*Author’s note: This is a scene from the story Heavenly Night about Walker and Alex seeing in the New Year. Adult scenes have been added.

Out With the Old

By: Lelani

After returning to the ranch, Alex heads upstairs to get ready for their fancy fundraiser. When she enters the bedroom, she finds two dry cleaning bags hanging from the wardrobe.

“Walker, what’s this?” she shouts back down the stairs.

Walker takes the stairs two at a time and joins her in the room. “I had our clothes cleaned and pressed for tonight,” he says by way of explanation.

“But I sent out your tux and my blue evening gown last week.”

“I know, but I wanted us to wear these.”

Alex is looking at her husband as if he’s grown a second head. He’s never cared about clothes in the past – other than to complain about having to dress up. She looks at him suspiciously and reaches to unzip the bags. She pulls out a black evening gown with swirls of shimmering gold sequins on the bodice. She remembers the dress, it’s one she’s had for years, but she hasn’t worn it in so long, she forgot that she still had it.

“Where did you find this?” she asks.

“It was in the guestroom with all of your other gowns. It was always one of my favorites and I thought you could wear it tonight.”

“Walker, I don’t know if I can even get into it. This was a long time ago, years before the baby.”

Walker rolls his eyes at her. She’s a slim as ever. There was a softening to her shape since Angela, but it was even more attractive. The only place that carried any extra flesh was her breasts and even they were returning slowly to pre-baby size.

“Will you at least try? For me?” he pleads.

Alex looks at him and shakes her head. How can she turn down a request like that? She unzips the other bag and pulls out a tux with a white jacket.

“Walker, a white jacket? It’s January!”

“I like this jacket better than the other one, it fits better,” he quickly explains.

She looks at him, “You’re not planning to wear a cowboy hat are you?”

He grins, knowing that his sense of fashion, or lack thereof, has caused her some mild embarrassment in the past.

He holds up two fingers and shakes his head, “Scout’s honor,” he vows.

Alex wrinkles her nose at him, purses her lips and decides to drop it. If anyone has a problem with her husband wearing a white jacket, well, she really could care less. Every woman there will envy her anyway. He is one piece of prime Texas beef and she knows it. She gets a devilish gleam in her eye as the thought runs through her mind.

“Now what are you up to?” he questions, concerned. He knows his wife and when she looks mischievous, things usually heat up pretty darn fast. Not that he was complaining.

“Nothing, darling. Why don’t you get the horses fed and I’ll take my shower.”

Walker nods in agreement and begins to leave. He pauses as he gets to the door. 



“Will you wear your hair up? You know with a few curls down on your neck?”

She smiles at him. “If that’s the way you like it, then I will.”

He smiles back at her and nods before heading out.

Walker dresses much more quickly than Alex and although she has had a head start, he finishes first and heads on downstairs to wait. When she descends the staircase, he looks up from where he stands at the bottom and the air rushes from his lungs. She is his dream come to life.

“You take my breath away,” he manages after remembering the art of breathing.

Alex gets sentimental tears in her eyes as she smiles at her handsome husband. “You’re looking pretty spiffy there yourself, Ranger.”

Walker answers with a smile and takes her hand to slide the wrist corsage on. Alex’s eyebrows rise as she looks at him questioningly.

“I didn’t think you could carry dozens of roses around with you, but I wanted you to have flowers,” he says by way of explanation.

Alex rises up on tiptoe and gives him a sweet kiss filled with promise. “When we get home, cowboy, when we get home,” she promises.

“I don’t think I can wait that long,” he moans.

“Maybe the next time someone asks you for a favor, you’ll remember that two letter word that begins with an ‘n’ and ends with an ‘o’,” she tells him.

He smiles and helps her on with her wrap. His fingers glide over her bare shoulders and he turns her to trace the swirling pattern of sequins on the bodice of her dress.

“It fits you better than ever,” he decides as his finger touches her lightly, causing her breasts to swell in response. Just as she is about to alter their plans for the evening and drag her husband back up the stairs, he turns and offers her his arm gallantly.

The two drive down country roads in the darkness for over an hour. There are no streetlights and only the occasional farmhouse light can be seen from the road. As they continue to leave civilization behind, Alex begins to grow concerned.

“Walker, are you sure you got the directions right? Who would throw a fundraiser way out here?”

“These are the directions I was given Alex,” he reassures her.

They finally pull up to a very large structure. It’s an old barn, out in the middle of a pasture.

“This is it,” Walker announces.

Alex looks around her. There are no lights, except from a farmhouse another half mile up the road. The only car in the vicinity is theirs. She looks at Walker. “I hate to disparage your Cherokee sense of direction, darling, but I think we’re lost.”

“This is where I was told to go. Stay here, I’ll look around.”

Alex looks at the barely discernible shapes in the dark. They loom like creatures from scary movies she used to go to as a teenager. It takes her almost half a second to make up her mind. “Not on your life! I’m coming with you!”

Walker suppresses the chuckle, having known what her response would be. His beautiful wife has an overactive imagination.

The barn door creaks as it opens into a cavernous room.

“Didn’t you bring a flashlight?” Alex whispers.

“I left it in the truck. Stay here, I’ll go back and get it.”

Her hands clutch his forearm. “No way, you are not leaving me here. Walker, let’s just both go back to the truck and get the heck out of Dodge.”

“Is that a pun, because I drive a Dodge Ram?”

“No, it’s not a pun. I meant let’s just go before we get arrested for trespassing or breaking and entering or something! I don’t want to spend my New Year’s Eve in jail or as some ghoulish horror story teens tell each other on campouts.”

By now, Walker is openly laughing. Alex’s imagination is in full gear. He reaches in and finds the cord that will turn on the generator. Suddenly, the room is lit by a beautiful chandelier that hangs from the rafters. Soft violin music is playing and there is a table laid out, filled with a meal for two. Under the chandelier is a small wood laminate dance floor.

“Oh Walker, look!” Alex exclaims.

He is looking. His eyes watch her face and he knows that all the effort was worth it. He’s made his wife very happy.

Taking in the scene in front of her, she finally turns to Walker and says, “But how?”

He guides her on into the room and closes the door behind them. Pulling her onto the dance floor, he takes her into his arms and begins to sway to the music. He had decided to forego the violinist and stick to a stereo. He wanted to be all alone with his wife as they ushered in a New Year.

“The other day, when Trivette and I were in these parts looking for Travis, we got a tip of some suspicious activity reported in this old barn. We came to check it out and found a young couple from El Salvador hiding out in here. The girl, Isella, was in labor. I helped her deliver the baby while Trivette got help from the farmhouse up the road. Ruth Monroe owns the property. She said that it used to belong to her father and she didn’t know what to do with it. Anyway, Isella had a baby boy and she and her husband, Carlos, decided to name the boy Parker. That’s where we are, somewhere between the towns of Parker and Lucas.”

“Oh Walker,” Alex exclaims at the coincidence of the names. She knew of both towns, but had never put it together. They were right next to each other, north of Plano. “Names of people we’ve loved and lost,” she says.

Walker nods, “and then when Ruth told me her name, I just knew that this was a special place. Uncle Ray used to tell me to listen when the spirits were trying to talk to me. I decided that this time, they were shouting.”

Alex nods her head in agreement. “Then what happened?”

“Well, Ruth agreed to help Carlos and Isella with the INS. It turns out that Isella’s father is a political prisoner and it wouldn’t be safe for Isella to return to her country, so they will most likely be granted political asylum here. I asked Ruth if I could borrow the barn for tonight and told her my plans. She agreed to put it all together for me and when I talked to her the other day, she was so excited about the project that she’s decided to renovate this place and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Carlos and Isella have agreed to stay and help her run it.”

“Wow, you sure do manage to organize everyone’s lives for them don’t you?” his wife remarks.

“I learned from the best,” he says.

Alex smiles at him and reaches up to place a sweet kiss on his lips.

“Hungry?” he asks after a few moments.

“Mmm hmm,” she agrees suggestively.

“Later,” he promises with a regretful smile. He leads her over to the table and pulls out her chair to seat her. Taking the silver tops off of the plates, he reveals a beautifully prepared meal of Chateau Briande au jus, new potatoes, steamed vegetables and chocolate mousse. He uncorks a bottle of red wine and pours some in each wine glass. Sitting down across from his wife, he says, “To us, to our life together and to our family, may it continue to grow.”

Alex’s eyebrows shoot up at the tag line, but she clinks her glass against his and sips some of the wine. They eat their meal with few words spoken; letting their eyes communicate better than any words could, the feelings that are spilling out of both of them. After finishing the filling meal, Walker presents her with a bouquet of red roses. She smiles as she inhales their rich aroma and then places them in the vase provided.

“Will you dance with me?” he asks gallantly and holds out his hand to her.

“I’d love to,” she murmurs as she places her hand in his and allows him to lead her to the dance floor.

Walker tucks her head under his chin and her hand against his chest. His other hand curves around her and rests lower than is acceptable in public, but that’s why he’s planned this evening to be just the two of them. Swaying to the music, Alex is caught up in the romantic haze he’s wrapped her in.

“Alex?” he whispers into the smooth shell of her ear.

“Hmm?” she manages.

“The other day when I helped to deliver that baby… it got me thinking.”

“Uh oh,” she mutters, but stays in her snug spot.

“We both want more children and I was thinking…”

“Think again, cowboy,” she says, still with her face tucked into his neck.

“I don’t mean, right this minute…”

“Or this decade,” she says.

“Alex! Be serious!”

Alex tilts her head back and looks up into the eyes of the man she adores. “Darling, I want more children too, but Angela isn’t even a year old yet. And just think; the chances of us having twins are pretty darn high. Can you see me with a baby on each hip and dragging Angela along?”

“I’d be there to help. And to tell you the truth, yes, I can see you surrounded by children. You’re a great mother to Angela and you have so much love to give. Anyway, I never understood why twins are such an issue.”

“Both my mother and my father were born twins. It usually skips a generation, but that makes me ripe for having twins.”

Walker looks at the bodice of her dress. It is filled to capacity and his finger once again traces the swirling pattern of gold sequins on the bodice. “You’re definitely ripe,” he says.

“Walker, can you try and be serious for just one minute?”

“No, not tonight. All I’m asking is that you consider getting pregnant again later this year. We can wait till after Angela’s birthday.”

“Well, that’s big of you,” she says with mock anger. How can she be mad at a man who just wants to love her and make babies with her? She suddenly flashes him a huge grin. “We can practice though.”

“Good!” he says as he swoops her up into his arms and carries her over to an area behind some stacked hay bales where a king sized pallet of blankets had been laid out.

“You were pretty sure of your charms there, cowboy,” she says as he sets her back down on her feet.

“No,” he denies, “but I was certain of yours.” His fingers reach behind her and find the tab to the zip of her dress. He slowly lowers it while her fingers untie the bow tie at his throat.



“Why did you want us to wear these clothes?”

“It’s about a dream I had. Years ago. Of asking you to marry me.”

“How many years ago?”

“Lots of years ago.”

“What took you so long?”

“Pure stubbornness. I knew that once I gave you my heart, you wouldn’t give it back.”

“No, but I gave you mine in return.”

“That you did.” He leans forward and effectively ends the conversation.

The room is chilly, and as Walker slips Alex’s gown down off her shoulders, she shivers slightly. Walker runs his fingers over her shoulders and arms and says, “Goosebumps… are you cold or aroused?”

“Both,” Alex answers with a smile. She sets about proving it by unbuttoning his shirt and pulling the shirt tails from his pants. Once she has his chest exposed to her fingers, she runs her hands up and down his abdomen and chest, flicking her fingers over his male nipples. She smiles as they harden and she repeats his question, “cold or aroused?”

Walker allows her evening gown to pool at her feet and then reaches to grasp her rounded buttocks and pulls her hard against him. “Does this answer your question?” he asks as he grinds his pelvis against hers.

“Oh yes,” she breathes on a sigh as she leans forward and suckles his aroused nipple into her mouth.

Walker’s hands slide up to unclasp her bra and he pushes her back slightly so that he can cup her breasts. He runs his thumbs over her hardening nipples and smiles at the response her body has to his touch. “Let’s get under the covers and I’ll warm you up.”

Alex stands back up and looks into his eyes. She smiles at him and steps back, allowing her bra to fall off of her shoulders. Keeping her eyes glued to his, she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her nylons and slides them, along with her satin panties, down and off. Standing shivering, she gives him a flirty look and with a flick of her hips, dives under the pallet of blankets behind the hay bales. Walker chuckles at her flirtatiousness and quickly strips off his remaining attire. He stands looking at her with a grin. Alex lifts the blankets and repeats an invitation she made on their first night of lovemaking, “Get over here and finish what you started!”

Walker dives in after her and she quickly covers herself and roles away from him laughing. Her rolling ends with her securely wrapped in the blankets and him shivering on the outside. “Alex, I’m not going to be any good to you if you leave me out here in this cold!” he warns.

Alex looks at him and her eyes lower to his groin, “Oh, you look up to it,” she says with a challenge.

The two wrestle, with Alex finally relenting and allowing him access to her body by unwrapping herself from her cocoon. “You always were a tease woman!”

“Me? I practically had to throw myself at you to get you to make love to me that first time.”

“Hardly! That short nightie you wore had me hot and panting after your tail,” he says as he stretches out along the length of her, allowing his body to come into intimate contact with hers.

“Oh that was only a small part of the plan. Let’s see, I kidnapped you…”

“Shanghaied me you mean,” he inserts.

“Whatever. Then I batted my lashes and gave you come hither looks…”

“Is that what those were? I thought the sun was bothering your eyes.”

Alex frowns a warning at him. “Then I touched you every chance I got…”

“When I was teaching you to fly fish, did you slip on purpose?”

“Walker, a woman has to have some secrets. Then that stupid radio interrupted us, right when I got you where I wanted you.”

“Wow! And all this time, I thought it ‘just happened.”

“Nothing ‘just happens’ cowboy! I worked long and hard to get you to bed me!”

“Well, your work is done.” Walker shifts and poises over her, spreading her legs and without preparation, plunges fully into her.

“Walker!” she squeals as her body quickly adjusts to his invasion. She takes several shallow breaths and relaxes her stretched muscles.

“Remember how sore you were the next day?” he asks into her ear as his tongue traces its curves.

“I remember,” she moans. “I could hardly walk. You were the biggest man…”

Walker doesn’t let her finish her statement. He doesn’t want to be compared to her other lovers, even favorably. “I am your only lover,” he tells her as he emphasizes his statement with a long deep thrust into her body. “I am your first,” he says with another pump. “Your last,” he states beginning to increase the tempo slightly. “The best, the biggest, the longest, the most loving, the sexiest…” his litany of adjectives is each punctuated by a pump of his hips.

“Yes,” Alex answers to each thrust, each claim. Her body has quickly moistened in response to his invasion and his thrusts are no longer painful, but bring ever increasing pleasure.

“I’m the only lover your body has ever known. Say it Alex,” he tells her as he stops his motion and holds himself poised at her entrance.

“Yes, Walker, yes,” she cries as she thrusts her hips up to his and attempts to bury him within her.

“Say it Alex!”

“You’re the only one, the first, the last, the best,” she cries as she curls her hips up.

Satisfied with her compliance, he pushes into her and begins a punishing rhythm that she meets thrust for thrust. The building pressure is suddenly released as she cries out in ecstasy, followed immediately by his triumphant groan as he releases himself into her.

Alex lays there pouting, not happy that once again, he has gotten his way. He has made her deny ever having any other lovers. He hasn’t reciprocated and denied his own lovers, not that there has been any other than her in years, but it still galls her to think that he bedded that country singer right when things between them had started to heat up. ‘Big brave Texas Ranger, my foot! He’s a big chicken!’ Alex thinks to herself. She decides to retaliate. “Of course, there was Dalton,” she says in a dreamy voice.

Walker rolls so that she is on top and his hand comes down on her rump with a stinging slap. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to startle her and make her jump. “Say that name again in our bed and I’ll turn you over my knee and spank your butt raw!”

“But I guess it’s okay to say the name Marilee?” her taunt is accompanied by another stinging slap. “Walker! Stop hitting me! I’ll have to discuss you at my next Women’s Group!”

It is rare that Walker is even slightly rough with her. They both prefer gentle sweet loving, but every once in awhile, their fiery natures take over and they battle physically as well as sparring with words. Walker knows that Alex will always win the battle of words and Alex knows that Walker always wins their physical scuffles. The trick is never going too far. Walker never hurts her or leaves a mark and Alex never allows her tongue to go too far and cause Walker emotional pain.

“I was a complete idiot and I will regret for the rest of my days EVER meeting that woman, let alone, bedding her,” Walker states.

“And if I hadn’t been so hurt by your attitude after the rafting trip, I would never have made the worst mistake of my life and hurt you by taking up with Dalton again,” Alex vows.

Walker rolls again so that Alex is once again beneath him. “I thought I told you not to mention that name,” he growls.

“Sorry, you know that I’ve loved you forever and ever don’t you?”

“That long?”

“Yes. I think I loved you my whole life. I used to dream when I was a little girl of a man who would be my one true love. Later as a teenager, I dreamt that he would take me away from all the pain of my broken home life and take me to his castle. He would shower me with gifts of love and I would feel cherished.” There are tears now shimmering on Alex’s eyelashes. “You did just that. You are my one true love and you healed all the pain and disillusionment of my teen years. You took me to your castle and showered me with your love. I feel so cherished by you.”

“One time, I was sitting in the mud and filth of a swamp in Vietnam, being eaten alive by bugs. I had this fantasy of a woman, touching my face; her skin was so soft; she told me that she loved me and that she would always be there for me. I met you and I knew that my fantasy had come to life. It scared the hell out of me. I started dreaming about you, including the dream of asking you to marry me that I wanted to live out tonight and more ‘wet dreams’ than I can tell you.”

“And now… no more dreams… just you… and me… and our future… together,” Alex says, kissing his mouth with each promise.

“Forever,” Walker adds and deepens the kiss, pushing his tongue past her lips. He touches and tastes her, his tongue stroking hers. As her tongue reaches to meet his, he rolls again so that she is once again lying on top of him. He runs his hands over her buttocks, soothing the flesh he had stung with his light slaps. His fingers trace the line between the rounded flesh and his other hand joins the first as he reaches down and separates her legs, his fingers reaching around her to plunge into the entrance that is slick from a mixture of her fluids and his.

Alex lifts herself onto her knees, her hands supporting her on either side of his shoulders. She keeps her lips locked with his as their tongues continue their sensual slide against each other. Walker moves his hands around to touch her mound that is now exposed to him by her new position. He finds the tiny nub that houses so many nerve endings. Stroking gently over it, he slides his hand repeatedly up and down the entire slit that grows even slicker with his ministrations.

With one hand, Walker, continues to stimulate Alex, while he grasps his reawakened shaft with the other. Holding the tip up against her moistness, he coats himself with the fluids that drip from her. Alex begins a slow rocking motion that causes Walker to slide his tip from one end of her to the other. She lowers her chest so that her breasts lightly touch his chest and the continual motion creates friction on one end and a lubricated slide on the other. Walker is now holding himself up with both of his hands wrapped around himself, trying to increase the touch of her against the engorged head. Alex has abandoned his mouth and with each gliding stroke above his body, she increases the torment they both feel.

“Alex, stop torturing me, I need to come and soon!” Walker tells her through gritted teeth. His eyes are closed as the sensations bombard him; her tight nipples rubbing against his hairy chest, her smooth lips gliding against his tip. He doesn’t see the satisfied smile of a woman who knows she has her man right where she wants him.

“Tell me that I’m the only one,” she taunts him as she allows his tip to penetrate so that only his head is within her. She pulls back off when she doesn’t get an immediate response.

Walker’s befuddled brain processes what she wants. “You’re the only one,” he claims.

“The first, the last, the best,” she continues as she allows him entrance, inch by engorged inch.

“Yes! You’re all that!” he agrees, unable to form the words, he is so far gone.

Alex reaches down between their bodies and wraps her hands around his wrists. She draws his arms up and places his hands on her breasts. Walker needs no further invitation as he clasps and kneads them. Alex sits up enough that she can balance on her knees and places his tip so that she is able to glide down his shaft, his head running along her slit and emerging to end up almost at her navel as she moistens his entire shaft with fluid.

“Tell me you love me,” she demands.

“I love you, I love you!” he shouts hoarsely.

Alex sits up on her knees and guides him into her. She sinks down slowly, taking him deep. Once she feels the butterfly kiss against her cervix, she rises back up and repeats the process. Leaning back, she balances herself on his thighs with her hands behind her and begins lifting her body up and down as she watches him emerge and then disappear into her body with each pump.

“Touch me, Walker,” she commands. Walker obeys and reaches down to stroke her engorged nub. The vision of his shaft being buried into her and then reemerging is nearly as erotic as the sensation of touch it creates within her.

“Watch Walker,” she orders. He opens his eyes and watches the same fascinating scene as she. Neither can stand the torment any longer and Alex leans back toward him, lying along his body so that her pelvis rubs against his with each of her thrusts. His hips meet hers and they increase the tempo until their bodies are slick with sweat and their breaths are visible in the cold air as they pant in an effort to get enough oxygen.

“Walker!” Alex shouts as she convulses around him. Reaching the pinnacle with her, he thrusts twice more into her as he pumps his seed deep. Alex collapses on him and they both fall into an exhausted sleep.

Hours later, they awaken and Alex shifts back to get even closer to Walker. “Walker, I’m cold, warm me up again.”

“Hang on, it’s almost midnight.” He throws back the comforter and hurries across the room to get the champagne bottle and two glasses. He pops the cork and pours the sparkling wine and then hurries back to Alex.

“Get in here, I’m freezing!” she says.

He hands her a glass and slides in next to her using his body to warm hers. Wrapping his wrist around hers so that their arms will be linked when they sip their champagne, he touches his forehead and nose to hers. “To the woman who brought all of my dreams to life; Happy New Year darling!”

“Oh, Walker,” is all she can manage as she takes a sip and tears of joy course down her cheeks.

Walker takes the glass out of her hand and sets both on the ground next to them. “Darling I love everything about you, but I love you best when you’re speechless.”

He laughs at her outraged expression and before she can give him one of her famous ADA tongue-lashings, he slips his tongue into her mouth and occupies it in a more pleasurable way.

The End

Well… not really, let your own imagination continue the scene… after all, it is New Year’s and they do have champagne…