Jennifer G.

The day dawned warm and sunny, a lone sunbeam shone through the window of Walker’s bedroom, its light splashing across his body. Walker began to stir as the light fell across his face. Opening one eye he turned his head to look at the clock on the nightstand by the bed.  Seeing that there was still plenty of time before he needed to get up, he turned toward his fiancée and watched as she slept. His desire for her began to grow as his gaze traveled over her blond tresses, fanned out across the pillow under her head…across her beautiful face, a smile curving her luscious lips…down her neck to her chest, stopping to rest on for several moments on her naked breasts…down her flat stomach to her navel…then down a little more until his gaze was stopped by the sheet that covered the rest of her body. 

His growing arousal jutted from the apex of his muscular thighs as he reached out to lift the sheet so he could gaze at the rest of her beautiful naked body. Before he could lower the fabric he heard her soft moan.  His gaze quickly returned to her face, and he smiled when he saw the look of sweet rapture on her face, and knew she was dreaming about making love with him.  He placed his hand in the small space between them and pressed down on the bed, causing Alex’s body to roll into his waiting arms.  Her blue eyes fluttered open as he clasped her tightly to his own naked body.

“Mmmmm, good morning Cowboy” she murmured sleepily. “I was just dreaming about you.”

“I know” he whispered as he bent his head to capture her lips in a tender kiss, running his hands over her bare back and down to her rounded buttocks, pulling her against his now rock hard erection.

“How did you know what I was dreaming about?” she questioned breathily as the kiss ended, her hands beginning a slow caress on his chest.

“From the look on your face.” He looked deep into her blue eyes, darkened with desire. “It was the look you have on your face when…” his voice lowered to a whisper, “…we’re making love and you reach your climax.” 

Her lips turned up in a smile as she grasped his forearms and shifted, pulling him so that he lay over top of her. “I love you” she breathed as she spread her legs and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss.

His hands wound themselves in her golden tresses as he settled himself between her open thighs, deepening the kiss.  His tongue dueled with hers in an intimate dance as his hand found her center. He slipped a finger inside, causing Alex to writhe with pleasure, moving her hips in perfect cadence with his fingers.  As her climax began to build, Alex moved from his lips and blazed a hot trail across his jaw to his ear. Walker could feel her hot breath in his ear as she moaned, “Please Darling, now!”.  His throbbing maleness pulsed against her center, moisture dripping from its head. Locking his gaze with hers, with a deep guttural growl he entered her, slipping easily inside her moist warmth.  He closed his eyes as the warm tightness enveloped his throbbing arousal, willing himself not to lose control yet.  Her climax burst forth as Walker entered, and she screamed out with the sheer exquisiteness of it.

Opening his eyes, he gazed into her eyes, glazed over with passion, and dipping his head to capture her lips in a kiss, he began to thrust.  Alex’s hips rose to meet his thrusts as he rode her climax, thrusting in, then completely out before driving back home again and again.  The pace increased as he strove toward completion for himself and another climax for his love, their bodies steeped in perspiration as they moved intimately in their lovers dance. Walker moved a hand under her body to grip her buttocks, pulling her closer, his thrusts reaching deeper. The deeper contact sent Alex over the edge as she came again, her soft cries filling his ears.  Walker was pushed over that same edge as her feminine contractions gripped his manhood, and dipping his head once again to hers, he kissed her deeply as he came. 

Releasing her lips, Walker collapsed on top of  Alex, sighing contentedly. Her body still tingling in the aftermath of her climax, Alex gripped his body tightly to her, her breathing heavy, heart beating rapidly.  Leaning back just enough to be able to see her face, Walker lovingly cupped her face in his hands, running his finger over her kiss swollen lips. “I love you too” he whispered before kissing her again. 

Still joined intimately, Walker grasped Alex around the waist and sat up, then rose from the bed with her still in his arms, and with her legs wrapped around his waist, he walked toward the bathroom.

An hour later they were parked side by side in the courthouse parking lot.  Walker quickly got out of the Ram and walked around the cab of the truck to open Alex’s car door for her. She grabbed her briefcase and got out as Walker watched appreciatively first one nylon clad leg, and then the other, touch the ground. “Nice legs” he murmured as he wrapped one arm around her waist, shutting her car door with the other.

With both arms now wrapped around her waist he kissed her tenderly. “Meet me at C.D.’s for lunch?”

One hand held her briefcase, the other held one of Walker’s biceps. “I’ll try. I have to be in court this morning and I’m not sure how long it will take.” 

Walker wrinkled his nose. “I just wish the crooks would take a vacation for a day” he stated, echoing words she used before.

Alex laughed heartily and wrapping her free arm around his waist, they headed for the courthouse together.

Walker arrived at C.D.’s for lunch and waited for over an hour for Alex to show.  Never having eaten, he went back to work.  After arriving back at Ranger Headquarters he left a message on Alex’s voice mail, asking her to give him a call when she got out of court. Later that afternoon he stopped by her office only to find that she wasn’t there.  When he left for home that evening, he hoped she’d be at the Ranch…but she wasn’t.  After calling her home, and finding she wasn’t there, he left a message on her answering machine and went to take care of the chores.  Later, upon returning to the house, he found a message on his answering machine from Alex, stating she was sorry but she was very busy and would see him when she could.  Feeling dejected and lonely for the first time in a long time, Walker slowly climbed the stairs to his room and went to bed early, earlier than he had in a long time. 

Early the next morning, Walker called Alex’s home, but she wasn’t there.  This time he didn’t bother to leave a message, having already left two messages for her.  Around midday he went to her office to see if she wanted to have lunch. As he stepped off the elevator, he saw her outside her office speaking with a well dressed man. He was about to walk up to them when he saw her laugh and reach out to touch his arm.  Alex and the well dressed man then turned to go into her office, the man’s hand on the small of her back. Walker stood stock still for a moment, irrational thoughts filling his mind.  Shaking his head at the way he was feeling, he turned around and headed back to Ranger Headquarters.

By nightfall when she still hadn’t called him, those irrational thoughts began filling his mind again. He called both her office and her home, and still wasn’t able to get in touch with her.  He spent a lonely restless night, unable to sleep without her body nestled against his, also unable to sleep because of the thoughts that kept crossing his mind. Shortly before dawn he fell into a deep sleep, awakened only by the sound of the telephone. Thinking it was Alex, he stumbled out of the bed, tripping over the covers that he had thrown back. He reached the phone on the other nightstand on the third ring. “Alex!” he practically shouted.

“No pard, its me, Trivette.”

“Trivette?” he couldn’t hide the disappointment in his voice. 

“Sorry to disappoint you, man…but are you coming in today?”

Walker quickly turned to look at the clock, noticing that it was almost 10:00. “Shit” he muttered. “I’ll be there in half an hour.”

“You okay Walker?”

“Yeah, I’m okay” he stated, rubbing his temples in an effort to rub away the headache that was forming. “Hey Trivette…”


“If….if you see Alex, ask her to wait for me, will you?”

“Sure.” Trivette paused, “You sure you’re okay man?”

“Just a headache. Be there soon.” He hung up the phone before Trivette could ask any more questions.

The first thing Walker did upon arriving at the Fort Worth Courthouse was to head straight for Alex’s office. He greeted her secretary with a raised eyebrow and a nod in the direction of her office, his usual greeting.

“I’m sorry, Ranger Walker” the secretary stated. “She’s gone to Sherman with Chris.”

“Chris?” Walker questioned, never having heard that name before.

“Chris McWilliams ” the secretary responded with a smile.  She got this glazed starry look in her eyes. “He’s really nice looking. Classy kind of guy.” She sighed. “What I wouldn’t give to go out with him…” she trailed off, then remembering who she was speaking to, she stopped. “I’m sorry Ranger Walker. If Ms. Cahill calls, I’ll give her a message that you stopped by.”

'Now why did she go off with this Chris person without telling me?' Walker thought to himself. He turned to leave, and with his hand on the doorknob turned back to Alex's secretary. " he tall, brown hair...wear a three piece suit?"

"Mmmmhmmm" the secretary sighed dreamily.

Without further word, he headed back to Ranger Headquarters. After inquiring from his partner if he had seen Alex and getting a negative answer, he buried himself in his work for the rest of the day. He didn't head for home until late in the evening, and was dismayed to see there was a message from Alex on his answering machine when he got home. The message merely said she was sorry she missed him again, the message ending with a barely audible "I miss you".

Walker slept fitfully that night, finally getting up before dawn. He went immediately to the barn, working rigorously until it was time to go to work. Trivette noticed the bad mood as soon as Walker walked through the door to Texas Ranger's Company B. Having experience with these moods of his, he knew better than to question him just yet, and kept their conversations limited to work.

Walker's mood was darkening as the hours passed, having not been able to speak to or see Alex for days, and with his growing suspicions over who she was with and why he had not seen her recently. He knew deep inside that he had absolutely nothing to be jealous about, but he still couldn't stop those feelings from surfacing when he thought about it. This Chris McWilliams, whoever he was, was handsome and very classy, appeared to dress in the finest clothes...and was so unlike himself. He wondered to himself occasionally over the years how Alex could love a man so unlike herself. She was refined class, he was all cowboy. She was society and fine restaurants, he was rodeo and diners. She was beautiful and outgoing, he was rugged and sometimes a loner.

The more free time he had in between pieces of work, the more he thought about it, and the more upset he became. Wanting to immerse himself in his work, he decided that he and Trivette would spend the rest of the morning searching for some illusive suspects in a car theft ring operating out of Farmers Branch. They finished shortly before noon and in an effort to bring Walker out of whatever funk he was in, Trivette suggested lunch at C.D.'s and thankfully Walker agreed.

As they pulled up to C.D.'s, Walker was surprised to find Alex's car parked out front. Suddenly all his anger and jealousy disappeared and was replaced with relief and joy at finally being able to see her after four days. Leaving Trivette in his dust, he strode happily into C.D.'s, anxious to see Alex.

Alex had arrived at C.D.'s a half hour before Walker, dressed in jeans and an untucked shirt. After crossing the threshold, she scanned the place for Walker, not finding him. A look of disappointment flashed across her face, but disappeared somewhat when she saw Josie sitting at the bar.

“Josie!” Alex called as she made her way to the bar. She took note of the downcast look on Josie’s face. “Oh Josie, you look as unhappy as I feel.” She put her arm around Josie’s shoulders. “Come on, lets go back there and talk. You look like you could use a friend too.”  Arm in arm they made their way to the back booth and sat down.

“Is it that obvious?” Josie sighed.

“Ummhmm,  you have that ‘man problem’ look about you.”

“Kind of like the look on your face, Alex.” Josie commented wryly. “You first. Spill it.”

“I just miss Walker,” she moaned.  “I’ve been so busy on a case that came up all of a sudden that we haven’t seen each other in days. I haven’t even spoken to him on the phone.”

“You haven’t seen him around the courthouse at all?”

“No” she frowned. “I had to take an unexpected trip to Sherman with the new ADA. Just got back a little while ago.”  Tears began to form in her eyes. “As soon as I got back I called him at the office, but he wasn’t there. I called the Ranch hoping he was there too, but no answer. I even called Trivette’s cell phone, but he doesn’t even have it on!” Tears began to fall. “Oh God, Josie, I miss him so much. I just need to see him.” She wiped the tears with the back of her hand, breathed deeply, and continued. “Since I couldn’t find him I went home, showered and changed and came here, hoping he’d be here having lunch.” 

Josie reached out and took Alex’s hand in her own. “I’m sure you’ll see him soon, Alex.  You just haven’t been too accessible these days…and neither have Walker and James for that matter.” She ended with a deep sigh.

“Uh oh” Alex said. “I sense Jimmy is the reason for your hang dog look.”

“Oh Alex.” she sighed deeply again. “I just don’t know about him.”

“What do you mean? I thought you liked him.”

“Like him?” Josie almost laughed. “Alex, I love him.”

“I know” Alex smiled knowingly.

“Is it that obvious?” she said again.

Alex began to giggle. “Yes. Its written all over your face, Josie. I can tell by the way you look at him when he comes by the HOPE House, and in how you ALWAYS volunteer to do the activities that Jimmy volunteers for.” Alex smiles broadly.

An easy smile crosses Josie’s face, replacing the downcast look. “Alex?”


“Tell me the God’s-honest truth. What do you think of James?”

Unknown to them Walker enters C.D.’s and scanning the room, sees Alex and Josie in the back.  After waving at C.D., he makes his way toward them.  As Walker got near he heard them talking and stopped, not wanting to interrupt. He was out of their line of vision, so neither of them saw him standing there.

“Well,” Alex began. “I think he’s absolutely wonderful. He’s very handsome, and so…classy.”

Not wanting to eavesdrop on their conversation, Walker was about to return to the bar until he heard Alex characterize the person she was talking about as “classy”.  At first he thought she was talking about him, but “classy” never described him.  He was now riveted.

“Oh yes,” Josie breathed. “He does dress nice.”

“Mmmmhmmm, looks best in a gray suit.”

“Sexy too!”

Alex giggled. “Yes he is! And you know, he really knows how to treat a woman. He’s kind, generous, sensitive…the kind of man not afraid to commit to a woman, not afraid to admit his love for a woman.”  Alex leaned forward and looked directly at Josie. “I just love him” she said simply.

At this last statement, Walker turned and stalked out of C.D.’s, still unknown to Alex and Josie.  C.D. stared at him as he left, surprised to see the angry look on his face. He looked back to the booth and saw Josie and Alex smiling at each other.  Confused, he went to talk to them.

“I love him too! So why, oh why, can’t I get him to really notice me?” Josie moaned.

“You just leave that up to me!” Alex smiled. “I’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand in no time!”

As C.D. approached their table, both women were giggling, sly knowing looks on their faces.

“What happened?” C.D. asked, interrupting the giggles.

“What happened when?” Alex asked, suppressing the giggles.

“Just now. What made Cordell so mad that he stalked out of here madder than a wet hen?”

“Walker!” Alex exclaimed. “Walker was here?!”

C.D. nodded. “Just now. You didn’t know?”

“No, I didn’t know he was here.” Alex was beginning to get upset, knowing she had missed Walker, and confused as to why he was mad, and why he left without saying anything to her. “Josie, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”  She quickly slid from the booth and ran for the door.

Alex ran outside, but didn’t see the Ram.  She jumped into her car and wiping the tears from her face, raced to the Ranch, hoping that is where he’s gone.

As she pulls into the driveway, she breathes a sigh of relief , seeing the Ram parked in front of the house. Her heart began to pound as she ran up the porch steps, anxious as she was to see her fiancé. Bursting through the front door, she stopped and listened for a sign as to where in the house he was. Hearing sounds coming from upstairs she bounded up the steps, bursting through his bedroom door.

Walker stood near his closet door, pulling on a clean shirt. She flew the few steps to him, throwing her arms around his neck, pressing her body close as she hugged him tightly. She pulled back when she didn't feel his arms come around her.

"Walker?" she questioned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Alex. I'm just busy" he said as he disengaged her arms from around his neck. He strode quickly from the room and down the stairs. The look of confusion was still on her face when the front door slammed shut. As much as she wanted to be with him, she felt it better to give him some time to himself, thinking something must have happened at work that day to make him so angry.

Walker strode angrily into the barn and set to working furiously as his mind replayed
events of the past few days. Deep inside he knew Alex loved him and would never cheat on him, but he couldn't keep the nagging thoughts from surfacing. He worked hard for half an hour, then took off his shirt and sat down on a bale of hay, head in his hands. His breath came in short gasps from the vigorous work as he mentally kicked himself for waiting so long to make that final commitment to Alex, for she had now found someone else, someone more like herself. As he sat there he also began to wonder if he would've lost her if he had been more like her, taken her to the Opera more often, taken her to the society parties, wore suits like Trivette. The more he thought like this, the angrier at himself he became. He swore viscously, "Damn!" as he jumped up and resumed his work.

Unbeknownst to him, Alex had come to talk to him, unable to stay away any longer.
She had heard him swear and stopped dead in her tracks. "Walker?"

Walker whipped around, pitchfork still in hand, to see Alex standing in the barn doorway. He warred with his emotions as he watched her walk toward him, his emotions running the gamut from knowing that she loved him to jealousy over this new man in her life, to anger at himself for waiting so long to fully commit to the only woman he ever loved and not being the kind of man she really wanted.

She stopped within inches of him and placed her hand on his arm. "Walker, what is the matter?" He said nothing, but she could see the emotions in his face, in the flash of his eyes. "Honey, I can tell something is wrong...please tell me what it is."

He stared at her for several moments before finally blurting out, "Who is Chris McWilliams?" with more bitterness in his voice than he intended.

"Chris McWilliams?" Alex repeated, confused that that name came up.

"Yes, Chris McWilliams" Walker stated, almost spitting it out. "The man you were with the day before yesterday, and yesterday! You know...the one you said was "classy" and that you said you loved."

As he spoke, Alex backed slowly away from him, realizing what he thought, and unable to believe her ears. Tears swam in her eyes. "Chris is the new ADA. He was assigned a new murder case and needed my help."

Walker began to say something, but stopped when Alex held up her hand. "No, don't say anything else before you bury yourself further, Cordell Walker!" Now, her emotions were at war, running between anger and disbelief. "We had to make a sudden trip to Sherman to see a new witness and gather testimony."  Tears now fell unchecked down her face, and her voice broke. "I tried to call you...several times. I left messages for you!" She backed further away from him. "I can't believe you think there's another man in my life, that I would even WANT another man!" She turned on her heels and ran from the barn.

Walker's face fell, and his shoulders visibly sagged. He was wrong, he was dead wrong and he knew it. For the first time in his life, he had actually been jealous of another man, and the new feelings caused him to think irrationally. He couldn't believe he had acted like that, and worse, that he had hurt Alex in the process. He broke into a run, going after her.

He caught up with her in the field between the barn and the house. Grabbing her by the arm he turned her around to face him. "Alex, I..." his words cut off by the look of hurt in her eyes.

Alex's voice was tired and shaky as she spoke. "I was so looking forward to seeing you today. I missed you so much and wanted to get back here so badly that I worked through the night on this case."  Tears now fell unchecked down her pale face.

For the first time he noticed how tired she looked, tired and defeated. Her hair was up in a clip, she wore little makeup, and there were dark rings under her eyes. His gut twisted. "I..."

She held up her hand again to prevent him from speaking. "I called you at work and at home when I got back. I even called Jimmy's cell phone...but I couldn't reach you." She took a deep breath before continuing. "I went to C.D.'s hoping you would be there. When I didn't see you, I sat down to talk to Josie." She paused for a few moments, then looked him directly in the eyes. "You see, Josie was worried about someone's feelings for her, someone she is in love with, someone you and I both know very well. She asked me what I thought of him."

Walker closed his eyes as he realized what Alex was saying, as he realized that it had been Trivette Alex was speaking of when he overheard them talking.

"Yes, Walker. Jimmy." Her voice broke again, "It was Jimmy I was talking about, not Chris or anyone else!" Breaking free of his grasp she turned to run, but he caught her arm again, turning her to face him.

"NO!" she yelled, pushing on his chest with her hands. So unprepared for it was he, that he fell backward on the ground. Alex turned around and ran toward the house. Walker still sat on the ground in disbelief. He had never seen her this angry. She had every right to be angry, but he loved her and had to make her listen to him.

"Alex!" Walker called after her. She kept on running, the sound of her strangled cry hitting him. "Alex I'm sorry!" he yelled, breaking into a run again. Just before she reached the porch steps he scooped her up in his arms.

"Put me down!" she yelled.

"No", he said firmly and began to walk with her in his arms toward the back of the house. "I love you and need for you to listen to me."

At first she struggled to be set free, but as his nearness began to have its affect on her, she stopped struggling, and her anger began to ebb. He continued walking until he reached the hammock in the backyard. With her still in his arms, he carefully laid down in it, placing her tense body next to him, tucked into his side.

He turned his head to look at her, speaking to her profile, since she was looking up, refusing to look at him. "Sweetheart" he began, feeling the tenseness in her body ease a little at his seldom used term of endearment for her. "I am so sorry that I hurt you. I..." he stopped and reached out, and with his finger, gently turned her head so that he could look into her eyes. "I have never loved anyone like I love you" he whispered. "For the first time in my life, I felt jealous of another person. When I couldn't get in touch with you I began to worry, then when I saw you in the hallway talking to a man, part of me thought nothing of it, but part of me was jealous. I can't explain why, hon, but it just did.” He paused for a few moments. “Then when your secretary  told me you were in Sherman with him, I drew the wrong conclusions. I didn't know he was a co-worker of yours. When I got to C.D.'s today and saw your car parked in front, I was so happy to see that you were there…I missed you too.” He wanted to kiss her then, but was afraid to, afraid she’d pull away from him. “When I noticed you and Josie were having a private conversation I started to walk away."  Tentatively, he reached out with his hand and slid it up her hip. When she didn’t flinch or pull away, he ran his hand under her shirt to rest on the bare skin at her waist. His heart soared when she didn't pull away. "Then I heard you talking about a man, and God forgive me, Alex, I listened in to hear what you had to say." His eyes began to water. "I'm sorry Alex, I never should have done that." When she said nothing, he continued. "When I heard you say you loved the man you were talking about, I automatically assumed it was Chris you were talking about. The jealousy I felt for the first time in my life got the better of me. You talked about a classy man, one that wears suits and is sensitive, and..." he looked down, his voice beginning to waver, "one that isn't afraid to commit to a woman." A lone tear escaped from his eyes, only to be wiped away by Alex's finger. He looked up at her touch. "I began to doubt myself, whether I was good enough for you. Chris is so unlike me. He's refined, I'm a cowboy..."

His words were cut off by Alex's kiss, a light brushing across his lips. "I happen to like cowboys" she whispered.

"I'm so sorry, Alex" Walker stated again.

Alex placed a finger on his lips. "Shhh, I know. It was a misunderstanding run amok. Wouldn't have happened if my secretary had simply told you that Chris was the new ADA and we were in Sherman on a case." She smiled, "And besides, this is not the first time you were jealous."

Walker gave her a confused look. "Yes it is."

"No it isn't" She leaned forward and kissed him tenderly. "As I recall, you were jealous of Peter 'Patches' as you and Jimmy called him."

Walker's face began to turn a shade of red, and his hand creeped further up her waist. "I guess you're right about that."

“Senator Julian Knox” she reminded him.

“Okay, so that’s only two.”

"And you were jealous of Dalton Reed" she whispered, her body heating up as Walker’s hand made its slow trek further up her body.

"Yeah, I was" he whispered back. His hand wandered further up her body to cup her breast. "But not any more. He doesn't get to do this" he breathed as his hand pushed up her bra to cup her bare flesh. He crushed his lips to hers, taking her soft moan into his mouth.

He broke off the kiss, murmuring “The only time I’ve ever been jealous of another man, that man was pursuing you.”, and reached to pull her shirt over her head, disposing of it in the grass beside the hammock. Reaching behind her, he unhooked her bra and sent it over the hammock. He murmured further, “And he can’t do this” as his lips descended on her pink tipped globes.  His growing erection pressed into her hip as he laved and sucked her breasts, teasing the nipples to hardened peaks. She cried out with pleasure as her hands wound themselves in his hair. His lips left her breasts and blazed a hot trail up her chest to her neck, and to her lips, which he claimed in a sweet and tender kiss as his fingers caressed her face.

Walker released her lips only when he felt tears touch his fingertips. Pulling back, he saw tears in her eyes and a stabbing pain shot through him, thinking she was still upset over his actions. "Sweetheart!" he exclaimed in a soothing tone.

Her tears burst forth, "I just missed you so much!" she cried as she hugged him fiercely. He enveloped her tightly in his arms, whispering over and over how much he loved her.

When her tears waned, he slipped out of the hammock, then reached down to pick her up into his arms again. At her questioning look, "I've got some making up to do" he whispered, then dipped his head to kiss her as he made his way to the back porch, leaving her shirt and bra where they landed in the grass.

He walked through the kitchen into the living room, standing Alex on her feet in front of

the fireplace.  He bent down to light a small fire, then turned and grabbed cushions and the afghan from the couch, placing the cushions on the floor.  He returned to her side, placing his hands on her bare shoulders, caressing them and her back as he kissed her. Breaking off the kiss, he held her gaze as he unbuttoned her jeans and slid them over her narrow hips, leaving her panties on. “Lie down on your stomach” he requested softly.

Alex obeyed, lying down on the cushions, with a small throw pillow under her head. Slipping off his shoes, Walker straddled her back, and moving her hair to the side, began massaging her shoulders.  He moved slowly and sensuously down her back, massaging the tenseness of the past few days from her body, as she sighed periodically.  When he got to the small of her back, he slowly slipped her panties over her buttocks and down her legs.  Moving back up her legs, he massaged the small of her back, moving down to massage her buttocks, taking each cheek into the palm of each hand, marveling at the perfect fit.  Desire began to spread through her body as she unconsciously began to move back against his hands as he massaged.

When his hands moved down to her inner thighs, she moaned, a familiar wetness forming between her legs.  She cried out when a finger slipped inside her body, and cried out again when that finger left her body and continued to massage her legs.  By the time Walker made it to her feet, she was writhing in desire, thinking she would surely die if she wasn’t joined intimately with her cowboy soon.

Finishing with her feet, Walker bent down. Alex screamed out with pleasure when his tongue snaked from his mouth and he slowly licked his way up the back of her right leg. He continued to slowly lick his way up her thigh and over her right buttock, then over to the left buttock and down to her left thigh. Instead of continuing down her left thigh, he licked his way to her inner thigh, gently parting her legs with his hands.  She screamed out again when his tongue found her wet center, and lapped at the moisture he found there. 

With both hands on her buttocks, he continued to pleasure her, entering her warmth with his tongue.  When he sensed her climax beginning to build, he withdrew his tongue, eliciting a cry from her lips.  He gently turned her over onto her back and placing his hands under her buttocks, resumed pleasuring her with his tongue.  Her climax quickly pounded to the surface. He felt her legs stiffen as her climax began, her hips rising off the cushions. As she climaxed, crying out in ecstasy, he moved over top of her and entered her in one long slow stroke, feeling her feminine contractions grip his shaft.  As he filled her, her hips rising to meet him, he filled her to the hilt, touching the very center of her being.

He stopped to savor the moment, then leaned down to gather her in his arms as he began to thrust in and out. She moved in a perfect rhythm with him, caressing his muscular back. Their soft sighs and murmurs filled the air as they moved in unison. 

Their pace quickened, then wanting to draw it out some more, Walker rolled, placing Alex on top. She sat up, and with her hands braced on either side of his chest, began to ride him, rising slowly up and contracting her muscles as she lowered her body onto his rock hard staff.  As she felt Walker nearing his peak, she stopped her movements and sat back. Steeped in perspiration, she brought her hands up to her hair and lifted its length off her neck.

Walker groaned as her breasts moved, and reached up to cup their fullness, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. She began to ride again as one of Walker’s hands left her breast to find her center.  He found her bud of arousal and circled it with his thumb, quickly bringing her to a climax again. She dropped her arms down and back behind her to grip his thighs as her climax began, her head thrown back, her cries filling the room. He sat up, and gripping her around her waist, laid her gently back and pumped furiously in and out, bringing on his own climax. Her name was on his lips as he came, “Alex! Oh God…Alex!”  he moaned. 

He collapsed on top of her as his heartbeat slowed, whispering “I love you” as he kissed her tenderly.  Still gripped in the aftermath of her climax, Alex wrapped her arms around him tightly, pressing herself as close to him as she could get.  He rolled onto his side, wrapping his arms around her, one arm around her back, the other reaching to cup her buttocks, their legs entwined. They lay together for a while, enjoying the closeness and lingering affects of their mutual climaxes.

Alex was the first to break the silence. “That was wonderful, Darling” she murmured. Opening her eyes to gaze into his, she continued, “You can make me mad anytime if that’s how we’re gonna make up.” 

“Care for a repeat demonstration?” he whispered softly, his manhood beginning to harden at the desire he saw deep in her darkened blue eyes.

Her deep kiss was her answer as Walker rolled her underneath himself.