Lone Ranger

                                            By hussy49@hotmail.com

     Walker and Trivette had been working hard all month trying to obtain evidence against a gang member they suspect of killing four rival gang members.  The leader Carlos, was as mean as they come and real good at covering his tracks.  He decided that he was going to get Walker off his back permanently.  How was he going to do that he knew Walker all to well but he was determined to make Walker pay for all the trouble that he caused.

Alex came strolling into Rangers Headquarters around 12:00 noon to pick Walker up for lunch.  “ Hey Walker you ready?”   “Yeah one minute and then I am all yours Alex.  Okay Alex you have my undivided attention for the next hour.” “Trivette we will be back in an hour.”  Walker told his partner as he and Alex walked out arm and arm.

After lunch they were headed back to Ranger Headquarters when Walker got a call over his radio from dispatch to check out a possible dead body.  “Alex I don’t like this I don’t want to take this call with you here.  I don’t know what I will find and I can’t take the chance of you getting hurt.”   “Walker I am fine I will stay in the truck I promise, you better do just as I say and if there is any trouble promise me you will take the truck and get out of there” “and just leave you?”   “Alex I can take care of myself now promise me,” “okay I promise.”

Walker pulled up to where the body was reported.  “Alex I don’t like it there is something wrong I can feel it.  Remember stay in the truck get behind the wheel and if anything happens get out of here fast and get help.”  Walker got out of the truck and Alex slid over to the driver’s side.  He slowly made his way over to the body with his gun drawn.  Walker put his gun back in his holster and bent down to check out the body, just then the man turned over he had a hidden gun.  Walker grabbed for the gun and they struggled over the weapon.

Walker looked up and made eye contact with Alex’s and motioned for her to get out of there.  Then the rest of the gang came out of their hiding places, they took a shot at the Ram and Walker’s concern for Alex’s life distracted him long enough for the gang to come to the aid of their brother.  It was four against one.  Walker was still struggling over the gun when all of a sudden the gun went off and everything came to a halt, who was going to fall who got shot all eyes were on the two men.  Alex watched to see who would fall, then her worst nightmare came true as she watch in horror as Walker looked at her with pain in his eyes as he fell to the ground the bullet ripping through his shoulder.

The leader of the gang Carlos the one Walker was trying to bring down stood over him.  “Well Walker you are not looking so good are you.”  He kicked Walker knocking him unconscious.  “Okay put him in the car and let us get out of here before the cops show up.”  Alex had no choice but to leave she promised Walker so she floored the Ram just as they started to shoot at it again.  Alex stopped the Ram as soon as she was out of site.  There was no way she was going to leave Walker like he was.  This was one promise to Walker she felt that she couldn’t keep.

Alex radioed in her position and told them what was going down and that she would follow the car and she would keep them posted to where they were heading.  “Alex this is Trivette what the hell is going on?”   “Jimmy they have Walker and he’s been shot.”  “Who has Walker?”  “I’ll follow them and let you know where they take him.”  “No Alex it’s too dangerous.”  “Jimmy I have to I just can’t stand by and let them take Walker without doing something I’ll keep in touch” and then she put the radio back in its place.  Alex followed behind them trying not to get to close but the gang members spotted Walker’s Ram.

“Hey we are being followed by Walker’s girlfriend, pull around the corner and let us out then go up a block and pull over I’ll get that nosy DA.”  They pulled up and got out of the car.  Alex turned the corner slowly then pulled up along side of the road and waited to see what they were going to do she could see them parked just up ahead. 

“Jimmy, this is Alex I know there they took Walker.” “Where Alex?”  Trivette questioned but just as she started to tell Trivette where she was the gang came up from behind and grabbed her then the radio went dead.  “Alex where are you, where is Walker?  Alex talk to me.  Damn I knew this would happen now I have both of them to find” Trivette said to himself.

“Hey guys who ever grabbed Walker now have Alex too I need answers so get out there and find some.”  They tied Alex up and threw her in the back with Walker who was still unconscious.  “Walker” yelled Alex as she bent down to take a closer look at the Ranger but what could she do she was tied up and couldn’t help him.  “Walkers going to be mad at me when he sees that I didn’t do what I promised him I would.”  Alex called out again to Walker but he didn’t respond.   Soon they arrived at the hideout and they took Walker and Alex out of the car and threw them into a room no bigger then a closet.

What they didn’t know was Alex had hidden her cellular telephone on her before they grabbed her but she couldn’t get to it as long as she was tied up.  Trivette and some other law enforcement officers went to check out the location of the dead body that Walker went to check on just before he disappeared.  Searching the area carefully Trivette found some blood.  “Hey over here.  Look blood there was a struggle and I don’t see the body that was supposed to be here that means that Walker walked into a trap.”

Walker’s head was lying in Alex’s lap as he started to come around.  “Walker are you okay?”  “Alex what happened?  Where are we?”  “The gang you were after shot you and brought you here.”  “Well that explains me but not you.  What are you doing here you were supposed to leave at the first sign of trouble, you promised me you would Alex.”  “Walker I’m sorry but when I saw you get shot I just couldn’t leave without trying to help.”  “Well look where it got you now the both of us are in trouble.” 

“Walker I have my cellular telephone and if I can get to it we can call for help.”  Walker was tied up tight and with the bullet he had in his shoulder he couldn’t get loose. “Alex you should have done what I asked you too I can’t help you if you get into trouble.”  “Walker I’m sorry but I was not just going to let them take you away and do nothing.”  Walker started to say something but Alex captured his lips so he wouldn’t argue with her.  “Alex you are not playing fair here.”  “I know” Alex said as she kissed him again.   All the sudden they could hear someone at the door.  “Alex I’m going to pretend I’m still out maybe I can get a jump on them.”  “Walker please be careful.” 

Carlos the leader of the gang that Walker was trying to put away came in the door.  “Well it looks like Walker is still out.”  Carlos walked over to Walker and kicked him.  Walker took his foot and knocked Carlos’ feet out from underneath him then both men started to get up Walker made it to his feet first and butted him with his head sending him flying.  Then the three other gang members moved forward to help their leader out of trouble.  They all grabbed Walker, and began to punch him.

Carlos then picked up a piece of iron that was on the ground and hit Walker where he had been shot.  Alex screamed as Walker yelled out in pain that caused him to drop to the floor.  Carlos put both his feet on Walkers throat and forced him down to the ground.  “I told you Walker I have a special surprise for you.  You know what I have here in my hand Walker, LSD it’s nasty stuff and we are going to let you try it out and we won’t even charge you for it’s free.”

Walker struggled to get free but the men holding him were too much for him.  “Hold him still.”  “We are trying Carlos but he is still to strong.”  “Well it seems to me that we are going about this the wrong way, we will just give it to his lady love.”  Carlos grabbed Alex, when suddenly Walker yelled out “No leave her alone do what you want with me but leave her alone  “well now see this is more like it.” 

Alex watched in horror as they pumped the drug into Walker.  It was then that she realized if she had done what Walker had asked maybe he could have gotten out of this mess but now instead he had to take the drug to protect her.

“We will wait to see just what this drug does to you and your lady love, you just might do something to her that you won’t want to but you will anyway, have fun you two.”  Carlos and his men exited the room leaving Walker and Alex alone. “Walker this is all my fault if I had done what you told me to do maybe you could have gotten away from these guys but instead you have to protect me.”  “Alex please don’t blame yourself it’s not your fault it’s okay we will get out of this somehow.”

“Alex you need to listen to me very carefully.  First, I don’t know what this drug will do to me and I don’t want to hurt you.  Second, I want you to move as far away from me as you can get and stay there. Third, don’t try and talk to me or come near me do you hear me?”  “Yes Walker I hear you, I don’t care what they put in you I know that you could never hurt me.”

“Alex” Walker said with a stern voice, “I’m telling you that I won’t be able to control my actions please do as I ask this time.”  “Walker you’re scarring me but, I promise I will do what you say this time."  Alex bent down and gave Walker one last kiss.   Their lips met and they kissed each other with all the passion that could be found between two lovers.  As their kiss came to an end Walker was the first to speak. “Alex no matter what happens remember that I love you and I always will.”  “Walker I know that, I love you too it will be okay Jimmy will find us somehow you’ll see.”

Alex took her place as far away from Walker as she could get and waited silently.  “Walker the cellular telephone I need you to help me get it before the drug takes affect.”  No sooner had Alex uttered those words she saw the drug had already started to have an affect on Walker so she didn’t say another word.  Now Alex would have to find a way to get the cellular telephone alone.  Meanwhile Trivette was working real hard to come up with some leads as to who was behind the disappearance of his partner and Alex.

Alex watched as Walker’s personality changed completely.  He was getting agitated and angry as he tried to get lose from his bonds only leading him to become more and more angry.  Alex began to realize just what Walker was taking about.  His eyes were cold and full of anger and for the first time since Alex had known Walker she was afraid of him.  “Please don’t get lose she thought to herself as she watched him.” “What the hell are you looking at” Walker screamed at Alex.  Walker finally wore himself out trying to get lose and with the blood loss he was weak and fell asleep.

A limousine pulled up in front of the building and the driver got out to open the door for his Boss.  Carlos and a few of his men came out to see who was pulling up to their hideout in such an expensive car.  While Carlos was assessing the situation outside the men he left inside had their guns pointed at the strangers that had arrived. “What can we do for you?” asked Carlos. “You have something we want and I’m willing to pay you a great deal of money to get it.”  “Oh really and just what is it that I have that you could possibly want.”  “Ranger Cordell Walker he is what you have that I want.” 

Carlos looked shocked when Walkers name came up. “Don’t look so surprised we were just about to grab him when you and your men showed up and took him.  I have plans for Walker and you are interfering with those plans.”  “What plans might that be.”  “Can we go inside and talk I’m sure that we can come to an understanding.”  The two men went into the building and talked privately for awhile and then they came out.

Carlos instructed his men to go and get Walker and bring him out to where he was.  Alex watched as they came and took Walker away.  “What are you going to do with him leave him alone” yelled Alex.  “Shut up lady it’s none of your business” one of the men shouted back.

“Well Walker I told you that we would meet again didn’t I now it’s payback time but you aren’t looking so good.  You know Carlos this might turn out much better then I had hoped for.” The man then punched Walker in the stomach.

Forty- five minutes later the door opened again and they tossed Walker in through the door like he was a piece of garbage. “Oh by the way we gave Walker another shot so it should be interesting when he comes around.  We also loosened up the ropes so he can get lose, can’t wait to see what happens.”  The man walked out shutting the door behind him leaving Walker and Alex alone once again.

“Walker” Alex said as she got up and moved over to his side forgetting what Walker had told her about staying away from him.  She bent down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  A few seconds later Walker started to come around, remembering what he had said Alex very slowly inched her way back to the corner she was in just minutes earlier.  Alex watched Walker as he started to work at his bonds again trying to work his way lose.

Back at Ranger Headquarters Trivette now suspected Carlos as one of the possible suspects in Walker and Alex’s disappearance but they needed proof.  They started picking up members of Carlos’ gang one by one and questioned them. “Okay Bobby lets go over this again.  I’m going to ask you one more time did Carlos grab my partner and his fiancée answer me damn it” Trivette yelled as he pounded his fist on the table in front of Bobby.  “I ain’t telling you squat Ranger I don’t know anything.” “Well tough guy if anything happens to my partner or ADA Cahill you will go down just like Carlos.”  “You don’t scare me.”  With that said Trivette walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him.  “Get that punk out of here he won’t talk.”

Trivette went over to his desk and stood there for a minute then he pounded his fist on the desk and then kicked his chair up against the wall.  “Easy Trivette we will find Walker and Alex just clam down and take a deep breath.” “Yeah I know I’m sorry it’s just that we aren’t getting any closer to finding Walker and Alex and I’m starting to get real worried.”

Just as Trivette ended his sentence the telephone rang.  “Trivette can I help you?” “This is Tony do you remember me?” “Yes I remember you what can I do for you.”  “It’s not what you can do for me but what I can do for you.”  “You will have to explain, is this important I’m right in the middle of a big case and I’m very busy.” 

“It is if you want to know where Walker and that lady Ms. Cahill are.”  “Talk to me.”  “I know who took Walker I was there and saw them take Walker.  I followed them so I would know where he is.”  “Where is he and why would you tell me you hate Walker.”  “Lets just say I owed him one he saved my baby sister last week so telling you where he is squares things between him and I.” “Okay who took him?”  “It was Carlos he shot Walker took him and then Ms. Cahill followed them and they got her too.  You have to promise me you won’t tell anyone I told you or I’m a dead man.”  “Okay I won’t and thanks.” “I have a location on Walker and Alex I need all the backup I can get lets get moving” Trivette yelled.

Meanwhile Walker got lose from the ropes and stood up his eyes full of anger and rage.  It was at that moment that Alex knew Walker was out of control.  He was yelling then he walked over to a wall and put his fist through it.  Alex was scared she stayed in the corner and didn’t utter a word.  She couldn’t believe this was the man she loved so much.

Walker paced the room for a few minutes and got angry because the door was locked and he couldn’t get out.  Walker made his way over to Alex and put his fist through the wall right above her head Alex screamed “NO” “shut up” Walker yelled but Alex was so scared that she couldn’t stop crying.  Walker grabbed Alex by the arm and yanked her off the floor.  “I SAID SHUT UP.”  “Walker it’s me Alex don’t you remember me?”  Walker stood there for a few minutes and looked into her beautiful eyes then pulled her close and forcefully kissed her.  He was rough and rude and not at all the Walker Alex loved so much.

“Walker please not like this” she pleaded, but it was no use there was no getting through to him.  Alex tried to break away but Walker was so strong and her hands were still tied.  Alex was finally able to break free and moved away from Walker.  He went after her and pulled her back, “where do you think you’re going?” he said as he ripped her blouse opening revealing her lacy bra.  “Walker No please don’t do this” Alex pleaded again.  She tried to tell herself this was Walker and that it would be okay but she just couldn’t convince herself.

“Take it off or I will rip the rest of it off.” “No I won’t” Alex turned away from him and that made him even madder.  Walker ripped her bra off revealing her soft warm breasts her blouse was torn and it was hanging from her shoulder. She just couldn’t stop herself from crying.  She couldn’t believe she was standing in front of the man she loved more than anything in the world and he was forcing himself on her.

Walker reached for her breasts squeezing them hard.  He was rough not at all the gentle Walker that she knew.  Alex cried out in pain as he squeezed her breasts again.  Alex hit him where his wound was and she was able to break free again.  Walker pushed Alex to the ground and climbed on top of her.  It was at this point that Walker found her cellular telephone that she had hidden in the band of her pants and he threw it against the wall.  Walker kissed Alex again but she wouldn’t return his kiss.  The more she turned away from him the more he tried to force her to kiss him.

Trivette and the Rangers burst through the door of the hideout.  Trivette grabbed Carlos, “where is my partner and Ms. Cahill?”  “Go to hell Ranger.”  “Wrong answer Carlos” Trivette slammed him up against the wall.  “I’m going to ask you one last time “where is my partner and Ms. Cahill?”  Carlos just laughed in Trivettes face.  “Get him out of here before I do something that I will regret.  Let’s tare this place apart, and find Walker and Alex.”  Trivette came across a locked door.  He could hear Alex screaming from the other side of the door, “Alex” Trivette yelled.

Walker jumped up as soon as he heard Trivette calling Alex’s name.  “I’m going in back me up.”  “Jimmy look out” Alex yelled.  Walker hit Trivette as soon as he came in the door then he took off running out the door.  Trivette picked himself up off the floor and ran over to Alex.  “Alex are you okay?  What the hell is going on here?”  “Jimmy, Walker is not himself they pumped him full of drugs and he is like a mad man.”

No one stopped Walker when he came running out after all it was Walker they had no reason to stop him so he was able to get away.  Trivette untied Alex and helped her to her feet.

“Alex, Walker did this to you?”  Trivette asked as he took off his jacket and put it around Alex.  “Jimmy they pumped him full of drugs he’s not the Walker you and I know anymore you have to find him and help him.  Please.” We will Alex don’t worry.”  “Damn Alex if he attacked me and you what the hell is he going to do out there.” 

Trivette put out an all points bulletin on Walker. He explained what happened and everyone knew Walker so they all knew they had to be extra careful with him.  Walker became a lethal weapon on the loose and extra precautions were going to have to be taken in order to bring him in.

Walker was spotted in the stockyards so everyone headed over there heeding the warning that Trivette had given about trying to bring Walker in and getting him the help he needed.  Alex went to C.D.’s to get a drink and calm her nerves also to fill C.D. in on what was going on.

Walker heard the sirens and ducked into C.D.’s, as luck would have it Alex once again came in contact with Walker.  C.D. could see the fire in his eyes that told him that Walker was not to be messed with.  “Oh my Lord I see what you meant Alex just stay back you don’t want to go near him.”  Walker didn’t say a word he just looked around and then straight at Alex.  Walker moved slowly in Alex’s direction.  “Alex don’t move and don’t talk to him,”  “C.D. I have to do something to get through to him.”  “NO, Alex don’t say a word and please honey stay where you are.”  C.D. continued to plea with Alex but she was stubborn and had a mind of her own.

“Walker it’s okay it’s me Alex remember?”  She moved toward him holding out her hand to him but he grabbed her and put her into a chokehold.  “Cordell let her go you are going to hurt her,” C.D. yelled but Walker wouldn’t listen.

Meanwhile Trivette and the Rangers were still searching all over the stockyards and coming up empty.  “Hey guys I’m going to go and check C.D.’s.  Trivette walked into C.D.’s quietly when his eye caught Walker and Alex.  He tried to sneak up on him but Walker turned around just before Trivette reached him.  Walker let Alex go and jumped Trivette and the two men fought.  “Walker stop it’s me Trivette.”  It was as if the two men were strangers as far as Walker was concerned and he was fighting for his life.  The struggle between the two men opened up the gunshot wound on Walker’s shoulder and it began to bleed.

Trivette kept trying to reason and get through to Walker but it was no use.  Suddenly in one swift movement Walker grabbed Trivette’s gun.  “Walker listen to me partner you are going to get one of us killed please give me the gun.”  Just as C.D. started over to help the gun went off.  Alex screamed when she heard the gunfire and that brought all the Rangers that was searching the stockyard into C.D.’s.

All eyes were on Walker and Trivette and for the second time in as many days Alex watched as the man she loved so dearly fell to the floor.  “Walker No” the bullet ripped through Walker’s chest.  Trivette was stunned how could something like this happen.  “Walker hold on help will be here soon please don’t leave me partner I’m sorry.”  “C.D. get an ambulance hurry.”  Alex ran to Walker’s side.  He tried to tell her something but he couldn’t get the word out.

By the time the paramedics arrived Walker was gone.  “Walker, no, oh God please not Walker” Trivette cried.  The paramedics tried to revive him but there was no bringing him back.  “I killed my own partner” Trivette kept saying over and over again.  Alex sat there with Walkers head in her lap crying, “Walker wake up it’s me Alex please open up your eyes this can’t be happening not Walker not now” she said as he lay in her lap unresponsive.

C.D., Alex and Trivette all held each other tight as they took Walkers body away.  “This can’t be happening” Trivette said.  “Jimmy you can’t blame yourself for this, blame the ones that drugged him” C.D. said.  “Big dog I do blame myself we knew he wasn’t himself.  I should have made damn sure that he couldn’t get to my gun.”

Alex took the rest of the week off from work, she was in no shape to work.  Trivette walked into the Captain’s office.  “Trivette I thought I told you to take sometime off.”  “I am Captain I’m quitting the Rangers I can’t do this anymore not after what has happened.”  “Trivette you’re not quitting I won’t except it.  I’m going to put you on a two month leave of absence to get your head together and if you still feel the same way then you can quit but not now and not like this.”  Okay have it your way but I won’t change my mind.”

Trivette was just walking out the door when Annie came in looking for him.  “Ranger Trivette” “what is it Annie?”  “I think I have some good news for you.”  “Good news what can be so great my partner is dead I killed him there is nothing you can tell me that is going to make me feel better” Trivette told her.  “Well Ranger Trivette would you like to place a little bet on it.”  “Okay what is it?”  “You have to buy me dinner any place I want to go deal?” “Deal what is so great?” 

“I finished my autopsy on Ranger Walker and guess what I found?”  “Would you just tell me and get it over with please.”  “If you had not shot him he would have been dead soon anyway.” “What” “he had Aids” “Annie have you flipped Walker didn’t have Aids.”  “Exactly Jimmy Walker doesn’t.”  “This man has had plastic surgery to make him look like Walker someone went to a great deal of trouble and expense to make him look like the real deal.  The man you shot was not your partner.”  “Annie are you sure?”  “As sure as I’m standing here.”  Trivettes face lit up. 

“Captain forget the leave, I already did.  Annie who knows about this besides the three of us?” “No one.”  “Well let’s keep it that way for now.  If the people who have Walker find out we know about his imposter they may kill him.  If they think they succeeded they will let their guard down, I need sometime to figure out who is behind this.”  Trivette was so excited he gave Annie a kiss on the cheek, “dinner on me any place you want you name it” he called out as he ran out the door.  Trivette turned around and came back into the room, “has anyone seen Alex.”  “No Ranger Trivette she took a few days off.”  “Okay I’m going over to give her the good news, this is too good to say on the telephone.”

Trivette rushed to Alex’s apartment he couldn’t wait to tell her the good news.  Trivette knocked on the door.  “Alex it’s me Jimmy open the door hurry.”  Alex opened the door with C.D. standing along side of her Trivette could see that she had been crying.  “Hey Alex what is with the tears you two look like you lost your best friend” Trivette said with a grin on his face.  Alex yelled at Trivette at the same time C.D. did.  “Did we miss something here Jimmy why are you smiling when Walker is laying in the morgue?”  “Well I’ll tell you both it’s because the man in the morgue is not Walker.” “What” “the body in the morgue is not our Walker.  He had plastic surgery to make him look like Walker.”  “Oh my God Jimmy that means he is out there somewhere.”  “Yes and someone went to a lot of expense to pull this of and we are going to make him think he got away with it.” 

“In order for us to catch the person behind all of this and to avoid any leaks in the department we need to continue to act like Walker is dead.  There are only five people that know about this they are the Captain, Annie from the corner’s department, myself and now you two no one else can know we can’t risk it.”  “Jimmy we understand we’ll continue doing what we’ve been right along in light of Cordell’s death.” “Great big dog I knew I could count on you.  Alex are you alright with all of this and how we must proceed.”  “Yes Jimmy I am I just wish we knew where Walker was and if he is okay.”  “Alex honey Cordell is okay I just know it and he’ll come back to us real soon you just wait and see” C.D. said.

 “Well Walker I told you that I would get even with you didn’t I.  Your own partner helped pull it off oh how sweet and I even got it on tape, I didn’t want you to miss anything.”  They forced Walker to watch the tape of the fight between him and Trivette.  The look on Alex and Trivettes faces when the gun went was one of shear panic.  Walker knew what this would do to Trivette if he didn’t find out the real truth.  “Everyone thinks you’re dead and your own partner blames himself I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried.” 

It seemed hopeless for Walker he would have to help himself.  No one would be looking for him as they all thought he was dead.  The man responsible for all of this was a wealthy local resident by the name of Donald Matheson.  Walker killed his only son in a shoot out with the Dallas police and the Texas Rangers and he swore he would get even.

After doing some checking Trivette came up with Matheson’s name as a top suspect in Walkers disappearance.  “Alex I remember this case I know he has to be the one we are looking for and he has the bucks to pull it off.”  “Can you get me some search warrants?”  “Yes Jimmy I can do that.”

 “Alex I’m going to call C.D. I’ll need his help in searching the estate. We will tear that place apart if we have to.  I know Walker is in there, I just hope we aren’t too late.”  “Jimmy he wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep Walker there at his residence would he?”  “It’s a big estate plenty of places to hide someone besides he believes he got away with this so he won’t be expecting any company.”

“Walker time for another shot.”  Walker struggled to break free but there were too may of them and he was weak from the loss of blood and an infection had set in where he had been shot so he was in a lot of pain.  “I’m going to turn you into a junkie Walker and then watch as you come down from it.  You ever see someone come off of drugs its painful and I will enjoy watching you suffer.”  “Well Matheson it hasn’t happened yet so I guess you’ll have a long wait” Walker told him.  “You won’t get away with this Matheson trust me.” “I already have Walker I don’t see anyone coming to your rescue remember you are dead.”  The drug started to take effect and a few minutes later Walker passed out.

The Rangers and local enforcement officers converged on the Matheson estate.  “This is the Texas Rangers open the gates now, if you don’t we will ram the gates” Trivette shouted.  The gates opened up and they went in.  Trivette went up to the door and knocked.  The housekeeper answered the door but not before she sent someone out back to get Mr. Matheson.

They came in and showed the warrant to the housekeeper.  “Where is Matheson?”  “He is out in the back in the guesthouse.” “Some of you come with me and the rest search the grounds and the house.”  Trivette and the Rangers went out back to the guesthouse.  Matheson was just heading for the main house when one of his employees came up and told him the Texas Rangers were there.

“Those damn Rangers how did they find out Walker was here, no matter Walker will be dead before they find him.  Well Walker I don’t know how they found you but it will be to late for them to do you any good.”  Matheson picked up a gun he had lying on a table then he walked over to Walker and pointed the gun at him.  He was face to face with him he wanted to look him in the eyes and watch him die.   Matheson didn’t think Walker could muster up enough energy to squash a fly never mind hurt him when they came face to face.  “Walker I will tell your partner you said goodbye.”  “That’s so considerate of you Matheson” just then Walker mustered up all the strength he could and kicked Matheson right in the knee sending him down right on top of Walker.  This was Walkers lucky break he was able to grab Matheson and put him in a chokehold.

Walker was weak and couldn’t hold onto Matheson for very long.  “Come on Trivette I need you partner I can’t hold onto him much longer” Walker said to himself.  Matheson was working his way free just as Trivette broke through the door.  “Hold it right there Matheson you’re under arrest for the kidnapping of a Texas Ranger, Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill and I’m sure a lot of other charges” Trivette told him, “he’s all yours.”

Trivette went to his partner’s side.  “Hey partner how are you doing?”  “Alive thanks to you.”  “Get an ambulance here now” Trivette, shouted out the door. “What took you so long Trivette.” “What took me so long is that what you said Walker. You’re lucky I got here at all.”  The two men looked at each other and started to laugh. “Walker it’s so good to see you alive I thought I lost you.” 

“I know Trivette that SOB Matheson taped the fight at C.D.’s and made me watch it.  I thought I was a dead man I didn’t think you would catch on.  How did you know I was still alive?”  “Well two things first, the man who was supposedly you had Aids.  Second the man had plastic surgery to look like you.”  “Lets get you out of here and to the hospital.”  After Walker was loaded into the ambulance with Trivette by his side he called Alex and C.D.  “Alex it’s Jimmy we found Walker we are on our way to the hospital right now.” “Jimmy we will meet you there okay?” “Okay Alex we’ll see you at the hospital.”  “Jimmy how is he?”  “He is hurt but he will be okay Alex.”  “Great Jimmy we’ll see you there.”  The ambulance pulled up in front of the emergency entrance to the hospital they were expecting him.  Among the hospital staff waiting for Walker were Alex and C.D.  As soon as they had him unloaded Alex ran to Walkers side.  “Hey cowboy how are you feeling?”  “I’m okay Alex he said with a small smile.

Alex bent over and gave Walker a tender kiss on the lips, which turned into a long passionate kiss.  “Hey you two break it up we need to get Ranger Walker inside.”  There was no response from the two at all it was as if no one else existed but just the two of them.  C.D. and Trivette just looked at each other and laughed.  “Well big dog I think my partner will be fine don’t you?”  “Yes Jimmy I believe so it looks like Cordell has all the medicine he needs right there in his arms.”  Finally they ended their kiss and Walker was taken into the emergency room.

About thirty minutes later the Doctor came out to talk to them.  “How is he Doctor?” Alex asked.  “We need to take him to surgery to remove the bullet.  It didn’t hit anything vital so there is no problem there and the infection he has we can take care of with medication.  It’s a good thing you got to him when you did one more day and the results would have been completely different.  The drugs they pumped into him won’t have any lasting affect on him he wasn’t given them long enough to do any harm.  I gave him something to ease him down slowly he’ll be fine but it will take about a month for him to be back to being himself.”

“I will say one thing after everything that Ranger Walker has been through a vacation would do him wonders.”  While the Doctor was talking what he said brought a smile to Alex. A vacation had she heard the Doctor right.  “How long will he be in surgery Doctor” Alex asked. “About two hours and one hour in recovery.  You can see him in about three hours.”  “Great thanks Doc take care of him we lost him once we don’t want anything to happen to him again” C.D. spoke with great emotion.  “Well what do you say we all go get a bite to eat while we wait” Alex asked. “Sounds good to us Alex both C.D. and I are hungry” Trivette said. 

 Alex walked into Walkers room and over to his bed.  She bent down and gave him a kiss.  “Hi again” “Hi beautiful” “Walker how do you feel?”  “Okay I guess.”  Walker reached up and pulled Alex close to him.  “Come her you.”  He gave Alex a long passionate kiss even better than the on he gave her when they brought him out of the ambulance.  “You keep that up cowboy and I may never leave this room tonight.”  “Promises, Promises” Walker said with an evil grin as he kissed Alex again. 

Their lips were locked together when C.D. and Trivette strolled into the room.  “Well I see we are not needed here big dog what do you say we go get a cup of coffee or something?”  “Good idea Jimmy lets go and leave these love birds alone.”  “Walker I have a great idea,” “Oh you do, do you and what is your great idea?”

 “The Doctor said it will be about a month before you will be back to yourself and that a vacation would do you wonders, so I was thinking we could take some time when you are stronger and go camping.”  Walker thought for a minute and then said “great idea Alex now we should seal it with a kiss.”  “Oh yes sealing this with a kiss is a wonderful idea Walker.”  With that Alex lips met Walkers again and they sealed the trip with a long passionate kiss.  Walker pulled away from Alex and she moaned in protest.  He moved his lips away just enough to speak.  “Alex this is only the beginning wait till we go camping you won’t be disappointed after all we have a lot of time to make up for.”  “Cowboy you could never disappoint me I can’t wait till I have you all to myself.” With that said Alex pulled Walker back to her and their lips touched again and passion filled the air.

                                    To be continued, Lone Ranger part two,  

                                          The camping trip

                                           LONE RANGER: PART TWO

                                               (THE CAMPING TRIP)

                                           BY: HUSSY49@HOTMAIL.COM

Walker spent the next three weeks recuperating from his ordeal and was almost back to normal.  Walker and Alex were now making plans for the long awaited camping trip.  It was going to be a great trip, just the two of them no interruptions.  No one was going to know where he or she was going not even Trivette.  This was their time together and work was not going to interfere again.  They were taking Alex’s cellular telephone for emergency purposes and would only use it for that one reason otherwise it was off so no one could call and interrupt them.

“Walker I can’t believe we are going to have a whole week together just the two of us.”  Walker pulled his ladylove close to him and kissed her soft inviting lips. “Walker this is not going to get us packed.”   “ We have lots of time Alex as he kissed her again.  I promised you a vacation and this time we are going to get one I mean it.” “Walker you always mean it but work always seems to get in the way” Alex replied.  “Well this time it won’t happen that’s why I arranged this trip so no one would know where we are going.”

 Walker kissed Alex on the neck and then on her lips again, then he picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the bed laying her down gently and laid his body on top of her.  Their lips met in a hot heated moment of passion.  Walker massaged her breasts and kissed her on the neck working his way down, then Alex pulled him back up to her lips again.  “Walker you don’t know how bad I want you to make love to me but,” “but what, what’s wrong am I doing something wrong” Walker asked?

“Oh god no Walker your doing everything right and then some, I was just thinking that we have the worst timing in the world and if we don’t get out of here I’m afraid that someone is going to spoil things.”  Walker stopped dead in his tracks, “Alex you’re right” he gave her another kiss then got up off the bed.  “I’ll take a rain check lady, we can continue where we left off later.  Lets get packed and get out of here.  If the telephone rings don’t answer it.  I can just see Trivette coming through the door telling me we have a case.”

As they finished packing and headed towards the door the telephone rang.  Walker looked at the telephone and then glanced at Alex.  “Walker don’t you dare answer that telephone” Alex said to him in a stern voice.  Walker grinned at Alex and then they both turned and walked out the door letting the telephone ring.  They walked to the truck with their arms around each other and smiles on their faces finally they were getting away.

After arriving at their destination and unpacking the truck they set up camp, it was a hot summer day perfect for camping. “Walker can you believe it here we are alone at last?”  Walker just smiled at Alex and put his arms around her waist and pulled her in close. “Alex believe it just you and me for five long glorious days, do you think you can handle me for that long?” “I definitely can darling you just watch me.”  “I plan on doing more then watching you Alex.”  “Oh is that right Walker.”  “We have a lot of time to make up for and I don’t plan on wasting a minute.”  Walker then leaned in and gave her a hard passionate kiss to get their trip off on the right note.

“Walker it sure is beautiful out here, “yes you sure are” Walker added.  “Oh you, your not so bad yourself cowboy.”  Walker put his arms around Alex once again and kissed her on the neck and worked his way around to her lips.  “Oh Walker this is a dream come true you, me and the wilderness and not another living soul in site.”  “Yes Alex we finally made it and nothing is going to interfere with our time together I promise you that.  Shall we go for a walk and see what awaits us out here Alex?”  “Yes that is a very good idea.”

Hand in hand they strolled down the paths around their camp.  The air smelled so fresh and clean.  “Look Walker a fawn isn’t she beautiful.”  “Yes Alex I told you already how beautiful you are” he said looking straight at Alex.  Alex turned to Walker and put her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.  Walker put his hands on Alex’s buttocks and pulled her in close to him, she could feel his manhood up against her begging for attention.  He gave Alex a hard long and rather heated kiss.  Walker explored her mouth with his tongue and Alex did the same with her tongue exploring Walker’s mouth, he then kissed her neck.  Walker let out a moan as Alex reached down and took a hold of the bulge in Walker pants, “oh lady,” was all Walker could get out at the moment.  “I think I will turn in that rain check now,” “good idea Walker” was Alex’s reply.

Never did anything feel as good as this moment feeling Alex tight up against him, oh what she could do to him just by being close.  No one ever made him feel this good not even Ellen made him feel this way.  Their love was so strong and full of passion.  Walker gently massaged Alex’s breasts as Alex unbuttoned Walker’s pants letting them drop to the ground, she then continued to massage his manhood bringing out more moans.  Their kisses got longer and harder as time passed the whole world disappeared and no one existed but the two lovers.

Walker slipped Alex’s shirt up over her head tossing it aside. Then the rest of their clothes made it to the ground in record time.  Walker could feel his heart skip a beat.  Walker couldn’t understand that with all of his martial arts training he can take out four men with no problem at all, but get him next to Alex and his knees felt like rubber and he felt like his knees were going to buckle on him.  “Alex you are so beautiful I can stand here and look at you all day.”  “Well Walker I had a little more then looking in mind but that’s a start.”

“Lets see what I can do about that” Walker told his ladylove.  He picked her up and found a soft batch of ground and laid her down with his body on top of hers.  He then took her breast into his mouth and sucked on her hard firm nipples sending out moans from her, then he nibbled on them.  Walker looked into Alex’s blue eyes and laughed at the thought that just crossed his mind.  “Walker I know that look what are you thinking about?”  “I was just thinking I feel like Adam and you’re my Eve and this is our Garden of Eden.”

Alex grabbed Walker and pulled him into her as tight as she could get him and than gave him a long hard kiss, things really started to heat up again between the lovers.  Walker entered her and they made love their for hours under the warm blue skies in their Garden of Eden.  After a short rest they got dressed and walked back to the camp, stopping for a few little kisses along the way. 

“Well now that we are all rested Alex we need to catch out dinner.”  “Your right Walker we do, I have a idea lets make catching our dinner interesting.  Lets make a bet to see who can catch the most fish and the loser has to cook dinner and breakfast.”  “Oh no you don’t Alex I’ve tasted your cooking,” Walker said laughing  “Walker you take that back.”   Walker was standing at the edge of the water when Alex walked towards him, “are you going to take what you said back?”  “No I won’t take it back Alex your cooking isn’t the best you know” “okay buster you asked for it.”  “ALEX DON’T YOU DARE.”  Alex pushed Walker into the cold water then she started to laugh at him as he climbed out, “okay if that’s the way you want to play I can play too.”

“Walker what are you planning on doing?”  Walker didn’t say a word but started towards Alex, then Alex took off running screaming Walker’s name.  “Walker you wouldn’t do what I think you’re your thinking about would you” Alex asked when he caught up with her scooping her up in his arms.  They were both laughing “now what should I do with you Alex.”  “Well you could just love a dry me.  “Please Walker you wouldn’t really throw me in the water would you?”  “Why not you pushed me in the water.”  “Well you teased me about my cooking you deserved it Walker you’re cold” “no kidding.”  Walker melted like putty in her arms he kissed her and took her inside the tent with him to get on some dry clothes.

After putting her down he put his arms around her waist and gave her a long passionate kiss.  “Walker since I got you all wet I guess I should take those things off of you myself.”  “Alex that is a great idea it’s the least you can do.”  Alex started to unbutton Walker’s shirt slowly one button at a time.  She slipped it off of his shoulders letting it fall to the floor of the tent.  She took her fingers and ran them through the thick hair on Walker’s chest.  Her hands found there way down to the button on his pants she unbuttoned it undid his zipper and let his pants fall next to the shirt.  Alex put her hands around Walker and rubbed his back and then back to his chest she loved the feel of his strong muscular chest.

“Walker you feel so cold I’m sorry I pushed you in the water.”  “Alex it’s okay I’m feeling a lot of things at this moment but cold is definitely not one of them.”  Just then sparks began to fly all over the place as Walker and Alex’s lips met in a hot heated moment as if it were the fourth of July.  “Walker if we start this again we won’t have time to catch our dinner.”  Walker thought for a minute then said, “Oh the hell with dinner Alex lets start with desert first.”

Walker picked Alex up in his arms again kissing her passionately.  “Alex Cahill I love you with all my heart.”   Alex was speechless she looked into Walker’s eyes and saw that he was very serious.   He wasn’t joking or kidding around she could see that he was very serious.  “Darling I love you too, you don’t know how long I have waited to hear you say those words.”  Walker reached up and wiped a tear away that had fallen down Alex’s cheek.  “Alex I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you sooner how much I love you it’s not that I didn’t feel it, well you know how I have so much trouble expressing my feelings.”  Alex laughed “Walker you sure don’t seem to be having any problem with that tonight.”  “Alex I wish we could stay here forever in each others arms.”  “So do I darling but since that is not possible I will settle for the rest of the week.” 

Walker helped Alex out of her clothes then he stepped out of his wet shorts.  “Walker come over here I’m not through with you yet,” Alex spoke with a mischievous look on her face.”  They stood there for several minutes holding their naked body’s up against each other. “Alex you feel so good up against me I may never let you go.”  “Well I’m in no hurry Walker you feel good right where you are.”  Walker could feel Alex’s soft warm breasts tight up against his chest and Alex could feel his manhood tight up against her begging for attention that it sent shivers up and down her spine.

Walker laid Alex down on the sleeping bags they had set out and for the next two hours they really rocked the tent.  The depths of their passion and vocalizations even caught the attention of the small animals in the area.  They made love in positions that Walker and Alex discovered together and what a discovery it was.  Each position brought out more passion and desires that left each of them wanting more.  Walker and Alex could not get enough of each other.   Even the bear that had come to the campsite did not catch their attention and he disappeared as quietly as he had appeared.  Finally when Walker and Alex came back to earth and were totally exhausted they lay in each other arms looking into each other eyes with undying love.  After a half-hour Alex turned to Walker and said “Walker you sure do serve a great desert.”  “Thanks Alex so do you I might add.”

 “You know Alex it’s too late to catch out dinner now but I have a great idea wait here I’ll be right back.”  Walker pulled on his shorts and went to the truck and came back with a cooler “what’s this Walker what are you up to?”  “Just wait and see, first we need to start a fire.”   While Walker started the fire Alex got dressed.  Walker had the fire going when Alex appeared and he put the cooler in front of him.  They sat by the fire and Walker opened up the cooler and took out a bottle of wine, two glasses, some cheese and crackers.  “Walker when did you have time to do this it’s so unlike you.  I’m not complaining or anything I’m enjoying ever minute of this believe me.  I knew deep down there was a hopeless romantic inside you just waiting for the right moment to come out you never cease to amaze me darling.” 

They sat by the fire and sipped their wine.  The fed each other cheese and crackers it was the perfect way to top off a very romantic day.   After several hours Walker leaned over and kissed Alex passionately, “how about we take the heat from the fire out here and take it inside the tent and start another fire of our own.”  “Cordell Walker you are incorrigible that is one of the things I love about you.”  With that said Walker stood up and held his hand out for Alex and led her back into the tent and closed the flap to the door behind him they made love late into the night.  The next morning Walker got up at 5AM and grabbed his fishing pole and went and caught their breakfast.

When Alex woke up at 7AM Walker was standing over her with fresh coffee and breakfast, “ Good morning sleepy head.” “What is this Walker?” “Breakfast in bed, nothing is to good for you Alex.”  “Oh Walker you’re going to spoil me.”  “Alex you deserve it and I love spoiling you.”  He leaned down and handed her a cup of coffee and a plate of hot food in return Alex gave Walker a long passionate kiss.  Walker broke off their kiss much to Alex’s protest.  “Alex if you don’t eat your breakfast it will get cold.  You need to keep your strength up with all our physical activity.  I wouldn’t want you to faint on me from not eating, plus it’s not everyday that I can serve you breakfast in bed.”  

After breakfast Walker and Alex went for a five- mile hike.  “Walker we sure did picked a great week to go camping the weather is just perfect.”  “Yes it is we got lucky.”  After a few miles into their hike they came upon the same fawn they saw back at camp being attacked by a wolf.  Walker scared the wolf away and ran over to the fawn to see if it was okay.   The mother had been watching helplessly from behind a tree as her baby was being attacked.  Walker checked out the fawn and she only had a small bite on the leg that would heal okay. 

Alex knelt down beside the fawn along side of Walker.  “Oh poor thing will she be okay Walker?”  “Yes the wolf didn’t get the chance to do to much damage she’ll be fine.”  “But the mother is scared I don’t think she will come near her baby.”  “Oh Walker you have to do something,”  “I will watch this Alex.”  Walker knelt down beside the mother fawn and looked the mother deer straight in the eyes.  He stared at her for several minutes neither blinking nor taking his eyes off of the deer.  It was as if Walker was reaching down into her soul and telling her that she and her baby were safe and they had nothing to fear.  All of a sudden the mother deer started to come toward Walker very slowly and stopped a few feet away. “Okay little girl there’s your mother waiting for you don’t be playing with any more wolves” Walker told the baby fawn.  Alex petted the baby fawn on the head then they sent the baby on her way back to its mother.  The mother checked over her child to make sure she was okay.

Walker and Alex got up and turned to leave when Alex glanced back.  She took a hold of Walker’s arm.  “Walker look Alex said quietly.”  Walker turned and saw the mother deer coming toward him.  They knelt down meeting the mother deer at eye level.  “Well, well mom what’s this you come to say thank you” Walker said talking to the mother.  “Alex she wants to say thank you, put your hand up slowly and let her smell it.”  They both put their hands up to the deer so she could smell them and then the deer licked Walker’s hand “you’re very welcome.”  After the mother was satisfied she started on her way back to the safety of the woods.  The deer knew she had nothing to fear from these two humans and every reason to be thankful.

“Walker you amaze me, I have never seen anything like that in my life.”  “Well my native up bringing comes in handy sometimes.”  “Yes it does” Alex replied as she gave her cowboy a big hug and kiss. “Well now that was all worth all we did to help the mother and baby.  You better watch out though Alex, don’t start anything out here that you can’t finish.”  “I never start something I can’t finish Walker.”

“Alex what do you say to us going into town tonight and going dancing?”  “Dancing you want to go dancing?”

“Yes there is a place where we can go dancing it has a great country band.”  “Wow I don’t believe this now we get to go dancing I wish I could keep you out here for another week Walker.”  “I’m sure Trivette would have something to say about that Alex but I do wish we could stay here for another week it’s just too good to end.”  “Yes it is but what memories we are making Walker.”  “Yes you are right about that Alex but we should start heading back to camp.”  “Yeah I guess we should do that it will take awhile to get back then we can get ready to go dancing” Alex reminded him.  “Oh don’t you worry I won’t forget to take the most beautiful woman in the world dancing.”  Alex thanked him with another long passionate kiss.  “There you go Alex starting something again.”  “Well you sure don’t look like you mind to much” Alex said smiling. “Not at all my darling Eve.”

Walker and Alex drove into town Walker was wearing all black.  Alex loved him all decked out in black she thought he looked so sexy.  They walked in and found an empty table in the corner away from the crowd, just perfect for the two lovers.  The band had just started to play so Walker ordered their drinks and they took their place at the table.  Walker got up and took Alex’s hand “may I have this dance lovely lady.” “You certainly may sir” Alex answered.  The band played a slow song and Walker took Alex in his arms and they danced closely and just shut out the rest of the world which was happening a lot on this trip.  They danced every slow dance and sat out the fast ones using that time to be alone at their table.  The evening was going beautiful just like the rest of the week had gone.  Walker held Alex tight and kissed her passionately as another song ended.  “This was a great idea Walker thank you for the wonderful evening and week” “you’re welcome anything for my lady.”

Suddenly a fight broke out at the bar not far from where Walker and Alex were sitting.  Walker got up and started to go over to break it up.  “Walker let someone else handle it.”  “Alex you know I can’t do that” “yeah I know all to well.”  I knew it was too good to last Alex said to herself.   “Okay you two break it up,” Walker shouted at them but they didn’t hear him.  “I said break it up.”

Walker grabbed the two men and broke them apart then one of them took a swing at Walker and he ducked.  “I wouldn’t try that again if I were you.”  “Just who the hell are you?” one of the men asked. “ Cordell Walker Texas Ranger, you two leave if you can’t behave yourselves.”  “I suppose you are going to throw us out?”  “If I have too.”  “You Texas Rangers think you are so tough don’t you?”  “Well yeah Texas Rangers are a tough bread and believe me you don’t want to try me out so settle down or I will just have to show you.” 

Walker turned to walk away when one of the guys hit Walker over the head with a beer bottle sending him to the floor.   Alex watched thinking to herself not a smart move mister now you’re in big trouble.  “You’re not so tough Ranger man.”  Walker got up shaking his head he then hit the guy that hit him over the head with the beer bottle with his fist then he put his foot right into his mid-section and with a spinning back kick sent him flying over a table.  “Do you want some too” Walker said to the other guy. “No not me Ranger I’m not that stupid I think I will just go home where I belong sorry Ranger.” Okay smart choice.

A few minutes later the police arrived. “Okay what’s going on here?” “Nothing it’s all over”  “Who are you sir?”  “I’m Cordell Walker Texas Ranger.”  The two cops shook hands with Walker.  “I’ve heard a lot about you Ranger Walker it’s a pleasure to meet you” “thanks” “and I suppose the one out cold was stupid enough to tangle with you?”   “Yes he was” we’ll take it from here Ranger Walker thanks for the help.”  “You’re welcome.” “Are you Okay Ranger Walker you’re bleeding?”  “I’m okay its just a scratch.”

Walker took his place at Alex’s side.  “Walker are you okay?  Let me see your head” “Alex it’s Okay.”  “Well let me check anyway.”  The bartender came over with a cold damp towel for Walker’s head, “here you go Ranger thanks for your help over there, I hope you didn’t get hurt too bad.”  “I didn’t I’m fine and you’re welcome.” “Walker you just can’t stop being a Ranger even for a week can you?”  “No Alex I can’t that’s what I am.”  Alex smiled at Walker and then looked at his head again and started to clean it up.  “It’s a good thing he hit you in the head, it’s the hardest thing on your body.”  “Is that right” Walker said as he grabbed her and pulled her in tight.  “Well on second thought Alex I am hurt and you will just have to take me back to camp and nurse me back to health.”  “Oh is that so Walker well I have to say that’s the best idea you have had all night.”  They left the bar and headed back to camp.  Walker had a headache but other then that he was okay.  Alex planned on making him forget all about his headache.  She did just that they heated up the night the tent was shaking like there was an earthquake.

The next few days were spent fishing, hiking and taking a few moonlight walks.  Alex even gave Walker a few massages, which turned into much more then just a massage. “Alex you can give me a massage anytime you want too.”  “Anytime cowboy” anytime Alex.”

Finally the time came to pack up and head back to the real world.  Walker would go back to Ranger headquarters and Alex would go back to court.  I’m sorry to see our time come to an Walker but what a great time we had.”  “Yes it was, but Alex the only thing ending here is the camping trip the rest can still go on.”  “Yes it can you are right about that Walker you’re stuck with me cowboy you can’t get rid of me now.” “Well it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.”  “Is that right, Walker if you don’t behave I might have to push you in the water again. “You just try it lady” Walker said as he scooped Alex up in his arms.  Alex’s lips met Walkers in a hard long kiss.  “Well I guess I shouldn’t start something or we will never get out of here Alex.”  “Well that’s okay with me I don’t want to leave anyway” “me either but you know what they say,” “yes Walker I do all good things must come to an end.”  “For us Alex it’s just the beginning.”  “I love you Walker” and I love you Alex.” 

Walker and Alex finally made it back to Dallas and they had too stop by C.D.’s.  “Hey Trivette, C.D.,” they yelled loudly as they came through the door.  “Hey just look at you two, you both look great.”  “The trip must have agreed with both of you” C.D. added.  “Yes it did we had a great time we didn’t want to leave as a matter of fact Trivette, Alex was going to kidnap me and keep me out there for another week.  Well we have to go get unpacked guys so we will see you tomorrow maybe.”  What do you mean maybe, Walker I haven’t seen you all week” Trivette moaned.  “Yes Trivette I said maybe and I didn’t miss you at all” Walker said jokingly.  “Alex what did you do to my partner when you had him out there” Trivette asked. “Wouldn’t you like to know Jimmy” Alex replied.  “Well not really I can just imagine.”  We will see you later than” and they walked out the door and off to Walker’s ranch. 

After they had everything unpacked and put away Walker picked Alex up in his arms and carried her into the house.  “Well lady what do you want to do now?”  “You want me to take you home or to my bedroom instead?” “Well what do you think.”  Alex answered his question with along passionate kiss and off they went to Walker’s bedroom closing the door behind them. 

“Sorry everyone if you want to know what happened behind the closed doors you will have to use your imagination.”

                                                                                                                     The End