surgery."
"I appreciate it."
"Ranger Trivette, doctor Von Koch is the best in his field, everything that can be done will be for youíre partner, please keep that in mind.

Gage and Sydney waited in the waiting room while Jimmy went and sat with Alex, holding her hand and reassuring her that Walker would be ok.† Trivette wanted to cry himself, he was worried about Walker, if something happened to him, he didnít know what any of them would do.† Walker was a friend like no other, always there for them, supportive, caring and the best Ranger Trivette ever had the pleasure of working with, he had to be alright, he just had to be.† Alex continued sleeping, he knew how mad she was going to be when she woke up but it was best for her and the baby to keep her calm.

Several hours later the doctor came looking for Jimmy.

"Ranger Trivette, youíre partner is out of surgery, can we talk please in the hallway."
"How is he doctor?"
"Well, he made it through surgery, the bullets caused excessive damage, they were hollow point and they did a lot of damage to his heart and one lung, we removed them and repaired the damage, but its a waiting game now, like I said before it doesnít look good, he lost a lot of blood, but he is in terrific shape, that in itself gives us hope, his physical condition means a lot, and heís strong so all we can do now is wait and pray."

"What should I tell Alex when she wakes up?"
"Tell her the truth, I donít want her to get her hopes up."
"Thank you doctor."
"Donít thank me yet, we still have a long wait."

Jimmy went looking for Gage and Sydney.

"Gage, Syd, put out an APB on Frank Graham, pick him up for Walkerís shooting, they shot him with a cop killer bullets, heís lucky he made it this far.† I want that bastard behind bars do you hear me, go find him."
"We'll keep in touch Trivette."
"Ok, I'm going to stay with Alex, call me if you need me ok."
"Got it."

"Trivette, Walker will make it, he has to."
"I know, I'm going down to the chapel for a few minutes, I donít want to leave Alex for very long."

Trivette made his way into the hospital chapel, lighting a candle he knelt and bowed his head "please lord, please take care of Walker, he has so much to live for, please let him be alright."† Jimmy could say no more, he was overcome with emotion and held his head and sobbed for his friend and partner, Walker was like family to him, both he and Alex were, oh they all had their moments over the years, arguing, disagreeing on some cases. Trivette butting heads with Walker over his unorthodox way of solving cases sometimes, but one thing remained through all of it, he loved him, not just as a partner or friend but he loved him like a brother and Alex like a sister, Jimmy had one more person to talk to before he left the chapel.

"Big dog, its me Jim, I know that youíre watching out for all of us just like you always did, we miss you so much, I canít even begin to tell you how much we miss you, but I guess youíre time had come and I accept that, but please, Walkerís time isnít here yet, he has so much more to live for, Alex, the baby they are expecting, please donít let that baby grow up without him, please big dog, if you have any say up there, please donít let them take Walker, not now, I guess thatís all I have to say, I'll be seeing you someday again I promise that, but until then you take care of yourself ok, and remember we all love and miss you."

Jimmy wiped his tears and headed back to Alex, opening the door he could see she was waking up,† he quickly went to her side and held her hand.

"Its ok Alex, its Jimmy."
"Jimmy, what happened, whereís Walker?"
"Alex, he made it through surgery, all we can do now it wait and pray, they gave you something to calm you down, and keep an eye on the baby, just try and relax."
"I need to go and be with him."
"Ok, hold on, I'll see what I can find out ok."

Trivette went in search of the doctor and informed him that Alex wanted to be with Walker, the doctor agreed and even thought it may help him, Walker was in a coma in the ICU, he had flat lined twice but they were able to get him back both times, Alex was allowed to go and sit with him for 10 minutes at a time.

When she first saw him lying there he looked deathly pale, worse then she had ever seen him before, the heart monitor beeped a steady beat and she carefully leaned over and kissed his forehead. "Walker, can you hear me Honey, I love you so much, please donít leave me, I need you, our baby needs youĒ, tears fell from Alexís eyes as she spoke to her husband, gently holding his hand she lay her head on the bed next to his.

Sydney and Gage apprehended Frank Graham, they put so much pressure on his accomplices that† two of them confessed out of pure fear, Graham was arrested for the attempted murder of a Texas Ranger and held without bail.

Two days later:

Walker was still in a coma and listed in extremely critical condition, Alex had not left his side but she was checked by the doctors regularly to make sure she and the baby were ok, the doctors advised Trivette that Alex should not be alone, the stress she was under wasnít good for her or the baby and with Walker still the same no one knew how long it would be before they had some hope on his recovery.

By the fourth day Walkerís vital signs were showing some sign of improvement if nothing else he was holding his own and he was still alive, right now that was all anyone could have hoped for. Trivette had offered to take Alex home she needed to rest and get something substantial to eat, but she declined, although when Sydney offered and wouldnít take no for answer Alex agreed, leaving Jimmy to sit with Walker, she wanted someone with him at all times.

"Jimmy I will be back in a couple of hours, I am just going home to shower and change then I'll be back ok."

"Alex, please get some rest, you arenít going to do Walker any good if something happens to you."
"I'll try, thatís all I can say, I'll try."
"Good enough, Syd, please see that she does."
"You got it."
Alex took Walkerís hand in hers and pressed it to her lips "I'll be back soon sweetheart, I promise, I love you."

Sydney and Alex headed for the ranch, Alex wasnít gone ten minutes and already she wanted to get back, pulling into the driveway she tried to get Sydney to wait in car while she changed and they could head right back, but the female Ranger had other ideas, she was determined to get Alex to rest, she needed to for herself and the baby.

"No way Alex, we are going inside and you are going to rest."
"Sydney, I canít I have to get back."
"Not yet you donít, Trivette is with Walker, he will call if there is any change, you have been running on adrenaline for 4 days now and its not good for the baby.† Walker would never forgive me if I let something happen to you so consider this his orders.Ē

Alex was exhausted she knew it and she knew it wasnít good for the baby so reluctantly she agreed.

"Sydney, I'm going to go up and take a shower."
"Alex, why donít you try and lay down a while, maybe you will be able to sleep."
"I canít."
"Alex, please try."
"Ok, I'll try."
Alex finished her shower and put on one of† Walkerís shirts, he had left it sitting on the chair and as she began putting it on she could smell Walkerís scent, his cologne enticed her as she held the shirt collar to her nose breathing in the masculine scent tears falling from her eyes once again, she lay on the bed and tried to fall asleep, which finally came to her exhausted body. Sydney, not hearing anything upstairs came up to check on her, seeing Alex sleeping she left the door open and headed back downstairs, calling Trivette to check on Walker.

"Jimmy, its me, Alex is resting I thought you should know, how is Walker?"
"The same, still no change but he is resting comfortably."
"Good, at least we still have him."
"Amen to that, listen Syd, keep Alex there as long as you can, I'm worried about her, she hasnít been taking care of herself since this happened, and sheís completely worn out."
"I will, call if anything changes."

Sydney sat on the couch and began reading, feeling tired herself she closed the book and put on some music to try and help her relax, the soft sounds drifted up the stairs causing Alex to wake.

do I love you enough

do I give what you need

can you see it in my eyes

Alex headed downstairs hearing the beautiful song her husband had played for her while they danced, tears falling, Alex grabbed the railing of the stairs and sat and listened softly calling her husbands name "Walker, please donít leave me, I need you."
The ringing of the phone woke Sydney and brought Alex out of her memories .

"Syd, get Alex down here now, Walker is going back into surgery he's bleeding internally."
"Oh my God, ok, we'll be right there."
"Sydney what is it, did something happen to Walker?"
"Come on Alex, we need to get to the hospital."
Alex asked no more questions, she threw on a pair of jeans, still wearing Walkerís shirt and headed to the hospital, her stomach in knots all the way, twisting her wedding and engagement rings around her finger praying Walker would be alright.

"Its ok Alex, he will be ok."
"I canít loose him Sydney, what am I going to do with out him, he is my whole life, and what about the baby."
"Alex, donít think like that, he will be ok, I promise."
They rode in silence the rest of the way to the hospital, Sydney not knowing what to say to Alex and Alex not wanting to say anything, she just prayed silently to herself. rushing through the emergency room doors, Trivette and Gage were waiting, Alex ran into his arms, seeing Trivetteís tears she knew it was bad.

"Jimmy what happened"?"

"Alex, he is bleeding internally, they donít know if he's going to make it."

"God, no, please donít take him from me, please, I should have been here, I shouldnít have left him."
"Come on Honey, come and sit."

Walkerís wife and the Rangers waited and waited for word on his condition, finally the doctor came through the operating room doors "Mrs. Walker."
"Doctor, how is he?"
"He was bleeding internally, but we managed to stop it and he is doing fine, youíre husband is one tough cookie, that I can tell you."
"Oh thank god, can I go and see him."
"He will be in recovery for a couple of hours and then you can go and see him, a nurse will come and get you."
"Thank you doctor, thank you so much."

Over the next 2 weeks Walker remained unconscious but his condition was improving, Sydney stayed with Alex at the house and made sure she took care of herself, Alex was calming down and sleeping better since Walkerís doctors told her he was for the first time out of danger, all they had to do now was wait for him to come out of the coma.

"Hi Honey, youíre looking so much better, youíre color is starting to come back, I donít know if you can hear me, but I have so much to tell you, everything is going good with the baby, at first I wasnít taking very good care of myself and I'm sorry for that, but all I could think about was you, all I prayed for was that you wouldnít leave me, that you would be alright, it looks like my prayers have been answered, you know I must have done something so right in my life to have a man like you love me, I love you Walker, please hear me, its time to wake up Honey, I missed you so much" Alex continued talking to him, asking him to wake up, but 4 more days had gone by and Walker remained in the coma. Trivette had come and tried to get Alex to go home and rest but she would here none of it, she rested enough and she only wanted to be here when he woke up. Alex continued holding Walkerís hand talking to him when she hung her head to pray more tears were falling.

"Honey, why are you crying?"
"Walker, Walker, let me get a doctor, thank God Honey, youíre awake."
The doctor rushed in and checked on Walkerís condition, giving Alex a hug he told her that her husband would be just fine, everything checked out ok and he was on his way to a full recovery. thanking the doctor Alex called for Jimmy and the others.

"Alex, are you ok?"
"I am now sweetheart, I was so scared that I was going to loose you."
"Me, never, what happened?"
"You were shot, that night leaving C.D.'s do you remember?"

"Not really, Alex C.D."
"I saw C.D., he told me that he wouldnít let me go, he said you needed me, you and our baby."
Trivette came in at the tail end of the conversation, raising his eyes to look up he whispered four words "thank you big dog."

"Honey, I love you so much."
"I love you too Hon, how is the baby is everything ok?"
"Everything is fine, just rest now ok."
"I am kindaí tired, maybe I'll just close my eyes for a little while."

Walker continued to improve, although he would have to spend another 2 weeks in the hospital, Trivette filled him in on everything that happened, how they arrested Frank Graham, how his cohorts turned him in, the whole story.

"Trivette, is Alex really ok?"
"Sheís fine partner, it was really hard on her but we all came through it."
"Yeah, we did."
"Walker is something wrong?"
"Jimmy, I need to talk to you, its important."
"Ok, whatever you need."
Walker began his conversation with Trivette who listened carefully, although upset he understood where his partner was coming from and he respected that "when are you going to tell Alex?"
"I'm going to tell her tonight, I hope she understands."
"I'm sure she will, I need to get back to the office, you take care Walker and I'll see you tomorrow ok, its so good to have you back."
"Thanks Trivette, for everything, I mean it."
"I know, I'll see you later ok", Trivette left the hospital room, thanking God that his friend and partner was going to be ok and was well on his way to his old self, his eyes misted at the remembrance of Walkerís conversation but before he let himself get to emotional he pulled himself together and headed for Ranger headquarters. Alex arrived back at the hospital just as Walker was finishing up his dinner.

"Hi sweetheart" as Alex leaned in to kiss her husband, youíre looking pretty good, so how was youíre dinner?"
"Not as good as yours but it will do for now, Alex Honey, I need to talk to you about something?"
"Is everything ok, are you having any pain."
"No I feel fine, believe me, I just need to talk to you thatís all."
"Hon, I have been doing a lot of thinking these past couple of weeks, since I came out of the coma."
"About you and me and the baby, about my parents, about a lot of things."
"Walker what are you trying to tell me?"
"Alex, I made a decision, I hope you understand why I am doing this and donít try and change my mind it wonít work."
"Youíre scaring me, are you sure youíre alright?"
"I'm fine, Alex, my mother and father were taken from me when I was a young boy, it has stayed with me my whole life, not a day has gone by since that day at the fair that I donít miss them, sometimes I wonder if a person ever gets over something like that, the fact that I had to grow up with out my parents played a big part in my decision.†† I want you to know that you played a big part in it too, my being shot and almost dying had caused me to rethink my priorities, Alex, I have decided to retire from the Rangers."
"Alex, I donít want our child to grow up without me, I want to be there for everything, first steps, first words, school, first date, graduation, everything, I canít bear the thought of something happening to me, I may not be as lucky next time and leaving my children without a father or you without me.†† I vowed on our wedding day to always be there for you, to take care of you and to put you before everything else and I intend to keep that promise, its just to dangerous."

"But Walker, you love being a Ranger, it has always been youíre whole life."
"It was my whole life, before, before I met you, before we were married and before we were going to have a baby, now you and the baby are my whole life, I canít put you through raising a child alone, I wonít do that, I wonít."
"Walker, are you sure about this, I mean you just came through almost dying, donít you want to think about it for a while."
"No, I thought about it, I weighed all the pros and cons and this is my final decision, can you accept it?"
"I am with you whatever you decide, but do you think you can be happy not being a Ranger?"
"You make me happy, happier than I ever thought was possible. It may be hard at first but its what I want believe me."
"I love you so much, thank you."
"Thank you, for what?"
"Walker, I have never been so scared in my life, I thought I had lost you for good this time, I didnít know how I would ever go on without you, thank you for deciding this on youíre own, it means a lot to me, but what are you going to do?"
"Oh I donít know, maybe I'll be a stay at home husband and father."


"Alex, do you remember before I was shot, when we danced at home to that song I played for you?"
"I remember."
"Well, thatís the whole thing, the whole reason behind my decision, I love you enough."
Alex leaned in a captured her husbands lips with her own, as he lifted his arm around her neck the kiss deepened, reluctantly, he pulled back, ending the kiss.

"Lady,† you donít want to put me in cardiac arrest do you?"
"No, I'll be careful I promise."
"Come here" Walker pulled Alex once again and kissed her with all the love he had. Suddenly the nurse came rushing through the door.

"Ranger Walker, are you alright???!!"
"I'm fine why?"
"Youíre heart monitor was showing a sudden increase in your heart rate."
"Oh, thatís nothing, my wife always does that to me" Walker and Alex both left out small chuckles as the nurse looked totally confused, but satisfied that he was alright, she left them alone.

Word had spread quickly through Ranger headquarters and the justice department, about Walkerís decision to give up the job he held and loved for almost 2 decades, but everyone knew the reason behind his decision and they respected his wishes. Alex was finishing up gathering the rest of his things and soon they would be heading home, the doctor gave him strict orders that he was to take it easy for the next five weeks, no martial arts, no heavy lifting, nothing and Walker reluctantly complied.

"Well everything is ready, are you ready to go Hon?"

"I sure am, lead the way."

The drive to the ranch was quiet, Alex and Walker were both so comfortable with each other that they didnít need to talk, just being together was enough for both of them, Alex was worried, she knew the reason Walker made the decision he did, but was it what he really wanted or would he come to resent it and her in the process, she thought maybe they would talk about it again in a day or two.

As Alex pulled into the long driveway of the ranch, she felt a little excited, Walker had been gone a long time and she had missed him terribly, all she wanted was to have him home with her where he belonged.

Alex was almost eight months pregnant now and that little belly had gotten a lot bigger, she found it a lot harder getting around, sitting down, getting around and just about everything that had once been so easy was now becoming a major task, but everything would work out, she and Walker would both see to that.

Trivette and the others had been an enormous help to both of them, they had come and taken care of the house, Sydney had gotten some meals and put them in the freezer so they didnít have to worry about cooking right now, Gage and Trivette had taken care of the horses and little household tasks so Walker wouldnít try and do them himself. Neither of them knew what they would ever do without their friends, they were all like family.

On their third night home Alex decided it was time to talk to her husband about his decision to alter his life, although she wouldnít try and change his mind she felt that maybe she needed to understand it a little more and maybe she could get him to explain.

Sitting close together on the couch watching the fire Alex decided it was time to approach the subject.

"I want to talk about you giving up the Rangers."
"Alex, we have been through this, I am not going to change my mind."
"I know, and I donít want to try and make you, I only want to understand it. Walker, being a Ranger has always meant so much to you.† I know that getting shot was traumatic but you have been shot before, you have almost died before but you never once thought of giving up a job and lifestyle that meant everything to you."
"Alex, I realize that, but things are different now then they were those other times."
"Itís me isnít it, youíre doing this for me."

"Yes I am, but maybe not for the reason you think, I didnít do it because I thought it was what you wanted, Alex let me explain something to you, a long time ago I was involved with a girl, her name was Aimee."

"I know, C.D. told me about her."
"He did, well then you know that after I was hurt Aimee asked me to give up the Rangers to be with her, Itís not that I didnít care for her, I did, but I refused to give up being a Ranger and she left, I never saw her again, anyway, do you remember Merilee Summers?
"Well, when she wanted to pursue her music career, she asked me to go with her, to leave Texas and the Rangers and again I wouldnít do it, although, I wasnít in love with her, so it really wasnít the same as Aimee, who at the time I thought that I loved, anyway, then there was Ellen, I did love her and I wanted to marry her, we had this talk a long time ago, but there were some things that I left out, Ellen too asked me to quit my job because it was too dangerous, she didnít like wondering all the time if something was going to happen to me, I told her that I couldnít do that and she never brought it up again, but I knew that I wouldnít if she ever asked again and then she was killed and you know the rest."
"Walker, so why are you giving it up now?"
"Alex, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life, Aimee, Ellen anyone, and the difference is for one, that you are my wife, you are having my child, I would do anything for you, but you never asked, you loved and accepted me for who and what I am, you loved me for being a Ranger and you never tried to change me, no one else ever has, everyone that I have ever been involved with always wanted me to give up a life that I loved, but for them I wouldnít do it, for you I would in a heartbeat.Ē

ďI donít want you to live a life without me, I donít want to live a life without you, we are part of each other, so much so that we feel each others pain deep inside, we know when the other is hurting or upset or in trouble, I never had that with another human being. Alex we have a little miracle growing inside of you, a part of me and a part of you, I want to be there for that child forever, and I want to give him or her brothers and sisters, the Rangers will always be a special part of my life and I will never forget everything that it meant to me, but nothing means more to me than you and our child, thatís why I am giving it up, I want to do it for you, I want to live my life with you more than I want to live as a Ranger, does this make any sense to you?"
Alex could say nothing, she wrapped her arms around Walkerís neck and cried, his words touched her heart so deep all she could do was cry.

"Honey, are you alright?"
"Walker, I love you so much, I understand why you did what you did and I love you for it."
"Good, now lets forget that and just relax ok."
"Alex, are you getting tired, do you want to go up to bed?"
"No, I just want to sit here with you, I'm fine really."
"Ok sweetheart."

Walker had been home for 2 weeks now, and he had to admit he was enjoying it, maybe it was because he had been through something traumatic, maybe it was because he was getting older or maybe it was because he enjoyed spending time with his wife, although he didnít enjoy seeing her so uncomfortable, she moaned getting up, she moaned sitting down, and he wished with all his heart that he could help her more, but her independent streak kicked in and she always insisted on doing things herself, but after all these years he was used to it and used to her.

Walker was enjoying a peaceful nights sleep he reached over to wrap Alex in his arms but found the space beside him empty, turning on the light and wiping the sleep from his eyes he could hear Alex in the bathroom.

Getting up he made his way to the bathroom to make sure she was alright, opening the door, she was sitting on the edge of the tub, holding her stomach.

"Honey, are you ok, whatís wrong?"
"Walker, I think I'm in labor."
"What, are you sure?"
"I donít know, I was never in labor before, but I know this, it hurts."
"Come on Honey, let me help you back to bed and we can time the contractions."
'"Walker, my water broke."
"Hold on, I'll call the doctor."
"No, donít leave me, please."
"I'm right here sweetheart, I wonít go anywhere I promise."
"I'm scared, this really hurts."
Walker helped Alex back to the bedroom, holding her close and trying to reassure her that everything would be ok, he himself was scared to death.

Alex was screaming in pain as Walker tried to time the contractions, at his last check they were only 2 minutes apart, he knew from the books he read that they should have already been at the hospital, this baby was evidently in a big hurry to get here and didnít give them much warning. Alexís contractions were now lasting 45 seconds and still only 2 minutes apart, he knew his baby was coming and he was going to have to deliver it, he called the doctor and told him what was happening, knowing there was no time to get her there the doctor was going to help Walker and send an ambulance just in case.

"Ranger Walker, make sure youíre wife is comfortable, prop up pillows behind her."

Walker listened to the doctors instructions carefully, positioning himself at the bottom of the bed he helped Alex through her breathing and told her when it was time to push, even though he had done this a couple of times before Trivette was right, he was nervous and sweating, what if he did something wrong, this was his wife and child.† Wiping the sweat from his brow he continued with words of love and assurance to Alex.

"Come on baby, one more you can do it, I love you Alex."
"I know sweetheart, but pretty soon you will be able to hold our brand new baby, I can see the babies head, one more push and it will all be over, come on sweetheart on the count of three, ready, 1, 2, 3 come on Alex."
"Walker, it hurts so much, I canít, please."
"Yes you can, I know you can, come on just one more Honey, I promise."
"Ok, one more"
Alex held her breath and pushed with all she had in her, finally the only sound she heard was the sound of a baby crying.

"Honey, would you like to meet our little girl, she is so beautiful just like her mommy."
Walker brought the baby to Alex, he had wrapped her in a blanket and carefully handed her to her mother. Hearing the sounds of the ambulance he breathed a sigh of relief, everything had gone ok and Alex and the baby were both doing fine.

"Ranger Walker?"
"In here."
"Ok sir, we will take over from here, we'll check out youíre wife and daughter and transport them to the hospital."
"Ok, let me get her bag."
Walker rode with Alex and the baby in the ambulance, after the doctor checked them both out and let him know everything was fine Walker made the call to his friends.

Trivette and Josie, Sydney and Gage all arrived at the hospital ready to meet the newest member of the Walker family.

"Walker, howís the baby and Alex?"
ďGreat, everything is great, their both doing fine."
"So you had to deliver her huh?"
"Trivette, for the first time in my life I was really scared, like you said it was different, but everything went ok."
"Walker, I'm happy for you, we all are, hey about the Rangers are you sure man?"
"Trivette, I have never been more sure of anything, I need to do this, for Alex and the baby but especially for myself, its time."
"I'll support you partner in whatever you do you know that, but one thing I know, I will never have another partner like you, I'll miss you man."
"Hey, I'm not going anywhere, just because we arenít partners doesnít mean we arenít friends, that will go on forever."
"I know, itís just thatís its going to be hard."
"For me too, Trivette."
"Now enough of this talk, do you want to see my girls or what."
"More than anything."

A few days later Walker brought Alex and little Elizabeth home. They had decided to name her after Walkerís mother. She was absolutely beautiful and would certainly live a life filled with the love, joy, and guidance provided by both of her parents.

To be continued.

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