Me Too
By: Crystal Ward


The evening had gone just as Walker had planned. Now as Alex and he sat in the porch swing looking out at the stars, he thought how great life was. Never had he been as happy as he was at this moment. Walker only regretted not listening to the Great Spirit sooner. He had let eight years go by before he asked Alex to marry him. Why had it taken him so long? He often thought it was the fact that letting Alex into his life would put her in danger. Then Walker realized that Alex had gotten into danger herself and it was him who had saved her. A few years ago Walker realized what it was that was holding his relationship with Alex back. It was a ghost; Ellen. Walker couldn't move past her, but Alex helped him realize that Ellen had her special place in his heart, but at the same time so did Alex. Thinking back to the days of Ellen still hurt.

Walker felt Alex move and quickly glanced down at her. She was curled up on the swing with her head placed on his chest and her arms wrapped around his mid-section. She was too good for him, he thought. How did he, a stubborn cowboy, ever get lucky enough to have an angel, like Alex, in his life? Walker knew what he had to do to make this evening the perfect one. Alex needed to be told those three words, but he just couldn't speak them. They always seemed to get stuck in his throat on the way out. He had to think of something else...then it hit him. Boy was this going to surprise her in the morning.

Walker gently picked Alex up into his arms and carried her to his room. This week had been hard on her. She was working overtime to get the conviction on a rape case. All her hard work paid off when a verdict of guilty had finally been reached.

Walker placed Alex onto his bed and covered her up. Walker would of loved to curl up under the covers with her, but that just wasn't proper with the wedding still several months down the road. Walker placed a kiss on her forehead before closing the door. He had plans to get done before she woke up in the morning.

The sun light came through the windows and landing on Alex's face. She soon woke up and took a quick look around the room. At first she didn't know where she was, but soon recognized the room as Walker's. "Only two more months and I will be waking up here every morning." The thought brought a smile to Alex's face and then she noticed the surprise Walker had in store for her.

She walked over to the table and looked all the items there; a dozen red roses, a tape player, and a letter. At first she avoided the letter and smelled the roses, but soon curiosity over came her and she picked up the letter. Alex fingered the letter then opened it.

Looking back on life I can't think of a better time. Actually I can't even imagine my life before you! You mean more to me than you will ever know. I just wish I could say those three words you long to hear. Maybe one day, but until then...well just listen to the tape.

Alex rested her finger on the play button not sure what to expect. Taking a deep breathe Alex
pushed the button.

"Hello this is KTCN. You are on the air."
"I would like to dedicate a song for the angel in my life. It is "Me Too" by Toby Keith. I hope she will realize how much I want to speak those words, but just can't. Thanks and Alex...'Me too!'"

Hearing Walker's voice had made tears start to appear, but the words of the song made them flow. Alex sat on the bed as she listened to the words of the song.

If I send you roses for no reason at all
If, out of the blue, I stop and give you a call
Once in a while, it's breakfast in bed
And then pull the covers back up over our heads
If I call in sick just to stay home with you
I want you to know why I do what I do
It's my way of sayin' what I can't express
But I want you to know, girl, I'm doin' my best

Oh, I'm just a man, that's the way I was made
I'm not too good at sayin' what you need me to say
It's always right there on the tip of my tongue
It might go unsaid, but it won't go undone
So when those three little words come so easy to you
I hope you know what I mean when I say, me too

If you should wake up and catch me watchin' you sleep
And I break the silence by kissin' your cheek
If I whisper somethin' you don't understand
Don't make me repeat it, I don't know if I can

Oh, I'm just a man, that's the way I was made
I'm not too good at sayin' what you need me to say
It's always right there on the tip of my tongue
It might go unsaid, but it won't go undone
So when those three little words come so easy to you
I hope you know what I mean when I say, me too

Me too, me too, hope you know what I mean when I say
Me too

Alex wiped a tear from her eyes as she noticed a set of fresh clothes for her. She quickly put them on and headed out the room to find Walker. As she come down the stairs she saw him and quickly ran to him throwing her arms around him.

"Good morning, Alex!" Walker said as he returned the hug knowing that she had found her surprise.

"I love you, Walker!!!"

"Me too, Alex."

"I know I know!" Alex said as she planted a kiss on Walker's lips which soon turned into a long, passionate kiss. "So what's the plan for the day?" Alex asked as the kiss ended.

"Well I already gave you roses for no reason at all and beens you are out of bed I guess we will have breakfast here. Oh yeah I called in sick today to stay home with you today. I was thinking about a ride down to the river."

"Oh, Walker, how did I ever get so lucky?"

"I ask myself that every time I see you."

The couple giggled as they started back into another kiss. Walker was right, life couldn't get any better except for being able to throw the covers back up over their heads!!!

This story is dedicated to the die-hard WAM fan, Froggie. I have given her a hard time about my other story which includes Dalton Reed. I have made cracks about DAMs and other things relating to my story. I thought I would make it up to you Froggie by writing you a WAM. I hope you like it!!!

The song "Me Too" is sung by Toby Keith and written by Toby Keith and Chuck Cannon.

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