Officer of the Court

By Sissy (

Jessie came bounding down the stairs, “Mom, have you seen my blue sweater?”

“Wasn’t that the one you had on in the barn last night?”

“Drat…. Yes … it was.”

“Jessie, you can wear mine if you want, it’s in my closet.”

“Thanks, Mom.”  Jessie turns and starts back upstairs then pauses, “Where’s Dad? Has he already left?”

“Yes, hon, he had to go in early this morning.”

“I thought with him being the Captain, he wouldn’t have to do field work anymore?”

“Jessie, you know your father. There’s no way he can just sit at a desk day after day. I knew when he accepted that promotion that they couldn’t keep him behind a desk. That’s just the way he is and I’ve learned to accept it.  Now, would you see what’s holding up your brothers and your sister. You’re all going to be late if you don’t get a move on.”

As Jessie disappears upstairs, John, Jimmy, and Chrissy come hurrying down, “We’re all ready, Mom. Just waiting on Jessie. She said she would take us to school this morning.”

Alex meets them at the bottom of the stairs, checking everyone over as they each kiss her on the cheek before rushing out the door to get in Jessie’s car.  “Hurry up, Jessie, they’re all waiting.”

No sooner has the words left her mouth then Jessie is planting a kiss on her cheek, but before she can get to the door, Alex stops her with a hand on her arm. Softly reminding her, “Be careful, baby.”

She looks her mom in the eyes, at 16 she is already as tall as Alex is. Leans in and kisses her on the cheek again, “I will, Mom. See you tonight.” A quick hug then she, too, is out the door.

Alex watches as the car, that’s carrying all of her children, moves down the lane and out onto the road, then disappearing from sight. Closing the door, she goes back into the kitchen for another cup of coffee. Looking at the clock, she sees that she still has almost two hours before she has to leave for work. She takes the coffee and heads back upstairs, to make her bed and lay out her clothes for the day. Entering the bathroom, she takes her robe and Walker’s shirt off and stands looking into the mirror at her still youthful looking body. After four children she has still managed to stay slim, much to the delight of her husband of sixteen years.

Moving into the shower she turns on the water and adjusts the temperature, shuts her eyes and lets the pulsating spray lull her into a dreamy state.  Feeling a draft of cool air, she turns just as a hand touches her arm. She jumps and lets out a yelp, which is cut off by a mouth coming down on hers.

Alex relaxes as the taste of her intruder fills her mouth. She brings her arms up around his neck pulling him closer, kissing him deeply. When he pulls back, she looks into his eyes, “Walker, you scared me half to death,” then touches her lips lightly to his again.

Murmuring against her lips, “I wanted to surprise you.” Moving his hands up and down the length of her body, brings soft moans from her.

“Well, you did that, Cowboy.”  She caresses his back with her hands, moving them down to his bottom pulling him tightly up against her. Feeling his arousal against her stomach, she brings her hand down between them, caressing him lightly before moving her hand back up behind his head bringing his mouth hard against hers. She meets his tongue with hers, strokes it, and explores the inside of his mouth.

He slides his hand from her waist to cup and then caress her breast, which immediately responds by swelling into his hand.  His fingers begin moving lower still, sliding down between her legs to touch her there so gently that the fire that ignites inside her as a result is so overpowering that her knees weaken. He reaches behind her and shuts the water off, smiles down into her eyes, then presses another quick, hungry kiss on her mouth before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her into the bedroom.

He lowers her gently to the bed and lies down next to her, bringing his leg up across hers. She surrenders her lips to him, opens her mouth to him, and moans at the hot wet invasion of his tongue. He moves his hand to gently caress her breast while his other hand strokes her at the juncture of her thighs.

Aching and yearning, she presses tightly against him, desperate for more, for the feel of him inside of her, for his body to join with hers.  He lifts his head, and his eyes meet hers. She finds warmth and an intense, burning desire for her in their depths.

He touches his mouth to her lips then settles on top of her and thrusts into her deep and hard groaning into her mouth. His hand finds her breasts, her nipples, at the same time he starts to move. He thrusts deep, the pace increasing as passion builds within them.

Alex digs her nails into his back as she wraps her legs around his waist. Suddenly, she jerks and stiffens, pulling his hips to her as she cries out. “Aah … Walker,” she gasps as her world explodes. He groans in response, thrusting deep, and finds his own release, burying himself deep inside her quivering body.

He lies still on top of her for several minutes then his lips brush her hair, his warm breath filling her ear with a whisper, “I love you.” He withdraws and moves to her side keeping her within his arms.

She feels total contentment lying next to her soul mate and snuggles deeper into his embrace, “I love you, too, honey.” She lies curled in his arms for several minutes, then groaning she reluctantly leaves his arms and sits up, “But … if I don’t get up and finish my … shower, I’m going to be late for work.” She leans over and touches her lips to his, and as she stands, he watches her appreciatively as she walks toward the bathroom.

Alex is dressed and ready to leave for work by the time Walker comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.  She kisses him softly, then picks up her briefcase and starts for the door. Just before she leaves the room, she pauses, turns to look at Walker, “Pick me up at the courthouse for lunch, say about noon?”

“I’ll try, honey.” Blows a kiss at her and gives her a seductive smile, as he lets the towel drop. She raises an eyebrow, smiles wickedly, takes one step toward him, then reluctantly turns and leaves the room.


Alex opens the door to the judges chambers, lays her briefcase on the desk then moves to the closet, takes her coat off and hangs it inside. There’s a soft knock on the door as she takes the robes out of the closet and slips them on. “Come in.”

“Your Honor looks chipper this morning. Must be the spring weather.” The bailiff, Martin Thomas, has been with Alex since she had accepted the appointment as Dallas County Juvenile and Domestic Court Judge two years ago.

“Well, it’s a beautiful day, Martin.” Remembering the sendoff her husband had given her earlier.

“Ah … Your Honor?”

“Oh … yes, Martin. Guess I was daydreaming. Have we got a full case load ahead of us today?”

“Yes, Your Honor, we do. You know what it’s like when spring starts busting out.”

“Only to well, Martin. Well, shall we get started?  I’m ready if you are.”  He opens the door to the courtroom and follows Alex, pulling the door closed after him.


At ten minutes till noon, Alex enters her chambers, not quite as perky as when she left, looking forward to the lunch break with Walker. She sits down at her desk, picks up a paper that Martin had handed her, but instead of reading it, she leans back in her chair and just sits there with her eyes closed.  A knock on the door brings a smile to her face, hoping it’s her husband. “Come in.”

Walker enters then pushes the door shut. She stands and moves toward him. He smiles at her, “Your Honor,” and takes her into his arms.

“Hi, Cowboy.” She kisses him softly, then lays her cheek next to his, content just to be in his arms.  He brings his hand up and begins to undo the front of her robes.

“I always get a funny feeling when I kiss you when you have your robes on. Like I’m going to get called for contempt of court.”

“Oh, Walker, don’t be silly. I’m the same whether I have the robes on or not.” She steps back and begins to slide the robes off. He moves behind her and catches them as they slide off her shoulders. She takes the robes from him and hangs them back into the closet.

“No, you become Your Honor, when the robes go on and I should respect that.” Moving up behind her he pulls her back into his arms, moves her hair to the side, and kisses her softly on the neck.  “And you are always a judge whether you are wearing the robes or not.”

She turns around to face him, “Just like you are always a Texas Ranger?  But, when we’re in each other’s arms, we’re just husband and wife. Not a ranger and not a judge.” Bringing her arms up behind his neck, she pulls him close for a tender, lingering kiss. As he starts caressing her back, she leans back slightly, “You never did say why you returned home this morning. I thought you were going on stakeout with Jimmy!”

He pulls her close again, “I couldn’t get you off my mind so I just told Trivette I was taking the day off.” Gives her several butterfly kisses on her lips, eyes, and cheeks before returning to her mouth with a deep sensuous kiss.

When he releases her mouth, she murmurs softly, “Darling, I know better than that. Now, why?”

“They got the ones we were after last night. When I got there they were just finishing up. Trivette and I helped with the moping up then he went to the office and I … went home.” He looks deep into her eyes, “We don’t have to many mornings to ourselves anymore and I wasn’t about to let this chance get away.”  He begins trailing kisses down her neck then up to her ear, bringing soft moans from her.

“I’m glad.  But it won’t be any better next week. The kids are all on spring vacation.”

He groans at the news then says, “Maybe we could let Jessie to watch the home fires one night and we could go out on the town. How’s that sound to you?”

“I think that’s a good idea. We’ll ask Jessie tonight.” She kisses him then turns to pick up her purse, “Come on, Cowboy, I’m famished.”


Her first case after lunch was a petition filed by a father, Jason Marlow, to have his 15-year-old daughter returned to him. Claiming that no evidence was found that he was abusing his daughter, either physically or sexually.

Alex looks at the man sitting with his lawyer and then looks at a young girl, who obviously is very scared, sitting next to the social services agent, before reading the papers filed by the state.  “Mr. Marlow, have you taken the advice of the court and sought out counseling for controlling your temper?”

“Ah … not as of yet, Your Honor, but he will, I’ll see to it.”

“Mr. Harper, would you please let you client answer the question, please?”

“No, Judge, I haven’t.” He looks up at his lawyer, “And I don’t intend to. It’s ridiculous. I don’t have a problem with my temper, my problem is with a daughter that keeps mouthing off to me.”

Alex stares at Marlow for several minutes then turns toward the welfare agent. “Have you discovered any new evidence supporting your claim of sexual abuse by Mr. Marlow of his daughter?”

“No, Your honor. Medical examination shows that she has been sexually abused but we have no proof that Mr. Marlow is the abuser. Just the word of Stephanie, his daughter, that he was, physically and sexually, abusing her. And we strongly recommend that she be taken from his custody.”

“That’s a lie, I never laid a hand on her.” Marlow jumps up and looks at his daughter with a look of pure meanness, “Wait’ll I get you home, you little…”

“Shut up and sit down, Mr. Marlow, before I have you thrown out of my courtroom! Mr. Harper, please restrain your client.”

Mr. Harper finally gets his client to sit down, but Marlow is still glaring at his daughter. Alex slams the mallet down to get Marlow’s attention, “Mr. Marlow, your petition is denied. Stephanie will be put in a foster home until she reaches her eighteenth birthday. And you are ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from your daughter or you will serve a sentence of six months to a year in jail for violation of that order. Is that understood?”

Mr. Harper stands, “Yes, Your Honor.”

Marlow jumps to his feet, vehemently arguing with the decision. “You can’t do that, she’s my daughter, you can’t take her away from me. You have no right to interfere.”

“I have every right to interfere, Mr. Marlow, for the protection of your daughter. Mr. Harper, I recommend that you get Mr. Marlow out of my sight before I have him thrown in jail for disruption of my court.”

Marlow shoves his attorney back and starts toward the bench, his face red from rage, “I’ll show you what I think of your right.” Before he can get within five feet of her, Marlow is jerked back and handcuffs are put on him before he even knows what has happened.

Alex looks up to see Walker putting handcuffs on Marlow, and the courtroom security guard helping to hold him. She knew Walker had been sitting in the back of the courtroom but hadn’t realized that he had responded so quickly. She smiles at her husband, and glancing at the guard, “Throw him in jail until he cools off.” Bringing her eyes back to Walker as Marlow is being led away, “Thank you Ranger Walker. I appreciate your help.” Then in a whisper only he can hear and a look showing that she means it, “I’ll thank you proper tonight.”

“Glad to help, Your Honor.” He winks at her then turns to leave the courtroom.

The rest of the afternoon, Alex is kept so busy that by the time she finishes with the last case, she has forgotten about the Marlow case. Martin Thomas follows her into her chambers behind the courtroom and helps her take off her robes. “Glad this day is over, Your Honor, I don’t think we’ve had a day like this for a long time.”

“You’re right about that, Martin, I’m ready to go home and enjoy the weekend.” She turns to take Martins hands in hers, “How’s your wife doing? Any changes?”

“No, Your Honor. She’s the same, no changes. As long as the pain stays away, she does alright.” Martin Thomas’ wife has been fighting ovarian cancer for the past year and he is devoted to taking care of her. He has someone come in during the day but he stays with her every moment that he isn’t working. He turns to leave, “The boys are coming for the weekend, she’s always glad to have them spend time with us.”

“That’s nice. Tell her I said hi. And Martin? If there is anything I can do….”

“I know. I appreciate you offering, it means a lot to us.” He starts to leave, pauses, and then turns back.  “Oh, and how is that family of yours?”

“They’re fine, Martin.”

“You got a nice looking family, Your Honor.”

“Thank you, Martin.”

“I … guess I’d better be going, she’ll be expecting me.” He turns and opens the door, “I’ll see you Monday morning?”

“I’ll be here. Have a nice visit with your boys, Martin.”

“Thank you, Your Honor.” He shuts the door after he leaves.


As Alex is putting her robes in the closet she hears a knock on the door, ‘Oh, no, now what?’ She opens the door to see John and Jimmy standing there in their Boy Scout uniforms with full backpacks. “What’s going on? What are you two doing here?”

“Mom … did you forget? You were going to drop us at Mr. Donaldson’s house.” John sees the blank look on his mother’s face. “Our overnight camping trip?”

“Oh, no, I forgot all about it. Have we still got time?” When Jimmy nods, she grabs her coat, and her purse, digging for her car keys as she heads for the door. “Well, let’s get this show on the road then, Okay?” The boys grin and help her put on her coat as they head for the car.

When she gets to Donaldson’s house, the scoutmaster, a bus is being loaded with backpacks and boy scouts, about fifteen in all. She gets out and after finding out the return time, she gives both boys a kiss and a hug, and a reminder to be careful and to have fun. As she watches them board the bus she hears comments like, “Gees, you still getting kisses from your mother?” “Are we a mama’s boy?” and she hears answers that warms her heart. “Sure do, don’t you?”  “Yeah, I’m a mama’s boy, you jealous.” These answers coming from a thirteen and a ten-year-old.

When Alex gets home she sees Walker’s truck and Jessie’s car parked in front of the house.  Seeing the horses in the small corral at the side of the barn she knows that Walker is doing the barn chores. Sitting her briefcase on the porch she makes the walk to the barn to let her husband know that she’s home.

When she sees Walker he is shirtless, busy mucking out the stalls. She hears soft music coming from the radio in the tack room. She watches him for a few minutes, admiring the strong hard muscles that are now shining with sweat from his exertions.

Walker senses that he is being watched and turns, knowing that it is Alex. He smiles at her, leans the pitchfork against the wall, and walks up to her, reaching out to take her in his arms. Realizing that he is all sweaty, he pulls back, not wanting to get her clothes dirty. “Hi, baby.”

Ignoring his hesitation she moves up against him, pressing her body tightly against his. “Alex … your clothes…”

“They’ll wash.” He puts his arms around her then and places his lips lightly to hers. She circles his neck with her arm and moves her mouth over his in a long lingering kiss. When his hand cups her breast through her clothes she presses against him. His hand starts to unbutton her blouse when her hand on his stops him. Pulling back from the kiss, she whispers, “Jessie’s home.”

“Oh … well, guess we had better put this on hold then, huh?”

“I … think so.” She snuggles into him, “Darling, do you think we’ll ever get to the point we won’t want to make love every time we touch each other?”

“Not in this lifetime. I want you as much now if not more than when I first fell in love with you.”

“I am so looking forward to the future with you, honey.” She kisses him softly, “But right now I’d better get out of here and let you finish. I’ll change clothes and then get dinner started. It’ll just be the three of us tonight.”

“I know the boys went on a scouting trip but where is Chrissy?”

“She had the sleep over at Tammy’s, remember?”

“That’s right, I forgot about that.” A quick kiss to her cheek then he backs up from her, “I’ll be about another 30 minutes then I’ll be in.”

“Okay, hon, dinner should be about ready by then.” She turns and leaves the barn.


Walker grabs his shirt after shutting off the radio, hits the light switch and closes the doors to the barn. Almost dark, he notices streaks of lightning off to the south, smiling at the thought of his boys’ camp out getting rained on. As he nears the back door, he hears his wife and daughter talking quietly in the kitchen working together getting dinner ready. But he doesn’t notice the eyes watching him from the shadows of the small shed behind the house.

Walker pushes the door open, hearing, “Hi, honey,” gives her a quick kiss, wanting to take her in his arms but reluctantly refrains, he moves over to Jessie

“Phew, Daddy, you need a shower.” But she leans over and kisses him on the cheek anyway.

“That’s where I’m headed.” But before leaving the kitchen he turns,  “No date tonight, Jessie?”

“No, not tonight, but I do tomorrow night with Mike. We’re going dancing over in Ft. Worth.”

 “Sounds like fun.” He replies as he starts upstairs.


When Walker returns to the kitchen, he sees Alex putting the finishing touches on the entrée and Jessie tossing the salad. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Nope, we just about got it, honey.”

Noticing the full trash can, “Well, since we’re in for rain, I’m going to take the trash out now. Be right back.” Pulls the sack out of the trash container, ties it shut, and goes out the back door to where the garbage cans are located by the shed, behind the house.

Putting the lid back on the can, he turns to go back to the house when he hears a slight noise. The hairs rise on the back of his neck and alarm bells goes off in his head.  As he turns back to investigate, he sees movement just before something that feels like a baseball bat hits him in the side of the head, and stars explode before his eyes. Then everything goes dark.


Alex returns to the kitchen after putting everything on the table and Jessie is upstairs getting something from her room that she wants to show to her dad.

Wondering what is keeping Walker, Alex picks up the napkins and starts for the dining room when the door opens. “Is it raining yet, hon.” But when she looks up, it isn’t Walker standing there, it’s Jason Marlow.  “Wha…!” She notices the club in one hand and a gun in the other, at the same time she hears Jessie coming down the stairs.

Instead of running away from him, like Marlow expects, she runs right at him shoving him with all her might.  Catching him off guard, he stumbles backward, almost falling to the floor. She spins around running for her daughter.

“Mom, what…?”

Run, Jessie, run!” Alex cries as she starts up the stairs. Hearing the terror in her voice, Jessie turns around and heads for her parents’ bedroom, standing at the door waiting on her mom. When Alex reaches the top of the stairs she turns and sees Marlow at he bottom aiming the gun right at her back.

He fires as she turns and grabs Jessie, shoves her into the room, then slams the door shut and locks it. When the gun goes off Jessie screams, grabbing her mother and holding on tight. But Alex pushes her to the window.


Walker wakes to the rain beating down on his face, he blinks his eyes, causing a blinding pain to stab through his head. He quickly closes them. With the cold rain beating against his face, he opens them again, slowly this time. Still unable to get his mind to grasp what has happened, he lies still staring up into the dark night. Then he hears it. A gunshot.

He sits up quickly, bringing back the blinding pain with a vengeance. He lowers his head to his hands trying to get his mind to working again. When he hears the screams, his body jolts to action. Getting to his feet takes about all the energy he can muster. He staggers, falling back against the shed. Maintaining his balance is the hardest thing he feels like he has ever done. As he leans back against the shed, his mind finally realizes that whoever hit him is now in the house threatening his wife and daughter. This thought galvanizes him to move, however haltingly, toward the back door. Realizing that he can barely walk, barely see, and his blood running like a river down his chest to the floor, he leans against the wall just inside the back door trying to get his head to clear. He knows he isn’t in any shape to go chasing after the maniac that is pounding on the door upstairs. Moving into the dining room, he sees the table set for dinner and with tears stinging his eyes, he wonders if his world will ever be right again. CRASH!  When he hears the door give way and the screams that follow, he forces himself to makes his way to the bottom of the stairs, stopping long enough to push the panic button on the alarm system next to the door. He knows it will bring help, but wonders if it will be in time.


Jessie is already out the window on the porch roof, when the door breaks open and Marlow rushes in.  Instead of following Jessie, Alex slams the window shut and turns to face the mad man making his way toward her. “I told you it wasn’t over. Now you’ll pay for interfering where you had no right.” He raises the gun, and squeezes the trigger just seconds after she falls down behind the bed. She tries to scramble under the bed but it is to low. No place to hide! Her heart is beating so fast she can feel it pounding in her chest. She breaks out into a cold sweat as she turns over to face her attacker.

She takes a deep breath and stares at him as he comes around the foot of the bed. “Marlow, you still have time to stop, don’t make it any worse than it already is.”

“Shut up, you bitch.” He starts laughing hysterically, “Oh, sorry. Shut up, Your Honor!”

“Come on, Marlow, you don’t want to do this.”

“Oh, yes, I do Your Honor. You’ve taken my girl away from me and she’s all I had. Now you’re gonna pay.”

While he is raving at her, she notices that Jessie has raised the window and is climbing back into the room. ‘Oh, God …Jessie, no!’  Alex is hoping that she’ll run out the door and let her handle this, but knows in her heart that Jessie won’t leave her. As she watches Marlow’s finger tighten on the trigger, she unconsciously grits her teeth and feels her muscles stiffen as she waits for the bullet to enter her body. She screams and rolls toward the wall, just as she sees Jessie slam something down on Marlow’s back.  He screams in surprise as he pulls the trigger, sending the bullet into the carpet not more than an inch from Alex’s nose. He grabs at his back as he drops the gun to the floor. When he turns around to go after Jessie, she sees a pencil sticking out of the back of his neck.

You bitch, you stupid little bitch!” He pulls the pencil from his neck and grabs Jessie by the arm. She screams and claws at his face. Her scream breaks off when he drops the pencil and locks both hands around her throat.

Alex grabs the gun from the floor and fires. Then watches as a red stain covers the back of his shirt. His hands slowly open, releasing Jessie from their grip, then he turns to face Alex before dropping to the floor.

Alex, still on her hands and knees, quickly stands and moves over to Jessie, taking her into her arms, just as Walker reaches the door. He stands there, taking in the sight before him, Alex and Jessie clinging to each other. Knowing that his wife and daughter are all right, and the emergency situation is over, he sags to his knees. Still holding on to the door jam and smearing blood as his hand slides down, trying to keep from falling on his face.  He groans as his knees hit the floor.

Hearing the groan, Alex jerks around and sees Walker sitting in the doorway. She rushes to his side gathering him back into her arms, “Oh, God, Walker.”

Jessie comes up on his other side, seeing the horrific amount of blood, gasps, “Daddy!” Then between the two of them, lower him onto his back on the floor.

He manages a weak “I’m alright. You and Jessie…?” fighting hard to stay conscious.

“We’re fine. Jessie get me a towel.” Jessie jumps up to do as Alex asks. When she returns with the towel, Alex presses it to the side of his face.

He whispers, “I love you.” Hearing the sirens in the distance, he slowly relaxes in Alex’s arms and just before he slips into darkness he hears, “I love you, too.” and feels a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth.

As he closes his eyes, Alex hears the pounding on the front door, “Jessie, go let them in.”

When she opens the door the first one in is Jimmy. She throws her arms around his neck, “Hurry, upstairs, Daddy’s hurt.” Jimmy moves out of the way to let the paramedics in, then with his arm around Jessie, follows after them up the stairs.

He stands to the side as they put Walker on the gurney, he sees the bloody towel on the side of his head, Alex clinging to his hand, and then as he glances around the bedroom, the sheet covered body and knows that something really terrifying happened here tonight.

As the gurney with Walker is carried down the stairs, Alex stops next to Jessie long enough to tell her to get the boys, pick up Chrissy, and bring them to the hospital. She lets Jimmy take her in his arms for a comforting embrace, “Jimmy, I’ll tell you all about it at the hospital.”

He nods his head, lets her go with, “I’ll help Jessie get the other kids then I’ll see you there.”

Alex whispers, “Thank you,” then follows the paramedics out of the house and climbs into the ambulance with Walker. She picks up his hand bringing it to her mouth as the door is shut and then the ambulance with siren wailing speeds off into the darkness.


Alex is staring out the window in the waiting room when Jimmy and her children rush through the door, taking her into a group hug. After several minutes of silent prayer, Alex sits down with everyone gathered around her and starts her story beginning with the episode in the courtroom and stopping with the death of the man in her bedroom. All are quiet for several minutes, then Chrissy asks the one question that is on everyone’s mind. “How is Daddy?”

Alex turns to take Chrissy, her youngest, in her lap, “Your Daddy is going to be fine, he was hurt pretty bad but it’s not life threatening. He has a gash in his head and a possible skull fracture but he’s going to be all right.”

John pipes up with, “We should have been there.” Indicating Jimmy and Chrissy along with himself. “He wouldn’t have dared to tackle all of the Walker’s together.”

Trivette starts laughing “You can say that again, John. Looks like he had his hands full just taking on your Mom and Jessie.”

The others join in with soft laughter and as the atmosphere lightens, the doctor comes to the door asking, “The next of kin for Cordell Walker?” When everyone stands up and moves toward him, including Trivette, the doctor’s eyes widen in surprise.  “Well … I just wanted to tell you that as soon as he’s settled into his room, you can see him.” He hesitates for a minute, “all of you, if you’re quiet.”


A week later, Walker is released from the hospital. The doctor figures if he tries to keep him longer than that he would leave on his own, anyway. Alex picks him up in her car after work and with all the kids out on overnight stays elsewhere, they have the night to themselves.

His head is covered in bandages that are hiding a hairline skull fracture and two long gashes requiring a numerous number of stitches. Also two broken ribs where he had also been hit with the club after he had fallen to the ground. His face, which had swollen to the size of a basketball the day after the beating, is now back to normal, except for small gash on his cheek, requiring six stitches and a blackened right eye, which is now fading to a yellowish hue.

When Alex stops in front of the house, he figures that all of his kids would be waiting to welcome him home, but when no one shows, he asks Alex, “Where’s the kids?”

“They’re all spending the night with friends, wanting to give us a night alone.” She helps him up from the car and with him leaning on her they start for the house. Giving him an impish smile, “Although I wish they had waited till you were feeling better.”

Going up the steps is the hardest part of the walk, but he finally makes it and as Alex opens the door, he moves slowly inside. She shuts the door and turns to find herself in Walker’s arms, loosely, but still there, nonetheless. “Walker … I don’t think you should…”

He lowers his lips to hers in a passion filled kiss, drowning out her protest, then as he pulls back, he murmurs, “If you think I’m going to let this time alone with you go to waste, you don’t know me very well.” With her protesting every step of the way, and him promising that he can perform, they make their way up the stairs into their bedroom. Alex is right, once he is lying down on the bed he’s finding it increasingly hard to do anything else. But he seems content with that as she undresses him and herself, then lies down beside him. She begins teasing him with her kisses placed at strategic places until he is groaning in misery. But her teasing him is her undoing as well. Realizing that his whole right side is a mass of bruises, she tries to be careful but when desire takes over, she forgets about his bruised body and rides him until their bodies explode with passion and she crumbles against him. When he groans she quickly rolls off of him, “Oh, God, Walker, I’m sorry.” She sits up and looks down into his face, eyes closed to her apology. “Are you all right?”

He groans, “I think … you broke another of my ribs and…” When he sees the panicked look on her face he starts laughing, “I’m fine, you just touched a sore spot.”

“I’m sorry, honey. I knew we shouldn’t have…” He puts his arm around her neck pulling her head down and kissing her with a promise of much more to come. When his tongue slides between her lips, Alex feels fire shoot clear down to her toes.

Huskily murmuring, “Yes … we should have. Give me a couple of minutes, and we’ll do it again.” Pulling her down beside him, he begins to gently massage her breasts, first one then the other, until Alex’s body is ablaze with passion.

Alex looks at him for a long moment, knowing in her mind that she should back away and let him rest. But feeling the heat from his eyes and the touch of his hands, her body is overriding her mind. Letting desire guide her she moves her eyes from his face to other, more interesting parts of him. She rubs her hand over his belly. The muscles tighten under her soft caress, then she bends her head and replaces her hand with her lips, nibbling and licking and biting. When she takes him this time it is with a gentler ride. But the finale is the same. Exploding stars and wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through their bodies. As heartbeats return to normal, she nestles into his uninjured side, her head on his shoulder and her arm across his stomach, just below the bandage. In just a matter of minutes they are both asleep.


The both wake to the sound of a car, but when no knocking on the door follows, they relax and drift back to sleep. It isn’t long before they wake again but this time to the whinnying of the horses. Alex sits up, grabs her robe off the foot of the bed and goes to the window. “It’s Jimmy, he’s taking care of the horses for you.” She turns to look back at Walker who is trying to get up, she moves to his side helping him to stand. She picks up his pants and hands them to him, “Better put these on, you don’t want to go out in the buff.”

He looks at her and smiles, “You don’t either.” She looks down and sees her robe gaping open, revealing more than she intends. She grabs her clothes and goes into the bathroom. By the time she has her shower and is dressed, Walker is already downstairs, sitting in the swing on the porch. She joins him just as Jimmy walks out of the barn.

Sitting down on the steps, facing the two in the swing, “God, Walker, you look like you been rode hard and put away wet.”

Without batting an eye, “Trivette, I feel like it, too.” The arm he has around Alex’s shoulders tightens slightly, just enough that she can feel it but not enough where Trivette could see it.

“Alex, how are you doing? Any misgivings about accepting this appointment, yet?”

“No, Jimmy, none at all. We both talked this over thoroughly when the offer was made and we knew the risks involved. Which aren’t any worse than what I faced as District Attorney. Or any worse than what you and Walker face on your jobs every day. As a matter of fact, I think my jobs leaves me in less danger than either one of you.”

Walker does tighten his arm considerably now, “That’s my girl. Leave her alone Trivette. She does a pretty good job of taking care of herself.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that. By the way, how is Jessica holding up? This had to have really been a traumatic experience for her.”

“She’s doing just fine, Jimmy. Came through it with flying colors. I’m really proud of her.”

“You can tell she’s a Walker, that’s for sure.”

“When I saw her climb back in that window, I was scared to death for her. But very proud that she wouldn’t leave me.”

“Honey, you knew she wouldn’t leave you alone to fight that man before you put her out that window, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, but I was hoping.” She turns around to look into Walker’s eyes, “In a way, I guess she’s like me. I can’t walk away from someone I love either when they’re in danger.”

“One things for sure, if she wants to be a Texas Ranger she’s got the right credentials.”

“Oh … and what are they Jimmy?”

“Just being a Walker, that’s all she needs.”

The End