One Dip or Two

By Sasquaw

She keeps looking at him, he has his back to her. She reaches over and caresses his back, letting her forefinger drift slowly down the back of his arm. He shows little movement as she slides over in the bed and starts caressing his back with kisses.  She raises up on one elbow and reaches over to nibble on his ear, and purrs softly, "Walker----know what I'd like to have?"

He sighs, "What?------Alex, you can't possibly be hungry again-----I just fixed you a chef salad not less than  an hour ago!"
She pouts, and puts her arms around his waist he takes her hand and kisses it. "Go to sleep hon------ stop thinking about food!"
"I'm not the one that's thinking of food, it's the fetuses that you planted inside me that's thinking of food, and remember I'm carrying two this time."
She feels him laugh, "Don't I know it----I've been doing double time every since we found out it was twins this time around!"
She pulls herself up in the bed and kisses his neck, "well"?
"Well what, Alex----what is it you're craving this time, another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with mustard, mayo, and hot sauce----or is it popcorn and pickles again?"
"Neither------I'm thinking of something else---like making a banana split!"
"A banana split at this hour---Alex---it's almost midnight and I have to meet Trivette at 6am to drive to Huntsville!"
 She kisses his neck again, "Sweetheart---you're not listening----I said I wanted to "make" a banana split---- complete with maraschino cherries------warm hot chocolate sauce--------and lots of ------NUTS."
Walker lays there for a minute, letting it all sink in-----finally he says softly,  "With lots of whipped cream?"
She goes to his back and starts kissing his shoulders and then to his cheek, kissing his beard, whispering "Lots of whipped cream----and caramel topping."
He turns sideways and looks over his shoulder, "But we don't have any of that stuff in the frig."
She lies back in bed, letting her fingers still glide up and down his back----"I know----but the market is still open."
He rolls over and looks at her, "I am not getting out of this bed and going to the market at this hour!!!"
She pouts again, "o.k.-----just forget I mentioned it".
He rolls back over and fluffs his pillow. She looks at him and smiles to herself. She hears him mumbling, "What did you say honey?"
He's still mumbling--------"Nothing--------damn it Alex---you know I'm not going to be able to get any sleep now!"
"I said to forget it-----it's late---the market will be closing in half an hour----you couldn't possibly get there in time!"
He takes his pillow and rolls over to face her, "You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"
She caresses his beard and kisses the tip of his nose, and very quietly says, "Yes".
She rolls her eyes at him, five months pregnant and still sexier than ever. He was starting to believe she got sexier each time she got pregnant, and she could still get to him with those eyes. She starts kissing him tenderly, "Remember how warm the caramel and chocolate topping felt-----and then the whip cream----and don't forget how the maraschino cherries tasted after being------dipped! She runs her tongue over her top lip. This always drives him crazy.
He's getting breathless as he whispers, -----------"and the----nuts?"
She laughs softly and nods her head up and down-----oh yes---definitely---the nuts!"
He rolls back over and starts reaching for his jeans, "What time did you say the market closed?"
She watches him as he starts hopping on one foot, trying to get his boots on. "You got about 20 minutes now------I don't think you'll be able to make it!"
He starts grabbing his shirt and running to the door, "Watch me----I'll say it's a police emergency------I'll make it."
He slams the door behind him, Alex grimaces, hoping he hasn't waken Angela. He comes back into the bedroom----"Forgot my wallet" and he's out the door---slamming it again. She looks to the night stand, the keys to the Ram are laying there. She folds her arms and waits for him to come running back in.   He gets all the way to the bottom of the stairs and reaches to the key rack---no keys. She hears him coming back up the stairs, he hits the door running, she throws him the keys, and he's back out the door again--slamming it!!!! She waits till she hears the front door slamming and the Ram starting up. She giggles, then decides she'd better check on their daughter before he comes back, slamming more doors.

Alex tiptoes into the nursery, where Angela is sound asleep. She checks to make sure she's still dry, and pulls the little blanket up around her, and kisses her. She reaches over and turns the little music box on that plays "Nadia's Theme" that Walker bought for her in San Francisco. The little lavender sleeping gown was also a gift from Daddy, saying it was one of his favorite colors on her. Angela's hair was turning a light auburn now, and slightly curling up on the ends. Her hair would be thick just like Walkers', and their Cherokee ancestors. Her eyes were a bright blue, and she had long eyelashes.

Alex kisses her again, "Did you know your Daddy could be so comical?   And, he doesn't even have to work at it--------but we'll just keep that our little secret, won't we Angela?"
She starts back to the bedroom, "Geez---I hope he doesn't forget the bananas!"
She sets the mood by lighting candles and turning some Kenny G. music on. Walker was finally learning to like other kinds of music, besides country and western, and he really liked the sultry horns of Kenny G. She smiles to herself remember the first time they made love to one of his songs, it was called "Forever in Love" and everything had been so romantic.

It was her birthday and he took her out for a romantic dinner of lobster and champagne, then they came back to his ranch where he surprised her with roses and lilacs, surrounding the fireplace.  He had laid the cushions on the floor, and Kenny G., was playing softly in the background. They made love for hours, till finally moving to his bedroom, where the mood had increased, and they just couldn't get enough of each other's bodies. She thought she had organisms before, but that night was unmatchable to any of the other  times she had spent with him. The morning was no different as he brought her breakfast in bed, then wouldn't let her finish as he kept nibbling on her bare skin, and soon they were picking up from where they had left off just hours before.

She was late getting to her office and even later getting to court. On top of that, she wasn't walking too straight. Every time she sat down, she hurt. It was even worse when Walker had to testify and he was trying very hard to keep a straight face every time she would have to get up and cross examine him. She wanted to kill him when he would raise his eyebrow up and down, the same way he was doing just hours earlier in his bed. She was never so glad to get him off the witness stand. As he exited the courtroom, he winks at her. Thank God, no one else saw any of the  'going ons’ or she would have been held in contempt of court.

She swore she would get even with him, and oh----did she get even! A couple of weeks later he had to ride in a rodeo in Abilene, and he called and asked her to meet him there. She agreed as she packed her little "revenge kit". He was just getting through with his first event, coming in first place on bronc riding. The main event was later that night----bull riding!  She saw him talking to some friends as she made her way over to him. His face lit up as he saw her walking towards him, she was wearing tight jeans and an off the shoulder blouse, and low cleavage. Her hair was slightly curled and she was wearing beige lipstick, the kind that always looked extra ----wet!! The men he was talking to just stopped and stared as she smiled at them and kissed Walker right on the lips. He backs up and starts stammering around for introductions.

The tall one nudges Walker----"So this is the reason that you don't hang around for the  parties afterwards!"
Another one nudges him, "Hell------he has his own party------how do you do ma'am -----in case this cowboy can't get the job done----you just call on Old Hank!"
Walker reaches out and hits Hank with his hat------"Careful, or I'll tell Maggie on you----and she and your six kids can whip up on you!!!!!"
As Walker and Alex walk away from the men, they can hear the soft whistling and catcalls. He looks back over his shoulder and smiles, letting his right hand drop lower until he feels her buttocks, then gives her a light squeeze. She smiles, thinking, "Oh----are you ever going to get yours!"
 They have a light dinner, but neither of them can keep their mind on food as he keeps looking at her blouse and the way it dips down in front, almost revealing too much. He likes seeing her in sexy things, but he likes it better when it's just the two of them, and he's got her all to himself.
She catches him looking at the blouse and deliberately reaches in front of him for the ketchup ----very slowly. She looks at him and licks her lips, "See something you like--Cowboy?"
Walker starts shifting around in the booth, trying to find a comfortable spot where his manhood doesn't feel so cramped. "Oooooh yeah" he manages to say.  "Double dipping time."
She giggles, dipping the french fry into the ketchup and feeding it to him, letting her fingers linger on his lips. He kisses her fingers and pulls them into his mouth, very slow----looking into her eyes.
"What time is your next event?" she asks.
He takes her fingers out of his mouth and continues to kiss them, "In about 3 hours-----you think that's long enough?"
She takes her other hand and puts it under the table and lays it gently on his thigh, and then across the front of his jeans. He jerks slightly and moans. She kisses him softly, "Not if we continue hanging around here," she purrs.

He reaches down and stops her hand from exploring even more, and starts signaling for the waitress and their check. For a bill that's only $12.00, he leaves a $20.00 tip. The waitress looks at him and smiles, "Thanks cowboy----you can come back again----anytime."
Alex looks at the waitress----"Not alone----he won't!"
As they're walking out the door, she leans into him, "Feeling a little generous, aren't we?"
He puts his hands on each of her hips and guides her out the door, "Wait till we get to our room, and you're going to see how generous I'm going to get."
Walker heads to the showers and keeps trying to pull her in with him, "No Cowboy--------I got something else in mind---you take your shower, and I'm going to be right here-----waiting."
He hurries through his shower, coming out with just a towel wrapped around him. She's lit candles, the perfumed kind and she's lying in bed in a short red little satin slip, with french cut panties in red and black. She's lying next to another sheet that has been folded and put on his side of the bed. He looks at the sheet and then to her. She looks back rolling her eyes at him and licking her lips.
"It could get very---very messy in here," she answers slowly.
He purses his lips together, dances his eyebrow up and down and grins, letting the towel drop to the floor. His manhood definitely coming to attention as he slides down onto the bed next to her, "Let the games begin-----I'm ready!"
She looks down at his 'pride and joy'----"Ooooh ---you're definitely ready-----but-----we’ve got to slow down---or you will not get the full enjoyment of my little surprise."
He reaches for her, kissing her neck and going to her shoulders, "what little surprise?"
She pushes him back gently onto the extra sheet and starts to straddle him, letting her hands glide all the way up to his chest and back to his midsection. "I need to ask you a question, sweetheart".
He arches his brow, "The answer is "YES".
She giggles and stares back at him seductively, "You haven't even heard the question yet!"
He reaches for her breasts and starts kissing, he pulls away---"Whatever the question is ----yes---yes----whatever you want to do---the answer is yes."
She sits back and he groans as her breasts are unreachable at this position, "Has any of your ---lovers---ever made a banana split out of you?"
He swallows, and answers cautiously------" I don't think so------made a banana split out of me???"

Alex raises up off of him and leans over and starts pulling something from under the bed, her french cut underwear leaving nothing to the imagination. He caresses her thigh as she sits back on top of him. "Well, tonight sweetheart----I am making a banana split----and you are going to be my masterpiece!"

She starts pulling items out of her bag, he looks at her and grins----"Are you going to get 'kinky' on me----I hope- I hope."
She laughs, "Would you be quiet----this is serious stuff!"
Walker watches as she pulls out jars of chocolate and caramel topping, a jar of maraschino cherries, bananas, and a small plastic bag. He looks at the bag, "What’s----in ----the bag?" he asks slowly.

She opens it slowly, reaches in and takes out a walnut and places it in his mouth----------"nuts", she answers-----"lots of ---nuts."
Walker looks at her and gently chews the nut, "And, what are you planning to do with those nuts?"
 She puts a couple in her mouth and leans down across his body, chewing very slowly, so he can hear them crunching, "You'll find out------and believe me----you won't forget too easily---that is---if you're not ---chicken?" 
His hands go up and down the small of her back, "Oooooohhhh----a challenge"" He kisses her long and tender, "I never walk away from a challenge."
Alex raises back up to her straddling position and looks at him very serious, "Who says you're going to be walking?"
He stares back at her, swallowing and trying to clear his throat, "Uuuuhhhhh Alex--------you know I have to ride the bulls later."
"Well maybe--------we should wait about this-----until afterwards-----maybe?"
"NO WAY COWBOY-----I might be out of the mood by then---you're going to have to make a choice---bulls-----or nuts????"
Walker starts getting nervous, "Alex-----come on hon---you're not being fair."
Alex takes out the whipped cream and squirts a dab on one of his nipples, licking it off and looking at him with those eyes, "who said anything about being fair?"
Walker sighs as she starts opening the jar of caramel topping and letting it drip out of the jar very slowly on top of both nipples. She's smiling the whole time and making little sounds. She takes the jar and continues to let it drip all the way down his hairline, licking her lips. Next she takes the chocolate topping and does the same, making little circles around his nipples, and  occasionally dipping her fingers into the topping and feeding her fingers to him. She reaches up and squirts the whipped cream on to his beard and gently starts licking it off, making deep sighing noises.

Next she takes the whip cream and squirts it on his nipples and all the way down his hairline on top of the caramel and chocolate topping. She takes out the cherries and sits them on each of his nipples. They start to sag and she reaches out and swoops one up with her tongue and then very gently puts it up to Walker's mouth. He pulls it in gently, along with her lips.

She giggles as she starts to go lower, trailing all the way down the hairline to his abdomen, licking the toppings and the whipped cream, making sure she gets some stuck on her lips. She goes back up for the other cherry and twirls it around in the cream on her lips and feeds it to him. Just when he starts to kiss her long and tender, she pulls away from him, fanning her index finger in front of him, back and forth.

“Not yet cowboy-----just lay back and enjoy."
"Alex, my imagination is already working overtime-----I'm still wondering what you're going to do with those ---nuts?"
"Good----I like to keep you wondering-----that way our lovemaking never becomes ---boring."
He arches his brow, "Sex with you has never been boring----a little scary at times-------but never boring!"
She pulls back and looks at him, "Scary, why do you say that?"
"Because I never know what to expect--------like the time with the mechanical bull, and that time that you dressed up as a 'hooker'."
She continues to smile and lick her lips, backing down lower so she can see his manhood.  "I never heard any complaints-----from either of you?"
He grins, "I'm not crazy."
She reaches for the toppings again and slowly starts to let it drip down onto his abdomen, keeping her eyes on him. Every time she reaches for something, she deliberately lets her hand linger over the bag of walnuts. His eyes grow big every time she does it, she's never seen him so nervous. She goes back for the whip cream and squirts it up and down the length of his manhood, it feels cool and his muscles jerk.  She lowers her head and gently licks at the cream, watching him. She takes her hand and gently goes up and down, the whip cream oozing out between her fingers. She puts her hand up to his mouth and one by one he licks them clean.

She applies more cream, and her strokes get firmer each time she does so. He's starting to breathe heavier as she teases him with just the tip inside her mouth. His legs are starting to move up and down against the sheet. She stops and reaches for the cherries, dipping them into the cream and eating them slowly, twirling them inside with her tongue.  Then she sits up and reaches for the bananas and a knife Now Walker's eyes are really huge as he eyes the knife.

"Uhhhh- Alex-----be careful ---with that----it looks sharp."
"Of course it's sharp," she licks the blade slowly, Walker is trying to edge further away from it as his manhood is just inches away from it. "Now why would I want a dull knife?"
Walker lets out a slow breath, "Now I know how that guy must have felt----right before his wife castrated him"!
She giggles slowly, "Really? ------I thought he was asleep when she whacked it off?"
"Alex----please----put the knife away!"
"Now, how am I going to slice this banana, if I don't have a knife?"
"Well----slice it already----and get rid of that knife!"
"O.k.----geez-----am I scaring you?"
"Petrified----is more the word---" he murmurs. "Never trust a woman with a knife----especially when you're in your birthday suit!"

Alex laughs and gently slices the banana lengthwise. She pulls the skin back and tosses it in the paper sack. She then lays the knife down on the nightstand; Walker breathes a sigh of relief. Alex is enjoying watching the Cherokee warrior squirm. She lets out a long sigh, "NOW----we get down to business."

She backs up further and puts a slice of banana on each side of his manhood, the whip cream has started to droop, so she adds more. Then she starts very slowly going up and down his bulge, squeezing the bananas in closer each time and letting her mouth open wider to accommodate the extra width. She lets her mouth go down lower each time, and just when he thinks she will start a pace, she pulls his manhood out and slowly inches up and down. Her hands are squeezing harder and faster. He's starting to suck air between his teeth, and his heart is racing. All of a sudden she just stops and sits back, looking at him.

He stares back, "what------why ---why did you stop?" He asks almost out of breath.
She leans over and takes the small plastic bag, "Because-----it's time for the----nuts."
Walker's eyes follow the bag as she very slowly starts breaking up the nuts with her fingers, "They're just a little too big," she explains.

She looks at her masterpiece, "Hmmmmm could use some more cherries and more whip cream."   She applies more cream all up and down his erection, and then she takes out the nuts and starts sprinkling them all around and then to his testicles, and in every little "nook". She goes back to the tip, concentrating on the foreskin and gently pulling it back and inserting the smaller kernels.   She watches him constantly and starts to clinch her teeth together, his eyes are darting from hers and then back to his abdomen.

"Nowwww------I'm going to enjoy my creation-----is there anything else you would like for me to add?"
He nods his head back and forth slowly. 
She smiles, "good----because I am extra ---hungry."
She takes his whole manhood and goes all the way down to his midsection, sucking hard at first, Walker jerks and starts grabbing the sheet.. Now she's set her pace and her hand is starting to grip tighter, the cream and the cherries oozing between her fingers as she makes contact with the nuts. She pulls them in and gently starts chewing them, the crunching is just centimeters from his "pride and joy" and she is deliberately making her lips move closer to his pride every time she crunches., and then sucks.  He can feel the nuts hitting his manhood, the sensation is driving him crazy. He's silently praying that she has the routine down, if she misses her cue, he will have to be peeled off the ceiling!!!"

She must be reading his mind as she purrs, "Don't worry-----I know what I'm doing."
He sighs, "I hope----so-----then you've done this before?" He pants.
She sucks harder and nibbles the nuts all around the tip, going in and out of the foreskin's ridges. She stops and looks at him, the whip cream dripping from her face, and says very low, "Noooooooo---I just studied the pictures----this is  a first for me!"

Walker's eyes grow bigger as he grabs the sheet, "Pictures? ------What pictures?"
She goes back to her masterpiece and her pace is picking up, "The pictures----in the book."
Alex continues down his manhood and to his thighs, licking very slowly, and then back to his testicles, taking them in, one at a time and crunching the walnuts slowly.  Walker's eyes are rolling back in his head, as she comes back to his manhood and sucks even harder, she can feel him about ready to explode, she sucks harder. He spills his fluid, and she is ready for him.

He lies there, completely spent. He groans as he finishes his release. She rolls away from him as he's trying to catch his breath. He lets out a long sigh.

She rolls over to him, his membrane is all red and swollen. He keeps massaging himself and breathing heavily. She takes her finger and goes gently down his hairline, stopping just short of his injured 'pride'. She purrs, "Want me to kiss it and make it better?"

He moves away from her and tries to laugh, "Don't-----you  ---dare touch me----I'll be just fine-----just give me a little time to get my wind back."
She grins, "I’ll get a cool rag------maybe that will help." He can hear her giggling all the way to the bathroom.  "Revenge is sweet---isn't it sweetheart?" She yells back.
Twenty minutes later and Walker is starting to get his color back. The phone rings and Alex answers it. She looks to Walker and mumbles, "OH, no----are you sure?"
She hangs up the phone and looks at him as he's still trying to get the swelling to go down. "What? Who was on the phone?"
She grimaces, "Walker, that was the event manager, he said that your ride has been moved up and you ride at eight, instead of nine."
"EIGHT?" Walker groans, "I can't ride at eight-----I was worried about being able to ride at nine!"
"I'm sorry sweetheart-----maybe you should cancel?"
Walker tries to get up, "I can't cancel, it's for the children's cancer group at Abilene General!"
He's attempting to walk, and get his briefs on.  He looks back at her and tries to smile, "I'll just have to wear extra protection".
"Won't the cup help?"
He groans, "Yeah, if I can get the cup over it----I'll manage----maybe it'll feel better once we get to the arena."
They arrive at the arena and Walker is still walking gingerly. She watches as he makes his way up to the gate, and goes to the chute. As he tries to sit down on the bull, she can see him grimace. The men that were talking to him earlier that day keep asking him if he's alright, he keeps nodding his head. He gives the signal and the bull charges out of the chute, every time the bull bucks and comes down on the ground, Alex can almost feel Walker's pain. The buzzer finally sounds and he dismounts.  He's tied for first----they will have to have a tiebreaker. Alex groans and runs over to him, he looks up at the time, "A tie?" He groans.

She grabs his arm, "Oh, honey------I'm sorry."
His friends come running over to him, and congratulating him. They keep looking at him and then to Alex, "Is he okay?"
Walker shoots her a look, "He's fine-----he's fine."
The two men nudge each other and walk away, they glance back at Walker and bursts out laughing. Alex looks at him, trying to keep a straight face, "Are you upset with me"?
Before he can answer, the two men walk back and whisper, "You know how those lawyers are Walker, they like to cross examine----over and over and over again and they like ----details!!!!"
The one called Hank slaps Walker on the shoulder and says to his friend, "Hell-----he's already been de-tailed, are you going to be able to stay on the bull Walker?"
They continue laughing as they walk off, Walker looks to Alex and sighs, "The jury is still out on your question!"
It's almost an hour until Walker has to ride again, and he takes second place. The hard part now is getting past his friends and all the teasing. Finally, they're on their way back to their room, they take a nice long warm shower together and Walker passes out the minute his head hits the pillow! He wakes up in the middle of the night, pulling her close and whispering, "You can make a banana split out of me anytime----just give me more time to recuperate."
She giggles and pulls his arms around her tighter, "You know honey----there was something else in that book that I would like to try."
He hesitates before asking, "Does it have anything to do with nuts?"
"I don't think so" she answers----"but you could improvise if you like?"
"Me? -----You mean this would be ----for your enjoyment---mainly. What is it?"
She rolls over and looks at him and whispers, "Cherry dipping!"
His eyebrow starts dancing up and down, "Hmmmm, I'm willing--if you are!"              
She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him, "Another time---another place , Cowboy."

Alex looks at the clock on the nightstand; he's been gone for almost an hour, what could be keeping him? Finally, she hears the door of the Ram slam and the front door opening. She dims the lights as he comes into their bedroom. He just stands there and looks at her, his head going up and down, She looks at him puzzled, "What's wrong honey, was the market closed?"
He holds up the grocery bag, it's looking a little damp.
"Every person in Springtown must have decided to go to the market tonight-----you wouldn't believe how many people were there?"
She tries to smile, knowing how much he hates to shop. "A lot, huh."
He reaches into the bag and brings out a gallon of ice cream that has started to melt. "I stood in line for almost half an hour----the ice cream started melting, and then this ------400 NO make that a  ----500 pound cashier has the nerve to tell me I've got too many items to be in the express line ----the nerve!!!"
 Alex eyes the ice cream, -----"Ahhh , sweetheart---why did you get ice cream----my banana splits don't require----ice cream?"
Walker looks down at the melting gook, and looks at her in disbelief. She quickly grabs the ice cream-----------"BUT, YOU KNOW WHAT? Tonight----we try something new----it might be the start of another----kinky idea?" 

She walks up to him and nods towards the clock, "Are you sure you're going to have enough time to ----recuperate---what about your 6am drive to Huntsville with Jimmy?"
"After what I just faced at the market-------Trivette will just have to wait, now where are those ---nuts???????"

 The End
July 7, 2001