Loneliness is gone    

                                                                   By Leire

 Part One

It was a spring day in Dallas. She was lost, she had nowhere to go, nothing to eat, no friends, but the worst was that she had no family. She was in the middle of the street. She didn't know where she could go, cause she just arrived in Dallas.

All that she thought was to go to the police station, and ask there for information, at least ask about a place where she could stay.

Somehow she arrived to the Headquarters, Company B. She was going through the corridor, nobody knew she was there, it was like she was an invisible girl.

She stopped in front of a door. There was a name written on it; Alexandra Cahill - Walker.

She knocked on the door, and waited for someone to answer.

"Come in," Alex replied

She entered the door, and she was quite shocked, that woman seemed like her own Mom...then she introduced herself.

"Hello Mrs. Walker, my name is Alison...Alison Corr.

"Pleased to meet you Alison, please sit down, In what way can I help you?”

"I don't know if I'm doing the right thing, but I need help.

"Can you tell me why you are here?” Alex asked.

"I really don't know, I've never been in Dallas before. It's the first time I come here, and I have no friends here, either family. Also I have nowhere to go." the girl explained.

"Where are your parents?" Alex asked, she was worried about this girl.

"I have no parents. I have no family. I'm alone." the girl started to cry.

"I'm sorry," Alex said while she sat in the chair next to the girl.

She started to cry harder, and Alex hugged her.

"How old are you Alison?" Alex questioned.

"I'm 16."

"And where do you come from?"

"I come from Ireland, I took a plane in Ireland and came to the USA searching for something,” she explained.

"From Ireland?" Alex was quite surprised.

"Yes, from Cork in the south."

"Ok, I think I know where this is." Alex said.

"Please can you help me search for a place to stay until I find a job, or somewhere where I can work?" Alison said still crying harder and harder.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" Alex said.

"Good morning Mom! " Angela said.

"Hi sweetheart" Alex answered.

"I think I should better go, I don't want to disturb you" Alison got up and went toward the door.

"No, Alison you're not going anywhere cause I think I can help you, ok? Can you wait for a minute, I need to talk to my husband, I'll be right back." Alex said.

"I'll be here with her Mom" Angela said.

While Alex was out, both girls started to talk.

"My name is Angela, and she is my Mom. What's your name?"

"My name is Alison Corr," the girl answered.

"Where in Dallas do you live in?"

"I just arrived in Dallas, I come from Cork, in the south of Ireland," Alison replied.

"I'm not sure where is Cork, but I know where is Ireland, my Dad's roots are from Ireland also," Angela told her.

“How old are you Angela?”

"I'm 16, and you?"

"I'm 16 also."

"Great we have something in common." Angela was happy. She felt like Alison would be a good friend.

Meanwhile in the Headquarters, Company B...

Alex was telling Walker about the girl named Alison.

"And what are we going to do with her?" Walker asked.

"I don't know yet, how about if I look for a place at the Hope Center?" Alex said.

"It's ok by me, but..."

"But what Walker?" Alex asked.

"She has never been here before, would you mind if we would host her, until we find somewhere else? Besides Angela would have someone to talk to, and be with," Walker said.

"I don't mind at all, besides Angela is in my office talking to Alison already."

"Great!" Walker was happy with the choice he did.

While Alex was quite surprised with Walker statements, it was strange that Walker said that, anyway she has happy also. She walked over to her office again, and found Angela and Alison talking and laughing.

"Hey Alison, I've got a place for you," Alex told the girl.

"But remember I have no money, I can't afford nothing right now." Alison said worried.

"You don't have to pay for staying at our ranch." Alex surprised her.

"No thanks, Mrs. Walker, I can't accept that, I better search for another place, I don't want to disturb you all" Alison said.

"You're not disturbing and you know it, besides I like you as a friend" Angela commented.

"But I can't go to your ranch, you don't know me, it's not fair," Alison said.

"We've just talked for a few minutes, and I think I already know you. So come on, let's go have some lunch, and then we'll come back to Mom's office at 5pm, right Mom? Angela said.

"Sure honey, I finish at 5pm today, but I don't know about your Dad," Alex said.

"Doesn't mind, let's go, we'll be back at 5pm ok?" Angela was happy.

And the girls headed to the front door, when Alex called Angela, she wanted to talk to her for a minute.

"Angela, I'm very proud of you," Alex said with a smile in her face.

"Thanks Mom, I really like her as a friend, and I think we can become very good friends," Angela explained.

"We'll talk back at home ok?" Alex said rubbing her stomach.

"By the way Mom, how are you feeling today? Is the baby kicking as it was last night?" Angela was concerned for her Mother's pregnancy.

"I'm alright, much better than the last night."

"I'm going to go, before Alison comes looking for me." Angela kissed her Mother, and went to Alison's.

"Take care darling," Alex told her daughter before she started to run out of the door, looking for Alison.


Part Two

Back at the ranch, Angela with the help of Little Ray, showed Alison all the ranch.

Alison was quite impressed, cause she had nothing, and the Walker's had lots of things. Also they were a big family. There was Angela, she was the older, then there were the twins, Cooper and Cordell, and finally Little Ray. Oh and she forgot Alex was pregnant, so there was another addition to the family.

They made her feel like she was at home, although she was quite scared, her life had changed somehow, she wasn't going to stay alone no more, well at least until she finds a place to go.

"Well, Alison, this is the guest room, this is your bedroom." Alex said.

"No, don't worry I can sleep in the sofa." Alison told.

"Alison please, you are going to sleep in this bed, and I don't want no more complains, right?"

"Alright, Mrs. Walker" Alison admitted.

"Oh and please call me Alex, I feel like an old woman when someone calls me Mrs. Walker." Alex laughed.

"Alright, Alex." Alison smiled.

It was time to have dinner, so they all went to help Alex and Walker laying the table.

They all were happy to be with Alison, she was a smart girl, and sounded happy being with the Walkers family.

The 14 year old twins were glad also, to meet Alison. So after having dinner they showed the new girl their bedroom.

Cooper showed his guitars, and Alison was fascinated watching them, she told Cooper that she had her own guitar, but it was in her house back in Cork.

"So you know how to play the guitar?" Cooper asked.

"Yeah let me play an Irish song" Alison took the guitar and started to play an Irish song.

Everybody sat around her, they all had their mouths open, they didn't know she had such a beautiful voice.

When she finished playing the song, Alex told her something.

"Alison, next Sunday, Cooper is playing the guitar in the church, why don't you play it with him?”

"I don't know if I can do that?” the girl was shy...

"You think you cannot do that? Walker said.

"No, I've never played nowhere."

"You have a very beautiful voice, and you play the guitar perfectly, why don't you try?”

"Do you think so?"

"Sure I do, believe me."

"Thanks Mr. Walker" Alison hugged him while she said that.

"You are welcome." He laughed.

Few hours passed, and Alison went to the porch, she wanted to be alone for a while and think about today.

She stood there watching the stars in the sky, when a tear fell down her cheeks.

Alex knew she wasn't feeling ok, so she went to the porch.

"Alison, are you ok?" Alex asked, while she sat next to her.

"Yeah I'm fine, don't worry" she tried to hide her tears, but it was impossible.

"If you are ok, why are you crying?" Alex asked.

"It's nothing believe me," Alison told Alex

"You know you can tell me anything Alison."

"Alright. The problem is that, I miss my Mom so much." Alison finally started to talk.

"Where is she?"

"It's a long story, but I think I should start since the first time it happened...

Remember when I entered in your office this morning, I stood there quite shocked, and the fact is that you remind me of my Mom. She also was pregnant when she died." Alison started to cry...

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know nothing..."

"Don't worry. My dad, or that man, used to hit me since I was a little girl, he never had a reason to do that, but I guess it was cause he was drunk all the time. When he arrived home, he used to start hitting me, and my Mom couldn't admit that, so once, she stopped him. He got very angry at her, and he took out a knife and crossed her heart with it. I was there and I saw everything. It was horrible..."she started to cry more and more...

Also Alex had tears in her eyes, rolling down her face.

"So I started to cry and kneeled down beside my Mom, she already was dead, she didn't breath no more, she died cause of me!" Alison was getting quite angry...

"It wasn't your fault, and you know that. She only tried to rescue you from that man's hands, I would do the same if anybody would try to hit any of my children," Alex cried.

"After that, he went to prison, and he used to threat me. When he was out of prison I had to live with him, I didn't want to but I didn't have no choice than to accept. I used to do all the house chores, he used to get home drunk, and then he hit me. I won't never forget none of his words"

"One day, I couldn't stand no more, so I went to Dublin, the capitol of Ireland, but I had nothing to do there, you know things weren't properly that time. Anyway, I only had a choice, take a plane and come here to the States," she explained.

Alex tears were going down her cheek freely...it was a sad story but at the same time horrible. This girl, only was 16 and she already suffered all that...in which world are we living in? she asked herself.

"You know you are not going to be alone anymore, here we are, all of us to help you. Don't worry about anything else..."Alex hugged her.

"I really appreciate all that you are doing for me, I have no words to give you the thanks."

"Well I have, if we go inside you'll have give me the thanks, it's very cold out here!!!" Alex run inside the door, still thinking about what this girl has been through.

"Ok, let's go," she also was getting cold outside.

Alex gave her a hug and a kiss and they went inside to join the rest of the Walker's family.


Part three

It was morning now, and Alex and Walker thought that Alison could work for the Hope Center. She had a special touch with Little Ray, and they had a feeling that she could do it ok with children.

Alex walked to the kitchen and found Angela and Alison standing there, having breakfast.

"Where is Dad, Angela?" Alex asked going for some orange juice.

"He was having breakfast with us when he received a call, and left. He told us to tell you that he would stop by your office sometime during the day." Angela responded.

"Alright, did you sleep ok Alison?"

"Yes, that bed is very comfortable, the one that I had in Ireland, wasn't as soft as.." She commented with a face of sorrow.

"By the way, I thought you could work at the Hope Center, I called Josie already, and she told me that you can start today," Alex said happily.

"And what do I have to do there?" Alison asked.

Alex started to answer when Angela cut her..

"The Hope Center, is were people that have nothing, or have been treated wrongly, or whatever their problem is, they can stay there. There are a lot of children, even Little Ray stays there during the day, until he'll start school." Angela explained.

"Sounds interesting." Alison was happy she could earn some money, and try to find somewhere to stay...

Alex started to put all the plates and glasses back in the sink, and told the girls that it was time to go to Dallas.

It was a long weekend of May, so both girls were free. Angela helped at the Hope Center, and Alison would start to work there today.

Alex drove to the Hope Center, and left Little Ray, Angela and Alison there. She talked to Josie for a few minutes and then she left.


She arrived to the Headquarters, and found Walker and the rest talking around Walker's desk. They were talking about something funny, cause all of them were laughing at something.

"Hi guys," Alex greeted them

"Hey Alex." They all greeted the ADA.

"Hi honey" Walker kissed her, and then he got up and left his seat to Alex.

"Mmmm Thanks dear, I really need to sit down."

"Why? What's the problem?" Walker was starting to worry.

"Walker don't worry, the problem is that your daughter is getting bigger, and this belly of eight months, makes me feel very tired," Alex teased.

"Daughter?" Gage asked

"Oh you know the sex of the baby and you didn't tell us nothing Alex! " Sydney told her.

"We didn't want to find out the sex of the baby this time either. I just think this time is going to be a girl, that's all" Alex laughed, touching her belly.

"I want another girl also" Sydney admitted. "Another niece would be perfect, we have some nephews already."

"Just four" Gage said.

"Oh honey, and three girls...but I want a niece this time." Syd said.

Walker and Alex looked to each other, and they only laughed. They were very happy about the couple in front of them, they only got married 4 months ago and they were kidding as always.

"Mmmm Gage, why don't you and Syd work on a boy huh?" Walker teased them.

"Yeah honey what do you think we should start our own family" Gage continued teasing.

Syd was already very blushed to keep the teasing so she turn off and left to her desk.

"Oh and what about Trivette and Erica, they have a boy and a girl...I think we have to talk to him about babies again" Alex teased

They all laughed to her. Alex went toward Syd's desk, and told her that she wanted to meet her at her office.

Syd followed her, and they both entered in Alex's office. Alex wanted to go shopping for the baby, and she already knew that the men wouldn't want to go with her, so she told Sydney to go with her. She accepted, and they would meet this afternoon.


Alex was in her office now, and her phone rang. She took it and asked who was. Nobody answered her, she heard some breathing but there was no words for a while, she was starting to feel scared so she hung up.

She waited until her breathing was normal again, and again the phone rang. But this time someone told her that Alison belonged to him and she wasn't no one to take her away from him, he threatened with the life of her children if she didn't send Alison back to Ireland. And the other person hung up.

She was scared now, she didn't know what to do, she stayed there trying to work to don't think in what she had heard.

Again, someone called but this time was Angela.

"Hi Mom!" Angela said.

"Oh are you ok Angela?" Alex asked, she was worried she had been threatened with the life of her children...

"Yes I'm ok Mom, what's wrong? Are you ok? Do you want me to go there? Please tell me Mom." Angela was starting to feel the fear in her Mother's voice.

"Yes honey, I'm fine, it’s just--- just the baby kicking again." She lied, she didn't want to tell her daughter what she has been told.

"Ok, I'm just calling to ask you if you want us to help you buying things for the baby this afternoon?" Angela wondered.

"Well, I already told aunt Syd, but if you want to come with us it will be perfect"

"Ok, but what time will you both be finishing, so Alison and me can go there and wait up for you?"

"Let's see, what if aunt Syd and me go to the Hope Center when we are finished? Is that ok?" Alex asked.

"Yes it's alright Mom."

"Ok see you there sweetheart" Alex said.

"Take care Mom."

And Angela hung up.

Somehow she had that feeling that she needed to tell Walker about the threats, but he already was busy, but they are our children...she thought.

She didn't think again, and she left to Walker's office. There, another officer told her that he and the rest went out.

She went back to her office, and stayed there, trying to think in other things.

It was 5.30pm by now, and Alex and Syd headed to the Hope Center. There they found Alison and Angela playing with Little Ray outside.

Little Ray also wanted to go shopping but the girls convinced him, and finally he admitted and stood there seeing how the car pulled to the city again.


Part four

Angela saw some beautiful clothes for her new brother or sister. They didn't know the sex of the baby, so they picked colors that would fit for both, boy and girl.

They finished the shopping, Alex was quite tired by now, so they headed to the exit.

They didn't see him, but there was a man following them, he stood there watching what the 4 girls were doing, and he noticed that Alison was also there. He took the gun and started to shoot to the girl who was next to her. It was Angela.

With some luck Angela pulled her Mom and Alison to the floor and left her aunt Sydney to take care of the situation.

Finally Syd shot to the man, and left him standing on the floor. They were scared, but fine, nobody had been hurt.

Angela asked Alex if she was feeling ok, but her Mom didn't answer her, she had her eyes closed, she reached for her, and saw that she was unconscious. She took her mobile phone out, and called for an ambulance. Alex woke up and felt a terrible pain in her stomach, she was sure it was the baby.

Minutes later, the ambulance arrived and her aunt Syd told that she would stay with Alison and that she would call Walker. She told her to go to the hospital and that she would meet her there.

Angela did what her aunt told her. So she got in the ambulance, took her Mom's hand and talked to her.

Alex recovered, and told the doctor that she had terrible pains in her stomach.

She and her daughter were afraid. They arrived to the hospital, and they went into surgery, Alex was in labor.

Angela was so scared that she started to cry, and Alex asked the doctors if she could go to the operating room with her.

The doctors saw the fear in Angela's eyes, that they said that it was ok.


Hours later the new Walker was being born, and it was a girl. Angela was so happy, and Alex couldn't handle the tears going down her cheeks, he kissed both of her daughters and then the doctors took her and the newborn baby to have some time to rest.

That's when Walker arrived.

"Sorry baby, I couldn't come earlier, where is your Mother? Is she ok?" he was quite nervous and worried.

"Dad, Mom had the baby, it is another girl, I got a new sister. I was with her during the birth, and both of them are resting now." Angela told her Dad.

"Another girl?" Walker had tears in his eyes...

"Yes Dad, another girl" she was so happy that also started to cry. She was happy now, but she also was crying because she has never felt like this before.


Part five

All the gang was now in the room where Alex would be for some days. The doctor's told her that she wouldn't be released in some days, because she still needed to recover of the fall that she had when the man started to shoot.

Alison was standing outside of the room, while everybody else was in the room. She was sorry for all the damage that her Dad caused to Alex, and the rest of her family. She was quite shy to enter in the room, somehow she felt guilty for all that happened, in the last hours.

Suddenly, Angela came out the room, and sat beside her.

"Alison are you ok?            Why don't you come into the room?" Angela was worried for her friend.

"I don't want to get in there, I caused all that damage in all of you, that I can't go there and stay watching you all." she started to cry.

Angela hugged her, and told her that she didn't do anything. Her Mom was ok, and also the baby was. All that happened wasn't her fault, it was of that mans.

Alison felt much better with the words of her friend,            and entered in the room.

"Well, there is something that we have to do. We still have to name my new niece! " Erica said.

"I know a name..."Angela said.

"Which one sis?" Cooper asked.

"Alison" Angela answered.

Everybody liked the name of the baby. Alison was so happy, that the new baby was named after her...she couldn't hold her tears and started to cry...

"I can't give you the thanks, for all that you've done for me----I feel quite guilty for what has happened today, I'm---I'm very sorry..."She cried harder.

"You don't have to give the thanks for anything darling. I'm very glad to have had the honor to meet you," Alex said, trying to hold her tears.

"I think it's time to go, my Grandma call and said that she would take care of me----I'm leaving tomorrow first time in the morning."

"We all will miss you so much Alison," Walker hugged her, and so everybody did.

"I will miss you too, thanks for all that you've done for me." Alison thanked.

It was now time to go back home, it has been a tiring day, and everybody was willing to get in bed. Then Gage's left and so did the Trivette's.

Everybody except Walker, Alison and Angela left. Alex told her husband and Alison, that she needed to talk to Angela for a minute. So they went outside.

"           Darling, I'm very proud of you, first, for being such a good friend for Alison. Then, for what you did in the mall center. You took a good care of me, and I ain't gonna forget that. And finally for being there in the operating room with me while I was giving birth to Alison..."Alex started to cry, when she looked down to her newest daughter.

"I love you Mom," Angela said with tears in her eyes.

"I love you too, sweetheart" Alex said.

The baby started to cry...and both mom and sister told her...that they loved her also.

The End.

* This story was my idea, but I also wanted to give the thanks to Lisa Holmsten for some ideas that she gave me. Thank you Lisa.