Hi. This is my first time to post a fan fic story. I hope all of you like it. I've been encouraged to post it by Jen George. Since we've gotten to see so little of the pregnancy or hear how they feel about things, I thought about this story and what Walker should do! Hope you enjoy it. Comments are welcome!

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MOTHER'S DAY  - By Skylark136

Walker awoke early. He looked over at the sleeping Alex and couldn't resist moving the curl that had fallen across her face in sleep. She looked so peaceful. It had been a difficult night for her. Her back had bothered her so much and finally about 4:00 a.m., he massaged it, put a pillow to her back and she'd finally been able to sleep. He couldn't believe that in one week, give or take a few days, they would finally meet their daughter. Yes, he knew the baby was a girl and so did Alex now. He was afraid she'd be angry with him for knowing but she wasn't. He was so glad the baby is a girl. He hopes that she will look just like her mother. Everything was ready including the nursery. Well, almost everything was ready. They still had to agree on a name. He wanted to name the baby, 'Alexandra' after her but Alex wanted to name her 'Elizabeth' after his mother. Oh well, they'd solve that another day.

Taking another peek at his sleeping wife, Walker quietly arose. He had much to do before she awoke. He went out quickly and took care of the horses. Then he took about 30 minutes to work out in the gym in the basement. He slipped quietly back upstairs and saw that Alex was still sleeping. He had to stop and stare at her for a moment. She was so beautiful! She was lying on her side with one hand gently cradling her swollen belly. Even in these latter months of her pregnancy, she had only grown more beautiful in his eyes. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was about 8:00 a.m. That should give him enough time because these mornings Alex had been sleeping until about 9:00 a.m.

Today was a special day and Walker had plans. It was Mother's Day and although Alex wasn't technically a mother yet, he intended to make today special for her. He quickly took a shower and hurried back downstairs to fix Alex breakfast in bed.

The day before, Walker had bought a dozen yellow roses to use this day. He thought of Alex as his Yellow Rose of Texas and he'd been giving her yellow roses for months now, beginning with their honeymoon in Paris. She seemed to love them. It was his favorite flower and with Alex's soft blonde hair, the color just suited her more than the other colors did. He took three yellow roses out of the dozen he'd bought. One would represent her, one for him, and one for the baby. He put them in a special vase that belonged to Alex's mother. The fragrance of the roses, reminded him of Alex's sweet smell.

Next, Walker set about cooking Alex breakfast. Today, she would be served breakfast in bed and he would eat there with her. He fixed poached eggs on toast, bacon, fresh-squeezed orange juice, milk for Alex and coffee for himself. He put everything on the tray along with the roses and a special box. Never one to like shopping, Walker had been walking past a jewelry store near the canals the other day and saw this gold locket. He knew it was the perfect gift for Alex. He had thought about waiting to give it to her following the baby's birth but decided last night that today would be better.

Moving quietly up the stairs with the tray, Walker peered in the bedroom at his sleeping wife. She had changed positions since he'd gone downstairs and was now lying with her head on his pillow and one hand beside it like she might have been caressing his face. She'd done that several times since their marriage and he loved the gentle touch of her fingers in his beard and hair. He sat the tray on the dresser and went to awaken his beautiful wife.

"Hey, Sleepyhead. You gonna sleep all day?"

"Hmm, I might, Cowboy. Why don't you come back to bed." Stretching, reaching for him, and finally opening her eyes, Alex saw that Walker was already showered and dressed. Something else caught her attention, too. The smell of food!

"Is that breakfast I smell?"

Walker laughed at this comment. Ever since her pregnancy, food had become a priority for his wife! "Yep. I decided that today you deserve breakfast in bed. So I made all your favorites and I'm going to eat here with you."

"Oh, Walker. That is so sweet."

Kissing her gently on the mouth, Walker handed her a card that he'd bought for her. "Happy Mother's Day, Sweetheart!"

"But, I'm not a mother yet!"

"You will be soon enough and I wanted to make today special for you."

While she opened and read the card, Walker picked up the breakfast tray and set it on the bed. He then sat on the bed next to her. He knew she was going to cry. She looked up and had huge tears in her eyes. On the outside of the envelope, Walker had written, "To the Mother of my Child."

Reading the card, Alex did indeed cry. Her Cowboy was so sweet and thoughtful. The card had a drawing of a blonde-haired woman holding a small baby with blonde hair and both were wearing white flowing dresses. They were standing in a field of daisies and other wild flowers. The woman's hair was down and the breeze was whipping it away from her face. Walker had thought the woman reminded him of Alex. On the outside, the card said, "Happy Mother's Day to a Special Mother-to-be. On the inside, the verse read, "I know you're not officially a mother yet, but that day is coming soon enough. I don't think it's too early to wish you a Happy Mother's Day." Under the verse, Walker had written,
To my darling wife, Alex,
I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day and to tell
You that you are the kindest, dearest person I know.
I am so thankful that I found you and I thank you for all
That you put up with from me. Thanks for being the mother
Of my child. I know she will be as beautiful as you are.
I love you with all my heart, My Yellow Rose of Texas.

"Oh, Walker, that is so beautiful! Still sniffling, she cupped his face with her hand and kissed him. The fact that he'd gone to all this trouble was more than she could have hoped.

"Let's eat, before breakfast gets cold." He starts to pick up his fork when Alex notices the box. His hand is raised towards his mouth when she puts her hand on his arm to stop him.

"Walker, what's in the box?"

"Eat your breakfast, then you can open it."

Hoping to distract him, Alex says, "Thank you for the card and roses. They are so beautiful. Can't I just take a small peek inside the box? Please?" Alex had that little pouty look to her mouth and that won her a kiss from her husband. It usually helped her win her way with him but not today!

Grinning broadly, Walker shook his head. His wife was so charming but this time, he wasn't giving in! Just like with the nursery. This was a surprise! She had not been able to help him with the nursery because the doctor didn't want her around the paint fumes. Walker had so much fun doing the nursery because he knew at that point the colors and Alex didn't. He loved being able to pull something over on her. He didn't get that chance often! She had loved the nursery! And she admitted she was just as anxious as he was to find out if their baby was a girl or boy.

After they finished eating, Walker moved the tray out of the way and handed Alex the box. He was as excited about this as he was the baby. He really hoped she would like the locket.

Alex removed the wrapping from the box and saw a small velvet box.

"Oh, Walker, what have you done?" She looked at him with so much love in her eyes that Walker melted, but he just smiled.

Alex opened the box and caught her breath. Nestled inside the box was the most beautiful gold locket she'd ever seen. It was shaped like a heart and had a small "W" engraved on the outside. Just beside the "W" almost like a period was a tiny emerald representing the month of May.

"Walker! This is so beautiful!" Alex gently touched the locket and looked up at her adoring husband with tears in her eyes.

"Go ahead, Hon, open it." Walker was getting excited now. She really seemed to like it!

Alex touched the small spring to open the locket to reveal space for a photo on either side. On the left side was a picture of Walker and Alex made at a charity event a couple of months earlier. The right side was blank except for a small piece of pink paper that simply said, "Baby Girl Walker."

With tears running down her cheeks, Alex reached for her husband. She could not believe this wonderful man had given her such a beautiful, thoughtful present.

"Walker, this is the most beautiful present I've ever had. Thank you so much."

"Look on the back, Alex."

Turning the locket over, Alex read the words she often longed to hear from Walker's lips and seldom did, "I love you…Walker."

"There is room so that we can have the baby's name and date of birth engraved, too."

"Oh, Walker! What am I going to do with you? You've turned into the most romantic husband in the world!" Tears were streaming down her face and Walker just had to catch a couple of them with kisses. Walker took the locket from her and fastened it around her neck. He kissed her again.

"Well, just don't tell anyone! You might ruin my image," Walker said with a grin. God, how he loved this woman!

"Now, Mrs. Walker, why don't you get a shower and dress while I clear away the dishes. Then I've got another surprise for you!"

Alex looked stunned. Never in a million years would she have guessed that Walker would have made this day, Mother's Day, so special for her. As he picked up the tray and headed downstairs, Alex headed towards the bathroom to shower. That didn't take long and soon she joined her husband downstairs. Glancing at the clock, she saw it was nearly10:30 a.m. What a perfect Sunday this was turning out to be. She fingered the locket and looked at it in the mirror. She had chosen a maternity top with a scooped neckline that would really show the locket.

"Let's take a walk." Grabbing her hand, Walker led her down the steps. He handed her another yellow rose that he had hidden behind his back. Hand in hand, they walked around the yard. Walker knew a certain amount of exercise was good for Alex, but he didn't want her over doing it.

"How about we sit on the porch for a while?" Together, they headed toward the swing. With Walker's arm around her shoulders, Alex laid her head against his shoulder. The silence between them was comfortable and neither spoke for a long time.

"Walker, do you ever think of how our life is going to change with the birth of the baby?"

"Well, not really, Alex. I figure we'll just take whatever changes come along in stride. I know there will be some changes but they will be good changes. Remember on the plane to Paris, I told you our lives would change for the better? It has."

Sighing contentedly, Alex snuggled against her husband. "Walker, have you thought about how I might still be fat after the baby comes? Will that bother you?"

"Honey, as long as you're healthy, that's all that matters. You could stand to add a few extra pounds to your normal weight. We've had this discussion before…you're pregnant - not fat! Besides, you know I'll help you work it off after the baby comes."

Walker glanced at his watch. They'd been sitting there for nearly two hours. "How about another short walk, then I'll fix us some lunch."

At lunch, Walker gave Alex three more yellow roses. Because they'd eaten a large breakfast, they just had a light lunch of salad and fruit. Walker then directed his wife back upstairs for a nap. When she refused to go upstairs, he finally got her to agree to nap on the couch. She was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. Chuckling, he picked up the book he was reading about Hayes Cooper and sat in the lounge chair with the portable phone nearby, where he could watch her. She didn't know it, but he still had one final surprise for her after dinner.

Alex stirred about 3:00 p.m. Walker watched her stretch and enjoyed seeing the baby kick her. It was fun watching her stomach move like that. At first, he'd only been able to feel the baby kick. Now, occasionally, he could actually see it. Groaning, Alex said, "I'll bet my insides are black and blue!"

Walker chuckled. "Guess she inherited her father's love for karate. She'll be a black belt by the time she's ten!"

"Oh no, you don't, Cordell Walker! This baby is going to be feminine and like playing with dolls and riding horses." Walker and Alex both laughed because neither of them would expect their baby to be that feminine!

Alex stood with some difficulty and left for the bathroom. She was making more visits there than usual. The phone rang and Walker answered.

"Hey, Pard. How's it going?" Jimmy Trivette was Walker's partner and both his and Alex's best friend. He knew Jimmy was worried about Alex although he never said much.

"Just fine, Trivette. Alex has been resting a lot today but she seems to be feeling fine. What have you been up to? Everything OK?"

"Sure, I just wanted to hear from Alex today. Did you give her that locket yet?"

"Yeah, she was really pleased. She's wearing it."

"Well, I'll let you go. Just wanted to say hello. Give Alex a kiss and hug from me. See you tomorrow."

As Walker hung up the phone, Alex came back into the room. "Who was that?"

"Trivette just checking up on you!" He smiled at Alex. He could see the locket nestled against her chest just above her breasts.

Alex picked up the baby journal that she'd been keeping ever since she found out she was pregnant. "Walker, don't you think you might find time to make at least one entry into this journal before the baby is born? There is a whole section for the daddy to complete."

"I don't know Alex, maybe." Walker returned to his book while Alex moved to the table to write some more. He had another secret but she was going to have to wait until after dinner for it.

A couple of hours later, Walker suggested another short walk. Alex was more than willing. She stretched and he helped her out of the chair. Arm in arm, they left the house by way of the back door and headed to the corals to see Amigo and Angel. Both horses came immediately for a treat of an apple and carrot.

"I really miss being able to ride."

"I know you do, Hon, but it won't be long before you can take Angel out again. We'll have to get a papoose so we can take the baby riding with us."

Alex grinned at this. She couldn't imagine that picture.

Walker walked into the barn and brought Alex another rose.

"Walker, where are you getting all these roses?" Walker just smiled at her and said, "you'll see!"

Slowly walking back to the house arm in arm, the Walkers were content. Walker told Alex to go sit back while he prepared their dinner. He had marinated steaks earlier and had everything ready to go. Alex insisted on helping so he let her prepare the salad. He went outside to grill the steaks. They ate a long leisurely meal with Walker adding three more roses to Alex's collection. He loved seeing the look on her face when he produced the roses. He was holding the last two for a very special moment when she got her final surprise of the day.

After dinner, they sat outside in the swing to watch the sun set. It was a beautiful sunset, too! Walker decided it was time for the final surprise of the day. Getting up, he told Alex to stay that he'd be right back.

Walker returned with two more roses and the baby's journal. He presented both to Alex. At her look of surprise, he told her that he had not written directly into the journal but had written a letter to their daughter that she could put into the journal. He then handed her an envelope. With tears in her eyes, Alex began to read. When she finished she looked up into her husband's loving eyes and knew this was the man of her dreams. He had made this the most perfect day ever from giving her a dozen yellow roses, the locket and now this letter for the baby's journal. She couldn't wait until the day that she could tell their daughter all about this wonderful day. Better still, she would write it all down in the baby's journal. She tenderly kissed Walker and thanked him for everything. Slowly, they made their way back into the house. Walker locked up and they got ready for bed. The day of the birth was fast approaching. That night, they both dreamed of sweet baby smells and soft curls as they slept in each other's arms. Just before she drifted off to sleep, Alex heard Walker whisper, "Happy Mother's Day, Honey."


Walker's Letter

To My Darling Daughter,

I don't know you yet, but I feel that I've known you all my life. I remember the evening that your mother told me you were coming. I was so excited. I felt your mom's stomach even though I knew I couldn't feel you yet. I just wanted to be close to where I knew you were growing. I couldn't find words to express my joy to your mom but she knew. As you grow older, you'll learn that I have trouble expressing myself, but somehow your mom always knows and understands. I hope you inherit that part of her as well as your good looks!

You have a very special mom and I hope that you will always cherish her, as do I. She is going to be the best mother in the world. She is the love of my life…my Yellow Rose of Texas. Today is Mother's Day and even though you aren't born yet, I wanted it to be a special day for your mom. I gave her yellow roses today and a locket. Some day, I know that she will give you the locket. Yellow roses remind me so much of your mom. The color is soft and gentle just like your mother. The soft color reminds me of her golden hair that shines so bright in the sunlight.

There is so much I want to tell you, but I'm not good with words…unlike your mom. I remember the first day we heard your heartbeat. I thought my heart would burst with pride. Then the day we actually saw you on the sonogram. We were both so excited. I remember your mom saying, "Walker, that's our baby." Your mom woke me in the middle of the night the first time she felt you move. I waited all night and you didn't move again until dawn. What a joy it was though that I got to feel you move!

I've watched you grow inside your mom and seen the changes to her body. She grows more beautiful every day and with each change. I love feeling you move inside her and most recently can tell when you kick her! She and I have been so happy awaiting your birth.

I remember the excitement and joy that I felt the day that I found out you were going to be a little girl. I went right out and bought all pink things to decorate your room. Your mom still didn't know and I wouldn't let her see your room until it was finished. She was so pleased with it. It was then that she realized you were a girl. I think she was as happy as me.

I just want you to know that even before you come into this world that you are loved by your mommy and daddy. We promise to take good care of you and give you the best of ourselves. You will be surrounded by people who love you and to care for you. We are looking forward to meeting you and spending a lifetime getting to know you. I know what your mom has written to you will tell you more about our lives together but I want you to know that you are very special and we are eagerly awaiting your birth.

Your Daddy