The Trial of LaRue…Not Dead Yet! 


                        My thanks to Roz and Swoopes for their help and support.

Alex stood there, watching as they loaded the body of LaRue into the ambulance, still shaking as Walker walked up behind her and put his warm comforting arms around her.

“Walker, I can’t believe it’s finally over!” Walker gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and Alex managed a small smile. 

“Alex, he can’t hurt you, You don’t have to be afraid any more.

“Thanks cowboy! Oh, Walker, I was so scared, but I knew I could count on you. I guess we don’t have to worry about LaRue any more!”

Walker and Alex put their arms around each other for a long passionate kiss.

“Hey guy’s it’s been a long day and I’m hungry, lets go have lunch."

"Sounds great I’m starved" Alex said.  

"You want to go to Family Lopez for lunch?"  Said Trivette,  everyone agreed.

“My treat,” Trivette said with a grin on his face.

“You’re treating?” Walker asked.

“You! Well, we can’t turn that down, now can we!” C.D. said, laughing, “What are we waiting for, lunch is on Jimmy.                             

* * *               

At Methodist hospital, they took the body of LaRue into to the examination room to confirm his death.


"Yes doctor?"

"Put the body in the room across the hall for someone from the morgue to pick up in 20 minutes."

They put LaRue in an empty dark room to wait for pick up, and a few minutes later LaRue started to come around, slowly fluttering his eyes, still groggy he lay there for several minutes until his head started to clear,  He threw back the sheet he was covered with and looked around.

What in the hell is going on here?   He thought to himself.  Then it all came back to him: The shoot out with Walker. And he came out on the short end. Again! “I’m going to kill that damn Walker and enjoy every minute of it.”

They think I’m dead this will give me a chance to get the hell out of here.” LaRue looked down at his chest to see the two bullet wounds Walker had given him. Dammit it hurts!  He got up slowly, moaning in pain from the gun shots. “Walker, your time’s coming real soon.” I have something real special in mind for you.

LaRue made his way to the door and spotted an emergency exit right across the hall. He waited for the right moment, then made his escape.  LaRue made his way to the parking lot. Seeing a woman getting out of her car, he knocked her out, taking her car and slowly exiting the parking lot as to not draw attention to himself.

      * * *

Back at Family Lopez, Walker, Alex, Trivette, and C.D. were all enjoying their lunch when Trivette excused himself to go to the men’s room.  

“Walker what are you doing?”  Alex said with a puzzled look on her face.

“Putting hot sauce in Trivette’s beans.”  

"Why are you doing that?”

“I’m getting back at Trivette for that little joke he played on me last month, remember?”

“Yeah, but Walker, you wouldn’t!  That’s the really hot stuff!”

“Oh, yes, I would! Quiet, here he comes.”

Trivette sat down and could tell something was up by the strange way they were acting, “What?  What?  Do I have food on my teeth or something?”

“Trivette, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Yeah, right! You three are up to something, I can tell.”

 “Oh, Trivette, I’m not up to anything.“

“Well, I know you, Walker, and I say you are up to no good.” They all laughed. Trivette took a big bite of his beans and lost all expression in his face. "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, that’s hot! Walker, I’m going to kill you! Oh, damn!" Trivette jumped up and ran for the kitchen everyone was laughing, nearly falling off their chairs. "Marta!  Marta!  Milk! I need milk fast! Hurry!”

“What’s wrong, Ranger Trivette?  Have you been into the hot sauce again?”

Trivette grabbed the milk and downed it. "More! Please!”

“Ranger, you know you shouldn’t get into that hot sauce. You know what happened the last time you tried it.”

“I didn’t! Walker put it in my beans when I wasn’t looking!”

When Trivette got back, the whole restaurant was laughing. “Very funny guys. Ha, ha, ha…”

Marta walked over to Walker. “You should be ashamed of yourselves doing that to poor

Ranger Trivette…   But it was funny and I’ve never seen anyone go through 2 glasses of milk as fast as he did.” 

Everyone got another good laugh out of that one.     

“Okay, okay, that’s enough, guys,” Trivette said with a slight smile.

“See, Trivette, pay back’s a bitch!”  Walker couldn’t help but to put in just one little dig.

As they finished up their meal, they thanked Marta, and she in turn thanked them for the entertainment.

“Well, pard, we need to get to the office and file that report on LaRue.”

“Yeah, this is one report I won’t mind filing.”

"I hear you.“

“Alex, why don’t you go home and get some rest. You’ve had a long day.”

“Sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll take your advice and do just that.”

Walker put his arms around Alex’s waist, pulled her close, and gave her a big kiss.  Alex started to shiver just at the thought of LaRue. “It’s Okay. You’re safe, remember?  Think pleasant thoughts, Alex, not bad ones. 

"You’re right, Walker, but I just can’t help it.”

“Well maybe I can help you out there."

"What do you mean?” 

He walked her to her car and took her in his arms knowing that it was the one place she felt safe and made all her troubles seem so small. 

“You always seem to know just what I need!”

He held her for a long time. They snuggled in each other’s arms as he gave her tender loving kisses.

“I feel so safe in your arms!” 

“You are…” 

"How about you come over for dinner tonight?”
"Sounds great, what time?”  

"Oh, 7:00 okay with you?”

"Yeah that’s good. I’ll see you at 7:00, then.” He kissed her goodbye.

“Walker, be careful."

"Alex I’m always careful, why?"  

"I don’t know. I just have a bad feeling about something.”

"Oh, Alex, you’re getting as bad as I am!”

“I’ll take that as a complement.  Just be careful."


"Hello Jill how are you?"

"I’m fine, Randy."  

"Jill I’m here to claim a body!" 

"The body’s in that room over there.”

“Okay, thanks.“  Randy opened the door to see an empty room. “Hey, Jill, there’s no body in here!”

“What? There has to be.” Jill looked in to see an empty gurney and no sign of LaRue.

“I don’t believe this."

"What’s going on Jill?”

“LaRue… He’s alive!” They spotted a trail of blood leading out the door. They checked the emergency exit and found the blood leading out of the hospital.

“Walker’s not going to like this at all.”

“Yeah, I’m glad I’m not going to be to one to tell him… Isn’t there a history between them?”

“Yes, and not a good one…”

* * *

Walker and Trivette were just finishing up the paper work on LaRue when the phone rang.  “Trivette; what can I do for you?”

“Ranger Trivette, is Walker there? This is Methodist calling.”

“It’s for you Walker. It’s the hospital.”     

“Walker; can I help you?”

“Ranger Walker? This is Jill from the hospital. I have to tell you something…”   

“What is it?” 

“Well, I…   I don’t know how to tell you this, but…”

“Well, just spit it out!"

"Well it’s… It’s…”   

"What? Just say it, what’s wrong?"    

"It’s LaRue!”

“What about him?  You didn’t lose the body, did you?”  

"Well, you might say that…”

“What? You lost the body?”

“No, Walker, he’s gone!  He’s not dead. He’s still alive… and gone. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know… but he’s gone. There was a trail of blood leading out into the parking lot.  He jumped a woman and stole her car."

“Walker, what’s wrong?” Trivette said. “Walker! Talk to me, man, what is it?”                                                                                                   

“It’s LaRue. He’s alive!”

“No way. He can’t be alive. We saw him dead, Walker!”

“Yeah, well I guess they forgot to tell LaRue that because he’s alive.”

“I don’t believe it. What does it take to kill that son of a bitch?”

“Well, Trivette, he’s probably thinking the same about me.”

“LaRue attacked a woman in the parking lot and took her car. You go to the hospital and talk to her; see what you can find out. She is conscious now and the doctor said we can talk  to her for a few minutes."

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see Alex. I can’t tell her this on the phone. She’s going to need me when she finds out what I have to tell her.”

“She will be safe for awhile - LaRue’s hurt.”

“Yeah, he has two bullets in him that I put there, so he‘ll be needing medical attention. Check your snitches to see if you can find out where he would go for help.”

“You got it, Partner.”

* * *

LaRue made his way to a friend - a doctor that had lost his license to practice, thanks to Walker.

“Williams, I need your help again.”

“Yeah, I can see that.  What happened this time?”

“Not what, who. That damn Walker… and when I’m better I’m going to make him one sorry S.O.B.!

“Well, I’ll tell you what, then - If you kill that damn Walker, we’ll call it even and you won’t owe me anything for fixing you up.”

“Okay! You have a deal.”

* * *

Walker knocked at Alex’s door.

“Well, well, what do we have here? You’re early. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Alex could see by the look in Walker’s eyes that this was no social visit. She knew that look well and it meant something was wrong. “Walker…  What is it?”

“Alex, may I come in?”

“Oh, of course, come in. What’s wrong, Walker?”

“Alex, it’s LaRue…”

“What about LaRue? He’s dead, right? We saw him… tell me he’s dead.”

“I can’t do that, Alex.”

Alex started to shake all over again and Walker put his arms around her to comfort her.

“What happened, Walker? I thought you killed him! We saw him dead!”

“I know, Alex, I thought he was dead, too. But he’s alive. He’s hurt and won’t be able to do anything until he’s well, so you’re safe for now.”

“Oh, that makes me feel so much better,” she said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, Alex, what can I say? I thought it was all over. I don’t like this any better than you do, believe me.”

“I know, Walker, and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take it out on you!” 

“That’s okay.”

“Walker, just hold me for awhile. Please." Walker and Alex just sat there wrapped up in each other’s arms.               

* * *

Five weeks later LaRue was well enough to put his evil plan into action.

“I’m worried about Alex, Trivette. LaRue is better by now and he will be coming after us. You can bet on it.”

“We haven’t been able to get a line on him. It’s like he just… vanished.”

“I know, but I have a feeling we’ll be running into him real soon.”

“Well, are you done, partner?”

“I told Alex I would meet her at C.D.’s at 7:00 and it’s 6:30 now. Let’s go; we can’t keep a beautiful lady waiting.”

As they walked into C.D.’s, Walker spotted the love of his life waiting in their favorite corner booth.

“Hey there, Big Dog."

"Hey there Jimmy, Cordell."

"Hi C.D.” Walker slipped into the booth next to Alex and gave her a big kiss.    

"Hi. I missed you and lunch today.”

“Yeah, sorry about that Alex. Well, I’ll just have to make it up to you now!”

“Oh really? Just what did you have in mind?”

Walker stood up "May I have this dance, beautiful?” 

"You sure may cowboy" Alex replied with a huge grin.  

As a slow dance started, Walker took Alex into his arms and they began to dance not even stopping as the song ended. Walker looked into Alex’s eyes and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. “Alex, I love you.”  


“You heard me. I said I love you!”

A tear escaped down her cheek. “I love you, too!”

Walker wiped away the tear and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

“I know I don’t express my feeling enough, but I want you to know that I love you! I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you!”

“Well you won’t. I’m here and I always will be." They returned to their booth, their love for each other was obvious. 

“Jimmy where are you going?” C.D. questioned.

“Over to talk to Walker and Alex!”

“Oh, no, you don’t, can’t you see those two want to be alone?  Get back here and let them be. Three is a crowd…”

As the evening came to a close, Walker and Alex said their good-byes and headed out. “See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, good night.”

Walker walked Alex to her car. “Walker, would you like to come over for coffee or a night cap?”

“Sure, sounds great. I’ll follow you home.”

One more kiss to send Alex on her way, But as they were wrapped in each other’s arms enjoying the moment, they didn’t notice LaRue sneaking up behind them. He hit Walker on the back of the head with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconscious. He started pistol-whipping Walker on the head with his gun.

“No!” Alex threw herself on Walker to keep LaRue from hitting him any more. “No, don’t hurt him! Leave him alone, LaRue!”

“Well, Alexandra, we meet again.”

“Leave him alone!”

“Alexandra you are such vision of beauty.” LaRue pulled Alex off Walker and started to kick him.

Stop it!”

“Shut up! And don’t scream or I’ll put a bullet in your boyfriend’s head. Get in the truck, Alexandra. Now!”  He pushed Alex into the truck and handcuffed Walker, tying up his feet with a rope he found in the Ram.  He brought the rope up around the handcuffs so there would be no way Walker could get lose even if he did regain consciousness.

Alex could only watch helplessly as LaRue took his fist and punched Walker in the ribs several times. LaRue climbed into the Ram and took off.

“Well, Big Dog, it’s getting late. I’m going home to bed.”

“Okay, Jimmy, I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.”

Trivette headed to his car, but saw Alex’s car still in the lot. “What is Alex’s car still doing here? She wouldn’t just leave it.” Trivette walked over to Alex’s car to have a look and saw what looked like blood. “What the hell is this?” Blood? He looked around and spotted Walker’s hat lying on the ground. Oh, my God - LaRue!

He went running back into C.D.’s. ”C.D.! C.D.!  It’s LaRue! He’s got Walker and Alex!“

“Oh, my Lord.”

“Call for help right now and get a team out here to go over every inch of that parking lot.”

* * *

LaRue took Walker and Alex to an old abandon building 10 miles south of Dallas.  The building had dirt floors with chains mounted into them and a tiger cage.

* * *

The place was infested with rats. Alex screamed as she saw them scattering all around.

"Scream all you want, Alexandra, no one will here you out here. No one comes out here.  That’s why I picked it.”

LaRue took Alex out of the truck and shoved her towards the tiger cage.

“You’re going to put us in that cage?”

“No, Alexandra, that’s for you, the chains are for your boyfriend."

“No, you can’t do that to him!”

“Just watch me.” LaRue took Walker out of the truck, still unconscious. He kicked him again as he chained him to the dirty, rat-infested ground.

Alex couldn’t help but cry when she saw Walker helpless, and her unable to help him. “Stop it! Leave him alone! Haven’t you done enough to him already?

* * *

“Ranger we went over every inch of the parking lot and found nothing, nothing at all…  But we did find an old bum hiding in the alley.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s in side. C.D. is giving him coffee right now, lets go.”

Trivette walked back into C.D.’s and saw the man. “That’s Willie. We know him. How are you Willie?”  

“Okay, Ranger.”

“Willie, did you see anything in the parking lot tonight?”

“No, Ranger, nothing.  Nothing at all!”

“Will, you know Walker and I are always good to you and help you when we can.”

“I know, Ranger.”

“Well, I want you to tell us what you saw tonight. No one will hurt you and I’ll make sure this nice officer gets you a hot meal and a warm bed for the night, okay?” 

“Okay, Ranger. I’m sorry, I should have gotten help but I was scared. That man is crazy!

Ranger Walker and that nice Miss Cahill were in the parking lot. They were kissing, and I guess that’s why Ranger Walker didn’t hear him come up. Anyway, he had something in his hand. I couldn’t see what it was but he hit Walker on the head with it real hard and knocked Walker out cold. Then he was hitting him on the head over and over and then he kicked him in the ribs. He just kept kicking him and kicking him. He looked real bad, Ranger. I don’t know if he was alive or not when he took them away and Miss Cahill was real scared!  That’s all I know Ranger Trivette.”

“Thanks! Willie this officer will take good care of you, okay?”

“OK, thank you.”

“C.D., this doesn’t sound good at all.”

“I know. It sounds like Cordell is hurt real bad and there’s no telling what he’ll do to Alex if we don’t get to the in time!”

“I know, Big Dog. We need to find them, dammit. We need something to go on."

* * *

“I’m going to leave for a little while, so you be good while I’m gone.”

Walker started to come around after LaRue left badly hurt and in a lot of pain. He drifted in and out of consciousness.

“Walker, can you hear me? Walker!  It’s Alex, can you hear me?  Please, Walker, answer me.”

But no answer.

Alex felt so helpless - Walker needed her help, and she was unable to give it. “I’m sorry, Walker! I can’t help you!” Alex started to cry - not for herself, but for Walker.

“Alex?  Alex don’t cry, it will be okay.“ She heard a faint voice.

“Walker? Walker how do you feel?  You’re hurt real bad! I…Walker? Walker!"   

Walker drifted back into unconsciousness.  

“Hold on, Walker, Jimmy will find us. Just hold on.” Alex’s mind drifted back to happier times with Walker that first New Year Year’s Eve so long ago now, the first day on the river, their last date at C.D.’s before LaRue showed up, she was brought back to the present when she heard Walker waking up again.

“Walker, you okay?"

"I’m not good, Alex, not good at all...I think I have a punctured lung….I’m having trouble breathing…Alex,  If I don’t make it I want you to remember how much I love you!!"

“Walker you’re going to be all right just hold on.”

"I will… I’m trying Alex … love you."                                        

* * *

"C.D., it’s been  48 hours and not a damn thing to go on.   What are we going to do?"

"I don’t know Jimmy but we can start by not giving up hope!”

A tear found it's way down Trivette’s face as he thought of the hell the LaRue must have been putting them through.

"We’ll find them, Jimmy!!"

“I have to believe that C.D. I have to believe that we will find them. But I don’t mind telling you I’m so scared for them!  You know LaRue and what he’s capable of."
"I know Jimmy.”                    

Two boys John 17 and Steven 18 years old come across the building.

"Hey Steven I wonder what’s in there! There’s a truck on the side of the building."

"I don’t know John let’s sneak around the back and see." As they sneak in the back door they hear a voice.

“Hey get out of here and get help fast!"

As the boy's turned to leave LaRue came in behind them.

“LaRue leave them alone they are just kids." Alex yelled.

As the boys tried to run, LaRue shot the boys in the back killing them both.  

'NO!” Alex screamed  Walker unconscious didn’t see LaRue kill the boys.

"LaRue how can you just shoot those kids like that? You’re an animal!"

LaRue left to get rid of the bodies, ignoring her.

When LaRue returned he found Walker awake. “What’s the matter Walker? not feeling so good are we?” LaRue bent down and puts his hands around Walker’s neck squeezing tightly. "It would be so easy for me to just kill you right now...But no I have other plans in mind first. I'm going to make mad passionate love to Alexandra right in front of you and then I’m going to kill her, And then I’m going to kill you...slowly."
"You’ll have to kill me first you son of bitch!"  Said Alex.

“Do what you want to me but leave her alone damn you!" Walker struggled against the chains, and Alex could see the fire in his eye’s as he thought of LaRue putting his dirty hands on her.

“You touch her your a dead man!!"

LaRue walked over to Walker “Is that right Walker? Maybe I am…. But not by you!!  

As he kicked Walker again in the ribs, Walker yelled out in pain. He just couldn’t hold it in any longer it was getting harder and harder to breath and LaRue kicking him wasn’t helping…

* * *

Back at Ranger Headquarters they got a call about two missing boys.

"Missing since yesterday. There is a search party out looking for them now,” said one of the Rangers that was working on the case.

"Where are they searching?"

"Here Trivette, this area about 10 miles outside of town.

"What’s out there?"

"Nothing except empty space and old buildings. What were they doing out there? 

"They went hiking."

"Well keep on it and let me know if you find something."    

"Okay you got it Trivette.”

Five hours later the phone rang at Ranger headquarters "Trivette”

"Trivette this is Bob. We found the boy’s bodies.


“Yes that’s right. They were shot in the back.”

LaRue leaves bodies where  ever he goes,  I wonder if he had any thing to do with this?  “Are there any buildings out there near where you found the bodies?

"Yes about two miles away."

"Did you check it out?"

"No...we found the boys so there was no reason to. Do you want us to check it out?"

"NO...wait until I get there...It’s a long shot but it’s all we have to go on."


LaRue opened the door to the tiger cage and ordered Alex to get out.


"Get out or I will put a bullet though Walker’s brain” Holding a gun to walker's temple.”  "OK Just don’t hurt him any more."    

Barely able to talk Walker says "leave her alone LaRue I’m warning you!"  

"You’re warning me! You’re the one chained to the floor and you’re warning me! That’s rich. Watch Walker you just might enjoy it. Alex take off your blouse now!"

Alex just stood there shaking.

"Do it or Walker dies now!!" 

"Ok, Ok,” Alex slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

“Ok take it off."

Alex let the blouse drop the ground. 

"Alex no!"  Walker say’s still struggling against the chains.  

"OK take off your pants!" 

Walker can only look in horror as the woman he loved was at LaRue’s mercy as he sees Alex drop her pants to the floor. Alex stands before LaRue in only her underwear. 

“Is this what you want you bastard? Well what are you waiting for?"  

LaRue pulls Alex close and forces a kiss on her. Remembering her defense training Walker taught her, Alex let him have it right in his manhood.  Doubled over in pain Alex broke away and grabbed the gun that LaRue dropped.

“Ok  LaRue get the key and let Walker out of those chains, NOW!”  

LaRue walked over and unlocked the chains on Walker’s hands and just then LaRue grabbed a board that was laying on the ground and swung it around and hit Alex in the legs knocking her off of her feet. 

Walker struggles to unlock to chains on his feet,  LaRue grabbed Alex but not before Alex tosses the gun to Walker,

“Walker! Here catch!!"

Walker gets the gun but LaRue takes a knife out of his pocket and holds it a Alex’s throat.

“Well Walker looks like we have a stand off here and you don’t have a chance,  Look at you Walker you’re going to pass out any time and I have all night all it have to do is wait.   "He’s right Walker you have to shoot."

"No I can’t!  Not with you there I can’t take the chance."    

"Walker you have to shoot now!  Walker! SHOOT!!"  

Walker stands there thinking what should I do, I know what I can do but If I miss!!

"Alex I have a plan but if I miss..."

"Walker I trust you do what you have to but do it how!!"    

"Yeah Walker what are you going to do you can’t get to me without shooting your girlfriend now can you?" 

"I love you Alex and please forgive me." Walker say’s as a tear falls down his cheek he say’s "I love you!!"  He took careful aim as careful as he can his hands unsteady, takes aim and shoots hitting Alex. She elbows LaRue in the ribs and brakes away falling to the ground giving Walker a clear shot,  Shooting LaRue only in the shoulder,  LaRue lunges at Walker with the knife, “WALKER!  Watch out!"           

The two men fight over the knife but Walker too weak and in too much pain was no match for LaRue and he stabbed Walker in the chest then a second time and as he was just about to deliver the final thrust that would put an end to Walkers life once and for all Alex picks up the gun and shoots LaRue and killing him.

Crawling over to Walker, Alex holds him in her arms as he kept saying over and over "Please forgive me!  I’m so sorry for shooting you!"

"Walker you saved my life it’s okay If you hadn’t shot we would both be dead right now.  Thank you Walker!"  Alex bent down and kissed Walker tenderly, "I LOVE YOU Walker!"

But her words didn’t ease the pain he felt for having to shoot the one he held so dear if he had been off just a little the results would be so different  and he would live with what he did to her.  The pain LaRue put him through was nothing compared to what he was feeling now, What he did to Alex…

"Walker hold on Jimmy will find us I know he will!  Don’t leave me  PLEASE!  Don’t go!" 

“Alex you look so beautiful sitting there in your underwear, Even if it is full of blood! “

Walker reached over and touched Alex’s warm soft breast and smiles, Alex gives Walker a kiss on the cheek, “Alex you know I love you and your going to have to be strong.”  "Why? What are you trying to say?

"Alex I have to go now!"


"I have to go, It’s my time to go." 

"NO!  You can’t leave me I won’t let you go!  Please Walker don’t leave me!!” Crying tears streaming down her cheeks. “I love you please don’t leave me!"  

"Father said it’s my time now! I’m sorry I will miss you so much, please don’t cry Alex,   You know I can’t stand to see you cry!" 

Walker reached up and wiped away a tear from Alex’s cheek. Barely able to breath now Walker Gave Alex one last kiss and in an instant Walker was gone, There in her loving arms.   

Alex screamed NO! “No God please don’t take Walker!!  Not like this!!  Please! he don’t deserve this!!   I’m not just going to let die go no,  Alex got up and started giving Walker CPR.  "I’m not letting you go with out a fight dammit Walker so help me fight!! Fight Walker” Alex continues CPR and just as she felt she would go on no longer, Trivette and the Rangers burst into the building. "Jimmy over here hurry! Walker’s dead help me!”   Trivette yells for the Medicare chopper. He runs over to Alex as he and another Ranger take over Walker’s care, "Get a blanket for Alex now!"

Within 3 minutes the chopper arrives and takes over, “Nothing he’s flat line we need to shock him, set to 200 clear shocking!  No pulse 300!  Shocking!  No pulse! 360!  Shocking! Ok we have a heart beat a weak one but we do have a pulse. Lets get him out of here.”

They arrive at Methodist hospital and take Alex to the emergency room and take Walker to surgery. 

Alex’s wounds were minor and she would spend a few days in the hospital and go home.  The wait for the news on Walker was a long one.

"C.D.,  it’s been 5 hour’s and still no word on Walker, I’m worried!"  

“Don’t worry Alex please you know Cordell he’ll be just fine you’ll see he’s strong."

"I know C.D. but you didn’t see him, He was hurt so bad and he had to shoot me.  Do you have any idea what that did to him to have to shoot like that in his condition?"  

"No only Walker knows that honey."  

Just then the surgeon came out, "Doctor how is he? Is he going to be all right?"        

"Well it was touch and go there for awhile, We lost him on the table twice but got him back again. He’s in bad shape I don’t know if he will make it, fact that he is even alive now says a lot so I wouldn’t give up on him. He’s on life support. He has a punctured in two places one from a broken rib and one from the knife wound he has 3 broken ribs, a concussion, internal injuries and he lost a lot of blood their are a few other things no need to list every little thing. He’s in a coma." 

"A coma" Alex cries! "How long will he be in the coma?"

"We don’t know all we can do it wait it could be a day, a week, a month, We just don’t have any way of knowing. I will tell you one thing his state of mind will  has every thing to do with his recovery.

"What do you mean doctor?"

“I have known Walker for 20 years and treated him more times than I can count.  I heard about him having to shoot you Alex and that has to be ripping at him and it going to be up to you to make him see that is all right,  Talk to him even with him in the coma try to get though to him it’s real important that you get though do you understand?"

"Yes and we will doctor and thanks.”

Just then Walker’s monitor goes off. 

"Doctor help him please!" 

The doctor and nurses rush in to shock him again, But this time is works on the first try.  He’s back it all right.

Trivette, C.D. and Alex all hug each other with tears of joy streaming down their faces.   They all take turns talking to Walker as if he were as if he were awake. Two weeks go by and Walker’s still in the coma. No change, All the sudden Walker starts to stir signs that he is waking up, Alex runs to the nurse,

“Nurse I think he’s waking up hurry!"

"Yes I say he starting to come around, It won’t be long now." Alex called Trivette at Ranger headquarters,  “Jimmy he’s waking up.”

As Alex hangs up the phone she looks at Walker just as he is opening his eyes, “Well hello there, welcome back” Alex says with a big grin on her face. Alex bent down and give Walker a big kiss. 

"I’m sorry I had to shoot you! Please forgive me!" 

"Walker, we have all ready been over this and I don’t want to talk about it any more is that understood!"  

Walker just looks at Alex with mouth open not sure of what to say next.

"Darling look at me what do you see?" 

“I see the most beautiful woman I ever seen!"

"Well thank you but that’s not what I meant. Dammit Walker I can’t even get out what I’m trying to say look at me!  If you didn’t shoot I wouldn’t be here for you to look at and neither would you. Do you see what I’m trying to say Walker!  Look I’m am fine, You just grazed me and it worked you’re my hero,  And you’re mine."

"OK tuff lady you win."

You could see the smile on Alex’s face a mile away.  Alex bent down to kiss Walker and he pulled her on to the bed,  Wrapped his arms around her tight not wanting to let her go.   He gave her a big long tender kiss on the lips.

"Walker we are in a hospital,  Walker! Stop that someone is going to come in."

And just then in walks Trivette and C.D., "OOPS!"  

They make an about face and head out to door before they were spotted by the two love birds.  “I think Cordell’s going to be just Jimmy,  Yeah I think so,  We’ll just give them a few minutes alone and watch the door so they won’t be disturbed they have a little catching up to do."

"Alex I seem to remember you modeling some underwear. You sure did look beautiful even if it was covered in blood, And now that I’m getting better are you going to model some without the blood?" 

Alex give him a playful slap and Walker grabbed her and they embark on a big long tender passionate kiss……