Walker’s Kick Drugs Out Of America program had been recognized as a program which was instrumental in helping to keep kids off drugs and out of gangs.

Governor Bush had asked Walker to go the Las Vegas to attend a convention at which each state was presenting some of their program to other states.  “You have two rooms in a casino hotel so that means you can take at least three other people with you.”

C. D. Parker Semi Retired Ranger and bar owner, needed a vacation so he volunteered to go with Walker.                  

Alex Cahill, Walkers fiancée was also trying to get off work to go too.  She was involved in a case that she was hoping to wrap up today since they were leaving at 6:00 in the morning.

C. D. was so excited about the trip that Walker could help but laugh.

Walker said “ C. D. I don’t know about going to Las Vegas and leaving Trivette to train Gage and Sydney,” two young Rangers that Walker and Trivette have been teaching the ropes.

“Cordell, Jimmy will be fine”

“I know but I just don’t like leaving at this time” Walker said.

“You never like leaving.  You are a workaholic, that’s what you are.”  C.D. scolded “There is more to life that work Cordell.  Lighten up and enjoy yourself.”

Walker chuckled and shook his head.  He knew C.D. was right, everyone needs a rest now and then.  The only rest he had gotten lately was when he was on a stake out. “Okay” he said “I give up, we’ll go already.”

C.D. gave a big grin.

Alex walked up behind the Ranger she winked at C.D. and put her arms around Walkers neck.  He turned to face her.

He could tell by the look in her eyes that the trial was not going well.  It was almost as if they knew each other’s thoughts.  He encircled her waist with his strong hands and drew her close.  He looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes.

Alex said, “Let’s go to a booth”  quietly they walked to the booth in the back of the bar. 

As they sat down Walker said “You’re not going to be able to go with us are you?”

“No darling” Alex said taking his hand  “The defense is pulling stall tactics and dragging the trial out.”  She said sadly.

He was disappointed but he tried not to let it show, he knew she felt bad about not going.  “I’ll just have to find someone else to take with me, I’m sure there is some other girl around here that would love to go the Vegas with me.”  he looked around the bar.

“WALKER”  She said.

“Got ya” he replied laughing.

She slapped him playfully.

“We have the rest of tonight together though” he gave her a smile that she could never bring herself to refuse.

He slid close to her putting his arm around her shoulder.  “We could get something to eat and then we’ll see what happens from there, maybe we could do some dancing.”

“Dancing?” he asked.

“We’ll see” was all he said.

He slid out of the booth and offered her his hand to help her slid out.  As they left the bar Walker said “I’ll pick you up at 6:00 in the morning C.D.”

“Will do Cordell”  he replied and waved.  He winked at Alex.

After dinner at a little road house Walker knew about, they headed for Walker’s ranch.  Alex had fallen asleep almost as soon as they got onto the main road.  Walker hit a bump and woke her, “Cowboy, where are we going?” she asked, as she looked around.

“You’ll see”  he said smiling.

It really didn’t matter where they were going as long as they were together.

She snuggled close to him once more she fell to sleep.  She loved this man more than she thought it was possible to love anyone.

Once they arrived at his ranch, he parked the truck in front of the porch. “Hon wake up.”  he said softly.

“Hummm, are we here already?” she asked half asleep.

He exited the truck and walked around to her side to open the door for her.  It was amazing how much he had change in the past 7 years.  After opening the door for her he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the porch.  ‘He can take on an entire gang single handedly but yet he can be so gentle too’  she thought as he sat her on the swing on the front porch.  He smiled as he joined her.

Sliding close he put his arms around her and pulled her close.

Silently they sat, each listening to the sounds of nature and the beating of each others hearts.

After awhile Walker released her and said “I’ll be right back.”  He stood and disappeared into the house.  Shortly he returned with a portable radio and two long neck beers.  He sat the radio on the railing and handed her the bottles of beer.  He then turned in a country music station on the radio and joined her on the swing once again.  They drank a few swallows of the drink.  Walker sat the bottle down on the porch, he took Alex’s beer and sat it next to his on the floor as a slow song began to play on the station.

He turned to Alex and said “I promised you a dance.’  he held his arms out for her to join him.

She smiled and moved gracefully in his awaiting arms.  The music filled the air, they melted into each others arms until the became as one with the music.

As the song ended Walker said, “Alex stay with me tonight, I want you to.  I need you to.”  He captured her lips in a burning passionate kiss.

A soft moan escaped her lips when the kiss ended.  His hand had found it’s way to her breast.  He gently massaged her firm breast through her bra.  Then he picked her up and carried her into the house.  He closed the door on the rest of the world and the night they spent was wondrous.  It was filled with love and passion.

As the dawn broke the Ranger woke with his lady in his arms.’ I could get used to this’ he thought.

He lightly kissed her lips and said  “Wake up Alex”

She smiled a sleepy smile at him and said “Good Morning Handsome.”  she said.

“Good morning” he said.

She rolled close to him and began to run her fingers through the hair on his strong chest.  She began to lightly kiss his lips.

He pulled away and said “Alex don’t start something that either one of us has time to finish.”

She gave him a pout.

“Alex you know I have to pick C.D. up at 6:00 and you have court at 8:30 today remember.”

“That’s right” she said and she turned to find her clothes.

Walker took this opportunity to disappear into the bathroom.  While he showered Alex dressed.

He dropped her off at her condo and went to pick his friend up for their trip.  She had to get ready for work.

It was 6:15 when he arrived at C.D.’s house.  The older man said “It’s about time you got here Cordell.  I was just about to call you.”

“Got a late start this morning C.D.” was all he said.  Nothing else was said about it.  He was really glad this was C.D. and not Trivette, his younger partner would ask question after question.

C.D. put his luggage into the bed of the truck and they were on their way to Nevada.

The first part of the trip was quiet, the weather was beautiful.  C.D. fell asleep sometime during the drive.  Walker listened to country music as a slow song played his mind drifted back you last night.

C.D. woke “Cordell, Sorry I must have fallen asleep”.

“That’s okay C.D.” was his response.

They drove all day stopping only for necessities, gas, bathroom breaks etc.

About 5:00 p.m. C.D. said “Dag gum it Cordell I’m about to starve.”

“Okay we’ll stop and eat, “  he pulled into the next diner they came to.

They ordered and ate, the conversation was sort one sided, C.D. did most of the talking Walkers mind was in Dallas with a certain lady who held his heart captive.

Back in Dallas, Alex Cahill sat in her office reviewing her notes from the long day she had just spent in court.  As she put the papers down a smile came across her face, she remembered the previous night spent in the arms of her cowboy.  Even though he was on his way to Las Vegas she could still feel his touch.  A warm feeling came over her, a knock on the door brought her back to reality.                  

The knock startled her, she jumped a little “Oh-- yes” she said.

Ranger James Trivette, Walker partner, stuck his head in the door and asked “ Are you busy counselor?”

“Just finishing up” she answered.

“Would you like to join Gage, Sydney and me at C.D.’s for dinner?”

“Sure but then I have to call it a night, early court again tomorrow”.

Walker and C.D. Arrived in Las Vegas about 9:30 that night.  After checking in C.D. insisted they go to get something to eat.

Once back in his room Walker called Alex.      

“Hello” she answered.

“Hi there” he said, just hearing her voice made him happy.

“How’s Vegas?” she asked.

“Don’t really know all I’ve seen so far is the hotel dining room.”

“C.D. got hungry” she said.

He just laughed.  Then he asked “How’s the trial going?”

“Slow.  The defense is pulling all the stall tactics he knows to drag this out.”

“What about all the evidence?” he asked

“He keeps trying to created doubt as the validity of the evidence” she sighed “ Up till now I have been able to counter all his points.”

“You are good, you can do it.”  he assured her.

“Thanks I hope I deserve your confidence.” she said.

“You do” he said softly, then whispered “I wish you were here.”

“Me too, I love you”  she said.

“I love you too, I’ll call you tomorrow.  Bye”  He hung up the phone, just hearing her voice made the trip seem shorter.

Alex went to bed but she had trouble sleeping, she tossed and turned having a hard time getting comfortable.  Finally she got up and found and old shirt that Walker had left there.  She put it on, feeling closer to him she fell asleep.

Sleep had no trouble finding Walker that night.  It had been a long drive and he had not gotten much sleep the night before, although he did not regret that.

At 5:30 am. Walker woke, he showered and dressed then went onto the balcony to look at the city below him.  The dawn was just breaking but the streets were already crowded.  He missed the silence of his ranch.

This was one of his favorite times of the day.  He could set on his porch and just think, it was nothing like this; people, cars, buses, taxi’s  everyone of them in a hurry to get nowhere first.

He decided to wake his friend at 6:30.  “Alright, I’m commin’” C.D. griped as he answered the door. When he saw who was there he said “dad burnit Cordell it’s still dark out.  Don’t you ever sleep”.

“C.D. it’s 6:30 time to get up.”  He said as he walked into the room.

“Cordell I’m semi retired, that means I can sleep later.”

“Not when your with me”  Walker said as he sat on the couch. “If you get dressed then we can go get breakfast.” he continued.

C.D. grumbled to himself as he walked toward the bathroom.

Walker chuckled as he thought ‘it’s almost as much fun to torment C.D. as it is tormenting Trivette.’

While he waited for the older Ranger to get showered he decided to call his fiancée.

“Hello” she answered half asleep.  He loved the sound of her voice in the morning, it always seemed to make his day go smoother.

“Good luck in court today” he said.

“Thanks” she smiled his voice was most welcome, she only wished he were there with her. “When do your seminars start?” she asked.

“9:00.  I’m trying to get C.D. moving so we can see something of Las Vegas before they start.”  He heard her alarm clock ring “Time to get up” he said laughing.

She turned the clock off and said “Just remember don’t get too fond of the night life there, you have to come back here.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’m ready to come back now.”

“Love you” she said.

“Love you too” Walker answered. 

As he said those words C.D. came into the room and asked “Who ya talking to Cordell?” he smiled he knew who it was.

“Room service” Walker said sarcastically.

“Well I guess that’s one way to get good service.” He remarked, then he laughed and asked “How’s Alex’s trial going?”

“Slow C.D., the defense is pulling stall tactics.  Alex is really earning her money on this one.”

“Well she’s good at her job, she can do it.”

“I know that’s what I told her”

After eating breakfast they see some sights.  They saw many sites of interest but had to go back to the hotel. 

There were people from all over the country there.  Folks from all walks of life.  Each of them sharing the same interest and goal; to keep kids off drugs and out of gangs.

Even though the meetings were interesting and informative Walker was still bored.  His days were usually more active.

Alex’s day was going just like yesterday.  She was keeping busy trying to counter the objections raised by the defense.

Jimmy on the other hand was having a much livelier day.  Several bandits had tried to rob a jewelry mart but were seen by an alert passer by, who called 911 and reported it..  This ended up in a standoff with hostages.

The Rangers were called in so Gage and Sydney answered the call and Trivette was soon called in also.

While Jimmy talked to the bandits on the telephone trying to get the hostages released, Gage snuck around back to see if he could get behind them.  They had a guard on the back door and Gage got pinned down.

Sydney suggested they try a different route.  They could come in from above.

She and Jimmy managed to get to the roof of the mart by climbing onto the roof of a building 3 places down.  Then made their way across adjoining roofs until the came to the jewelry mart.  Once there they entered the building through a sky light and took out the guard on the back door,  Gage then joined them and they took down the gang and rescued the hostages.

Vegas was not so eventful except Walker was asked to speak about his ‘ Kick Drugs Programs’ after the lunch break.  The speaker who was scheduled had to leave because his wife went into labor early.  So Walker’s speech was moved up a day.  Walker was really nervous. He hated to give speeches, but once he began talking his passion for the cause kicked in and the words came out easily.

“So if we can help these kids believe in themselves and instill confidence in them we can try to keep them on the right path.”  he ended.

The silence gave way to applause once he had stopped speaking,  C.D. winked at him.  Walker let out a sigh of relief.

The day ended with a dinner for all the guests in the hotel dining room.              

After dinner C.D. said “Cordell let’s go to the casino for a little while tonight”

“C.D. If we go there I’ll never get you out of there.”

“Let’s just go play slots for a couple of hours.”  C.D. said.

“Okay just for a couple of hours.  I want to call Alex before it gets too late.”  He had tried to call her already but there was no answer at home and the office was closed.

As they walked to the casino Walker told his friend of the day that Trivette went through.

“See Cordell, I told you Jimmy could handle things on his own”  C.D. said bursting with pride.

“Yeah, you were right C.D. Jimmy is a good man.”  Walker said, he very seldom called his partner by his first name and was extra careful not to ever do it in front of Trivette.

Once in the casino C.D. purchased $100 worth of $1 tokens.  Walker purchased $10 worth of quarter tokens.

Walker was not lucky with his choice of machines and lost all his tokens quickly.

He went to watch his friend play his machine,  C.D. was holding his own he would loose some then win some then loose again but he always seemed to win just before he ran out of money.

As he stood there watching he suddenly felt a pair of arms go around his waist.  At first he was startled but then realized it was his fiancée behind him.  He turned to face her, his pleasure to see her was plain to see.  He took her in his arms and kissed her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked once the kiss ended.

“Got a break in the case” she whispered.

C.D. heard her voice and turned around “Alex, honey”  he said.                                   

She squeezed his arm and he turn back to his gambling  Still in Walker arms she said “the trial was going nowhere fast but then after lunch a surprise witness showed up and his testimony broke the case wide open.  It took the jury 2 hours to bring back a guilty verdict so here I am”.

“Remind me to thank that surprise witness, will ya”  Walker said.  He pulled her closer than before and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.  Suddenly bells and alarms started going off.  At first Alex thought it was the kiss but soon realized that someone had hit a jackpot.

They turned to see it was C.D.

“C.D. you won” Alex said still keeping her arms around her Cowboy and he did the same.

Once all the noise stopped, the security guards escorted them to the business office.  C.D. found out he had won $100,000.  He was speechless, which doesn’t happen very often.  After all the congratulating and hugging the paperwork was filled out.  The hotel told him that they would keep his money in the safe until he was ready to check out, but that he could draw on it at anytime during his stay.  C.D. also arranged for Alex and Walker to have access to the account also.  The clerk was surprised not too many people trusted anyone else with that amount of money.

C.D. looked at him and said “Son I trust these two with my life so why not my money too.”  Walker and Alex were a little embarrassed but more proud that their friend felt that way about them.

They decided to call it a night.  All three took the elevator to the rooms.

Alex had already registered as Walkers guest.              

They said good night to C.D. and when to their room across the hall.

As he closed the door behind them he turned to face his beauty, it almost took his breath away.

Alex said “C.D. was really lucky tonight.”

He moved closer to her and said “I’m luckier than C.D. I have you here with me.”  He took her in his arms.  They had been aching to hold her for 2 days.  As she melted into his embrace her desire began to burn deep inside her.

He began kissing her lips lightly at first, teasing her sweetly.  The kisses soon became more intense as the passion engulfed them both. Alex could feel his desire build as she moved her hand to his jeans.  Releasing his manhood from the jeans she encircled it with her hand, bringing a moan of pleasure from Walker.

As her removed her clothes she continued to massage his bulging desire.  Finally he could not stand it any  longer.  The rest of the clothes were on the floor.

Walker carried her to the bed, gently lying her down.  He kissed her luscious lips.  Without a moments delay he covered her body with his.  She ran her fingers through the hair on the back of his neck as he entered her bringing pleasure to the both of them.  Both of them floating down a river of passion.  Slowly savoring the thralls of love.  As the climax came both reached ecstasy at the same moment.  Walker rolled to one side and took his love in his arms.  No words were spoken they just fell asleep both basking in  the glow each others love.

Sleep was restful for Alex tonight she always slept sounder when he was around.  She couldn’t wait until he would be with her every night.  Alex had rested her head in Walkers strong chest, as they slept suddenly there was a knock at the door. 

Startled by the knock Walker jumped, waking Alex.  “What was that?” she asked.

“I don’t know” He looked as his watch “It’s only 4:00” he grabbed a pair of workout pants he had by the bed and went to the door.

No one was there.  “Huh” he said as he began to close the door, then he saw an envelope on the floor.  He picked it up, looked up and down the hall but saw no one.

He closed the door and began to open the envelope.

Alex had found one of his shirts, slipped it on and went to join him.  As they read the note both their faces showed concern.  The note said “ WE HAVE THE OLD MAN.  IT YOU WANT TO SEE HIM ALIVE AGAIN BE AT THE PAY PHONES IN THE LOBBY IN 15 MIN.  WE MEAN BUSINESS!

Walker looked his lady then they both rushed to get dressed and go to the lobby.

As they arrived in  the lobby one of the pay phones was ringing,  Walker rushed to answer it. 

“Walker?”  the voice said.


“Good, now here’s the deal bring $50,000 the corner of highway 60 and Grandview”

Walker interrupted “Where am I supposed to get that kind of money?”

“Your friend just won $100,000, so we figure we might as well get our cut.”  the man said.

“Just be there in one hour and you had better not call the cops or your friend is dead.”

The phone went dead.  Walker turned and explained everything to Alex.  “We don’t have much time” he told her.  Then he took her hand and the hurried to the business office.  The clerk, who had taken care of the earlier was just getting ready to leave for the day.  As they entered the office her recognized them, “Where is Mr. Parker?”  he asked.

Walker showed him the note.  “How far is the corner of Highway 60 and Grandview?”

“About 30 min. from here,  why?”

Walker explained the phone call to him.  He felt he could trust this man.

The clerk, Ken Stack, hurried and arranged for the money to be put into a suitcase.  He then gave Walker directions to the drop off point, he had grown up nearby so he knew the area well.

With only moments to spare Walker and Alex arrived at the appointed spot.

There was a phone booth on the corner, as they arrived the phone was ringing.

“You are very good at following instructions, good, good”

“Get on with it,  Let me talk to C.D.”  Walker said.

“In good time, he’s just a little tied up right now.”

Alex stood close to Walker listening to the conversation.

“If you have hurt him I’ll tear your heart out” Walker said.

“Now, now  don’t get you blood pressure up, he is fine.  Here’s what you are going to do.  Take the money to the bus station just 3 blocks down, put it in locker 343 lock it and leave, if you don’t follow these instructions exactly your friend will pay with his life. When you are finished come back to this phone and we will contact you.”

Walker was enraged.  “If I get my hands on who ever is doing this I’ll --”

Alex interrupted him, “Walker do you think they would kill C.D.?”

“I don’t know Alex, when your dealing with people like this there is never anyway to tell.”

They hurry to the bus station and follow the directions.  Back at the pay phone they wait for another call.  In about 30 minutes they hear a car squeal to a stop, the door flies open and C.D. is pushed from the car bound and gagged.  The car then sped off.

Walker and Alex rushed to their friend, the Ranger tried to see the license tag number as the drove off but it was covered with dirt.  Alex said “C.D.” as they began to untie him. 

Walker removed the gag for his old friends mouth and asked “Are you okay?”

“Hell no I’m not okay. I just got pushed out of a car.” the older Ranger grumbled.

“Okay, take it easy C.D.”  Walker said as he supported his friend “Don’t try to get up.”  He turned to Alex  “Call 911”.

She ran to the phone.  Within a few seconds of her return a police car pulled up. “That was quick” he said to herself.

“Are you Ranger Walker?” the officer asked as he exited the car. “The ambulance is on the way.  How is he?”

“Not sure”

“It sure didn’t take long for you to get here  I just called 911.”  Alex said.

“Miss Cahill” the second officer said “We have been watching you ever since you got to Route 60 and Grandview.  The casino clerk Ken Stack is my brother-in-law.  He called me and explained what was happening.  We have had spotters on roof tops to all the possible routes out of here.”  While the officer explained the situation to Walker and Alex the Paramedics were working on C.D.  “ The spotters saw them push Mr. Parker out of the car.”

The Paramedic told them they were ready to take C.D. to the hospital.  Walker and Alex started to follow the ambulance just then the radio in the police car told the officers that the car was spotted going into a parking lot.

“Alex go to the hospital with C.D., I’ll meet you there later.”

Alex rides to the hospital in the ambulance with her friend.

Walker followed the police cars to the location where the car was spotted. 

The officer on the scene told them, when they arrived, which place the perpetrators had entered.

Walker went around back and entered the building at the same time as the officers in the front.  Walker stopped the men who tried to run out the back, very quickly they were knocked back into the front of the building.

Once the men were under arrest and the money was recovered, Walker joined Alex at the hospital.  As he entered the emergency room lobby he heard C.D. arguing with the nurses.  He went into the exam room and said “C.D. calm down”

Alex said “Walker thank goodness you’re here, he wants to refuse treatment.”

“He does, does he, we’ll see about that”

“Cordell that nurse is a witch all she wants to do is stick me with her needle’  He gave the nurse an gruff look.

“C.D. she’s just doing her job, now lie still and let the nurse work.”  Walker said.

C.D. didn’t want to calm down but he did not want to tangle with Walker.

After the doctor examined the older man, he released him to rest.  Since Walker had already given his speech they all decided to go back to Dallas early.

Once back at C.D. bar they were sitting at the bar with their friends telling them about the trip and their adventures.

“Big dog, what are you going to do with the money?”  Jimmy asked.

“Well I decided that I’m going to donate $50,000 to Alex’s H.O.P.E. Center and $50,000 to Cordell’s Kick Drugs Program.

The money brought me bad luck maybe they can use it for good, and beside I’m rich enough.  In friends.”  he said smiling.

the end

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