By Sissy

            Three rows ahead of her, she hears Walker laughing at something that Trivette is saying. So far she has managed to avoid him, knowing how angry he is with her. When he turns his head and scowls at her, she watches in alarm as he unfastens his seat belt.  Jumping quickly to her feet she slips past the woman sitting next to her, and moves to the back of the plane where she finds an empty seat and begins a conversation with the group of Walker’s ‘Kick Drugs’ kids. 

            As the young people begin to nod off she realizes how late it is. She stands and notices that all is quiet up front. Her seatmate is sleeping when she returns to the first class section and barely moves as Alex slides past her to her seat.  She leans against the window and shuts her eyes only to feel the urge to use the bathroom. Moving out into the aisle again she walks quickly and quietly past Walker’s first row seat and slips into the lavatory.

            She hates using airplane toilets. She has always feared the plane would chose that exact moment when she was most defenseless to crash, and she’d spend her final seconds of life spiraling down to earth with her bottom bare to the world. With that thought in mind she hurry’s to finish, washes her hands and is just opening the door when it flies out of her grasp. Before she can react, Walker squeezes in next to her and shoots the bolt back into the locked position.

            “What do you think you’re doing?”

            His hard body presses her up against the washbowl. “I’m giving us a little privacy so we can talk.”

            The tiny cubicle is much too cramped for both of them. One of his knees wedges between her thighs and her breasts flatten against his chest. She finds it hard to catch her breath.

            “I don’t want to talk to you now. It’s obvious you’re going to lose your temper, and I don’t feel like being yelled at.”

            “Maybe you should have thought of that before you butted in where you didn’t have any business.”

            “I did what needed to be done.  If you would just use your brain and think, you’d realize that.”

            “I had the guys primed to go out there and win.”

            She tries to squeeze past him, but he wasn’t about to let her out. He just presses harder against her; his voice is low and furious.

            “You’re just lucky they were disciplined enough not to pay attention to what you were saying.”

            “You don’t have a clue why I was there, do you? You have no idea what I was trying to accomplish.”

            She never thought of herself as a short-tempered person, but she brought her fist up and punched him in the ribs as hard as she could.

            He mutters a soft “oof” and stares at her as if he couldn’t believe what she had done. She stares back, also unable to believe what she had just done. She had been too close to inflict any real damage but she had struck him! He had her turned inside out and the fact she had let herself be pushed that far made her even angrier.  A red mist swirled before her eyes.

            “You pigheaded, simple minded jerk. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me! I have to work with a chauvinistic cowboy who is mentally deficient as well.”

            “Deficient!” he sputters. “Now you listen to me…”

            Her elbow hits the mirror behind her as common sense flees and she begins jabbing him in the chest with her index finger. “No, you listen to me, buster, and listen well.  I was there for one reason, not because I wanted to be there, but because you’ve managed to get those kids so tense they couldn’t do what they were suppose to do.”

            “Are you suggesting…?”

            “Not suggesting, I’m telling you. Why do you think they keep loosing their matches, instead of winning, which they should be doing?  They were so tense, too jumpy, and too uptight to do what they were capable of doing. Do you get that, mister know-it-all?” her finger still making contact with his chest.

            A long pause follows. Her cheeks are flushed, and her heart is pounding.  She is appalled at her loss of control, and braces for his retaliation, but instead of exploding, he almost seems distracted.


            “That’s all you have to say?”

            The plane hits a patch of turbulence, pressing his hips more firmly against hers. Her eyes fly open as she realizes he is fully aroused.

            Looking slightly embarrassed, he holds up both hands. “It’s not intentional. I know you’re trying to make a point and I heard every word you said. Honest. But you kept wiggling while you were talking, and the plane started to bounce, and … I don’t know. It just happened.”

            Her temper flares anew. “I’m not in any mood for this.”

            “Neither am I. Not mentally, anyway. As for physically…”

            “I don’t want to hear it.”

            The jouncing continues, rocking their bodies together. Once again he shifts his hips, and clears his throat. “Are you … uh … seriously trying to tell me that you think you’re …uh … responsible for us winning this tournament?”

            The softness of his voice, the hot friction between their bodies takes the starch out of her. “No … Not exactly … Of course not. Well, maybe a little bit … Partly. Yes, definitely partly.”

            “I see.” He ducks his head and braces both hands on each side of the counter behind her. She can feel his thumbs against her hips. The plane continues to bounce and she fights to ignore the thrilling abrasion of her breasts rubbing against his chest.

            Quietly he says, “I don’t like surprises.  Why didn’t you come to me, talk to me first?”

            “You’re right.” Her voice is too husky to be hers. “But you can be intimidating.”

            She feels the soft caress of his jaw against her hair. “So can you.”

            “Me?” she smiles. “Really?”


            Her smile fades when she sees the way he is looking at her. She licks her lips. “I’m…”

            “Hot?” His slow drawl makes that short word last forever.

            She swallows, “Warm.”

            He smiles his cowboy crooked grin, slow and easy, conjuring up lustful thoughts. “Not warm, darlin’. Hot.”


            “Me, too.”

            She can feel every part of him through her clothes. He’s exciting her. He’s scaring her. He makes her feel as if she’s been only half-alive before she’d met him.

            He drops his head and takes her mouth.

            The minute his lips touches hers, she loses all sense of restraint.

            He lowers his hands beneath her hips and his elbow whacks the wall as he lifts her. Their bodies grind together. Her knee bumps against the door. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and enjoys the feel of him pressed so hard against her.

            Their kiss turns into a wild oral mating, something primitive and uncontrolled, fed by a passion that has taken on a life of its own.

            With a hoarse cry, he lowers her onto the edge of the small counter behind her and shoves up her sweater and bra. Gathering her breasts in his hands, he lifts them to his mouth. She grips his belt buckle, while she pushes her other hand under his shirt so she can feel the hard muscles of his chest.

            Her thighs are spread wide to accommodate his legs, and his mouth lowers to circle one nipple. Sliding his hand down over her stomach, he cups her.

            “Don’t ever…” he murmurs against her moist nipple while he rubs her through her slacks, “… wear these again.”


            “Only dresses I can pull up.” He unfastens her slacks and pushes down her zipper.

            “Yes.” She grapples with his belt buckle and shoves up his shirt.

            “And no panties.” His mouth leaves her breasts. He slips his hand inside her panties and finds her wet and hot.

            With a gasp, she presses her open mouth against his bare chest. The hair is soft under her tongue.

            “Here,” he murmurs hoarsely. “Inside…”

            “Yes…” She works at his zipper, but the fabric catches in the metal teeth halfway down. With a moan of frustration, she slides her hand inside, inside the elastic band of his briefs to encircle him.

            He makes a strangled moan and lifts her while she strokes. His shoulder bumps into the wall. Bracing his foot on the platform that holds the commode, he works at her slacks and panties, but their removal is difficult because of the confined space.  She feels the cold of the basin on her bottom and his heat in her hand. His upper arm hit one wall and his opposite elbow the other. He finally uses the toe of his shoe to free her garments from the trap around her ankles. Kissing her deeply he works her with his fingers.

            Her hand trembles, and she realizes her hand isn’t enough. She pushes as far away from him as she can and slips from the edge of the basin. Turning her hips to one side, she bends into an impossible awkward position and takes him into her mouth.

            Sweat breaks out on his forehead as he feels the gentle tug of her mouth. He caresses her hips, clenches her cheeks as his passion drives him higher. He strokes her hair and a wave of tenderness sweeps through him. Without thinking, he pulls her up.

            He kisses her lips and loses himself in her swollen mouth.  She sobs his name, shudders, and he realizes she has gone beyond reason.  Setting aside the violent demand of his own body, he strokes her with a deep and gentle movement of his hand. She digs her fingers into his shoulders, and her short, frenzied pants nearly drives him over the edge.

            “Alex, honey, you’re killing me.” With a hoarse exclamation, he plunges his tongue into the moist recesses of her mouth. When she shatters, he swallows her cries.

            She falls against him, her body limp and vulnerable, the nape of her neck moist with soft blonde tendrils clinging to it. He feels her chest heave as she tries to draw a deep breath. She tries to pull her thighs together and at the same time she shudders, and he knows she isn’t done. He can’t leave her like this and begins to stroke her again.

            She climaxes almost instantly. She gasps for breath and then begins to tremble, letting him know she still isn’t satisfied so he continues stroking.

            “No … not without you.”

            At the sound of her soft, whispered cry, he aches to drive himself deep inside her. But he closes his eyes and realizes that Alex is too lost in passion to think straight so he would have to do it for her.

            He glances at his watch and realizes that they are due to land in less than twenty minutes and the cabin would be stirring very soon. “We need to get back to our seats, we’ll be landing soon.”

            “I could do you…”

            “No, I’m fine.”


            He looks away from her face as his trembling hands slip her bra and sweater back down over her breasts. “I don’t want anyone to have reason to talk about you,” he says as he zips up his pants. “Everyone up front should still be asleep for a little while, but not for long, so you’d better slip out first, as soon as you finish putting yourself back together.”

            She struggles with her slacks and panties, rubbing against him with every movement. With all her clothing back in place, she looks up at him. “How do you do it?”

            “Do what?”

            “Act so hot, and then turn so cold.”

            She thinks he is rejecting her, he has hurt her and hadn’t meant to. “Right now I’m about ready to explode.”

            She looks at him, hurt filling her eyes.

            “I’m trying to be the good guy here, Alex.”  

“Is that what you were doing? Being a good guy?”

            “About as good as I’ve ever been. It doesn’t come naturally, either. And you know what?

You owe me for it?”

            “I what?” she says in a loud whisper.

            “You owe me, Alex. I was trying to show a little respect for you.”

            “I don’t think I’ve ever heard it called that.”

            The sarcasm in her voice doesn’t quite hide her hurt, so he keeps pressing. “That’s exactly what it is. And as far as I’m concerned, you just now threw that respect right back in my face.  Which means you owe me what I didn’t get in here, and I plan to collect.”

            “How do you plan to do that?”

            “I’ll tell you how. One day … any day I happen to choose. Any hour. Any time. Any place. I’m going to look at you and I’m going to say one word.”

            “One word?”

            “I’m going to say now. Just that one word. Now. And when you hear that word, it means you stop doing whatever you’re doing, and you follow me to wherever I choose to take you. And when we get there, that body of yours becomes my own personal playpen. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

            He waits for her to explode, but he should have known she wouldn’t let him off that easy. She can play games as well as he can.

            “I think so,” she says thoughtfully. “Let me see if I’ve got this straight. You’re telling me that, because you didn’t make it to the, ah … finish line ... so to speak, I owe you a debt. When you look at me and say … now, I’m supposed to turn into your love slave. Do I have it right?”

            “Yep.” He is starting to enjoy this.

            “No matter what I’m doing.”

            “No matter what.”

            “No matter where you choose to take me.”

            “A broom closet, if I want. It’s completely up to me.”

            “If I’m at work?”

            “There’s a fifty-fifty chance that’s exactly where you’ll be.”

            “In a meeting?”

            “You lift you curvy little derriere out of the chair and follow me.”

            “In court?”

            “You say, ‘I’m sorry, Your Honor, but I believe I have a case of the stomach flu coming on, so will you excuse me. And Walker, could you come with me just in case I happen to faint in the hall and need somebody to pick me up?’”

            He figures it’s about time for her to explode, he can just feel it coming.

            She crinkles her forehead. “I just want to make absolutely certain I’ve got this right. You say now, and I’m supposed to turn into your—How did you put it? Your personal playpen?”

            “That’s what I said.” He braces for the explosion.



            She takes a deep breath and smiles. “Cool.”

            Stunned, he watches her slip through the door. When it shuts, he throws back his head and laughs. She’s done it. She’s gotten him again.


            A week passes before Alex sees Walker again after their little tryst on the plane. But she has been so busy preparing for trial that she has almost forgotten his ultimatum … almost.

            Arriving home, with her arms full of books and a briefcase full of papers, she turns, kicks the door shut and walks into the bedroom. She drops everything on the bed, kicks her heels off, lets her jacket drop to the floor, and goes into the bathroom.  Fifteen minutes later she returns to the bedroom, wearing a soft fluffy bathrobe and her hair wrapped in a towel. She sees the books and briefcase on the bed and moans at the work still facing her.

            With papers scattered around her bed, and several books lying open, Alex sits with a pad in her lap and a pencil poised in her fingers when the phone rings.

            “Damn,” she mutters then picks it up. “Hello.”

            “Alex, glad you’re still up.”

            “I’m up but very busy.”

            “I’d like to see you, how about me coming up with a pizza?”

            “Maybe I don’t want to see you.”

            “Of course you do. Everybody knows I’m irresistible to women.”

            “In your dreams, Cowboy.”

            “What are you so grouchy about?

            “I’ve been working on this trial since 6 o’clock this morning, and I’ve still got several hours more before I can go to bed. So you’re going to eat pizza by yourself tonight.”


            “No, Walker, I’m so tired I can hardly think straight, so please … just go home. Goodnight.” She hangs up the phone, not sure she was glad or sad that he hadn’t said the magic word.

            After hanging up the phone, she sits in a trance. Several minutes pass as she relives the dalliance on the plane.  Shuddering violently she comes to her senses. With a deep sigh she leaves the bedroom and goes to the kitchen for an infusion of more coffee.  She stops at the balcony door and stares out into the darkness, wondering how that cowboy ever got burrowed so deep under her skin. Alex takes a sip of coffee and returns to the bedroom, hoping she can get her mind back on the trial.


            Alex returns to her office from her meeting with Mooney to find Walker standing at the window.

            “Well, what are you doing here?” She ignores his outstretched hand and moves around to sit at her desk.

            “I just came by to tell you I’d appreciate it if you stayed away from my kids before a match. I don’t want any more interference.”

            She drops the papers she has picked up and looks into Walker’s stern face “Interference?”

            “Yes, that’s what I said. Stay away from the kids before their matches.” He folds his arms across his chest waiting for the explosion from Alex.

            She stares at him for several minutes. “All right. But first, you tell me why the kids haven’t won any matches this season before the one last week?”

            “It’s just a slump. It happens all the time.”

            “Walker have you ever watched those kids, really watched them?  They are so tense, so afraid of making a mistake; they can’t do what they need to do to win.”

            Alex might as well have lit a keg of dynamite the way he explodes. “I don’t believe this! You don’t know what you’re talking about!” He continues to rant and rave, leaning over the desk to get right into her face and she knows it’s to intimidate her.

             Leaning back in her chair, she begins to inspect her nail polish. When he pauses she stands and says, “Why don’t you go to the showers and cool off.”

            She thought he was going to come over the top of the desk after her, but instead turns, gives her a furious look and storms out of her office.

            Alex slowly sinks back down into her chair, expels a long swoosh of air, “Wow!”


            When Alex gets to her apartment, she goes to her bedroom and changes into cut off jeans and a tank top then goes to the kitchen to fix something to eat. Before she can make up her mind what to fix, she hears someone at her door.

            She looks through the eyehole, then unlocks and pulls the door open, stunned to see Walker standing there with a deep-dish pizza box.  “What are you doing here?”

            “Why not? I told you at noon I’d be here.”

            “But that was before our … discussion … this afternoon.”

            “That had nothing to do with our having pizza for dinner.”  He turns and shuts the door, and Alex takes the pizza and moves into the kitchen. They spend the next hour sharing the pizza and surprisingly, friendly conversation.

            “Thanks for the pizza, Walker, it was nice of you to bring it.” She knew he was leaving early for an evening practice for the Kick Drug kids.

            At the door he turns and takes her hand in his. “Alex, I’m not saying you were right about what we discussed today, and I definitely don’t like the way you went about it without talking to me first, but I’m going to keep an open mind about what you said.”

            “Fair enough.”

            He leans in and brushes her lips with a quick kiss, opens the door, and disappears down the hall.

            Alex leans against the door jam, her eyes softening as she watches him leave.


            Alex goes to the martial arts match but stays out of Walker’s way. Several of the kids wave at her and she smiles and waves back. Finding a seat on the bleachers away from where Walker is standing, she cheers on the players and ninety percent of the kids win their matches.

            When all the kids head to the locker room she slips out of the gym and heads for home, not wanting to run into Walker. She opens the door to her apartment to her phone ringing. She ignores it knowing it is Walker, and she is in no mood to listen to him crowing.


            The next couple of weeks Walker is tied up with work and Alex is snowed under with trial work.  They eat lunch together at C.D.’s and when their evenings off coincided they went out for dinner and dancing. With their differences forgotten … supposedly.

            But, then the trial of Snowden starting getting intense and Alex’s time is consumed by the trial. Snowden had finally been arrested after years of evading the legal system from New York to California.  Now it is her job to get the best sentence possible.  The man has been accused of everything, drugs, bank robbery, murder, but the one thing that he will be going away for, for a very long time, is tax evasion. Like most big time hoods he put himself above the law and didn’t feel obligated to pay taxes.

            Snowden is in his 60’s and with a 30-year sentence he will be an old man when he gets out or most likely he will die in prison.


            Her peers plan a victory dinner for Alex with all the participating personal in attendance.  District Attorney Mooney escorts her to the dais and as she stands there looking out over the small crowd she scans the faces for just one man. But he isn’t there.

            With a heavy heart, and a smile pasted to her lips she gives her thanks to all who helped her achieve the victory over Snowden. Amid a standing ovation she starts to back away to take her seat at the table when Mooney moves to her side, telling her she has a phone call.

            He hands her the phone and excitedly shouts, “It’s the Governor, he wants to talk to you!”

            “Yes, this is Alex Cahill. Yes…”

Then someone taps her on the shoulder. She turns to see Walker standing next to her with a grin the size of Texas on his face. “Now, Alex.”

She looks at him, puzzled. “What?”


His meaning slowly penetrates her brain, and she stares at him in disbelief. He means now! She covers the receiver, “Walker, it’s the Governor! I can’t…”

He crosses his arms over his chest, his expression smug, as she realizes that he has been waiting for a moment like this. That rat!! He set her up, and now he is going to spend the rest of their lives teasing her unmercifully about not having the guts to take his dare. That cocky, infuriating cowboy! Somebody definitely has to take him down a peg or two.

The governor’s voice booms over the phone. “Congratulations, Miss Cahill. It was a very triumphant win.”

“Excuse me, sir.” She murmurs. “I have Miss Cahill right here.” She shoves the phone into the astonished hands of the Sharon Billings, her clerk, standing next to her.

Walker laughs as she grabs him and pulls him through the crowd. When they reach the door she says, “You’d better be worth it, studmuffin.”

As they walk toward the exit, she can hear Sharon, after a stumbling start, rise to the occasion and Alex made a note to give the girl a few days off.

Walker helps Alex into his truck and drives down the street heading for the freeway. Once on the interstate he reaches into the glove box and takes out a scarf. He hands it to Alex, “Would you mind blindfolding yourself with this?”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake.” She grabs the scarf and ties it around her eyes. “This is ridiculous! You’re not planning anything kinky are you?”



“Well, I suppose it all depends on what you consider kinky.”

“Walker, you’re making me very nervous.”

“That’s good, honey, that’s real good.” He than begins to whisper the sweetest, softest dirty talk she had ever heard in her life until her skin is so flushed she has to unbutton her coat. But he still won’t tell her where he is taking her.

When he finally stops the truck, she realizes that his little spiel has distracted her so much she had forgotten to pay attention to his driving. She listens intently, and hearing no traffic she not sure but what they aren’t at his ranch.

“You’re going to have to wait here in the truck, I have to get a few things ready.” He brushes his lips across hers. “Promise me you won’t peek. While you’re waiting, why don’t you go over all those things I told you I was going to do to you? That way you won’t be bored.”

He gives an evil laugh as he slips his hand under her dress, squeezes her thigh, and then opens the door.

No problem with getting bored, once he planted the idea in her head, she couldn’t think of anything else. By the time he returns she is quivering with sexual anticipation.

She feels a rush of cool air when he opens the door. “All set. I’m going to carry you now.” He catches her under her knees only to immediately set her back down. “Alex, honey, I thought I told you to remove your underwear by the time I got back.”

“You did not.”

“I’m sure I did.  I guess I’ll have to take care of that my self.” Sliding his hands under her dress, he pulls off her panty hose and her underpants.

“I’m going to freeze. It’s cold out here.”

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much about getting cold.” He scoops her back up in his arms and lifts her out of the truck. Her skirt falls free and cool air fans her naked bottom, which is exposed for all the world to see.

            She buries her face in his shoulder, “Walker, please tell there aren’t a dozen people standing around.

            “No honey, only half a dozen. But there to busy working on their cars.”

            He shifts her weight and opens a door and she’s relieved to feel warmer air on her bottom as they step inside.

            “Is the blindfold still tight?”


            “That’s good. Don’t pay any attention if you hear any strange noises.”

            “What kind of strange noises?”

            “Oh, drunken laughter, breaking glass, a jukebox. That sort of thing.”

            “I won’t give it a thought.”

            He begins kissing her, and by the time he stops walking, she realizes once again he had distracted her. She can’t remember if they’d gone a long way or up a set of stairs, he wasn’t breathing hard, but he was in such good physical shape that didn’t mean anything.

            “I’m going to set you down now but don’t get antsy.”

            “May I take my blindfold off ?”

            “I’m afraid not, honey, you still have your clothes on.”

            “I have to take my clothes off?”

            “Now, honey, you know about our deal. Whenever … whatever … however???”

            “Ah … I’m your … playpen, right?”

            “Yes … my playpen,” he murmurs as he slips her coat off. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

            “Ah … a perfect gentleman.”

            He pulls her sweater over her head, and discards it. He lowers his head and his mouth settles over the thin silk of her bra and draws her nipple into his mouth. The warm moist suction sends jolts of lightning raging through her body.  He moves to the other breast and continues the torture to her senses. Her knees are getting weak and she wants him inside her so much she grasps his shoulders.

            “Please … you’re making me crazy.”

            “Shh … I’m just getting started here and I expect you to stay right with me.”

            She laughs then gasps as he gently nips her with his teeth. Another moment and her bra falls away and she is naked from the waist up.

            “You are one beautiful woman, honey,” he murmurs as he grabs her wrists as her hand reaches up for the blindfold, “Not yet honey, I’m real thirsty.”

             Releasing her, he cups her breasts in his palms and begins to feast on her nipples again, this time without a barrier in the way. He suckles her until she is mewing softly, leaning heavily into him.

            She reaches out, wanting to touch him. She grabs his shirt, pulling it open and runs her hands over his chest, through the soft hair, and brushing over his nipples.

            He moans and she feels his hands at her waist and then the whisper touch of her skirt sliding down her legs. Softly he says, “I want you to lay down here, honey. That’s right. Now lean back. No … no don’t close your legs like that, move your knee up so I can enjoy the view.” His fingers find the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

            “Can I take the blindfold off?”

            “No, don’t want you to get all riled up just yet.”

            She is definitely going to get even with him for this, but not until she enjoys this exquisite, thrilling seduction.

            She hears the rustle of his clothes as he discards them, then feels his body beside hers and pulling her into his arms.  She breathes in his clean scent and touches her tongue to his shoulder. He shifts and she feels his arousal pulsing against her thigh. His mouth closes over hers. Their tongues join and everything else slips from her mind until she is only aware of the exquisite sensations. She listens to the sound of his groans, and feels the dampness of his skin as he holds himself back to pleasures her. His mouth travels from her breast to her waist. He kisses the insides of her thighs and opens her to love her more deeply.

            She has no idea when she lost the blindfold, she doesn’t know if it fell off or if she had pulled it off. She’s only aware of the blood roaring in her ears, the ecstasy of being joined with this man that she loves and the fierce passion of his love as he thrusts deeply into her body until both of them have gone to heaven, then slowly make the journey back.

            They lie still for several long minutes, legs tangled and arms around each other.

            “You’re not mad?”

            “No … why should I be?”

            “Well …”

            Opening her eyes, she sees a pale light high about the ground. She raises her head.

            “Oh, my God!”

            They are lying naked on a mat in the center of the gym where the last martial arts match had been held.

            The End