Mission of Mercy

(The return to Vietnam)

By Carol (hussy49@hotmail.com)


Shirly (Shirl1978@aol.com)

Walker and Trivette were on their way back to Ranger headquarters when they got a call about a bank robbery at the Bank of America.

“Walker that’s four blocks away.” 

“Tell them we’ll take it.” 

“This is Trivette we got that one.  We are four blocks away send back up.”

“Trivette got a reply that back up is on the way.”  Walker pulled up to where the truck could not be seen from inside the bank.

“Trivette check the back.”  Walker went to the front window and peeked inside.  He could see two men with guns in their mid- twenty’s.  They had the customers lined up on the floor face down.  Walker waited for Trivette to return before making a move. 

“Walker the back is secure.  No way out.”  “Trivette there are two men inside they have hostages.  Right now they don’t know we are here.  I’m going in as a customer keep an eye out for the right time to come in.”

“Walker are you nuts?” 


“Walker I don’t like this idea, please be careful.”

“I’m always careful.”  Walker took off his badge and hid it in his pocket, and then he took off his holster and hid his gun in the band of his pants under his jacket so they wouldn’t see it.  “Here it goes Trivette be ready for anything.”

“Good luck partner”

Walker opened the door to the bank and walked in like he owned the joint. 

“Hey you.”  One of the bank robbers yelled.

“Don’t move or I will blow your head off.” 

“Don’t shoot mister” Walker said. 

“Let’s get out of here before the cops come.”

“The other robber said.”  The two men started to leave.

“Since you are standing you can come with me” he told Walker.  The other robber grabbed a young woman by the arm.

“You are coming with me, get up.”

“No please“ woman yelled.”

“Get up or you are dead.”  The woman got up off the floor and the man grabbed hold of her from behind. 

“Now get moving.”  Just as they were getting to the door they heard the police pull up. “Cops!  It was now or never, Walker had to make his move.  Walker carefully removed his gun from its hiding place and quickly disarmed his captor.  The second robber pointed the gun towards Walker and fired but he hit the other bank robber instead.  Walker shoved the wounded man into the other robber knocking the two men and the young woman to the ground. 

“Texas Ranger, get back lady” Walker yelled.  The woman got out of the way fast.  Walker tackled the man and they wrestled over the gun.  Just then Trivette came in the door.  Walker disarmed the second robber and put a choke hold on him and he was out like a light. 

“Walker you okay man?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”  Walker went over to the woman and helped her up.  You okay Miss?”  Walker asked.

“Yes I think so, thanks to you.  There was no telling what would have happened if they had gotten me out of here.  Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome.  I’m just glad you are not hurt.”  The young woman gave Walker a kiss on the cheek and went to give a statement to the police.     After things calmed down a little one of the customers came up to Walker. 

“Very good Captain now you play the hero. Where the hell were you when we needed you?”  I can’t believe you have the nerve to wear that badge after what you did.”

Walker turned and looked at the man.  Walker turned pale as a ghost.

“What’s wrong Walker you look like you seen a ghost.”


“Yeah Captain it’s me.”

“By the look on your face I can see you are surprised to see me.”

“I thought you were dead.”

“I almost was but I made it back, no thanks to you, you coward.” 

“Wait you lost me here.  You are calling me a coward?”  Hearing part of the argument going on Trivette went to Walker to see what the trouble was.  “Hey Walker you okay man?”

“It’s okay Trivette.” 

“No it’s not okay.  Your partner is a dirty coward.”

“Walker is a lot of things mister but believe me a coward is not one of them.”

“It’s okay Trivette.”  Walker said.

“You want to explain what is going on Johnson, because I’m lost here.”

“What is there to explain Walker, you deserted me and Connors to save yourself.  You left us there to die.  Guess what Walker we didn’t die.  I’m here as you can see but Connors he is still being held prisoner in Vietnam I hope you can live with that because I sure in the hell can’t.”

“My god!”  Walker was stunned.  He didn’t know what to think.”

“Walker I don’t care what this guy is saying I know you and you wouldn’t leave someone out there on purpose.”  Trivette told his partner. 

“Trivette this is a lot more complicated then you realize, it has to do with the time I spent in Vietnam and me thinking I lost two very good friends but I can see I was wrong.”

“Trivette, Johnson and I need some time to talk and clear up some misunderstandings.  Do you think you can hold down the fort for the rest of the day can you tell Alex I will get a hold of her later and explain everything but most of all tell her not to worry you know how she worries about me.”

“No problem Walker take all the time you need to sort this out and I will tell Alex.  There is one last thing I want to say. “ 

“Johnson I don’t know you from a hole in the wall, but I have known Walker for over eight years he is not a coward in any sense of the word.  You should see him in action as a Ranger.  He has put his life on the line so many times for others and he has the scars to prove it.  So for you too ever hint that he is a coward is not only inappropriate but out of character for Walker.  I have said all I want to say so I will be on my way.  Walker I’ll see you later.”

“Now that your partner is gone Walker there is no need to put on an act.”  Johnson let’s go to my ranch and see if we can make some sense out of this whole mess.”  “Sure Walker I would love to see you try and worm your way out of this.”  After arriving at the ranch Walker and Johnson went inside and Walker put on a pot of coffee. 

“Walker it seems like you ended up with a nice life while some of us had to scrape to get by.”

“My life may seem some what comfortable now but it took along time to get there.  Johnson you and I need to talk about what happened in the past and clear up any misunderstandings.  When I left Vietnam I saw you and Connors shot down and not moving so I started back after you but was shot myself.  They found me and took me to the chopper and the last guy on the chopper said the both of you were dead.  He swore to it.  He said he looked at the both of you and you were dead.   

I was taken to camp and was unconscious for six days with a chest wound.  When I regained conscious I asked about you and Connors they said the both of you were dead.  I didn’t believe it until they showed me your death certificates.  I still didn’t believe it after all that we had gone through.  I wanted to go look for you and bring you back dead or alive.  The problem was that they wouldn’t let me.  The thought of you both out there was very hard for me.  I lay there night after night thinking about you two guys.  Time past and within thirty days I was shipped back home to Dallas where I was in the hospital for another month.  After that I was discharged and went home to heal both emotionally and physically from all that I had been through.  I did my best to serve my country and would have stayed in longer if it were not for my chest injury leaving me with disabilities to over come. “

After arguing with Johnson Walker felt like he was getting nowhere.  He walked over to the fireplace and stared into the flames.  His thoughts took him back to his time in Vietnam and the last time the three of them were together.  “If you want to waste the rest of your life hating me I guess there is nothing I can do about that, but there is something I can do about Connors.”   Walker went into the bedroom and to the closet.  He took out a large trunk he had in the back of the closet.  Walker sat on the floor and opened the trunk.  Walker hadn’t opened it in years.  It was full of the things he brought back from his army days.  He searched through the things and came across a picture.  It was a picture of the three of them taken just before their last mission together.  Walker leaned back against the trunk and looked at the picture of them.

Johnson followed Walker into the bedroom after a few minutes.  He could see the concern and the hurt on Walkers face and realized he had been wrong about him all these years.  Walker put the picture aside and started going through the trunk.  Johnson came up to Walker.

“Walker what do you mean there is something you can do?”

“Nothing, never mind.”

“Walker I can see I was wrong about you and I’m truly sorry.”

“It’s okay just forget it Walker told him. 

“Walker what are you planning on doing?” 

“I’m going back to Vietnam and bring Connors home where he belongs.” 

“Walker you can’t be serious. 

“I haven’t been more serious in my life.” 

“It’s too dangerous you are going to get yourself killed.”

“Connors saved my life twice when we were over there I owe him one.” 

“Walker you made a lot of enemies over there and they would love to get their hands on you.”

“I guess they will get their chance then.”  Walker continued to get his gear together.

“You are really going to do this aren’t you?”

“Yes I am and nothing you or anyone else can change my mind.”

“In that case I am going with you, I can’t let you do this alone.”

“I didn’t say you had to come along.”

“I know that.  I have some connections over there that will come in handy.  They can get us any supplies we need.” 

“Are you sure?”

“I am sure, what about you?”

“Let’s do it.” It will be a few days.  I have some things to wrap up here first.”

“Okay I’ll be around.”

The next morning Walker went in to see the Captain. 

“Come in Walker the Captain said.

“What can I do for you Walker?” 

“Captain I need to take a leave of absence.” 

“For how long Walker?”

“I’m not sure, a few weeks maybe longer.”

“May I ask why?” 

“It’s personal Captain.”

“What if I don’t give it to you?” 

“Then I will have to put in my resignation sir.”

“You would really give up being a Ranger, Walker?” 

“Yes sir I would.” 

“This must be really important to you.”

“It is.” 

“I guess I don’t have a choice then do I?” 

“You always have a choice.”

“It is granted I will fill the paper work.  Stop by my office later and sign it.”

“I will and thanks sir.” 

“Walker I don’t know what is going on but I feel like it is serious, please be careful.”

“I will thanks.”  Walker left the Captains office and right away Trivette started in on him. 

“Walker what is going on?”

“Not now Trivette” Walker replied.  Walker started towards the door and Trivette grabbed his arm and stopped him. 

“Walker what the hell is going on?  This man I have never even heard of before tells you something I know that is not true but it turns your world upside down.  Walker I am your friend I want to help.  Please tell me what’s going on.”

“Not now I said, later.”  Walker broke Trivette’s hold on him and walked out the door leaving Trivette standing there.

“You stubborn damn Cherokee.”  Trivette yelled.

Walker wanted to make sure his affairs were all in order just in case something happened.  He went to his lawyer to make sure his will was, as he wanted it.  Walker gave his lawyer two letters for Alex and Trivette in the event of his death.  He made arrangements to have someone look after the ranch while he was away.  There were other loose ends Walker tied up before leaving.  The letter he wrote to Trivette and Alex explained where he went and why he went.  He also told them why he couldn’t tell them personally.  He hoped they would understand.  It wasn’t until the next day that everything was taken care of.  He decided to spend his last night in Dallas with his closest friend and the lady he loved more then anything in the world.   So why was he risking everything to try and bring back a man he wasn’t even that sure was alive?  Walker asked himself.  It was one of those things that he knew he had to do no matter what.

Alex and Trivette had no idea what was going on with Walker but Alex knew him good enough to become concerned.  Walker went to C.D.’s, he knew Trivette and Alex would be there.  Trivette and Alex were busy talking about Walker and didn’t see him walk in the door.

“Jimmy I don’t know what is going on with Walker but I have a feeling it is serious.”  “Have you talked to him at all Alex?” 

“No I haven’t even seen him.” 

“It has to do with the days he spent in Vietnam Alex.  Some guy came up to him at the bank after the robbery and accused him of deserting him and another guy to save himself.”

“Jimmy you know Walker is not capable of anything like that.” 

“You and I know it but this guy doesn’t.  I didn’t hear all of what went on between them but it really upset Walker and he won’t even talk to me about it.”  

“That’s because there is nothing to discuss Trivette.”  Walker said walking up behind them.  Walker put his arm around Alex and gave her a tender kiss.

“Walker!   I missed you Cowboy, where have you been?” 

“I had things to take care of.”  

“What things Walker?”  Trivette asked. 

“Just things that’s all.  I would rather not talk about it Trivette if you don’t mind.”

“Yes I do mind, you can’t keep shutting me out like this.” 

“Trivette I would like to spend a quiet evening with my friends without being put through the ringer.  So would you drop it please?”

“Sure I can do that I can see I am going to get nowhere anyway.”

They sat there for about an hour no one was saying much at all.  Feeling left out in the cold Trivette sat there not saying a word.  Walker knew he was hurting Trivette’s feelings but he knew it was best that Trivette didn’t know what he was about to do. 

“Walker it’s getting late I think I am going to head home.  I would like to relax awhile before I go to bed.” Alex said. 

“Me too Alex, I’m out of here.”  Trivette added.  The three got up and walked out.  Walker put his hand around Trivette’s shoulder. 

“Trivette please understand, there are reasons I am doing what I am doing.  You will understand later okay?  Please don’t be mad or hurt.”

“I’m trying Walker.  Good night I’ll see you in the morning.”  

“Goodnight Trivette.” 

“I’m afraid you won’t see me tomorrow partner and I’m sorry. You won’t see me for quite some time I’m afraid. ”  Walker said to himself.

Walker put his arm around Alex and walked her to her car.

“Alex do you mind if I come over for awhile?  I would like to spend a little time alone with you.”

“Of course not Walker I’ll take anytime I can get alone with you.”

“Good I’ll follow you home.”  Once they were at Alex’s place she offered him a cup of coffee.

“Walker would you like a cup of coffee?”

“No Alex I’m fine thanks.  All I want to do is sit with you awhile.”

“Okay I’m here for whatever reason you know that right?”

“I know that Alex.”  Alex sat down on the couch by Walker and he put his arm around her and held her tight.

“I just want to sit here like this with you in my arms Alex.”

“Walker what’s wrong?”

“Alex please don’t ask.”

“Okay I won’t.  If you won’t talk about it you must have a good reason so I will wait for you to tell me when you are ready.”

“Thanks Alex I love you very much.” 

“I know you do.”  Walker sat just holding Alex for the longest time until he realized it was getting late.

“Alex I’m sorry I didn’t mean to keep you up so late.”

“It’s alright Walker I don’t mind.”

“I better get going.”  Alex walked Walker to the door.  He gave her a long passionate kiss.

“Good-bye Alex” Walker said and he left.  Alex went inside and closed the door.  The tears started to fall down her cheek as she thought of the way he said good-bye.  His voice sounded like he was saying good-bye forever.

Walker and Johnson were flying out real early in the morning so Walker stopped by Ranger headquarters and put the letters on Alex’s and Trivette’s desks where they would see them when they came in.  Walker met Johnson and they headed to the airport.   “Are you sure you want to come with me Johnson?  This is your last chance. I have no idea what we are going to run into over there but I’m sure it’s not going to be a welcome back party.”

“Gee what a let down Walker I was sure they would throw us a party. 

Connors is all I have thought about ever since I found out he was still alive and being held captive for the last five years.”

“Now you are going to get your chance to do something about it.  I want to know what happened to you that last time we were together.  Where did they take you.”

“I will explain everything once we get on the plane.”

“Great.”  “By the way I made a phone call and arranged for someone in Vietnam to scout out what camp Connors is being held in and they will get with us when we get to Vietnam.”

“That was smart.”

Walker and Johnson finally arrived and they boarded the plane.  It was going to be a long flight so they would have plenty of time to catch up.  Walker sat in the seat next to the window.  He starred out the window as the plane started down the runway.

“You are thinking of your friends aren’t you Walker?”

“Yes as a matter of fact I am.”

“They will understand Walker.”

“I hope so. I feel bad about the way I left but I had no choice.”

“Once you return safe and sound I think they will forget all about it.”

“Maybe you’re right.  So will you tell me what happened to you and Connors?”

“Okay the last day we were all together.  You saw us shot down.  I called out to you but you turned and ran.  I thought you left us.”

“I did see you and started toward you but heard someone behind me and went for cover but when you saw me disappear into the bushes I was shot also.  The next thing I was waking up on the chopper.  When I asked about you and Connors they said you were dead.”

“I am truly sorry Walker I have been blaming the wrong person all these years.  No one came to check us.  We were wounded but as you see not fatally.  The person that told you we were dead didn’t even come and check he wanted to save his own skin.  They took us to a camp where they had several prisoners.  We both recovered from our wounds.  We stayed together for about nine months and then they separated us and they took Connors to a different camp.  We both tried to escape a few times but they caught us and made us pay dearly.  Those bastards love to inflict pain.  That was the last time I saw Connors.  I managed to escape eleven months later.  I tried to find him but I couldn’t.”

“I’m sorry for what you went through.  I have always felt guilty that I wasn’t able to help you.”

“Don’t feel guilty there was nothing you could have done.  You almost died.”

“I sure hope we can find him.” 

“We will Walker I know we will.”

Trivette and Alex ran into each other at the elevator at work. 

“Good morning Alex.”

“Good morning Jimmy how are you this morning? 

“Okay I guess.  I hope I can get Walker to talk to me this morning.”

“Jimmy something is going on with him and I don’t know what.”

“I know Alex.”

“Maybe I can get him to take me to lunch today, he has been to busy all week long.  I going to check my messages and I will be in to see Walker.”

“Okay I’ll see in a few minutes.” 

Alex headed to her office and Trivette to his desk.  He was surprised to see Walker’s desk empty.  He should have been to work by now.  Trivette walked to his desk and saw a note.  Alex went in to see if she had any messages.  No messages but there on her desk was a note from Walker.  Alex had a bad feeling when she saw the note.  She knew it had to be from Walker after the way he was acting the night before.  Alex opened the note.

”Dear Alex I’m sorry to tell you like this I know it was not right but I felt it was necessary.  I found out a dear friend of mine from Vietnam that I thought was dead is alive and still being held prisoner.  He saved my life twice while I was over there, if it weren’t for him I would not be alive right now.  So I am going back to find him and bring him home.  I didn’t tell you because I knew you would try and stop me.  I have to do this I’m sorry.  I don’t have any idea how long I will be gone.  I love you, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

   Love Walker

While Alex was reading her note Trivette was reading his.  Trivette picked up the note Walker had left.  Trivette hesitated a few minutes before opening the note. 

“Dear Trivette, This is the only way to tell you what is going on.  I am going back to Vietnam Trivette.  I found out a friend of mine is still being held prisoner over there.  Trivette this is something I have to do.  Connors saved my life and I have to return the favor.  I didn’t tell you because I know you, you would want to come along.  That my friend could cost you your life.  You could never survive over there.  Please understand.  I ask you to please look after Alex while I am gone.  This is going to be hard on her.  I have no idea how long I will be gone. 


Trivette took the note and headed to Alex’s office.  Alex did the same and they ran into each other.

“Alex did you get a note from Walker?”

“Yes I did.”

“Oh Jimmy what are we going to do?”

“There is not much we can do but pray that he comes back safe.”

“Alex I’m going to go talk to the Captain and see what he knows about it.”  Okay Jimmy let me know, I have to get to work I’ll take to you later.”

“Okay I will see you at lunch time, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good Jimmy.”

“Alex try not to worry please?”

“It’s hard not too.”  Trivette went to see the Captain.  “Trivette I know why you are here.”

“What did Walker tell you Captain?”

“Only that he needed a leave of absence that’s all he would say.  He didn’t tell me for what, only that it was personal.”

“For how long?”  “Two weeks maybe longer.”

“Damn!  He didn’t say a word to me about leaving, just left me a letter.”

“I’m sorry Trivette.” 

Yeah me too.”

After a long flight Walker and Johnson finally arrived in Vietnam.  After leaving the airport they looked for a hotel for the night.  Johnson made a few phone calls and arranged a meeting between them and some people that were going to supply them with everything they would need.  Then they would arrange for a chopper to fly them in.

“Walker everything is all set all we have to do now is meet with the scout. He will let us know what camp we are going to and he will guide us there and then he will leave.”

“I can see right now I am glad you came along.  You are a big help.”

“Thanks Walker.  Let’s find a place to eat I’m hungry.”

“Me too.”  Walker said.

The next morning they met with their suppliers.

“Are you Johnson?

“Yes I am and this is Walker.”

“It’s nice to meet you.  It’s nice to see someone doing something about the guys still being held captive.”  We are going to do what we can.”  Johnson told him.

“I’ll tell you what, look over the supplies I have brought take what you think you will need at no charge.  If you are willing to go in there and risk everything I can help this way.”

“That is more then we could have hoped for thank you so much.”  Walker said. (I will even arrange the chopper to fly you in) and you will have your guide right?”

“We are going to meet with him after we get done here.  Walker and Johnson looked over the supplies and took everything they needed and then some. 

“I think this will do just fine.”  Johnson told the guy.  Thanks again for your help.”

“You’re welcome just bring those guys home.

“We’re betting on it” Walker added.  After they were done there they met with their guide.

“Hello are you Finway?  Yes I am. I’m Johnson and this is Walker.”  It’s good to meet you two.”

“What did you find out?”

“I did find out where he and two others are being help.  I will take you to the camp and then I will leave, after that you are on your own is that understood?”  Finway told them. “Understood and that’s fine.” 

“We are going to get an early start in the morning okay with you?”  Finway asked.  “Okay with us.”  Walker and Johnson spent another night in town before heading to the jungles of Vietnam.  Once again Walker would find the survival skills he learned useful.

The morning came quickly for the two men and before they knew it they were on their way.  No turning back now.  The chopper picked the three men up.  Walker. Johnson and Finway and took them to the drop off point.

“Okay guys here you are.

“Sorry I couldn’t get any closer then this with the chopper it’s to risky.” You have the walkie-talkies call me when you are ready to be picked up.  Meet me at this same location.”

“We will and thanks.”  Walker said.  The three men started into the jungle.

“It will take us a full day to get there from here.

“That’s okay.”  Johnson said.  Walker couldn’t help but to think back to the last time he was in Vietnam.

“Boy I sure didn’t miss this place.”

“I bet you didn’t Walker.”

“We will camp over night and you can go in, in the morning.” Finway said.

“Okay sounds good thanks.”  The three men camped out.  Each man taking his turn as look out during night.  Morning came quickly.  Walker had a restless night.  Memories of the past haunted his dreams all night.

“Okay guys let’s get a move on. The camp is about three miles from here.”  They had gone about one mile when Walker heard movement in the brush behind him.

“Keep walking I’ll catch up.”  Walker told them.

Walker dropped back and cut around behind the person following them. 

“You looking for someone Walker asked the guy.  The Vietnamese soldier aimed his gun about to shoot Walker but Walker took out his knife and through it.  Walkers aim was deadly but most importantly their presence was still unknown to the others who would want to stop them.  Walker quickly caught up with the others.

“Walker what happened.”  Johnson asked.

“A Vietnamese soldier was following us I took care of him.  From now on we are going to have to be very careful.  He won’t be the last.”  They were a mile from the camp when three more Vietnamese soldiers jumped them.

It didn’t take Walker long to take his down.  Then he went to help the others.  Another soldier jumped Walker from behind.  Walker turned and put his foot in the middle of his chest knocking him down, but he was up fast and jumped Walker again.  The two men wrestled to the ground, each getting their hands around the others ones throat.  As Walker was struggling to over take his attacker, he started to have the same flash backs he had when he had first returned home from Vietnam. 

The same flash backs that returned when he Trivette and C.D. had gone on that fishing trip after they had made that big drug bust.  Once more Walker found himself haunted by the memories of the past.  Walker finally took down the soldier but he was still in the past.

“Walker are you okay, Walker talk to me.”  At first Walker just saw a Vietnamese soldier’s face but then came back to the present.

“Yeah I’m fine.”  Walker responded. Johnson helped Walker up off the ground.

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yeah I’m sure.  Did we get them all?” 

“Yes we did.” 

“Okay guys this is where I leave you.  The camp is one mile up this path you can’t miss it.  Good luck, when you are ready to leave just radio the chopper and they will be here to pick you up. Good luck guy’s.” 

“Thanks for the help.”

“You’re welcome Walker.”

 Finway headed back to the pick up point leaving Walker and Johnson to their task. “This is it Johnson are you ready?”

“As ready as I will ever be I guess.  Walker you looked like you didn’t recognize me for a minute.  What was that all about?”

“It could mean trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?”  Johnson asked. 

“I was having flashbacks from my Vietnam days.  If it continues it could spell trouble.”  “Oh no.  Walker what are we going to do if it keeps happening?”

“Just try and bring me out of it but be careful. I can be real dangerous.”

“No kidding Walker.  You didn’t have to tell me that.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize this would happen.”

 “That’s okay we can deal with it. Let’s get going.” 

Walker and Johnson sneaked closer and closer to the camp.  So far there were no more soldiers.  But their luck was not going to last long.  Finally they made it to the camp.  They could see three buildings.  They quietly checked them out one by one to find the one the P.O.W’s were being held in there.  They checked all three building and there were no prisoners in any of the buildings but they could see in the last building where they had been held captive.

“They’re gone.  They must have moved them.  Let’s get out of here fast.”  Walker said.  But as they turned to leave they found themselves surrounded by several soldiers all with guns trained on them.  

“Drop your guns now and interlock your fingers behind your head.”  Walker and Johnson dropped their guns and did as they were told.

“Walker what is going on here they were waiting for us how did they know?  Could they have already found they bodies?”

“No I think we were double-crossed by Finway.  He is playing both sides I think.” 

“If I get my hands on him I’ll wring his scrawny neck.” 

“You have to wait in line, I’m first.”  “No talking.”  One of the men said, then he hit Walker in the stomach with the butt of his rifle. 

They took Walker and Johnson and locked them up in a cell.  Walker wanted to get his hands on these guys so bad.  But he would have to wait for the right time.  A few minutes later a man walked in. 

“Walker at last I have you again.  This time you will not escape.”

“Don’t bet on it” Walker said under his breath with a tightly clinched fist.

“I should have known you would be behind this Chen.  Didn’t anyone tell you the war was over?” 

“It will never be over for you and I Walker.  You are now my prisoner.” 

“Take Captain Walker out of the cell, you know where to take him.

“What did you do with the other prisoners Chen? “ Walker asked.

“We had them moved to another camp about thirty miles north of here.  I couldn’t have them thinking they were going to be rescued.  I can’t have them all worked up they may try something stupid.  You were stupid for coming back here Walker.  Now you will pay for it.”  They took Walker into a room and strapped him to some device they had setup to torture their prisoners using electricity.

“At long last I have you right where I want you.”

“One of these days you’re going to get yours Chen.” 

Walker struggled against the straps but they were too tight.  Chen turned on the electricity and gave Walker a jolt.  Chen took great delight in watching as Walkers body jumped.  Walker gritted his teeth showing no pain and that pissed him off more. 

“So that didn’t faze you Walker lets see if this one does.”  Chen turned up the intensity then gave Walker another jolt.  Walker tried as hard as he could to hide the pain. He didn’t want to give Chen the satisfaction of knowing he was in a lot of pain.  Walker knew he couldn’t hide it much longer.  Chen was getting pissed off and turned the intensity up higher.

“You better kill me this time because if I get loose you’re a dead man.”  Chen just laughed in Walkers face then gave him a bigger jolt of electricity.  This time Walker yelled out in pain as the electricity made his body jump out of control.  Walker passed out from the pain and Chen laughed.

“Take the Captain home.”  Chen told his men. 

Walker was taken back to his cell.  They opened the door and tossed him on the bed and left.


Johnson went over to Walker to check him out.

“What the hell did they do to you?  Walker can you hear me?”    Johnson made sure Walker was comfortable and let him rest.

After a few minutes Walker started to come around.

“Walker are you okay?”

“I’ll be okay.  I’m just a little weak and shaky.”

“Walker we need to find a way out of here.” 

“I know. I have to think of something fast.”  The next morning they came and got Johnson.  “Leave him alone you son of a bitch.”  Walker yelled.

“Get back Captain, you will get your turn soon enough.” 

Walker was so mad he was seeing red.  It was a good thing he couldn’t get his hands on them.  A little while later they brought Johnson back to the cell.   They didn’t put him through as much as they did Walker. 

“Mike are you okay?”

“Never felt better.”

“Yeah I can see that.”

“Mike I was thinking of a way we can get out of here but I don’t know if it will work or not.  It would take some great acting on your part.”

“What is it you had in mind?”

“They are going to be coming to get me real soon I think.  He will be putting me through the same as they did yesterday.  Chen and I have a history and he wants to inflict as much pain on me as he can.  When they bring me back I’m sure I will be unconscious just like yesterday, when I come around and get my strength back it will be up to you to convince them I am dead so they will come in the cell and check on me.  That will be our chance to jump them.  If they only send in three guards I can handle them, the trick is to get them to unlock the cell door.  Do you think you can handle it?”

“I can handle it no problem Walker.” 

Sure enough a few hours later they came for Walker.  Chen took great delight in giving Walker more shock treatments.  After they were done, they took Walker back to the cell and just like before Walker was unconscious again.

“You’re an animal to do this to people.”  Johnson told the guards. Johnson waited for Walker to come around so they could put their plan into action.

“Walker welcome back.  Walker are you sure you are up to this?”

“I have to be.  Are you ready?”

“As ready as I will ever be I guess.” 

“Okay here it goes.”  Walker!  Johnson yelled.

“Don’t you die on me and leave me here alone damn you.”  Johnson yelled as loud as he could. You killed him you bastards!  You killed him.

The guards came running in and found Walker lying on the floor in Johnson’s arms.

“You killed him why?  The guards opened the cell door just as they hoped they would do.  When two of the three guards went to check Walker out.  Walker kicked them as hard as he could.  Johnson jumped the third guard.  In no time at all they had taken down all three of them.  “Let’s lock them in the cell and take the key with us.”  Walker said. 

“But before we go I have a score to settle with Chen.”  Johnson grabbed Walkers arm.

“Walker no.  Our first priorities are Connors and the others.  You can’t forget why we are here.”  “You’re right of course.  I will settle with Chen when the others are safe.”

“Walker we need those walkie talkies.”

“You’re right we can’t get the chopper without them.” 

“Chen must have an office or something, we can check his private quarters I bet we will find them there.”  Walker sneaked into Chen’s office and found their walkie-talkies.  They also found where they kept the ammunition.

“Damn Walker they have enough ammunition in here to start a war.”

“Yeah I can see that.  I will be back when the others are safe and blow this place off the face of the earth.”

“Not without me you don’t.” 

After taking what they needed they headed to the other camp to fine Connors and the others.  Johnson was walking ahead of Walker and Walker was watching out behind them.  Johnson turned to check on Walker just in time to see someone coming up behind Walker.  “Walker look out.”  Johnson yelled.   Walker turned around just as his attacker was pointing his gun.  Walker took his knife and threw it.  The Vietnamese soldier blocked it with his gun but the knife hit his hand forcing him to drop his weapon.  Walker jumped him and grabbed the knife and used it on the soldier instead of a gun.  A gun would have attracted more soldiers. 

“Walker are you okay?”   Johnson asked.  But Walker jumped to his feet ready to take on Johnson.

“Walker hold it man it’s me.  Put the knife down Walker I’m on your side remember?”  Walker didn’t remember all he saw was the face of a Vietcong.

“Walker buddy this is no time for a flash back, take it easy.”  But the look on Walkers face scared the hell out of Johnson and he knew he had to do something.  Johnson did the smart thing and dropped his weapon.  He knew he was no match for Walker.

“Walker I’m dropping my weapon see?”  He kicked it over to Walker hoping it would calm him down a little.  He put his hands over his head so Walker could see he wasn’t going to try anything.

“Walker look at me I’m your friend think damn it.”   Walker stared at Johnson a few minutes then shook his head trying to clear it.

“What are you doing?”  Walker asked Johnson. 

“What am I doing?”  “Yes that’s right.”

“Walker you were having another flashback. This is really getting scary Walker.  For a minute I thought I was a dead man.”

“My god!”  “Mike I’m sorry.”

“Forget it lets get going.”  Walker and Johnson went on their way.  It was slow going and they had to be very careful.  It took them all day to find the camp but finally their persistence paid off.  “There it is.”  Walker whispered.  They could see several soldiers in the camp.  Two soldiers were guarding one building so they figured that was where they would find Connors.

“Mike you take one I’ll take the other one.”

“Okay Walker but please stay with me this time.” 

“I’ll do my best.”  Walker and Johnson quietly sneaked up on their prey and took them down.  Before going into the building they peeked in through a small window and sure enough there was Connors and the others.  They looked like they had been through hell and back.  They were all skin and bone and looked sickly.  It made Walker more determined then ever to get back at Chen and his men. 

“Mike I’m going inside keep a look out.”

“Okay hurry Walker we don’t have much time.”

“I will.” 

Walker came through the door with a smile on his face.

“Hey Connors you ready to blow this joint?”  They just stared at him for a moment.

“Captain?  Is that you?”

“It sure is.  Where is the key to the cell?”

“In the top desk drawer.  My god where did you come from?”

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you about it later.”  Walker opened the cell door and finally set the men free.

“Do you think you can make it?”

“We will don’t worry.”  Walker opened the door and peeked outside to make sure it was safe.  They started out the door and Connors saw his friend.

“Mike?”  “Yeah it’s me buddy.”  The two men hugged and cried on each other’s shoulders.  “Okay you two, you can make up for lost time later we have to get out of here fast.”  Walker said.  The five men took off through the jungle heading towards the pick up point.

“We have a full days walk ahead of us to where the pick up point is, can you three make it alright?”  Walker asked.

“If it means being free at last I can make it no problem.” 

The men traveled most of the day without any trouble.

“Mike its time to radio the chopper.”

“You’re right, he should be there by the time we arrive.”  Mike got a hold of the chopper and had him meet them at the pick up point.

“All set you guys, in a few hours you be out of here and on your way home at last.”  Just a few miles from the pick up point they encountered more soldiers.

“Mike get the men to the pick up point, I’m going to slow them down.”

“What about you?  I can’t just leave you out here to deal with them alone.”

“Are you forgetting I was sent out all by myself for weeks at a time don’t worry about me I’ll be right behind you, but if I don’t make it the chopper in time you are not to wait for me.  You get them to safety is that clear?”

“It’s clear but you better make it Walker.”  Johnson did as Walker asked and took the three men to the pick up point where the chopper would be waiting.  Walker dropped back and took the soldiers out one by one as he did years earlier.  But there were too many. For every one he would take down three more would show up.  Walker used the hand grenade to take out several soldiers.  The others became concerned for Walker but Johnson did as Walker requested and pushed on to get the men to the chopper.  They could hear gunfire. 

Finally they made it to the chopper.  Walker was not far behind but he didn’t want to lead them to the others.  After everyone was on the chopper Walker made a run for it.  The soldiers started to fire at the chopper and at Walker. “We have to get out of here now.”  Johnson told the pilot.

“What about Walker?”  Connors asked.

“It’s was his orders.”

“Look there he is.” Connors yelled.  The pilot lifted off the ground just enough so Walker could grab on.

“Hurry Walker” They yelled.  Walker ran as fast as he could.  He reached the chopper and grabbed onto the bar at the bottom of the chopper and they started taking off.  Johnson reached for Walkers hand. All the sudden a shot rang out hitting Walker.  Walker fell to the ground.  More shots were fired at the chopper.

Walker no! “  Johnson yelled.

“Oh my god.”  Let’s get out of here now. Go go go.” 

“The pilot took off leaving Walker behind.

“What about Walker?”  Connors yelled. 

“He’s gone.”  They all looked back at Walker.  They could see his lifeless body on the ground where he fell.  Before they were out of site they could see him being surrounded by the soldiers.  No one said a word on the way home. 

Some how the news of an attempted rescue leaked out and that three P.O.W’S had been rescued.  The names Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and Michael Johnson as the hero’s also leaked out. The news media was waiting for them to land at an airport in the United States.  The news of the rescue hit Dallas like a storm.  Back at C.D.’s Trivette caught the news on TV. 

“Alex come over here quick.”

“What is it Jimmy?” 

“You’ll see in just a minute.”  Walker’s long time friend from Vietnam, General Nimh was also at C.D.’s and joined Trivette and Alex.  General Nimh was with Walker in Vietnam and had saved Walkers life more then once and they had grown very close.  General Nimh moved to Dallas to be with his grandson and daughter in law when his son an under cover cop was killed in the line of duty.  The news told of a two-man team made up of Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and Michael Johnson. How they went into Vietnam to rescue a friend who was still being held prisoner.  A friend Walker thought was dead.

“Jimmy he did it.”

“Yes I guess he did.”  They also said they were awaiting their arrival at any minute. Finally the moment they all waited for.  In the distance they could see the helicopter carrying the P.O.W’s and the two-man team that rescued them.  As soon as it landed everyone crowded around to get a look and to try and get an interview.  They rushed the men to a waiting ambulance.  Johnson got off last.  Everyone crowded around to get an interview with him.

“Mr. Johnson how do you feel now that you brought our missing soldiers home?”   One reporter asked.  Then another one asked. 

“Where is Ranger Walker wasn’t he a part of the team?  Did something happen to him?”  Trivette, Alex and General Nimh were watching on TV and became concerned when then didn’t see Walker get off the chopper. 

“Jimmy where is Walker?”

“I don’t know Alex.” 

“Mr. Johnson please talk to us.”  Johnson stared at the ground for a few minutes before saying a word.  Johnson turned and looked into the camera with a tear running down his cheek. “You want to know what happened over there.  We went over there and were taken prisoner and tortured but we escaped the next day thanks to Ranger Walker we found the man we went after and two others.  We did get them to safety, again because of Walker.  I was to get them to the chopper that was standing by to pick us up.  We were under heavy gunfire.  Walker stayed back to slow them down and give us the time we needed to get them on the chopper.  I didn’t want to leave him out there all alone but those were his orders and I was to obey them no matter what. 

After we were safe on board Walker made a run for it.  The chopper lifted off just enough so Walker could grab onto the bar at the bottom of the chopper and we took off.  Ranger Walker was holding on.  I reached down to grab his hand but as he started to grab it they shot him and he fell to his death.  I rescued one friend and lost another.  I lost the bravest and most unselfish man I have ever known.  A man who risked and lost him life to save another.”  By the time Johnson was done the tears were flowing steadily down his cheeks but he didn’t care.

“That’s about all there is to say.”  Johnson said and he walked away.

C.D.’s got so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Trivette put his arms around Alex to comfort her. 

“Jimmy no he can’t be gone.”  General Nimh came over to Trivette and Alex.

“I don’t believe he is dead.”

“But you heard what he said.”

“Yes I did but I also know Walker and I would have to see the body to believe it.” 

“What are we going to do?”  Trivette asked.

“Don’t worry I will do something.”  The General said good-bye and left C.D.’s.

Back in Vietnam after Walker was shot down the soldiers went to check on him.

“The other’s may have gotten away but not this one.  General Chen wanted this one real bad.  He will be pleased he is dead.”

“What do we do with the body?  Take it back to the General?”  One of the guards asked.

“Hell no.  I’m not taking a stiff all that way just cover him up with some brush and leave him for the animals they will have a great feast tonight.”  They covered Walkers body and left him to the animals.  They assumed no human could survive the gunshot and the long fall from the chopper. That was their big mistake.  Walker had proven many times he was no ordinary human and had an incredible knack for beating the odds.  It was several hours before Walker came around.  It took him several minutes before he realized what had happened and where he was.  Walker also knew his being alive was a miracle from God.  Now it would take all the skills he had to survive with his injuries.  Walker tried to sit up but he hurt all over.  He laid back down to rest awhile.  Walker checked to see if he still had his knife and he did.  He also had the walkie-talkie but it was crushed in the fall and was useless.

The bullet hit Walker in the left shoulder, he had two broken ribs and a broken leg.  Walker had to find a safe place to hold up so he could tend to his wounds.  Getting there was going to be hard.  Walker found a sturdy tree branch that would support his weight.  Walker pulled himself up slowly.  The pain was almost unbearable but he had to force himself to move to safety.  It took Walker a long time but he found a place where he would be safe for awhile.  Walker took the knife and dug the bullet out of his shoulder.  He had found a plant he could use to help fight off infection from the wound.  Walker took off his jacket and his shirt.  He used his shirt to wrap his broken ribs.  Next he had to put a splint on his leg.  After he was done he found himself exhausted and laid down and took a nap.  He needed rest desperately.  Walker fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.  It seemed like every bone in his body ached.  Walker thought about his friends and knew they would think he was dead.  Hell he had a hard time believing he was still alive after that fall.  Walker was more determined then ever to take down Chen.  But his camp was a long way from where Walker was.  The shape he was in it would take him two days to walk there. 

Everyone thought Walker was dead but General Nimh.  No one could convince him other wise.  General Nimh had his own private jet and started making arrangements to fly back to Vietnam to find Walker.  It was took him a few days to make the arrangements.  The three men Walker and Johnson rescued were taken to a hospital and treated.   A reporter from Dallas that knew Walker very well flew there in hopes of getting an interview but Connors turned down every reporter that asked for one.  She was the same reporter that interviewed Walker and Lucas in hopes of finding his mother.  She had grown very fond of Walker.  She walked in and introduced herself.

“You are wasting your time lady I don’t want to talk to anyone.” 

“Mr. Connors I can’t begin to understand what you must have gone through all those years or how you feel about Walker losing his life to save you and the others.  I do know what kind of man he was and he wouldn’t want you to feel bad.  I knew Walker very well he was a good friend to me and to a lot of people back in Dallas and those people that loved him deserve to hear from the man that Walker thought enough about to give his own life for don’t you think?  Walker trusted me and you can too.”  Connors didn’t know this woman from Adam but something told him he could trust her.  Connors gave her the interview and a damn good one.

“Thank you Mr. Connors for the wonderful interview.”

Walker was determined to take General Chen’s camp down if it was the last thing he ever did.  He had to be very careful, he was in no shape to take on the Vietnamese.  Walker started his long walk to General Chen’s camp.  There was lots of fresh water and Walker knew how to live off the land, so he would have plenty to eat to give him the strength he needed.  Walker’s one big problem was avoiding the Vietnamese.  His one advantage was they think he is dead and won’t be looking for him.  Walker also knew once the attack on Chen’s camp started there was a good chance it would cost him his life.  Walker couldn’t let Chen get away with what he was doing. But he was the only one left to stop him.  It was slow going Walker’s leg was throbbing but he had to push himself to go on.  For every hour he walked he had to stop and rest for fifteen minutes.

Walker heard a noise ahead of him so he quickly hid in some bushes.  He saw two Vietnamese soldiers.  The two men stopped right next to where Walker was hiding.  One of them looked right at Walker.  Walker got out his knife and was ready to fight if need be.  But as luck would have it they didn’t see Walker.  The two men started on there way again.  Walker made sure they were out of site before coming out.  Just as Walker was coming out of his hiding place he started to have another flashback.  Fortunately for Walker it was not a bad one this time.  “This is getting real damn annoying.”    Walker said to himself.

Johnson went to the hospital to visit his friend Connors. 

“Hi there Chris how are you feeling today?”

“Okay I guess, what about you?” 

“I’m okay.”

“No you’re not okay I can see it on your face.  Losing Walker like that hit you harder then you want to admit.  I don’t feel good about it either.” 

“You’re right it has.  I guess I feel responsible some how.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m the one that told Walker that you were still alive and being held prisoner.  If it weren’t for me he would still be alive.”

“Mike you can’t feel responsible.  It was Walkers choice, you didn’t force him to come.  He knew what could happen and chose to come.”

“I know but it doesn’t make me feel any better.  I have to go back home and face his family and friends.  Walker was very well liked in Dallas and they deserve to know what happened.  I’m not looking forward to it.” 

“I know how you feel I owe you and him my life.  As soon as I go home and visit my family I am going to come to Dallas and find out more about Walker and his friend’s that’s the least I can do.”

It was getting late, the sun was setting and it was time for Walker to find a safe place to bed down for the night.  He had already push his body beyond its limits and could go no farther.  All of a sudden there was a soldier right in front of him. He didn’t have time to pull his knife so he threw his crutch at him hitting his gun-hand knocking the gun away. He knocked Walker to the ground and jumped on him. Walker doubled over in pain as he punched Walker in his broken ribs.  Then he got his hands around Walkers throat but Walker broke his hold and got him in a headlock and with all the strength he had he snapped the guy’s neck.  Walker pushed him off the top of him and laid there trying to catch his breath.  After awhile Walker made it to his feet and found a place to bed down for the night.  Even though he was in a lot of pain it felt so good to lay down and relax.  Walker thought of Alex and how he wished he were there with her in his arms.  Walker drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.  Walker figured he would make it to Chen’s camp by nightfall if everything went okay.

Everything went okay most of the day.  Walker ran into a few more soldiers but was able to hide in time.  He also had a few more flashbacks, but no harm came from it.  Whenever Walker stopped to rest he would think of Alex and the love they had for each other and that would give him the strength to go on.   Finally Walker made it to Chen’s camp.  The sun was just beginning to set.  Time to rest and wait until after dark.  Walker waited until midnight before he made his move.  Everything was quiet, a few guards around but nothing he couldn’t handle if he was careful.  Walker made his way to the shack where they had the ammunition was stored.  There was only one guard so Walker took him out without incident. He took everything he needed to blow the camp apart.  He set changes on each of the buildings including the shack with the ammunition in it.  He also set some traps to help even the odds. It took Walker most of the night to get everything set up.  He also had to take out a few guards. It was four in the morning by the time Walker had everything done.

Meanwhile General Nimh had landed in Vietnam and went to see an old friend that owed him a few favors.  His friend was a Doctor in Vietnam during the war and had treated Walker a few times.

“General Nimh what in gods name are you doing in Vietnam?” 

“Hello Stephen I have a favor to ask.”

“I owe you a few you know that.  What is it I can do for you?”

“I have a friend that may need medical attention and I would like you to come with me.”

“Do I know this friend my any chance?”

“As a matter of fact you do.  “It is Cordell Walker.”

“Captain Walker?  Okay what is going on here?”

“I’ll tell you on the way okay?”

“Okay just let me get my medical supplies and I’ll be right with you.”  General Nimh knew just where to find Chen and he also knew about the guide that led Walker and Johnson into a trap.  There would be time to deal with him later.

It was now or never Walker said to himself.  Then all the sudden the sky lit up like the fourth of July.  It sent the Vietnamese running in all directions.  Now Walker was under attack there was no turning back.  Walker waited for the right time and as soon as the men ran for the ammunition Walker blew it and them to hell.  General Chen came running out.  He knew right off who was responsible.

“General we are under attack sir.”

“I can see that you idiot.”  “We have no idea who it is.”

“It’s Walker that’s who, I thought you said you killed him.”

“It can’t be him.  No one could have survived that fall.  Besides we shot him.”

“You failed, Walker did live and if you don’t kill him I will kill you is that understood?”

“Yes sir we will get him this time.”   He took three other men and surrounded Walker.  Before Walker knew it he was surrounded by all four of them. 

“Drop it or we will drop you” one of them said.

“OH SHIT” Walker dropped the grenades and put his hands over his.  They took him the Chen.  “We have Walker, General.”

“Walker you are one big pain in the ass.”

“Good glad to hear it.”  

“You are at the disadvantage this time Walker, you don’t look so good.”

“You’re going down Chen one way or another.”

“Not by you Walker.  There is no way you are going to get away this time and I am going to do the job personally.”

Chen kicked Walker in his bad leg and Walker kicked Chen with his good leg.  Walker was not going down without a fight. Walker kicked Chen’s legs out from under him and the two men started to fight.  He punched Walker in the ribs, when he found out Walkers ribs were in bad shape he hit him again.  Chen had a lot of strength but Walker had none left.  Chen got his hands around Walkers throat Walker was too weak to fight him.  Walker could feel his life slowly slipping away from him and he was helpless to do anything.  He felt himself losing consciousness.  Just before he blacked out he could see his life flash before his eyes and his last thought on his mind was of the two people he loved the most his partner James Trivette and Alex Cahill the love of his life.  Just as Walker lost conscious three shots rang out.  The first one was in Chen’s back.  The other two were for the two men with him.  Chen looked up into the eyes of the man that shot him.  “Nimh?”  “That’s right this will be the last time you ruin anyone’s life.”   Chen was gone at last.

General Nimh ran over to Walker and kneeled by his side. 

“Walker?”  He was relived to find Walker still alive.  That was a close one he said to one of his men.  The General didn’t come alone he brought enough men to finish what Walker started.  The General and a few of his men got Walker back to his jet where his doctor friend could treat him.  “He is hurt bad but he will make it okay.  I’ll tend his injuries now and then you can take him back to Dallas to a hospital there.”  A few minutes later Walker started to come around.  Walker opened his eyes and all he saw was the Vietcong. He went for General Nimh.

“Walker take it easy it’s me.”  He took a hold of Walkers hands and held him until the flash backs subsided 

“Walker you couldn’t hurt me if you wanted to.  You are as weak as a kitten.”  Finally the enemy faces were replaced by a friend’s face. 

“General Nimh?”

“Hello my friend.”   Walker didn’t know what was going on or where he was.

“Where am I?  What happened?”

“I saved your ass again that’s what.”  Walker started to say something but General stopped him. “Don’t try and talk my friend just rest we can talk later, right now sleep.”  Walker closed his eyes and was out.  He didn’t wake up until he was in Dallas in the hospital. 

Walker woke up in the hospital bed.  The doctors had already taken care of his injuries.  Walker opened his eyes and there was his friend.

“General Nimh? “

“Yes my friend it’s me.  Welcome back.  I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up.”   “Where am I? “

“You are back home in Dallas.

“How did I get here?”

“I flew you here in my private jet.”

“I don’t understand.  The last thing I remember is fighting with Chen and I was losing.” 

“Yes you did lose.  That’s when I came in.  We took them all down so you don’t have to worry any more.  It was a close one my friend.  I had to go over there and pull your ass out again.  I thought we were through with that when we left Vietnam but no.”  Walker laughed. 

“I owe you my life again, how can I ever repay you?”

“By never going back there again that’s how.”

“It’s a deal sir.” General Nimh had talked Connors into stopping over in Dallas on his way home.  He said he wanted him to meet Alex and Trivette so he agreed.   That was the least he would do after what Walker and Johnson did for him. He and Johnson flew back together.  They had no idea Walker was alive.  The General wanted to surprise them. “Walker I have something I have to do but I’ll be back in an hour okay?”

“Okay I guess I’ll be here.  Walker drifted off to sleep again and General Nimh when to the airport to pick up Connors and Johnson.

 After picking them up he headed back to the hospital.  Where are we going General?”  Johnson asked.

“You will see in just a minute.”

“You are taking us to a hospital?”

“There is something here I want you to see.”


“Don’t ask so many questions just wait and see.”  They had no idea what they were about to see.  General Nimh tapped on Walkers door before entering he was just waking up.  They walked in the door and saw Walker lying there in bed very much alive.


Oh my god you’re alive, How did you get here.”   The looks on their faces were priceless. They went over to Walker and gave him a big hug and pat on the back.

“We thought you died in that fall.  Man oh man you must have a guardian Angel.”  Johnson told him.

“How are you feeling?”

“Lousy but alive, I was just as surprised as you were believe me.” 

“I would have loved to see the looks on Trivette and Alex’s faces when they found out you were alive.” Johnson told Walker.

“They don’t know yet.”  The General told them.

“They don’t know?  Don’t you think it’s about time you told them?  They should have been called, Alex must be going crazy, I have to get out of here.”  Walker said all upset. 

“Walker you are not going anywhere.”  General Nimh told him.” 

“I’m okay I want to get out of here.”  Just then the Doctor came in. 

“I heard that Walker and I know better to even argue with you.  You can go home if you think you are up to it but I want you in a wheelchair until that arm heals.  I don’t want you to try and use crutches with your shoulder the way it is because you will cause some real damage is that understood?” 

“Understood doctor.” 

 Walker tracked Alex down and knew she and Trivette were at C.D.’s so they decided to surprise them with a visit instead of a phone call.  Trivette and Alex were sitting at the bar.  She stared over at their booth in the corner.  She thought about all the good times they shared in that corner.

“What are you thinking about Alex?”  Trivette asked.

“I was thinking about Walker and all the good times we had in that corner booth.  I am so confused I don’t know what to do.  I know we were told Walker is dead but I just can’t except it.  I’m going home Jimmy this place is getting to me.” 

“Do you want company?”

“No not right now I just want to be alone.”  Alex got up to leave when she saw four men come in the door.  General Nimh, Johnson, Connors, who she didn’t know and in the middle of them was a man in a wheelchair. 

“Jimmy look!  It’s Walker” Alex yelled as she ran over to Walker and threw she arms around him.  Walker wrapped his arms around Alex and held on to her and wouldn’t let go.

“Oh god I missed you Alex.”  Alex didn’t say anything she just held on to Walker and cried.  Walker sat her down gently on his lap and they hugged for the longest time.

“That is so beautiful, welcome back partner.” Trivette said.  Walker captured Alex’s lips in a long passionate kiss.  After they finally broke it off Trivette was there to welcome his friend and partner home.

“Welcome back partner you are a sight for sore eyes I must say.  You are full of surprises.”  “Thanks, it’s good to be back.  I didn’t think I would ever see any of you again.  If it weren’t for General Nimh I wouldn’t be here right now.”  They all sat down at a table and Walker introduced everyone and told them all what had happened and explained why he had to go back.

“Walker you sure took a beating, how are you feeling?”  Alex asked him.

“I’ll be okay its going to take a little time.  I do need a favor Alex if you don’t mind.”  “Anything darling, what can I do for you?” 

“I’m going to have trouble getting around for awhile.  I was wondering if you can stay out at the ranch for awhile.”

“Walker you know I will.”

“Thanks Alex.”  Walker gave Alex another kiss.

“I hate to break this up but I really need to get home and rest.”

“Yes you do Walker we will see you later.”  Trivette said. 

“Walker I have a plane to catch I am looking forward to seeing my family again.  I had a two-year-old son when I left for Vietnam and now he is a young man.  I talked to him on the phone and you know what Walker?”

“What Chris?”

“My wife never remarried, she never gave up hope that I would come home again.  She still loves me and when she heard my voice on the phone I didn’t think she would ever stop crying.  I don’t know how I can ever repay you two for getting me out of there.”

“You just did Chris.”  Walker said and Mike agreed with Walker.

“You two have a lot of time to make up for.”

“We sure do thank you again guys.  Chris left for the airport and Walker and Alex headed home.

Finally after a long week Walker was home at last.

“Walker the look on his face when he talked about his family.  I am so proud of you.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“I should be you know.  But no I’m just glad to have your back home again.  If you ever do anything like this again Cordell Walker!”

“I won’t believe me, I didn’t think I was going to make it home.”  It’s all over now darling and you are back home and the others will be soon.”   Walker stayed in the bedroom downstairs.  It was impossible for him to climb the stairs.  They sat in front of the fireplace (Walker with his arm around Alex) and enjoyed each other’s company.  

“I am so happy to have you home safe again cowboy.”

“Alex you have no idea how happy I am to be here.  Being in that place brought back a lot of bad memories.”

“It’s getting late Walker we should get you to bed.  I can see how exhausted you are.”

“You’re right I am.  I was enjoying just holding you.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”   Alex helped Walker to bed.

“Is there anything I can get you before I go to bed?”

“Just a kiss.”

“My pleasure.”  After his kiss Alex left him and went to bed. 

Alex was awakened around three in the morning by a noise coming from Walkers room.  “Walker wake up.”  Alex said as she shook him.  Walker awakened from a nightmare. The sweat was pouring off of his face.

“Walker what is it?”

“What?” Walker shouted.

“You were having a nightmare.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s alright.  What is wrong?  Is this the same thing you went through the first time you came back from Vietnam Walker?”

“Yes it is I have been having flashbacks again.  I’ll be okay Alex go back to sleep.”  Alex got Walker a towel to wipe his face.

“Thanks Alex.”  The next day Alex was fixing Walker some lunch when Walker started to have another flashback. 

“Here’s your lunch cowboy.”  Alex said as she brought it in.  But as she started to hand it to Walker he grabbed her and she dropped his lunch on the floor.

“Walker no it’s me Alex.  Walker?”  Alex yelled.  Walker came out of it and realized what had happened and it scared the hell out of him.

“Alex my god are you okay?”  “I’m okay Walker.”

“I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

“I’m okay Walker you didn’t hurt me.”

“Not this time but what about the next time?”  Walker was quiet the rest of the day.  He just sat out on the porch swing not saying a word.

“Walker please talk to me.  You haven’t said a word all day.”

“Alex I need to go to the reservation and spend some time with White Eagle I have to get my head straight again.  This is getting out of hand.  I can’t handle it and I am afraid I will hurt someone.”

“You’re right Walker you are not yourself and I know that White Eagle is the only one that can help you.”

“You are so understanding. I don’t deserve you.  I love you so much.” 

“I love you too. Don’t worry take all the time you need.  I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

“I hate to leave you again so soon.”

“I hate seeing you go but it has to be done.  But this time I know you are coming back.” 

Walker had Trivette take him to the reservation.

“Thank you Trivette.  Please take care of Alex when I am away.”

“Don’t you worry about her, she’s going to be fine.”

“I know she is.  Trivette she is such a great lady.  I put her through so much and she is there for me all the time.  I really don’t think I deserve her.”

“You’re right she is quite a lady.  One of a kind I would say.   You deserve each other.  That’s what you call true love my friend.”

“I guess your right I have no idea how long this is going to take but I will give you a call to pick me up when I am ready.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“White Eagle I’m glad to see you my friend.”

“It is good to see you too Washo.  The sprits told me you were coming.  I have everything all ready for you.”

“Thanks White Eagle.  I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Let us get started we have a lot of work to do.  The sooner we get started the sooner you can get back to that wonderful Miss Cahill.”  Walker smiled and the two men got started on getting Walker back to his old self again.

Back in Dallas Alex was working on a difficult court case and would go home to the ranch after work.  It was so quiet and lonely without Walker to talk to.  She sat on the porch swing and looked out over the ranch and thought about everything Walker had gone through and longed to hold him and comfort him.  Alex started to cry as she thought about everything.  She missed him so much.  Day after day she waited for Walker to come home.  Another day passed then another.  The days turned into weeks and still no Walker.  She was beginning to wonder if he would ever return.  Each day she would go to work and come home to an empty house.  It had been three weeks since Walker had left.  She went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee it had been a long hard day at work but she won her case and at least she could relax there.  If only her cowboy would come home.  Walker was always coming up on her without her hearing him.  He was so quiet it drover her crazy sometimes and she would yell at him. 

“Walker I wish you would make noise like everyone else”  Walker just laughed at her.  Alex thought about how much she missed Walker and stated to crying again.  Alex turned to go into the living room and there stood Walker in the doorway watching her.  Alex screamed and dropped her cup of coffee.  “Walker you’re home, you scared the hell out of me.”

“Yes I’m home at last.  I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”  Walker gave Alex a big kiss.  “Walker you look great.”

“Thanks I feel a lot better.  My shoulder is healed and so are my ribs, all I need now is to get this darn cast off.”  Walker took Alex in his arms and held her tight and gave her a long passionate kiss.

“It feels so good to have you hold me again Walker I missed you so much.”

Walker smiled at Alex and then picked her up in his arms.

“Walker what are you doing?”

“I’m going to show you just how much I have missed you this last month.”

“You are, are you?”

“Yes I am.”

“What about you cast Walker?”

“What about it?”

“You are going to hurt yourself carrying me?”

“Don’t worry about my leg that cast is not going to get in the way tonight I promise.”  Walker carried Alex up stairs and closed the door.  Then he put her gently down on the bed and indeed showed her just how much he loved and missed her and it was worth waiting for.

                                      The End  J