Naming (Prequel to Baby)

By  Katie 59

Chapter One

When Walker arrived home from work he was surprised to find his godson there because he knew that Trivette was supposed to be watching his son while his wife Erica was off visiting her father Eric William Johnston. After checking on his own children Walker went into the kitchen where his wife Alex was cooking dinner and asked her "Alex, what is little Jimmy doing here?"

"Trivette called and said that Erica was off visiting her father and that he had something to do at the office and could I keep an eye on J. W. for awhile longer.  I said that it would be easier if our godson stayed overnight, why?" Alex questioned Walker back.

Walker said "Erica is always off visiting her father anymore, what I don't understand is why she doesn't take her son with her anymore?  Also since when does a soon to be five year old gets to decide what he should be called and if he's going to do that shouldn't it be J. W. W.? You know his name is James Walker William Trivette."

"Erica is a very unhappy lady right now. As for J. W., I think that it's cute but J.W.W. is too much of a mouthful. J. W. said that now he's in school he needs a big boy name not a baby name like little Jimmy and it fits him better. Besides that's what Trivette calls his son so we should go along with it." Alex replied.

Walker then asked, "Alex, it's preschool, not regular school. Also do you know why Erica so unhappy lately?  Has she said anything to you about whatever is bothering her?"

"So, it's still school to him.  No Erica hasn't said anything to me but I got the impression the last time I talked to her that her marriage wasn't doing well, of course Trivette eyeing up other women isn't helping things any either.  If Trivette doesn't watch it he is going to be single again." Alex told Walker who asked "How do you know about Trivette's eyeing other women?"

"It's rather hard not to notice it.  Trivette all but drooled over a woman when we went shopping at the mall recently and Erica who met us there saw him do it." Alex answered and then Walker teased her by saying "It's not that unusual for a man to drool over a pretty woman, aren't you afraid that the way Trivette's been behaving lately will rub off on me?"

"I'm not worried about your eyes wondering because I'm all that you will ever need in a woman and besides I think that you would like to keep all the body parts that you were born with. One in particular." Alex teased him right back.

Pulling her close Walker said "You have always been and will always be all that I will ever need in a woman and besides I would like to keep all of my body parts intact." Just then Angela came into the kitchen and told her parents "J. W. is crying."

"Okay honey, I'll go talk to him. How about you helping your Daddy finish dinner?" Alex asked her daughter who nodded okay.

Chapter Two

Alex went into the living room and picked up her godson J. W., wiped away his tears and asked him "Honey, what's the matter?  Does your tummy hurt?  "Shaking his head no little J. W. began to cry again so Alex asked him "How about we go see Thunder?  Would you like that?"

"Can I really Aunt Alex? Will you let me pet him?" J.W. asked Alex who turned to Betty who nodded that she would keep an eye on the sleeping triplets and Ray.  Alex answered, "You sure can sweetheart.”Then Alex took him to the barn where she carefully allowed the child to pet Thunder.  As he was doing that J.W. stunned Alex by asking her "Aunt Alex, you won't leave me like my Mommy did will you?"

"No I won't." Alex replied and then questioned him "Is that why you were crying because you think that your Mommy isn't coming back?"

Starting to cry again he said, "Mommy said that she wasn't coming back and that I wasn't supposed to tell anyone but my Daddy but he's not here.  Mommy said that Daddy needed to learn a lesson, that I was supposed to tell Daddy tonight.  I want my Daddy.  Please Aunt Alex get my Daddy for me."

Alex hugged him and said "Sssh honey, it'll be okay. How about we see if your Uncle Walker can find your Daddy for you?"

"When Uncle Walker finds my Daddy then I can give him the letter that Mommy put in my backpack with my army men’s.  Mommy said that I had to give it to my Daddy tonight." J.W. told her.

"Okay let's go see if dinner is done and after we eat Uncle Walker will find your daddy for you." Alex said as she took him back into the house. After dinner when the children were playing in the living room Alex took Walker aside and told him what their godson had told her. Walker called Trivette up on his cell phone and a woman answered it and Walker told her to put Trivette on now. "What do you want Walker?  It had better be important because I'm in the middle of something.”Trivette said when he finally got on the phone.

"Your son thinks that his mother isn't coming back.  Do you think that you can pull yourself away from your latest conquest and come talk to him?"  Walker asked Trivette who questioned him "Why would he think that?  Are you sure that you're not interrupting me because you disapprove of my having a little fun?"

Getting mad Walker informed him "I don't care what you are doing right now, what I care about is that my godson, your son by the way is at my house crying for his father because his mother told him that she wasn't coming back. J. W. said that Erica told him that you needed to learn a lesson, he has a letter for you from her."

"I'll be there in an hour.”Trivette said and hung up the phone.

Chapter Three

When Trivette got to the house the Walkers took their children upstairs to get them ready for bed. Trivette picked his son up carried him into the living room and asked him "J. W., why do you think that your Mommy isn't coming back home to you?" Handing his father the letter he answered "Because Mommy said that she wasn't coming back and to give you this letter. Mommy put it in with my army men’s so that I wouldn't forget to give it to you."

Taking the letter Trivette said, "How about we go home now?"  J. W. asked, "Do we have to Daddy?  I'm going to teach Ray how to play with my army men’s."

"I'll ask your Uncle Walker if you can stay."  Trivette told his son and then went and asked Walker "Hey Walker, can J.W. stay here tonight?  He said that he wanted to teach Ray how to play army men’s."

Ray pleaded, "Please Daddy, let J.W. stay. I want to learn how to play army men’s, please Daddy?"  After looking at Alex who nodded okay Walker answered "He sure can.  Now you get your bath and get into your P.J.'s then after J.W. has his bath the two of you can play with his army men’s for a little while."

Trivette gave his son a bath in the guest bathroom and after he was dressed in his jammies took him to Ray's room.  Trivette asked Walker "Are you sure about him staying tonight?  Aren't the triplets teething?"

"Yes they are but Alex said one more won't make a difference." Walker replied and then changed the subject by asking, "Are you okay? What does the letter say?"

"I haven't read the letter yet."  Trivette answered and then went downstairs to the living room where he read the letter from his wife.  About a half an hour later Walker entered the living room and Trivette asked him "Do you know a good divorce lawyer?  Do you think that Alex would represent me?" Alex who had just entered the room told Trivette "I've never handled divorces nor do I want to start handling them."

"I know but since you're going to be named in it I thought that you could help me with it."  Trivette said to Alex.  Puzzled Walker asked, "What do you mean that Alex is going to be named in it?"

Trivette handed the letter to Alex who read it over and got mad. She told Trivette "There is no way that I can be your lawyer in this Trivette but I do know some divorce lawyers and I'll write their names down for you."  As Alex was writing some names down on a piece of paper for Trivette, Walker again questioned his wife "Why can't you be his lawyer Alex?"

"Because in this letter Erica says that she will be divorcing Trivette on the grounds of adultery and will be naming me as co-respondent, that's why." Alex replied as she ushered Trivette to the door.  "Goodnight Trivette, we'll see you tomorrow when you pick up your son." After the door was closed Walker said, "Okay, now tell me what being named as a co-respondent means."

"Basically it means that Erica is alleging that Trivette committed adultery." Alex answered her husband who said "I understand that much but why does that keep you from helping Trivette?"

"Because Erica is claiming that the woman that Trivette committed adultery with was me. Being named as a co-respondent means that you are a party to a divorce because you were allegedly committing adultery with the person being sued for divorce." Alex explained.

"Why would Erica lie like that about you?"  Walker questioned Alex who replied "I don't know but the woman that I saw Trivette drooling over that day was a leggy blonde and Erica remarked that her husband seemed to have a thing for leggy blondes."

"But still she has to know that it's not true doesn't she?  It isn't true, is it?  "Walker asked.

"No it isn't true and you know that Walker.  As for what Erica thinks, I have no idea and right now I don't really care because all of the children are sleeping and I think that we should do the same thing." Alex told Walker as she hugged him.  Kissing her Walker said, "I like the way that you think lady.”Then he picked her up and carried her up the steps and into their bedroom. Putting Alex down besides the bed Walker said to her "You're mine, all mine." Alex answered him "Always and forever darling." Walker then began to hungrily kiss Alex as he hurriedly undressed her then he put Alex down on the bed. Walker then just as quickly got rid of his clothes and joined her.

Chapter Four

When Alex went to get out of bed the next morning she groaned because she was a little sore and was getting a headache. Walker hearing her groan asked, "Alex, are you okay?"

Getting out of bed a little gingerly Alex answered, "I'm fine Walker."  Also getting up from bed Walker said, "No you're not, you're walking funny. What's wrong? Should I call a doctor for you?"

"No I don't want you to call a doctor for me. I'll be fine after I soak in a nice long hot bath and take some aspirins." Alex replied as she put her robe on and headed for the bathroom. Walker put his pants on and followed Alex asking her "Are you starting your monthly?"

"No, I'm not. Now will you please let me take my bath in peace before our children wake up?" Alex asked as she started her bathwater.

"If it isn't your monthly, then what is it?  The only time you need a nice long hot bath to feel better is when you're starting your monthly and your lower back hurts you because of it."  A puzzled Walker asked and having had enough of the questioning Alex replied "Not always Cowboy, besides it isn't my back that is sore. I also have a headache and you're not helping it."

Not dropping the subject Walker said "The only time I remember you needing a nice hot long bath other than when you were having your monthly was that one time I got carried away with you in bed after a two week undercover assignment."  He paused and then added "Oh god Alex, don't tell me that I hurt you last night."

Removing her robe Alex looked at Walker and told him "Well you were so uhm... determined to claim me last night." Walker didn't say anything but he turned red and looked away from Alex who slipped into the tub, sighed and said "It's okay Walker, really.  After my bath I'll take some aspirins then I'll be fine. Can you keep an ear out for the children?"

Kneeling besides the bathtub Walker picked up Alex's hand kissed it and said to her "I'm sorry Alex, I never want you to be hurt because of me."  Caressing his face Alex assured her husband "Honey you didn't hurt me. You've never hurt me when we were making love."

"Alex how can you say that I didn't hurt you? You're taking a bath because of the way I uhm... took you last night." Walker questioned his wife.

"Cowboy, I've been sore before and I'm sure that I'll be sore again because let's face it you're a large man to handle." Alex told Walker who avoided looking at her so she added, "Walker you have always been the most considerate lover that I've ever known. I enjoyed last night just like I've enjoyed all the other times that we made love. I will never regret making love with you and I don't want you to ever regret making love with me. I'm fine, besides my period is really late and that probably has a lot to do with the way I'm feeling right now."

"You sure?" Walker questioned. Smiling Alex replied "Yes I'm sure, now go before I pull you into this tub with me." Smiling himself Walker stood up and started taking off his pants when there was a knock on their bedroom door "Darn, they couldn't sleep for just a little longer?" Walker said as he pulled his pants back up and left the bathroom.

Chapter Five

When Walker got to work he was surprised to find Trivette there so he motioned for Trivette to join him in his office. Once there Walker asked him "Trivette, what are you doing here?  I thought that you would be taking the day off."

Trivette responded, "Why would I take the day off?"

"I don't know, maybe to save your marriage." Walker answered him and Trivette said, “I don't want to save my marriage.  Erica wants a divorce and she's going to get one without a fight from me. I like the idea of being single again."

Walker then pointed out "The two of you have a son to consider in this."

"He'll be fine.”Trivette was answering when there was a knock on the door so Walker called out "Come in."  Sydney came in and said "There's an attorney by the name of Larague who says that he's here to talk to Ranger Trivette.  Do you want me to show him in?”

Walker looked at Trivette who nodded okay so Sydney brought the man into Walker's office. "Mr. Trivette, I am representing your wife in her divorce action.  Is there some place private that we can talk?”

Walker offered, "You can use my office Trivette."

            “Okay thanks Walker.”  Trivette replied and Larague said to him "Wait a minute, are you Cordell Walker, the husband of Alex Cahill-Walker?”

Walker answered "Yes, why?”

Larague then snidely replied "Nothing like friends and co-workers sharing just about everything." Walker snapped, "What is that supposed to mean?”

“My client is suing your friend Trivette here for divorce on the grounds that he committed adultery with a Alex Cahill-Walker.  Now Mr. Walker I would like some privacy to explain to Trivette the deal my client is willing to give to him in exchange for custody of their son, so if you will excuse us?”  Walker left his office.  About five minutes later Trivette came out followed by Larague who said to him “I need your answer in writing within a week or my client will insist on full custody of her son and move with him to New York where her father lives.”  Then Larague left.

Walker went back into his private office Trivette followed him in told Walker "Erica's said that she'll give me sole custody of J.W. on one condition."

Walker asked him "What's the one condition?”

“That I say in writing that I committed adultery and with whom.”  Trivette reluctantly replied.  Sensing that there was more to it Walker questioned him "Let me guess, you have to name the women that you cheated on Erica with?  Do you have to name all three of them?”

Wincing Trivette answered, "No, Erica just wants one name on record as an adulteress in return for giving me sole custody of my son."

Getting uneasy Walker asked "What one name?”  Trivette then answered him "Alexandra Cahill-Walker."

"Why does Erica want you to lie in order to get custody of your son?  That's perjury in case you don't know. Erica knows that Alex has never committed adultery with you or anyone else for that matter." Walker heatedly said to Trivette who backed up and reached for the door knob behind him and informed Walker "Uhm...I sort of told Erica that it happened."

Quickly getting to his feet Walker clenched his fists and yelled at Trivette "You son of a bitch, get the hell out of my office before I put you through that door.”  Trivette hurriedly left the office.  After calming himself down Walker called Gage into the office and told him "Ranger Gage tell Ranger Trivette that he's in charge.  I'll be back tomorrow, after I've had time to cool off.  In the meantime I want the rest of you to go over the plans with the task force to take down that 'spark' lab.  I'll be in the first thing in the morning to finalize things."

"Yes Captain Walker."  Gage answered and Walker left without looking at Trivette. Gage, Sydney and Cooper were all staring at Trivette who told them "Stay out of it, all of you."

Chapter Six

When Walker got home from work he was still mad, after taking a look at his face Alex suggested "Walker, Ray and J.W. have been asking all morning to go to the barn to see the horses, will you take them? The triplets have been crying all morning because of their teething and I can't take them to the barn. Betty is going to pick Angela up.  Ray and J.W. have been very good, they helped with the babies."

Ray said "Daddy, Daddy please can we go?  Me and J.W. were real good, Mommy didn't get mad at us once." J. W. then added, "Uncle Walker, please can we go see Thunder?  Aunt Alex made us help with the babies, we fed Sam his bottle while Miss Betty fed Mikey and Aunt Alex fed Coopper.  But we didn't have to help change their diapers, they stink too much."

After looking at his wife who smiled Walker said to them "Well I guess that I can take you two to the barn to help me with the horses since you were such good boys.”  They left the house and while they in the barn Erica called and told Alex "Alex put my son on the phone now. I want to talk to him."

"He is out in the barn with Walker and Ray." Alex answered her and then snapped at her "Erica, I thought that I knew you, how could you name me as the other woman?  I know that you're mad that Trivette's cheating on you but for you to lie about me like that."

“Oh drop the act Alex, I know all about your and Trivette's little affair."  Erica snapped back.

“There was no affair because the only man that I've been with is Walker, at least ever since I shanghaied him into a white-water rafting trip." Alex replied and Erica said “I know the truth Alex, Jimmy told me all about it after I caught him eyeing that blonde up at the mall who looked just like you. When I took him that he was interested in her because he couldn't have you he told me that he did in fact have you."

Getting really mad Alex said “That's a bald faced lie and you know that."

Erica told her "Yeah well then tell Jimmy that. Tell my son that I called him and that he had better call me back at my dad's. Your lover has the number." Erica then hung up. When Trivette arrived to get his son nanny Betty was outside on the front porch with him. Trivette put his son in his car and drove away.

That night as they were getting ready for bed Walker said to his wife "Alex, I don't know how to tell you this but..."  When he stopped talking Alex finished the sentence for her husband “Trivette told Erica that he and I had an affair."

"How did you know that?”  Walker questioned Alex who told him "Because when Erica called to talk to her son she told me that after she confronted Jimmy about lusting after a blonde that looked like me because he couldn't have me Trivette told her that he did in fact have me."

Walker got mad and said, “I'm going to kill Trivette."

"You can't kill him even if he deserves it for lying like that. Walker, I know that you're upset by this but you have to put it behind you." Alex was saying when Walker interrupted to ask “My best friend says that he slept with my wife and I should just put it behind me, are you nuts?"

“No, I'm not nuts and no, not just like that.  I want to kill Trivette myself right now but what I am saying is that you need a clear head tomorrow when the task force that you and Trivette are both a part of takes down that 'spark' lab that you were telling me about.  After you come out of there in one piece then you can worry about Trivette and the lie he told Erica about me and it was a lie as you well know." Alex explained to her husband.

“I know that he lied Alex. What did you say to Erica when she told you that?” Walker asked.

“That it wasn't true because there was only one man that I had been with after I shanghaied a certain cowboy into a white-water rafting trip." Alex replied. Walker smiled and said, “That first time was pretty good, wasn't it?"

“Oh yeah it was real good." Alex answered him and then turning serious Walker questioned her " Alex that first time we made love, I didn't hurt you did I?  I mean we were on the ground and the sleeping bags didn't cushion us much."

“Not hurt, just a little sore." Alex honestly answered and Walker lowered his head. Alex pulled his head back up and asked him "And your back wasn't sore from the scratch marks that I left on it?  I had never felt that kind of passion before in my life, I have felt it a lot of times since then however."

“Okay Alex, you've made your point. Now how about we get some sleep? I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be an interesting day for me." Walker said and they went to sleep.

Chapter Seven

Most of the next day Alex was a nervous wreck because she was more worried than usual about her husband and his being in danger at work. When the doorbell rang Betty being the mother of a Texas Ranger herself and noticing Alex's hesitation to answer it offered, “I can get that, if you want me to?"

Just then a sense of peace came over Alex and she answered, “No, I'll get it. Walker is just fine, I can feel it." When Alex opened the door there was a man standing there who looked vaguely familiar but Alex couldn't place him so she said, "How can I help you?"

He answered, "I'm looking for Alex Walker." Alex replied, "That's me, why are you looking for me?"

“I just wanted to see for myself the tramp who broke up my daughter's marriage in person." He told Alex who said to him assuming that he was Erica's father "Keep your voice down, my children are in the living room along with your grandson. He doesn't need to hear this."

He all but yelled at Alex “You destroy my daughter's marriage and you have the gall to pretend that you're worried about my grandson? You adulteress, you have some nerve don't you?”

Just then the three older children came out into the hallway and J.W. asked, "Grandpa Eric, why are you yelling at my Aunt Alex?" Picking his grandson up Eric questioned him "What are you doing here? Where is that father of yours?”

Getting down J. W. answered “My Daddy's at work and I'm here because Mommy's out of town and Miss Betty always picks me up from school and brings me here when Mommy's out of town.  I play with Angela and Ray until my Daddy gets me."

Alex then said “I want you three older ones to go back into the living room right now." After they had done as they were told Alex turned to Eric and said to him “Now I don't know what your daughter Erica told you but I am not an adulteress and I will not be called one by anyone. As for your grandson, you can visit with him until his father gets here to take him home."  Just then the door opened and Walker came in followed by Trivette, seeing his son-in-law Eric said "Well Ranger Trivette, I see that you're here to see your little tramp Alex."

Walker grabbed him by the throat and told him “I don't know who you are but if you ever call my wife that name again I will break your neck." Alex touched Walker on his arm and said to him "He's Erica's father, come on let's go into the living room."  Without saying a word Walker released Eric and went into the living room.

Trivette asked, "Eric, what are you doing here?"  Rubbing his throat Eric answered “I've come to take my grandson back to New York with me.  I don't know why Erica would leave him here with you to begin with."

Trivette told his father-in-law “Over my dead body.”  Then he added in a calmer tone "Look I admit to cheating on your daughter but it wasn't with Alex and Erica has got to take her name off of the divorce papers.  I'll put in writing the names of the women that I cheated on Erica with if that's what she really wants. She can have her divorce but I won't lose my son."

J.W. came back out into the hallway then and asked "Grandpa, why did Mommy say that I was Daddy's little bastard before she left me?” Picking him up Trivette told his son “Mommy didn't mean that, she was mad at Daddy and saying things that she didn't mean because Daddy upset her. J.W., you go and get your stuff so we can go home, okay?”

When J. W. was getting his stuff Trivette said to Eric “You can come with me to my house and visit your grandson if you want to but he is not going anywhere with you.  Eric, we need to talk about how best to handle this so that J. W. doesn't get hurt.  He'll need his grandfather to be part of his life." Eric agreed.

J. W. came back into the hallway with his things followed by Walker and Alex, Trivette looked at Walker and told him “Thanks for saving my life today, I'm not sure that I deserved it." When Walker didn't answer Alex said “Trivette, one day the three of us are going to have a nice long talk about certain things but for now I think that it's best if you leave."  So they left.

When they were in their bedroom after getting their children to sleep Alex looked at Walker who shrugged his shoulders and said “I shoved Trivette out of the line of fire, he didn't see the gun man who had a bead on him."

“You didn't get hurt or shot, right?" Alex questioned her husband who unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a bruise in the middle of his chest and said “I wore a bullet proof vest today."

Fingering the bruise Alex said, “Thank god for that bullet proof vest, does it hurt?" Walker teased "Just a little, do you feel like kissing it and making it all better?"

Alex smiled and said "Well I guess that I can do that for you my darling." When they were done Walker asked, "You won't be sore in the morning, will you?"

Alex teased him "Well Cowboy if I am you can kiss it and make it feel better.  How does that sound?” Pulling her closer he replied “That sounds real good to me.”  They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter Eight

Several days later Trivette entered Walker's private office and locked the door behind him. Trivette then asked, "Walker, can we please talk about this?"

“Make it quick Trivette, I'm busy." Walker replied and Trivette said "First of all, I'm sorry for saying that about Alex.  I never should have and I apologize for that.  It's just that... oh hell I'm sorry."

"Why would say something like that about my wife, why Trivette?"  Walker questioned Trivette who answered, "I don't know man. Erica and I were fighting about my eyeing up blondes at the mall and she started in on how I had the hots for Alex and that any fool could see that a woman like Alex would never be interested in a loser like me so I blurted out that Alex and I...well you know.  I swear Walker I never expected Erica to believe me and I certainly didn't expect her to name Alex as the other woman.  Right after I said that about Alex, I told Erica that it wasn't true and she said that she knew it wasn't true because I was too much of a loser so I forgot that I told Erica that."

Walker bluntly asked him "Do you have the hots for my wife?  After all you cheated on your wife with a blonde."

"And a brunette and a redhead, no Walker I don't have the hots for Alex. I consider her like a sister to me. When I first met her I admit that I was interested in Alex that way but when you had that fling with Merilee and Alex was so devastated by it I realized that the feelings I had for here were brotherly, nothing more. I wanted to kick your butt for hurting Alex the way that you did as any brother would have.”  Trivette explained.

"Are you going to give into Erica's demand and name Alex as an adulteress in order to get sole custody of your son?" Walker asked him.

“No because I can't commit perjury in order to get him, my lawyer said that if I did that and anyone else found out about it a defense attorney could then get his client off because of it.”  Trivette answered and then blurted out "Do you have any idea what it's like to go without sex for five or six months, never mind the fact that you're married?"

Walker replied “Yes I do.”  Trivette scoffed “Yeah right, like Alex would ever do that to you."

“More like I did that to her when she was pregnant with Ray, I don't know how she was able to forgive me." Walker said and then changed the subject by asking Trivette "So what are you going to do to get sole custody of James Walker William Trivette?"

"Erica doesn't really want him. She did tell him that he was daddy's little bastard, how could any mother tell their child that?  Erica was just trying to cause trouble for me when she made that demand. Walker, Erica is three months pregnant and I'm not the father because it's been longer than that since we've had sex.  After Eric told me about Erica's pregnancy I told him that I wasn't the father and he called her up.  Erica then told him that she wanted to move east to be with her boyfriend who didn't want her bringing along another man's bastard in his words. Erica's agreed to leave our son here in my custody and I've agreed that Eric can visit him as often as he likes. My lawyer said that Erica being pregnant to another man and leaving her child behind is enough for me to get full custody even if she changes her mind later on and fights for him.” Trivette told Walker.

"So you will have custody of my godson?  There will be no more mention of Alex in any divorce proceedings, will there?”  Walker questioned him and Trivette replied "Yes I will have full custody of my son and no more mention of Alex. Also Eric wants me to tell the two of you how sorry he is about going to your house and insulting Alex like that.  He said that he was going by what his daughter told him, that Alex broke up her marriage."

Walker answered “Okay. “Trivette then asked, "Walker, will you forgive me?"

“That's up to Alex, it was her name and reputation that was going to be dragged through the mud. If she forgives you so will I. "Walker told Trivette who groaned and said "But she knows how to use a gun and has a temper as bad as her husband."

Smiling Walker teased, "Yes, she does. Trivette you can always protect yourself by bringing J.W. along, she won't kill you in front of him. I've had to use Angela and Ray a time or two myself to stay alive."

"Okay, can we come out for dinner tonight?”  Trivette asked Walker who told him “Only if you bring the pizza.”  Trivette agreed and they got down to Ranger business.

Chapter Nine

Later on that day when Alex answered her door she found Trivette standing behind his son who was holding a pizza and asked her "Aunt Alex, can we come in?  We brought some pizza." Standing aside she replied, "You sure can sweetheart. Angela and Ray are playing in the living room, why don't you go join them while your dad and I talk?”

J. W. handed the pizza to his father and went into the living room. Alex turned to Trivette and asked him "What are you doing here?  What's with the pizza?”

"Walker and I talked in his office earlier today. He said that he would forgive me if you would.” Trivette answered as they went into the dining room and put the pizza on the table. Returning back to the foyer so that the children couldn't overhear them Alex said, "That doesn't explain the pizza."

"After I asked if I could come out for dinner Walker said only if I bought the pizza.” Trivette answered Alex who then said to him "Let me guess, it was Walker's idea for you to bring your son along for protection?"

“Yes it was, Walker told me that he's had to use Angela and Ray a time or two himself to stay alive.”  Trivette teased her and then getting serious he said, "I'm sorry Alex about telling Erica that I was with you. I blurted it out during an argument with Erica about the blonde at the mall.  I never expected her to believe me or to name you as the other woman, forgive me?”

“Okay but it had better never happen again Trivette." Alex answered him right before she turned white and passed out. As Trivette grabbed Alex to keep her from hitting the floor Walker entered the house and seeing his wife in his best friend arm's demanded, "What is going on here?"

"She fainted and I grabbed her to keep her from hitting the floor. You should lay her down somewhere or something.” Trivette told Walker who picked Alex up and took her into the downstairs guest bedroom and laid her on the bed. Coming to Alex said, "Walker, you're home.” Then after looking around she asked him "What am I doing in here? Wasn't I in the hallway talking with Trivette?”

Walker said to her “You fainted Alex. How long have you been sick?”

“I've been a little queasy the last couple of days and I still have my headache, that's all." Alex answered her husband as she went to get from the bed. Stopping Alex from getting up Walker picked up the phone handed it to her and said “You are not getting up from this bed until you've made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. No arguing."

“Okay Walker, if you insist but you'll have to stay home to help with the children if I can't get Caroline to come out here to help Betty tomorrow on such short notice." Alex said as she took the phone and called up the doctor's office and was told that she could squeeze Alex in. They then went and ate the pizza.

As Walker walked Trivette and J. W. to their car he said to Trivette “I'm sorry for the way I jumped on you when I got home."

“It's okay, I can understand you doing that in light of recent events but you must know that even if I were interested in Alex that way she would never be interested in me that way, or anyone else for that matter.” Trivette told Walker who said, "See you Trivette."

Going back into his house Walker headed to his bedroom only to find Alex being sick in the bathroom. When Alex came into the bedroom Walker noticing how pale she looked asked her as he led her to the bed "Alex, do you want me to call the doctor for you?"

Sitting down on the bed Alex answered "No honey, I'll be fine besides I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, remember?" Walker then said "Alex, something is wrong with you because the only time you get sick like this is when you're pregnant and that's impossible, right?"

“Yes, it's impossible for me to be pregnant because of the tubal litigation that I had after the triplets birth. Seriously Walker I probably just have a touch of the flu or something minor. I probably shouldn't have taken aspirins for my headache on a queasy stomach. That's most likely why I just got sick." Alex told him as she crawled under the covers.

Chapter Ten

At the doctor's office as Alex was being examined by Dr. Stine she was asked “Mrs. Walker when was your last monthly?" Alex answered "Right before Christmas but I can't be pregnant because I had a tubal litigation done after the birth of the triplets, I believe that Dr. Bates did it."

“Yes, that's what your medical records show. How long have you been feeling poorly?” Dr. Stine asked.

"Just the last couple of days, I've had a headache and been queasy. Dr. Stine, do I have cancer?  Is that why I haven't had my monthly lately?” Alex questioned Dr. Stine who replied “Mrs. Walker, you show some of the signs of being pregnant but since you had a tubal litigation that shouldn't be the case. I want you to see Dr. Bates, you may have fibroids and that may be why you haven't had your monthly lately. She can do a sonogram to locate them. I'll call her and see when she can see you. You can get dressed now and wait in my waiting room, I'll let you know when Dr. Bates has an opening to see you." Alex got dressed and went into the waiting room.

Coming out into the waiting room herself  Dr. Stine told Alex “Mrs. Walker, Dr. Bates said that she had the next hour free. She's waiting in her office for you."

Alex went to see Dr. Bates who tried to reassure Alex as she was getting her ready for a sonogram to see if Alex had fibroids “Mrs. Walker, fibroids are nothing to worry about. They are not fatal, just uncomfortable for some women. This is because sometimes fibroids can grow big enough that they interfere with a woman's cycle causing cramping and in some cases severe pain and have to be removed by surgery. Now lay back please, I'm sure that everything will be fine as soon as I locate them." Alex lay back on the table as Dr. Bates did the sonogram; which seemed to Alex to take forever. When Dr. Bates was done she didn't say anything and Alex thinking that it was something else asked, "What's wrong? If it's not fibroids and it's not by the way you're acting, is it cancer?”

“No, it's not cancer. Mrs. Walker, I'll be able to tell you more tomorrow. I need to get the results of something before I tell you what it is. I'd like to see you tomorrow morning at ten, is that okay?” Dr. Bates said and a shaken Alex nodded her agreement. Dr. Bates then added, “Mrs. Walker if at all possible, can you bring Mr. Walker along? I would like to explain what's wrong with you to the both of you."

“Okay Walker and I will be here at ten." Alex managed to answer.

When a still shaken Alex got home Walker asked her "Alex, what's wrong? Do you have the flu?” A upset Alex answered “No, Dr. Stine sent me to see Dr. Bates because she thought that I had fibroids and Dr. Bates did a sonogram to locate them but I don't have them. She wouldn't tell me what's the matter with me but she wants to meet with the both of us in her office at ten. Walker can you please come with me? Even though Dr. Bates said it wasn't cancer her behavior worried me, it has to be something really bad."

"Alex honey of course I'll go with you. Now don't get yourself upset before we know what it is. It could be something simple, okay?” Walker attempted to reassure his wife who replied, "I hope that you're right but I have a dreadful feeling that you're not."

Chapter Eleven

The next morning the Walkers were in Dr. Bates office when Dr. Wilson [who had once reported Walker for spousal abuse {*family}] entered the office and sat down. Alex asked Dr. Bates "What is he doing here?”

Dr. Bates requested of them "Please let me explain what he is doing here." Walker told her “Make it quick, I want to know what is wrong with my wife."

Dr. Bates explained “Okay when I was starting the tubal litigation on Mrs. Walker one of my high-risk patients went into labor. Dr. Wilson then took over the operation for me. Now Mrs. Walker he may now have understood my rushed instructions that you wanted your tubes cut and burnt to insure that there would be no possibility of future pregnancies.”  Turning to Dr. Wilson Dr. Bates then said, "Dr. Wilson if you would please explain to the Walkers what procedure you performed on Mrs. Walker."

“None, I simply closed the incision sight." Dr. Wilson answered stunning Dr. Bates who then questioned him "What do you mean, you simply closed the incision sight?  You were supposed to give Mrs. Walker a tubal litigation like you said that you would."

Dr. Wilson then somewhat aloofly replied “There was no valid medical reason for Mrs. Walker to receive a tubal litigation so I didn't do one."

Getting upset Alex asked, "Well since I didn't have a tubal litigation, does that mean that I'm pregnant? And if so how many babies?” Dr. Bates replied “Yes, I'm afraid that you are pregnant and it's just one baby. Having said that, I must inform the both of you that there is very little likelihood that you will be able to carry the baby to term Mrs. Walker."

Walker then asked, " How far along is my wife?"

"About three and a half months." Dr. Bates said to Walker who then asked her "What about an abortion?"

Dr. Wilson entered the conversation by saying, “Mrs. Walker is too far along for one and if Dr. Bates even thinks about performing one I will see to it that she loses her right to practice medicine." Dr. Bates then snapped at him "Dr. Wilson leave this office now." As he headed out the door Walker growled at him "Find yourself a good attorney because you will need one."

After he left Dr. Bates said to them “I'm sorry." Walker looked at Alex who appeared to be not at all listening to them so he said to Dr. Bates "Sorry doesn't begin to cover it.  You yourself said that any more pregnancies would be risking Alex's life, yet you left her in the care of a doctor who didn't do what you were supposed to do. You are the one who risked Alex's life. We want another doctor because we will be suing you."

“I truly am sorry Mr. Walker, I will give you the names of other doctor's that you can see but in the meantime you will have to keep a very close eye on Mrs. Walker. I'm afraid that due to her high blood pressure and other factors it's just a matter of time until she has a miscarriage. This is going to be a very high risk pregnancy that may endanger her life." Dr. Bates was explaining when Walker asked her “Then why won't you perform an abortion? You made the mistake, you should fix it."

"Because Mr. Walker, this is a very strong right to life state and Mrs. Walker is too far along for a legal one. There are no exceptions in cases like this where the mother's life is at risk." Dr. Bates said to Walker who pulled Alex up out of her chair and questioned the doctor "So what, we sit around and wait for Alex to have a miscarriage?”

“Mr. Walker I know that you're very upset right now and rightfully so but I must stress this to you. You have to have someone with your wife at all times to watch out for signs of cramping or bleeding. Mrs. Walker isn't completely healed from the triplet’s birth and there is a very good possibility of hemorrhaging that can very quickly become life threatening. I've written down the names of other ob-gyn's." Dr. Bates told Walker and then handed him the paper.

Alex came out of her fog long enough to say "For now we'll see another doctor. Cordell please just take me home, I'm not up to dealing with this today. We can worry about our legal options at a later date." Without another word Walker took Alex by the hand and they left Dr. Bates' office. As Walker was putting his wife in the truck Walker vowed, "Alex, I will get this taken care of. Everything will be okay, promise." Alex didn't respond.

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