My Best Friend

By: Ryan -

It had been a long week for the Walker family working over time to finish a case. Walker had noticed that in the last few days that the stress was starting to get to his wife. The DA had assigned her a very heavy caseload. He can’t even remember when his wife was home before seven. Thankful for the long weekend he planned to give his wife a very relaxing weekend. 

When Alex reached the ranch it was 7:30pm. She sat in her car for the moment to relieve some of the day’s tension before she went inside. As she entered the ranch she could smell a nice aroma coming from the kitchen. She kicked of her shoes and called for her husband. “Walker, honey where are you?” “In the kitchen baby.” Walker sensed her presence and immediately turns to greet his wife. “Hey how’s my favorite girl?” “Very tired.” “Well this weekend you are under strict orders from Dr. Walker. You are going to eat and than have a relaxing bubble bath, than it is to bed young lady.” Alex laughed and thought about how much she loves this man. “Dr. Walker huh!” He embraced her and gave her a passionate kiss that left her breathless. “Now you sit right here and dinner will be out in a minute.” “Yes sir Dr. Walker.” Walker laughed and went back into the kitchen.  

When he came back to the dining room he saw how run down his wife looked, and he was very worried about her state. 

Alex didn’t eat much during dinner. “What am I a lousy cook?” “Oh Darling it is wonderful, it’s just I’m not that hungry.” “Ok it’s up to bed for you.” “Oh Walker do I have to, I have barely seen you all week, can’t we sit out on the swing and watch the stars?” She gave him her best puppy dog eyes. As he looked into her eyes he thought, how could he resist her? “Ok Alex, but only for a little while, you need to gain your strength back.”  

They had only been outside for ten minutes and Walker heard the steady breathing coming from his wife. It never fails she always fall asleep out here Walker said to himself. He carried his wife up to their bed. He took off her clothes and put her favorite shirt of his on her. He kissed her on the check and went downstairs to clean up the kitchen. 

Just as Walker was coming up the stairs he heard Alex calling for him. He ran into their room. “What is it honey? What’s wrong?” “Oh Walker I just want you to hold me. I missed you so much this past week.” Walker shed his clothes and lay down beside her and held her and she was soon fast asleep again. 

Walker awoke to the sound of Alex being sick in the bathroom. He rushed in to check on her. “Alex honey are you ok.” She just nodded. When she was finished Walker picked her up and carried her to their bed. He did not like the way she looked, she was very pale, and she felt very hot. “Alex I think were better take you to the hospital.” “Walker I’ll be ok, it’s just the flu or something.” Walker began to protest, but Alex interrupted. “I will be fine as long as Dr. Walker takes care of me.” Walker smiled at her, but still wanted her to get checked out. “Well if I’m the Doctor in charge, you need to stay here and get some sleep.” Alex followed her orders, and Walker went to fix her some breakfast. 

When Walker returned Alex was getting sick, and she had gotten sick 7 more times before lunch. After the last time Walker was very concerned for his wife health. “That is it Alex I’m taking you to the hospital even if I have to carry you.” Before she could answer she felt a tremendous amount of pain wash through her. As she screamed out in pain Walker was at her side and caught her before she fell. Walker wrapped her in the blanket and carried her to the RAM. He put all his lights and sirens on and drove as fast as he could to the hospital. 

Walker ran into the hospital carrying Alex. One of the nurses saw them come in and heard Alex crying out in pain. They brought over a gurney for her and Walker placed her on it. Couple of the nurse started bring her down the hall Walker walked with them holding Alex’s hand. The nurse told him he needed to wait here, and he just stood there while the wheeled her out of sight. Another nurse came up to him, knowing him from previous times that Walker had been there, “Ranger Walker we need to you to fill out some paperwork on your wife.” He did not say anything but followed her to the nurse’s station. 

Walker had been pacing for an hour and was getting very antsy about his wife condition. He was so worried and scared that he forgot to call C.D. and Trivette. He called them and they were on the way. Trying to keep his mind off the current situation he thought of the good memories. He flashed back on a happier time that was about 3 weeks ago, it was a warm sunny Saturday, and they decided to go for a ride to the lake. The lake was there special place and there were a lot of good times spent there. They had fished and talked, and they walked enjoying be with each other. Someone calling his name interrupted Walker’s thoughts. “Walker, hey have you heard anything?” “Not yet Trivette, nothing yet.” “Cordell what happened?” “I don’t know C.D. Last night she seemed to be fine other than being totally worn out from her caseload. Than this morning I woke up to her getting sick. I tried getting her to come here, but she wouldn’t. She got sick several more times, and as I was telling her that she was going to the hospital, she scream out in pain. I just picked her up and brought her here.” “Don’t worry Cordell everything will be ok.” “I hope your right C.D. I couldn’t go on without her.” 

It had now been two hours since Walker brought Alex in, and he was getting more and more scared at every minute that past, and than the Doctor came into the waiting area. “Are you here for Mrs. Walker?” “Yes we are she is my wife. Is she alright?” “We are running some more test, and we are going to keep her overnight for observation.” “Can we see her?” “That will make Mrs. Walker happy she refuses to rest until she has seen you, and she does need her rest.” “See Cordell I told you should be ok, she is already being her strong minded self.” When Walker entered Alex’s room he still thought she looked very pale. As soon as she saw Walker her face lit up. “Hey Cowboy I needed to see you before they drug me up. I wanted you to see that I am ok, and I wanted you to know how much I love you.” “I love you to baby, so much that it hurts me when you’re in pain, and there is nothing I can do to help you.” “I am ok Walker.” “C.D. and Trivette decided to go to the cafeteria to leave them alone. 

“Big Dog what do you think is wrong with Alex?” “I don’t know Jimmy, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.” “I know what you mean. Let go see if the two lovebirds are finished.” As C.D. and Trivette entered her room the couple was talking. “Hey there sugar, how you feeling?” “I feel fine.” “Alex you know how to give us all a pretty good scare.” “I’m sorry Jimmy I never meant to scare anyone.” “I’m sorry but visiting hours are over, and Mrs. Walker needs her rest. C.D. and Trivette said their good byes and left. “We’ll see you tomorrow Alex.” “Bye guys, thanks for everything.” “Don’t mention it.” “Walker please don’t leave me.” “Honey I don’t know if they will let me stay.” “Walker I don’t want to be alone, please don’t go.” Alex’s doctor walked in while Alex was pleading with Walker to stay. “Well what seems to be the problem Mrs. Walker?” “I was just asking my husband to stay with me.” “Well even though it is against hospital rules Ranger Walker I will let you stay as long as you can get our patient to rest.” “Will do Doctor.” “Alex we should have some results first thing in the morning.” “Ok thanks for everything Doctor.” 

Walker sat next to Alex holding her hand as she lay on the bed. “Walker” “What is it Baby?” “Will you lay down with me? You know I sleep better with you next to me.” “Well the doctor said I could stay if you got some rest. So I guess it would be ok as long as you get some sleep.” “It’s a deal.”  

Walker awoke to Alex moaning. He got out of the bed and ran to the nurse’s station. “There is something wrong with my wife she is moaning.” The nurses came to Alex’s side and called the doctor in. They told Walker he had to wait out in the waiting room. The doctor came out a half an hour later asking Walker to come back in. 

Walker went right to Alex’s side. “Are you alright sweetheart?” Walker could see that she had been crying. “Yes honey I am ok.” “Doctor have you found anything out on her tests yet?” “Yes I have Ranger Walker. Mrs. Walker I am afraid that I have some good and bad news.” “What is it Doctor?” “Well Mrs. Walker it seems the reason for you being sick is that you are about 6 weeks pregnant.” “I’m pregnant. Walker we going to have a baby.” Walker did not know what to do or what to expect next, but he had a really bad feeling. “Walker did you hear me were going to have a baby.” “Yes I did sweetheart I guess I am in still in shock.” “What is the bad news doctor?” “Well Ranger Walker, Mrs. Walker we did not only find out that you were pregnant. “What is it doctor? What is wrong with me?” “Mrs. Walker it seems that you have leukemia.” Alex tightened her grip on Walker’s hand. Walker was emotionless he did not know what to do. “Doctor what is going to happen to me now.” “First we are going to have to find a bone marrow donor. We have caught this in the early stages. I have a lot of hope, but there is a possibility that you may not carry the baby to term, and if we don’t find a donor it could be more serious. We are in the process of looking for donors as we speak.” Alex’s tears started to flow freely, and Walker started to comfort her. The doctor left them alone. “If you have any more questions feel free to contact me.” 

Trivette and C.D. were walking towards Alex’s room when there heard someone crying, and it sounded like Alex. They picked up there pace and saw Walker holding Alex. Alex was crying, and Walker was holding her and comforting her, but he had a very lost look. “Cordell, What is going on?” Walker started to unwrap himself from Alex, but she held on tighter. “Don’t go!” “Ok Alex please just stay here.” “Are you guys going to tell us what is going on?” “C.D. we got the test results back, and we have some good and bad news. The good news is that we are going to have a baby.” Trivette and C.D. started jumping for joy, they waited forever for the two of them to get together and they were glad that things were starting to come together.” “Guys please don’t get so excited there is some bad news.” As Walker said that Alex started to cry again. “Sweetheart it’s going to be ok.” “Cordell what is the bad news?” “C.D., Alex has been diagnosed with leukemia, and needs to have a bone marrow transplant. There is a possibility that we could lose the child that Alex is carrying.” “Oh Good Lord, sweetheart don’t worry you’ll get through this and we’ll all be here for you.” “I know C.D. it’s just that I’m scared.” Trivette was in a state of shock. He did not know how to handle this. Alex is like a sister to him, they had a bond that was like no other. She had been there for him so many times, like when she defended him in court and just being there when he needed someone. He vowed that he would do everything in his power to help Alex. C.D. sensed that Trivette wanted to talk with Alex. “Hey Cordell lets go downstairs grab some coffee Jimmy here will keep an eye on our girl.” “Ok, Alex will you be alright for a minute?” “Yes Cowboy I will be ok.” 

As Walker and C.D. left Trivette moved closer to Alex. Alex just started to cry. “Jimmy what am I going to do?” Trivette sat on the bed and held her as she let out her emotions. “Alex don’t worry everything will be ok.” “Jimmy this should be the happiest day in our life, and I may not be able to give Walker want he wants most, a baby.” “Alex don’t think like that it is still early, and Walker would rather have you and try again later for kids if something happens to this one. Alex I am going to do everything in my power to help you, and I won’t let you down.” Alex was very touched by Trivette’s words. He was so special to her, and he was always at her side in a time of need.  

C.D. and Walker were in the hospital cafeteria getting coffee. C.D. noticed that Walker was having a difficult time taken in all that has happened in the last few hours. “Cordell do you want to talk about this?” “C.D., I don’t know what to do. I love Alex more than anything in this world and if I were to lose her I don’t know what I would do.” “Cordell you can’t think like that. We need to be positive, that little lady is going to need all of us.” “I know C.D., but why is this happening now when everything is so good?” “Cordell we’ve been through worse, and we will get through this one. Now let’s go up to our little lady, she is probably driving Jimmy crazy waiting for you.” 

As Walker and C.D. entered Alex’s room, Trivette and Alex were embracing. “Hey there Lady do you think I could get one of those?” “Sure Cowboy! Anytime.” The four friends were talking and remising about the good times when the doctor came into the room. Walker felt Alex tense up. He held her a little tighter to comfort her. “Well Mrs. Walker I am going to let you go home, but the first sign of pain or severe discomfort you must get back here. We are have started looking for marrow donors, and as soon as we find one with perform the transplant. Ranger Walker you need to make sure that our favorite patient gets lots of rest.” “You can count on that one doctor.” “Mrs. Walker before you leave I need you to make a list of all your living relatives that we can contact. We might be able to find a match with your family. You all have a good afternoon, and Mrs. Walker you need to make an appointment to see me next week, and you need to meet with an OBGYN too. See you then.” “Thanks for everything.” 

It had been two weeks since Alex found out she had leukemia and that she was pregnant. Walker had taken some time off of work to be with her. He was waiting on her hand and foot and was clearly scared of what was going to happen to his wife. “Walker can we talk for a minute?” “Sure. What’s on your mind?” “What going to happen if we don’t find a donor?” “Alex we will find one. I will search this entire world if I have to I’m not losing you now after all we’ve been through.” “I know I married you for something, you always know how to make me feel better.” 

It had been a month and the doctors were still contacting Alex’s family and were unsuccessful. They even tested Walker and did not match with her. It was tearing him a part because he felt like he failed her again.  

It was time for another checkup for Alex. Walker was right by her side and has since the beginning. “Well Alex the baby is coming along fine you got another 4 months left. Since you were so healthy before the leukemia is helping tremendously. As for the donor we have checked your entire family and none of them were a match. We are now going to open it up to everyone.” “What do you think the chances are that we will find a donor for Alex?” “Depending on the amount of people that volunteer. The more people the higher chances.” “Thanks a lot doctor.” “Alex I want to see you in another week I want to keep a closer eye on your blood cell count.” “Alright I’ll see you in a week.” 

Alex’s condition was now made public and many of the media outlets told Alex’s story and the need to find a marrow match. The hospital was full of Texas Rangers and other Texas Law Enforcement Officials. Alex was very touched with the amount of support she was receiving from her fellow colleges. It had taken a month to process all the blood work of the volunteers to see if there were a match, and they finally found a perfect match for Alex. 

Walker and Alex were sitting the porch swing content to being in each other’s arms. Walker was caressing Alex’s swollen belly and felt a kick of their child. “It won’t be long before we will be able to hold our baby Cowboy.” “I know I can’t wait.” As there shared a kiss the phone rang. “I’ll get it sweetheart.” Alex stood and walked towards the corral where Angel was grazing. As she was talking to Angel she heard Walker scream. “Alex, Alex!” “What is it Walker?” He ran down to her. “Alex they have a match they want to see us right away.” “What are we waiting for lets go.” 

Walker and Alex were in the doctor’s office waiting for him to arrive, he had an emergency to tend to Alex was starting to fidget. “Alex will you calm down everything is going to be alright. Things are starting to come together, and our baby will be coming soon too.” “I know Cowboy this waiting thing is starting to get to me.” “I know Baby and it will be over with soon.” Walker held her closer to him and gave a gently kiss and as their lips parted the doctor came in. “Walker, Alex it good to see you. Why don’t you come in and we will discuss our options. Alex as I told Walker on the phone we found a match and it is a perfect one. The match is so perfect it is as if we took it from a sibling.” “Who is the donor?” “Well Ranger Walker this person is very close to you and more than happy to help out. It is Ranger Trivette.” “Jimmy is my donor! Oh my God that is great.”

“Alex I would like to admit you and Ranger Trivette as soon as possible. You both are going to very weak for a while, and I want to get this done before your little one arrives.” “How is this going to effect our baby?” “Well Alex, it will be risky and there are no guarantees, but I believe that the baby will be ok. You are in great physical shape which brings up the odds.” “How long will the procedure take?” “ It will take about 10 hours with all of the last minute testing. The procedure itself will take about 5 hours. Walker, Ranger Trivette and Alex are going to need some assistance for a while. They will be very weak and drained for a while.” “Don’t worry Doctor I will take care of it.” Walker gave Alex an extra squeeze and wink to reassure her. He knew that she was scared. “Walker you go get Alex checked in and settled, while I go contact Ranger Trivette.” “I will get her taken care of don’t worry doctor.” “I will see you in about an hour.”  

C.D. and Jimmy were on their way to the hospital to get ready for the procedure. “You know Jimmy you are doing a great thing here for our little lady.” “Big Dog I told Alex that I would help her, and I would never let her down, she is like a sister to me.” “I know Jimmy you two have great relationship.”  

All of the patients were settled in their rooms, the hospital decided to put Alex and Jimmy in the same room to make it easier for Walker and C.D. “Ok folks you need to go and let these two get their rest they have a big day tomorrow.” C.D. and Walker said their goodbyes. Walker stayed just a few minutes longer to get Alex settled. He knew how hard it was for to sleep without him beside her, as it was going to be hard for him to sleep without her near him. “Sweetheart I will be here early, and hopefully I will be able to see you before the procedure.” “Ok Walker, I love you.” “I love you too Baby.” Walker kissed her one more time and left for the ranch. 

Jimmy and Alex laid in silence both deep in their own thoughts. “Hey Al, what you thinking about?” “Oh Jimmy I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have friends like you. I was also thinking about tomorrow and how this is going to effect the baby.” “Alex I told you I would find you a donor, I love you like a sister and would never let anything happen to you. As for the baby, think positive and just remember that we are all here for you.” “Jimmy thanks for everything.” “Anything for you” “Jimmy if something does go wrong tomorrow will you please take care of Walker and remind him that I love him with all my heart.” “Alex don’t think like that.” “Jimmy please will you?” “Yes Alex I will. You better get some rest.” “You too, I love you and goodnight.” “Love you too, goodnight sis.”

Walker was up all night thinking about the love of his life and their child that she was carrying. He wished that he could do something to relieve the pain and pressure she was feeling. When this was all over he was going to take her away for a while. As for Trivette, how could he ever repay his partner for what he is doing, but he knew how close Alex and him were. Walker decided that he needed to go see Alex before they put her under. 

When Walker arrived at the hospital he expected to see the two patients sleeping soundly, but to his surprise they were very much a wake and having a game of chess, and off course Alex was winning as usual. “Hey you two are you trying to wake up the whole floor?” “ Oh hi Sweetheart, are we being that loud?” “Yes you are.” “Trivette how many times has she beaten you?” “Walker how come you didn’t tell how good she was?” “Then you would know how many times I lost to her.” “Very funny Walker.” “Where is Big Dog?” “He will be here after the breakfast crowd.” “Well how are my patients doing?” “We doing find Doctor.” “Well I just wanted to let you know that we will be taking you down to the surgery ward. Walker there is a waiting room, it is on the 5th floor and I will give you updates as I can get them to you.” “Thank you Doctor.” “Ranger Trivette lets get to set up than we will bring Mrs. Walker down.” “Alright Doc, see you there Al.” “Bye Jimmy.” Walker went towards Alex to give her some last minute reassurance. “Honey everything will be ok, I promise.” The tears started to flow, “Walker I am so scared that something is going to happen to our baby.” “Oh Baby, nothing is going to happen the doctor even told us that everything will be ok.” “I know Walker, but I am still scared.” “I know honey and I love you for it.” “Mrs. Walker it is time to head upstairs.” “Ok Doctor, I am more than ready.” Walker and Alex shared a kiss and whispered their I love you’s. Walker held her hand until he could go no further. “I love you Alex. The drugs were starting to take effect on Alex and couldn’t respond.”  

Walker and C.D. had been waiting at least two hours waiting to hear something. Finally the doctor came out. Ranger Walker, Ranger Parker, we have successfully retrieved the bone marrow from Ranger Trivette and he will be in recovery for a few hours. We are about ready to insert the marrow into Mrs. Walker. Ranger Trivette is on his way to recovery he is doing just fine.” “How long will it take for Alex?” “Ranger Walker it will take a little longer for Mrs. Walker and I will send updates as I can. Don’t worry Ranger Walker I will take good care of her.” “Thanks Doctor.”  

As Walker and C.D. were awaiting results on Alex, Walker got this bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. “C.D. something is very wrong I can feel it, Alex is in pain C.D.” C.D. knew of the bond between the two of them and has seen it in action many of times. Just as C.D. was about to answer Walker when a nurse came running into the waiting area. “Who is here for Mrs. Walker?” “I am I’m her husband.” “Well her doctor sent me out to tell you there has been some complications.” “Complications. What kind of complications.” Well it seems that Mrs. Walker went into labor, and we will have to do an immediate caesarian.” “Will they be ok?” “It is too soon to say, but I will let you know when I know more.” “Can’t I be with her?” “I am sorry Ranger Walker, but this is going to be very tricky since the baby is two months early.” All Walker could do was nod. 

Walker kept thinking what he told Alex earlier, about how everything would be ok. What if the baby didn’t make it, would she forgive him? What would he do if something happens to his Alex? Why can’t any thing be normal in his life? As Walker was torturing himself with all of these questions about an hour went by. Alex’s doctor entered the waiting room. Walker couldn’t read his face and was getting very nervous. “Ranger Walker I would like to inform you that you have a son.” “I have a son. How is he? How is Alex?” “Mother and baby are doing fine. Alex will have to stay here a while, as does your son. Where he was born two months early he will have to be in an incubator for a while.” “When can I see them?” “You can see your son now, but you will have to wait an hour or so to see Alex. They are getting her cleaned up and she is still groggy from the bone marrow. We were able to finish that before your son pushed his way through.”  

Walker decided to wait and see his son with Alex. He thought that they should be together. While Alex was getting cleaned up Walker and C.D. decided to go fill Trivette on everything. All three men were excited that their favorite lady would be ok and that the baby was healthy. “Sorry guys I am going to see my wife and child.” 

As Walker entered Alex’s room he saw a picture that would forever be burned into his mind, his strawberry blond son feeding from his beautiful mother. “Hey how is my favorite girl?” “Walker I am fine just tired. Isn’t he beautiful?” “Yes just like his mother.” “Walker I am so happy, thank you for giving me this gift.” “Alex you are the one that has given to me. You have given me a love like no other and a beautiful son. I love you with all my heart.” “Oh Walker I love you too” 

Alex and James David Walker had been in the hospital for 2 weeks and it was finally time to go home. “Come on Sweetheart we need to get home C.D. and Jimmy are waiting for us.” “I am all set sweetheart. I can’t wait to get home.” “Me either I miss having you by my side.” “Well what are you waiting for?” “YOU” 

C.D. as usual cooked everything Alex liked and forced her to eat everything. Jimmy and Walker were hovering over her mother henning her like always. No that everyone was gone Walker thought it was time to give Alex her surprise. “Alex honey I have something to give you?” “You have a surprise for me?” “Yes here it is.” As Alex opened the envelope Walker waited for her response. He got the response he wanted, they could have heard her screaming clear in Dallas.” “Walker I can’t believe that we are going to Paris again.” “Yes we are, it is kind of like a second honeymoon, except that James will be with us.” “Oh honey there is nothing more I would rather do than spend time with you and James. After everything we have been through I will never take our life together for granted ever again.” “Either will I honey.” 

The Walker family took their trip to Paris, and had a great time. Alex’s leukemia was cured, but had to take more precautions and they are now awaiting their second child.