Memories Revisited Part II

By Cathy 

Cordell and Alex Walker had been through some tough times lately. Marilee Summers had come back to town and wreaked havoc on their lives. She chased after Walker and terrorized Alex, but together they made it through. Alex had been shot by Marilee and left to die, afterwards, finding out that she may never be able to have children of her own. But she proved them wrong and now she and Walker were expecting their first child. She had just given him the news last night and both were thrilled beyond words. Alex had an appointment with her doctor for the next day and Walker was going with her. He wanted to see them and fill them in on Alex's condition following her shooting and problems to look for during her pregnancy.

"Alex, Honey are you almost ready? Your appointment is in a half hour." 

"I'm coming; I just needed to get my purse. Okay, I'm ready, let's go." 

"What do you suppose the doctor wants to talk to us about?" 
"I don't know. He only said that we needed to be aware of some things that's all and he wanted to talk to both of us."

Walker and Alex arrived right on time for her appointment. Doctor Chen was a specialist in dealing with high-risk pregnancies. Her regular doctor recommended she see him to ensure the least amount of trouble.

"Mr. and Mrs. Walker, I'm Doctor Chen. Please sit down." 

"Thank you doctor." 


"Now Mrs. Walker..." 

"Please call me Alex." 

"Okay Alex. I have read your chart and I am aware of your recent shooting. I'm glad to see that you are doing well. Now I know that you were told that you probably would not be able to have any children, but as you can see that isn't quite right. The reason I called you here today is because getting pregnant really wasn't the problem.

"Doctor, I don't understand." 

"Well, from your injuries there really wasn't any reason why you couldn't become pregnant. The problems come in carrying the child to term." 

Alex grabbed Walker's hand and held on tight. This wasn't happening. They had been so thrilled at being able to conceive a child and if she was hearing this doctor right, that wasn't the problem to start with. He was telling her that she could lose the baby she was now carrying." 

"Doctor Chen are you telling me that I won't be able to have this baby?" 

"No, please don't take this the wrong way. That's why I'm here and why your doctor recommended that you let me handle your case. I deal everyday in high risk pregnancies and I don't want to sugar coat this You are in a very high risk pregnancy and I want to make sure you both understand what that means." 

Walker sat there in a daze. How many more things could possibly go wrong? Sometimes it seemed that fate had dealt he an Alex a hand that no two people should ever be expected to handle. There had been numerous attempts on both of their lives, someone kidnapping Alex every five minutes, past loves coming back to terrorize both of them and now this. 'But,' Walker thought, 'god only gives you what he knows you can handle' and he was sure that together they could handle anything. He continued to listen to the doctor instructions. 

"Mr. and Mrs. Walker, there are certain things that you are going to have to be aware of throughout your pregnancy. There are warning signs to look for and the proper way to take care of yourself so that something doesn't come up that could have been prevented." 

"Okay, please tell us what to do and what to look for." 

"Well first of all, Alex, if you experience any kind of discomfort, spotting, even the slightest pain whether it's in your abdomen or your back or even in your legs, I want you to get to the hospital immediately. I'm afraid that I am going to have to tell you that you're going to have to cut back on your work schedule, half days for next four months and then I want you to quit altogether until the baby is born. Now, you are only about a month along, so this is the most crucial time, from now until your fifth month. During your pregnancy, no baths only showers and no lifting anything over 5 pounds. If we get to the fifth month and everything is going along nicely that's half the battle." 

"And if we don't? I mean if I have any problems before that." 

"Then I'm going to put you on complete bed rest, nothing but shower and bathroom privileges. Oh and one more thing, I know that you two are newlyweds, but no sexual relations until after the 5th month. I always feel bad about telling my patients that, but that is how it has to be. Now if you have any questions please call me and like I said; be very careful and any sign of a problem no matter how slight you think it is, come in and call me right away. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I'll have my nurse set up your schedule of appointments. I want to see you every week for awhile so I can keep a close eye on your progress."

"Thank you, Doctor Chen." 

"Now don't worry about anything it's very important to avoid stress. Don't get upset, angry, anything like that. Your state of mind is very important to the baby; you have to stay calm. I will see you in one week Alex, take care of yourself." 

"I will doctor and thank you."

"Oh and I almost forgot, but there is one more thing, no physical activity." 

"You mentioned that already." 

"No, I mean, no exercising, no horseback riding, things like that." 

"Okay, that won't be a problem, my husband is the one that works out in this family." 

"Yes, I can see that. Well, he can continue with his routine, but none for you okay?" 


Walker and Alex left the doctor's office and headed home. Walker helped Alex out of the truck and they walked into the house. Neither had said anything all the way home. They were both trying to absorb everything the doctor had said, it was a lot to deal with, but having this baby meant the world to both of them and they would make what ever sacrifices were necessary. 

"Walker, we should talk about everything the doctor said." 

"I know, I'm still trying to get it all to sink in." 

"Me too. Walker, we can't make love for four months. How are we ever going to get through that?" 

Letting out a slight chuckle Walker responded, "lots of showers baby and cold ones." 

"Walker, I'm serious." 

"So am I hon, as a matter of fact, I'm going to take one now." 

Alex slapped him on the arm as he jokingly got up to leave.

"Alex, it will be okay and it will be worth it to have a healthy baby, won't it?" 

"Yes, I would do anything to make sure of that, but Walker?" 

"I know honey, but at least we have this morning to remember." 

"Oh, did you have to bring that up? Now all I want to do is head upstairs with you." 

"Okay Honey, let's get our mind on something else. How about I fix you a nice lunch and we can go and eat on the back porch. Doesn't that sound good?" 

Walker and Alex spent the afternoon just hanging around the house. He cleaned the barn and let the horses out for a run, while Alex sat on the porch and watched. The gutters on the house needed to be cleaned out so Walker fixed those while Alex watched. Her only problem was all of this watching was making her antsy. Walker had taken his shirt off and Alex wanted him and this was only the first day. 'Why doesn't he put that shirt back on?' she thought to herself. 'Doesn't he know what he's doing to me? That's my new rule, no more walking around with no shirt and definitely no shorts, he has the greatest thighs. Oh man, I have to get my mind off of him. I need a new hobby. Maybe I'll work in the flower bed.'

Alex went inside to get the things she needed to work on her flowers and when she came out, Walker was washing the Ram. He was spraying the water, some of which was getting on him. He looked great when he was wet, his muscles glistened with the water droplet's, especially with the sun was beating down on them. As he rubbed the surface of the Ram, his biceps were bulging until Alex couldn't take it anymore. She marched over to her husband with a vengeance. 

"Walker, what are you doing?" 

"Oh, hi baby. I thought I would wash the truck, it's dirty and it's really a nice day." 

"Walker, do you have any idea what has been going on here for the last two hours?" 

"No, sweetheart. What are you talking about?" 

"Well, I'll tell you, first you go and clean out the barn, while I sat on the porch and watched. Then you decided that the gutters needed cleaning out. Now that was all well and good until you decided that it was hot and you took off your shirt. Okay, I still sat and watched. I went into the house for five minutes to get my gardening things and when I come out you are out here washing the Ram. You still don't have a shirt on, you're getting wet, the sun is beating on you and the muscles in your arms and back are popping out all over the place. Don't you love me?" 

Walker was almost on the ground from laughter. 

"Honey, you are so cute." 

"What's that suppose to mean?" 

"I mean, you are so cute when you get riled up." 

"Walker, I'm not riled up I'm..." 

Walker cut Alex's last word off with a kiss. He knew what she was going to say and right now he couldn't take hearing it, so he took her in his arms and kissed her with so much passion she almost forgot to breathe.

"Ah, what was that for?" 

"Because I love you, that's why. Didn't you like it?" 

"Walker, you're not helping this situation." 

"Alex look, this isn't easy for me either. As I was cleaning the barn and the gutters and washing the truck, I too had to watch you sitting there watching me with those long legs and beautiful lips. When the wind would blow I could smell your perfume, so don't think for a minute that this is any easier for me then it is for you, but this is the way it has to be and we are going to have to get used to it, okay?"

"Okay, but I have one little suggestion." 

"And what would that be?" 

"Please for the next four months, keep your shirt on." 

"Alex, I love you, come here." 

Once again Walker kissed Alex and the kiss only heightened their need for each other. Both forgot themselves and slowly started sinking to the ground, lost in their love for each other until they suddenly parted.


"Alex, you know we can't do this." 

"But I want you!" 

"I want you too, but we have to think about the baby. Come on we can do it. Four months really isn't that long." 

"I guess you're right and we do have to think about the baby. That's the most important thing, not our animal desires."


"Well, sorry, it was the first thing that came to my mind." 

"Alex, I have one more thing to say." 

"What's that?" 

When this baby finally gets here." 


"You had better be prepared." 

Walker and Alex both laughed and headed for the house.

During the next two months, Alex had followed her doctor's instructions to the letter. She was feeling good and everything was going well with the baby. She and Walker had found other things to keep them busy and keep their mind off of each other. They spent a lot of time cuddling, kissing and just being in each other's arms. So far it seemed to be working out okay. It wasn't great, but it was okay. Tonight they were going to watch a program that was on CBS. It was a special on Cherokee Indians and both Walker and Alex were anxious to see it. They made popcorn and snuggled together on the couch. Wrapped in each other's arms, they watched the show together. Walker filled Alex in every once in a while when she didn't understand something. It gave him great pleasure to know how much she was interested in his heritage. He knew no one had ever loved him the way Alex did. She loved every part of him, every part of his soul felt loved by Alex. Before the show was over, the local station interrupted for late breaking news. 

We interrupt our local programming for news from Tarrant County:

"Walker, do you know anything about this?" 

"No, let's listen." 

Marilee Summers,

"Walker, what is this?" 

who was convicted of the attempted murder of Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney, Alex Cahill-Walker, wife of Texas Ranger Cordell Walker was released from prison today on what the Judge would only say was a technicality. Miss Summers was found guilty when she shot Mrs. Walker and left her to die on the grounds of her home, in a surprising twist, Miss Summers used Ranger Walker's own gun to shoot his wife. She claimed that she was in love with the Ranger and she needed to get rid of his wife so that they could be together. We will have more on this story tonight on News at 11. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


"I know, honey. Hold on, I'm going to call Trivette." 


"Jimmy, what the hell happened? Why is Marilee out of prison?" 

"Walker, I have been trying to get a hold of you, something must be wrong with your phone." 

"I turned the ringer off; I didn't want Alex disturbed earlier when she was resting. Now tell me, how did she get out?" 

"Walker, it seems that the arresting officer never read her rights to her. It only came up now when she went to file an appeal. Her new attorney found it. Does Alex know?" 

"Yes and she is pretty upset." 

"Walker, don't worry, we are going to keep a close eye on Miss Summers." 

"Trivette, keep me informed. I'm not going to leave Alex for a minute until that witch is back behind bars."

Walker got off the phone and went to his wife. She was visibly shaken by this latest turn of events and all he could do was hold her and try to get her to calm down. She was not supposed to get upset and she clearly was.

"Honey, maybe we should call your doctor." 

"Walker, how did that woman get out? This can't be happening! Who the hell let her out?" 

"From what Trivette could find out, the officer who picked her up never read her rights to her and her new attorney had the conviction overturned. That's all I know right now."

"She's going to come after me I know it. What are we going to do?" 

"Honey calm down! No one is coming after you. I am not leaving you until she is back in prison, I promise."

"Walker, that woman nearly killed me. She shot me, with your gun no less and then she left me on our property to die. If you hadn't found me I would have died. She ripped apart my insides and almost kept me from having a child! We still don't know if I can or not. She is obsessed with you and there is no one on this earth whom she hates more than me. I am a constant threat to her. She wants you and she wants to get rid of me. I know she is going to come after me!"

Alex was so upset she started shaking, she was having a difficult time breathing. Walker tried to get her to calm down, but she was so scared. The memories of what Marilee had done were scaring her to death. He had to do something. Alex was supposed to stay calm. 

"Honey, I'm going to call the doctor." 

"No, please don't leave me." 

"It's okay honey; I will stay right here. I'm just going to call him and let him know what's happening. Come here, I'm not going anywhere." 

"Doctor Chen's office." 

"Yes, this is Cordell Walker, I need to speak to the doctor right away." 

"Mr. Walker, is your wife all right?" 

"Well, no." 

"Then you should bring her in." 

"Please just let me speak to the doctor so I can explain things." 

"Okay, hold on." 

"Ranger Walker, what can I do for you?" 

"Doctor Chen, the woman who shot Alex was released from prison today and Alex just saw it on the news. She is very upset and she is having a hard time catching her breath. I didn't know what to do, so I thought I had better call you." 

"You did the right thing Mr. Walker. I want to see Alex right away. Meet me at my office, I'll wait for you." 

"Thank you, we're on our way." 

"Alex come on Honey, Doctor Chen wants to see you. He wants to make sure you're all right." 

Walker and Alex arrived at the doctor's office to find him waiting. He gave Alex a thorough check up to make sure that she and the baby were all right. He explained to them that Alex was hyperventilating, which was causing her to have difficulty breathing. She would be okay. The doctor gave her something to calm her down and Walker was able to take her home.

"Ranger Walker, keep a close eye on her tonight, this kind of stress is not good for her, you need to keep her calm." 

"I will Doctor and thank you." 

"You're welcome, I want to see Alex the day after tomorrow to make sure she is all right."

Walker took Alex home and helped her get ready for bed.

"Honey are you all right?" 

"Yeah, I guess so, but what are we going to do about Marilee?" 

"Alex, don't worry about that right now. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise. Now please try and get some sleep. I'm going down stairs to lock up, I won't be long, okay?" 

"Okay, hurry back."

After he finished up downstairs he went up to join his wife. He was happy to see her sleeping soundly. She was so beautiful; he loved looking at her when she slept. Sometimes he would wake up early and just lay next to her and watch her. She always reminded him of an angel, his angel. Alex never knew that he did that, but it was something he did quite often. When she was awake, she was so beautiful, but when she slept, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was like a little girl the way she curled up and rested her leg over his and buried her head in his shoulder. He knew she was a special and precious gift and he vowed to protect her at all cost. Nothing and no one would ever take his Alex away from him; he would protect her with his own life.

Walker took a shower and crawled into bed. Alex moved into her nightly position and he pulled her close to him. As he looked at her sleeping peacefully, he leaned in and softly spoke in a whisper.

"Alex, no one is ever going to hurt you again, I promise. Goodnight sweetheart, I love you." 

Marilee Summers sat in her hotel room. She was very happy to have gotten out of jail. 'What a stroke of luck,' she thought. 'I can't believe that stupid cop forgot to read me my rights, but now I have to be very careful. The first thing they think I'm going to do is go after Cordell's precious little wife, but I'm smarter than that. I need to bide my time, sit back and wait for just the right moment and then and only then will I make my move. You were very lucky Alex, but you won't be next time. There is no way you are going to spend a lifetime with my man. I won't stand for it! He will be mine again, but I can be patient. I'll strike when no one suspects it. He won't know what hit him. Maybe I'll go away for awhile, let everyone think I moved on and then I'll be back to take what is rightfully mine.' 

Trivette showed up at the ranch the next day with information. He filled both Walker and Alex in on the events leading up to Marilee's release from prison. The arresting officer was somewhat new and he forgot the one important detail, the one that would have made all the difference. Now Marilee could not be charged again with the same crime. She was off the hook.

Walker and the other Rangers were on extreme alert. He told them nothing would happen to Alex; he would see to it. There was no way that woman was ever getting close to his wife again. He would kill her himself before he let that happen. 

Marilee had been out of prison for a month and so far nothing. Walker didn't let his guard down though, he didn't trust her and he knew she wasn't going to give up that easily. What was her plan? What was going on in that twisted mind of hers? Alex didn't go anywhere alone. If Walker couldn't take her, someone else did. She was driven to and from work. She wasn't in the courtroom without another Ranger. Walker took her to all of her doctor's appointments. He cut back on his schedule to spend more time with his wife. The department had been very cooperative. He was the best Ranger they had and they knew it was either go along with what he wanted or he would be forced to choose and he wouldn't choose his job over his wife. They complied with whatever he wanted to do. 

Alex was entering her fourth month of pregnancy and so far everything had been moving along rather nicely with no complications. She didn't have any pain and she had for the most part stopped worrying about Marilee, especially since she and Walker got the word that she had moved back to Oklahoma. 'Finally,' she thought, 'she got the message.' She was leaving them alone. Maybe her time in jail had served its purpose and she had decided to let it go. But Marilee didn't go back to Oklahoma; she changed her appearance slightly so she could move about Dallas without being recognized. She sat back and watched and waited. She followed and kept a close eye on the Walker's, but the day she spotted them coming out of the doctor's office she almost lost it. Up until this point, Marilee had no idea that Alex was pregnant. She was a very thin person and she carried this baby well. She was only showing a little and unless you saw her everyday the average person wouldn't even know she was four months along. After they left the doctor's office, Marilee decided to do some snooping of her own. She went inside to find out what was going on. 

"Yes, may I help you?" 

"Oh yes thank you, I was wondering if I could set up an appointment." 

"Sure, hold on and let me get a new chart." 

"Name please?" 

"Linda, Linda Summerhill." 

"Mrs. Summerhill, have you been to see your regular doctor?" 

"Yes. I thought I saw some friends of mine leave here earlier. I know they have had a rough time I hope their okay, Cordell and Alex Walker?" 

"Oh yes, Mrs. Walker is doing fine, her pregnancy is going smoothly. She's a very lucky lady and her husband sure adores her; you can see it in his eyes." 

Marilee wanted to die; Alex was pregnant with Cordell's child! Well now this changed everything." 

"I suddenly remember I have to be somewhere. Can I come back and fill this out?" 

"Sure, no problem, we're here until six." 

Marilee left the doctor's office with rage in her mind. 'How dare that little bitch? There is no way she is going to have Cordell's child. I'll see to that! I have to come up with a new plan. Cordell is glued to her; he never leaves her side. I have to think of some way to get him away from her. I still have time to work on it; time is on my side.' 



Walker went downstairs to workout. Alex went with him to watch. She always loved watching him workout. He was so sexy. He practiced his martial arts and worked on the bag and the total gym. Just watching him Alex was getting a look in her eyes.

"Honey, you sure look great." 


"I know! I know, but I can't help it! You look so damn sexy, I can't stand it!" 

"Honey, it's almost over and then we can make love until we have no strength left." 

"Oh Walker that's sound delicious." 

"Baby, I'm going to take a shower. Do you want to go to C.D.'s tonight? Trivette and the others are going. We could eat and dance and have a good time. What do you say?" 

"Okay, but we can save time and take a shower together." 

"Alex? I don't think that's a good idea." 

"It will be okay, I promise I won't try anything." 

Walker led Alex upstairs to their bedroom. They enjoyed the hot water and each other's bodies. This ban from making love was getting to both of them, but they vowed to do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their baby. If that meant they couldn't make love, then they were willing to put up with the sacrifice, although it was getting harder and harder. They needed desperately to be together, but for now they put their needs on hold. Exiting the bathroom, they dressed and headed out the door for C.D.'s. Neither had given Marilee Summers a second thought lately. It was almost as if she didn't exist. They were enjoying their life together and looking forward to the birth of their baby. 

"Hey guys." 

"Trivette, Josie, Sydney, Gage, we really needed a night out. Alex is getting cranky." 

"Me? You're the one that's cranky!" 

"What's up with you guys? You both look a little frustrated." 

"Gage, you have no idea." 

"Oh the celibate thing huh?" 


"Sorry man, but you have been a little irritable lately and people started asking questions. What did you want me to say?" 

"Well, not that. Couldn't you make something up?" 

"Sorry man, but it is rather humorous to watch the two of you. Man this must be hard." 

"Forget it Trivette, now let's eat." 

Dinner was wonderful as always at C.D.'s. Everyone enjoyed the conversation; it was light and on subjects that were non-work related. Alex really seemed to be relaxing. Walker wanted to take his wife in his arms so he made his way to the jukebox and picked out a special song.

"Come on honey, let's dance." 

"You got it cowboy, lead the way." 

The soft country love song played on the jukebox as Walker held Alex in his arms. They gently swayed to the music.

"Alex, I heard this song the other day and it was as if it was written by me to you, listen carefully." 

"Okay, honey." 

I never had no one that I could count on

I've been let down so many times

I was tired of hurting so tired of searching

Till you walked into my life

It was a feeling I've never known

For the first time I didn't feel alone

You're more than a lover

There could never another

Make me feel the way you do

Oh, we just get closer

I fall in love all over

Every time I look at you

I don't know where I'd be without you here with me

Life with you makes perfect sense

You're my best friend

You stand by me, you believe in me

Like nobody ever had

When my world goes crazy

You're right there to save me

And make me see how much I have

I still tremble when we touch

Oh the look in your eyes when we make love

You're more than a lover

There could never be another

Make me feel the way you do

We just get closer

I fall in love all over, every time I look at you

Life with you makes perfect sense

You're my best friend 

When the song ended Alex had tears in her eyes as she looked up into the eyes of the man she loved with all her heart.

"Honey, why are you crying?" 

"Walker, that song is so beautiful. I love you." 

"I love you to baby. Are you getting tired? Do you want to go home?" 

"No, I feel fine, let's stay for a little while longer." 

"Okay, you're the boss."

Later that night Walker was jolted awake by his wife's cries. She was holding her side and he was scared.

"Honey, what's wrong?" 

"Walker, my side, it hurts." 

Walker picked Alex up and carried her to the Ram, gently putting her on the front seat. He wrapped a blanket he had around her. He pulled out his phone and dialed Dr. Chen letting him know they were on their way in. 

As he ran with Alex into the emergency room, Dr Chen was waiting.

"What is it? What's wrong?" 

"It's her side, she has a lot of pain." 

"Okay, come on Alex, I am going to check you out. I'm sure everything is okay, try and relax." 


"Doctor, my side, its killing me. Please don't let anything happen to my baby." 

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of you." 

Walker paced the emergency room once again, praying his wife and child were going to be okay. He had never asked god for so many favors, but he was asking again, to please take care of Alex. When Trivette arrived he found Walker in the chapel.

"Walker, are Alex and the baby okay?" 

"I don't yet, they haven't told me anything. Jimmy, I'm scared." 

"Its okay partner, everything will be okay." 

The doctor came looking for Walker; he was told that Alex and the baby were fine. The pain was obviously caused by something Alex ate.

"C.D.'s chili!" Walker and Trivette said in unison

"Oh thank god, can I go and see her now?" 

"Sure, come on I'll take you to her." 


"Hi baby, you had me a little worried... okay a lot worried." 

"Walker, I'm sorry, I never thought it was from something I ate. Remind me no more chili until this baby is born, okay?" 

"You got it. I'm just glad that's all it was." 

"Me too sweetheart, but I have more bad news for you." 


"Well, the doctor examined me and he said, we need to move it up until after the baby is born." 

"Alex, move what up?" 

Alex gave Walker a sad puppy dog face.

"Uh uh you're kidding me?" 

"I'm afraid not hon, but we can do it, can't we?" 

"Yes, we can do anything. Now let's get ready so I can take you home."


The next three months went by without incident. Alex was feeling well and the baby was growing nicely. Dr. Chen was pleased. Alex had taken very good care of herself, he didn't foresee any problems. Alex and Walker were thrilled. This had been a hard time for both of them in more ways then one, but they now looked forward to the birth of their baby. For all the pain they had been through lately, this one little miracle was worth all of it. They couldn't wait to be parents. Alex had taken a leave from the DA's office and Walker was still working a lighter schedule. Thoughts of Marilee and what she might do did enter his mind. He still needed to stay close to Alex and she was still with someone at all times. 

One particular day, the other Rangers needed Walker. They were taking down a major drug ring in Houston. He really didn't want to leave Alex, she was getting close to her due date and he would rather have stayed with her, but she insisted that he go. They needed him to and she already felt like she was monopolizing all of his time. Being a Ranger was always so important to him and he seemed to be letting it slide these days to take care of her and she felt a little guilty about it. Walker had C.D. come and stay with Alex while he went with the others, he knew he would take good care of her and that she was in good hands. 

Marilee waited and waited to make her move and finally the day had come. She watched as Walker and the other Rangers left headquarters in the helicopter. That meant that Alex was home either alone or with C.D. She knew Walker trusted few people to take care of his precious Alex and CD would be easy to handle, he was old and he had a soft spot for Marilee. She headed to the ranch to make her final fury known. Marilee parked on the side road walking the rest of the way to the house. She knew C.D. was in charge of Alex, she had watched him leave the bar. As she got closer to the house, she had a plan in mind. She knew she didn't want to hurt C.D., but if she had to she would. She snuck in the back door. She could hear Alex talking to him from upstairs, then she heard him coming down. She waited behind the wall. 

"Alex Honey, do want anything with your juice?" 

"No thanks, just the juice C.D." 

"Okay, comin' right up darlin.'" 

Marilee snuck up behind C.D. and hit him with a pot; he slumped to the floor and was out cold. She proceeded to head for the steps and take care of Alex once and for all. Arriving at the bedroom door, Alex was sitting on the bed reading a book. 'My isn't she pretty?' Marilee smugly thought. 'She hardly looks like she gained any weight, figures, the little witch.' 

"Hello Alex my dear." 

Alex was so startled she gasped and dropped her book.

Marilee, how did you get in here?! Where is C.D.?"

"He won't be able to help you." 

"What have you done to him?" 

"Nothing for you to worry about, I suggest you start worrying about yourself." 

"Marilee, please leave me alone, this has gone on long enough." 

"No! I will not leave you alone! Not until I get what I want!" 

"Don't you understand? Getting rid of me is not going to get you Walker. Why can't you see that he doesn't love you that he loves me?" 

"Oh I know all about Cordell's love for you, it's sickening." 

"Sickening? You're the one who's sickening. You have to let him go!" 

"You were supposed to die in the back yard, but Cordell saved your little butt once again. This time, he isn't anywhere around. I watched him leave with the other Rangers. It's just you and me and by the time Walker gets back, it will be just me."

Meanwhile, Walker and the other Rangers were busting the drug ring in Houston. Everything had gone according to plan and they were cuffing everyone and getting in touch with the Houston PD to clean up the mess. Trivette glanced in Walker's direction as he stood and stared into space.

"Walker, is everything okay? You look like you're a million miles away." 

"Trivette, I don't know, something is bothering me, I need to get home." 

"Well, I am not going to argue with you when it comes to that Cherokee thing." 

"Trivette, seriously, I need to get home. I can't explain it." 

"Okay, let's go. I'll go with you; Sydney and Gage can finish up here. We can take the chopper and send it back for them." 


Walker and Trivette climbed into the helicopter and headed out. Walker tried calling the ranch and got a busy signal, Marilee had taken the phone off the hook. He was getting more and more worried by the minute.

"Marilee please, how can you think of hurting me now? I'm pregnant!" 


"So, you would hurt an innocent child just to get to me?" 

"You're forgetting something, I'm assuming it's Cordell's child." 

"Of course it is." 

"Well, I'm not about to let you have his baby, that's out of the question." 

You can't mean that. Marilee, you would harm his child? The man you say you love and you would do that to him? You don't love him. How can you say you do?" 

"I love him." 

"No you don't!"

Alex had to keep Marilee talking; she had to get her to lose her train of thought. If she could keep her talking there may be something Alex could do. She would protect her child at all costs.

"How can you say you love him? You have been putting him through hell. He loves me, don't you know that what you have put me through has been killing him? I love Walker enough to let him go if that's what he wanted. My only wish is for him to be happy and if I thought you were what he wanted I would step aside. That's real love. What you have is an obsession for something you can't have. If you really loved him you would only want to see him happy and I make him happy." 

"Alex, you are an arrogant little bitch. Even years ago you always thought you were something, with that face and the body that stopped men's hearts. I could tell from the first time I saw you that you loved the attention. Everyone worshiped you, you could have any man you wanted. Why did you pick mine?" 

"Marilee, you seem to have things backwards. You strutted into town and went after Walker. You had no idea if he was involved with anyone or not, you just saw what you wanted and went after it." 

"So? So would you have." 

"No, see that's the difference, I love him. I have always loved him, but it's a real and unconditional love. When you came to town Walker and I were getting closer, he told me I meant a lot to him, but when you showed up and he seemed to be happy, did I try and kill you? No! I stepped aside and watched the man I love be with you, I only want him to be happy."

"Alex shut up! You're not making any sense, you're rambling."

Alex knew she had her chance, she reached behind the pillow and held on to the gun that was there. She got it ready to fire while Marilee kept talking and held on to it for her life and for her child's, praying that Walker would get there soon.

"I see you replaced all of your stuff, isn't that nice." 

"Well actually, Walker did it. He surprised me with it when I got home from the hospital after you tried to kill me."


As the helicopter landed at Ranger headquarters, Walker and Trivette ran to the Ram. Something was telling him to get home quickly. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he knew something was wrong. Was Alex in trouble? Was something wrong with the baby? Or was it... No, he couldn't think that! But it stayed with him as he and Trivette headed for the ranch. 

Marilee started looking around the bedroom, noticing all of Alex's things back where they belonged, the pictures of the two of them on his dresser and the wedding picture hanging on the wall. She took it off the wall and threw it on the floor shattering the glass.

"That's what I think of your little wedding picture and this one too," as she broke the one from Walker's dresser. Turning to face Alex, she had a gun in her hand. Memories of their last encounter flooded Alex mind: the fight, the fall down the stairs, the sound of the gun shot and then nothing until she woke in the hospital. She couldn't let that happen again, it wasn't just her this time, she had to do something. 


"Well Mrs. Walker, this will be the last time you will ever hear that name."

Alex threw the alarm clock at Marilee, she ducked and pointed the gun at Alex ready to fire, but it was Alex that fired hitting Marilee square in the chest. Walker and Trivette heard the gunshot and rushed into the house. 

"Alex, Alex!" he screamed as he rushed up the stairs. Trivette found C.D. as he was starting to come around. When Walker ran into the bedroom, Alex was sobbing on the bed and Marilee lay on the floor. He quickly grabbed her in his arms and held on tight.

"Trivette get up here now!" 

"Walker, oh my god, I thought she was going to kill me! I killed her didn't I?" 

"I don't know. Trivette!" 

"Walker, I'm here. Oh my god, Alex are you all right?" 

"I'll check her. Walker, she's dead, I'll call for the coroner." 

"Okay, thanks Trivette." 

"Honey, are you okay? Tell me what happened." 

"Sweetheart, not right now we have something else to worry about; my water broke and I think I have been having contractions for the last hour. I didn't pay any attention to them, I was too worried about what Marilee was going to do to me, but I know I'm having them." Alex suddenly let out a scream and Walker held her hand.

"Hang on baby everything is going to be okay. Trivette get an ambulance out here now! Alex is in labor!" 

"Hang on honey, they will be here soon." 

Alex was going through her breathing with Walker's help. He held her hand and tried to keep her calm, although he wasn't very calm himself.

"Where the hell is that ambulance?" 

"Walker, please, this really hurts." 

"I'm sorry baby this is all my fault." 


"Well, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be pregnant." 

"It's okay hon, really, Oh my god Walker, this hurts! I didn't think it was going to be this bad, why didn't you tell me?" 

"Alex, I never had a baby, how would I know what it feels like?" 

"Oh yeah, you're right, sorry."

"Walker the ambulance is on its way. How is she?" 

"Trivette I don't know if she's going to make it." 

"Walker, don't even think that." 

"Trivette, I need you to help me, Now come on, stay calm. How do you think I feel?"

"Okay, whatever you need, I'm here for you." 


Walker and Trivette were all prepared to deliver this baby when the ambulance pulled into the ranch. The paramedics came in and relayed Alex's condition to the hospital. She was almost in hard labor, but they thought they could make it. She was loaded into the ambulance with Walker at her side and headed to the hospital. Trivette waited for the coroner. He sat and shook his head, never had two people been through as much as his two best friends. Over the years, he has seen more threats on their lives, more pain and sorrow, than any two people should have to go through. But he also saw two people with a love that defied the odds; a love that he knew was real and forever. He knew it all along, even before they did, that they were meant to be together and now they were going to be given a special gift, a reminder of that love, a little part of each of them, to love and cherish forever. He prayed for the safety and well being of Alex and the baby, asking god to watch over both of them and bring them a life filled with happiness and love.

Once the coroner arrived, Trivette headed to the hospital with C.D. to be with their friends. Walker and Alex had been taken to delivery and she and the baby were so far doing fine. He coached her through her breathing, she screamed and told him never again, he wasn't coming near her ever again. He only chuckled and told her how beautiful she was. She didn't find it amusing, more screams and threats on Walker's life were heard. If he ever touched her again, but Alex was getting tired, she rested in between contractions until the doctor told her one more push, and they would see their little baby. Alex pushed as hard as she could and the most beautiful sound was heard, the tiny cry of their newborn baby girl. Walker held Alex in his arms and cried along with her as they held their little daughter for the first time. She was beautiful like her mother with blonde hair and blue eyes and from her cries for attention just as stubborn. Walker was so filled with emotion he couldn't even speak. They had decided to name her Angelica Faith Walker. She was an angel and had renewed their faith in love and hope. Everyone came in to see the new baby, gifts were abound and of course C.D. was all set to start the spoiling process, this was after all his first grandchild and he looked forward to playing the part well. 

Walker and Alex had taken Angel, their nickname for her, home and settled into a nice routine. She was a really good baby, except at three in the morning when she decided to let herself be heard when her parents were trying to sleep. They got up together and took care of her. Sometimes Walker would get up and let Alex rest. Many nights she found him in the rocking chair talking to his daughter about what a precious gift she was, just like her mother and telling her that he would always be there for her no matter what. 

Walker and Trivette had some leads on a new case and it was taking too long for Walker. He wanted to get home and Trivette was chuckling as Walker went though the day, constantly asking what time it was. 

"Hey Walker, why are you so anxious to get home today, got something planned?" 

"What? Oh sorry Trivette, what were you saying?" 

"Walker, what is wrong with you today? Seems like you have something on your mind." 

"It's nothing, I just really want to get home." 

"Oh I get it." 

"What, what do you get?" 

"I know what day it is, I'm not completely out of it you know." 

"And just what day would that be partner?" 

"Walker, I know how old Angel is and I know where Alex is going today. Alex has a doctor's appointment today doesn't she?" 

"Yeah, why?" 

"Well, isn't this the usual appointment women have when the doctor tells them that they can..." 


"Walker, we have been partners a long time. I know you don't like to talk about personal stuff, but hey it's me, Trivette, your partner, your best man and the guy that almost helped you deliver your baby. You can't fool me, I know why you want to get home so why don't you knock off early and go and see your wife?" 

"Thanks Trivette for not busting me too much about this, but I have missed her so much you can't even imagine." 

"Then you need to be with her, not me." 

"Okay, let's head back and then I'm outta here." 

"Hey Walker," Trivette yelled as Walker was grabbing his hat and leaving Ranger headquarters." 


"Have fun partner." 

"I plan to Trivette, see you tomorrow." 


Alex got home from her appointment and took a shower. She had a new nightgown she went and bought. It was white and simple but very sexy and very pretty. She did her makeup and her hair, sprayed on her husband's favorite perfume and waited for Walker to get home. He pulled the Ram into the driveway and excitement came over him. He and Alex hadn't been together in what seemed like forever. He wanted her and needed her so badly he almost couldn't stand it. He walked up the steps and slowly opened the door. What he saw was the most beautiful vision he had ever seen; Alex was standing on the stairway looking just like an angel from heaven. He couldn't even find any words to speak. Neither could she. They just stared at each other. He slowly made his way to her taking her hand and kissing her lips softly.

"Honey, you are so beautiful, I can't take my eyes off of you and you're not even sleeping." 

"What does that mean?" 

"Oh nothing, why is it so quiet here where is the baby?" 

"Well, it seems that her Aunt Sydney wanted to keep her tonight so she took all her stuff and she is going to bring her back tomorrow. So sweetheart we are all alone." 

"So how did your doctor's appointment go?" Walker said with a look of passion in his eyes.

"It went well, very well, it seems that I am completely back to normal. Everything is back to normal." 

"Really, so what do you want to do tonight?" 

"Well, how about a movie?" 


"Just kidding. Walker, I love you so much, it feels like we haven't been together in so long I can't stand it. I want you now! Please Walker, make love to me now!" 

"Alex, I have missed you so much. I couldn't even concentrate today. All I could think of was you and getting home. If I don't make love to you now I think I am going to die." 

Walker slowly kissed Alex and gently picked her up, carrying her to their bedroom, all the while still kissing her. He gently lay her on the bed and moved over her. They made love all night long. They were lost in each other bodies and the love that they had for each other. They made love slowly and passionately. It was like it was the first time they were ever together, neither of them ever wanted it to end. They stayed entwined in each other's bodies all night. After all this time, the only thing they wanted was to be together, as close as they could be. They needed to be one, one heart and soul and one body. Early that morning, Walker lay awake watching Alex sleep.

He leaned in and whispered softly, "I love you so much Alex, I don't think you will ever know how much. I could never live without you. You are so much a part of me, I will never love anyone but you." 

Alex slowly opened her eyes. It felt like she just went to sleep which she did.

"Hi baby, you're awake?" 

"Yes, I was just admiring the view." 

"Really, would you like a closer look?" 

"I think I would." 

Once again taking his wife in his arms and showing her all the love he felt for her that sometimes he felt he couldn't tell her. Making love to her was all he wanted to do, to feel her close to him and finally letting their bodies find sleep, they lay in each others arms and closed their eyes.

Alex once again began to open her eyes, but Walker was not lying beside her. She started to call him when he opened the door with breakfast and a rose on the tray,

"Hon, what is this?" 

"I thought you would like breakfast in bed today." 

"Well, after last night and this morning I am not sure I have the energy to get up." 

"Then let's just stay here. How does that sound?" 

"Sounds wonderful." 

"Alex, are you okay? I mean really okay?" 

"Yeah, why do you ask." 

"Well, we never really talked about what happened the day Angel was born; you know with Marilee." 

"I know, it's still hard for me, but its getting easier, as long as I have you." 

"Do you want to tell me about it, what happened?" 

"Honey, when she came upstairs, I was so scared, I prayed that you would get home and save me, but then it occurred to me that I needed to do some protecting myself and I couldn't let the memories of the last time cloud my judgment. I had a life inside of me that I was responsible for and that was all that mattered. Marilee and I had some words and then she started tearing the place apart again. When she turned back to me she had a gun in her hand, but I already had my hand on your gun under the pillow. I threw the clock at her and when she faced me again she was ready to pull the trigger. All I could think of was protecting our baby, so I shot her first and I would do it again. I'm not saying that taking her life wasn't hard for me and I don't think about it, but she would have killed me and our baby without a second thought. She was delusional and did what I had to. That's when you came in."

"I'm sorry honey, I wasn't here." 

"It's okay, I knew I had to do it on my own. I can't rely on you all the time, even though I would love to have you around all the time. Sometimes it's going to be up to me and I did what I had to do." 

Alex, I am so proud of you. You are a brave and beautiful woman." 

"Walker, I don't think I could have done it if I didn't know how much you loved me. I for one am glad it's over and we can get on with our lives now. Together we can raise our little girl and hopefully give her a brother or sister." 

"Do you want to start practicing?" 

"Walker, are you kidding me? How much energy do you have?" 

"For you baby, all the energy in the world." 

"Good 'cause I have it for you too." 

Later that afternoon Walker and Alex emerged from their bedroom, both feeling extremely happy and content. Sydney would be bringing the baby home soon and they were getting some things ready when the phone rang. 


"Walker, it's Trivette. You better get down here right away." 

"What's going on?" 

"Oh man your not going to believe this. This is so absurd I can't believe it!" 

"Trivette, what is it?"

"Well, nothing is formal yet, but I heard that the new DA is going to charge Alex with the murder of Marilee Summers." 

"What? What the hell are you talking about?" 

"That's what I heard. You need to get in here now and do something about this. Are you going to tell her?" 

"I have to before someone else does." 

"I gotta go, I'll be there soon."

Walker hung up the phone and he was madder then hell. "Of all the no good, stupid... What the hell is wrong with the laws in this country? How can they even think of doing this?" 

"Honey, who was that? What's wrong?" 

"Alex, please sit down." 

"What's wrong, you look awful." 

"That was Trivette and there is no easy way to say this." 

"Oh my god, is it the baby?" 

"No sweetheart, it's the new DA." 

"Jim Riley?" 


"What about him?" 

"He is considering filing charges against you." 

"Me? What for?" 

"The shooting of Marilee Summers." 

"What? They can't be serious, that was self defense!" 

"Honey, we need to get downtown and find out what this is all about." 

"Okay, let's go."

During the ride to headquarters, Walker held Alex's hand trying to convey to her that everything would be all right and he was there for her. She didn't seem to be too upset, maybe this was all a mistake. Well, they would soon find out, they were pulling into the lot.

Walking hand in hand they entered the courthouse. Reporters were already waiting for them; word gets out fast. Even though no charges had been filed, the reporters were out in full force.

"Mrs. Walker, are they filing charges against you for killing your husbands former girlfriend? Mrs. Walker?" 

"We have no comment." 

They finally made it through the crowd and into Ranger headquarters.

"Trivette, what's with the press already? No charges have been filed." 

"Well, it seems that word leaked out. The DA is looking for Alex, Walker." 

"Well Honey, let's get this over with, I'm sure nothing will come of it once I explain everything to him."

Arriving at the DA's office Walker knocked and entered holding onto Alex tightly.


"Walker, Alex, please have a seat." 

"Jim what is this all about?" 

"I'm afraid that I am filing formal charges against you for the shooting death of Marilee Summers." 
"You can't be serious, that was self defense and you know it!" 

"I'm getting pressure from up above, you of all people know how that works Alex." 

"Jim, this is ridiculous, everyone knows what that woman did to me." 

"True, but in the end you took her life, that's the bottom line and something has to be done about it." 

"I don't believe this." 

"Alex, you better not say anything else without advice of counsel." 

"Are you placing me under arrest?" 

"I'm afraid so," as he looked to the deputy to take care of it. 


"Don't worry honey, this isn't going to happen. I'll see to that!" 

As the officer read Alex her rights, she looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. He held his back for the time being, but his heart was breaking. As they led her away, he slowly let go of her hand telling her how much he loved her and not to worry. Nodding her head, Alex was led away to be fingerprinted and booked.

Walker stormed into Ranger headquarters, looking to Trivette for answers.

"Trivette, get me everything on everyone in this building. Something isn't right here; this doesn't make any sense. I want backgrounds on everyone, from the judges to the new DA. I smell a rat and I intend to get to the bottom of this. There is no way my wife is going to stand trial for defending herself against that witch, not while I still have a breath in me. 

"You got it Walker, how is Alex?"

"Scared, confused, how do you think she is?" 


"It's okay Trivette, I didn't mean to snap at you, this isn't your fault." 

"Walker, this will never get to trial, you know that." 

"Right now, I don't know anything anymore. Marilee comes to town supposedly looking for my help, then she stalks and terrorizes my wife, shooting her and leaving her to die, finally she is convicted of her crime and sent to prison. Some moron rookie cop forgets to read her rights to her and the next thing you know she's out, again coming after Alex and trying to kill her. Alex defends herself and what happens? They arrest her for killing Marilee, of course remembering to read her rights to her. This systems stinks that I know and if something happens to Alex I won't be a part of it anymore." 

"Walker, what are you saying?" 

"I'm saying if they go through with this nonsense and my wife is put on trial, I'm outta here, that's it." 

"Walker, you can't mean that." 

"The hell I can't! Look Trivette, this is the most ridiculous miscarriage of justice I have ever seen. A woman protects herself from a raving lunatic breaking into her home, holding her against her will and because she defends herself, now they are going to charge Alex with her death. I can't work for a system that does something like that." 

"Walker, don't worry, everything will work out. We will get to the bottom of this." 

"Trivette, I have to go pick up my daughter, but first I need to go see Alex and make sure she's okay." 

Walker went in to see his wife. She looked so scared, he wished he could take her pain away. He would do everything in his power to do that, no one was going to get away with this. As they sat talking, Gordon walked in. He would be defending his daughter. Walker left Alex for a minute to go and talk to him.


"Walker, how is my little girl?" 

"Not good I'm afraid, you have to help her." 

"That's why I'm here son. How is my new granddaughter?" 

"She's beautiful just like her mother. Gordon, I insist you come and stay with me until this is cleared up." 

"You got it son. Now I am going to talk to my daughter, you go home and take care of yours." 

"Okay, Gordon, let me just say goodbye to Alex okay?" 

Walker went back in to say goodbye to Alex and tell her he loved her. Gordon followed behind and hugged his daughter, telling not to worry that dad would take care of everything.

Arriving at Sydney's, Walker knocked and waited for her to answer, he was anxious to get his baby home. 

"Walker, how is Alex?" 


"Okay, I guess, as good as can be expected. All this is just too much for her, Sydney. Thanks for keeping the baby last night, it meant a lot to Alex and to me." 

"You're welcome Walker. Do you need me to keep her tonight?" 

"No, but thanks anyway, I want to get her home." 

Sydney helped Walker get Angel into the Ram and get all of her stuff together. Walker buckled his baby girl in and headed for home. He already missed Alex so much and now it was his responsibility alone to take care of their daughter. He hoped and prayed he could do it.

After the baby was asleep, he went into take a shower and relax. He needed to unwind and figure out what he was going to do to help Alex. He didn't want to leave her there, but he had to wait for bail to be set and then he would get her out.

The hearing had been set for the next day and once bail was set Alex would be able to come home where she belonged. Walker was just starting to fall asleep when he heard the baby crying. Going in to pick her up, he sat in the rocking chair holding her as she drank from her bottle. Walker looked down into the precious little face as his little girl.

"You really are daddy's Angel, you know that sweetheart? You look just like your mommy. She can't be here right now, but she will be back soon I promise you that. Until then, it's just you and me. Daddy will take good care of you." Walker started thinking about everything that happened over the last year. 'It all started the day Marilee Summers came back to town and went downhill from there. And now this! How could anyone have been so full of hate that she would cause all of this to happen?' he wondered. 'How had he ever gotten involved with her in the first place?' As the baby finished her bottle, Walker put her on his shoulder until she was sleeping and gently put her back in he cradle. Slowly leaving the room, he went downstairs just as Gordon was coming in the door.

"I thought you would have been asleep." 

"No, the baby was up and I really can't sleep anyway. Gordon how was Alex when you left?"

"Not good, she is really scared. I don't think I've ever seen her so scared."

"I'm really worried about her Gordon." 

"Me too son." 

"Do you want some coffee or something?" 



"Sounds good, Walker, but first I want to go and see my new grandbaby." Looking in on Angel he was careful not to wake her, he just gazed at the beautiful little girl sleeping so peacefully.

"She's so beautiful son, you have a precious gift there, cherish her always. Now do you want to tell me what the hell happened around here?"


"Okay, it's kind of a long story, but if you have the time I'll tell it." 

Walker filled Gordon in on everything that went on over the past year, also telling him of the time before when he had gotten involved with Marilee. Gordon was at a loss for words, he was only with this woman a very short time and yet she insisted it was love and came back to claim her man.

"Walker, how could they think of charging my daughter with this crime? From what you told me, it is clearly self defense." 


"That's what I said, something is fishy in Dallas Gordon and I am going to find out what it is."

The bail hearing was scheduled for ten in the morning. Walker went to Alex as they waited for the judge, holding her for only a second and trying to calm her down. He could see the burden she was carrying. Not only was she the Assistant District Attorney who had put many of these women she would be sharing a cell with away, but now it was worse she was also married to him, who had put many of them away himself. He knew it would be hard for her, they would make sure she didn't have an easy time of it. He remembered the last time Alex was there and he was sure this time would be worse. 

The judge heard both sides of the arguments and handed down his ruling. There was enough evidence to take the case to trial and he denied bail. This was a capitol crime and Alex would have to stay in jail until her trial. Walker could see the fear in her eyes, as she was taken back to her cell, he could only stand by as his beautiful wife was hauled away. 

"Gordon, I can't believe this is happening. We need to find out something about this judge and the DA." 

"Walker, you work on that. I need to start preparing my case, my daughters life depends on it." 


As Alex made her way back to her cell the hoops and hollers began; everything from how she put them away, to remarks about her husband.

"Hey Cahill, oh yeah it's Walker now, how is that studly husband of yours anyway? I sure would like to find out. Wish I had a Ranger man of my own, better not let him alone for too long someone is libel to snatch him up quick. A lot of us would kill for a man like that. So how is he Cahill? I bet he is good, aren't you going to tell us? What's the matter not talking?" 

Alex tried to ignore their comments. She went into her cell and cried. This can't be happening. How was she ever going to get out of this? She needed to have faith in Walker and her father and then there was Angel, she missed her so much already.

Walker, Trivette and the others worked endlessly on trying to find out something about the judge or the new DA. So far they had come up empty handed. Alex had been in jail for over two weeks and Walker's nerves were beginning to fray. Gordon worked long hours trying to put together a case that would insure an acquittal. Walker visited his wife every chance he had, but all they were allowed were short visits behind the glass and it was killing both of them. 

"Hi baby, how are you holding up?" 

"I'm okay, how about you?" 

"All right, I miss you so much, and so does Angel." 

"Walker, I miss you too and my little girl, how is she doing?" 

"She's good, but I know she misses her mommy, I can tell." 

"I miss her too. Walker, do you think I am going to be able to get out of this? I didn't do anything wrong, why can't they see that?" 

"Hon, I know, I'm working on something right now. Something about this new DA isn't setting well with me. How well do you know him?" 

"Well, he just started last year, you know all that happened after that, so I really didn't get a chance to get to know him that well." 

"Well I am not going to rest until I find out something. Alex, I love you so much, I worry about you in here, is everyone all right? No one is hurting you are they?" 

"No, not so far. I thought it would be worse than before, but maybe since they all know I'm married to you they are leaving me alone. I think they're afraid of you." 

"Good, they should be." 

"Listen baby, our time is almost up and I want to go and check on some leads, I'll see you tomorrow. I love you please remember that." 

"I love you too, honey. I'll be okay, try not to worry about me." 

"Goodbye sweetheart." 

"Goodbye, you will be in my dreams." 

"Mine too." 

Walker left and headed back to the office. He was hoping Trivette would have some leads on this new DA. For some reason, Walker's uneasy feeling kept coming back to him, there was something about him he didn't like, something about the way he was so quick to have Alex arrested. It was like he really didn't care to even hear her side of the story and this was Alex he was talking about. Everyone knew her reputation, yet this guy didn't even take that into consideration and then the judge granting no bail, the whole scenario stunk and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. 

"Trivette anything yet? Did you find out anything about Jim riley?" 

"Not yet, all I got is Harvard law school, top of his class, practiced law in Pennsylvania, before moving to Oregon where he was the Assistant District Attorney, and then here to Dallas. So far he seems to have a clean record, that's all I have found out. Do you want me to keep checking?" 

"Yes, don't give up. This guy is no good I can feel it. Maybe I'll go have a talk with him." 

"I don't think that's a good idea partner. Let's just wait until we come up with something." 

"Okay, I have to go and get the baby anyway. Josie is watching her for me." 

"How is that going anyway? You know, taking care of a baby by yourself?" 

"Well, it's not easy. I have a much greater respect for all of those mothers out there I'll tell you that, but I'm handling it okay." 

"Well give that beauty a kiss from her Uncle Jimmy, okay?" 

"I will, thanks Trivette, I'll see you tomorrow." 


Walker left and headed for the HOPE Center to pick up his daughter. He wondered what he and Alex would ever do without their friends. Time and again they have proven to be irreplaceable and neither of them knew what they would do without them.

Walker headed home with his little girl. She was cooing and making all kinds of sounds on the ride home. He couldn't help but smile, she was such a joy to him and she was the one that was really helping him through all of this. If it wasn't for her, he knows he would have fallen apart already, but he had to be strong for her and he would be. 

Alex's trial was set to start and against her father's wishes, Alex insisted on taking the stand in her own defense. She knew she only acted in self-defense and she was going to prove it. Witness after witness had been called for the defense and for the prosecution and the time had come for Alex to take the stand.

The trial had gone on for two weeks and Gordon was no more confident now than he had been in the beginning. Skeletons were coming out of the closet, Alex's affair with Tony and his subsequent murder although she had been cleared of all charges, but now it was Alex turn to set the record straight. 

"Please state your name." 

"Alex Cahill-Walker." 

Gordon proceeded to ask Alex all kinds of questions finally leading up to the day in question. She recounted as best she could through her tears what Marilee had done and how she finally ended up taking her life. Now it was the prosecutions turn but Alex felt as though she was ready. Walker gave her a wink and smile and she knew all would be okay.

"Mrs. Walker, please state for the court when you first met Miss Summers." 

"Excuse me?" 

"When did you first meet the victim Miss Marilee Summers?" 

"I met her a little over 8 years ago." 

"And please describe the circumstances of that meeting."

"I really don't see what this has to do with what happened." 

"Please Mrs. Walker answer the question." 

"She came to C.D.'s Bar and Grill to perform." 


"And her ex husband had been making threats against her so she needed help." 

Walker looked at Gordon. Neither of them liked where this was going and despite Gordon's objections, the judge told her to answer the questions. 

"And who was assigned to help her? Mrs. Walker, who was assigned to protect Miss Summers from her ex husband?" 

"Ranger Walker." 

"Ranger Cordell Walker, is that correct?" 


"And who is Ranger Walker to you?" 

"He is my husband, but he wasn't then." 

"Please only answer the questions asked of you." 

Gordon continued to object, but it was useless, she was going to have to answer the questions.

This guy was getting on Walker's nerves. Why was he bringing all of this up? Marilee was the one with the problem not Alex. Why was he making her go through this again? 

"And what was your relationship with Ranger Walker at the time Miss Summers came to town?" 

"We were friends." 

"Friends, really is that all?" 

"Yes, just friends." 

"Mrs. Walker, isn't it true that you have hated Miss Summers from the first time she came to town? Didn't she in fact steal Ranger Walker right out from under your nose? Weren't you in love with him eight years ago when Miss Summers came and started a relationship with him? 


"Mrs. Walker, are you telling this court that you were not in love with Ranger Walker, all along, since the first time you saw him? Isn't it common knowledge around here the way you felt about him from the beginning? Are you going to deny that his relationship with Miss Summers left you feeling betrayed and hurt, since you believed he had feelings for you?" 

"No, why are you asking me this? It has nothing to do with now." 

"Oh but it does Mrs. Walker. You saw the opportunity to get back at Miss Summers for what she did all those years ago and you took it." 

"I didn't. I was just protecting my child and myself. She pulled the gun on me first, I only protected myself."

"And isn't is also correct that when Miss Summers came back to town some eight years later, you felt the same hatred for her all over again? You knew she was after your husband again and you wanted to stop her. Isn't it true that you thought she could get him back and you needed to stop her? Mrs. Walker I was with you that day when you went into the restaurant and found your husband having lunch with Miss Summers. You wanted to see her dead then didn't you?" Alex couldn't believe he was asking her this, she had forgotten that he was the one that she was going to lunch with that day at Dawson's. 

"No, she is the one who tried to kill me. I spent weeks in the hospital for what she did to me." 

"And you wanted to get back at her, after she was released you wanted to punish her not only for what she did to you but for what she almost cost you." 

"No, what are you talking about?" 

"Mrs. Walker, I have papers here from the doctor that took care of you when you were shot, stating that due to the affects of the gunshot wound there was a good chance that you would never be able to have children, isn't that correct?" 

"I have a child." 

"Yes, but at the time you didn't know that was possible and didn't you go through a very risky pregnancy? You weren't sure you were even going to be able to have that baby, isn't that correct?" 


Walker couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop it, leave her alone!"

"Ranger Walker, sit down or I will find you in contempt, sit down now!" 

The DA continued with his questioning. 

"Mrs. Walker, the truth is Marilee Summers came into town and took away the man you loved. She did it once and you weren't so sure she wouldn't do it again. So when you had the opportunity, you got rid of her once and for all didn't you?"

"No, I only protected myself, how many times do I have to say it?" 

"No further questions." 

"Mrs. Walker, you may step down." 

Walker was beside himself. He felt like using the judge and the DA to practice his marital arts on. He wanted to rain some real hurt on both of them and right now he planned on doing it. The look on his wife's face broke his heart, how dare they put her through that? They weren't even listening to her. She tried to explain this to them and they wouldn't even listen and he knew this was all his fault, this whole Marilee thing was his fault. 

"Mr. Cahill, please call your next witness." 

"Your Honor, the defense calls Ranger Cordell Walker." 


"Your Honor, since Mrs. Walker was subjected to brutal questioning regarding a relationship the Ranger had years ago, it's only fair that he be able to tell the truth of that relationship." 

"I'll allow it. Ranger Walker, please take the stand." 

"State you name and occupation please." 

"Ranger Cordell Walker, Texas Rangers Company B." 

"Ranger Walker, what is your relationship to the defendant?" 

"She is my wife." 

"Thank you, now can you please tell us the events leading up to the day in question?" 

Walker recounted for the court the day Marilee was murdered and how when he arrived home he found Marilee on the floor and Alex in labor. Gordon questioned him about his past relationship with Marilee and he stated that it was a very short-term thing and nothing came of it, but Marilee insisted that they belonged together. She called his house, terrorized his wife and shot and left her to die in their backyard.

"No further questions."

It was the DA's turn and Walker was ready for him. 


"Ranger Walker, when you arrived home that day, did you see Marilee holding a gun on your wife?" 

"I already said, Marilee was on the floor and Alex was in labor." 

"Did you check Marilee's condition?" 

"My partner James Trivette did, I went to check on my wife." 

"So you ignored the body of a woman you were once involved with to check on your wife?" 

"No, I didn't ignore her, like I said my partner checked on her and she was already dead." 

"And what was the condition of your wife?" 

"She was crying and in labor, we called the coroner and the paramedics." 

"Ranger Walker, did you check the gun, the one Marilee had to see if it was loaded?" 

'This guy is too much' Walker thought to himself. 'Did he think he was dealing with some rookie?'

"My partner did and sent it to the lab, anything else? Do you want to know the condition of the room too? Because Marilee had destroyed it for the second time. She was obsessed with getting rid of my wife and she would stop at nothing to do it, even harm an unborn child in the process."

"Ranger, you stated that Marilee was obsessed with you, what gives you that indication?" 

"She came back to Dallas, to get me to help her like before. She called my house, came by, and stopped at my office. I couldn't get her to leave me alone. She made threats against my wife, harassed her in front of twenty other Rangers, shot her and left her to die and came back and harassed her again. She was delusional about my feelings for her, she knew I was never in love with her and she couldn't accept it. She thought if she got rid of my wife I would come back to her. When I told her that was never going to happen, that's when she got violent." 


"Violent you say and yet she is the one who died Ranger, not your wife." 

"Yes, she is, but that's only because my wife protected herself, how many times do you people have to hear the same thing?" 

"Ranger Walker, please only answer the question you're asked. Ranger has your wife ever stated how she felt about Marilee Summers?" 

"I don't follow the question." 

"Has your wife ever told you how Marilee Summers made her feel?" 


"And how was that?" 

"Marilee Summers made my wife know how much I loved her that's how she made her feel. That and Alex was afraid of her, she had as you know tried to kill her, how else do you want her to feel?" 

The DA knew he wasn't going to get anywhere with Ranger Walker, he wouldn't give an inch and he wasn't about to say anything negative about his wife.

"Ranger, you may step down, I have no further questions." 

"Good," Walker mumbled under his breath.

Both sides presented closing arguments. Gordon Cahill was brilliant, but so was the District Attorney. No one had any indication of how this case would turn out. Alex waited patiently for the verdict, as did Gordon. Walker on the other hand wasn't so patient. He paced for hours on end, waiting to hear the fate his wife would be handed. Finally after two days, the jury was in and court was called to reconvene. 

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, did you reach a verdict?" 

"We have your Honor. In the case of the state of Texas versus Alex Cahill-Walker, we find the defendant, not guilty." 

The courtroom erupted in applause and Walker jumped over the banister and grabbed his wife. Never had he been so happy, they embraced and kissed and didn't care who was looking.

"Mrs. Walker, you are free to go. I thank the jury for their time and patience in this matter, case dismissed." 

The celebration at C.D.'s was in full swing. There was drinking, dancing and an all around good time. Everyone was congratulating Alex and when the door opened, Alex had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. There stood Josie with little Angel. Alex ran to her and held on for dear life, raining kisses all over the little baby's face. She was so glad to have her baby back in her arms. Walker came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning his head on her shoulder.

"Well, does she look all right? Did I take good care of her?" 

"Sweetheart, I think you did too good of a job, she is so beautiful, maybe you don't need me." 

"Alex, please, I need you! I need you so much! As a matter of fact, I am getting really anxious to get you home." 

"Me too cowboy, but we can't desert our friends, we need to stay at least for a little while longer." 

"Okay, if you insist." 

"Don't worry, I'll make it up to you. I have missed you so much." 

"I'm going to hold you to that."

Everyone took turns holding little Angel so Walker and Alex could enjoy the party. Gordon held her the longest. He had not seen a more beautiful baby since he held his own little daughter in his arms so many years ago and right now she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was dancing in the arms of her husband, a man who loved her with all his heart. Gordon knew that no one he could have hand made for his Alex could have come close to Cordell Walker and no one would ever love her more than he did. He proved that to Gordon over and over again. 

Walker and Alex took their little daughter home and settled her in for the night. Alex didn't want to put her down, but she did have other things on her mind. She wanted and needed to be with her husband. After Angel was sleeping, she made her way to the bedroom where he was waiting for her amidst candlelight and champagne. 

"I think we need to celebrate some more, what do you think?" 

"Walker, what is all of this?" 

"Well, I thought you might like a little romance tonight and I'm going to give you some. Now hold on I have some music I want to put on."

Walker went over to the tape player and turned on some soft romantic music, filled the champagne glasses and began a night of seduction his wife wouldn't soon forget. He thought of everything and he made her feel so special, she couldn't believe how much she loved this man. Never had a man done anything like this for her before. He was certainly one of a kind and she thanked god everyday that he was hers. Walker took Alex to new heights of ecstasy; he held her and loved her like he had never done before. They gave themselves to each other fully, neither coming down from the high they had given each other until hours later. They finally fell asleep contented and loved in each other's arms until the soft cries of their baby daughter could be heard. Walker got up with Alex close behind. After seeing to her needs and making sure she was sleeping, they went arm in arm back to their room. Now fully awake, they once again fell into each other's arms and made love until morning and more cries and the ringing of the phone.

"I'll get it honey, you take care of the baby." 


"Walker, it's me. Listen, I think I may have found the connection you have been looking for on our new DA. How soon can you get here?" 

"I'm on my way." 

"Alex, I need to get to the office, something important has come up, I won't be long." 

"Okay, hurry back and be careful." 

After kissing his wife and daughter goodbye, Walker headed for Ranger headquarters. Rushing up the stairs and in the door, Trivette was waiting with a huge grin on his face.

"Okay, what have you got?" 

"Walker, man look at this! That new DA, guess who he used to be involved with?" 

"Marilee Summers, seems he dated her when he was living in Pennsylvania, which by coincidence was right after she left here. According to his colleagues in Philadelphia, she dated him briefly and told him she needed to get back to the real love of her life, you." 


"Yeah, so the best I can figure, he had a grudge against you, since the woman he loved was in love with you. When Alex killed her, he thought that was the best way to punish you was to take the woman you loved because you took the woman he loved." 

"Trivette, you are a genius. Don't let anyone ever tell you different, especially me." 

"Let's get him partner." 

Walker and Trivette proceeded to have charges filed against Jim Riley for interfering with justice, using his position for personal gain, and prejudice involving a case. He was disbarred and removed from his position as District Attorney. 

Walker and Alex finally got back to life as normal. Well as normal as it could be with an infant daughter to take care of, but they cherished her as they cherished each other. They were always aware that the love they had for each other was stronger than anything on this earth and together they would always prevail.