By: Lelani

Alex Cahill stormed into her office and dumped her briefcase onto her desk and then plopped into the chair. If steam really did come out of a person’s ears when they were mad, then it would be pouring out of hers. How could the man? She began to fantasize a variety of ways in which she could torture him and gain as much enjoyment from it as possible. One idea would come to mind and then she would scrap it as not being vile enough. This continued for at least ten minutes before she hit on a particularly satisfying scenario and she allowed it to play in her head, wallowing in the pleasure it brought her to imagine it. Her phone rang, interrupting her fantasy, and she answered it ready to bite the head off of the person who dared interrupt her mental retaliation.

“Cahill,” she snapped into the receiver.

“Whoa counselor, what’s got you so hot under the collar?”

“Don’t play games with me James Trivette. I’m sure that you’re damn well aware of what’s ‘got me so hot’.  Is the big coward standing there waiting to find out just how mad I am?”

“Well uhmm…”

“You tell that slimy snake-skinned partner of yours that it would behoove him not to cross my path in the near future… not unless he wants to die a slow torturous death.”

“Uh… well… I gotta go…”

“Coward,” Alex muttered and slammed the phone into the receiver.

Jimmy looked up at his partner and didn’t quite know how to tell the man just how hot the water he was in was. Then again, he had let Jimmy chase two felons for two miles just the day before in the blazing Mexico heat while he sat in his air conditioned pickup and waited for someone to pass out from heat exhaustion. It was just lucky that the felons had folded first. He decided to give it to the man straight.

“Well, Walkman, I think you are dead meat.”

“What exactly did she say?” the Ranger asked with trepidation.

Jimmy was enjoying this all the more. Seeing Ranger Cordell Walker looking disconcerted was a bit more fun than he would admit.

“Something like… ‘You tell that slimy snake-skinned partner of yours that it would behoove him not to cross my path in the near future… not unless he wants to die a slow torturous death.’” He quoted verbatim.

“Snake skin isn’t slimy,” was all Walker said.

“Do you really think that’s the point?” Trivette asked.

Walker realized just how much he was revealing and so he wiped his expression from his face and shuffled back over to his desk. He sat with his hands folded and pondered his situation. Chances were that trying to talk to her about this was not going to be worth the effort. He knew her and when she got mad, she stayed mad. It took a lot to push her over the edge, but once she was all fired up… And really, she had the right to be, didn’t she? He had, after all, cost her a case that had taken her countless hours to put together. He hadn’t meant to, but sometimes these things just happened. Who was he kidding? He knew that he’d blown it big time and he deserved her wrath. Walker sighed, pushed back his chair and stood up.

“I’m taking off; I’ll see you Monday.”

Trivette looked up. “It’s only Wednesday.”

“Yeah, and I’ve worked two weeks straight without a day off. I’m taking the next four.”

Jimmy just nodded, it wasn’t like he could disagree that the man deserved the time off. Heck, it might even do him some good. Part of the reason he’d let Alex down was due to the case they had just cracked. Walker had been so determined to nail the two Gomez brothers for the rape and murder of two young teenage girls that he had forgotten to do a lot of things… including eating and sleeping.

Alex came in the next day no less mad than the day before, but better able to function. She spent the morning trying in vain to salvage the case Walker had destroyed. All the man had to do was show up on time to testify about the dirtbag she was trying to get convicted of abusing his wife and three children. But no… he’s too busy with a big important case. What’s a little domestic violence when he’s got a murderer to catch? Okay, so it was two murderers and they also raped two young girls before killing them, but still… The more she thought about it, the more her blood began to boil again. She decided it was time to go tell the man a thing or two about his priorities.

Alex marched into the Company B Headquarters ready to do battle. It was Jimmy’s misfortune that her primary target wasn’t there, so she turned to him.

“Where the hell is he?”

“Don’t know; he took a few days off.”

“Did he now? Well, why not? He’s just landed two big fish; why not take time to sit on his laurels.”

Jimmy looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Walker? Can you really see him taking time off to gloat?”

“Oh, shut up.” Alex turned and stormed back out.

Walker had gone home the night before and taken a nice long shower. He drained a glass of ice tea and then slept for hours. The next morning, he was up with the sun and began to think about all that had transpired and how he was going to patch things up with Alex. It was a definite puzzle and he was afraid he was a few pieces short. He hated that Jeb Stack had gotten away with abusing his family. He himself had witnessed enough to be able to get the guy convicted. Unfortunately, he’d been away working on this case south of the border and since it wasn’t a sanctioned crossing of said border, the court wasn’t willing to wait for him to show back up. The judge had ruled against Alex’s third request for an extension and thrown the case out. He’d learned of this only after he’d returned from his successful trip to Mexico.

Trivette wasn’t going to help him out either. He’d let him chase those two murderers for at least a half-mile before the two overweight brothers had collapsed in the 100 plus heat. Of course, Trivette had exaggerated the length into two miles by the time he was telling C.D. about it the night they crawled back into town. After a stop at C.D.’s an exhausted Walker had gone out to the ranch, but instead of going and checking if he had any phone messages, he had crashed from complete physical exhaustion. The next day he didn’t wake up until the sun woke him as it peaked out from behind a summer storm cloud. He looked at his clock, nearly noon, and moaned as he got up. It wasn’t until he saw the phone lying on the floor that he realized he must have knocked it off the nightstand sometime in the night. It was disconnected and so hadn’t rung. He replaced the receiver and it rang almost immediately. It was Alex.

“Where the hell were you?” she screeched in his ear.

“I just woke up.”

“Woke up? You just woke up? Jeb Stack is going home to his terrified family as we speak and YOU JUST WOKE UP???!!!!”

“Jeb Stack? Who’s th… Oh, right, Stack. What do you mean he’s going home? That’s a solid case.”

“Really? Because the judge sure didn’t think so; at least not without your testimony.”

“Why didn’t you just get an extension?”

That was when the phone had been slammed in his ear. He’d had to call the court clerk to get the rest of the details. He called in a favor with a Lieutenant with the Dallas PD and asked him to monitor the Stack house. It was all he could do at this point. Now, here he was two days later and he wasn’t any closer to getting Alex to forgive him. He was going to have to be creative on this one. Then he got the seed of an idea and spent the rest of the day letting it germinate.

Alex left the office early on Thursday with no intention of going back until Monday. She had planned to take Friday off to celebrate her victory, but now she thought she’d go ahead and take it off so that people would stop interrupting her fantasies about torturing Walker. The latest one involved him being interviewed on Oprah about his inability to express his feelings while Doctor Phil psychoanalyzed him. Somewhere along the way, the fantasy had evolved so that Walker was dressed in a fluffy pink bathrobe and the audience was full of militant women.

Alex slept in late and then pulled her hair up in a ponytail and pulled on some cut off jean shorts and a paint stained shirt. She remained makeup-less and shoeless as she tackled some housecleaning chores. It usually helped to relax her, but it wasn’t working its magic on this day. She attacked the soap scum on the shower tiles as if it was the whiskers on a certain Ranger’s face. She was red faced and dripping with sweat when she heard a sound just behind her. She didn’t have time to shout as a hand clamped over her mouth and a pillowcase was placed over her head. She tried to struggle, but her attacker was too strong. Her hands were tied with a strip of cloth behind her back and the pillowcase was kept in place by a blindfold placed over it to cover her eyes with a second layer. A third strip of cloth covered her mouth so that she was effectively gagged. She was picked up and thrown over a shoulder and carried out of her apartment. She heard the door kicked shut behind them, but no matter how hard she kicked and squirmed, she wasn’t able to get away from the iron grip that held her in place. At one point, she managed to knee him in the stomach and she was gratified at the ‘oof’ she heard indicating she had scored a hit. The man had the gall to smack her backside and she quieted for a moment in shock.

The next thing she knew, she was being shoved into a car. She felt a seat belt being buckled across her and then the man got into the car and started it up. He drove with the music blaring and Alex’s anger began to turn to fright. They drove for more than an hour before the man pulled the car over to the side of the road. He released the gag and the blind fold, but kept the pillow case on and her hands tied. He then got back in and began to drive again.

Alex tried to peer through the pillowcase at her abductor, but it was a thick cloth and she wasn’t able to distinguish more than a vague outline. She remained silent for maybe another thirty minutes, but then could keep quiet no longer.

“What do you want? Why are you doing this? Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re going to be in for kidnapping an ADA?”

“I’ve got an idea,” he murmured.

Alex was stunned into silence. She knew that voice. But it couldn’t be; it just couldn’t!!! Could it? “Walker?” she asked amazed.

“Yes, it’s me.”

“But… you… why… You wait; I’m going to skin you alive!”

“That’s why your hands are still tied behind your back.”

“I can’t believe you would do this! What the hell do you think you’re doing? You scared me to death! I thought my life was in danger. You… you… creep! You pig! You snake! You bully! You…”

“Save it Alex, I’m sure I’ve been called all of them before.”

“You big coward!”

“Now I haven’t been called that; at least not to my face.”

“What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking that you are really mad at me and there is no way I’m going to get you to listen to my side of the story unless I get you off alone somewhere.”

“And you thought kidnapping me was going to make me forgive you any faster?”

“I didn’t think I could possibly make you any madder than you already were.”

“Well let me tell you, YOU WERE WRONG!”

“Listen, just sit back and relax, we’ll be there in another couple of hours.”

“Be where?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“I don’t like surprises.”

“You love surprises.”

“Not this kind of surprise.”

Walker just turned the music back up and continued to drive.

Alex tried to piece together what his intentions might be. She knew that they weren’t in the Ram; she would have recognized it right away. This was more like an SUV. Then she realized that it must be C.D.’s SUV. She couldn’t believe he was in on this scheme. Then she thought about it some more and realized that if Walker had let him in on it, he would have thought it quite romantic and would have gladly helped him. Then again, Walker was so private; chances were that he hadn’t told C.D. all of the details. C.D. wouldn’t give up his SUV no questions asked, but only because of his insatiable curiosity. Most likely, Walker gave him only a half reason to get him to let him borrow his vehicle. The point really was moot, but she needed to focus on something.

After another two hours, Walker pulled the car over. Alex was ready to be done with all of the traveling, but she was in for another surprise. She was picked up and set into a boat of some kind. There was no talking, but she knew that there was another person there. She tried to engage him (or her) in conversation, but Walker dashed her hopes of finding an ally.

“He’s deaf and with your mouth covered, he can’t read your lips. With your hands tied, you can’t sign to him.”

“And he doesn’t think it’s odd that you have me trussed up like this?”

“He thinks I’m very romantic.”

“Sick and depraved maybe, but you wouldn’t know romantic if it bit you in the…”

“Have a drink,” he interrupted as he lifted the bottom of the pillowcase up and put a straw to her lips.

Alex wanted to be contrary, but she was parched. It was July and even with the coolness of the water, the temperature hovered around 100 degrees.

It was another hour or so before the boat docked. Alex heard some cargo being unloaded and then she too was unloaded and set on the dock like some more baggage. The boat motor started up and she stood there as it faded away. She heard Walker moving around and then he left. She was beginning to need the restroom in a desperate way and the sound of the water wasn’t helping the situation at all, but she was afraid to move, not sure what the terrain was like and aware that she was on a dock with water surrounding her.

It was several minutes, but Walker returned and untied her hands. He stepped away and let her take the pillowcase off of her head on her own. She wanted to attack him like some wild animal and claw his eyes out, but she knew that he was ready for her and that in a battle of strength, he would always win. She needed to keep a cool head and win the battle of wits.

Alex surveyed the cabin and its surroundings. The cabin was clearly made by a skillful architect who had made it blend with the trees and other natural fauna. It seemed to nearly disappear into its surroundings and yet it highlighted the beauty of the area. Alex was impressed, but she wasn’t about to show it. She walked into the front door, found a bathroom and then returned outside where she felt less confined.

Walker carried in the bags he and the other man had set on the dock. She could see that he had brought a duffel bag for himself, several bags of groceries and the matching pillowcase to the one she’d worn. She assumed that he had packed some clothes from her room before he had snuck up on her in the bathroom. If only she hadn’t had the water running she probably would have heard him. On second thought, knowing how incredibly quiet he was capable of being, she most likely wouldn’t have.

Alex looked around her and thought of going for a walk, but she didn’t have any shoes and the ground was not the kind you walked on barefoot. She did go to the edge of the dock and sat down, dangling her feet in the cool water. She lay back and gazed up at the incredibly blue sky and wondered how she was going to cause the man indoors the maximum amount of pain and suffering. She drifted off to sleep imagining him being eaten by piranha that had miraculously swum up from the Amazon into this little river.

Walker put away the perishables and then put his bag in one of the guestrooms and Alex’s pillowcase in the master bedroom. He knew that it was going to be a rough couple of days, but he cared enough about her and their relationship to take these drastic measures. He needed her to give him a chance to explain and to apologize. Besides, she had kidnapped him… sort of… when she took him whitewater rafting, so she couldn’t stay too mad. Could she?

Alex finally deigned to go indoors as she didn’t have on any sunscreen and the sun was directly above beating down on her sensitive skin. She scooped up the jug of sun tea Walker had left on the front porch and took it indoors. It was bound to be done in this heat. She opened the refrigerator door and set the jug inside after pouring herself a glass over ice. She then took a tour of the place and was further amazed at its beauty. It was extremely luxurious, but not ostentatious. The architect had been clever in the use of natural vistas through the incredible windows. There was a small waterfall that started outside, but came indoors to splash into an indoor swimming pool. It was an incredible place, but she was still angry enough to chew nails.

As she continued her investigation, she finally came to the master bedroom where she recognized the pillowcase. She dumped it out on the bed to see what Walker had packed for her. She found a couple pairs of underwear and a bra along with two bathing suits, a couple pairs of shorts and three tops. Nowhere were there any shoes. She grabbed up clean underwear and a pair of shorts and shirt and went in to take a shower. She came out feeling clean and refreshed, but she still had a very large bone to pick with a man who was undoubtedly remaining deliberately scarce.

When she got downstairs, Alex found Walker preparing a meal. Since she hadn’t eaten since that morning, she was more than ready to swallow her pride long enough to satisfy her hunger.

“I made steaks and salad, I hope that’s okay.”

Alex just shrugged and sat down waiting to be served. Walker seemed willing to let the silence reign through dinner and when they finished the simple but satisfying meal, he did the clean up while Alex went into the large game room where she found a television. She flipped the evening news on and sat to watch it. Walker joined her, but again allowed her to watch without interruption. When the news was over, Walker used the remote to switch it off and then tried to talk to Alex.

“Alex, I do want to apologize for missing the court date. I’m sick over the fact that they let Stack go back to his family. I have a friend of mine keeping an eye out so that he can be arrested the minute he steps out of line again.”

This news didn’t really surprise Alex. She knew that he would never want innocent people to be victimized by a man like Jeb Stack. Walker had helped her on too many domestic abuse cases for her to believe otherwise. Still, it really steamed her that he hadn’t shown up in court. And besides, she wasn’t ready to listen to his explanation. She simply got up and walked out of the room.

Walker let her go, knowing that he couldn’t force her to listen. He looked around the room and spotted a dartboard and decided to challenge himself. It was about a half an hour later that he heard a splash and went to investigate. He found Alex swimming through the water of the indoor pool. She had changed into one of the suits he had packed for her and he just stood and stared, mesmerized by the rhythmic motion of her arms as they broke threw the smooth surface, arced and then dove back in to propel her through the water. At the end of each lap, she made a smooth racing turn and continued. Walker was tempted to join her, but knew that his would be an unwelcome intrusion; so instead, he headed outdoors for a walk.

Alex finished her swim and then went on upstairs to bed. She had managed to tire herself out and slept well. Walker didn’t have any such luck. Still, he was up early and had gone for a swim and fixed breakfast before Alex emerged from her room. She sat down and ate with a grudging grunt as a greeting. Walker plied her with coffee until she was slightly more amenable, but he knew better than to broach the subject with her in the morning. Alex was not known to be a cheerful person in the morning, let alone forgiving.

The day continued with the two of them doing their best to avoid each other. Walker was beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that he was the coward she had accused him of being. Alex, for her part, was feeling extremely claustrophobic. Without shoes, she was limited to the house and dock as there were far too many rocks everywhere else for her to walk barefoot. The tension continued to grow as the day continued to heat up. When the volcano finally erupted, it did Mount Vesuvius proud.

It began innocently enough, Alex was in the game room throwing darts and doing it badly. Walker entered and saw that she was missing the board completely and offered to give her some tips.

“Here, let me show you what you’re doing wrong.”

“Show me what I’m doing wrong? Honey, it’s you who are in the wrong here.”

Walker was quick enough to know that the ‘honey’ was sarcastic and not meant as an endearment. “I admit that I blew it by not showing up in court, but I didn’t just mess around and miss it, I was tracking down two murderers.”

“Yeah, even after they went to Mexico and left your jurisdiction.”

“I wasn’t going to let them get away with what they did just because they know how to drive south!”

“They have police in Mexico, you know.”

“Don’t be naïve. Chances are those two would have never stood trial for what they did in Dallas.”

“Well, guess what Ranger? You’re not God! Sometimes bad guys get away.”

“Not on my watch they don’t.”

“No, just when they’re on my watch. Jeb Stack managed to get away with mistreating his wife and three kids. I made a promise to that woman and all three of her children that they wouldn’t have to sleep with that man under the same roof for even one more night. Thanks to you, I broke that promise.”

“I’m sorry, but we will get him.”

“Really? Before or after he hurts his family?”

“It’s not a perfect world Alex, I wish that it was. I never meant for him to go free, but I couldn’t let the Gomez brothers go free either. I saw what they did to those girls and I’m the one who had to face their parents. If I had had to tell another set of parents that their daughters had been killed by those two… I couldn’t do that.”

“We both have tough jobs, some days it’s all I can do to go into work knowing that I’m going to have to deal with a victim or the family of a victim. The one thing that gets me through it, is knowing that I can count on certain people to be there to back me up. You used to be number one on that list. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have you betray that trust?”

“Alex, dammit, it’s not like I deliberately set out to do that! I know that I can be single minded sometimes…”

Alex snorted at the admission.

“I was bound and determined to bring those Gomez brothers in and I let it consume me to the extent that nothing else mattered. I made some bad decisions and I know that I hurt you, but if I had to do it again, I can’t say that I’d do it any different.”

“I don’t know why I trusted you. You’d think I’d have learned by now that trusting men is never a wise move.” Alex played a tape of betrayals in her mind, beginning with the one her father had made when she was just 16 and he had walked out on her and her mother.

Walker sighed, not knowing how to get past the wall Alex had re-erected to keep him out. He knew that there were some major betrayals in Alex’s past. He also knew that there were more he didn’t know about. The way she kept herself walled off from men was a dead give away. It had taken him a long while to get her to trust him. They’d had a rough go of it and it hadn’t all been his fault. He also knew that once she gave her heart, she gave it totally and despite the fact that they hadn’t declared their feelings through words, actions did often speak louder than words. It was hard to know that his recent actions had told her that he didn’t care about her. That wasn’t what he had meant to say at all. She was the most important thing in his world and he didn’t even know how that had happened, or when.

“Nothing to say?” she asked, her hostility fully apparent.

“I don’t know how to say that I’m sorry. I don’t know how to tell you that I never would ever hurt you intentionally. I know that you think I betrayed your trust, but that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. I hope that I can earn your trust again, but I don’t know how to do that. My job is important to me, but it’s not more important than you.”

“It sure looks that way from where I’m standing.”

“I know and I don’t know how to make you see it otherwise.”

It was Walker’s turn to leave the room. He was filled with the feeling of futility. He really didn’t know how to make her see that he had never meant to let her down and that knowing he had was the worst feeling of his life.

The two steered clear of each other for the rest of the day. Out of sheer boredom, Alex went into the kitchen and made dinner. She found that Walker had brought salmon and after hunting around, she found the ingredients she needed to make a salmon penne dish. She knew that Walker liked it, she’d made it for him once before. She made some garlic toast to go with it and a green salad. Walker came in when he smelled the garlic toast cooking and helped by setting the table.

They sat down to eat together and Walker finally broke the silence. “I was hoping that I could get you to make this,” he said as he shoveled in a mouthful of the pasta with chunks of salmon.

“It’s one of the few things I cook that you like.”

“That’s not true,” he denied.

She just gave him a raised eyebrow look and returned her attention to the food.

Walker insisted on doing the dishes, so Alex went in to watch the news. He joined her and she began to feel stifled with him in the room. She didn’t know why, but she was beginning to feel guilty, as if she was the one who had done something wrong. She tried replaying in her mind why she was mad at him, but ever since their conversation, she just didn’t have it in her heart to make him suffer. For some strange reason, she believed him. Despite all of the hard lessons she had been taught in life, she believed that she could trust him. She called herself an idiot and left the room to go for a swim in the indoor pool.

Walker pulled on his swim trunks and slipped quietly into the pool as she swam lap after lap. He could tell that demons were chasing her and he wanted to vanquish them. The question was whether or not she would let him. He watched her for two more laps and then swam in and grabbed her around the waist.

Alex was startled, she hadn’t heard him enter the water and she came up swinging. Walker continued to hold her tightly as she pounded her fists on his chest and swung her knees through the water trying to connect with some sensitive body part. The water slowed her legs down so that she wasn’t able to do sufficient damage, but still, she managed to connect a few blows to his upper thighs and one to his abdomen. Walker trapped her legs between his and held her still. The result was that without their legs keeping them above water, they both sank.

After nearly a minute underwater, Alex stopped her struggles and Walker released her legs and with a powerful kick, brought them both back up to the surface. Alex gasped in a large breath of air while Walker continued to hold her tightly against his chest, regaining his own breath. As the oxygen flowed back into her lungs, Alex began to struggle, more against the feelings that were being brought to the fore within herself than against his hold.

“Alex, stop already!”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she asked with righteous indignation.

“I was trying to… oh hell,” he said and let her go.

Alex was chagrined when he swam over to the side of the pool and got out without a backwards glance.

“Damn,” she muttered under her breath, not sure just what she was most disappointed about, that he’d tried or that he’d given up so easily.

Alex continued swimming, there weren’t demons chasing her now, just stirred up feelings of passion and nowhere to put them. A second splash brought her head up and she looked around to see Walker treading water right next to her.

“What?” she asked as she swam to the shallow end where she could stand.

He followed and stood facing her. “This is ridiculous. You know and I know that neither one of us is willing to let this relationship die over a stupid misunderstanding. You know that it was unintentional. I would never do anything to hurt you and no matter what you say, I know that deep down, you know it.”

“Your point?” she asked, her chin jutting into the air.

Walker rolled his eyes and reached for her. He laid his hand over her left breast and said, “Deny that your heart races when I touch you.”

Knowing that he could feel it, she couldn’t bring herself to blatantly lie so she evaded his challenge. “Physical response is just one measure of how much a person affects another. There are more important things like feelings and emotions.”

“Tell me that you didn’t feel bereft when I left the pool.”

“You sure are full of yourself.”

“No, I just know that you wouldn’t be nearly this mad if any other Ranger had missed that trial. You’re mad because I get under your skin and you can’t deny it.”

“I may have been infected, but I’m immune to your charm now.” As soon as she said it, she knew that she was all kinds of a fool.

“Well then, this shouldn’t have the least effect on you,” he said as he pulled her roughly to him and held her tightly against him.

She breathed shallowly as she watched his eyes trail slowly over her face until they fixed on her lips. Her breath stopped all together as his head bent towards hers and his lips brushed hers with the lightest of touches. He followed this up with feather light kisses limiting his scope to her lower and then upper lip.

Alex tried to remain unaffected, but she knew that it was a losing battle. This cowboy had owned her heart since day one. Anger dissolved into passion and she knew that he wasn’t going to deepen the kiss, but rather leave it up to her. She realized that she was pressed against his body as they stood in the shallow end, but although his arms were around her, they barely held her. She had a choice, stick with her stubborn pride and harbor the anger she’d been brewing for days now, or capitulate and give in to the undeniable feelings he evoked. There was no contest.

Walker was taken aback by the ferocity with which she attacked him. Her arms came up around his neck and she pulled him into her, sucking his lower lip into her warm mouth. All thoughts of letting her surrender completely while he remained aloof fled. He pulled her tight into his arms and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth evoking a deep moan from Alex.

Alex wrapped her legs around Walker and as he pulled his mouth from hers, her back arched and she exposed the soft expanse of her neck to his greedy lips. The sound she made could only be described as a purr as his lips slid down the expanse of her throat, his facial hair increasing the sensations that shot through her entire body as his lips kissed, his tongue licked, and his teeth nipped the sensitized flesh.

Walker was filled with the taste of her and couldn’t get enough. He was like a man in a desert and the taste of her was like an oasis of refreshing water. He tasted her exposed throat, but then needed more and continued down to her collarbones, down to the valley between her rounded breasts and finally clamped onto the hard peak straining against the material of her bathing suit.

Alex cried out as she felt his warm mouth suckle the peak of her breast. She clung to him as his hands went to the clasp of her bikini top and it was she who pulled the slip of material away and tossed it somewhere into the pool as she pulled his head back against her now bare breasts.

Walker needed no further invitation as he alternated his attention between the two pink tips. His hands left her back to cup each breast in turn and enjoy the fullness of them in his hand and then in his mouth.

Alex wriggled impatiently as he focused all of his attention on her breasts while the rest of her cried out for his touch and taste. She released him and lay back on the water, her legs loosely wrapped around his waist.

Walker took advantage of the new opportunity her position offered. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her bikini bottoms and slid them down off of her legs. Then he pulled her back into him, his face level with the water and he went straight to the core of her. He licked the warm wetness at the apex of her thighs and thrust his tongue into the slick depths. Then he sucked the tiny nub of flesh that most appreciated his touch, into his mouth and rubbed his tongue over her again and again.

Alex felt the build up coming to a crescendo and her scream of ecstasy echoed around them as the waves of sensation rippled through her. Her arms continued to move to keep her upper body afloat, forcing the water to gently lap over her belly. It increased the sensations Alex was feeling until she thought she couldn’t breathe.

Walker recognized that she was lost in a world of mindless sensation and slid his arms under her body, bringing her to rest against his body as she tried to regain her breath and senses. He held her tight and thanked god that she was back in his arms where they both knew she belonged.

Alex slowly surfaced to feel the hard shaft of his desire pressed against her and to realize that he had denied himself to give her pleasure. He was the most generous lover she had ever known by far. But giving him pleasure was enjoyable as well. So, she began to lead him to the end of the pool and pushed him back until he was seated on the steps, his hips at water level. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his swim trunks and eased them over his throbbing erection. Her eyes widened with a mixture of awe and possession as she gazed at him. The she looked up at Walker to wordlessly convey her intent to him.

Walker looked into her eyes and saw the mischievous glint before her head ducked down and she swallowed his hard length into her hot mouth. His body jerked back in response and he gripped the edge of the pool as she pleasured him. 

Alex took her time, sliding him slowly in and out of her mouth and enjoying the power she had over this seemingly invincible man. Her tongue swirled around the width of him as her hands gently gripped and pumped up and down the length of him. It didn’t take long; he was all but there before she even began.

Walker moaned a deep guttural moan and then forced his eyes to open and watch as her head bobbed up and down with ever increasing speed, judging just how fast and how much pressure to use as she pushed him completely over the edge and his eyes closed as bright lights exploded in front of them. He felt himself ejaculate as she continued her onslaught unrelentingly. When finally he was drained, he collapsed back against the step and slid forward, forcing her back into the water where they both floated lazily.

It took several minutes to recover, but Walker finally felt the strength return to his body and he stood and scooped up her naked dripping body and strode toward the stairs of the pool. He knew that those stairs would forever hold special meaning as he trod up them with his precious burden in his arms.

Alex knew that once the fire was ignited, the passion would flare all night. They had pleasured each other tremendously, but it was only a beginning. They had a lot of lost time to make up for. She curved her arm around his neck and lay pliant in his arms as he carried her. Her face nestled against the wiry curls of chest hair as she clung to him.

Walker carried Alex up the stairs to the second floor landing and then strode with purpose to the master bedroom. He set her down in the ensuite bathroom on a fluffy rug and then grabbed a towel to towel her dry.

Seeing the opportunity to return the favor, Alex took the towel from him as soon as he was done and soaked up the beads of pool water from his skin with it. She smiled as she completed her task and stood back to gaze into his eyes.

Walker never tired of looking into the blue mirrors of Alex’s soul. His hand reached up to her wet hair and he combed his fingers through it and then drew her over to a cloth-covered bench to sit her down and comb her hair properly. The pool was not chlorinated, but rather had an ozone purifying filter, so there was no chlorine smell, just the heated perfumed smell of her body as he leaned in and gave her occasional kisses on her neck, her shoulders and as her hair dried, her shell shaped ears.

Alex stood as much of his teasing torment as she could and then turned on the bench so that she was facing him, her mouth level with his navel. She covered the small dent in his hard abdomen with her mouth and then probed it with her tongue. It was mere moments later that her hands smoothed up the backs of his thighs to cup his firm buttocks. After a tour of his rock hard ass, she was on to new delights. Her hands skimmed around to the front of his thighs and then lowered to his knees before slowly sliding up until she gave into temptation and cupped the two sacs that hung down from the hard shaft pressed against his abdomen. Her chin was the first to alert her to his state of readiness as, while she explored his belly, the bell shaped tip rose to meet her mouth.

Walker allowed her only the lightest of tastes before he pulled back and lifted her from the bench. He stood her up and kissed her mouth for one heart stopping moment before releasing her to turn her and press her forward so that she was bent over facing the counter top.

Alex’s hands went out automatically to catch and balance herself. She closed her eyes as she felt his hands slide up slowly between her thighs separating them so that he could explore her wetness. Walker’s first touch brought a surge of fluid as her body called out to his. Her eyes were closed and she focused all of her attention on that one intimate, aroused area. She felt the touch of his fingers and began to move to their rhythm only to have them replaced by the tip of him as he probed her swollen lips until he found her opening.

It took all of his strength to enter her slowly and carefully making sure that her fluids had him slick before gliding all the way in to bottom out in her depths. His hands held her hips as he pushed as deeply into her as was humanly possible.

Alex moaned as she felt him brush against her cervix, her whole body taut, waiting for him to begin to establish the rhythm that would bring her to completion.

“Open your eyes, Alex,” he commanded from behind her.

Alex complied and found that she was surrounded by mirrors. She looked up into the one directly in front of her and could see him behind her, looming like some mighty conqueror as he took her. Her eyes shifted to the side and she watched as he slowly withdrew from her. She felt him leave her as she watched his shaft appear in the mirror, inch by mind-blowing inch. She was amazed at how they looked, it was like watching something pornographic, and yet, it felt right and good and so incredibly wonderful.

Walker waited until he was satisfied that Alex was fixated on watching them in the mirrors. He plunged back in and she closed her eyes. Her punishment was that he paused and waited until she opened them. It didn’t take her long to catch on that to win the prize, she had to keep her eyes open and locked onto their two bodies mating. Walker too watched as her breasts swayed with the motion, her arms braced against the counter and her rounded bottom coming back to meet him again and again.

Alex was certain that she would never be able to accept the sight of them as two animals mating in raw passion, but as her body gave into the feelings that spiked out from her vagina like lightening bolts, she grew to not only accept, but to enjoy the vista before her. Her eyes switched from one mirror to the next, enjoying the change from the front view where she looked like a helpless victim, to the side view where she was very much his equal. She became so intrigued by the reflection of them that her orgasm caught her completely by surprise. Her eyes slammed shut as the feelings took over and she knew that she was completely at their mercy. As soon as she was able, she opened her eyes again and as if that was his cue, Walker gritted his teeth and spilled his seed into her, as he pumped several times more to empty himself completely into her depths.

After their orgasms, they stayed as they were, both looking at themselves in the mirror until Alex’s self consciousness returned and she pulled forward and away from him, standing up and turning to look into his eyes. “That was the most incredibly erotic, wanton thing I have done in my life.”

He smiled at her and said, “Well, the night is young; let’s see what else we can think of.” He laughed as the redness crept into her cheeks, while excitement twinkled in her eyes.

It was several hours later that the two slept spooned together on the master bed. The sun had begun its assent into the morning sky and Alex blinked awake at an unusually early hour. She stretched slightly and smiled at the tenderness she felt over most of her body. It was a good tenderness, the kind brought on by a night of loving. She slowly turned, somehow knowing that her sleeping tiger was actually awake. She smiled as she looked into his eyes and saw that they were indeed open and watching her.

“You’re up early,” he commented.

“Uh uh, I’m not up; I’m just a tiny bit awake.”

“A tiny bit, huh? What can I do to finish the job?”

“Well, in all the fairytales, the prince kisses the princess awake.”

“I’m no prince,” he argued.

“No, but you’re a mighty handsome looking toad,” she decided.

His eyes narrowed at her and then he bent his head and kissed the tip of her breast, sucking the nipple deeply into his mouth until she felt an arrow of pleasure pierce deep into the core of her.

“That’s not like any fairytale I’ve ever read,” she gasped.

“I told you, I’m no prince, but if I’m a toad, then I’m a horny toad,” he said with a deep laugh at his own joke as he rolled in bed trapping her beneath him. He didn’t bother to see if she was ready for him; her eyes told him that she was. Still, he entered slowly, knowing that she would be tender from the previous night when they’d lost count of the times and places they’d made love.

Alex clasped his shoulders as she wrapped her legs around his waist and held on for the ride. It was a slower gentler loving than they’d shared the night before, the desperation and need tempered by the numerous couplings. This orgasm didn’t take her by surprise; instead, it began slowly, building with each pump of their combined hips. The pressure increased until she finally let go and allowed it to wash over her. The waves of pleasure were less intense, but no less enjoyable. This time, she was able to remain aware of Walker and she tightened and relaxed around him until she felt him stiffen and with a groan, spill into her yet again. She pulled her lover down to her and snuggled her face into his shoulder as he gently rolled them and she fell into a deep sleep that lasted past noon.

The next time Alex awoke, she opened her eyes to see Walker carrying in a tray of food. “Oh, wow, breakfast in bed!”

“More like… well we’ll call it brunch.”

Alex smiled and sat up so that he could put the tray across her legs. She pulled the sheet up to tuck under her arms, making Walker smile at her sense of modesty so late in the day. Walker sat on the side of the bed and they shared the meal until Walker gave her the sad news that they had less than an hour to get ready to meet the man who would pick them up in the boat. Alex rushed through her shower and stripped the bed, putting all of the dirty linens into a pile and then quickly packing her few belongings into her pillowcase and heading downstairs. She found that Walker had cleaned the kitchen and packed away the extra food items.

“I never asked you, but who owns this beautiful cabin?”

“Oh, a friend of mine.”

“Your friend must be rich.”

“Yeah, I guess he is. He owed me a favor and when I called and asked him about using this place, he was happy to let me.”

“And who’s the man who brought us here?”

“He’s the caretaker. He has a cabin just a ways down and he keeps an eye on this place.”

“Well, I just left the linens in a pile; I wasn’t sure what to do with them.”

“That’s fine; I did the same with the ones in the room I slept in the first night.”

Walker’s comment reminded Alex of the way they had arrived.

“I’ll be embarrassed to face the man with the boat when he comes.”

“You can always wear the pillowcase on your head.”
”Very funny,” she said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

“Don’t worry about Barry; he lives out here on his own because he’s decided that the rest of the world is nuts. Visitors to this place just reinforce that belief.”

Walker and Alex were at the dock when Barry arrived. They loaded their few bags into the boat and Walker signed to him that he was welcome to the leftover foodstuff. As it saved him a trip to town, something he dearly liked to avoid, Barry accepted thankfully. Alex now knew why he’d brought enough food to last them far longer than they had stayed. Walker was a generous man and this way he could pay Barry with something more valuable to him than money.

When they arrived back in Dallas, Walker helped Alex up to her apartment with her pillowcase, clearly a flimsy excuse to come visit. On the way to Dallas, he had called his detective friend for an update on the Stack case and was told that due to his tip off, they had been able to arrest him. Jeb Stack had gone out drinking in a bar and had picked a fight with an off duty police officer, pulling a knife on him. He had then fled the scene and been arrested for a list of charges, including drunk driving, evading the police, and possession of an illegal firearm.

As Alex listened to the story, she knew that the ‘off duty’ police officer had been a plant. Still, she wasn’t going to fault Walker for his methods when it got the man off the streets and behind bars. It was her job now to make sure he stayed there long enough for his wife to secure a divorce and resettle elsewhere with her children, far away from the man. She was going to make sure that they got a new start in life. She was also going to make sure that Walker’s flimsy excuse for walking her up to her apartment turned into a night of lovemaking. She didn’t think it would be too difficult to convince him. Glancing down at his strained jeans, she decided that it wasn’t going to be difficult at all.

The End