This Mother's Day Jessie is 19, John is 16, Jimmy is 13 and Chrissy is almost 12. Walker and Alex are coming up on their 20th wedding anniversary.

Mother's Day
By Vonnie (

Alex turns her face up to the sun, feels the wind blowing through her hair, her diaphanous gown flowing out around her as she races Angel across the meadow. Hearing laughter, she turns to see the man of her dreams riding Amigo, wearing nothing but a breechcloth to cover him. She sees the desire in his eyes as he gets closer, she giggles and spurs Angel to go faster. She feels a touch on her arm and knows that he has caught her. She turns to face him as his arms lifts her over onto his lap, Amigo slows to a stop, and they slide to the ground into the deep lush grass. Her arms go around his neck pulling him down, kissing him deeply. His hands caressing her body, fingers touching all her sensitive places, she moans….

Alex jerks awake, the dream has turned into reality, as she feels a jolt of pleasure rip through her body, already filled to bursting with desire. She moans as she feels his mouth on her, her hips involuntarily rise up against the mouth that is giving her so much pleasure. Her hands reach down to touch his head, her fingers gripping a handful of hair as his tongue brings her closer to heaven. She feels pleasure starting to tear through her, but then he stops, bringing whimpers of frustration from her. When he slides into her, she arches up to bring him deeper, she matches his rhythm and feels his muscles tighten as he empties into her. He covers her mouth with his, swallowing her screams, as pleasure rips through her like a tidal wave, a wave that pushes them both over the edge.

When finally their senses return, she murmurs against his chest, "God, Cordell … what a way to wake up."

He tilts her head up, kisses her softly and whispers, "Well, I had to give you something special for Mother's Day didn't I?"

"Mmmm … and special it was." She snuggles closer then suddenly bolts upright in bed. "Mother's Day?" She looks into his smiling face, "The kids…?"

His smiles gets bigger, "Uh huh … you'd best get something on." He says as he reaches to the foot of the bed to get a pair of his work out pants and slips them on.

"What have they got planned this time?" She asks as she slips a gown over her head.

"I have no idea, honey, Jessie said she was taking care of things this time." Just then a knock is heard on the door. They look at each other and pull the sheet up to their waists as another knock is heard.

He nods at her and she says, "Come in."

The door is pushed open and all four of the Walker children make their way into the room. Jessie and John are carrying trays with their breakfast and Jimmy and Chrissy are each carrying a vase of roses that they set on the nightstands on each side of the bed. Each vase contains an array of red, yellow and white roses. They could never get their mom to pick a favorite.

Walker's look of surprise prompts Jessie to say, "This is Mother's Day and Mom is always happiest when you are next to her. So you are to be by her side all day. We have planned this whole day around both of you. So enjoy your breakfast." Looking at the surprised look on their faces, "Have we forgotten anything?" She looks up to see tears in her mom's eyes and her dad's are kinda wet, too.

Alex smiles through her tears, "You kids are really something. No, I don't think you've forgotten anything at all, except maybe … a kiss?"

Each one comes up to Alex and kisses her cheek and gives her a warm hug with Jessie being the last, she hands her mom a tissue, and whispers, "I knew you'd need this," another quick kiss then she steps back by the others.

Glad at the response they've gotten, John continues with, "Eat your breakfast, and we'll be back up here in one hour to get you, to begin with the plans for the rest of your day." Full of smiles they back out of the room and close the door, which opens almost instantly with Jessie saying,

"Dress very casual," then the door closes, again.

Alex feels Walker's arm come around her shoulders, and she whispers, "Darling, how did we get such beautiful kids? So thoughtful…"

"You're their Mom, that's how. And they read us pretty good, too. You heard them say one hour didn't you? That means they gave us no time for…"

Alex smiles, "Yes, I did catch that, too. I've got a feeling that this is going to be one Mother's Day I'll never forget."


"They did say casual, didn't they?" Alex asks as she pulls her still damp hair back into a pony tail then slips on her faded jeans and a loose shirt that is knotted beneath her breasts.

"That's the way I heard it." He buttons his jeans and slips on a dark rose colored, short sleeve Henley shirt.

They are just slipping on their shoes when they hear giggling and a knock on the door. Walker responds this time. "Come in."

This time it is only the two youngest, Jimmy and Chrissy, who enter. "All ready? Good, let's go." Jimmy, almost as tall as his mother, offers her his arm and as she slips hers through his, Walker smiles and offers his arm to Chrissy. She giggles as she takes his arm, to Walker she sounds just like her mother. The four of them leave the room to begin a day of surprises.

When they get to the bottom of the stairs, Jimmy blindfolds his mom and leads her out side.

"Oh …ho this must really be some surprise." Walker takes her arm and helps her down the porch steps. "Walker are you in on this part?"

"No, honey, I have no idea what's coming next."

Chrissy tugs on her dad's arm, "No talking Daddy, or we have to blindfold you, too."

He laughs, "Okay, no more talking." He looks up to see John leading up four horses. Jessie is nowhere in sight.

"We're going for a short ride, Mom, and since you can't see, you have to ride in front of Dad, okay?"

"Umm … I like this better all the time."

Walker climbs up into the saddle on Amigo and Alex is lifted up to sit sidesaddle in front of him. When she feels Walker's arms around her, she murmurs softly, "I could get use to this."

The group is finally ready and they move out together on the thirty-minute ride to the next surprise. Walker realizes that they are headed in the direction of the lake but he doesn't say anything.

"Darling, where are we going? Come on, give me a hint." The kids look at him and shake their heads.

"Sorry, baby, but I have been thoroughly threatened with my life if I talk." He kisses her tenderly on the lips and smiles as he sees Jessie standing next to the lake with quite a setup awaiting the Queen for the day. An open sided tent has been set up with a very plush chaise lounge in the center of it. John comes up next to Amigo and with his dad's help Alex is lowered to the ground.

She feels something being draped around her shoulders and then lots of whispering before all becomes very quiet.

Walker, standing beside Alex, is given the signal to take away her blindfold.

As it leaves her face, Alex blinks several times as the bright sun hits her eyes and when she finally opens them, her mouth gapes open as she sees the spectacular scene in front of her. Her children are standing, two on each side, by the Royal Chair. Tears fill her eyes as she stares at the sight then turns to look up into Walker's eyes, which are misted over as well.

He kisses her softly, holds out his arm to her, "Your court awaits you, my Queen." As she starts walking she realizes that she wearing a very elegant purple robe. As she nears the chair, Jimmy moves out to pick up the tail of the robe and curls it at her feet as she turns to sit down on the Queen's throne.

Alex begins laughing and crying in total awe at the honor that her children have bestowed upon her. Walker lets go of her hand as she sits down, places a soft kiss on her lips and starts to back away, but John brings up another chair for him to sit on, "Always at her side, please."

When she can finally catch her breath, she smiles through her tears and says, "You kids are an absolute delight to me. But … I'm not a Queen."

Jessie being the spokesman, replies very somberly, "We all think you are Mom, and this is our way of showing you how much we appreciate you." She leans over, picks her up mother's hand, places a kiss on the back of it, and murmurs, "Mother" bows and backs away. John, Jimmy, and Chrissy follow Jessie's lead till all are standing in front of her in a row. In unison they all say, "Happy Mother's Day" and then make a deep bow, with Chrissy falling on her bottom bringing in laughter to lighten the mood. All the kids scatter then, occupying themselves at other things.

Walker leans over, kisses her tenderly and with his thumb, brushes away her tears. "Quite a Mother's Day, huh!"

"Cordell, did you know anything at all about any of this? Truth now!"

"Honest, hon, not even the slightest inkling. They really kept things well hidden, I must say."

"This day is absolutely the very best. They'll never be able to top this."

"Don't count on it hon, seems to me like you said the same thing last year." He leans over to give her another kiss when he sees, out of the corner of his eye, Jessie standing at his side.

They look at her and she says, "Would you to like to stretch your legs, maybe take a short walk while we set up for lunch?" They nod and when Alex stands, Jessie slips the robe off her shoulders and drapes it across the back of the chair.

The kids watch with smiling faces as their parents, arm in arm stroll toward the lake. Heads close together. Jessie tugs on John's arm, "Come on, let's hurry, we don't want to give them to much time, by themselves." John takes a quick glance at her, not sure what she means, then follows her in helping to set up the lunch.

When Alex and Walker are asked to return they see a table set up for lunch, but notices there is nothing heavy. Just apple pieces, orange slices, grapes, bananas, nectarines and small bites of ham with white grape juice to drink. After a leisurely lunch Alex is again draped with the robe and seated on the throne then the kids gather in front of her and sit on the ground. They then each take turns of relating the special times in their life with their Mother being there to encourage or to guide or just to listen. As the afternoon grows late, Jessie finally stands and announces, "As much as we hate to end this day, it will be dark before long and we need to get this all loaded up and head back to the house. I hate to ask but with those black clouds building in the west, Dad, would you…?"

"Of course, did you bring the wagon?" He looks up to see John driving up with the wagon hitched behind Jessie's horse. With everyone pitching in, the tent is soon dismantled and all is loaded into the wagon. It's dark and just starting to sprinkle by the time they make it back to the house. Alex helps the girls carry things into the house while Walker and the boys take care of the wagon and horses.

When Walker and the boys come into the house, he sees Alex sitting in the living room and turns to her as the boys go on into the kitchen with the girls.

"They won't let me into the kitchen, so I guess the day isn't over yet."

He sits down beside her, "Doesn't look like it. Something sure smells good, though."

"Oh, Cordell, this has been one of the most beautiful days of my life."

"I feel like I've been in a dream all day, myself. The kids really outdid themselves today." He kisses her softly on the lips, "They have put together a very memorial day for you, haven't they?"

"Oh, yes. Makes me feel very proud." She snuggles against him, "They sure picked up on when I'm the happiest, didn't they?"

"What do you mean, hon?" Then, "Oh, yeah, they did. I think they know us pretty well."

Just then Chrissy enters the room and says, "Dinner is served." She bows, giggles and gestures with a flourishing sweep of her hand toward the dining room.

Walker stands, takes Alex's hand and with an arm around her waist they enter the dining room, where the large table has been shoved to the side. In its place is a small table for two with a candle being the only light in the room. Chrissy and Jimmy are standing at the chairs to seat them. After being served, they are left alone, where they still feel like they are in a dream.

After they finish eating and are just sitting at the table drinking coffee, the children come into the room standing together, Jessie smiles, "That's all that we had planned for you Mom. I hope it showed, even though it's just a small measure, of how much we love and really appreciate you and everything you've done for us."

Alex stands when they all walk up to her and take her into a group hug, "Happy Mother's Day," and "We love you," were heard in the hug.

"You will never know how much this day has meant to me," she pulls Walker into her arms, "to us. This day will hold a special place in our hearts forever. Thank you so very much."

"You're welcome, Mom, Dad. We've cleaned up the kitchen and if you two would like to sit on the porch swing for awhile we'll put this room back in order, too, then … we'll probably call it a day."

Alex snuggles back in Walker arms, the swing swaying slightly, the smell of rain in the air, and stars trying to break through the clouds. "Cordell, this has been a perfect day. It's really a shame it has to end."

He rubs his chin thru her hair, "I know what you mean, this day will hold a place of honor in our book of memories that's for sure."

"Honey, do you remember this morning, when you woke me up your … special way for Mother's Day?"

"Ahh … I sure do, baby."

"You … wouldn't have a special way to … maybe end this day … maybe … ummm?"

"Oh … I might be able to come up … with something … maybe." Rises and pulls her up, too. "Shall we?" Walker opens the door and follows her inside.

"Mmmm … can't wait."

The End