No Way Out...

The missing scenes



“Stay with me now Alex...come on...think good thoughts,” Jimmy had whispered against her ear only moments ago as he had helped her regain a tenuous hand hold on the grate above them.

“Good thoughts.” The words echoed in her head as she fought against the icy numbness seeping into every pore of her body, treading water steadily to keep her head up and to create heat in her cramping muscles.

Pleasant memories of the man she loved rushed through her thoughts in a deluge. Their first kiss and each of the kisses they had shared since then. Walker’s tender proposal of marriage and all the many happy times they had spent together laughing, talking, and loving filled her mind’s eye with brilliant images of shared joy, warm, gentle love and hopeful plans for their future together. The shimmering pictures painted a beautiful portrait of two people so deeply in love that they seemed to be merely part of a whole rather than two separate beings.

Alex took another deep breath, tightening her hold on the grate and battling against the frigid cold and the exhaustion. Her will to live remained strong, and she continued to fight valiantly, but her body was betraying her. She could feel her desperate grip on life fading slowly away. The bitter chill of the water drew the last vestiges of warmth from her body, draining it of it’s strength; the numbness filling her extremities and rendering them useless.

Her heart clenched at the thought of all the promises of wonderful times to come that were being crushed and destroyed and the many hopes and dreams that had been shattered by the evil vengeance of Caleb Hooks. “I love you Walker…..” Those last words from her lips seemed wrenched from the very core of her soul as the final dark, icy tendrils slid over her body; drawing her into eternity’s waiting arms.


Oh my God...he isn’t going to reach us in time!” Trivette’s mind screamed in disbelief as he watched Alex lose consciousness for the second...and probably the last time. Trying to make a feeble grab for her, Jimmy watched in panic as she sank slowly out of his reach. Her heartfelt last words; ‘ I love you Walker’ echoed hauntingly in his ears.

His lungs feeling as if they were going to explode from the lack of oxygen, he forced his arms to move; banging on the window of the tank in desperation, trying to get Walker’s attention. His body was anesthetized from the frosty temperature of the water, the chilled muscles slow and unresponsive. He had heard the staccato rattle of gunshots, his dulled senses recognizing that they signaled the long awaited arrival of his partner. “HURRY WALKER...OVER HERE” his mind screamed hysterically, fighting desperately to fend off unconsciousness and certain death.

His partner’s wary, searching gaze rose to the glass wall of the water tank, their eyes locking in instant, almost telepathic communication. Instinctively Walker raised his pistol to fire at the plate glass, shattering it instantly and releasing a tidal wave of water through the gaping hole.  As the rushing water poured from the tank, releasing him from death’s tenuous hold, Trivette offered a silent prayer of thanks and of hope that it wasn’t too late to save Alex.


Walker felt the icy claws of fear and dread clenching at his gut as he saw the terror that filled Trivette’s dark eyes. The cold hard knot of trepidation gathered in the pit of his stomach, weighing heavily as he battled to stay in control of his emotions. He prayed silently that he had reached them in time, that he had not let them down and allowed Caleb Hooks his final vengeance.

As he took the first step towards the tank, he saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye. He knew instantly and instinctively that it was Hooks...the source of his torment...the cause of his fear. Without hesitation, he swung his sidearm in fluid motion to fire at the object of his hatred. As the sound of gunfire split the air, Walker realized this would be their final battle.  The moment of truth. It would mean the death of one of them, for there was no other option.

Time slowed to a standstill as he watched the scene unfold before him in slow motion. The first of his rapid shots striking their target, Hooks jerking and falling as the bullets slammed into his chest with a sickening thud and then rising, making his final attempt at destroying Walker before collapsing, the hard shadows of death etched into his face. Walker listened unconsciously to the sound of the water rushing out of the tank onto the ground. He could feel the coldness invading the air around him. Casting one last glance at his now dead foe and his accomplices, Walker rushed towards the unknown.


Gently rolling her cold, distressingly still body over, Walker felt Alex’s slender neck for any sign of a pulse and found none. He felt the dread knotting his insides at the chill of her skin, the stillness of her form, robbed of both breath and heartbeat. Steeling his emotions, he pushed aside the fear and numbness in his soul and began CPR. He could hear Trivette’s distraught voice beside him; assuring him that she had fought hard and long...she had held on as long as her body had allowed her too. The anguish in his friends’ trembling voice told Walker that Jimmy was willing her to come back not only to Walker...but to himself too.

Over and over Walker worked to breath the life back into his fiancée’s lifeless body. Desperation rose inside him, threatening to take over, as time after time he still could find no pulse. She had to come back...she just had to.

 He had finally proposed to her; she was going to become his wife...his soul mate. They were having so much fun spending endless evenings together, wrapped in each other’s arms planning their wedding. As they planned their future together they had even been talking very seriously about trying to have a baby as soon as they were married. Just today Walker had seen the longing look in her eyes as she had pointed out a beautiful little girl in a stroller to him at the mall. Alex would make such a wonderful and loving mother and he yearned to make that dream a reality for her. He wouldn’ couldn’t,  give up on her. They were going to make all their dreams come true...she HAD to come back to him. With renewed faith, Walker continued to work frantically at reviving her; Trivette’s sobs of intensifying anguish reverberating in his ears.


Alex could feel Walker’s presence surrounding her. His warm breath touching her lips and the feel of his body close beside hers comforted her. His strong steady heart beat calling out to her echoed in her head. She ached to hold him in her arms, but her body just wouldn’t respond. She was simply too tired…too cold. She felt so weightless, like she was floating  somewhere far away.

Alex could faintly hear Jimmy’s voice through the misty nothingness, urging her to come on; to hold on and fight. He sounded so concerned  about her well scared. Was that him she heard crying? Why would he be crying? Was she dead?

She didn’t know. But what she did know was that she was colder than she had ever been in her life, her whole body rigid and stiff with a bone deep chill.  Her chest ached, the pressure feeling like a ton of bricks weighing down the center of it. Suddenly the weight would vanish, only to instantly return. Over and over again it returned...almost as if it was demanding her to do something; but what, she wasn’t sure until suddenly her body unexpectedly responded, gasping and choking as it finally took a breath on it’s own.

She heard the sigh of relief as she was rolled to her side; her body rapidly expelling the frigid water she had swallowed. The sensation of strong, loving arms wrapping themselves around her sent relief coursing through her body.  In that brief instant before unconsciousness claimed her once again, she knew in her soul that everything was going to be all right. She was safe once again in Walker’s arms.


Walker numbly watched the two shivering people before him. They both were covered with a pile of warming blankets as the nurses took their pulse and pressures for the last time.

The ambulance had arrived within a few minutes of his call, and had immediately rushed them both to the hospital. Walker, still numb with cold fear, had followed in the Ram, calling C.D. to let him know what had happened and where they were headed.

Upon reaching the hospital, Alex and Trivette had been checked out thoroughly, poked, prodded and subjected to an endless array of tests. The doctor on call reported that they were both suffering from mild hypothermia and extreme exhaustion, and that he wanted to keep them both for the night to keep them under observation. Both Alex and Trivette had adamantly  refused, insisting that they would be just fine at home.

Walker had tried unsuccessfully to change their minds, but they both had weakly but determinedly stood their ground. Shaking his head, he caressed Alex’s pale, cold cheek. “And you say I’m the mule headed one.” he whispered in her ear as her eyes drifted shut, exhaustion sapping the last of her strength.

C.D. arrived just as the doctor was beginning to give Walker detailed instructions on how to get each of them warmed up sufficiently and for what signs of trouble to look for.

When the doctor had finished, C.D. turned to Walker saying, “Cordell, I’ll take Jimmy back to my place. You go ahead and get Alex home to the ranch and get that little gal warmed up. Good Lord they both still feel like blocks of ice.”


Walker lifted Alex up into the passenger seat of the Ram, tucking the heavy Cherokee blanket that he kept behind the seat snugly around her. Before moving to the other side of the Ram to get in, he turned to face his partner.

Clasping Trivette’s hand firmly in his, Walker searched desperately for a way to thank him for all he had done in helping Alex survive their ordeal. When no words would come, he simply smiled and pulled his best friend into a warm, brotherly embrace.

C.D. stood for a moment, watching the heart warming exchange between the two men he loved like sons. Turning to lean in the door of the Ram, he kissed the woman he loved like a daughter. “You go get warmed up real good now honey and get some rest, just like the doctor ordered. I’ll call the ranch and check up on how you are doing a little later...after I get Jimmy all settled in at my place.”

Alex nodded weakly in response; a small quivering smile on her still blue lips. As C.D. moved away, Jimmy took his place. He smiled softly as he placed his hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“We made it, didn’t we?” Jimmy sighed; relief evident on his dark, handsome features.

“Yes we did,” she replied with a smile. Tears filled her eyes as she continued, “I couldn’t have held on as long as I did if it hadn’t have been for you Jimmy. Thank you.”

Jimmy swallowed hard, fighting the emotions threatening to overtake him once again. Trying to find the right words, he lowered his head, avoiding her gaze. “ you’re special to’re one of my best a sister and...”

Alex reached from beneath the blanket to place her hand on his cheek; drawing his dark brown eyes up to meet and lock with hers. “Shh...I know Jimmy. I feel that way about you too.” Leaning closer to him she whispered, “You’re one of the three most important men in my life right now...but don’t tell Walker or C.D. OK? We don’t want them to get jealous.”

“You got it Counselor,” he replied with a chuckle, as they wrapped their arms around each other; hugging tightly. They both realized at that moment, that even though they had always been very good friends, a new and very special bond had developed between them because of the events that they had been through that day. It was a bond so strong that no one could ever break it; and they both silently rejoiced in that knowledge. 


The ride to the ranch had been a silent one. Walker and Alex both had been lost to their own thoughts of how very close they had been to losing each other. Walker cast a worried glance at the still shivering body of the woman he loved more than life itself. The heater of the Ram had been running full blast since they had pulled out of the hospital parking lot. Beads of sweat trickled down his neck and face despite his open collar and rolled up sleeves, but Alex was still shaking uncontrollably; the bluish chill still discernible on the silky skin of her face and lips. He would have felt much more comfortable about her condition if she would have only agreed to stay at the hospital for the night. The doctor had been very concerned about emotional shock setting in and had prepared him with information on what to watch for and how to deal with it.

When they arrived at the ranch, Walker hurriedly exited the cab of the Ram, making his way around to the other side. Opening the passenger door, he reached in and picked Alex’s trembling body up gently, cradling her in his arms like a small child, and headed into the house. Placing her on the couch, he brushed her lips with a tender kiss before moving to start a fire in the fire place, knowing the heat would help in warming her up. Once the logs were flickering and beginning to catch, he moved to kneel by her side and said softly “Why don’t I take you upstairs? We need to get you out of those damp clothes and into something warm and dry. Maybe you could even take a nice warm bath.”

“That sounds wonderful.” she replied quietly as she tried to stand on her still wobbly legs, almost losing her balance.

Walker scooped her slender body up in his arms, cradling her gently against the solid wall of his chest.

“You know...I could get used to this Cowboy.” Alex sighed, smiling as she snuggled against his muscular chest.

Walker smiled down at her as he kissed the tip of her nose. “I think I would enjoy it,” he answered as he headed upstairs.

Placing her on the edge of his bed, Walker moved into the bathroom to start the water for her bath.

Alex removed the blanket wrapped tightly around her as she leaned over to take her shoes and socks off. Sitting back up, she had just finished undoing the buttons of her jeans when she heard it...the sound of water. Overwhelming terror engulfed her instantly and her whole body began to shake violently and uncontrollably. Placing her hands over her ears she tried to block out the sound. But it was no use. The hours she had spent trapped in the tank began to flash swiftly through her mind.

The sound of the water hitting the empty tank. How that sound changed as the water became deeper and deeper. How there was no sound at all when the water had rose above the pipe that was feeding the tank. How it felt to have no air left to breath. How very alone she had felt when she had gone under that last time.

Walker stepped back into his room to find Alex curled into a fetal position, sobbing hysterically. Rushing to her side he sat on the bed, gathering her lovingly into his arms. Her arms flew around his neck as she clung to him desperately; her tears soaking his shirt. Her body shivered not only from being cold but also from the memories of being trapped in the tank. Walker knew the emotions needed to come out, so that she could begin the healing process and be able to move on. “It’s all right Alex...You’re safe now,” he whispered softly, “It’s going to be all right.”

His heart ached at the wrenching sound of her sobs and the thought of all she had been through today. My God...he had almost lost had been so close...too close. Thoughts of all their dreams and plans for the future.....nearly swept away by the frigid flow of the water, ran rampant through his mind. The mere thought of it made him stomach churn as he tightened his grasp on her; caressing her hair gently as she wept.

Walker held her for almost an hour; talking with her quietly, before her tears finally slowed. She had shared with him every memory she had envisioned, every dream she thought had been lost. And in return, Walker had whispered words of love to her, the tender endearments flowing freely from Walker’s heart and soul for the first time in his life. As total exhaustion set into her weakened body, he felt her shiver. Quietly he asked, “How about I get you something dry to put on, then we’ll go down and lay in front of the fireplace and get you warmed up?”

Alex nodded her head as she pulled back to look into his eyes. “Thank you for loving me Walker,” she sighed as his hands moved to the top button of her shirt. He smiled warmly into her tear stained eyes. Leaning forward he kissed her tempting lips passionately as he continued to unbutton her shirt. When the last button was undone he eased it slowly off of her shoulders. Laying her back onto the bed he then removed  her jeans; tossing them onto the floor. Kissing her quivering lips gently once again, he went to his dresser, grabbing a t-shirt from the top drawer. Walking back over to the bed he helped her sit up as he reached behind her and unfastened her bra; baring her firm breasts for the first time before his eyes. The sight mesmerized him, his heart pounding with sudden desire. Knowing that this wasn’t the right time to consummate their relationship for the first time, he reluctantly placed the t-shirt over her head,  pulling it down into place.

Walker could see the look of disappointment in her red rimmed eyes as she gazed up at him. Placing his hand on her cheek, he caressed the silken skin for a moment before picking her up in his arms again as he carried her back down stairs.


Alex awoke, nestled safe and warm in the arms of her loving cowboy. The first rays of the sun were just beginning to peek through the curtains of the living-room window, touching her face with a warm golden caress. Her head lay on Walker’s chest, his arms wrapped securely around her body as he held her snuggled against his warmth, the heat of his body like a furnace against her skin. Her left leg was slung across his lower abdomen and the numerous blankets Walker had piled on her the night before were tossed off behind her.

She slowly opened her eyes to look up at the still sleeping face of the man she loved with all her heart. His soft breath through slightly parted lips kissed her face as he breathed in a slow, steady rhythm. He was so handsome. His red hair tousled from sleep, he looked so peaceful, his face showing no signs of worry or stress as he slumbered. Alex could feel the strong and steady beat of his heart against her cheek. The soft red hair of his chest, gently swayed with every exhale of her breath.

She eased slowly out of his arms, not wanting to wake him.  She stood and stretched, her tender gaze still on the man she loved. She remembered his warmth and tenderness as he had helped her change out of her cold, damp clothes. When her body had finally been bared to his gaze, she could see the desire burning in his eyes and felt her own rise to meet it.  She had wanted him to make love to her so desperately;  wanted him to make the demons in her mind go away. But he had known it would have been for all the wrong reasons, wisely denying her unspoken request, and looking back she was glad he had. She didn’t want their first time to be because of something bad that had happened.

Walker was not a man of many words, but he had offered her so many words of comfort to help her begin the healing process. He had spent the entire night holding her close as they both exposed the emotional turmoil that they had gone through. With a gentle caress, he had wiped her tears as they flowed freely and warmed her to her very soul with his love and the heat of his body, the touch of his skin against hers soothing her fears. But most importantly, he was there for her when she needed him the most. By the time they had both fallen asleep, the fears that had ran rampant through her mind; as well as his, had been laid to rest.


Walker awoke a short time later, immediately reaching out for Alex. When he realized she wasn’t laying beside him on the make shift bed that he had fixed for them in front of the fireplace the night before, he sat up quickly, panic flaring briefly in his soul. Wild eyed, he looked frantically around the room just as she walked through the doorway into the living room.

His eyes moved down her body, taking in all the small details of her appearance.  Her hair was wet. Walker smiled with the thought of her last fear of the day before being cast aside; she must have gotten up to take a shower.  Her eyes sparkled even though they were still slightly swollen from the enormous amount of tears that she had shed the night before. Thankfully they showed no signs of fresh tears or of the terror and fear that had been so evident in them just hours before. The color of her skin was back to it’s normal hue. His heart rejoiced...the woman he loved so dearly was back to her normal wholesome self.

He smiled lovingly as she approached him wearing a sweater and a pair of his sweat pants; both of which were obviously too large for her petite and slender body. “Mornin’,” he yawned as she sat down beside him on the floor.

Alex returned his smile with a radiant one of her own. “Good morning,” she replied, leaning over to place a tender and lingering kiss upon his full lips. Drawing back slightly she looked deep into his eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

Walker drew her into his arms. No words were needed to express what they were both feeling as they held each other tightly. He shifted positions so that they were both laying back against the pillows once again. Kissing her forehead as she snuggled against him, he marveled at the way her body fit so perfectly against his. They were meant to be together. She was so soft and warm against him, the sweet scent of her body and hair arousing his senses. Running his hand up and down her back, he silently relished the feel of her pressed against him, a soft shudder vibrating her body.

“Alex are you warm enough? I could stoke the fire in the fireplace if you want.” Walker asked with concern in his voice.

“No...I’m fine. As a matter of fact, I am a little too warm right now.” She replied with a giggle as she shifted positions and wriggled free of the sweat pants that she was wearing.

Walker watched with appreciation as her long, shapely legs were exposed to his caressing gaze. Reaching out, he tentatively touched the smooth soft skin of her leg as she laid back down beside him, placing the same leg gingerly across the top of his thighs. The chill that had greeted his touch last night was indeed gone. A sigh of relief escaped him as he leaned forward to kiss her soundly.

“Hmm...What was that for?” Alex asked, leaning up on her elbow as she reached to stroke the corded ripples of his bare, muscular chest.

Walker grinned happily as he spoke. “Well for two reasons actually...the first reason is because I love you so very, very  much.”

“ are so sweet. I love you too Cowboy.” Alex replied, giving him a long and tender kiss. “What is the other reason?” she asked curiously, ending the kiss and drawing back slightly.

“For buying this sweater for me.” he said tugging on the sleeve draped loosely around her arm.

Alex glanced down at the sweater she wore. It was indeed the one that she had bought him for Christmas. “So you really do like it then.” she said excitedly. “When are you going to wear it for me?”

“You can wear it anytime you want to sweetheart. It looks great on you.” Walker responded, fighting to contain his growing urge to laugh out loud.

Alex looked deeply into his sparkling gray eyes. She could see the mischief shining brightly there; the laughter barely concealed despite his effort to appear serious. “I’m not talking about me Walker. I asked you when YOU  were going to wear it?”

“Never.” he replied simply. 

“Walker? What do you mean never?” she asked slowly, poking him firmly in the middle of his chest as an accentuation to each word she spoke.

“I said never Alex.” Walker chuckled warmly as he continued, “I hate that sweater.”

His laughter boomed loudly throughout the room as Alex pounced on him, hurriedly sitting across his hips to pin him down. Her laughter mingling with his, she eagerly began to tickle him.

“You take that back Cordell Walker. Right now!” she insisted, increasing her loving assault on his most ticklish of spots.

“No way...that thing is awful!” he howled teasingly as he squirmed in a half-hearted attempt get away from her unruly, attacking fingers.

YOU!...I’ll get you for saying that,” she replied, as the beautiful sound of her laughter joined his to echo through out the room. Walker allowed her to continue her skirmish with him for several more playful moments, before he flipped her over to carefully and securely pin her to the floor beneath him.

Now on the defensive, Alex wiggled and writhed against his body as she tried to escape. “Walker...Ahhh...let me go.” she giggled.

He growled low in his throat as her innocently seductive movements ignited the heat low in his belly, causing desire to flood his entire body. Walker drew a deep breath before he whispered, “Now...Who’s got who lady?”

Alex’s futile attempts to remove herself from his grasp ended as their eyes locked, both their gazes filled with mutual hunger. As Walker lowered his lips to her waiting ones, she murmured softly, “Don’t worry Cowboy...You have me...Heart...Body...and Soul.”

With a tender, soul searching kiss, they lost themselves in their everlasting love for each other, both secure in the fact that together, they had once again fought against and conquered an evil situation that had been thrust upon them. Their weapon of choice to deal with that situation was; and forever would be, the absolute and unconditional love they had for each other.



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