Memories Revisited

By Cathy 

Cordell and Alex Walker were enjoying a quiet evening alone at C.D.'s Bar and Grill, when the owner and a dear friend of theirs C.D. Parker motioned to Walker indicating that he wanted to see him in the back. Although he hated leaving his wife, he went to see what his old friend and partner wanted.

"What is it C.D., why did you pull me away like that?" 

"I'm sorry Cordell, but I thought you had to know about this before it was too late." 

"What is it?"

"It's Marilee Summers, she called and said she was on her way here, she said that she needed to talk to you." 

"Marilee, what does she want after all of these years?" 

"Well, I don't know, but don't you think you should get Alex out of here before she gets here?" 

"C.D., what are you talking about? I'm not going to make Alex leave anywhere. Marilee and I were years ago, besides Alex is my wife." 

"Suit yourself Cordell, but I hope you know what you're doing son, there's nothing worse than two women fighting over one man." 

"No one is going to fight over anyone. Like I said, Alex is my wife, she doesn't need to fight for me."

"I hope you know what you're doing." 

Walker made his way back to the table to join his wife. When he returned she asked him what the problem was, but he didn't quite know how to bring it up so he said it was nothing. Just as he leaned in to kiss Alex, he glanced at the door and in walked Marilee Summers, looking just the same as she did all those years ago. Suddenly he felt maybe C.D. was right, maybe he should have gotten Alex out of there before, but now it was too late, she was headed right for him.

"Cordell, wow, you look great." 

"Marilee, it's been a long time." 

"Yes it has. Miss Cahill, it's nice to see you again, I never got a chance to thank you for all your help. I really appreciated it." 

"No problem, but it's Walker." 

"Excuse me?" 

"It's Mrs. Walker now." 

Marilee's statement went from shock to annoyance in just a few seconds. She never expected this, but she was determined not to let her anger show. She had to let on like it didn't bother her.

"Well, congratulations, both of you."

"Thank you." 

"So when did the two of you get married?" 

"About six months ago. What about you, are you married?"

"No, but the reason I came back to see you was I needed to talk to you about my ex husband again." 

"Why is there some problem with him?" 

Alex sat there listening and didn't like where this conversation was going. This woman was just too much. Years ago, she came slithering into town and took Walker by the heartstrings and didn't let go. She had him in a daze for a week and Alex stood back and watched. Her heart had broken as she watched the man she loved pine after another woman, but times had changed, she was Walker's wife now and she wasn't going to sit back and let Marilee get her claws into him again. She would defend what was hers with her last breath, although she didn't know why she was bothered by her, it was years ago and she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Walker loved her more than anything. Still, seeing her again bothered Alex.

"If you two need to talk alone, I can go and wait with C.D." 

"Honey; don't be silly, you don't have to go anywhere. Marilee, what is the problem with your ex husband?" 

"You remember how violent he was... well, things have gotten worse. When he got out of jail, he started making threats again and I thought maybe you could help me like the last time." 

'Oh, this can't be happening like the last time, over my dead body' Alex thought to herself. 'This woman wants him back, I can see it in her eyes and she doesn't seem to care that he's married either.'

"Marilee, I don't mean to be rude, but just what is it you want Walker to do? Protect you like last time, spend time with you, what?" 


"I'm sorry Walker, but I need to know what exactly she expects from you."

"Alex, I assure you it's nothing like that. I just thought maybe he could go and talk to him that's all." 

"Marilee, can't you find someone else to talk to him? I really don't have time, I have a busy caseload right now." 

Alex knew Walker didn't have a busy caseload. For some reason he didn't want to get involved, why? Didn't he trust himself around her? Memories of that time all those years ago came flooding back to her mind, the looks Walker gave her, the blatant display of affection, the washing of his truck, she wanted to be sick all over again. She needed to get out of there now; this was just too much to handle.

"Honey, I'll be right back. I need to freshen up a little." 

"Okay baby, don't be long." 

"Cordell, I must say I am a little surprised to see that you and the lovely Miss Cahill are married now." 

"Really, why?" 

"Well, she just doesn't seem to be your type that's all." 

"Oh and just who is my type, you Marilee?" 

"I didn't mean it that way." 

"Listen, let's get something straight right now, Alex is my wife, and I won't sit here while you say anything about her that I may take as the least bit negative. Do you understand?" 

"Yes, I'm sorry, I just didn't realize that you had feelings for her." 

"Marilee if you remember correctly, things almost happened between you and I back then, you know what I mean, but it was me who stopped it. At the time I didn't realize or admit it, but Alex was the reason. We were only friends then, but deep down I knew how I felt about her and to me it was like I would be betraying her, so nothing has really changed, I loved Alex then and I love her now.

"So are you saying you won't help me Cordell? I was really counting on you." 

"Marilee, I'll think about it okay?" 

"Okay, well I have to head out. I'll call you tomorrow at your office okay? Bye Cordell." 

Marilee left C.D.'s and headed for her car, she leaned against the hood trying to catch her breath. She knew she still loved him and she was sure he still had feelings for her. She had him once, wrapped around her little finger. All she had to do was get him there again and his lovely wife wouldn't know what hit her. Time, that's all she needed, a little time with Cordell alone and she had the patience to wait, he was worth it." 

Alex came out of the ladies' room to find Marilee gone. Walker could tell by the look on her face that she was none to happy with the old girlfriend showing up like that.

"Honey, are you okay?" 

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" 

"Well, I hope you're not upset about Marilee showing up like that." 

"Why should I be upset?" 

"Alex, I didn't mean anything by that. I was just worried about you that's all." 

"Walker, I'm fine, can we go home please? I suddenly feel tired." 

"Sure honey, let's go. I'll go and say goodbye to C.D., wait here." 

"C.D., Alex and I are going home, I'll see you tomorrow." 

"Cordell, how did everything go?" 

"Well, I think maybe you were right, I have a bad feeling about this whole thing." 

"Watch your back Cordell, like I said, there's nothing worse." 

"Okay C.D., see you later." 

The ride home in the Ram was unusually quiet, Walker knew Alex was not a happy camper, but the thing he didn't understand was why she seemed angry with him. He wasn't overly friendly to Marilee, he was cordial at best and he didn't exclude Alex from anything. As a matter of fact, he asked her to stay when she wanted to leave, so what had his wife so upset?

"Alex honey, are you mad at me?" 


'Oh great, one-word answers, this is going to be a long night.'

"Honey are you sure? You seem like your mad at me." 

"Walker, I said I wasn't mad, now could you please drop it?" 


Walker pulled the Ram up to the ranch and went around to open Alex's door, but she got out herself and walked ahead of him into the house and went straight upstairs. Walker started a fire in the fireplace. He didn't know what was bothering Alex, surely she wasn't jealous of Marilee, she had no reason to be. If he lived to be a hundred he would never understand women. He went upstairs to talk to his wife, he was sure she was mad and that always bothered him, he didn't like it when Alex was mad at him, he never did.

"Alex honey, I know you're mad at me, please talk to me." 

"Walker, I told you I'm not mad. I was just a little surprised to see that woman again, that's all." 

"I take it you’re talking about Marilee." 

"Yes, who else would I be talking about?" 

"Alex, come here." 

Alex went and sat on the bed with her husband; he put his arm around her and tried his best to make her understand some things.

"Honey, please don't be mad about Marilee showing up, she means nothing to me you know that. You are my wife and I love you more than anything in this world. You do know that don't you?" 

"Yes, I know and I love you too." 

Walker captured Alex's lips with his, grabbing her neck and deepening the kiss, he started unbuttoning her blouse, the flames of passion burning, he wanted her right now and she wanted him just as bad. As they sank onto the bed, the phone rang.

"Whoever that is, they're dead." 


"Cordell, I'm sorry to call you at home, but it's Waylon, he called me tonight and is making threats." 

"Marilee look, I told you I have a heavy case load." 

Alex got up and went in to take a shower. Walker had a disappointed look on his face and worry in his eyes. He hoped his wife was okay, but he was sure she wasn't and this call didn't help matters any.

"Maybe I could get another Ranger to help you with this, I just don't have the time." 

"Please Cordell, you know him, you know how he is." 

"Marilee, I can't talk about this right now. Like I told you tonight, I'll think about it. He would be stupid to try anything after he just got out of prison, don't worry about it tonight." 

"Look, I have to go, goodbye." 

Alex came out of the bathroom when Walker was hanging up the phone, he moved over to her, but she wasn't receptive to his touch.

"Honey, I'm sorry about that." 

"It's okay. I'm tired, I'm going to sleep, goodnight." 

"Walker kissed Alex goodnight and pulled her close, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He knew that phone call had upset her, he didn't know what to do about Marilee, he only hoped Alex knew how much he loved her and that she didn't have anything to worry about, ever.

He tried to put himself in Alex's place, if it had been an old boyfriend he would be acting the same way. As a matter of fact, Alex was a lot calmer then he would be, she deserved credit for holding it together so well, he only wished Marilee would let it go, he really didn't want to deal with her. 

Walker awoke in the morning and went to tend to the horses; he finished up and came upstairs to take a shower. Feeling refreshed, he went into the bedroom to find his wife sitting up in bed staring at him.

"Walker, I'm sorry about last night, that wasn't very nice of me." 

"It's okay hon, I understand." 

"No, I shouldn't have reacted that way when Marilee called, I acted like a school girl and I'm sorry"

"All is forgiven, but you know what? We still have time before we have to leave for work, do you want to pick up where we left off?" 

"Yeah, I love you Walker." 

"And I love you Mrs. Walker." 

Walker ran to the Ram, he was running late and so was Alex, they said their good-byes and headed off for work. Trivette was waiting for his partner when he got in, C.D. had filled him in on the Marilee Summers story and Trivette couldn't wait to hear from Walker what happened.

"Good morning partner." 

"Trivette, what's with the grin?" 

"Well, what's the story with Marilee?" 

"What do you mean, the story?" 

"What happened, is Alex still speaking to you? 

"Of course she's still speaking to me, but to be honest with you this whole thing is making me uncomfortable and upsetting my wife. I need to make it clear to Marilee that I am not going to help her with her ex husband she is going to have to find someone else. I can't have Alex upset every five minutes, I just hope she takes the hint." 

"Wow, to have two women fighting over you. This is great." 

"Trivette, no one is fighting over me, that's a ridiculous statement first of all and second of all I am married, to the love of my life, the most beautiful woman in the world. I just need to convince Marilee of that and get her off my back." 

"Well good luck partner, but I don't see the problem. Man to have two women fighting over you." 

"That's enough Trivette, now let's get some work done." 

The morning went by without too many problems, Walker and Trivette checked out a couple of leads, but all in all it was a slow day. They both had a lot of paper work to catch up on and today was a good day to do it, nothing much in the way of crime was happening so they both had stacks of folders in front of them. Walker was more or less buried under his when Trivette caught his attention.

"Walker, heads up man." 

"Cordell, I'm glad to find you in." 

"What is it Marilee?" 

"Well, like I told you last night, Waylon has been making threatening phone calls. I'm afraid he's going to come after me again." 

"Marilee, I don't know what to tell you, I could give you the name of another Ranger and maybe he could help you." 

"Cordell, what is it? Why won't you help me? Is it because your wife doesn't want you too, doesn't she trust you?" 

"Look, that doesn't have anything to do with it. I told you I just don't have the time." 

Trivette sat listening trying not to look, but this was just too interesting. This woman wouldn't let it go. He only wished he had seen the door open before it was too late.


"Well, well, Marilee isn't this convenient? It's not enough that you came to C.D.'s and called our house last night, but you show up here to talk to my husband too. Boy, this must really be important." 

"Alex, this isn't what it looks like." 

"And just what is it you think it looks like?"

"Marilee, if you'll excuse us, I need to talk to my wife in private. Like I said, I can't help you right now and I really wish you would respect that." 

"Okay Cordell, I'll be seeing you." 

"Come on honey, let's go to your office and talk in private." 

Walker led Alex down the hall and into her office shutting the door behind them

"Honey, look, I had no idea she was going to show up here today, I hope you believe me." 

"Walker, I don't know what that lady has in mind, but this I can tell you; it doesn't have anything to do with her ex husband it has something to do with my husband." 

"Alex, you can't be serious." 

"Oh yes I am, you my dear are a little too naive when it comes to the opposite sex. That woman wants you back and she doesn't care if you're married or not. I can see it in her eyes." 

"Well, that's just too bad for her, because I am married and I care. I care about you and no one else."

"Walker, she wants you back. Can't you see that?" 

"Honey all I see is you. I love you and only you. Marilee needs to get over it."

Trivette interrupted Walker, they needed to get going, a call had come in about a bank robbery in progress.

"I gotta go hon, see you later." 

Walker left and Alex tried to concentrate on her work. A knock on her door caused her to look up and Marilee Summers was standing in front of her.


"Alex, I think we need to talk." 

"And why is that?"

"Well, Cordell may be a little slow where certain things are concerned, but I can see that you're not." 

"That's right, I'm not."

"Well, I can tell you this; I want him back and I know I can get him too. I did it once before and I can do it again." 

"Get out." 

"Now, that's not very nice." 

"Listen Marilee; you have no idea what you're talking about. One thing I know is that Walker loves me, more than he has ever loved anyone and that includes you, so you didn't then and you don't now have any kind of chance with him. I suggest you pack up and go back under the rock you crawled out from."

"We'll see who wins in the end." 

"I already won, that's the one thing you don't seem to understand. Walker and I are married. If you knew him at all you would know what that meant to him." 

"Yeah, lots of men have been married and nowadays it doesn't mean a thing." 

"Well, it does to me and it does to my husband. Now, I asked you to leave, don't make me have you thrown out." 

"I'm leaving, but this isn't over Alex, I promise you that." 

"As far as I'm concerned it is." 

Marilee left and Alex tried to concentrate on her work, she pushed all of her papers onto the floor.

"Damn it, that woman has pushed me too far this time." 

Alex gathered up her papers, put them in her briefcase and headed out the door. She had court and she needed to be fully alert. She couldn't let this thing with Marilee cloud her judgment, she had prepared her case well and she was sure she would get a conviction. Court went well, she returned to her office and planned on seeing Walker before she headed home. Maybe they could go and have dinner first, she really needed to unwind it had been a hard day both professionally and personally. She couldn't get Marilee's words out of her mind.

"Trivette, what am I going to do about this thing with Marilee? I can't have her calling me at home and showing up at the office. I need to set things straight with her, I need to tell her to leave me alone." 

"Walker, do you want to tell me just how far things went between the two of you before?" 

"Not really." 

"Okay, I didn't mean to pry." 

"Not really, but I will. Marilee was very special to me; we spent time together at the ranch. She stayed there for a while when her ex husband was after her, one night things almost went too far, but I couldn't do it." 

"Really, why not?" 

"Well at the time, I really didn't know, but when I look back on it, I think it was because of Alex." 


"Yeah, I know that I dragged my feet about her and my feelings and everything, but deep in my heart I knew I loved her all along. I just didn't admit it to myself or to anyone else.

"Walker, what about when Marilee left? What if she hadn't gone? Do you think things would have turned out different?" 

"No, I don't think so. Like I said, I knew I had feelings for Alex. Marilee was more of a fling than anything else; it wasn't love, more of an infatuation. Did you ever have anything like that?" 

"Yeah, lots of times." 

"But I get the feeling Trivette that she is interested in me again or still I don't know, but I do know that Alex is not too happy about it. I need to put a stop to it now." 

"Walker, I watched Alex during the time Marilee was here before, she loved you then man, you just didn't see it. Alex was heartbroken watching the two of you right in front of her and do you remember when I mentioned about you washing your truck? The look on her face said it all and now she has to look at her all over again, this must be killing her." 

"Trivette, Alex is my wife, she can't possibly be jealous of Marilee now." 

"Man, you know nothing about women. How did you ever manage to get married in the first place?" 

"I'm lucky partner, very lucky." 

"That you are my friend. Just put an end to this before it gets anymore out of hand."

Alex went home and started fixing dinner. She wasn't going to mention to Walker her little talk with Marilee this afternoon; she wasn't going to give her the satisfaction. She knew she was right, she knew all along Marilee wanted him back, she was nothing but a snake in the grass. Alex was banging together all kinds of pots and pans when Walker came in and snuck up behind her.

"Honey, don't you ever make noise?" 

"Well, you wouldn't have heard me anyway with all the racket you're making." 

"I'm sorry, I was looking for the long dish for lasagna, and I can't find it." 

"Alex, it's right here, are you okay?" 

"Yeah, I had a long day that's all. I'm glad you're home though." 

"Me too. How about after dinner we light a fire and snuggle by the fireplace? I missed you today." 

"Sounds great, wanna make some salad?" 

"Sure, let me wash up first and I'm all yours."

Walker returned and helped Alex finish dinner. They both knew how lucky they were, they had found a love like no other and they were totally devoted to each other. Outside forces had tried to break them up before, and nothing had ever worked, even before they took their wedding vows. Now it was a total commitment to each other. They loved and respected each other, but most of all they were both totally aware of the fact that the other was and always would be completely faithful, neither ever had to worry about that. Walker had, as promised, lit the fire and they snuggled together staring at the flames and content in each other's arms. Walker leaned in to kiss his wife. As the kiss deepened, he picked her up and headed up stairs. There was a knock on the door and slowly putting Alex down he went to answer it.

"Marilee, what are you doing here?" 

"I'm so sorry Cordell," she said through her tears, "but it's Waylon. I told you this would happen, he came after me tonight." 

Walker could see the bruises on her face and he offered her to come in and sit a minute. Alex went and got some ice, although she wasn't falling for this even for a minute.

"Here Marilee, put this on your cheek, it will help." 

"Thank you Alex," she said in the most sincere voice.

"Cordell, please will you help me?" 

"I'll see what I can do, I can't promise you anything, but I will try." 

Alex couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could he fall for such a completely transparent act as this? Couldn't he see what she was doing? She was playing on his sense of honor, his sense of right and wrong and he was falling for it, hook, line and sinker.

"Well, thank you, I really appreciate it. I guess I should be going." 

"I'll go and talk to him tomorrow and I'll be in touch." 

"Thank you Cordell, thank you so much." 

Marilee left and Walker locked the door and turned off the lights, his wife stood on the steps staring at him, when he turned around she headed up stairs with Walker following close behind.

"Alex, wait." 

"Wait? What the hell was that?" 


"I'm sorry Walker, but what was that? Didn't you see the act she was putting on?"

"What act"? 

"Oh forget it, I can't believe you can't see through her." 

"Alex, are you saying her ex husband didn't come after her?" 

"Yes, that's what I'm saying. She is playing you like a violin and you are falling for it." 

"Honey, what are you talking about?" 

"Walker, I wasn't going to say anything to you, but now I don't feel like I have any choice. I was paid a visit today by the innocent Miss Summers and let me tell you she isn't innocent at all." 

"What do you mean? What happened?" 

"Well, she came to my office and told me she wanted you back. She said I wasn't going to stand in her way and she got you once and she would do it again. Do you still think she only wants you to help with her ex husband?" 

"Alex, she said that to you?"

"Yes and other things too, but that's not even important. What is important is that she just had you believing her little sob story. I watched it with my own eyes." 

"Alex, let me ask you something and I want an honest answer." 

"Okay, I never lie to you Walker." 

"I know. Alex, do you trust me?" 

"Of course I do, with my life, you know that." 

"No, I mean, do you trust me?" 

"Walker, what are you asking me?"

"I am asking you if you trust me. I mean do you trust me to be faithful to you?" 

"Of course I do, you know that. I have never not trusted you." 

"Well, then why is Marilee bothering you so much? If you know me and you know I would never betray you that way, why does she bother you?" 

"Walker, I do trust you and I do know that you would never be unfaithful to me, but that doesn't change the fact that another woman wants my husband and I don't mean to have tea with. She wants you. She wants you to be with her, she wants you in her bed and I saw the way you were with her before." 

"Alex, honey, that has nothing to do with now, please believe me, I love you." 

"I know, but sometimes things happen." 

"Not with me they don't. I would never do that to you or to our marriage. You are the most important thing in the world to me; nothing can ever change that. Tomorrow I will tell Marilee that I can't help her and I don't want her bothering me anymore." 


"Yes, really. It's not worth you getting upset over. She is just going to have to find someone else to help her out this time, I can't do it." 

"Thank you, honey." 

"You're welcome. Now come over here, I missed you today. Do you need me to prove my love to you?"

"No, I believe you, but you can prove it if you want to."

"Oh, I want to believe me." 

Walker took his wife in his arms and gently lay her down on the bed when the phone rang.

"Oh that's it! That better not be who I think it is." 

"Alex, do you want to answer it?" 

"Yes I would." 

"Go ahead honey, she's all yours." 


"Alex, this is Marilee, is Cordell there, can I speak to him please?" 

"Well Marilee," Alex said giving Walker the raised eyebrow, "he's kinda busy right now, do you want me to give him a message?" 

"No thank you, I'll talk to him tomorrow." 

"Okay, but as long as I have you on the phone, I'm afraid you are going to have to find someone else to help you out with your ex husband. Walker is just too busy and he would prefer it if you didn't bother him again. Do I make myself clear?" 

"Crystal, but I don't give up that easily. Like I said, I had him before and I'll do it again." 

"Goodbye, Marilee." 

Alex hung up the phone, and then took it off the hook. "Now where were we?" 

"Right here," he answered as he took her in his arms once again to finish what he started.

The next day: 

"I'm telling you Trivette; this is getting out of hand. Marilee showed up at my house last night, she called after Alex and I went to bed and I'm afraid to think of what she's going to do next." 

"Walker, is Alex okay with all of this?" 

"Not really, I try to reassure her and she seems to accept it, but I don't know what kinda stunt that woman is going to pull next. She won't take no for an answer." 

No sooner had he got the words out of his mouth than his phone rang.


"Cordell, I need to see you. Can you meet me somewhere?"

"Marilee, what is it? I thought Alex told you last night, I can't help you." 

"Please, Cordell, I need to see you, it's important." 

"Okay, when and where?" 

"Meet me at Dawson's, at noon." 

"Okay, see you then." 

"Walker, what are you doing man, you're going to meet her?" 

"Trivette, I need to put an end to this and I'm going to do it in person and by myself. She's going to get the message believe me."

"Well good luck Walker, you're going to need it." 

"I know." 

Walker left to meet Marilee at Dawson's. He arrived right on time and she was waiting for him.

"Thanks for coming Cordell, I appreciate it." 

"Yeah, well don't mention it. What is this about? I have to get back." 

"I just wanted to apologize for all the trouble I've been causing you lately. I only wanted to get my ex husband off my back and you helped me before. I didn't think it would be a problem this time, but I guess I was wrong." 

"Marilee, let me explain something to you and make sure you listen." 

"Do you want to order some lunch?" 

"No, now listen to me."

Alex was taking the new District Attorney to lunch. They were planning on having a quiet lunch at Dawson's where they could discuss an upcoming case, but as she went to pull in, she saw the Ram. Wondering why Walker would be here for lunch, she parked and exited her car. Heading for the restaurant, she opened the door and there he was, sitting in a booth with that woman. Alex's eyes filled with tears and she bee lined it for the door. Her fellow attorney didn't even see what happened, Alex just told him she felt ill and needed to get back, they would reschedule their lunch for another time. She headed back to her office as fast as her car would get her there.

'What was he doing there with her? He promised me he would put an end to it today. Why was he having lunch with her? Walker, you better have a damn good explanation for this.'

"Marilee, once a long time ago, we had something and I don't deny that, but it was a long time ago. I am married to Alex. I love her and nothing is ever going to change that. I take my marriage vows very seriously, so you need to get this notion of you and I together out of your mind. It's not going to happen now or ever. Alex is my wife and I don't think she needs to feel threatened by you. I want you to leave me alone and stop calling me and coming by the house." 

"Walker, why would your wife feel threatened by me? If she was so secure in your relationship anything I could say or do wouldn't matter." 

"Well, obviously you have said and done a lot haven't you. Where do you get off telling Alex that you want me back and you think you can do it? What gives you the right to harass my wife with that nonsense?" 

"Cordell, I didn't mean anything by it." 

"Save it, Marilee. I know exactly what you meant. I may be a little slow when it comes to women, but I can see when something isn't right and this isn't right. Now this is the last time I am going to say it. I can't help you, please leave me alone. I don't need this to get any uglier than it already has. What we had all those years ago ended when you left. Alex is the only woman I will ever love, you need to move on with your life." 

"You don't mean that Cordell." 

"Yes I do, now I have to go, don't bother me again." 

Walker made his way out when the maitre d' stopped him at the door.

"Mr. Walker, did your wife find you?" 


"Your wife, I saw her come in earlier and then she was gone. I assumed she was looking for you." 


"Yes, did I say something wrong?" 

"No, Josh that's okay, I'll take care of it, thank you." 

Walker went by Alex's office and she wasn't there, her secretary told him she went home early because she was sick. He only hoped that she would listen to him. He agreed to meet to Marilee to talk to her and get her to leave him alone and Alex most likely took it the wrong way. He only hoped he could talk himself out of this, this couldn't be good. He left work early and hoped Alex would understand why he was with Marilee at Dawson's.

"Honey, are you here? Alex?" 

"Walker, I'm upstairs." 

Walker went up to their bedroom to find Alex laying on the bed, her head resting on his pillow." 

"Honey, are you okay?" 

He could see that she had been crying and his heart was breaking for her, knowing what she had been thinking.

"Alex, I know you were at Dawson's today and I know what you think you saw." 

"Walker, I told you I trust you, I don't think anything." 

"Alex, please look at me, I need to explain this to you." 

"There's nothing to explain. You were having lunch with Marilee Summers, what's to explain?" 

"Why I was there with her for one thing." 

"Okay, why were you there with her?"

"She called and wanted to meet with me and I saw an opportunity to set her straight, that's why I went. I told her to leave me alone, to find someone else to help with her husband and that I knew all about the talk she had with you. I didn't have anything to eat and I left and I told her that you were the only woman I would ever love and that's it." 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yes, do you believe me?" 

"Yes, I love you. I don't know why that woman bothers me so much." 

"Honey, you know you are the only one for me, don't ever doubt my love for you. It hurts me to think that you would think I could hurt you in any way, I would rather die than see one tear in your eyes that was caused by me."

"Walker, I love you." 

"I love you too baby. How about we go to C.D.'s tonight? He has some entertainment playing and we can relax a little." 

"Sounds good, let me get a shower and get ready." 

Walker and Alex arrived at C.D.'s. Trivette and Josie were there and as they walked to the table Walker saw the poster for the entertainment.

"Oh god, it can't be." 

"Honey what is it?" 

"Alex, look at that." 

"Oh god, no." 

"Wait until I see C.D. Is he nuts or what? Marilee is the entertainment. I'm going to have a long talk with that man." 

"Now calm down honey, we can handle this." 

"Alex, if you want to leave it's okay." 

"No, I'm not going to let her force me out of here; I'm better than that. She's the one who should feel uncomfortable, not me." 

"That's my girl, let's get a table." 

The evening progressed nicely, Marilee sang some everyday country songs and Walker and Alex enjoyed the company of their friends. That was until she wanted to make a dedication.

"Oh no, she wouldn't." 

"Walker, what is she doing?" 

"I don't know honey, but don't worry about it. How bad can it be?" 

"Can I have everyone's attention please? I have a special song going out to someone tonight, Cordell this is for you." 

"Walker, is she insane?" 

"Honey; don't let it bother you. Do you want to leave?" 

"No, I can handle this, it's okay." 

With all I've been blessed with in this life

There was emptiness in me

I was imprisoned by the power of gold

With one honest touch you set me free

Let the world stop turning

Let the sun stop burning

Let them tell me loves not worth going through

If it all falls apart I will know deep in my heart

The only dream that mattered had come true

In this life I was loved by you 

Marilee was moving from the stage toward Walker. He wanted to die. This was too much and the look on Alex's face was one of sheer disgust. How could this woman do this? She was singing this song to her husband in front of everyone and Alex was fast loosing her patience. She wanted to crawl in a hole and die and Walker was not amused. She obviously didn't care how much this was hurting his wife, he wanted to grab the microphone and shove it down her throat, but he kept his cool, for now. He couldn't believe this was happening. Trivette leaned over in Walkers direction.

"Walker, you have to stop this, look at your wife." 

"What do you want me to do?" 

"I don't know, but Alex is totally humiliated. Everyone in here knows you and your history with Marilee. This is bad man. How can you let her do this to her?" 

"Don't worry Trivette, I will have my say." 

For every mountain I have climbed

Every raging river crossed

You were the treasure that I longed to find

Without your love I would be lost

Let the world stop turning

Let the sun stop burning

Let them tell me love's not worth going through

If it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart

The only dream that mattered had come true

In this life I was loved by you

In this life I was loved by you 

Marilee continued with her next song. Alex got up and walked out the front door. This was the most embarrassing moment she ever had to endure. Standing in the rain, Walker came up behind her.

"Alex, I don't know what to say. I'm so sorry you had to go through that." 

"Walker, why? Why did she do that? How could she do that to you?" 

"Honey, don't worry about me, it's you I'm worried about." 

"Walker, I just watched that woman sing a love song to my husband, reliving memories of the love she had and still has for you."

Alex tried going on, but the rain and her tears were making it almost impossible.

"I need to get out of here, I just want to go home. Come on honey, let's go." 

"One second I will be right back, wait in the truck." 


"Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it." 

Walker went back into C.D.'s and right up to Marilee who was still singing. Grabbing the microphone out of her hand and addressing the crowd, which consisted mostly of his colleagues and friends. Looking at Trivette, he got a wink of approval. Being his partner, he knew that the display Marilee just put on had caused his wife a deep hurt and Walker wouldn't tolerate it, he needed to have his say. 

"Marilee that was some display you just put on. In front of my wife no less and many of my friends, but now it's my turn." 


"No C.D., something has to be done about this. My wife was outside crying because of this woman and her love song to me. How dare you put my wife through that? You came here for one reason, to try and get me back, but you left years ago and that was the end of it. For some reason you can't accept the fact that I don't love you. I didn't love you then and I don't love you now. And one more thing, don't ever come near my wife or me again. Do you hear me?

I said, do you hear me?"


"Good, sorry everyone for the interruption, but I couldn't sit back and let her get away with this." 

Everyone applauded with shouts of 'way to go Walker.' The people in the room were his friends. They all knew what Alex meant to him and how she must be feeling and they stood by their friend and cheered him on. Walker gave the microphone back to Marilee, said his apologies to C.D. and goodbye to Trivette and Josie, heading out to take Alex home. He felt better, it needed to be done and he had done it. Now maybe she would get the message and leave him alone once and for all.

The sound of the door opening broke Alex out of her trance.

"Honey, what did you do?" 

"Oh nothing." 


"Alex, let's just say, I got the last word in that's all. I don't think we need to worry about Marilee Summers again. Alex?" 


"I'm sorry honey, I love you." 

"I love you too baby, now let's go home." 

"You got it." 

'Just who the hell does he think he is? Him and his precious little wife. Well, we will just see about that, he needs to be brought back down to earth. She's got his head in the clouds. How dare he embarrass me like that? He didn't care what he did to me, just what was done to his darling little Alex, the love of his life, the only one he will ever love. I'll show him.' 

Walker and Alex pulled in the driveway and Walker shut off the truck.

"Alex, are you alright? You were quiet on the way home." 

"Yeah honey, I'm okay." 

"Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, let's go inside." 

"Do you want to sit on the porch for a while? We could snuggle on the swing. How's that sound?" 

"Sounds great." 

Walker sat on the porch swing and motioned Alex to sit between his legs. He put his arms around her and his head next to hers, breathing in the scent of her hair, he kissed her neck, and nibbled on her ear.



"I know I said this already, but I really am sorry about tonight. I had no idea she would do something like that, it was totally uncalled for." 

"It's okay Walker, really. I was shocked at first, I mean to get up in front of all our friends and sing something like that to you, but I know how much you love me and she is living in a fantasy world." 

"Alex, do you want me to tell you about Marilee and I back then? I will if you want to hear it?" 

"Why? Do you want to tell me?" 

"I think I do. There are some things I want you to know. I don't want you having the wrong idea about us." 

"Okay, if you want to, go ahead." 

"Alex, I had feelings for Marilee, I admit that and I know now that I was very insensitive to your feelings back then. I did tell you how much you meant to me when I went after Bodine, but I didn't realize what your feelings were for me back then and to parade Marilee around like that in front of you was rude of me and I'm sorry."

"Walker, that was a long time ago, all is forgotten." 

"I'm still sorry. I must have hurt you and I never want to do that, but you need to know something else. When she was staying at the ranch we got pretty close and one night..." 

"Walker, I don't think I want to hear this." 

"No honey, its okay really, we almost made love, but something stopped me." 

"Something stopped you? What was it?" 

"It was you." 


"Yeah, deep in my heart and soul I knew I loved you even then. I just couldn't admit it to myself at the time. I didn't know what stopped me, but I did later on. I knew I always loved you and even though I was hurt when Marilee left, I got over it pretty fast, but I still never told you then how I felt. I guess part of me tried to protect you and the other part of me didn't think you felt the same and I guess I was protecting my heart from being torn apart. If you didn't feel the same way, I could spare myself a lot of pain by never telling you how I felt, but that was wrong too. I should have said something to you from the beginning."

"Honey, thank you for telling me this. I must admit I always wondered what happened between the two of you and I am sorry to admit that I am really glad that you never made love to her."

"You know what honey? I am too. I listened to my heart and my heart told me no." 

"Walker, I love you so much, I hope you know just how much. I am nothing without you." 

"Me too, baby me too. Let's go to bed, it's getting late." 

"Come on, I'll help you up, old man"

"Old man? I'll show you who's old." With that, Walker picked Alex up and ran up the stairs to their bedroom, shutting the door behind him. 

Just as they made their way onto the bed the phone rang.

"Oh no, not again." 

"I'll get it." 


"Cordell, you shouldn't have embarrassed me tonight like you did. We had something once and I know you still feel it, I could tell when I was singing to you, but all you had on your mind was that precious little wife of yours. Well, soon you won't be so smug, that I promise you." Marilee said her piece and hung up. 

"Walker, was that...?" 


"What did she say?" 

"Nothing, don't worry about it." 

"What did she say?" 

"She said we had something once and she thinks I still feel something for her, but all I have on my mind is you and I won't be so smug soon she will see to that." 

"Walker, what did you do at C.D.'s?" 

"All I did was set the record straight. I told her what she did was wrong and she couldn't accept the fact that I didn't love her and I never did." 

"Oh man, she must be pretty upset." 

"Who cares?" 

Walker's words to his wife said 'who cares,' but Marilee's words did not set well with him. Just what was she going to do next? She was really getting on his nerves and he had no idea how to stop her. 

Marilee Summers sat in her car outside the courthouse. She waited patiently for Cordell Walker and his partner James Trivette to leave the building. She had some unfinished business with Mrs. Walker. There was no way she was going to forget about this. Finally, after what seemed like forever. Walker and Trivette got in the Ram and left. She made her way up the courthouse steps and towards the ADA's office. Finding Alex just outside the Ranger's offices, she grabbed her arm and jerked her around

"Marilee what the hell are you doing here?" 

"We have unfinished business Alex." 

"I think you should leave before I call security." 

"Not this time, we are going to finish our little talk." 

"Get out of here now." 

"You think you can just take my man away from me? When I left, Cordell and I weren't through; we had something. Both of us knew it and it was something real and special.

"You're deluded." 

"Really, well what did he tell you about our time together? If he told you anything at all." 

By now the Ranger door was open and half the office was listening, someone wondered if they should close the door, others wondered if they should call Walker and get him over here before someone gets hurt, and still another thought, man, that Walker has all the luck, two beautiful women fighting over him. 

"I know all about your time together, which consisted of about two weeks. How much could possibly happen in two weeks, Marilee? Walker and I have been together for eight years; we have something real and special. The only thing you have that's special is your delusions about my husband." 

"They aren't delusion my dear, Walker and I were in love and if he denies it, he is just as deluded as I am." 

"He was never in love with you, I know that for a fact." 

"Why because he told you that? You believe everything he tells you?" 

"Yes I do, Walker doesn't lie." 

"And I suppose he told you we never made love too didn't he?" 

Alex didn't want to answer that, she knew she would be playing right into her hands and this woman was slowing falling apart; she didn't know what she would do.

Meanwhile, the commotion in the office was growing. Everyone was listening and they started gathering in the hallway too. Everyone's curiosity was peaking; seemed like Marilee had Alex over a barrel. Did Walker or didn't he? That was the question on everyone's mind.

"Well, Mrs. Walker, what did he tell you, that he and I were never together like that? Do you want me to give you a description of his bedroom, what kind of sheets he had on his bed, the candles he keeps in there?" 

The slap came so hard; Marilee didn't even see it coming.

"You bitch, get out of here right now before I have you thrown out for good!" 

"Truth hurts Mrs. Walker doesn't it? To find out that your precious husband was with me after all, after he told you he wasn't. How does it feel to be lied to? Do you want any more details?"

"As a matter of fact I do." 

"Really? Well go ahead. I can tell you anything you want to know. He is a fantastic lover, but I guess I don't have to tell you that; that is unless you're not as good as I am." 

"Okay Marilee, if you know so much, tell me this." 

"What is it?" 

"Walker has a birthmark, where is it?"

Marilee didn't know what to say, she had no idea he had a birthmark and to make matters worse she had no idea where it was. She thought Alex may be bluffing so she took it as a bluff. 

"He doesn't have one; you're bluffing." 

"Oh am I? Now get out." 

"Well, if he has one where is it Alex?" 

"I know where it is. The problem here is that you don't. You are nothing but a lying little bitch who is living in a fantasy world. You and Walker never made love and you know it as well as I do."

After that, Alex grabbed Marilee and threw her into the elevator, sending her on her way. When the doors closed, the Ranger office erupted into applause.

"Way to go Alex! You showed her!"

Walker and Trivette were coming up the stairs wondering what the heck was going on. When they went into the office, everyone was cheering and yelling.

"Walker, you should have seen your wife give it to that little tramp." 

"What are you talking about?" 

"That Marilee Summers was here and she was egging Alex on, claiming to have slept with you and how she knew all the stuff in your bedroom."

"What? You can't be serious." 

"Oh yeah, but your wife handled her like a pro, no wonder she's so good in the courtroom. She hit her below the belt if you know what I mean." 

"Where is my wife now?" 

"She went back to her office." 

Walker took off leaving Trivette to get all the gory details, which everyone was only too happy to fill him in on.

Alex was sitting at her desk shaking when Walker came in.

"Honey, what the heck happened around here?" 

Alex jumped from her chair and into his arms. She was so upset she didn't know what to do, Marilee had her so upset all she could do was cry.

"Walker, it was awful. She cornered me outside of the Ranger office. She was shouting at me and making all kinds of claims. She said she made love to you, she knew all about your bedroom she told me you lied to me, but I didn't believe her, so finally I got to the truth." 

"Alex, I told you Marilee and I never made love, why did you believe her?" 

"She was so convincing, and then it came to me, I knew how to find out the truth." 

"What did you do?" 

"I asked her where your birthmark was." 

"You're kidding, what made you think of that?" 

"Well, you know where it is and I know where it is but no one else does, unless..." 


"Walker, I had to know if she knew and she didn't. She thought I was bluffing." 

"Wow, remind me never to be on opposite sides with you honey."

"Yeah well, I have had enough of cross examining for one day. Please take me home." 

"Okay, let's get you out of here. I'll go tell Trivette I'm taking you home." 

"Okay, oh and Walker." 


"When we get home I may need to get a closer look at that birthmark." 

Walkers face turned red, Alex always knew how to make him blush and she was good at it.

"Honey, you get to see it up close and personal, but only you." 

"Good, let's keep it that way." 

"Trivette, I'm going to take Alex home, she is pretty upset." 

"Okay, Walker, oh and by the way, I have a question for you." 

"What is it?" 

"Just where is this birthmark of yours?" 

"Trivette, believe me you are never going to see it." 

"Got it. Now go take care of your little champ and I'll see you tomorrow." 

"Okay, see you tomorrow."

Walker and Alex were spending a quiet evening at home, both trying to forget the events of the last few days. Ever since Marilee Summers strutted back into town their lives have been turned upside down. Walker had been put in a position where he had to constantly defend himself and Alex had been put in a position where she questioned her husbands love and fidelity. She had never questioned either before, but this woman pushed all of her buttons and she was glad it was finally over. She was sure they had seen the last of Marilee Summers. Alex was proud of herself; she really let her have it today in the courthouse. Marilee singing a love song to Walker was the last straw. She had been so upset she couldn't let her know how she felt that night, but today she had her chance and she held nothing back finally showing her who she was dealing with and proving to everyone who really knew Walker and who didn't. She hoped she never had to deal with that woman again. 

Walker arrived at the office the next morning to the continued hoops and hollers. After telling everyone that he heard enough and everyone needed to get back to work, Trivette zeroed in on him.

"Okay Walker, no jokes from me, I was there the other night remember? I saw what Marilee's little display did to Alex and I really felt bad for her and for you. How did you ever get involved with that woman in the first place?" 

"Like I said Trivette, it was an infatuation and that's all, nothing more. Now can we drop this subject? I have heard and seen enough of Marilee Summers to last me two lifetimes. Hopefully she got the hint and is headed out of town as we speak."

'I know you still love me Cordell, I can see it in your eyes. That wife of yours is no damn good. What did she turn you into anyway? When I was in Dallas before, you could think of nothing but helping me and taking care of me and now you don't want anything to do with me. These few years couldn't have changed you that much. It's her, she is the problem and I think its time that I eliminated my competition. If I can just get rid of her, I know you will come back to me and we can be together just like we were always supposed to be. I never should have left. My career didn't go any place anyway and by the time that sank in, it was too late. I couldn't come crawling back telling you I didn't make it, I wanted to make you proud of me the way I was of you. I need to get you back. Your wife has got to go. I am going to have to do it myself, and I will. 

Alex returned to the ranch after her court adjourned for the day. The rest of her caseload was light and she wanted to come home and take a little rest before Walker came home. Walking up the steps of the ranch something gave her an uneasy feeling.

"Walker's Cherokee must be rubbing off on me, I need to talk to him about it," she said with a slight chuckle.

When she opened the front door, all statement was gone from her face. Someone had been in the house and completely ransacked everything. Alex walked around picking up broken picture frames; ones containing pictures of her and Walker. Gifts from their wedding, vases and decorations that friends and family had given them were broken into a million pieces. As her tears fell, she was almost in a state of shock.

"Why would someone do this? How could they do this to our home?" 

Alex made her way upstairs clinging to a photograph of her and Walker on their wedding day; it had been torn to shreds. As she reached their bedroom, their bed comforter was slashed and so were most of her clothes. Everything from her dressing table was thrown on the floor; perfume bottles were broken and smashed against the walls. Still crying, she reached for the phone to call her husband.

"Not so fast Alex." 
Marilee! What have you done?" 

"I am getting rid of you! Everything that will remind him of you is gone; your clothes, the smell of your perfume and the wedding gifts. I am going to put this house back to the way it used to be before you invaded my space." 

"You're insane, how could you do something like this?" 

"It was easy; I just started downstairs and worked my way up. It wasn't hard to pick out your stuff; now I'm going to take it all out back and burn it." 

"Get out of here before I call Walker!" 

Alex reached for the phone and Marilee grabbed it out of her hand and pulled it out of the wall throwing it across the room. 

"You have to go away and this is the only way I can get you to leave." 

"I'm not going anywhere." 

"Oh, but you are. I will be living with Cordell now and soon he will forget you and he will be mine forever. You shouldn't have embarrassed me Alex; you humiliated me in front of everyone." 

"I humiliated you? How did you think I felt when you sang that song to my husband right in front of me? Did you think he was just going to get up and take you in his arms? You need to get a grip on reality Marilee; you need professional help."

"He loved me! I know he did!" 

"He never loved you, why can't you understand that? Leave him alone." 

"I can't do that. I love him and we belong together." 

Marilee pulled the gun she had in her pocket out and pointed it towards Alex. There was a struggle, both women trying to get the upper hand. They fell down the stairs and Alex was the first to get up. She kicked Marilee and pushed her against the wall. As the struggle continued, they both fought to get the gun. It went off and Alex fell to the ground. Marilee managed to pick herself up. She didn't know what to do. She had to get rid of her and fast. It was approaching the time when Walker would probably be coming home. She dragged Alex out the door and pulled her out into the back yard. Throwing her into a clump of trees, she left her there to die. Marilee pulled herself together and left the ranch. She headed back to the hotel she was staying at and waited for Walker to come for her. She knew that once Alex was out of the way he would realize who he truly loved.

"Walker do you and Alex want to go to C.D.'s tonight? There's no entertainment." 

"Funny, Trivette. I'll ask her and if she's okay with it sure. We can meet you there around eight." 

"Sounds good, give me a call when you get home and we can make arrangements then." 

"Will do, talk to you later." 

"Okay, bye." 

Walker headed home; he didn't get to see Alex today. She was busy in court and he was out working on a case. Maybe it would be a good idea to go out tonight, they could really use to be in the company of their friends, they were always so supportive and understanding especially in times of trouble. Walking up the steps of the ranch Walker got an uneasy feeling, when he opened the front door, his heart was in his throat, he called to Alex over and over again but got no response. Quickly picking up the phone, the line was dead. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed Trivette.


"Get out to the ranch now! Alex is missing and the whole place has been ransacked!" 

"I'm on my way." 

Walker went through the house. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Everything that was his and Alex's was destroyed, their wedding pictures and many special momentos that meant a great deal to both of them. The sight that upset him the most was what he found upstairs, their bed was in shreds and all of Alex's things were broken and thrown all over the place, her clothes were all cut up and all over the room. Walker sat on the floor and held his head in total disbelief.

"Alex, where are you? " he screamed just as Trivette came through the front door. 

"Oh my god! Walker, where are you man? What the hell happened in here?" 

"I'll tell you what happened, Marilee Summers, that's what. She did this. I know it! Alex is missing; I have to find her! Get an APB out on Marilee. I want her picked up now!"

"You got it. Where is Alex? Do you think she has even seen this yet?" 

"Trivette, her car is in the driveway, she was here."

"Get Marilee Summers in custody, I want her in jail. She is going to pay for this and she better tell me where my wife is or I'll kill her myself." 

Walker's neighbors came over to take care of the horses and let Ranger and Angel roam for a while. He went to headquarters to take care of Marilee. 

"Tell me where my wife is Marilee. Tell me right now!" 

"Cordell, why do you care anyway? Now we can be together." 

"You bitch!" he screamed at her while grabbing her by the throat. Luckily Trivette came in just in time.

"Walker, don't to it man, she's not worth it." 

"Get her out of my sight." 

"Walker, we'll find her, I know we will." 

"She'll already be dead." 


"I said, she will already be dead. It will be too late by the time you find her." 

"What did you do to Alex Marilee! Tell me now!" 


"Tell me or I'll kill you with my bare hands! I swear I will!" 

"I shot her Cordell, I shot your precious Alex." 

"You did what?" 

Walker lunged for Marilee and Trivette had a guard get her out of there before Walker did something he would pay a high price for.

Walker went back to the ranch. He tried picking up the stuff around the house; maybe it would help if he put the house back together. He went upstairs and started picking up Alex's clothes. Holding onto them he sank down and sobbed,

"Alex, I'm so sorry. How could anyone do this to you? Where are you baby? I have to find you before it's too late. I love you so much, please come back to me, don't leave me Alex." 

Walker was startled by the commotion going on outside, Angel was whinnying up a storm, and something had her spooked. Walker made his way to his wife's horse. 

"What is it girl? Something spook you?" 

The horse kept it up, nudging Walker as she raced around the pasture.

"Angel, come here girl, what is it?" 

Walker didn't waste any time. He knew all to well the power of his animals and this horse was trying to tell him something. He hopped on Angel and let her lead the way. Arriving at the back of the house near a row of trees, Angel stopped suddenly. As Walker got off the horse, something was driving him towards a clump of trees on the north side of the house.

"Oh my god! Alex, honey!" 

Walker quickly checked Alex for a pulse, it was faint but it was there. She had lost a great deal of blood and was extremely pale. He picked her up and headed to the house.

"Hang on baby. Everything is going to be all right. Don't leave me Alex, please stay with me. Help is on the way." 

Walker picked up his phone and dialed dispatch.


"This is Ranger Walker; my wife has been shot. I need a medivac at my ranch right away, please hurry!" 

"10-4 Ranger, medivac is on its way."

"Thank you." 
"Alex, hold on honey. You're going to be okay, I promise. I found you in time I know I did. I can't lose you Alex. Please hold on." 

The medivac arrived in record time. Walker watched as his wife's condition was assessed and they got ready to transport her. He climbed into the helicopter and quickly dialed Trivette.


"Trivette, I found Alex. She has been shot and she was left on the ranch in a clump of trees." 

"What? Oh my god, is she...?" 

"She's alive, thank god! I want charges filed on Marilee Summers, attempted murder, get it done now." 

"You got it partner. I'll meet you at the hospital." 

Walker took Alex's hand in his; visions of her being shot by Storm came flooding back. She was paler this time and he had no idea how long she had been out there. 'How could she do this? She left my wife outside to die. What kind of a monster is that woman? If Alex dies, I will kill her myself. I don't care what it costs me. I'll have nothing left anyway.'

"Hang on baby, we're almost there. You're going to be all right, just hang on for me Alex. Please don't die, I love you baby, please fight for me, please Alex, don't die on me." 

Walker exited the helicopter. Four doctors were on alert and ready when they landed. They were throwing out all kinds of instructions and taking his wife away. He wanted to go with her, to stay with her in case, but he couldn't think like that. Alex needed him to be strong, she couldn't feel him falling apart, and he needed to stay strong for her.

Trivette arrived at the hospital, he informed Walker that the charges were filed, but without Alex's testimony it was just not going to stick, they had no witnesses.

"Alex will identify her. Just as soon as she's okay, she is going to be okay." "Walker." 

"God, I hope so Trivette, I can't lose her." 

"Walker, how did you ever find her?" 


"Alex's horse?" 

"Yeah, she was whinnying and carrying on outside. When I went to check on her, she nudged me like she wanted to show me something. Her mistress had been hurt and she needed to get help. That's one smart and protective animal and she was the best thing I ever got Alex. That I know."

Trivette tried to keep Walker calm, he was pacing and antsy he couldn't relax and the more he tried the worse he got. All the talk in the world would not calm him down. He was questioning everyone that walked by, he needed to find out how Alex was, he needed to know that she was going to be okay. Hours went by and still no word from any doctor. Walker was losing his patience fast. He needed to know how Alex was; the wait was tearing him apart. By this time C.D., Sydney and Gage had come to sit with them and wait. That was all any of them could do. The look on Walker's face was breaking their hearts. Alex was everything to him and they all knew it. They didn't know how to comfort him so they said nothing and just waited.

Finally, after what seemed like days, the doctor came looking for Walker.

"Ranger Walker." 

"How is my wife?" 

"Ranger, your wife is in intensive care. We removed the bullet, but now it's up to her." 

"Doctor, please tell me, is my wife going to die?" 

"Ranger the bullet did extensive damage. I am really surprised that she was still alive when you found her. She must have an incredible will to live. I sent the bullet to Ranger Headquarters." 

"Thank you, for everything doctor. Can I go and see her now?" 

"Give it a minute, I will send a nurse for you." 

When the nurse came for Walker, he went to Alex's room. Once again memories of Karl Storm flooded his mind. Alex looked so deathly pale. He pulled up a chair and took her hand in his.

"I'm here Alex. I love you. Please come back to me." 

"Ranger, your wife's personal effects, do you want to hold on to them for her?" 

"Yes, thank you." 

Inside the tiny envelope was a necklace Walker had given Alex on their wedding day, she wore it everyday since then, her earrings and her wedding and engagement rings. He took them out and placed both of them in his hand, squeezing them tight, the tears formed in his eyes.

"Alex, I love you so much, when I gave these rings to you I knew that you were the only one that I would ever love, the only one that would wear my wedding ring. Please don't die, please don't leave me Alex." 

Walker sat and waited for Alex to wake up, but nothing was happening. They had a couple of close calls and the doctors managed to bring her out of it, but all he wanted was to have his wife back. He sat and waited and prayed. Twenty-four hours had gone by since Alex had been brought in and she was still unconscious. Walker still sat and held her hand waiting. Trivette came to the door and motioned for Walker to come out to the hall, the look on his face told Walker it was important. 

"Trivette, what is it?" 

"Walker, I have something to tell you and I want you to remain calm." 


"Don't tell me they let Marilee go." 

"No, but you may take this as worse." 

"Ballistics came back with the results of the test on the bullet they removed from Alex." 

"Okay, what did they say?" 

"Trivette, what did they say?" 

"Walker, the bullet, it came from..." 


"Oh god, Walker, the bullet came from your gun." 

"What? She shot my wife with my gun!" 

"I'm afraid so, your spare one, the one you keep in the drawer downstairs. She must have known you always kept it there." 

"Oh my god Trivette. She shot my wife with my own gun!" 

"Walker are you going to be okay?"

"Where is it, where is my gun now?" 

"She must have taken it with her when she left, that's all we can figure. We searched the house and it wasn't there anywhere."

"Are they still holding her?" 

"Yes, but don't get any ideas, you're not going to see her." 

"Trivette, Alex is all I can think of right now. Until my wife is better, I don't care if Marilee Summers rots in prison and I am not going to risk my wife to do anything stupid. I am going to let the law punish her for her crime." 

"Good, now get back to Alex, she needs you." 

"Thanks, Trivette."

A week had gone by and Alex was still in a coma. Walker and Alex were on everyone's thoughts. Marilee had been booked for the attempted murder of Alex Cahill-Walker and Walker's gun was found not far from the ranch where she had tossed it after shooting Alex. Her fingerprints were all over it and that was enough to book her for the crime. She was denied bail by the judge awaiting trial. Walker sat day after day, night after night praying for his wife to come back to him. He felt that this was all his fault. He never should have gotten involved with Marilee all those years ago. He knew it was a mistake back then, now that mistake came back to haunt him, but it was Alex that was paying the price. The doctors had told Walker something about Alex's injuries. There was something he didn't know how he was ever going to tell her, but he needed her to be well, that was most important right now. Marilee had almost taken the most precious thing in the world from him, she had taken many things, but right now he couldn't think about that. All he wanted was for Alex to wake up and look at him with her beautiful blue eyes, eyes that could look right to his soul, see him for what he really was and who he really was. No one had ever been able to do that. Alex could look at him and see into his heart. She touched him in a way no one ever had. She was his lifeline and he prayed to god to bring her back to him. 

At the beginning of the second week, the doctors still didn't have any answers. Walker knew how badly she had been hurt, worse then when she was shot by Storm, but he had faith, faith in God and in their love. He knew she would make it and they would be together. That is the way it was supposed to be always, even the spirits had told him that years earlier and if anyone knew, they did. 

"Walker, Walker?" 

"Alex, honey, I'm here, talk to me." 

"Walker, what happened?" 

"Alex, please try and relax I'm going to get the doctor." 

"Mrs. Walker, can you hear me? 

"Yes, what happened? Walker, Marilee..." 

"Honey, don't try and talk yet, we can talk about it later." 

"Walker, our house, she..." 

"I know baby, I know everything that she did and she is in jail." 


"I will leave you two alone. Everything looks okay. I'm sure you're going to make a full recovery Alex, but I want you to rest right now, okay?" 

"Okay doctor, I will make sure she does just that and thank you for everything." 

Walker and Alex sat together. As the days went on she gained more and more of her strength back. She was getting back to normal. Walker knew the talk he had to have with her and he dreaded it, but it had to be done. He wouldn't keep things from her.

One afternoon the doctor gave Walker and Alex the news that she would be able to go home. Everything was progressing normally and she had improved remarkably considering the extent of her injuries. 

"Honey, I want to talk to you about what happened. I know we have been tiptoeing around it for two weeks, but I think we need to discuss it." 

"Alex, please, I don't want you to upset yourself." 

"It's okay, really. I can't believe what that woman did to our house. She destroyed all of our things how could she do that?" 

"Alex, she is a sick individual and I don't want to talk about her anymore. She has already cost both of us too much. We can talk when we get home, okay?" 

"Okay honey, what ever you say. I am ready to go now." 

The nurse brought up the wheelchair and Walker helped his wife out of the bed and into the chair. She was really looking forward to getting home, Walker told her he had surprise for her and she couldn't wait to see it. Pulling up to the ranch, Alex was a little apprehensive. The last memory she had here was painful, but she knew that together they would overcome all her fears. Her husband would help her and she was grateful for that.

Coming around to her side of the truck, Walker opened the door and lifted his wife into his arms.

"Now close your eyes." 

"Walker, why?" 

"Because I have a surprise for you, that's why. Now don't argue with me." 

"I wouldn't think of it. Okay, where is my surprise?" 

"Keep your eyes closed."

He opened the front door and kept Alex in his arms. When he told her to, she opened her eyes and let out a gasp. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, their house had been totally put back together, all of their things were in place and Walker had done some redecorating.

"Honey, how? When did you do all of this?" 

"Well, I had a little help from our friends. Do you like it?" 

"I love it!" 

"Alex, does it look more like a married couples house?" 

"Yes, honey, I can't believe you did all of this." 

"I did it for you. I wanted to make your homecoming special. Now come on I want to show you upstairs" 

Their bedroom was done all over, all of Alex's things were back, of course they were all new, Sydney had shopped for new clothes and Walker would take her shopping to get more.

"Oh my god, honey this is incredible. I can't believe you did this." 

"Alex, I am sorry this happened to you, this is all my fault." 

"How can you say that?" 

"Because if it wasn't for me, Marilee wouldn't have done this to you." 

"Honey, she did this to us, but as long as we are together we can get through anything. I know that." 

"I love you honey, I love you so much." 

"I love you too and thank you for all of this; it's beautiful. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." 

"Well, you are the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me." 

Walker had accumulated a lot of vacation time, working all of those years with no time off came in handy at times like these. He wanted to take care of Alex. He knew he needed to talk to her and she had been home for over a week, but the timing just didn't seem right. He knew it wouldn't go away and he had to do it. Tonight he was going to sit down with her and have the talk he knew would break her heart. 

 "Alex, do you want to sit on the porch for awhile? It's a beautiful clear night and you can see all the stars." 

"Okay, let me get a cup of tea and I'll be right there." 

"Okay, baby, take your time." 

Alex got her tea and went out to join her husband on the porch. It was something they always loved to do even before they were married, watching the stars together always calmed them after a hard day and they enjoyed the closeness they shared sitting together on the swing. Alex could sense that Walker was holding something back. She had known it since she had come home, but she didn't press the issue. She knew he would talk to her when he was ready and she had a feeling he was ready to talk tonight.

"Honey are you comfortable?" 

"I'm fine. Walker what is it? I know you have been trying to tell me something since I came home, so just tell me okay?" 

"Alex, I don't know how to tell you." 

"Walker, you're scaring me. What is it?"

"Honey, when Marilee shot you, the bullet hit you at close range and it did a lot of damage." 

"I know that, I was in the hospital in a coma, I know how much damage it did." 

Walker took Alex's hands in his and looked into her eyes, she could see the tears forming in his eyes and it was making her nervous.

"Honey, tell me, is there something wrong with me because of this?" 

Walker looked down as the tears fell from his eyes. Alex took her hand and placed it on his chin lifting his head to look into his eyes. All she saw was pain and hurt and love. She knew the love was for her, it was the pain and hurt she didn't understand.

"Please Walker, tell me. What has you so upset? I need to know. I can handle it honey, I promise you I can." 

"Alex, the bullet did a lot of damage, but it's not so much that as what it did damage to." 

"Walker, no, you're not trying to tell me..." 

"Honey, there is a good chance, that you will never be able to have children." 

Alex's tears fell so fast Walker didn't know what to do. She grabbed onto him and cried so hard she shook. He held her tight and tried to tell her that everything would be okay, but he wasn't even sure of that himself. He hated giving her this news as much as he hated getting it. When the doctor told him he felt as though someone had ripped his insides out. One thing he and Alex had always dreamed of was having children together, a little piece of each of them. They dreamed of little red headed boys with the strength and character of their father and little blonde blue eyed girls with the beauty and brains of their mother. Now that dream was shattered into a million pieces, his wife was heartbroken and so was he. He couldn't take away her pain when he felt the same pain himself. All they could do was be there for each other like they had always been.

Alex was heartbroken at the prospect of never being able to give Walker children of his own, but she had decided that she wasn't going to let it destroy them and she wasn't going to let it come between them. For the past several weeks she had shut Walker out of her life. She needed to grieve and she needed to heal, but that was over. All she wanted now was to have her husband back where he belonged. He had been incredibly supportive of her during this trying time, she only wished that she had been as supportive of him. Walker was hurting just as much as she was only she didn't see it, all she could think about was her own pain, but tonight that was going to change. She was going to tell him how much he meant to her and how much she loved him. 

It had gotten to the point where Walker was starting to dread going home. He and Alex had faced the ultimate crisis and it had taken its toll on both of them and on their marriage. Marilee Summers had practically destroyed everything they had, but he was determined that she wasn't going to win. He loved Alex more than anything. That was the one thing that hadn't changed through all of this. He was going to fight for what was his and he would never give up. Alex was his life and if they couldn't have children of their own, so be it, they could always adopt. As long as they were together everything would work out okay. 

When Walker arrived home that night, Alex was waiting for him. She had candles lit, dinner was ready and she was dressed in a negligee that would knock him off his feet. She only hoped and prayed that after all they had been through it wasn't too late, that he stilled loved her as much as she loved him and that he still wanted her. Tonight she would find out. 

"Alex, what is all of this?" 

"It's for you sweetheart, its all for you." 


"Walker, I have some making up to do to you. I have not been the best wife these past few weeks and I need to explain some things to you. Come with me and sit a minute we have time before dinner is ready." 

"Alex, this really isn't necessary. You don't have anything to make up for." 

"Yes I do, now please let me tell you what I have to before I loose my nerve. Walker, when you told me about what happened because of the shooting and that I could possibly never have any children, I wasn't just hurt and upset, I was angry and I think maybe a part of me was angry at you." 

"Alex, me?" 

"Please, let me finish. Yes, part of me was mad at you, but I didn't know why. I knew that you loved me and always protected me from everyone who had ever tried to hurt me, but this time you didn't and I think it was who you didn't protect me from that started the anger I was feeling. It was Marilee Summers, the woman I had to watch you pine after all those years ago. At the time, I couldn't believe what you were doing, but especially what you were doing to me. I thought you cared for me and yet you paraded her right in front of me. You even had me help try and get a restraining order against her husband and then you came into my office with me and held her in your arms. Walker, I can't begin to tell you how that made me feel. I loved you with all my heart. I have since I first saw you and the sad thing was I thought you felt the same way, but after she came into town it was like you didn't have any feelings for me at all. It was like we were casual acquaintances and I won't deny that it broke my heart to watch the two of you. Then she left and it was over." 

Walker sat listening to his wife bare her soul. He wished he could go back in time and spare her all of that pain and hurt, but he couldn't do that. He had let her down. He never told her how he felt and now he let her down again, he didn't protect her from Marilee. He should have known she would do something crazy, but now it was too late to even think about that. All he could do was wait for Alex to finish. 

"Walker, when Marilee came to C.D.'s that night, it was like I went back in time. There she was and there you were. Now don't get me wrong, I know a lot of time had gone by and that we were now married so it wasn't like it was before, but seeing the two of you together brought it all back to the surface for me. Something I had put behind me along time ago and it's not like she was the great love of your life. To be honest, I don't even know why she bothered me like she did. It was something I didn't and I still don't understand. You know I am basically a very secure woman, I have faith in my abilities for my job and I have faith in the love I have for you and you for me, so I can't really explain it. Going back to the day you gave me the news that would forever change both of our lives, at first my only reaction was to fall apart. I needed you more than ever, this was something that was going to effect both of us. But the longer I thought about it, for some reason, I think I blamed you for this happening to me. I felt as though it was your fault that we couldn't have our own children, but now I realize I was wrong, it was one person's fault and that was Marilee. I can't say I blame her for loving you, that is an easy thing to do. You are a very special, attractive and desirable man, but you are my man and she tried to take that away from me and in the process she took something else away from me. In a way she made me feel incomplete, like I was no longer worthy of you. Walker, she took the part of me that could give you something you always wanted, a family of your own. Losing your parents at such a young age was painful for you and I know how much having a family means to you and she took that away from me, but I won't let her take you away too. I love you more than anyone ever has that I promise you. I know in my heart that we will get through this together. It will take time, I'm sure. I hope Marilee Summers rots in prison. She doesn't deserve to see the light of day after what she has done, but I can't dwell on it, it's not healthy. I'm sorry for the way I have been these past few weeks. I hope now you understand where some of it came from, but please believe me; I don't blame you for what happened. I love you and that's all that's important right now. That's all I had to say. Walker, say something." 

"Alex, I don't know what to say. You know I'm not as good as you with this stuff. I had no idea back then that my being with Marilee had hurt you so much. If I could go back and change it I would, but the important thing is that I love you and we are together where we belong. Marilee Summers is out of our lives for good. I don't blame you for being angry with me or blaming me, lord knows I blame myself. I should have seen something coming. I should have known she would do something else. When I saw you behind the ranch that day, I felt like I had died, everything I had to live for was lying there with you. I said more prayers that day then I had probably said in my entire life. If I had lost you, I couldn't have gone on, but my prayers were answered. I got you back and that's all I care about. If we can't have our own children that's okay, we can adopt if you want to. Biology doesn't make a parent. Love, respect and caring make a parent and we have all of that. We could give a child, whether its our own or not, a wonderful home and life. They would be the luckiest of children. They would be loved and they would grow up in a home that is filled with love. Alex, I could tell you I'm sorry from here till the end of time and to me it still wouldn't be enough. All I can say is that I love you very, very much. I will always love you and only you and I will always be there for you. Whether it's happy times or sad times, we will be together. I will take care of you the best way I know how and that is to love you unconditionally with all of my heart and soul."

Walker took Alex in his arms and they reaffirmed their love. Too much time had gone by without the soft touch of the other and the tenderness and gentleness they felt when they made love. They needed be together as one; dinner could wait. Cordell and Alex Walker had a lot of lost time to make up for. 

Two months later: 

Marilee Summers had been convicted of the attempted murder of Assistant District Attorney, Alex Cahill Walker. She was sentenced to twenty-five years in the federal prison, with no possibility of parole. Walker and Alex got back to their normal life. They were thinking of looking into adoption and were going to look into it soon. Tonight they were going to C.D.'s. Jimmy and Josie were going to be there, as were Sydney and Gage and some other friends. The bar was packed when they walked in.

"What's going on? Why is it so busy?" 

"Honey, I have another surprise for you." 

"Really, what is it?" 

"You have to wait, let's eat first." 


"No, you have to wait." 

After dinner, C.D. announced a new young band that was in town for a couple of days. They were fantastic and everyone was really enjoying them. Suddenly, Walker got up and headed for the mike. Alex had no idea what he was doing and Trivette just shrugged his shoulders, his partner had not let him in on this surprise.

"Alex, I want you to know that tonight, I am making a dedication to you. These guys have a special song they are going to sing from me to you. I picked it out myself and believe me; it took me awhile to find the right words for you. I hope you like it. Okay guys it's all yours cause as everyone in here knows I don't sing." 

The loneliness of nights alone

The search for strength to carry on

My every hope had seemed to die

My eyes had no more tears to cry

Then like the sun shine from up above

You surrounded me with your endless love

And all the things I couldn't see are now so clear to me 

You are my everything

Nothing your love won't bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I've ever known

Your spirit pulls me through

When nothing else will do

Every night I pray

On bended knee

That you will always be

My everything

Now all my hopes and all my dreams

Are suddenly reality

You've opened up my heart to feel

A kind of love that's truly real

A guiding light that will never fade

There's not a thing in life that I would ever trade

For the love you give and won't let go

I hope you will always know

You are my everything

Nothing your love won't bring

My life is yours alone

The only love I've ever known

You are my everything

You're the breath of life in me

The only one that sets me free

And you have made my soul complete

For all time

You are my everything

You are my everything 

"Walker, that was beautiful, thank you so much." 

"Honey, it was right from my heart, you are my everything, I love you." 

"Oh Walker, I love you too and I have a surprise for you tonight. I was hoping to tell you later, but I think this is the right time." 

"What is it sweetheart?" 

"Well, you are going to be a daddy." 

"Alex, I thought we were going to go together to look into this." 

"No honey, it looks like we don't need to do that." 

"Alex, are you serious?" 

"Yes, I found out today. I'm pregnant Walker. Do you believe it? I talked to my

Doctor and he said, I must just fit into the other 20 percent." 

"Oh my god Alex, I can't believe this. Drinks for the house on me, except for my wife, she's pregnant!" 

The crowd erupted in hoops and hollers and congratulations as Walker picked up his wife and swung her around. Never were two people so happy and so in love.