Mother’s Day in Texas

By: Lelani

The sun streamed through the window, much too bright for the early hour. Alex Walker moaned as she turned over and tried to hide her face from its cheery brightness. Her subconscious picked up the sounds of movement, but she blocked it from her conscious mind. Her husband was an early riser and after more than ten years of marriage, she had learned to ignore his early morning rustlings. It was several minutes later that she realized there were too many rustlings for one being to make. The blonde head slowly emerged from the refuge of her pillow and one bright blue eye peered out at the blurry world that was her bedroom.

The sight that greeted her brightened her day more than the sun ever could. Angela stood next to the bed carrying a breakfast tray. The twins stood flanking her, Chase had flour powdering his nose and Jase had a smear of grape jelly across one cheek. Looking over their heads, Alex saw her husband holding their youngest, four year old Jamie. A smile lit her face as she recognized the earnestness in theirs. “Happy Mother’s Day!” they all exclaimed, not quite in unison. The smile took hold as she sat up, pushing her tousled hair back and pulling the sheet up around her. Seven-year-old Chase, always the gentleman, reached up to fluff her pillows for her to lean against while his brother helped Angela lift the tray onto her lap.

Alex looked at the offering they lay in front of her and her eyes widened. “I made the eggs and hash browns, but the boys made the biscuits,” Angela threw in her disclaimer. Alex’s eyes held shock and dismay, but her smile barely faltered, “And a fine job you all did,” she proclaimed as she looked from the runny eggs to the flat burnt biscuits smeared with the same grape jelly that adorned Jase’s cheek. “It looks wonderful!” “I picked the fwowers!” Jamie interjected. “They’re beautiful and my favorite wild flowers,” Alex praised her efforts. “Eat it!” Jase encouraged.

Alex looked up to her heretofore-silent husband. She saw the laughter in his eyes and knew that he was holding back the humor that threatened to burst forth. Her eye caught his with an “I’ll get you back!” look. Gathering her courage, Alex dipped the fork into hash browns that swam in grease and tried to sop up some of the undercooked eggs. She managed the bite and plastered a smile on her face, “Yum!” she said with a smile to Angela. “Try the spickets!” Jase urged her. “Biscuits,” his older sister corrected him. He shot her a scowl, but remembered their promise not to bicker on their mother’s special day, and held his tongue.

Summoning up even more courage, Alex picked up the burnt offering and tried to soften it up in the runny eggs. She then carefully bit into the biscuit and repeated her earlier act of admiring the culinary skills of her offspring. “Great spickets boys!” They smiled as she used their word for biscuits. Walker finally took pity on her and said, “Well troops, we better let your mother finish her breakfast while we go clean up the kitchen.” The words made Alex grimace as she pictured what her usually sparkling kitchen must look like. She liked to teach her children to be self-sufficient in the kitchen, but had long since learned that it was mandatory to have only one of them in the kitchen at a time. Each took a week of being “mommy’s prep cook” as they helped her prepare the evening meals. Knowing that they had all four undoubtedly helped prepare her breakfast made her shake her head in wonder and trepidation.

Walker leaned over and gave her a kiss, licking the grape jelly from the corner of her mouth. “You enjoy your breakfast and a lie in. Or maybe take a nice long soak in the tub before coming down. Emphasis on long!” he told her with a wink. She mouthed “Thank You” at him and waited for the family to exit her bedroom before hiding the evidence of her uneaten breakfast.

Alex got up from the bed and a wave of dizziness swept over her. She rushed to the bathroom and proceeded to lose the little bit of breakfast she had forced down. She returned to bed to lie down and let her stomach settle before trying again to begin the day. After a short nap, Alex decided to take Walker’s suggestion and drew a nice warm bath. She soaked as long as she dared and then dressed for church and headed downstairs. When she arrived in the kitchen, it was empty and remarkably clean. She poured herself a glass of milk and made some toast.

Twenty minutes later, she heard the sound of many feet coming down the stairs and looked up to see that all of the kids were also dressed for church as was Walker who came down behind them holding Jamie’s hand. Alex had to smile when she saw the bow Walker had tried to put in her hair. Clearly, Jamie had picked it out, as it didn’t even come close to matching the dress she wore. Ever the diplomat, Alex had the perfect solution. “Jamie, that’s a pretty bow, but I thought that you might want to wear some of these flowers you picked for me instead.” “But those are your fwowers, mommy.” “I know, but they’re so pretty and I can make them into a pretty bunch for your hair.” Jamie was convinced and allowed Alex to remove the offending bow and replace it with a few of the wild flowers. Walker gave Alex an admiring look, when it came to his four year old daughter, he didn’t have the ability to say ‘no.’

The family loaded up into the Durango and headed to church. They ran into Jimmy and Ericka with their two children and invited them back to the ranch for lunch, but Jimmy had already made reservations at a restaurant. When it came to cooking, he knew better than to try his luck, so had planned ahead. There was a special sermon that focused on mothers and how special they were. Alex was amazed that her children had managed to remain on their best behavior for the entire service. Invariably one started to pinch the other and they began to squirm until they earned ‘the look’ from their father. This morning though, they had been given a lecture prior to departure from their daddy about how it was important to honor their mother with good behavior.

After the service, the Walker’s returned home and Angela made sandwiches while the boys helped get all of their horses saddled for a picnic by the lake. The family set off on their ride with Jamie on her new pony that Walker had finally given in and purchased for her. They made it to the lake during the hottest part of the day and quickly dismounted so that they could go for a swim. Walker helped Alex lay out the lunch until the kids cajoled him into the water to join them. They tried to get Alex in as well, but she knew how cold the water was this early in the season and declined the invitation. It turned out that she was right as the kids quickly joined her on the blanket to sit in the sun and eat the picnic lunch.

Jamie was soon asleep and Angela had her nose buried in a book. The boys were practicing skipping stones in the water and Alex was seated, leaning against Walker’s chest, surveying her brood. “We make great kids don’t we Walker?” “We sure do,” he concurred as his hand drifted up from her abdomen to tickle under her breast. “What would you say to another one?” she asked. “Only if you can guarantee it won’t be twins,” he said with a smile. Alex looked at her two handsome boys and forgot how difficult the early days were when there were two crying infants, two sick babies, and two dirty diapers, instead of just one. “I can’t make any guarantees, but would it be so bad?” she asked. “No, I guess I could handle it, but absolutely no triplets,” Walker said laughing. “Again, no guarantees, but I wouldn’t mind another, would you?” “Honey, why this conversation on this day? Are you sad because your little baby is growing up so fast?” “Well, there is that, but there’s also the fact that I don’t think I can wait for father’s day to tell you that you’re going to be a father again.” “What?!” “I’m pregnant,” Alex said with a grin.

Walker sat completely stunned and lost for words. It wasn’t long though before he was hollering and jumped up to gather Alex in his arms and spun her around until she was sick and dizzy. He noticed her slightly green complexion and hastily set her down with an apology. He began to kiss her, but the kids had all gathered around to see what had caused their father to act so out of character. “Kids, your mother has an announcement,” he told them as they all looked at them with puzzled expressions. Alex threw him a ‘thanks a lot’ look, but then focused on their curious children. “I have had a wonderful day and being with all of you makes me wish I could have another child. What do you guys think?” “As long as it’s not another boy,” Angela said with a look at her two brothers who gave her so much grief. “No way, it has to be a boy!” Jase and Chase answered in unison. Alex looked at her youngest, “What do you think Jamie?” “I won’t be the baby no more?” “No, you won’t be the baby,” Alex answered her. “Can I hold it and help feed it? “Yep, you sure can?” “Okay,” she decided after considering for a bit. “Well, that settles it then,” Walker stated. “When are we going to get the new baby?” Jamie wanted to know. “How about for Christmas,” Alex answered. “No, that’s too far, how about for my birfday?” “That’s next month!” Alex exclaimed. “It takes awhile to get a baby,” Walker told her. “You have to put your order in early and then wait while the angels find just the right baby to send to our family,” he said solemnly. “Walker,” Alex warned him about his tendency to bend the truth. “Jamie, the baby is growing inside me right now, but it’s too little and it needs to get bigger before it can come out, okay?” Jamie pouted a bit, but decided that it was okay.

The family rode back to the ranch house and had a quiet dinner before the kids got ready for bed. Alex read bedtime stories and then tucked each of her precious children in before heading to the bedroom that she shared with Walker. He had gotten there before her and he had lit a few candles and turned on some music. Alex smiled as she stepped into the room. Walker held out his hand and she stepped into his arms as he enveloped her and began to sway to the music. “You are the best mother in the whole world and I’m so happy we’re going to have another baby,” Walker said solemnly into her ear. “Or two… or three…” she said with a smile into his neck. “Bite your tongue,” he scolded her. “I’d rather bite yours,” she said with a devilish gleam in her eye. Walker accepted the invitation and began to kiss her, long deep passionate kisses that spoke of his love and his desire for her. “Let’s go to bed and celebrate,” he whispered against her mouth. “Yes, oh yes,” she agreed.

Hours later, spent from their lovemaking, the two lay entwined in the afterglow of love. “Thank you for today, I can’t believe you managed to get the kids to behave an entire day,” Alex told Walker. “I didn’t, they did it for you. Angela gathered them all together and gave them a pep talk. I just gave them a little nudge to remind them every once in awhile.” “They’re amazing kids aren’t they?” “They sure are, and they have an amazing mother.” “And an amazing father.” “We’re very lucky,” he told her with a hug. “Yes, we really are.” There was the sound of little feet as they padded across the room. Alex turned to look at her four-year-old daughter. “What is it, Jamie?” she asked her youngest. “I’m not going to be the baby no more,” she pouted. “You’ll always be my baby,” Alex promised her. “Can I sleep with you and daddy?” Jamie asked with all earnestness. Walker slipped out from the other side of the bed and pulled on a pair of shorts. “You need to sleep in your own bed, but I’ll tell you a story to help you get back to sleep,” he told her as he lifted her into his arms. He leaned down to let her kiss her mother goodnight and then carried her towards the door. He paused and looked back at his beautiful wife, “Are you sure you want to do this again?” he asked. “Absolutely sure, you?” “Oh yes, I’m sure.” They shared a grin and then Walker headed out to put his youngest daughter back to bed. He was in a hurry, he had a beautiful wife to get back to.

The End