Jailhouse Blues

By Sissy (sissy@svs.net)

Walker is led down the hall and is stopped in front of a large cell holding a wide variety of people. Men and women! They all seem to have one thing in common; they are poor. When the door is opened, he is shoved inside and as the door clangs shut behind him, he makes his way to the back wall as inconspicuously as possible; trying to find a spot where he can watch everyone without seeming to do so.

His undercover assignment sent him to Mexico City to infiltrate a gang that was shipping large quantities of cocaine across the border. His contact had told him to go to Laredo and … get arrested. Before Walker could question him further, his contact had disappeared back in the shadows.

So, here he is, dressed as a homeless man, wearing baggy pants, a tattered shirt and a floppy hat. He looks out from under the low brim, letting his eyes wander around the room, wondering what he was supposed to find and getting a feel of the hopelessness that seems to cover the people, who are packed into this one cell, almost like sardines in a can. His eyes run past a dirty unkempt blond woman standing against the wall and … something jerks his eyes back to look again. She’s on the far wall, straight across from him. An uncanny feeling compels him to get a closer look. The people milling around keep getting between him and the apparition across the room. His heart leaps into his mouth when she turns around and he sees his wife of only two months. ‘Oh, God, Alex! What are you doing in here?’ As the people part, he sees her dressed in a long full skirt, like many of the ladies in Mexico wear. It’s tattered and grimy and her peasant’s blouse looks more gray than the original white. Her hair is matted and her face is streaked with tears that she had been unable to hold back. She bares little resemblance to Alex Cahill-Walker, Deputy District Attorney of Tarrant County, Texas.

He slowly and unobtrusively makes his way across the room, pressing himself up against the wall beside her. She pays no attention to him; she’s so wrapped up in her own misery to notice anything going on around her.

When the man at her side reaches out and touches her arm, trembling, her voice shaky, she says harshly, "Go … away!" and swats at his hand. She swallows down the overwhelming urge just to slump to the floor and cry. When she hears a whispered "Alex," her heartbeat picks up and she starts to turn at the sound of the voice that she would know anywhere. "Don’t turn around, and don’t look at me. Okay?"

She stops, stifling the urge to fall into his arms.

"Are you all right?" he whispers, barely audible.

She murmurs softly, almost in tears, "I-I think so. Oh, Walker…"

"Shh … Alex … it’s all right."

He hears a sniffle and sees a slight nod, and the urge to take her in his arms is so strong, he puts his hands behind him and leans on them against the wall. "What happened? Alex, how did you get in here?"

"Oh, Walker it-it’s a long story."

"Tell me … in short sentences."

"Since you had gone … left Dallas, I went to San Antonio to visit Sandra Thornton for the weekend."

"How did you end up here, in Laredo?"

"We came down to do some shopping this morning."

"Go on."

"We got caught up in a crowd and some youngsters grabbed our purses and when we ran after them, we got separated."

"Alex, I…" He reaches out and just barely touches her before pulling his hand back.

"Then I got caught in a group of wandering vagabonds…"

When she feels his touch, she takes a deep breath and continues, "that the police were chasing. They all got away … I didn’t."

"How long have you been in here?"

"Since mid-morning." She turns slightly, "What are you doing here? I thought you were in Mexico City."

He chuckles softly, "It’s a long story."

"Well… I’m not going anywhere."

Walker sees a guard stop in front of the cell and begin to rake his eyes over the mob of humanity, making Walker slump down inside his baggy clothes trying his best to look as much like the others in the room as he can. Except for Alex. He’s afraid someone will notice that she is not of the same ilk as the other lost souls in the room even though she is dressed much like the other women here. Her blonde hair is a sure giveaway.

But the jail guard continues on his way and Walker turns back to Alex. "Alex, you stick out like a sore thumb in here."

"Well," she wails, "I’m not suppose to be in here anyway!"

"Alex, honey, slide down with your back to the wall, maybe you’ll be harder to see."

Alex slides down the wall, sitting on the floor with her knees pulled up to her chest, her skirt draped over them. When Walker moves over to place himself between her and the front of the cell, he steps on something soft. As he sits down he picks up a nondescript scarf. He plays with it, trailing it through his fingers when he realizes it would be the perfect cover up for her hair.

"Alex," he whispers, "put this over your hair."

Alex looks at what he is holding, "Walker, that thing is filthy."

"I know, but it will hide your hair. If they realize you are Caucasian, they might try to sell you."

"Sell me!" Her voice rises slightly before she catches herself and chokes back the words.

"Walker, you’ve got to get me out of here!"

He can hear the tremor in her voice and he feels so angry at not being able to help her out of this hellhole. "I will, honey, I will." His voice is full of despair, because he knows the possibilities of what can happen in a border jail, where the guards can and, most do, whatever they can get away with.

Which includes the possibility of selling the prisoners or, if finding one that catches their eye, raping them!

They spend the rest of the afternoon huddled near each other, but not together, against the dank wall of the cell. Walker manages to wrap one of his hands around one of hers, holding it between them on the floor out of everyone’s sight.

Alex is dozing slightly when she is elbowed and her head snaps up and her eyes frantically look around. The cell door is open and everyone is standing as guards begin prodding some towards the door and when Alex stands she is forced to go with them. As she is shoved out the door, she anxiously looks behind her, but she can’t find her husband. Numb with fear, she lets herself be propelled down the hall, blending in with the rest of the chosen crowd. Taken outside, they are loaded into the back of a canvas-covered truck and driven through the seediest part of town. They are taken to a warehouse and herded into an empty room.

Several minutes later, another man enters the room and in Spanish and broken English explains that they are to load the trucks with the bags of coffee beans to help pay for their keep at the jail. Alex groans silently and moves into the warehouse along with the others.

She is given the job of carrying the bags to the truck where another person stacks them neatly into rows. Her arms grow heavy with fatigue, but she continues to move in a daze from the stacks of coffee bean bags to the truck. Back and forth, till she feels like her arms are about to drop off. When the truck is full, she leans back against some crates stacked along the wall to rest as the full truck is driven away and an empty one replaces it.

Dreading the thought of carrying more of those infernal bags, she tries to wriggle back between the crates hoping to buy some time just to rest.

Suddenly, a hand clamps over her mouth and a strong arm snakes around her waist, hauling her back through the maze of crates until she is well hidden from the truck. As the arm around her waist loosens she starts struggling until a warm whisper in her ear, "Alex … it’s me," causes her to slump boneless, against her abductor. She turns in his arms and throws her arms around his neck holding on for dear life.

"Shh … we’ll have to wait till they clear out."

She nods her head and follows him as he slides down to the floor, holding her tight against him.

It isn’t long before the workers are again herded into a truck and the warehouse is empty once more.

Instead of leaving, Walker starts working to loosen the lid on one of the crates. "Alex, see if you can find a crowbar."

"Walker, let’s get out of here. While we can!"

"I need to find out what’s in these crates first," he stubbornly insists.

With much mumbling, Alex wanders around and finally locates a pry bar and takes it back to her husband.

"Thanks, honey." Taking the bar, he wastes no time getting the lid off the crate. "Damn," he exclaims, "more coffee beans." He begins to empty the wooden box but finds nothing else.

"Walker, why put bags of coffee beans inside the crate, when the others are just stacked up on the floor?"

"Yes … why," he muses softly. Taking the crowbar he jabs a hole in the bag of beans and the pry bar comes back with a white substance on the end of it. "Well, would you look at that?"

"Drugs? Why would they put coffee beans in with the drugs?"

"The smell of the coffee throws the dogs off the track, they can’t smell the drugs."

Alex stiffens, "Walker, someone’s coming."

He quickly puts the crate back in order and pulls Alex back into the darkness where they had hidden before.

They watch from the shadows as two men enter through the door, carrying thermoses and lunch bags, depositing them on the table in the center of the warehouse.

"Security guards," Walker whispers.

They hear one guard, "You look around in here; I’ll check the office area."

After he leaves, the other guard starts walking towards where they are hiding. Walker shoves Alex behind him and clutches the crowbar in his hand.

The man stops, deposits something on the floor, and turns back to the table. When the other man returns they sit at the table eating and talking. One brings out a deck of cards and they begin to play.

Something hairy brushes against her hand and she lets out a squeak in alarm before biting off her own cry of horror. She jerks his hand back and watches a big dark shape scurry by. It has a long snaking tail.

‘Oh, God! A rat!’ Rats are her biggest fear.

"Walker, I have to get out of here," Alex whispers urgently to Walker, rubbing her hand frantically against her skirt.

Walker shoots her a warning look and puts a finger to his lips.

She’s losing it. In some recess of her mind where some sanity still remains, she knows she is losing it, but her only thought is to get out of this horrible rat infested nightmare as quickly as possible.

"Walker, I have to leave," she whispers.

"How are you going to get out?" he whispers back.

"I don’t know, I don’t care … I’ll crawl past them. They’re playing cards or something, they won’t even notice me."

"The rat is still there." His voice holds a hint of laughter.

That’s the last straw. This day has been her worst nightmare. First losing her purse, then getting separated from Sandy, then having the misfortune of getting mistaken for a vagabond and tossed in the hoosegow. She’s dirty and she’s hungry and now a rat has run over her hand and Walker thinks it’s funny.

"Excuse me," she says furiously and tries to shove her way past him.

Next thing she knows, he has his hand clamped over her mouth, the other just under her breast, and is hauling her backward, dumping her down on his lap. She finds herself pressed against his chest, as he leans against a crate.

Walker holds her still and begins whispering soothingly into her ear. "Relax. They probably do rounds every couple of hours. Next time they do, we’ll leave. Understand?"

She shudders, but her sanity has returned. Her panic is already ebbing as he cradles her, his words warm and reassuring in her ear. Somehow, she feels nothing too terrible can happen to her now that Walker is holding her. In her head she knows how stupid that is, but he feels soft and warm beneath her.

"Just try to relax."

She feels his chest rise and fall as he whispers, imagining she can hear the steady pounding of his heart against her shoulder. His whispered breath sends shivers down her neck, and unbidden, images of him naked in her bed just two nights ago flash before her eyes like a particularly luscious film.

His hand rests just under her breasts as though it belongs there and suddenly, she doesn’t want to go anywhere.

She hears the slap of cards and the low rumble of the guards’ voices, not fifty feet away. She should be cowering in terror, but instead, warm powerful urges invade her body. It’s as though all her fear and tension, all the adrenaline that had coursed through her body moments ago, has settled, hot and insistent, between her legs.

Relax? Not a chance.

She shifts her hips, doing her own private version of a fully clothed lap dance, and all thoughts of rodents flee. Maybe it isn’t the smartest thing she could be doing under the circumstances, but she is unable to control the raw need that grips her.

The hand under her breasts tightens, grabbing her ribs as though to stop her movement, but it would have taken a full body cast to prevent the instinctive gyrations of her body against this husband of hers. She hears a muttered oath, and then feels Walker’s breathing change as well as the contours of his lap.

"What are you doing, Alex?" His whisper is ragged revealing his own desires.

Since he hasn’t moved his hand from her mouth, her only way of answering him is with body language. She wiggles, as suggestively as she knows how, against the bulge pressing into her backside.

He nips her earlobe, then traces its shape with his tongue, hot and wet in the cool, dank atmosphere of the warehouse. "I guess we don’t have anything else to do for the next couple of hours." He still hasn’t moved his hand from her mouth, but the other hand begins to trace the contours of her breasts while his lips trail over the back of her neck, making her shiver all over.

She arches against him, rubbing her hands on the outside of his thighs, up to his waist as far as she can reach. All her fear has transformed into an arousal so fierce she is burning with it.

Helplessly, her movements change from the controlled gyrations that she started with and she begins squirming on his lap.

"Can you keep quiet?" he whispers.

Could she? His left hand is doing such delicious things to her nipple that she feels a moan building in her throat. With two hands on her flesh, he can have her crying out loud in no time. And his right hand is such a talented hand, but clapped over her mouth like it was, well… it just isn’t living up to its potential. There were areas of her body that needed that hand much more than her mouth did. Glancing in the direction where the guards are, she figures their presence will act as an efficient gag. She nods her head up and down. ‘Yes!’

Walker’s hand moves away from her mouth, and reaches down between her legs as if he’s read her mind. She spreads them open and sighs softly as he cups her heat.

He pulls up her skirt, and when his hand encounters her panties, he quickly yanks them down and off her feet. As he drops them to the floor, she feels the cool air fan against her.

The air may be cool but she isn’t. She’s never felt like this before. Feverish with want, shameless and wanton with the urge to take and be taken. She bites her lip to keep herself from crying out as his fingers reach for her again. She feels her own slickness as his fingers slide over her, seeking and finding her throbbing nubbin pulsing with desire.

He shocks her by clamping his hand once more over her mouth. Before she has time to wonder why, he plunges two fingers inside her, deep and hard. Once.

And again.

And again.

She grips the hard muscles of his thighs, trying to anchor herself as her body bucks helplessly against him. But there is no anchor, he forces her to the brink, then sends her over it. The climax rockets through her, explosive and fast, while his hand silences her cries.

But it isn’t enough, not nearly enough. All he’s done is whet her appetite, reminding her of the depth of her hunger for this man.

As quietly as she can, considering the raging need inside her, she pulls her skirt up, turns and straddles him, the cold of the cement floor in sharp contrast to the heat of her body.

Her trembling hand fumble a little as she finds the zipper of his pants and pulls it down slowly, and oh, so quietly. His eyes are desire, laden slits, mesmerizing her as she releases him, warm and solid, into her hand. She takes a moment to stroke him, loving the familiar feel of him.

Her body aches, wanting him deep inside her. Lifting her hips, she guides him to the still throbbing entrance to her body.

She gazes at his face for a brief moment. It’s rigid with tension, his jaw is clamped, his eyes half-shut. Deliberately, she places a hand over his mouth and brings his up to cover hers once more. Then she lowers herself slowly, feeling the delicious stretch of him filling her, of taking him deep.

Setting the pace, she keeps it slow, partly to keep the noise down, but partly to watch the need build in his eyes as he thrusts up against her. Sweat breaks out on his forehead, his breathing grows heavier, sending puffs of his warm breath against her hand.

Her own breathing is just as thick, her need just as strong. She struggles to drag air into her lungs and with each slap of his body against hers she feels the love between them deepen, until she is unable to hold back any longer. She squeezes her hand harder against his mouth in warning, and he responds, pressing his more firmly over her lips.

Their eyes lock, and silent words of love pass between them. Wanting more, she thrusts her hips faster, pushing them both beyond control. Her body spasms around him as wave after wave of pleasure floods her senses, his hand stopping her cries. She keeps her eyes on his; watching as they widen and darken, then his control also breaks. He bucks up inside her once, twice, three times as she feels the glorious rush of his seed filling her.

She slumps forward, surprised that their nosy breathing hasn’t alerted the guards to their presence. She hears a hoarse cry of "Dios" and sits up quickly then looks with concern at Walker. He kisses her palm as she starts to remove it from his mouth and whispers against her fingers that the guard had only lost the hand of cards.

As he lifts her to his side, she murmurs, "What’s the matter?"

He smiles sheepishly at her and says, "Well, I … don’t want to get caught with my pants down by the guards."

"Oh!" she straightens out her skirt and seeing her panties dangling in front of her eyes, she grabs them out of Walker’s hand and hurriedly slips them on.

She reaches for Walker’s hand and they settle back against the crates while they wait for the guards to finish their game of cards and make their rounds. As she listens to the muffled sounds of another hand being dealt, she snuggles closer to her husband. The floor is cold and hard and a thought enters her mind about where the rat might be.

Walker puts his arm around Alex and pulls her close against him and she rests her head against his chest. It’s odd to feel so content and at peace, hiding in a warehouse, with two guards, among crates full of cocaine. Thinking about what they had just done, and how much she would like to do it again at home in their bed and she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

She wakes with Walker shaking her. "Come on, honey, it’s time to go."

She sits up disoriented, but with the cold floor beneath her, it takes but a minute for the reality of the nightmare to return.

"Are they gone?"

"Making their rounds. Come on, lets get out of here." He grabs her hand and she follows him as he makes his way out of the jungle of crates to the door. Walker takes a look outside and finding the way clear, he pulls her with him as he runs down an alley, then another, and yet another till she is hopelessly lost. Finally, he stops in front of a door of a small hut and pushes it open. He shoves her in ahead of him and closes the door. Alex turns to look at him, the silent question in her eyes.

"You’ll be safe here. This is where I was staying before … jail. Through that door is a bathroom. Take a nice long soak and get some sleep. I don’t have any thing in the way of clothes for you, maybe I can get you something on my way back."

"You’re … you’re leaving?"

"Yes, I’ve got to find my contact, let him know what I’ve found." He pulls her into his arms, holding her close, his lips caressing her hair, he murmurs, "You’ll be all right here. I’ll return as soon as possible and … then we’ve got to be out of here before dawn." He releases her and goes to the door, opening it slightly, "Don’t open this door for anyone but me. Okay?" With her nod, he pulls the door open and takes a quick glance around, looks back at her, and with a wink he is out the door.

When it dawns on her that he is gone, she moves to the door and locks it. Looking around the room her eyes rest on the bed and her body hungers to lie down on it. But first, she wants to scrub herself clean of the grime and memory of that jail cell and the warehouse. When she pushes the bathroom door open and sees the tub, tears fill her eyes at the luxury before her. She turns the faucets on and after adjusting the temperature she quickly disrobes and sinks her weary body down into the warm soothing water. She scrubs her body thoroughly and then washes her hair. Drying as well as possible with the threadbare towel that is hanging on a hook by the sink she then goes into the bedroom and slides in between the covers. Her head no sooner hits the pillow then she’s asleep.

Sometime later:

"Go away," she mumbles as the persistent noise keeps threatening to pull her up from the warm cocoon of sleep.

There it is again. Finally, she opens her eyes, then abruptly sits up, looks around at the alien furnishing, and then remembering where she is, realizes that someone is rapping on the door. Grabbing the top blanket from the bed, she wraps it around her and goes to the door. With her ear to the door, she hears, "Alex, open up. It’s me!"

She quickly unlocks the door and Walker pushes inside and relocks it. Alex immediately flings her arms around his neck holding on as if there is no tomorrow. "Walker, lets go home."

"We will, honey, very soon," he whispers in her ear, delighting in the closeness of her body. He wants her, but knows this is not a time for getting lost in her charms. "I brought you some clean clothes, hurry and get dressed, we have to leave right away."

She pulls back to look into his eyes, "Why?" Then seeing the worry etched into his face, "Walker, what happened? Are they looking for us?"

"Yes, they are, not just the police but Hernandez, too. I need to get you completely out of Laredo, as soon as possible."


"Yes, that was his stuff at the warehouse and he knows I’m the one that turned him in."

"How did he…?"

"I’m not sure but I think word slipped that a Texas Ranger, his old nemesis, was the one that discovered his cache in the warehouse. Meaning … me."

Alex pushes away from him, "Where are those clothes, let me have them and lets get out of here." She reaches for the bag he is holding at his side. Moving to the bed she dumps the contents out on the bed. "Walker … is this what I’m suppose to wear? This skirt is too large!"

"Honey, I got to thinking about it and they won’t be looking for someone in … your condition."

"My condition … what … being fat?"

"No … pregnant!"


"Shh … yes, they won’t be looking for a pregnant woman and … her husband."


"Come on, hon, we need to get out of here while its still dark."

She looks at him in exasperation but drops the blanket on the floor and grabs the clothes from the bed. Pawing through the pile of clothes on the bed, "Walker, where’s the underwear?"

"Alex, when I grabbed those clothes, I didn’t think of underwear. Do you really have to have them?"

She gives him a huff of annoyance and begins pulling on the oversized skirt. "What am I suppose to fill this with, by the way?"

He take the flattest pillow from the bed and shakes all the feathers to one end then as Alex holds it in place he takes his belt, wraps it around her, fastening the pillow in place. Alex pulls the skirt up over it and begins giggling, "Walker, this is going to be the funniest looking baby in the world."

She puts on the flowing blouse, shaking it out over her ‘belly’ and still giggling, looks up at her husband. "Well, I guess it might pass in the dark."

Walker pulls her into his arms for a comforting hug, and she says, "Darling, be careful, don’t squish the baby."

He smiles at her and kisses her soundly, then mumbles huskily, "If we didn’t have to go, I love to work at putting a baby in there," as he pats her on the ‘belly’.

"So would I, honey, but I want it to be at home, in our own bed."

"You’re right. Let’s go."

Turning the lights out they move to the door and slip out into the darkness. With a firm grip on Walker’s hand she follows him as he leads her in between houses, down dark allies, through back yards, until he stops in the shadows of a large building next to a well illuminated street.

"Walker, what is it?"

"We have to cross this street, there’s no way around it."

"Cross it here?"

"No, not here. There’s a tavern up the street that I don’t want to get near. We’ll stay on this side until were well past it. Come on," he turns to look at her, "remember … you’re pregnant."

"Walker," she whispers, grabbing at his arm.


"What if someone talks to me in Spanish? How will I answer him?"

"I … I’ll do the talking. You just act like you’re hurtin’ and I’m taking you to the hospital that’s farther up this street, okay?"


They start down the street; Walker’s arm is around Alex’s waist, leaning over her, being very solicitous. Alex pulls her scarf down farther over her face then wraps her arms around her ‘belly’ more to keep it in place then to show pain. Walking slowly, to keep from drawing attention, they finally make it past the tavern and cross over to the other side, but once there, their luck runs out.

Thinking they had it made, they’re speaking softly as they make their way through the slum area of Laredo, when suddenly two men, in police uniforms, steps out in front of them, baring their way.

Walker comes to full alert, every muscle ready if action is needed but keeps up his pretense as a poor man with his pregnant wife on the way to the hospital.

In Spanish, the older of the two men, begins asking Walker questions about where they are going so late at night and where they live.

Alex is listening intently, but since she is unable to understand what is being said, she is relying on Walker’s body language to tell her what is going on. His arm tightens around her and she can tell by his tense muscles that is he prepared to fight if need be. When the younger man reaches out to touch her, she feels Walker’s hand grip her elbow and as if on cue, she groans loudly and bends over as if a cramp has hit her.

The younger man quickly steps back as if what she has is catching. Alex continues to groan, bent double and Walker begins speaking furiously, probably telling them he needs to get her to the hospital up the street. The finally back away, and let them pass.

With shuffling feet the hurry as fast as is possible, with one being with child. Alex breathes a sigh of relief when the hospital looms in front of them.

Hurrying through the doors of the hospital, Walker, still with his arm around Alex’s waist, moves swiftly toward the bank of phones along one wall. Pulling her close, he sidles up to the front of one and makes a collect call, speaks softly, quickly and then makes another collect call. When he finishes he guides Alex back outside, down the steps and around the corner of the building to stand in the shadows … to wait.

Standing in the darkness, she stands close to her husband and as she feels the numbness of exhaustion settling over her, Alex seems to melt against him, her head falling against his chest.

Walker holds her tight against him, as he keeps an eye on the street. Hearing a vehicle, he inches back deeper into the shadows until he realizes it the car he’s waiting on.

"Alex," he whispers, "here’s our ride, lets go." Not waiting, he quickly moves her to the curb as the old farm truck pulls to a stop. Lifting Alex up into the seat, he jumps in behind her, slams the door and the truck chugs on down the street.

Leaving her safety in her husband’s hands, she leans her head back against his shoulder and shuts her eyes and the soft rocking of the truck soon lulls her to sleep.

In what only seems like minutes, Alex is jarred awake, with a murmur of "Come on, honey, we’re here" and a sharp jolt when the truck comes to a halt.

She struggles to open her eyes but the desire to sleep is making it a battle of wills. Feeling the hardness and warmth of Walker’s chest is not helping matters any. So deep into sleep, she is not aware of where she is, only that her husband is holding her. She begins to push her hands inside his shirt, bringing his nipples to hardened nubs with her caresses. She moans softly and reaching up, begins kissing his neck.

His body begins to react to her gentle caresses, and he realizes that she thinks they are alone. When her fingers begin fumbling for his belt buckle, he grabs her hand, holding it tight in his. He looks up into the drivers face, and his, reddens noticeably, "S-she’s still asleep," he stammers. Turning back to Alex, "Honey, wake up."

But her persistent groping has him hard as stone. He’s just been without her too long, the dalliance in the warehouse only made him want her just that much more. When her other hand comes into play against his trousers, he grabs it, too, holding them both in one hand while with his other he tilts her head up. "Alex, open your eyes, look at me, honey." As her eyelids begin the arduous journey of lifting, "That’s it, look at me. Open your eyes, Alex."

Hearing the pleading in his voice, she finally opens her eyes enough to see the shabby clothes he is wearing and notices the small confines of the cab of the truck. Her head moving slightly she sees the driver grinning at her and she realizes that she was trying to make love to her husband with an audience. She blushes profusely and buries her face against Walker’s chest. Not wanting to prolong their embarrassment he opens the door and scoots out, pulling Alex after him. He turns, mutters a thank you to the grinning driver and slams the door shut.

As the truck pulls away, Alex looks up into his face, "I’ve never been so mortified in my life. Why didn’t you say something?"

"I tried to, honey, but…"

She wraps her arms around his waist, and looking around her, says, "Where are we?"

"This is the ‘Cattlemen’s Hotel’, we’ll stay here long enough to get rested and some new clothes before we start for home."

She jerks back, "Walker, I hope you have money on you, because I sure don’t."

"Yes, my contact gave me enough money to see us home. Now come on, lets get inside before we get picked up for vagrancy again."

Giggling, she follows him inside, saying, "If I never see the inside of that jail again it will be to soon for me."

She stays at his side when he goes to sign for a room, and watches as the clerk gives them a look of repugnance at the way they are dressed.

"Is there a clothing store near here where we can get some new clothes?"

"Ahem … we have … a small shop in the hotel but…"

"Thank you," Walker says politely and walks away with the key to their room. "Come on, lets see if we can find some clothes before we go up."

Quickly finding the small clothes shop, Walker has no trouble finding jeans and a shirt but underwear and socks are a different story. The only thing in men’s underwear is boxer shorts with … fancy designs on them. He blushes just looking at them but figures they will do until he gets home. Clothes for Alex now, is a different story, as the shop seems to cater to the fairer sex. Walker doesn’t think she is ever going to settle on any one thing but she finally picks out a long flowing skirt and a peasants blouse (much like what she had on when she was arrested). After paying for their purchases the go up the elevator to their room.

Alex takes her shower first while Walker orders up a late breakfast. Coming out of the bathroom, wearing the hotels terry robe, she sees her husband looking out the window, clad only in the baggy trousers. She walks up behind him and slides her arms around his waist, pulling him back against her, as she places soft kisses across his shoulders.

He turns within her arms, and taking her face between his hands, places a soft kiss to her lips. "I probably have just enough time to shower before breakfast arrives."

"Hmmm…" she murmurs as she wiggles closer. "What … are we doing after … breakfast?"

"We’re going to bed," he says as he lets his hands move down to cup her breasts. "Is that … all right?"

"Definitely … all right," she replies as she presses her body closer, her hips gyrating against the erection pressing against her belly. She pushes him back, "Go … hurry."

He gives her another kiss, and answering her wish, he makes a beeline for the bathroom. And taking her plea to heart, he comes back into the bedroom, dressed in nothing but a towel, just minutes after their breakfast arrives.

Watching as Alex takes the cover off the plates, baring the warm delicious food, he looks up to see her watching him. "Are you … really hungry?"

"Yes … starved," he says, moving toward her, desire heavy in his eyes, "aren’t you?"

She watches him come closer, her breathless reply, sending all his blood to gather in his manhood, swelling it to a magnificent size.

"Yes … for you." All she can think about is him, making passionate love with her. His lips touch hers briefly before scooping her up in his arms, taking her swiftly to the bed. As he lays her down, she snatches the towel from his waist, baring him to her greedy eyes.

Kneeling on the bed beside her, he unties the belt of the robe, and quickly removes it from around her. As his thirsty eyes drink in the site of her luscious body, the curves, the dips, the soft rounded mounds of flesh and the blonde curling patch at the apex of her thighs, he begins to tremble with anticipation. As he settles down on the bed he pulls her into his arms, eager to have her quench his thirst with her lips, her arms, her body.

She circles his head with her arms, and as his mouth comes down to taste her, she feels his hand slide down her belly, and her breath catches when his fingers part her and begins to caresses her soft flesh. His fingers slid inside her, first one, then another and then a third. She arches beneath him and bucks a little as the pleasure becomes too intense to bear. She bites his shoulder; hardly aware of what she is doing, only knowing that she wants him, needs him. Now. Settling himself between her legs, his nose parting the soft curls until his tongue finds the swollen nubbin of her desire. He teases her with his mouth and tongue until she feels as though she is splitting apart somewhere in the deepest part of her, until she is wet and wilder for him then she’d ever been in her life.

"Harder … more … Walker, please … please…oh, God…" Her breathless words cry out as she convulses against his hand.

She collapses against him, her chest against his damp one, her head cradled in his shoulder and her breath hot and heavy in his ear.

As she comes back into herself she reaches for him and he groans as she cups him in her hand and then strokes up and down the hard length of him, his hips thrusting into her hand.

She lowers her lead and licks at him with her tongue. "Oh, man." The words burst from him as his hips thrust forward and he nearly loses control right then.

Her hands work a slick vertical gliding motion in rhythm with her mouth. His hips begin a gyrating motion he can’t control, bucking up and down at her sensual assault.

She licks and suckles, providing friction with her tongue. She pulls and pushes with her slick palms, bringing him to the peak and easing him back without allowing him the pleasure of relief.

"Alex, please…" the words burst from him in a groan.

Without warning, her hand position changes and she presses at the base of his shaft, in a spot low and deep. "God, don’t stop." She doesn’t and white-hot darts of fire explodes in every nerve ending he possesses.

Feeling loss of his control, he leans forward and pulls her up and on top of him until her feminine heat is aligned with his hot and ready erection.

She clamps her thighs tight around his and grinds her pelvis into his erection. He jerks his hips upward, driving into her in one hard thrust, burying himself to the hilt, shaking as she sheathes him with warmth and fire and liquid heat. He feels her move, feels her legs locking around his back, and breathes out words of love, as he buries his face against her throat, then his lips against her breast. He feels her stiffen, hears her cry out, and feels the sweet liquid flooding around him once again. Then he sinks into her, shuddering, climaxing, then finally collapsing against her.

He rises up on his elbow to look at her. At the blue beauty of her eyes, at the sheen of perspiration covering her, the damp golden blond curls tangling over her breast and cheeks. He moves her hair, smiling, "Are you still hungry, Alex?"

As he rolls to her side, she curls up against him, and giggling, she murmurs, "Not at the moment … but there is something I’d like to do … before we go home, that is."

Nuzzling his face into her hair, he mutters softly, "And what’s that, honey?"

"Could we maybe … stay another day … I’d still like to … do some shopping here."

Stunned silence is followed with, "You’re kidding … right?"

The End