“Magic In The Mountains”

By Eucalyp

Mrs. Walker,” Alex’s secretary said trying to get her attention. “These just came for you.”  She said handing her a dozen long-stemmed red roses.  “Thank you.” Alex said taking the flowers.  “Gee, I wonder who these are from.” Alex said to herself with a knowing smile on her face.

     Opening the card proved Alex’s suspicions right, they were from her Ranger.  The card read:


  Congratulations on the O’ Brian case.

I knew you could do it.  Come to the office

we have a surprise for you. 



In the Ranger office Walker nervously paced back and forth as the other Rangers looked on. Minutes later Alex walked through the office door, ran up to Walker, and plants a kiss on him right in the middle of the office to thank him for the beautiful flowers.  Various giggles and snickers are heard from around the office as the kiss continues. The kiss is finally broken off when the couple was disturbed by the sound of Trivette clearing his throat in the hopes of getting their attention.

‘So, guys what’s the surprise?”  Alex asked.  “Well, guys do you think I should tell her.” Walker asked the group.  “Yeah.” Gage said.  “Go ahead.” Trivette stated. “Why not?” Sydney agreed.  “I agree too, so tell me.” Alex said excitedly.

“Boy, you sure are impatient, Alex.  Maybe I’ll wait a while to tell you” Walker said. “What are you keeping from me?  I know how to make you tell me, Cordell Walker!” Alex said with a wink.  “Oh, you do, do you.” Walker said confidently. “Yes, I do!” Alex stated as she pulled her husband into another passionate kiss in the middle of the office. “I give up, I’m not even gonna try this time!” Trivette stated.

Sydney and Gage just laughed as Trivette complained.  The three other Rangers just looked on in awe as the couple continued the kiss, with no sign of stopping any time soon.

“How long do you think those two can keep that up?” Gage questioned.  “We’re talking about Walker and Alex here, there’s no telling how long that’ll go on.”  Trivette laughed.  “Well, they better hurry up so we all can leave for the airport.  Our flight leaves in an hour and a half.”  Sydney pointed out.  “Whoa, you’re right, I better go to my apartment and pick up my bag.  I’ll meet you guys at the airport”  Gage said.  “See ya there.” Trivette and Sydney called out in unison.  “Don’t be late!”  Sydney yelled.

Walker and Alex finally came back to the real world and were surprised to find the whole office staring at them.

“What?” The couple said in unison.  “Walker you better tell her, our flight leaves in an hour and a half.”  Trivette stated.  “What’s he talking about, sweetheart?  What flight?”  Alex questioned.  “Your surprise, darling.  We’re all going to Aspen for the week.  We all rented a cabin at a ski resort in the mountains.”  Walker said with a smile on is face.  “Oh honey, that sounds wonderful!” Alex exclaimed. “Come on hon, we’d better go get packed.  We’ll meet you guys at the airport.”  Walker said as he and Alex left for the ranch.

An hour later the five friends met at the airport.  After all the bags were checked and tickets were taken they boarded the plane on their way to Colorado.

“Cordell, this is going to be a wonderful vacation.  I can’t wait.   Maybe I’ll get you skiing.”  Alex said.  “Maybe.  Maybe we can sneak off together while the others are busy.”  Walker said slyly.  “You are such a bad boy!”  Alex giggled.  “But, I still love you anyway.  “Well, I love you too.”  Walker said.

Just as Walker got his last words out Alex leaned over and kissed her husband.  Just then Gage walked by and laughed as he saw the happy couple lost in yet another kiss.

“Hey Syd, look up at Walker and Alex.”  Gage stated.  “Why?” She asked.

“Just look.”  Gage said. 

When Sydney looked up at Walker and Alex she saw the happy couple still locked together in a kiss.

“Jeez, don’t those two ever stop?  Sydney asked.  “Not that I’ve seen.  This past year that we’ve known them they’ve always been like that.  Those two are inseparable.  I don’t think they ever let go of each other.”  Gage laughed.  “I just want to know what we’re gonna do with them when we get to the cabin.  If they’re like that now, what do you think they’ll be like when they get into the mountains.  With the romantic scenery and atmosphere.” Sydney questioned.

After the kiss ended the couple just sat together holding each others hands.  Both enjoying very much the way their vacation is starting out.

“Sweetheart, what made you think of us all going to Aspen for a week?”  Alex asked. “Well, we all have worked so hard lately and you deserve a rest.  The O’ Brian case was one of the toughest cases I’ve ever helped you out with, even when everything looked impossible you never gave up and I’m proud of you.  Besides if it’s cold up there, and I know for a fact that it will be, it just means that I get the privilege of holding you close to keep each other warm.”  Walker stated with a raised eyebrow.  

“You are the reason I kept fighting to win the case.  With you to support me, help me, and just plain be there for me meant the world to me.  At night when we would come home, I would be so tense from working all day and my feet would be sore from being in court.  You have been so sweet.  Rubbing my shoulders and feet to help me relax.  You even made dinner for us every night.” 

“You only deserve the very best, Alex.  I knew that you needed me and I wanted to be there for you, I always want to.”  Walker said as he lifted up Alex’s hand that he was holding and pressed a gentle kiss to it.

“You are too good to be true.  Even after everything that you did, then you would build a fire and just hold me.  Do you know how wonderful it feels to just be held in your arms.  I feel so safe and secure, like I don’t have a care in the world.” Alex sighed.

“If I remember correctly we did a little more than just hold each other.  I do know how great it feels to hold the most beautiful and sexy woman I’ve ever met though.”

“What!  Who have you been holding?”  Alex asked

Walker just looked at Alex and laughed, but he finally responded.

"Alex, you! That’s who!  You are the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world.  You are the woman of my dreams.  When I look at you, hold you, or even just think of  you, there is no one else in the world.  I have always only had eyes for you.”

“I was right, you are too good to be true.” “Pinch me, I’m real.”  Walker said as he leaned close to kiss Alex.

A while later the pilot came over the intercalm to announce that they are ready to start landing procedures and to put their seats and traytables in the locked and upright position. 

When the group got on the ground they immediately went to pick up their bags.  Out in front was Alex and Walker, walking hand-in-hand.  As they were walking giggles were heard from behind them.  Walker and Alex turned around to investigate where the giggles where coming from.

“What are you laughing at Jimmy?” Alex asked. “Man, Alex how’d you do it?”  Trivette inquired.  “Do what?”  Alex replied.  “You got him wrapped around your little finger!”  Trivette laughed.  “Is there a problem with that Trivette?  I happen to like being wrapped around her little finger.”  Walker stated as he leaned over and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.  “Oh boy, there they go again.”  Sydney stated.  “Okay, that’s enough of that!”  Trivette said as he grabbed his bag.  “We’re not even to the cabin yet.”

The group finally arrived at the cabin.  It was beautiful, spacious, and romantic.  It was part of a mountain resort that had wonderful ski slopes and many other activities for the guests.  The group got unpacked quickly, because they were all anxious to go exploring around the cabin and the rest of the resort.

The cabin had three bedrooms.  One was the master bedroom, which Walker and Alex took.  The other two were smaller rooms with one double bed in each and a lovely mountain décor.

This left the other three Rangers with a bit of a problem on who got a bedroom and who got the couch.

“I think we should draw straws for it.” Sydney said.  “Nothin doing, I have horrible luck!”  Gage stated.  “So do I.”  Trivette laughed.  “Well then, how about this.” Sydney said.  “Trivette, you take that room since you have seniority over us.” “Fine by me!”  Trivette said walking happily into his room with his bag in hand.  “And I’ll take that one because I’m faster than you!”  Sydney said to Gage as she grabbed her bag and ran into her room locking the door behind her.  “Syd, hey that wasn’t fair I wasn’t ready.  I need that room because….uh… I..I…I have a bad back!”  Gage said.  “Nice try Gage, but you did say you had bad luck.  This just proves it!”  Sydney snickered from the other side of the door.  “What the heck is going on out there?”  Walker asked as he leaned out the door of his and Alex’s bedroom. “Syd cheated me out of a bedroom!” Gage said roughly.  “Poor baby.”  Sydney giggled from the other side of the door.

“Okay, children that’s enough of that.  Let’s all go look around the cabin.”  Trivette laughed.  “Sounds great.”  Alex said as she came out of their bedroom and went to Walker’s side wrapping her arms around his waist.

The group all split up and walked around the cabin too see what they could find that was interesting. 

“Hey, guys come see what I found!”  Gage yelled from outside the cabin.  “What is it Gage?”  Trivette asked just before he saw what Gage was talking about.  “Wow, a hot-tub!  Hey, Walker come here.  Look the cabin has a hot-tub.”  Trivette said. 

“Honey, do you think I could talk you into going in the hot-tub with me some time?”  Alex asked as she wrapped her arms around Walker and kissed him.  “You wouldn’t have to talk me into anything.  I would go anywhere with you.”  Walker said returning Alex’s kiss.

Alex and Walker left the group at the cabin and went down to see the rest of the resort.  They found the place was huge.  It was perfect for a relaxing vacation.  It had indoor tennis courts, pools, gyms, etc.  Everything they could wish for in the perfect vacation spot.  For the guests who rented the cabins there were even horses for riding, around the trails that ran over the mountain.  Now if they could just find a way to be alone so they could enjoy themselves.

After their walk around the resort Walker and Alex came back to the cabin and told the rest of the group of what interesting things they found, trying to tempt the Rangers into going out for the night so that they could enjoy some time alone together. 

Alex and Walker’s little scheme worked.  Trivette, Sydney, and Gage decided to go out for the night to explore the resort and the town that was just a few miles away.

“Hey guys, are you sure that you don’t want to come with us?”  Gage asked. “We’re sure.”  Walker and Alex answered in unison.  “Okay, we’re gonna leave now.  Don’t wait up we probably won’t be back till late tonight.”  Trivette said.  “See ya later.”  Sydney said as the three Rangers walked out the door.

“Gage, are you dense or something?  Couldn’t you see they wanted to be alone tonight.”  Sydney pointed out.  “Oh, I never thought of that.”  Gage said.  “Gage do you ever think?”  Trivette questioned.  “Funny guys!  Now let’s go look around town.”  Gage stated.

“We’re finally alone.”  Alex sighed.  “I know.  I never thought they were going to leave.”  Walker said as he wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist.  “Honey, it’s getting kind of chilly in here.  Do you want me to build a fire to keep us warm?”  Walker questioned.  “That sounds wonderful, but I know a better way to stay warm.”  Alex said with a wink and a wicked smile.  “You, are such a bad girl.  Do you know that?”  Walker said as he held his wife close giving her a kiss on the lips.  “I know, but you  love me.”  Alex said returning the kiss. “More than heaven and earth combined.” Walker said.

Alex was completely blown away by her husband’s last statement.  No one would believe her if she told them, but her Cowboy had an incredibly romantic side that he kept hidden away from everyone except her.  This made her feel special, but then again everything he did made her feel special.

While Walker built the fire Alex stood there and watched her husband. 

“I must be the luckiest woman ever.”  She thought to herself.  “I married the perfect man.  He’s sweet, kind, handsome, loving, and much more.  He’s everything and more that I’ve ever dreamed of.  Thank you for sending me the perfect husband god.  Please don’t ever take us away from each other.”

 As Walker finished getting the fire built Alex slipped into their bedroom to put on a special negligée she brought along just for a time like this.  It was simple, sweet and very revealing. 

Alex came back into the living room to find that Walker had disappeared.  What she didn’t know is that he went into one of the other rooms to change and fetch a special surprise for his ladylove.

“Cordell,…honey… where did you go?”  Alex said as she walked back to the living room to find it empty.  “I’m right here, darling.”  Walker said as he walked back into the room wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and carrying a special box with him. “Alex, you look gorgeous”  Walker said in a soft sexy whisper.  “I was hoping that you'd notice.  You look pretty good yourself, Cowboy.”  Alex said as she moved closer to Walker.

Alex slid into her husbands waiting arms and instantly they were both lost in a passionate kiss, the kind of kiss that makes the world just stop except for the two of them.   As the kiss continued the couple moved to sit on the couch still locked in their loving embrace.  After they sat down the kiss eventually broke, but they were still locked in a love filled gaze. 

“Alex, I love you so much.”  Walker said as he brushed away a small piece of hair that had fallen onto Alex’s face.  “And I love you.”  Alex said in a soft whisper. “Alex, I have another surprise for you.”  Walker said as he pulled out a small box from behind him.  “Honey, you didn’t have to do this.”  Alex said. “I know, but I wanted you to have something special to remember this trip by.”  Walker said as he opened the box.  “It’s beautiful, honey!”  Alex said as she saw the beautiful, gold locked that was in the box.  “Nowhere near as beautiful as you are, sweetheart.”  Walker stated.  “Alex for as long as we’ve know each other you’ve always worn my heart on a chain, now you really can.”

“Cordell Walker, you are the sweetest, most romantic man that I have ever met.”  Alex said as tears started to well up in her eyes.  “Hey, don’t cry.  Come here, sweetheart.”  Walker said pulling Alex into his arms.

Walker just sat and watched as Alex picked up the locket and read the inscription on the back.  That was inscribed simply:  AW & CW Forever and Always

Inside the locket was a picture of them together that was taken in Paris on their honeymoon. 

“Alex, I immediately thought of you when I saw this.  Now whenever I’m on a stakeout or undercover somewhere and I can't be with you; I’ll still be near your heart.”  Walker said as he gazed at Alex who now had tears streaming down her face.

“I love you so much, Cordell.  Thank you so much.”  Alex said starting to cry a little more.  “I love you too.  Honey, you don’t have to thank me for the necklace, and why are you crying?”  Walker said softly as he wiped a tear from her cheek.  “Honey, I’m thanking you for being you.  And I’m crying because I married the best man that’s ever existed.  And I'm the happiest woman that has ever existed.” Alex said as she hugged Walker tight.

Walker sat on the couch hugging Alex.  As they held each other Walker though to himself. “I’m the luckiest man that’s ever lived.  I have everything.  The perfect wife, that I love with all my heart, great friends, and a job I love.  She’s  everything and more that I’ve ever dreamed of.  God, thank you for sending me Alex to be my wife, God please don’t ever take us away from each other.

“Come here sweetheart.”  Walker said as he changed his position on the couch.

Walker leaned his back against the arm of the couch and put one leg up on the couch.  Alex sat down on the couch between Walker’s legs and laid back against his chest.  As she did Walker gently massaged her back, every once and a while leaning down to kiss her neck or whisper a soft “I love you.” in her ear. 

When Walker leaned down to kiss her again she shifted position, so instead of kissing her neck his lips landed right on hers.  The kiss gradually grew more and more passionate as Alex’s hand slid up the side of Walker’s face caressing his soft beard and running her fingers through his hair.

The couple could barely hold the kiss as the passion grew in the cabin.  Alex now fully turned to lay on top of Walker.  As she kissed the man she loved she ran her hands up and down his muscular chest.

Alex could feel his excitement as she lay on top of him.  She needed to be with him, just as he needed to be with her. 

Their breathing was fast and shallow.  When they momentarily paused to take a much needed breath, Alex sat up, still on top of Walker.  Walker was about to reach out to Alex to pull her back down into another kiss when she pushed him back into a laying position.

“Alex, what’s…..”  Walker started to say just as Alex slid the straps of the negligée off of her shoulders letting it fall off of her upper body.  “Shh….”  Was all Alex said as she pressed her fingers to his lips.  As she did this Walker gently pressed a kiss to them, lovingly.

Slowly Walker reached up to take the rest of the negligée off of Alex.  When it was off Alex reached down to Walker’s boxers and slowly slid them off. 

When the restrictive clothing was gone they continued their little game of seduction.  Holding, touching, loving, and just enjoying be one.

Later that night after all of their energy was spent Walker and Alex just lay together in each other’s arms.  Never wanting to let go.  As they lay on the couch together Alex is still on top on Walker, both of them just enjoying being so close together and being in such a romantic place.

“Alex?”  Walker said checking to see if she was awake.  “Yes, sweetheart.”  Alex answered.  “I love you.”  Walker said softly as he ran his hand up and down Alex’s back.  “I love you too.”  Alex stated as she leaned up to him giving him a soft kiss.

The couple soon realized that it was getting very late and their friends would soon be back from town.  As much as they hated to they decided it would be best if they put their clothes back on before the others got home.

When the others got back they were careful not to make too much noise.  But when they walked into the living room of the cabin they saw their friends asleep on the couch.  Walker was laying flat and Alex was closely tucked to his side with her head on his chest and one leg thrown possessively over his.  Walker had one hand wrapped around Alex resting it on her back and the other was just simply holding her hand that rested on his stomach.

“Oh Gage, look at those two!”  Sydney said as she walked past the couch.  “Isn’t that sweet!”  “I was right, they never let go of each other.  Not even when they’re sleeping.  How do they do that? I could never fall asleep like that.”  Gage stated with a slight laugh. “I think it’s sweet, and look they’re both smiling.”  Sydney stated.  “I think I’m gonna gag!”  Gage stated making a gagging gesture. “You wouldn’t know something romantic if it came up and bit you on the butt!”  Sydney stated just loud enough to wake Walker.

“Oh, hi guys.”  Walker said yawning as he did so.  “When did you guys get back?”  “Just a little while ago.” Trivette stated as he came out of the kitchen eating an apple. “What did you do around town?” Walker questioned.  “Not much really.”  Trivette replied. “There’s really nothing to do in this town except for things that go on at the resort.”  “Then what did you do all night, it’s almost 1:00 AM?”  Walker asked.  “We sat in the lodge all night and talked.”  “Why did you do that?”  “We thought you and Alex would like some time alone.”  Trivette said.  “We did have a good time.”  Walker said as he ran his hand up and down Alex’s back.

Trivette, Sydney, and Gage all just stared at each other in amazement knowing very well what Walker had implied, just not believing that he would ever say something like that.

“Oh, hi guys.”  Alex said as she tried to shake the sleep from her eyes.  “When did you get back?”  Alex questioned.  “Just a little while ago.”  Sydney replied.  “Did, you guys have fun?”  Alex asked.  “You don’t even want to know how boring this town is.”  Gage answered.  “I don’t think it’s that boring.”  Alex stated as she turned to smile at Walker and ran her hand over his chest.

Knowing very well what Alex meant by “It not being that boring.” Sydney decided not to go any further into that conversation, and decided it would be best to change the subject.

“Alex, that locket is beautiful.  I’ve never seen you wear it before.”  Sydney said.  “Cordell just gave it to me.  Isn’t he sweet.”  Alex said as she snuggled closer to Walker.  “Isn't he sweet.”  Trivette and Gage said in mocking voices barely able to stand they were laughing so hard.

Walker just glared at Trivette and Gage telling them if they didn’t stop soon they would be sorry.  Needless to say the two Rangers stopped laughing.

“I think it’s sweet.  I just wish I could find a guy like that.”  Sydney sighed.  “Sorry, Sydney but there is only one guy in the world that sweet, and he’s all mine.”  Alex said tightening her hold on Walker.  “I'm all yours, and only yours.”  Walker said as he kissed the top of Alex’s head.

“It’s late, I'm gonna turn in so I can get an early start tomorrow.”  Trivette told the group.  “Me too.”  Sydney agreed.  “We are too.”  Alex stated as she and Walker stood up still holding on to one and  other.  “Good because you were sitting on my bed.”  Gage stated as he looked at the room Sydney just entered into. “Syd cheated me out of that one.” “Gage, stop complaining and go to sleep!”  Sydney yelled from the other room.  “Well, I wouldn’t complain if I had gotten a bedroom.”  Gage said back to Sydney.  “Would it make you feel better if I gave you the room?”  Sydney asked.  “Yeah!  You mean you actually would?”  Gage replied.  “No, I just wanted to know if it would make you feel better.”  Sydney said trying to suppress her laughing.

The next morning everyone was up with the sun.  Gage tried his hand at making breakfast for everyone.  Even though the only thing he knew how to make was eggs.  At least they are supposed to be eggs.

“Good morning, beautiful.”  Walker stated as he walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen where Alex, Trivette, Sydney, and Gage were.  “Good morning yourself, handsome!”  Trivette replied mocking Walker.  “Funny, Trivette, but I was talking to my wife!”  Walker stated.  “Good morning, darling.”  Alex said as she stood up and gave Walker a kiss that lasted a while longer than planned.

After their kiss ended Walker sat down at the table next to where Alex was sitting.  Gage was busy making breakfast and Trivette and Sydney were talking back and forth about how comfy the beds were, trying to make Gage mad.

“Very funny, you two, but the couch wasn’t that bad.”  Gage said smugly.  “Yeah right, when I saw you earlier, when you just got up you could barely walk.”  Trivette said.  “Okay, I admit it, it was kind of rough.”  Gage stated.

“I didn’t think it was that rough.”  Walker stated.   “Alex and I were asleep on it before you came home.”  “I actually thought it was pretty comfy, myself.”  Alex stated. 

“Does that mean you’ll trade me beds?”  Gage asked hopefully.  “Sure.” The couple answered together.  “Wow, thanks you guys!”  Gage said happily.  “Thank you, Gage.”  Alex stated.  “Thank me, why thank me?”  Gage asked curiously.  “Because this just means that Cordell has to hold me closer when we sleep than he usually does.”  Alex said as she turned to her husband with a smile on her face.  “Sounds great to me!”  Walker said returning the smile.

“Guys, for being so great I’ll make you my specialty, Eggs ala Gage.”  Gage said. “Eggs….ala…Gage, what’s in it?”  Sydney asked with an odd expression on her face.  “It’s a secret.”  Gage replied.  “That can’t be good!”  Sydney stated in an uneasy voice. 

While Gage was cooking his specialty the rest of the group discussed what they would be doing that day. 

Sydney was going to teach Gage how to ski, Trivette was going to check out the gym, and Walker and Alex were going horseback riding on the trails.

Finally, after waiting for an hour for Gage to finish cooking, the food was ready.  As Gage set the plates down in front of the others odd faces started to come from them.  To go along with the odd smell of the food.

“Gage, what the hell is this stuff?”  Trivette questioned holding his nose and pushing the plate away.  “Yeah, I’d like to know too?”  Sydney said as she poked the strange looking meal with her fork.

“Eat it, it’s great!”  Gage said taking a forkful and shoving it in his mouth. “There is no way in hell that I’m eating this stuff!”  Walker stated flatly.  “Me neither.  I’d like to live to see our anniversary.”  Alex said in agreement with Walker.

“Fine, you guys don’t have to eat it, but let’s see the next time I make you breakfast”  Gage said pointedly.  “There will be no next time!!!”  The four yelled in unison.

“Come on, Alex, we can get dressed and go down to the lodge and have an edible breakfast there.”  Walker said as he started to get up from the table. “Great let’s go get dressed.”  Alex said as she stood up with Walker taking his hand and walking into the bed room to change.

Walker and Alex were ready to leave when Sydney and Trivette asked them to wait for them so they could have a breakfast that wouldn’t kill them too.  As they waited Walker went to sit on a chair next to the fireplace.

“Got room for one more?”  Alex asked as she walked over to where her husband was sitting. “As long as the ‘one more’ is you, of course I do.”  Walker said opening his arms so Alex would have room to sit. 

As Alex sat down on Walker's lap he wrapped his arms around her and cuddled her close to him.  Just as he pulled her close Alex turned to him and kissed him passionately.

“Wow!  What was that for?”  Walker asked still short of breath.  “For last night, for being you, for everything.”  Alex said with love in her voice.  “I love you with all my heart, Alex.”  Walker said as he tenderly brushed a stray lock of hair from her eyes. “And I love you with all my heart.”  Alex said as she touched a hand to his face.

“Okay, you two can't you even wait till after breakfast to start that.”  Trivette stated.  “I can never wait to kiss this beautiful lady.”  Walker stated.

“Sydney, I think that we should have a separate table so we don’t gag when we’re eating.”  Trivette said jokingly. 

“Hey, are you just gonna leave me here all alone?”  Gage asked the group that was ready to leave for the lodge.  “Do you want to come with us?”  Sydney asked.  “Well, yeah!”  Gage replied.  “Then clean up the kitchen and meet us in the lodge when you’re done.”  Trivette stated.  “Okay, see ya in a little while.”  Gage said as the group left for breakfast.

Later in the lodge the five all waited for their orders to come and they talked about what they all want to do while they’re at the resort.  After a while of waiting the orders finally came.

“Hey, Gage look at these.  This is what eggs are supposed to look and smell like.”  Sydney said barely suppressing her laughter.  “Funny, Syd, but you didn’t try them.  They really are good.”  Gage stated in his defense.  “Try some we’re lucky we all had the stomach to look at the nasty things.”  Trivette laughed.

The group ate and talked.  After breakfast everyone said their good-byes and was off on their way with their respective activities.

“Syd, are you sure about this?”  Gage questioned with more than a little worry in his voice.  “Gage quit being such a baby and get on the lift!” 

The ride on the lift went rather smoothly.  Now the big problem was getting Gage down the hill in one piece.  As they stood at the top of the hill Sydney explained to Gage the way to stop and slow down and how to balance your weight over the skies.  Now was the test, can he make it down the “Bunny Slopes.”

“Hey Syd, that was easy.”  Gage said triumphantly.  “Gage, it was the ‘Bunny Slope.’  A two year old could ski that.  Actually there is a two year old skiing it.”  Sydney said as she pointed to the slopes where a small child that couldn’t have been any more than two was coming down at a fairly good rate.  “Funny Syd, why don’t we try something harder.”  Gage said.  “Okay, but not too hard you just learned how to ski a couple a minutes ago.”  Sydney said as they went to get on the ski lift of the adult slopes.  “Yes mother.”  Gage said in a whinny voice.

On the other side of the resort Trivette went to explore the gyms and other activities.  What he was really doing was looking for any single women that he might be able to talk to so he wouldn’t be the odd man out in the crowd anymore.  The bad thing was there were about a hundred other guys in the gym with the same idea, but no women.

Out on the trails Walker and Alex were enjoying themselves thoroughly riding two beautiful horses that the resort had provided for the guests staying in the cabins.

Alex had a beautiful, silver-gray mare named Stardust and Walker had a handsome, black stallion named Shadow.  As they rode they talked about how much fun they had been having for only being there for two days.  While they were riding it started to snow just as they came to a small brook.

“Honey, this is one of the most romantic places I have ever been.”  Alex said as she stopped Stardust by the brook and hopped off of her back.  “I know, but then again as long as I'm with you any place is romantic.”  Walker stated as he hopped off Shadow and moved to stand behind Alex, wrapping his arms around her waist.  “It sure is beautiful out here.”  Alex said. 

“It’s been a long time since we've been out in the snow.    Do you remember the last time?”  Walker asked.  “I sure do.  I’ll never forget that.  I was so afraid I was going to lose you.”  Alex said knowing Walker was referring to the time when they were in Utah searching for the Swan Song. 

“I knew you wouldn’t let anything happen to me.”  Walker said as he pulled Alex closer to his body.  “Alex, I did then and I always will trust you with my life.”  Walker said as he leaned down and kissed Alex’s neck. “You know that I trust you with mine don’t you?”  Alex asked as she turned to face her husband still holding onto him.  “Of course I do.”  Walker said pulling her close and lowering his head so that he could nuzzle his nose against her neck. 

“I could never bear to lose you, Cordell.  I just couldn’t take it.”  Alex said with a slight quiver in her voice. “I could never bear to lose you, Alex.  You’re my whole world.  I would be lost without you.”  Walker said in a soft, gentle voice that always comforted Alex.

“Will you promise me something, Alex?”  Walker said softly in her ear. “Anything.”  Alex replied.  “Promise me we’ll always be together.”  Walker said as he tightened his hold around Alex’s waist.  “Forever.”  Alex said softly.  “Nothing and no one will ever take us from each other, I promise.”  Alex stated as she snuggled close into Walker's arms.  “You know, that is one thing that scares me most.” “What’s that, darling?”  Alex asked.  “That some one will try to take us away from each other.”  “No one could ever take me away from you.  I love you.”  “I love you, too.”  Walker stated as he tilted his head to the side to kiss Alex on the cheek.

“The snow is starting to fall harder.”  Alex stated still snuggled close to her husband. “Yeah, sweetheart, it’s getting cold why don’t we take the horses back to the stables and then we can go back to the cabin.”  Walker said.  “Sounds great.  It is getting a little chilly out here.”  Alex said snuggling closer to Walker.  “I’ll build a fire to warm up the cabin, when we get back.”  Walker said.  “I like the way we warmed up the cabin last night.”  Alex giggled.  “You are such a bad girl!”  Walker stated as he gave Alex a little extra squeeze.  “I know!”  Alex replied.  “Let’s get going, I want to get you back in that cabin, Cowboy!”  “I'm right behind you, sweetheart!”  Walker called as Alex started for the horses.

On the other side of the resort Gage feels he is getting the hang of skiing and thinks it’s time to try the hardest slope available.  “The Devil’s Revenge.”

“Gage what do you think you’re doing?”  Sydney asked coming up behind Gage who was about to get on the lift.  “All those other slopes are too easy.  This one looks like it will be fun.”  Gage said with a smile on his face.  “Fun, you idiot, this slope is for experienced skiers only!”  Sydney yelled.  “Syd, don’t get your underwear in a knot.  I'm gonna do this whether you like it or not.”  Gage stated.  “Okay, but I'm coming with you just to make sure you don’t kill yourself.”  Sydney stated as she and Gage got on the lift.

A few minutes later they were at the top and ready to go.  Sydney was fine with skiing  the slope because she had been down worse ones before, but now Gage was starting to have second thoughts.

“Wow, that’s steep!”  Gage gasped in a girlish voice when he looked down the slope. “You’re the one who wanted to do this.”  Sydney pointed out.  “I know.  I can do this.”  Gage replied.  “See ya at the bottom!”  Sydney yelled and she was gone swooshing down the slope.  “Hey Syd, wait up!”  Gage called after her.

A minute later Sydney was at the bottom, but Gage was nowhere to be found.  Suddenly the mountain rescue team rushes by.  Sydney stops one and asks what going on.  The rescuer tells her that “Some beginner tried ‘The Devil’s Revenge’ and just fell head over heals on the slope.”

Sydney decides she had better go with the man, betting her life’s savings that it is Gage that had the little accident. 

Sydney’s suspicions were proved right when she and the other rescuer got to Gage who was lying in the snow with his ski-boot off and his pant-leg rolled up while the team looked at his leg.

“Well, sir it looks like you have a broken leg.”  The paramedic said when they got him to the bottom of the slope.  “I have what?!?”  Gage asked.  “Your right leg, sir, it’s broken in two places.  You had a pretty good fall.  You should have listened to your friend here and stuck to the easier slopes.  We’re going to take you to the hospital to get that put in a cast.”  The paramedic told Gage.  “Great!  There goes my vacation!”  Gage complained.  “Told ya so.”  Sydney stated.  “I’ll meet you at the hospital in a while.  I'm going to go leave the others a note and tell them to meet us at the hospital.”  Sydney finished.  “Wait, you mean you’re not coming with me.”  Gage said as the put him on a stretcher.  “I’ll just be a little while.  I just want them to know everything that happened.  Don’t worry,  I’ll find you as soon as I get to the hospital.”  Sydney said as she lay a hand on Gage’s chest to comfort him a little.  “Oh, alright.  See you later.”

Back at the cabin Walker and Alex had just gotten back from their ride.  Walker busied himself making a fire for them, while Alex went to the kitchen to grab them something to drink.  Just as Alex walked into the living room Trivette walked in, right behind him was Sydney.

“There goes our time alone.”  Walker mumbled to Alex.  “What are you guys doing back so soon?”  Alex questioned, wanting to know why her time alone with Walker had been cut short.  “The gym was kinda crowded, and it was full of men.  There were no women anywhere.”  Trivette stated.  “Gage broke his leg and….”  Sydney stated flatly. “What!?!?”  Walker, Alex, and Trivette said in unison. 

“The dimwit broke his leg!”  Sydney said.  “He was having so much fun on the beginner’s slopes, he said they were too easy for him and he wanted to try something a little harder.  So the genius went over to the lift for “The Devil’s Revenge.”  I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen.  So I decided to go with him to make sure he didn’t kill himself.  Well, he didn’t kill himself, he broke his leg in two places instead.  He’s at the local hospital getting it taken care of.  I told him that I’d meet him there in a while.  I wanted to come leave you guys a note that told you what happened so you would know where to find us.”  Sydney stated.

“Well, we’d better get to the hospital and see how he’s doing.”  Walker said.  “Guess he won’t be going skiing with you for a while, Sydney.”  Alex said as they walked out the door.

At the hospital Gage is waiting for his friends to come and pick him up so he can get some rest.  The doctor put him in a cast and gave him crutches, but he was still not to do any activities for a month.  Which will sort of put him on desk duty when they go back to work.

“Gage, did you have fun skiing?”  Trivette asked when he walked into the hospital room where Gage was siting.  “Funny Trivette, but I’m not in the mood right now!”  Gage snapped  “The doctor said when I sleep that I have to keep my leg still and elevated.  That means I'm back to being stuck on that damn lumpy couch!  I didn’t even get to spend one night in a good bed!”  Gage complained.

“Gage you should have listened to Sydney.”  Alex stated.  “Do ya think I don’t know that!”  Gage stated.  “Ah, a little grumpy are we.”  Trivette laughed.  “Sorry guys.”  Gage said.  “I'm just a little bummed.  I ruined my vacation!”  Gage said to his friends.  “That’s okay, it’s understandable that you'd be mad.”  Walker said.  “Yeah, there are still plenty of things to do around the resort.”  Alex stated.  “Like what?”  Gage asked.  “You can still go to the gym.  You just can't use your legs.”  Trivette stated.  “I guess you’re right.  Can we get out of here now?”  “Sure, let’s go.”  Walker said to the group as a nurse helped Gage into a wheelchair.  “Man Gage, you were right.  You do have horrible luck!”  Sydney laughed.

When they got to the cabin Walker put more wood on the dying fire to rebuild the flame.  Sydney helped Gage get situated on the chair next to the fireplace.  While Trivette and Alex were in the kitchen fixing something for the group to drink.

“Hot cocoa for everyone.”  Alex announced as she followed Trivette out of the kitchen who was carrying the tray.  “Thank you, sweetheart.” Walker said as he sat down on the corner of the couch. “Your welcome, honey.” Alex said as she sat down on Walker's lap.

“Walker doesn’t that ever get uncomfortable?”  Gage asked.  “What?”  Walker replied.  “Having someone sitting on your lap all the time.”  Gage continued.  “How could it get uncomfortable?  I have my favorite person in the whole world sitting on my lap with her arms around me.”  Walker stated as he gave Alex a little squeeze.  “Is it uncomfy for you Alex?  I mean sitting on a person’s legs can't be the most comfortable seat you could find.”  Gage asked. “Same answer.  How could I be uncomfortable when I'm cuddled close to my husband?”  Alex answered just as she leaned to kiss Walker.

“Well, I couldn’t have someone sit on me like that, my legs would fall asleep.”  Trivette laughed.  “You are so lucky, Alex!  You have a guy who actually likes to hold you.”  Sydney stated.  “I know.”  Alex said as she leaned closer to Walker.  “Me, I don’t even have a guy!”  Sydney said.

Gage and Trivette started to laugh, but stopped when they realized it was Walker they were laughing at, and that he could easily kick their butts and break Gage’s other leg.  They also stopped because if Sydney thought that they were laughing at her for, not having a boyfriend, she would gladly assist Walker in the butt kicking.

As the night went on the group talked about what their days where like.  Alex and Walker told them how much fun they had out riding and how beautiful the trails are.  Trivette said that the gyms were some of the nicest he‘s ever seen.  And Sydney told them about her and Gage’s little day of skiing.

Hours later the group was still sitting in the living room talking and enjoying just being on vacation together. 

In the midst of conversation Alex had fallen asleep sitting on Walker's lap.  Gage was nearly out himself and Sydney  was stretched out in a chair on the side of the fireplace opposite Gage.

“Hey,  Trivette.  It’s getting late and Alex is already asleep.  I'm gonna carry her into bed, then I'm going to turn in myself.”  Walker said standing up still holding Alex close to his body.  “Okay pard, I'm going to bed myself.  Do ya think we should wake Sydney, or just leave her there.”  Trivette asked Walker.  “I think we’d better just leave her there.  If we wake her she probably wouldn’t be too happy with us.”  Walker pointed out.  “Yeah, you’re probably right.  Goodnight, Walker.”  Trivette said.  “Goodnight.”  Walker replied in a whisper.

As Walker carried Alex up the stairs to their room she subconsciously knew it was him and nuzzled her nose against his neck.  When he walked into the bed room he laid Alex down on the bed and went to change his cloths.  While Walker was changing he turned around to watch Alex sleep.

“Look at her.”  Walker thought to himself.  “She’s the perfect angel.  Isn't she gorgeous.  She’s perfect and she’s my wife.”  Walker said as he went over to the bed where a sleeping Alex was reaching out in the bed to where Walker would have been laying.

“Cordell, where are you?”  Alex said in a barely audible voice as she moved her hand around the bed where Walker usually would have been lying.  “I'm right here, sweetheart.  Walker said as he sat down on the bed.  “Weren't we in the living room?”  she asked a little disoriented.  “Yes, sweetheart, we were, but you fell asleep on my lap, so I carried you up here to bed”  Walker said as he lay down next to Alex.

When Walker laid down Alex was immediately tucked to his side with her arms around him and her head on his chest.  Walker’s hand instinctively found their way around Alex’s body pulling her closer than she already was.

“I had a wonderful day, honey.”  Alex said as she ran her hand over Walker's chest. “I did too, sweetheart.”  Walker said as he kissed the top of her head. “You know, there is one good thing about Gage not being able to sleep in here and us being out on the couch.” “And what would that be?” Alex said as she rolled on her stomach to face Walker.  “We have privacy.”  Walker said with a wicked smile.  “You’re right!”  Alex said as she moved to lay on top of Walker.  “What should we do about it?”  Walker asked even though he knew very well what to do about it.  “Well…..”  Alex started to say as she moved her hands down to Walker's waist and into his boxers. “I like your thinking.”  Walker said as he moved his hands down her back.

As the temperature rose in the bedroom out in the living room Gage and Sydney where both awake from their little catnaps.

“Hey Syd.”  Gage said.  “Huh?”  Sydney replied.  “Sorry I didn’t listen to you about the ski slope.”  Gage stated.  “You sure did scare me when you didn’t come down off the slope.”  Sydney said as she moved to sit next to Gage on the couch.  “You mean you were worried about me?”  Gage asked. “Of course I was worried about you.  You’re my partner and my friend.  Why wouldn’t I worry about you if you were in danger.”  Sydney told Gage as they sat together on the couch.  “Thank you.”  Gage said as he leaned over to Sydney and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Suddenly a strange feeling came over both Gage and Sydney.  It was a feeling of more than friendship between the two partners.  The kiss on the cheek reminded them both of the night after Alex and Walker's wedding and the kiss they shared when they heard the news that their friend’s flight landed safely.

The strange feeling stirring within the two made them realize if they didn’t stop what was happening now they might do something they’d regret.

“Syd, I’d better get some sleep.”  Gage stammered.  “Yeah…me…too.”  Sydney managed to get out of her mouth.

Back in Alex and Walker’s room the heat was rising quickly, kisses getting deeper and deeper, a need to be together overwhelming all other needs.

Suddenly Walker had an idea that would really thrill Alex.  A massage.  Slow and seductive.  Alex always loved when Walker would rub her back, it always made her feel special and always aroused a passion deep within her that could only be tamed by his love.

“Alex.”  Walker whispered as he planted a hot kiss on Alex’s neck.  “Roll over and I’ll give you a massage.  “But honey I want……”  Alex started to say but Walker pressed his lips to hers silencing her instantly.  “All in do time my love.”  Walker said softly as he took Alex’s nighty off.

Alex complied and rolled onto her stomach so that Walker could massage her back.  Gently Walker ran his hands up and down Alex’s back leaving no part unattended to.

Alex was fascinated by her husband’s hands.  They were so soft, yet they were so strong and powerful.  She had seen him kill men with his bare hands, but when he touched her they were always so gentle, so soft.  She knew that she would always be safe in his hands and that he would never hurt her for anything in the world.

“Oh Cordell, that feels wonderful.”  Alex moaned softly.  “It’s so relaxing.  I could almost fall asleep.”  She said with a slight yawn in her voice.  “Don’t fall asleep yet.  The best is yet to come.”  Walker whispered as he bent down and kissed her shoulders. 

As Walker continued his little game of seduction, kissing every part of her back and shoulders and nibbling her ear lobes, which drove Alex out of her mind.  Alex could barely hold the passion in.

With the passion steadily growing in the room Alex rolled over onto her back so that Walker was straddling her front instead of the back.  Alex need to be with him, she need to kiss him, and feel him.

When Alex rolled over she reached up to Walker's face just as he was leaning down to kiss her.  She had both hands on his face caressing his soft beard and staring into his beautiful blue-gray eyes.  She leaned up to kiss him softly, sweetly.  After their kiss was over she returned her gaze to his eyes.

She always loved his eyes and everything else about him.  She could always look into them and see directly to his soul.  She could tell what he was thinking when she looked into them.  Right now the look in his eyes was filled with love, passion, and desire for his beautiful Alex.

“I love you, Cordell.”  Alex said as she ran a hand through Walker's hair.  “And I love you.”  Walker whispered as he gently ran his thumb over Alex's cheek.

With the passion quickly growing in the room Walker could feel himself becoming aroused by his lovely wife.

Walker wanted to play a little more with Alex and let her feel the arousal that he was feeling now, not knowing that she already did.  Wanting Alex to feel his need for her fully Walker took off his boxer shorts and heard a little comment from Alex.

“It’s about time.  I thought I was going to have to tear them off of you.”  Alex said with a wicked smile on her face. “I should have waited a little while longer and let you tear them off.”  Walker said returning the grin.

Walker leaned down toward Alex to kiss her as she leaned up to him.  Alex thought that he was going to kiss her lips, but Walker had something else in mind.

When Walker was close enough he started to kiss Alex’s neck and slowly started to move downward. 

Alex was going wild at Walker's every touch.  When she thought she couldn’t take it anymore Walker would just continue to move over her body.

As Walker reached Alex's breasts he kissed each curve.  When he kissed one he would massage the other with his hand paying equal attention to both.

Alex was moaning his name in pure ecstasy.  She reached her hand down to his head and ran her fingers through his hair.  Her breaths were short, uneven pants as were Walker's. 

Walker slowly moved on a trail down her body.  When he reached her thighs he ran his tongue over them seductively.  Even though Walker was thoroughly enjoying pleasuring Alex in this way, he couldn’t stand it anymore.  He needed to be a part of her, so Walker made his way back up her body and found her lips again.

As he pressed his lips to hers Alex gently parted them with her tongue drawing his into her mouth.  The kiss went on until both of them needed to come up for air.  In between the kiss Alex whispered to Walker.

“I need to be with you.  Make love to me, darling.”  She whispered.  “My pleasure.”  Walker said.

Walker gently slid into her as he did so he proceeded to kiss her neck.  The couple started to move as one.  Each moving with the other.  Alex met Walker thrust for thrust. 

As their pace quickened Alex knew she was close to orgasm.  She could feel herself ready to go over the top.  She couldn’t hold in the passion any longer.  She had to let go.  With one long passion filled cry Alex let it all go.  She could also tell that her husband was about to reach his own orgasm.  As he continued to pump his hips Alex was still meeting him motion for motion.  With a long cry of her name Walker exploded within her.

“Alex, how do you do that to me?”  Walker asked still panting.  “Do what?”  Alex replied out of breath herself.  “You drive me wild!”  Walker said as he cuddled Alex next to his side letting her head rest on his chest. “I do?”  Alex said innocently.  “Yes you do!  I can't resist you.  All you have to do is look at me and I fall all to pieces.”  Walker said as he leaned down to kiss Alex’s forehead. “Well, I think you're pretty irresistible yourself, Cowboy.”  Alex said as she ran her hand over his muscular chest.

Walker could tell that Alex was sleepy from their little workout.  Not to say that he wasn’t a little tired himself. 

“Alex, honey, are you sleepy?”  Walker asked noticing that Alex was yawning.  “A little.  That was a pretty long workout that we had.”  Alex said with a slight giggle.  “Why don’t you try and get some sleep, sweetheart.”  Walker said as he pulled Alex closer.  “I don’t want to.  I don’t ever want this day to end.  It’s been one of the most wonderful days of my life.”  Alex said as she nuzzled Walker's chest with her cheek. “It was great wasn’t it.  I had so much fun just being alone and relaxing with you.  But if we don’t get some sleep we won’t have the energy to have another perfect day tomorrow.”  Walker stated.  “You're right.  We’ll have another great day tomorrow.”  Alex said as she drifted off to sleep cuddled close to Walker.

The next day Sydney was the first to wake and go out to the kitchen, which woke a sleeping Gage on the couch.  Those two made quite a racket which eventually woke up the others.

Sitting around the kitchen table the group spoke about what their days would hold.

“Hey guys, what are you going to do today.”  Gage asked.  “We’re going to look around the resort and see what we can get into.”  Alex said as she walked over from the toaster eating a piece of toast and sat down on Walker’s lap. “Yeah, we’re going to check out the pools and other stuff, like maybe the game rooms too.”  Walker said as he took a bite of Alex's toast.   

“What are you going to do.”  Walker asked Gage.  “Well, I can't do that much considering my leg.”  Gage replied.  “Well, how about a pool game.”  Sydney said.  “Is that a challenge?”  Gage asked.  “Call it what you want.”  Sydney stated. 

“What are you gonna do Trivette?” Gage asked. “I don’t know, this place isn't really that exciting to me.  Maybe I’ll just hang around here today.”  Trivette replied.  “Come on Jimmy, this is your vacation.  You have to do something fun.”  Alex said.  “Maybe we could all go skiing.”  Walker pointed out.  “Sounds like fun.”  Alex agreed.  “Alright, when do we leave?”  Trivette asked.  “How about 11:30.  We should all be ready to go by then.”  Alex said.  “Great.”  Walker stated.  “Cool.”  Trivette said.

The day was perfect for everyone.  Walker, Alex, and Trivette all had fun skiing.  Although Walker did scare Alex when he went down “The Devil’s Revenge” but he was an experience skier and it was no problem for him.  Gage's pride was hurt a little though when Sydney beat him really bad at pool.

Now the group was all returning to the cabin around 6:00 and everyone was looking for something to do so they wouldn’t be bored.

They all decided to stay in for the night and just sit around and talk.  Gage fell asleep in the chair by the fireplace while Sydney and Trivette tried to find something for dinner.  Walker and Alex decided to go out and build a snow man while the others were inside.

While Sydney and Trivette tried to figure out what to do for dinner they would hear they occasional yell or laugh from outside.  They both knew it was Walker and Alex goofing around together 

The noise from outside woke Gage from his little catnap.  He decided to investigate the goings on outside.  So he grabbed his crutches and walked over to the window and looked out to find Walker and Alex had stopped halfway through making their snowman and decided to have a little snowball fight. 

“Hey guys, come look at these two.”  Gage called into the kitchen.  “What are they up to?”  Sydney asked.  “What’s up?”  Trivette said as he walked over to the window and looked out.  “Look at them.  Aren't they cute.”  Sydney stated as they all watch the couple in love outside playing in the snow together.  “Oh brother!”  Gage and Trivette said in reaction to Sydney’s comment.

As the Rangers looked on at their friends out in the snow, Walker and Alex had no idea that they had and audience.  Walker ran up to Alex and grabbed her and held her close to him as they both fell to the ground. 

The feeling of just being together drew them both into a long romantic kiss.  The kiss grew more and more passionate as Walker parted Alex's lips with his tongue.  Their tongues battled for control.  If only they knew that their actions were being watched by three nosy friends.

Gage, Sydney, and Trivette where all amazed at how long their kiss was lasting.  They decided to leave the window and let the two to their kiss and romance. 

Alex and Walker eventually came back to earth and decided to go into the cabin and see what the others were doing. 

When they got into the cabin they sat down in the living room by the fire place on one of the recliners.  Walker sat down first and Alex was on his lap.

“Who wants hot cocoa?”  Trivette asked.  “Sounds great, I’ll have some.”  Gage said. “Then get up and get it yourself. HA!”  Trivette laughed.  “Funny make me with the broken leg get up and walk all the way to the kitchen.”  Gage complained.  “I’ll get it for you Gage.”  Sydney said as she walked over to him and handed him a cup of cocoa.  “Thank you Syd.  That’s really sweet of you.”  Gage said kindly.  “Your welcome.”  Sydney replied.  “Anything to shut you up.”   Sydney said under her breath.  “What?”  Gage asked her.  “Nothing.”  Sydney said in an innocent voice.

“So, did you two have fun building a snowman.”  Trivette asked knowing very well that they only got half way through building it.  “We had fun, but we never finished it.  He started a snowball fight.”  Alex said as she playfully patted Walker's chest.  “Yeah well, I didn’t see you try to stop it.”  Walker said to Alex.  “The bad thing is I lost!”  Walker said to the group.  “You put up a valiant fight, honey.”  Alex stated as she leaned in close to Walker and gave him a kiss.  “How come I always lose?”  Walker questioned.  “Never mind I know why.”  Walker said as he looked into Alex's eyes.  “Why would that be, darling.”  Alex asked.  “One, because you have me wrapped around your little finger.  Two I can't resist you.”  Walker said.  “What no three?”  Sydney said.  “I’ll only tell Alex number three.”  Walker said.  “Then what is it?”  Alex questioned. 

Walker pulled Alex closer to him so that he could whisper in her ear and tell her privately what number three was.

“I just happen to love rolling around in the snow and having you end up on top of me, darling.”  Walker whispered to Alex.  “You are such a bad boy!”  Alex said in response to Walker's statement.  “But, I love you anyway.”  Alex finished.  “Well, I love you too!”  Walker said giving Alex a little kiss on the nose.

“What are you two talking about.”  Gage wondered.  “Nothing!”  the couple said together. 

Wanting to get off of the subject of what Alex and Walker were talking about the couple decided to change the subject.  So they decided to talk about what they did all day and what they were going to do for the rest of the trip.

“Did you guys have fun playing pool today?”  Alex asked Sydney and Gage.  “I did.”  Sydney replied energetically.  “I didn’t.  Syd beat me every game we played.”  Gage stated with a hint of contempt in his voice.

“Did you guys have fun skiing?”  Sydney asked.  “It was great!”  Trivette answered.  “I still didn’t meet anyone yet.”  “I had a great time.  Except when he scared me half to death.”  Alex said as she gave Walker a playful slap on the chest.  “What did I do?”  Walker asked innocently.  “You went down "The Devil's Revenge" that’s what you did!”  Alex stated.  “Honey, I'm an experienced skier.  I've gone down worse slopes than that.”  Walker said in a comforting voice.  “I know, I just didn’t want you ending up like Gage over there.”  Alex said as she pointed to Gage's broken leg.  “Alex, I'm a lot smarter than that.”  Walker said.  “Thanks a lot, Walker!”  Gage said defensively.  “Sorry Gage. No offense.”  Walker said trying and failing to cover up that little slip. “None taken!”  Gage stated sarcastically.

“What’s for dinner, I'm starved?  Gage asked.  “Well, we were gonna have grilled chicken, but then we remembered we didn’t have a grill and we didn’t have any chicken.”  Sydney stated.  “So now we’re going down to the lodge to eat.”  Trivette finished.  “We’d better go get changed, sweetheart.”  Alex said as she stood up.  “Right behind you.”  Walker said standing.

While Alex and Walker changed the other got ready as well.

After the group was ready they all went down to the lodge and had something to eat.  While they were eating they talked about what they where going to do after they were done eating.  They decided that they would go in town to a local country-dance club and just relax and have some fun.

“Guys, I think I’ll stay behind while you guys go dancing.”  Gage said.  “Why do you want to stay here?”  Sydney asked.  “Because with my leg how can I dance?”  Gage questioned.  “Easy.  Just use one of your crutches and lean your weight on the other leg.”  Trivette stated.  “Come on you have to go with us.”  Sydney prodded.  “Oh, okay.”  Gage submitted.  “Great, let’s go.”  Alex said.

The group had a lot of fun dancing and hanging around together.  They were having so much fun that they didn’t realize that it was getting late. 

Trivette finally found some single women to talk to, Sydney and Gage were trying to figure a way to dance around crutches and a broken leg, and Alex and Walker were simply lost in each other as they usually are.

It was a little hard for Gage to dance with the cast on his leg so he went to sit down and Sydney went and sat with him to keep him company.

“Hey Syd.”  Gage said.  “What’s up, Gage?”  Sydney replied. “Thanks.”  Gage answered.  “Thanks for what?”  Sydney asked.  “For helping me with my leg and keeping me company while the others are out dancing and having fun.”  Gage replied.  “No problem.  It’s been fun hanging out with you.  I especially like playing you at pool.”  Sydney laughed.  “Funny, but it has been a lot of fun.”  Gage finished.

As they talked about what they were going to do the next day Trivette came back to sit down with them at their table while Alex and Walker were still out on the dance floor.

“Ya know guys, this town really isn't that boring after all.”  Trivette said with a huge grin on his face.  “How many women did you meet?”  Sydney asked with a smirk on her face.  “Four!  Why?” Trivette stated. “Because before you met them, to you this was the most boring place on earth, now it’s heaven.”  Gage finished for Sydney.  “Well, I'm not the only one who’s enjoying themselves.  Look at Walker and Alex.”  Trivette stated.  “Those two don’t count they’d be in heaven anywhere as long as they were together.”  Gage replied.

“Come on, Gage, admit it.  This has started to be one great trip.”  Sydney stated.  “For all of you maybe, but for me it hasn’t been that great.  I've got a broken leg, beaten at pool, and I have to sleep on the lumpy couch.”  Gage complained.  “Well, you wouldn’t have a broken leg if you would have listened to me, you should practice more at pool, and if you didn’t break your leg you would have gotten to sleep in a bed.”  Sydney pointed our.  “She’s got ya there, man.”  Trivette stated.  “Thanks a lot, Trivette.  Take her side.”  “Why shouldn’t I?  Her side is right.”

As it got later the people in the dance club started to head home.  Gage, Trivette, and Sydney were all pretty well shot, in the way of energy, but Walker and Alex were still out on the dance floor swaying to the music.

“Hey Walker it’s getting late.  Don’t you think we should be heading back to the cabin.”  Trivette yelled across the dance floor to Walker and Alex.  “Trivette, that’s a lost cause.  The only way your gonna get those two to look away from each other is if you go and walk between them.”  Gage stated.  “He's right.  This place is gonna close soon.  Why don’t we go grab the lovebirds and go back to the cabin?”  Sydney added.

Sydney, Trivette, and Gage all stood and walked up to Alex and Walker.  Thinking they would have a better chance of getting them to go home if they were all together.

As the others approached Walker and Alex were oblivious to them.  Both of them just lost in each other’s eyes. 

“I wish that I could spend the rest of my life just like this, Alex.”  Walker said with an undying sound of love in his voice.  “Sounds great to me.”  Alex said softly.  “I love you, Alex.”  “I love you too.”  Alex said as she leaned in to kiss Walker.

“Hey you two there’s plenty of time for that later.  This place is closing.”  Trivette stated to the happy couple as he watched them kiss.  “Walker!”  Gage shouted trying to get their attention. 

Trivette, Sydney, and Gage were getting nowhere with just shouting at Alex and Walker.  They tried the only thing that they thought might work, physically shaking them back to the real world.

“What’s wrong Trivette?”  Walker said with a hint of contempt in his voice for Trivette, because he had shaken him from his kiss with Alex.  “This place is closing.”  Trivette stated.  “We’ve been trying to get your attention for the past hour.”  “You guys have been off in your own little world.”  Sydney added.  “Okay you guys, can we go already.  My leg is killing me.”  Gage complained.  “Come on guys, we need to get Gage back to the cabin and off of his leg.”  Sydney stated, being surprisingly protective of Gage.

The gang got back to the cabin and sat down in various places around the living room.  Trivette was in a chair on the left side of the fireplace, Walker and Alex were in the chair on the right side, and Sydney and Gage were on the couch.

“It’s getting cold in here.”  Gage said.  “Yeah, a little.”  Sydney replied.  “Since the one who usually build the fires is a little pre-occupied, I’ll built a fire.”  Trivette stated looking over at Walker who was busy once again kissing Alex.

“Do those two ever stop that?”  Gage asked.  “They’ve only been married a couple a months give them a break.”  Sydney said.  “I doubt that they’ll ever stop being like that.  Even before they were married or even engaged those two were inseparable.”  Trivette said while trying and failing to start a fire. 

While Trivette was piling the wood in the fireplace still trying to start a fire the stack got a little off balance and crashed to the floor causing Sydney and Gage to yell in surprise and Walker and Alex to break off their kiss.

“What in the world are you trying to do, Trivette?”  Walker yelled.  “Build a fire.  What’s it look like?”  “Like you were trying to see how big of a mess you could make.”  Alex laughed.  “Funny, counselor.”  Trivette sneered.  “Trivette, why didn’t you tell me to build a fire instead of causing all that racket?”  “Walker, you were a little busy.”  Trivette said with a raised eyebrow.

Walker and Trivette bantered back and forth for a little while until they realized that everyone including Alex, who was still cuddled up to Walker on his lap, had fallen asleep.

“Trivette, forget the fire everyone’s asleep.  I’m going to carry Alex up to bed and go to sleep.”  “Okay, goodnight Walker.” “Goodnight.”

Walker gently lifted Alex up from the chair careful not to wake her.  He knew that she must be exhausted from everything that they did that day. 

As he walked up the stairs to their bedroom he stopped and looked at her as a ray of light from the moon came in through the skylight an shone on her  face.  She looked like an angel.

“You truly are my angel.”  He whispered as he bent his head down to her cheek and gave he a soft kiss.

Walker carried Alex to their room and lay sat her gently down on the careful not to wake her.  He sat on the side on the bed and changed into the boxers he usually slept in and laid down next to Alex, pulling her close, and wrapping his arms snugly around her. 

Just before Walker joined Alex in sleep he leaned forward, kissed her forehead, and softly whispered, “Sweet dreams, my angel.”

The next few days of the vacation went fantastic.  For Alex and Walker every place around the resort and the town was more romantic than the last, for Trivette he met a few nice women, but none of them were his type, and for Gage and Sydney, the trip had brought them closer together than anyone would have ever expected.

The fourth night that they were at the resort was the beginning of a weeks long winter festival.  In the center of the resort there was a large celebration.  With food, music, and a huge bon-fire.  The whole group decided that they would all go down and enjoy the festival.

When they got down to the festival they all separated and went to see what all was there to do.  Trivette once again went looking for some one to spend a little time with, Sydney stayed with Gage to help him around on his bad leg, and Walker and Alex went off by themselves.

“Well, Gage, leaving out the little skiing accident and all this was a really great vacation.”  Sydney said sitting down at a table that was close to the warmth of the fire.  “You're right, Syd.  This has been a really great vacation.”  He said sitting close to Sydney at the table. “To tell you the truth it wouldn’t have been that great without you here with me.”  “What do you mean, Gage?”  “Syd, I broke my leg and no matter what we all did you were there with me.”  “Well I had fun being with you.  Wow, it getting cold out here.”  Sydney said with a slight shiver. “Here take my scarf.”  “Thanks, Gage, but it’s still really cold.” “Well then, come here.”  Gage said putting an arm around Sydney. “Better?”  “Much.”  She answered snuggling closer to Gage.

“Hey, Walker, Alex! Look over at that table.”  Trivette stated as he came running up to Alex and Walker.  “What is it Trivette?”  “Just look over there at that table.”  “Jimmy what is with you?”  "Alex, just look.”

Alex and Walker turned to look in the direction Trivette pointed out and found Sydney and Gage sitting at a table off by themselves holding each other close.

“Well, look at that.”  Walker stated.  “I knew they’d fall for each other.”  Alex said excitedly.  “I remember a pair just like that a few years ago.  They where best friends, they just kept getting closer, and they fell in love and got married.”  Trivette stated looking in Alex and Walker’s direction only to find that his stroll down memory lane was being ignored by Alex in Walker who were locked in a passionate kiss.

A while later Alex and Walker broke off their kiss and came back to the real world.  Walker and Alex decided to go stand near the fire to keep warm, for snow had just stared to fall and it was getting a little chilly.

“Honey, this has been one of the best weeks of my life.  It was the perfect vacation with the perfect person.”  Alex said as she rest her head on Walker’s shoulder as they stood together near the fire. “It has been wonderful, sweetheart.  I’m just surprised that we’ve had so much time alone together.  I thought I was gonna have a hard time getting you alone.”  Walker said with a sly smile.

“Hey guys, looks like you came back to the real world.”  Trivette laughed.  “Funny, Trivette.”  “Jimmy, we were just talking about how wonderful this vacation has been. Don’t you think it’s been great?”  “Great!?!  Yeah right!  I haven’t met one nice, single woman the entire time we’ve been here.  Yeah, it’s been great for you guys, you have each other.  It’s been great for Gage and Sydney they have each other, minus the broken leg.  Not for me though.”  Trivette complained.  "Trivette, how can you say this hasn’t been great?  I’ve had one of the best times of my life.”  “Allow me to repeat myself.  You have Alex, she has you.  You guys haven’t left each other’s side since we left Dallas.  Sydney has Gage, he has her.  They’ve been inseparable.  Now they’re a couple too.  Me I’m the odd man out.”  Trivette said as he stormed away.  “Whoa, I think Jimmy is just a little touchy tonight.”  “You can say that again, Alex.”

On the other side of the bon-fire Sydney and Gage are still snuggled close together and enjoying the new turn in their relationship.

“Sydney?”  “Yeah, Gage.”  “This is nice.  I mean, just you and me being here alone, together.” “It is nice.”  "Sydney, I feel like these past few days, you and I, have been getting closer.”  “Me too.” “I really like the way that feels.” “That’s just what I was thinking.”   Sydney said as she leaned in and kissed Gage.

It wasn’t a spur of the moment kiss like before.  It was a kiss that let one tell the other just what words couldn’t express.

"Gage, it’s getting colder, do you want to go back to the cabin.”  Sydney asked.  “I was just about to suggest that.”

With the snow falling everyone at the festival gathered closer to the fire.  Walker and Alex were seated next to each other at a table close to the fire and Trivette was still having no luck with the ladies.

"Honey, it’s getting really cold out here.  Do you want to go back to the cabin.”  Alex asked with a shiver as she snuggled closer to Walker.  “Sounds great, we could try the hot-tub out.  No one has used it at all and we’ve been here for four days.”  “That sounds so romantic.  Just you and me all alone in the hot-tub, with the snow falling around us.” “Let’s go, Alex, I’ll get a bottle of champagne sent up from the lodge.”  “This is going to be the perfect night.”  Alex said as they stood together ready to go back to the cabin. “Of course it is, I'm with you.”  Walker said as he leaned down and kissed Alex.

When Walker and Alex got to the cabin they saw something that they would have never dreamed of in a million years.  Sydney and Gage were asleep on the couch in each other’s arms.  Gage was stretched out with his leg elevated and Sydney was sitting on his lap with her head resting next to his.

“Oh  honey, look at them.  Aren't they sweet.”  Alex said in an emotion filled tone.  “They finally fell for each other.”  Walker said to Alex.

A minute later Trivette walked in and spotted the site on the couch.

“I knew they would fall for each other.”  Trivette exclaimed.  “How did you know, Trivette.”  Walker asked.  “Easy, I see the same spark between them as I saw in you two seven years ago.  When you met for the first time you couldn’t stand each other, but there was that certain fire and ice that lit the spark between you. Then you became friends, then best friends, and there was nothing you two wouldn’t do for each other. Then you fell in love, got married and are the perfect couple.  They're just like you two.  Soul mates, in love from the minute they first laid eyes on each other just not wanting to admit to it.”

"Trivette, what are you doing back so early.  We thought you would be down at the festival longer.”  Walker questioned, wanting to know why there was another person there to cut his time alone with Alex short. “What’s the point of staying down there, there is nothing to do.  I can’t wait till this vacation is over and we’re all back in Dallas.  “Not me Jimmy, this has been a perfect trip.”  Alex said with a content smile.  “I’m going to my room and go to sleep.”  Trivette said in an irritated tone and stormed off to his room.

“Well Cowboy, are you ready to try out that hot-tub?”  “More than ready!”  “Let’s go get our robes so we don’t freeze before and after we get out.  We had better wear suits too, just in case the sleeping beauties decide to come and check on us.”  “Oh, alright, but if that thing gets torn off of you it’s not my fault.”  Walker said with a wicked grin.  “Bad boy!”  “I know.”  Walker said innocently.

Later, while Alex and Walker sat snuggled in each other’s arm in the warm water of the hot-tub snow started to fall and the scenery around them looked as if it were taken from a painting.

“Honey?”  “Hmmm?” “What Trivette said in there earlier has got me thinking.”  Walker said softly.  “About what, darling?”  “About what could have happened to us if you weren’t so patient and caring.”  “What do you mean?”  "I was so stupid not asking you to marry me years ago.  You could have given up on us so easily.  I could have lost you.  You are so intelligent and beautiful you could have any man you want with just a snap of your fingers, but you waited for me to come to my senses.  Thank you.” “I had no choice.  I knew from the first time we kissed that you were the person I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with.  I would never be happy if I weren’t with you.”

As they sat there in the water Walker tilted Alex’s face so that she was looking directly into his eyes and kissed her softly.  After the kiss ended Walker continued to hold Alex close to him.  He gently touched his forehead to hers.  This is how they stayed for a long while.  As if being in this romantic place wasn’t enough Alex gently nuzzled her nose against Walker’s.

“I love you.”  Walker said.  “I love you too.”  “That’s another thing Trivette said.”  “What’s that?”  “That I’ve been in love with you from the minute I first saw you.”  “I know exactly what you mean.  You were the only witness that I’ve ever had that could make me nervous.”  “You nervous, the first time you had me on that witness stand I was sweating bullets.  I was afraid I was just going to slip and tell you that you were the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen.”

“Was that what you were thinking?”  Alex said and raised her brow.  “That was what I was thinking then and that is what I am thinking now.  You are truly an angel from heaven.”  Walker said as he brushed a hair away that had fallen across her eyes.  “Okay, Cowboy that’s enough charming me, you have done a great job.  Now, what do you say we get out of this hot-tub and go inside.”  “Sounds great to me, but there is one problem.”  “What wrong, darling?”  Alex asked as she ran a hand over Walker’s muscular chest.  “It’s about twenty degrees outside this hot-tub and we’re wet.  We’re going to turn into living pop-sickles.”  “Don’t worry darling, if you get cold I’ll warm you up.”  Alex said as she move her hand lower to the waistband of his swim-trunks.  “What has gotten into you tonight, Alex?”  “Just the fact that I’m married to the most wonderful man that has ever existed, and I want to thank you for bringing me to this wonderful place for a vacation.”  Alex replied giving Walker a little kiss on the side of his mouth. “You thanked me just by loving me and being with me, sweetheart.” 

“You know I'm going to hold you to that promise to warm me up, don’t you.”  Walker said as he started to get out of the water, followed closely behind by Alex. “Oh I know, Cowboy, I know.”  She said as Walker draped her robe around her shoulders.

As Walker went to put his robe on Alex slipped in with him just before he could tie his belt. 

"Alex, what are you doing?”  “Just getting a little jump start on warming you up.  Now, tie that belt so we don’t freeze.” 

Walker complied and tied the belt around himself and Alex keeping them securely together.  While they stood there holding each other, Walker bent down and kissed Alex’s forehead, nose, cheek, and finally landed soundly on her waiting lips.

“I love you, Cordell Walker.”  “I love you too, Alex Walker.  Now let’s get inside.  It’s still a little chilly out here.”  “I can remedy that rather quickly.”  Alex said with a wink as she ran her hands, that were around Walker’s back, down to his trunks and gave his firm behind a good squeeze.   “I feel warmer already.”  “You ain’t seen nothing yet Cowboy.  After I get finished with you tonight, you’re not going to know what hit you.”  “I’m looking forward to it.

Inside of the cabin Walker and Alex tip-toed up to their bedroom as quietly as possible, so they wouldn’t wake Gage and Sydney. 

Inside their room Walker and Alex took off their wets suit.  They thought the best way to start to warm up would be to take a shower, together.

"Alex, we’d better get in the shower before we get a chill.”  “I'm coming, I'm just admiring the view.”  Alex said as she gazed at her husband’s perfect physique.”  “I like what I see too.”

Walker moved closer to Alex and wrapped his arms around her.  As they held each other Alex could feel Walker getting quite stimulated by her.

“Come on, Cowboy, how about that shower.” “Come here you!”  Walker said as he picked Alex up and carried her into their bathroom.

The heat of the shower was nothing compared to the fire that is lit in the hearts of the two lovers.  As the steam rose in the bathroom so did the passion. 

For Walker, the pleasure Alex feels is more important to him than anything.  Holding her close to him as the water ran across their bodies, Walker bent his head down and gently started to kiss Alex’s neck and nibble her ear lobes.  Alex moved her head slightly to allow Walker to continue further.  He knew this drove her wild.  While he was kissing her he was not about to let the rest of her body be neglected.

He ran his hand over the soft skin of her back and  down to her bottom, giving it a light squeeze.  Then he move to the front of her body.  He gently massaged her breasts, paying equal attention to each.          

Alex couldn’t restrain herself any longer she need feel Walker inside of her.  Her body was aching for him.

“Cordell, now!  I need you!  Please!”  Alex moaned.

He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his body, holding him deep inside.  At that moment Walker plunged deep within her.

Walker held Alex close as she set the pace and rocked back and forth against him.  As she did so he bent his head down and kissed her.  Light butterfly kisses all across her chest.  He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it hungrily.  Every so often he would run his tongue over it making Alex shudder with pleasure.  He moved to the other breast and paid equal attention to it.

They both reached climax together and slowly drifted back to earth from the heights of ecstasy.

Walker shut the water off and they got out of the shower and went into their room.

“Wow!”  Alex said as she and Walker crawled into bed together, and wrapped their arms around each other.   “Tell me about it.”  “But honey,  you did everything for me.  I didn’t get to do anything for you.”  Alex said with a slight pout.  “What do you mean?  That was wonderful.  You nearly have me screaming in there at the top of my lungs.  I would have too, but the others are here.  You are still driving me wild.”  Walker stated as he cuddled Alex close in his arms and nuzzled her.  “Well, I still want to do more for you.  I want to show you just how much I love you.” “I know how much you love me, sweetheart.”  “I know, but I want to show you.  Come here.”  Alex said softly.

Alex started her little game of seduction all over again by straddling her husbands legs and running her hands down Walker’s body stopping between his legs. 

Alex locked eyes with Walker as she stroked and caressed him.  She could feel him becoming harder every second.

Walker couldn’t take just lying there he had to touch her.  He had to feel her soft skin against his hands.  He reached up to her, running his hands over her body.  He started by rubbing her thighs, then he moved up her body.

As much as he loved what Alex was doing for him he had to kiss her, he had to feel her body against his.  Instead of  continuing to caress her body he pulled her down on top of him and kissed her deeply.

They allowed the kiss to linger until they both needed to come up for a much needed breath of air.  Instead of kissing Walker’s lips again, Alex wanted to have a little fun with him.

She bent her head down and began kissing his chest.  At this point Walker was about to go out of his mind.  Alex was driving him wild as she usually does.  With everything she did he moaned her name softly, letting her know that she was thoroughly arousing him.

She left no area untouched.  She took one of his nipples in her mouth and ran her tongue across the sensitive flesh.  With each flick of her tongue she could feel Walker jolt with pleasure.  She moves lower to his well defined stomach.  She placed kisses everywhere.  She knew what would really get him, she moved to his belly-button.  She placed a long lingering kiss on it and ran her tongue around the outside.

“Ahhh, Alex!”  Walker moaned as he lay there allowing his wife to pleasure him. 

Alex decided she had toyed with him long enough.  She moved lower to his groin.  She took him in her mouth.  Licking and caressing him.  She did this for a long while till Walker was nearly unable to control himself.

She was going out of her mind with pleasure.  She loved to do this for her husband, but she needed to feel him within her.

She moved on top of Walker just before he grabbed her and rolled over to pin her underneath him.  He drove deep within her.  He pumped his hips hard against her.

She was going out of her mind as she screamed his name in pure unbridled ecstasy.  She could feel the tell-tale signs that Walker was reaching his own climax.  With one final buck of his hip he released into her and collapsed on the bed.  Resting up on his one elbow he had Alex pinned underneath him.

He gently moved his head to kiss her shoulders.  As he was kissing her she ran her hands across his back.

"Alex, that was amazing.”  “Why thank you.  You were pretty amazing yourself.  Thank you for letting me show you how much I love you.”  “Believe me Alex, the pleasure was all mine, and you can show me anytime you want.  Just as long as  I get to show you how much I love you in return.”  “Oh, I think that could be arranged.”  Alex yawned. 

“Are you tired, sweetheart?”  Walker asked as he rolled onto his side pulling Alex close to him.  “Of course I am after a workout like that.”  “Me too.  Why don’t we get some sleep.” “Alright.”  Alex said softly as she drifted off to sleep, resting her head on Walker’s chest.

In the middle of the night Gage woke up, because his leg was starting to hurt, and he needed to take his medication.

He need to get from the couch to the kitchen, which would usually be an easy task, but he had a sleeping Sydney cuddled up to him on his lap.

“How am I going to get up without waking her?”  Gage thought to himself.

Gently, Gage picked Sydney up and set her down on the couch.  As he started to get up to go take his pills Sydney woke up.

"Gage, what’s the matter?”  “Nothing hon, my leg just hurts a little, and it’s time to take my medicine.”  “Why didn’t you tell me?  I would have gotten them for you.”  “I didn’t want to wake you.  You just looked so cute asleep there.”  “Well, I'm awake now so I’ll get them.  You need to stay off of that leg as much as possible.”  “But…”  “But nothing.  Sit.”  “Oh alright.”

When Sydney came back with Gage’s medicine she noticed that he had built a fire to keep them warm.

“Thanks, sweetheart.”  Gage said as Sydney gave him his medicine.  “You’re welcome.”  “Here, come sit down.”

Sydney complied and went to sit with Gage who was now sitting close to the fire.

"Sydney?”  “Hmmm?” “I’ve been thinking about tonight a lot.”  “What about tonight?” “About us finally coming together.” “I have too.”  "Sydney,  we’ve been partners for a long time and you’ve always been special to me.  I hope that won’t change now that we’re together.”  “I think it will change.” “Why?”  Gage said with a hint of concern.  “Now we’ll be an even better team, at work and everywhere else.”  Sydney replied as she gave Gage a gentle kiss.

“I love you, Sydney”  “I love you too”  “I never want to be without you in my life.”  “Me too.  Gage, you are my best friend, my partner, and now you’re so much more.”  “Do you remember when the Ortega brothers had you and Alex hostage at Casa  Diablo.”  “Of course, how could I ever forget.”  “When they had you, my world started to fall apart.  I was so afraid that I was going to lose you.  My best friend and my partner.  I just couldn’t deal with that.  That’s why I followed Walker down there.  He didn’t want Trivette and me to go with him, but I needed to help you.”  Gage said with his voice becoming just a little shaky.”

“I know just what you mean.  Remember your little encounter with the bear.”  “Don’t remind me.  It still hurts to think about that.”  “I thought I had lost you.  I wouldn’t leave your side at all.  I just wanted to take all of your pain away and make sure that everything would be alright.  Now that I have you in my life I know just how Alex and Walker feel?”  “How's that?”  “Like a whole person.”  “Me too.”

That night was pure magic for the new couple.  They sat talking on into the late night.  When they fell asleep, Gage finally found out how Walker and Alex slept, holding onto each other.  You had to have the right person to hold onto, and there was no more perfect person in the world for Ranger Francis Gage than Sydney Cooke.

Early the next morning Gage woke up before everyone else.  He left Sydney sleep and went to get dressed.  When he finished he wrote a note to the others telling them to meet him at the center of the resort, where they had a dance floor and a stage set up for the band at 1:00PM.  He told them to sit close to the stage.  After he was finished writing the note, he left for the festival so he could arrange a few things for later.

The others eventually woke up and went to the kitchen for breakfast in the kitchen where Trivette found Gage’s note.

“Hey guys, did you see this note that Gage left us yet?”  Trivette asked.  “No, what’s it say?”  Sydney replied.  “It says that he wants us to meet him down at the dance floor by the stage at 1:00 PM.  He says to sit close to the stage.” “I wonder what that’s about?”  Alex stated.  “I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out at 1 o’clock.  What should we do till then?”  Walker stated.  “I don’t know want to go down to the gym, Walker?”  Trivette asked hopefully.  “Sorry Trivette, I took this vacation to be with my wife.”  “Well then, Cowboy, how about I challenge you to a game of tennis.”  “Sounds great.  Let’s go.”

Walker and Alex went down to the indoor courts and played a game that ended up with Alex creaming Walker.

Trivette and Sydney just went off in their own direction around the resort.  Later when they all got back to the cabin Alex and Walker were bantering back and forth playfully about the game.

“Come on Alex, you owe me a rematch.  You cheated.”  “How did I cheat?”  Alex said challenging Walker.  “You were wearing those short little shorts and I couldn’t concentrate.”  “Well, that’s your problem.”  Alex laughed.

“What Walker?  Did Alex beat you.”  “Yes Trivette, Alex won.”  “Good job counselor.  Now we have something to hold over Walker’s head.”  Trivette chided.

“Hey guys, it’s about time we got down to meet Gage.”  Sydney said to the others. “Yeah you’re right.  We’d better get going.”

Down at the stage Gage was talking to the leader of the band.  He asked him if he could play a special song for him.

When the others got down to where Gage told them to meet him, they didn’t see him anywhere.

When Gage saw Alex, Walker, Sydney, and Trivette sit down he gave the signal to the band leader to start the song he chose.

“Our next song is a special request from a young man in love.  This song goes out to Sydney Cooke from Gage.

I like blue eyes, hers are green

Not like the woman of my dreams

And her hair’s not quite as long as I had planned

Five foot three isn't tall

She's not the girl I pictured at all

In those paint by number fantasies I’ve had

So it took me by complete surprise

When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes

She's not  at all what I was looking for

She's more

No, it wasn’t at first sight

But the moment I looked twice

I saw the woman I was born to love

Her laughter fills my soul

And when I hold her I don’t wanna let go

When it comes to her I can't get enough

So it took me by complete surprise

When my heart go lost in those deep green eyes

She's not at all what I was looking for

She's more

More than I dreamed of

More than any man deserves

I couldn’t ask for more

Than a love like hers

So it took me by complete surprise

When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes

She's not at all what I was looking for

She’s more

By the end of the song Sydney was in tears by how sweet Gage was to do that for her. 

Gage walked over to Sydney with microphone in hand and kissed her, and said so that everyone could hear.

"Sydney you and I have been friends and partners for a long time.  This trip has helped me realize that I want you to be more than that.  I've been so afraid to ruin our friendship by telling you how I really feel, but now I know that the world has to know.  Sydney Cooke, you mean the world to me.  I love you.”

The crowd that was watching them erupted into a cheer as they kissed.  Two close friends had now become so much more. 

Trivette was standing back from Walker and Alex still watching Gage and Sydney.  He saw in them what he saw years ago in Alex and Walker.  He knew that one day soon they too would be married, and he wondered when would he find the happiness that all of his friends had found.

After Gage’s announcement to the whole resort he and Sydney went off by themselves, Alex and Walker went for a hike on the trails, and Trivette left on a search for that special some one.

“Oh this has been the best trip we have ever taken!”  Alex said as they stopped at a clearing and Walker wrapped his arms around her holding her close. “Better than our honeymoon?”  Walker playfully questioned. “Ok, this is the second best trip we have ever taken.  Nothing could ever compare to our honeymoon.”  Alex said laying her head on his chest. 

“Hon, we still have a few days left here what would you like to do.  We can go anywhere and do anything your heart desires.”  Walker stated holding Alex out at arms length and smiling sweetly at her.  “Let’s see what does my heart desire.  Hmm, I don’t know.”  Alex said coyly.  “Let me see if I can influence your choice a little.”  Walker said as he pulled her close and captured her lips with a strong passionate kiss.

Walker wanted to influence her as much as possible into spending more time off by themselves rather than with the other Rangers.  He ran his fingers through her beautiful golden locks and held her body close with his other while massaging her back with his loving touch.

“Wow! That was amazing!  I know what I want”  Alex said breathlessly.  “And that would be?”  Walker said with equal breathlessness.  “You’ve known from the minute you first asked.”  “Oh I have, have I.”  “Yes!  You know that I always want to spend every waking moment with you in these arms with your gentle touch, your kisses.”  “I just like to be sure.”  Walker said leaning in and pressing a light gentle kiss to Alex’s luscious lips.

Sydney and Gage were walking around the lodge and the rest of the resort.  Slowly of course considering Gage’s leg.  They ended up stopping in the lodge to rest and warm up a little by the fire.  They were snuggled close on a couch near the fire sharing a cup of hot cocoa when a woman walked up to them and began talking to Gage, totally ignoring that he had his arms wrapped around Sydney.

“Excuse me.  Aren’t you the man that had the band play that beautiful song for some one earlier today?”  the woman stated.  “Yeah that’s me.  Is there something I can do for you?”  Gage asked.  “Wouldn’t you like to know handsome.”  The woman thought to herself.  “Oh I just wanted to tell you how sweet that was of you and that that is my favorite song.  I also wanted to ask you if you’d like to join me tonight here in the lodge for dinner.  By the way my name is Caroline.” “I’m sorry Caroline, but I already have plans for dinner tonight with this beautiful lady right here.”  Gage said kissing Sydney on the cheek.  “Oh well, maybe some other time.”  Caroline said hopefully.  “Sorry again, but all of my dates are Sydney's.”  Caroline wasn’t too happy about not getting a date with the handsome man she had just met so she turned and left and went to look for another guy who wasn’t so devoted to some one to turn her attentions too.  “Bye, Bye Caroline!”  Sydney called after her with a wave and a smile that just said, “Ha Ha he’s mine.”

“I can't believe her nerve!  She saw us sitting here together and still tried to come over here and get a date with you!”  Sydney fumed.  “Sweetheart, calm down.  There is now way I’d ever consider going anywhere with her or any other woman as long as I’ve got you.”  Gage said calming Sydney down. 

“Why don’t we head back to the cabin and see if the others are back yet.”  Sydney said as she got up and handed Gage his crutches.  “Okay love, let’s get on our way.  With these stupid things it takes me twice as long to get anywhere.”  Gage stated and motioned to his crutches.  “That just  means I get to spend more time with you.”  Sydney laughed.

Back at the cabin Jimmy was in the kitchen trying to scavenge something to eat when Alex and Walker walked in hand in hand laughing and smiling.  They were too caught up in each other, as usual, to notice Trivette in the kitchen. 

Walker shut the door behind them to keep out the winter chill, and he immediately pulled Alex into a close warm embrace.

“Come here you.”  Walker said pulling her close.  “I don’t want to leave this place Alex.  I’ve been having so much fun just being here with you and not having to worry about who’s out to kill me at this moment in time.”  “I know honey.  I love not having a worry in the world and just being able to relax with the love of my life.”  Alex said resting her head on Walker’s chest.

Walker snuggled his wife close and nuzzled his nose through her soft golden hair. 

“I love you so much Mrs. Walker.”  “Well, I love you too Cowboy.”  Alex said looking up to stare into her husband beautiful eyes. “I can't imagine life without you in it.  No I don’t want to imagine life without you in it.”  Walker stated just before he captured Alex’s lips in a long passionate kiss that seemed to make time stand still.  “My sentiments exactly.”  Alex said holding Walker an extra bit tighter.

Alex and Walker stood their holding each other a while longer until Trivette cleared his throat loudly to make his presence known to the happy couple.

“Oh, hey Trivette.  We didn’t see you standing there.”  Walker said with a surprised tone realizing now that this should not have been a family vacation but one just for Alex and himself.  “I'm not surprised when you two are together no one else in the world exists.”  “Can you blame me for getting lost in this cutie’s eyes.”  Alex said running a hand over Walker's chest.  “I'm not even going there.”  Trivette stated. 

“So have either of you seen Sydney and Gage?”  Trivette asked.  “What about Sydney and Gage?”  Gage asked as he and Sydney slowly walked through the door. “Jimmy was just wondering where you two have been.”  Alex stated.  “Oh we were down in the lodge just sitting by the fire having some cocoa.”  Gage said.  “And I was fighting off women who think they have a chance stealing him from me.”  Sydney said patting Gage on the chest.” “Huh?”  Trivette said a little confused.  “Never mind it’s a long story and I took care of her.”

“Man it may take me twice as long to do anything, but it takes twice the energy to.  I'm beat.  I think I'm gonna go take a nap on the couch.”  Gage stated.  “Care for some company?”  Sydney asked.  “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”  Gage stated as he and Sydney went to sit on the couch.

“Honey, we were out in the cold for a pretty long time; do you want to go take a shower to take the chill off.  I don’t want you to catch a cold.”  Walker said.  “No I'm not cold sweetie.”  Alex said marveling at how protective Walker was of her.  He always worried for every little thing that concerned her, and as long as she was getting her husbands full attention it didn’t matter to her. “Well, okay, but I think I'm going to go take one.  If you care to join me you know where I’ll be.”  Walker said with a wicked grin.  He gave her a soft intimate kiss and then turned to walk up to their bathroom.

Once Walker was upstairs Alex and Jimmy went to sit in the kitchen to have some coffee that Trivette had prepared earlier.

“I know I've asked this before Alex, but how did you do it?”  “Do what?” “Get Walker to change so much.” “I didn’t do it; he’s always been the hopeless romantic for as long as I’ve known him.”  Alex said smiling.  “Come on Alex.  He’s a totally different person than he was when I first met him.  Like just now he asked you to join him in the shower right out in the open in front of me.  He would have never done that before.”  “That is the real Cordell Walker you just saw.  Yes he is one of the roughest toughest Rangers Texas has but when it comes to us he is sweet and sensitive, gentle and loving, and romantic and tender. 

“So you didn’t do anything to get him to act like that.”  “Nope.  He’s just sweet all on his own.”  Alex stated smiling at the fact that Walker was the sweetest man she had ever met. 

“Well, now that that question is answered I have another.”  Trivette said flatly. “Shoot.”  “How did you know he was the one that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?”  Trivette inquired.  “Well, there were many thing, like when my whole day could be going wrong and he would come into the office just to see me and it would turn my whole day around, or after a tough day he would invite me out to the ranch just so we could relax together.  I love just spending time with him, but the time that I knew for sure that he was going to be in my heart forever is when he was in that car crash about six years ago.  You remember the one where he went over the bridge in that car while saving a little girl.”  Alex said as a chill ran up her spine at the thought of how she almost lost him. “Yeah, I remember.  You never left him.”  Trivette stated recalling how Alex stayed at his side unless someone made her leave and even then she put up a fight.  “I knew I had to be with him.  It was like if I was there nothing could happen to him; I felt like I was protecting him.  I knew that if anything would happen to him I wouldn’t be able to deal with it.  Cordell Walker is a part of me and even though it took us both a while to realize it, but he always has been.”  Alex said speaking with love in her voice when she spoke of her husband.

Walker was coming out of their bedroom after his shower and heard some of the conversation Alex and Trivette were having and decided not to disturb them.  He just thought he’d listen in for a little while. 

With Alex's last statement he thought of how lucky he was to have her in his life.  He thanked god everyday for the wonderful gift of her love.

“And I always will be.”  Walker said whispering in her ear and kissing her softly on the cheek.  “So Trivette, what is this sudden interest in our relationship?”  Walker asked.  “I guess it’s just with Sydney and Gage being a happy couple now and the two of you fall more and more in love with each other every minute, I just keep wondering when it will be my turn to find that special some one.”  Trivette stated.  “Let me tell you this Trivette, you may be so anxious to find the person for you, you might be missing the obvious.  They could be right in front of you everyday of your life and you keep missing them.  Just like me and Alex, who would have thought that we would fall for each other.  We started out hating the sight of each other, but then we became friends, then best friends, then something inside me just said, ‘You idiot you have the perfect woman right in front of you do something about it!’”  Walker said as he stood behind Alex rubbing her shoulders.  “And we’ve never been happier.”  Alex said with a smile.

With the help of his friends Trivette now knew that there was that special some one out there for everyone.  He had four perfect examples right in front of him.

The next few days there were wonderful.  The group all spent time together and having fun around the resort, but sadly the time came for them to return to Dallas.

At the airport they boarded the plane, and reminisced about how wonderful their trip was.

“Darling, thank you so much for this wonderful vacation.  I’ve had so much fun.  I just wish we didn’t have to leave yet.”  Alex said as she grasped Walker's hand. “You're welcome hon, but you don’t have to thank me just being in your presence is thanks enough.  The only thing that would have made this trip better is if I didn’t have to share your time with anyone, like on our honeymoon.”  Walker said as he brought Alex’s hand to his lips and lovingly kissed it.  “Maybe we can try that next year, Cowboy.”  Alex said with a wry smile.  “I like your thinking.”  “Then its a deal, we’ll come back next year, but this time just the two of us.” “Deal, and you know the only proper way to seal a deal don’t you?”  Walker said, know that Alex understood what she meant.  “Of course, with a kiss.”  Alex said as she reached her right hand up to pull Walker into a loving kiss.

The usual disclaimers apply.  The song used in the story was Andy Griggs’ “She's More”.  No copyright infringements are intended.