Lollipops & Tomahawks

The four men step back from their project, each content in thinking that they have created the perfect masterpiece. They look back and forth at each other and then to the small figure in front of them. The figure is unconcerned with the four men standing around him, and the only sound being heard is of a cherry lollipop being devoured.

The establishment is earthly quiet till a woman’s voice can be heard speaking in a whisper, "Jimmy, aren’t you going to do something?"

The black man replies, "What can I do, there’s four of them, and the big one has a tomahawk"?

The big one turns in the direction of the voices, he stares at them and grunts. He’s wearing buckskins, feathers in his hair, his skin is dark and wrinkled from too many harsh summers and winters. He turns back to the other three men, and they continue to observe the small figure.

Finally one of the other three speaks, "Well, what do you think?"

The second man chimes, "Looks okay to me, what do you think?"

The third man is tall and he too has the dark skin, long braided hair, but wearing the more traditional clothing, "Want to know what I think?"

The three look at him almost afraid to ask, then in unison they all ask, "What?"

The tall one carries a bowie knife and he slams it into the bar counter, "I say when "Washo" finds out what you have done, there will be hell to pay."

The big one nods in agreement as he looks at the small figure with the piercing blue eyes. He calls him "sky eyes" he’s never seen such blue eyes.


Across town another scenario is unfolding as a woman’s voice asks, "How old did you say your little boy is now?"

The bearded man and the woman with piercing blue eyes both answer at the same time, "Almost 20 months."

The woman turns back to the ultra sound machine and answers, "Well, you can tell that little boy of yours that he’s going to have a baby sister!"

Walker gives a victory sign and Alex breaks out in tears, "Are you sure Dr. Hatton"?

"Well, I see no indications of it being anything else—congratulations, you’re getting that little girl you wanted."

Both Walker and Alex are laughing, "Thank you so much Dr. Hatton."

"Don’t thank me," she says as Walker reaches down and kisses his wife, "I’m just the messenger."

"Honey, you better hurry and get dressed so we can go pick up our son."

Alex starts getting up, "Oh yes, we better hurry and get over there, we know what happened the last time we left him with his grandpa C.D."

The doctor is curious, "What happened?"

Walker sighs, "His grandpa was feeding him chili, Cooper’s tummy was upset for two days!"

Dr. Hatton gasps, "Oh my, now I see your concern!"

Alex looks to Walker and he shakes his head, "Try four grandpas, now that’s disaster waiting to happen."

"Four grandpas----how did that happen?"

"Actually," explains Alex, "it’s really two grandpas, one great uncle, and a great grandfather."

The ride to C.D.’s is spent talking about names for their little girl. Alex is gushing at the thought of all the little "girlie" clothes she can buy, and the ways to fix her hair.

"I hope her hair grows long and thick the way Cooper’s has, and I hope it’ll curl up on the ends like yours did when you wore it long."

"Yep, I did have some long hair, didn’t I?"

She smiles as she moves over in the seat to sit next to him and plays with his hair. "I hated it when you cut your hair short."

He reaches up and takes her hand down from the back of his neck, kisses it and replies, "Want me to grow it back out again?"

"No," she says softly. "I know it’s cooler and the change of times and all, but I can still remember that long haired cowboy in his faded out jeans that I fell madly in love with nine years ago, and I’m still madly in love with today."

"Well, if our daughter has the hair that our son has, it will grow fast and long, that’s their Cherokee heritage."

She smiles back at him, "Yes, our little strawberry blonde Indian with blue eyes."

Walker looks at her, thinking how beautiful she looks when she’s pregnant. She’s got such a glow he can’t describe it. At first he wondered how he would react once her belly began to swell and she would lose that body that he loved to caress. He used to listen to the men at Ranger headquarters talk about how their wives’ big bellies were a "turn off" and some acted like they were embarrassed to be seen with them. Walker reactions did change, but it was a proud reaction, knowing it was his baby growing inside of her, a life they created out of their love for each other.

They pull up outside C.D.’s just as Trivette, Josie, and little J.W. are coming out.

"Where you three going, I said I was buying lunch."

Trivette stammers, "Maybe you two shouldn’t go in there just yet."

Walker and Alex look to the front door and then to their friend, "WHY?"

The argument between the four men is starting to heat up.

"Dat blame it Gordon, you said left!"

"No, I didn’t. I said right, now we got to take more off the left to even it up."

The tall one steps back and looks at the small figure who is still not concerned in the least that he’s only got a few patches of hair left, he continues to eat his lollipop and laugh at the four men.

The big one begins to chant, taking out his tomahawk and making chopping gestures with it as he starts to dance. Cooper starts mimicking his "Shopaw", he’s played these games before, then giggles.

"What in tarnation is he doing?" asks Gordon.

The tall one answers, "White Eagle is praying to the spirits to take pity on the white eyes."

C.D. and Gordon look at each other in awe, "Take pity on us----now listen here---this was just as much your idea as it was ours—don’t go bailing out on us!"

White Eagle is chanting louder and his dancing is picking up in tempo. Uncle Ray is playing it for all it’s worth, "You’re in trouble now white eyes---this means WAR!"

The two men stare at each other mouthing the word "war"?

C.D. yells at White Eagle---"Stop it—you crazy old fool."

Uncle Ray hands his bowie knife to White Eagle, "Here, great spirit chief, take my knife and silence the white man so that the spirits can again find peace and the little warrior can have his revenge!"

Cooper is finding this all to be a happy game, as his eyes go from one man to the other. White Eagle grabs Gordon by the neck, "No, the tomahawk is fast and it’s quick!"

"Let go of me, you crazy injun!" Gordon shouts back.

C.D. again yells at Walker’s uncle, "you two are just as much to blame, it was your idea to give Cooper a haircut Uncle Ray!"

"I said a haircut—not a scalping!"

C.D. lunges for Uncle Ray and Gordon is still trying to get out of White Eagle’s grasp as the four of them are going around in circles. Cooper is laughing his head off. Suddenly a voice screams and they all stop and look in the direction from which it came. Little Cooper stops laughing and looks at the figure standing there with her eyes and her mouth wide open, "Mommie?"

Walker and Alex stand there like they’re frozen, as Trivette guides his family to a small table.

He’s grinning ear to ear, "YES!!! Ooooohhhh, this is going to be sooooo good, I wonder which one Walker will hit first."


"HEEEEYYY woman, don’t be busting my bubble---for once I’m not to blame for any of this---I’m going to enjoy this ---big time."

Walker and Alex start moving towards the four men, Alex takes one look at the strawberry curls lying on the floor and she bursts out crying. She reaches out to pick Cooper up, he’s not quite sure if he should go to her.

Walker stares at the four, his face getting beet red. The four start backing up, all trying to get the furthest away. "What the hell did you do to my son?"

They all start pointing fingers, Walker is furious, he doesn’t know which one to hit, so he takes out a table and three chairs instead! Trivette is having convulsions from laughing so hard—"This is better than the Saturday night fights!"

Gordon starts towards Alex, "Now pumpkin—it’s not as bad as it looks. Coop is okay with it, aren’t you son?" He reaches out to touch his grandson.

Alex pulls Cooper away, "Don’t you dare touch my baby—Daddy how could you be a part of this?"

Gordon points to C.D.. "It was his idea pumpkin."

C.D. now lunges for Gordon, "why you old yellow bellied coward—I’m going to wipe the floor up with you."

Walker is now in the middle of the four as they are all lunging for each other and shouting insults. Alex turns and heads for the door, yelling at Walker "Let’s go."

Trivette is slapping his legs and doubled over from laughing. Walker throws his arms up in disgust and runs after his wife and son. Josie is starting to find it funny and she too starts laughing. Little J.W. thinks they’ve all gone off their rockers, decides he wants to chase after his Uncle Walker—so he wiggles down out of his chair and takes off out the door, with Josie is hot pursuit. Suddenly Trivette realizes he’s left alone with the four horsemen of Apocalypse, he swallows and says "Where’s Walker, he said he was buying lunch?"

The next morning a tired and still angry Ranger walks into the bar & grill. The four are all there, they timidly nod to Walker, as he goes around the bar and pours himself a cup of coffee. They’re still afraid to meet his stare.

"Uhhh, Cordell, is Alex still upset with us?"

"Upset C.D.? Well, let me put it to you this way. If Cooper doesn’t have a full head of hair by the time his birthday rolls around in 4 months---you four won’t be getting a party invitation. ---Does that about sum it up?"

They all groan, as White Eagle begins a soft chant. He remembers the first time he saw his great grandson, though there is no blood relation, he has always thought of Walker like the son he never had. Cooper was only a week old when Walker insisted on taking him to White Eagle to be blessed and to ask White Eagle if Cooper could call him ‘Shopaw". The great spirit chief had tears in his eyes as he held young Cooper and gave the spiritual chant over the small white warrior with the piercing blue eyes. He would be called ‘SKYEYES’."

Gordon walks up to Walker, "Is she that mad, son?"

"Mad enough that I had to sleep in the guest room, is that mad enough for you?"

"Why is she mad at you, nephew?"

"Because I tried to console her, saying his hair would grow back---big mistake! That’s the worst thing I could say to her. She was adamant about getting his hair cut just yet, she wanted him to have his curls a little longer. I just about had her convinced to get him a trim---and then you four try to scalp the little guy!"

"Maybe that’s why the great spirits have decided to give you a girl this time, Washo."

Gordon slaps Walker on the back, "A girl? We’ve been so busy arguing about all of this, we forgot to ask what the sonogram said---My pumpkin is going to have a little girl?"

"Are you deaf white eyes, did you not hear me say it was going to be a girl?"

"I thought you went after his neck White Eagle, not his ears, I thought lawyers were suppose to have good hearing! Uncle Ray shouts.

The four begin to argue again, Walker stands up and puts his hat on.

"Cordell, is there anything we can do?"

"No C.D.—you’ve done enough already!"

He walks out the door as the four continue to argue and shout at each other. He stops on the sidewalk, looks back at bar & grill and sighs, "I wonder which one of them will grow up first."

He gets into his Ram and points it in the direction of the nearest flower shop to get lilacs for Alex and those lollipops that Cooper was asking his Daddy for.

The End