Paradise Hawaiian Style

By Carol


She said good bye at the terminal gate,  “She said you’re going to be late if you don’t go!!”   He held her tight said I’ll be all right, I’ll call you tonight to let you know.   Alex watched as Walker’s plane took off, how she longed to go with him,  But she was in the middle of a big court case and couldn’t get away..

He was going to the Island of Hawaii to pick up a prisoner.  Just a few days alone in Hawaii with Walker she thought to herself.  It had been a long busy month and she was tired,  I need a vacation she said to herself as she was driving back to the office she thought of Walker on his way to the Islands and it brought a tear to her eyes.   Okay Alex that’s enough of that, she told herself.

All morning her thoughts were on Walker and how she wish she was at the Islands sitting on the beach looking out over the beautiful clear waters.  Then she was brought back to reality when Trivette came in the door. “Hey there Alex.   How are you doing Trivette asked?” 

“Oh I’m all right Jimmy thanks for asking.”

“Have you had lunch yet?   

"No I was just getting ready to." 

“Well good I just stopped by to see if you would like to go have lunch with me.  I know you are missing Walker and how bad you wanted to go.  I’m no substitute for Walker but well I can keep you company for lunch.”

Alex got up from the chair and went over to Trivette. “Thank You Jimmy” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.  “You are such a good friend.”

Walker Reached the Islands and was greeted with a lei as he disembarked.  There was an officer there to pick him up to take him where ever he needed to go.  Ranger Walker it’s a pleasure to meet you sir!!  The young officer said,  even over here the name Cordell Walker is

a legend.

Thank you it a pleasure to meet you too!   They went straight to the station.  Captain Terrence Chun,  Ranger Cordell Walker the men shook hands, “it’s pleasure to meet you Walker.” “Walker, your prisoner is being held on another Island we weren’t able to get him here before you arrived so you’ll have to go pick him up,  Sorry about that Walker.”  “That’s okay Captain.”  “You will take an Island hopper over to pick up your prisoner is your flight leaves at 8:00AM here is your ticket.  I’ll have an officer take you to the airport in the morning.”  “That’s fine thanks.”  “Well, Walker you have the rest of the day to yourself, go see the sites and relax.”

After Walker got checked into him room he went to find a place to have lunch.  While he was sitting there eating, a couple came over to say hello.  A couple Walker and Alex knew from Dallas.  “Walker?”  "Jim, Carolyn!  What are you doing here?"  "We’re on vacation."  "What are you doing here?”  "Just working, I’m afraid here to pick up a prisoner."  "Is Alex here with you?”  “No she couldn’t get away.”  “Well tell her we said hello."   "I sure will you to have a great vacation."

As Walker sat there finishing up him lunch his thoughts were on Alex.  How he wished she  was here.  He thought about calling her but new she would be in court all day.  He went to the hotel gift shop.  He bought a post card, on the front it just said heaven with a picture of the ocean and the beach and the simple words he told her said he loved her and they told her how he would hold her if his arms would reach..

Wish you were here

Wish you could see this place

Wish you were here

Wish I could touch your face

The weather’s nice it’s paradise it’s summer time all year

There’s folk’s we know they say hello

I miss you so

Wish you were here

Walker mailed the post card that day to Alex.  Then he headed the airport to catch his plane.

"Hello,  I’m here to pick up a prisoner Jake Wallis." 

"You must be Ranger Walker, it’s nice to meet you."  The two men shook hands,

"Right this way Ranger."  Walker headed back to the airport as soon as he had his prisoner, they boarded the plane and took their seats.

As they were sitting there waiting for the plane to take off  Walker got a puzzled look on his face he looked out the window and stared up at the sky.   He kept his eye on the skies above as if he were talking to someone.   Why was the Ranger looking up into the heavens.

He looked at Wallis and then back at the sky again just as the flight attendant started to close the door Walker jump up and yelled “wait I have to get off.” 

“Ranger we are getting ready to leave.”

“I’m sorry something came up I need to get off the plane.”

Walker got off the plane not understanding why he had to get off only that he had to.  Jake Wallis was a big man 6’5” tall and 350 lbs.  Walker got the tickets changed for the next flight which wouldn’t be until tomorrow,  so he was stuck there over night.  As Walker was haling a cab, Wallis knocked Walker over the head, knocking him to the ground.  He hit Walker in the temple and  it dazed him and while he was on the ground, Wallis kicked Walker and then took off running.  Walker wasn’t hurt just dazed and it took him a few minutes to shake it off then he took off after Wallis.  It took him the rest of the day to get him back   Meanwhile a storm had moved in and they were caught right in the middle of it.  A few hours later the police headquarters got a phone call informing them of a plane crash and that there were no survivors found.  They also said that Walker and his prisoner were among the casualties.

"Oh my God, not Walker” Captain Chun replied. "Are you sure?" he questioned.

“Yes they were on the passenger  list." 

"What happened?"  

"They aren’t sure yet only that the plane exploded, everyone on board the plane were killed."

Alex got a call that night but it wasn’t from him,  it didn’t sink in right away.

Ma’am the plane went down, our crews have searched the ground, no survivors found she

heard them say.  But some how she got a postcard in the mail that just said heaven, with a picture of the ocean and the beach.   And the simple words he told her said he loved her and told her how he would hold if his arms would reach.

Wish you were here

Wish I could see your face

Wish you were here

Wish I could touch your face

The weathers nice it’s paradise

It’s summer time all year

There’s folks we know They say hello

I miss you so wish you were here

Alex was holding the postcard in her hand when she got the phone call.  "No!!  There has to be a mistake."  Alex said as she dropped the phone and started to cry.  After she got herself together as much as she was able to she called C.D.  Alex was so upset C.D. couldn’t understand  what she was saying.

“Alex honey calm down and tell what is wrong.  Jimmy, Alex is on the phone something is wrong"  "C.D.,  Walker’s plane went down  they said it exploded  and everyone was killed."

"Oh my Lord!!"  C.D. said as his voice started to brake up and tears running down his cheek.  He was the one that was going to have to break the news to Trivette.

"C.D. are you going to tell me what is going on?"   But when he looked at C.D.’s face and the look he gave Jimmy he didn’t need to ask he knew.   "It’s Walker isn’t it?   WELL!!! “ 

"Yes Jimmy it is,  he’s gone his plane it just exploded."

Trivette didn’t say a word for a long time just sat there, the tears flowing like wine. "C.D.” I’m going over to Alex’s." 

"Okay I can’t get away from here, call me and let me know how Alex is will you?"   

"Yes I will."

  He got to Alex’s apartment and knocked on the door but she didn’t answer it.  “Alex it’s Jimmy open the door.”  Alex opened the door and let Jimmy in and he could see she had been she had been crying real hard.

  They held each other and cried together. "Jimmy he just can’t be gone she cried.  I’m going over there.   I need to find out what happened I have to go."

"What about the case you are working on?" 

"They called just before I found out about Walker, it has been postponed for a few weeks." "I’m going with you Alex you’re not going alone."

Trivette and Alex caught a plane to the Islands and went straight  to the police station to

find out what happened.  "Miss Cahill,  Ranger Trivette come in.  I’m Captain Terrence Chun,  I’m really sorry about Ranger Walker.   I really don’t  know what to say to you." 

"Is there any way there could be a mistake?"  Trivette asked 

“No I’m sorry to say I wish there was." 

"What happened?"   

"We still don’t have all the details yet,  The storm really hit us at a bad time.  You just made it ahead of the storm you’re lucky you didn’t get caught up in it.

We have to wait until it passes to find out any more,  We can’t contact anyone from the station were Walker left from because of the storm the lines are all out.  From what we know Walker boarded the plane no question about it.  One of their men put him on the plane himself.  Then we got a call a few hours later saying the plane had just exploded in mid air.  It looked as if the plane were trying to find a place to land,  but didn’t make it.

Alex started to cry again.. "I was hoping there was some kind of mistake I just can’t believe he’s gone."   Alex said as the tears fell down her cheek.

"Even over here we have heard of the famous Cordell Walker and to have him die like that it just isn’t right.  Do you two have a place to stay yet?"    

"No we came here straight from the airport." 

"I can take care of that for you.  It’s on us that’s the least I can do." 

"Thank you Captain."  Trivette said as the two men shook hands.

There was a storm raging outside as Walker headed back to the police station with his prisoner.  They were all surprised when they saw him walk in.

"What are you doing back here Walker?"

"I never left." 

"What do you mean you never left?  I put you on that plane my self." 

"It’s a long story. Here take this guy before I do something I will regret later."

"You look bushed, what have been doing?" 

"I spent all day chasing this guy he jumped me and got away and it took me until now to catch him."  

"Walker you’re stuck here until the storm is over.  There is a place right across the street you can stay.  Just tell them I sent you and they will send the bill to us." 

Walker checked into his room and took a shower and put on some dry clean clothes.

Alex got her to room and freshened up. Then tried to rest but all she could think about was Walker and the last time she saw him alive, at the airport.  The kiss good bye.  Little did she know it would be their last,  Asking herself why,  but getting no answers.  What was she going to do without Walker at her side.  Alex cried herself to sleep,  She hadn’t slept in forty-eight hours and was exhausted.

Walker stood there in his room looking out the window and he could see the ocean and the deserted beach, Thoughts of Alex on his mind .

    Alex was awakened suddenly from her sleep, she had a nightmare of a plane crashing with

Walker on board.  She got up and went to the window and stared out over the ocean thinking of the good times when Walker was holding her in his arms and kissing her,  She felt so good when he held her and so safe.   Little did they know they were in their rooms staring out over the ocean with each other on their minds but on different Islands.

The storm raged on for two days all they could do was wait it out and Trivette and Alex were not going to leave until they had some answers.  Why and how.  The next morning the storm had cleared and it was a beautiful day  Now they wanted answers.

Walker still couldn’t get through to anyone, the lines were still down.  But the next flight was going to leave in an hour and he was planning on being on it.

"Jimmy I’m going for a drive I just need to be alone to think for awhile okay." 

"Sure Alex, if that’s what you want."  Will you be okay?" 

"Yeah I will."   Alex took a drive down to a beach, one with not many people on it so she could be alone to think.  She took her shoes off and walked in the wet sand alone the beach, looking out across the water and the beach longing for Walker.  The tears flowing down her cheeks again.  Alex took the postcard with her, she couldn’t let it go it was the last thing the last words Walker spoke to her.  The tears fell on the card as she read the words again.

Wish you were here

Wish you could see this place

Wish you were here

Wish I could touch your face

The weather’s nice it’s paradise, it’s summer time all year

There’s folks we know they say hello

Wish you were here

Walker caught his flight back to the main Island and when he walked through the door you could here a pin drop.   "Walker!!!   You’re alive."  "Well the last time I checked I was why?"   

“We all thought you were dead."  

"Why would you think that?"  

"The plane you were supposed to be on the other day crashed and everyone on board was killed.   We put you on that plane." 

"Oh my God,"  Walker said softly.  "I got off the plane just before it took off." 


"It’s a long story."  

"Just then Trivette walked into the room and saw Walker standing there.

“WALKER!!!!”  Trivette shouted, "you’re alive."   He ran over and gave Walker a big hug and pat on the back.   “Man I don’t know how or why but partner am I glad to see you."  "Oh man is Alex going to be glad to see you." 

"Alex is she here too?" 

"Yes and she is really upset." 

"Where is she?"  

"I don’t know Walker she wanted to be along so she rented a car and went for a drive." 

"Captain I need a favor." 

"Anything, Walker what is it?"

“Can you put an A P B out on Alex’s car?  I need to find her right away." 

"Sure Walker that’s no problem at all."  

"When they find her don’t bother her just let me know where she I want to surprise her."

They located Alex's car on a beach alone so Walker headed out there as fast as he could.  Alex was sitting there on the wet sand in her bare feet at the waters edge letting the waves hit her.  Walker walked up behind her slowly.    He knew Alex was in pain but when he saw her sitting there he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing the look on her face when she sees him.

Walker stood there a few feet behind her and looked at the wet but beautiful woman he

loved so much.   Alex started to get up,  it was time for Walker to make him presences known. "Mind if I join you lady?" Walker said. 

Alex turned around.  “Walker!!!!”

"You look like you lost your best friend."  

Alex threw her arms around Walker and held on for dear life crying  as he gave her a passionate kiss on the lips.  Walker you’re okay."  She said as she gave him little kisses all over his face.  Alex help on to his neck for several minutes before she would let go, and ask what happened.

"Oh Walker am I ever glad to see you.  They told us you were dead.”

"Yeah I know,  Alex I’m so sorry I put you through this."  Alex’s tears of sorrow were replaced with tears of joy and a big smile as she stood there looking at Walker.

"Walker tell me what happen.” 

“Alex you’re soaked are you cold?”

“No! I’m fine tell me what happened. Please!!"   

"Alex I didn’t know what happened until a few hours ago when I got back.  I should have been killed with everyone else on that plane.  I was sitting there on the plane.  I was looking out the window and the strangest thing happened.  It was like something drew my attention to the sky,  I kept staring up at the heavens like someone was talking to me.   Someone was trying to tell me something.   All of a sudden I knew I had to get off the plane but I didn’t know why, so I got off. I guess I had an angel on my shoulder.  I didn’t know what happened until I got back.  The storm hit so I was stranded and couldn’t even call." 

"I’m just glad you’re okay."

They sat on the beach together for a long time just holding each other. "I’m so glad you’re here Alex," Walker said as he pulled her down on the sand and kiss her waiting lips.  "I never thought I was going to kiss those lips of yours again Walker."

"You know me I’m like a bad penny I always show up."  

"Yes you do Cowboy, and I would call that a lucky penny."

Walker put his arms around Alex’s waist and she put her arms around his neck and their r lips met with great passion.  Walker pick Alex up in his arms still kissing her, walked out into the warm blue waters.  Alex didn’t notice what Walker was doing she was to busy with his lips.  All the sudden Alex screamed.  "Walker!!  What are you doing?" and Walker started to laugh,  then Alex started to laugh.   

"So you want to play do you?" Alex pulled Walker down under the water and they started to wrestle, fighting and throwing water on each other laughing.  Then he pulled her under the water and their lips met and they held that kiss as long as they could hold their breath.   They came up for air and then down they went again. 

This was a whole new experience, under water and so fun..  They had a great time and all by theirselves no one else was around, the beach was deserted.  They went on to shore where the water was shallow and laid on the beach at the water's edge.  Walker looked at Alex. "Damn you’re so beautiful, laying there all wet. Their lips met with a gentle kiss and then several little kisses.  Alex!!!!

Glad you are here

Glad I could see your face

Glad you are here so I can touch your face

The weather’s nice it’s paradise

It’s summer time all year the folks we know they said hello

Sure glad you’re here

“Oh Walker that’s so beautiful and the card you sent me,  I love you so much..”  From that point things really started to heat up.  Their kisses got real hot and passionate.  Walker put his hand up under Alex’s blouse and slipped her bra up and massaged her breasts.  They were cool and sandy but felt so soft and he wanted to go farther but the were on a beach and someone could some by so he settled for her lips.

            They laid there for a long time in each others arms enjoying each others company.

"Walker we really should be going I guess.  It’s getting late and we needs to get into some clean

dry clothes."  

"Alex I have a better idea."  

"Oh you do??"  Alex questioned!  

“We should take you back to your room and get you out of those wet clothes.  Just get you out of the wet ones NOT in clean ones,"  Walker said with a grin on his face.

Alex looked up at Walker and then said you got it Cowboy."  And off they headed.

"Walker I’m going to take a shower you think you can entertain yourself?"  

"Oh I think I can manage that." 

Alex climbed into the shower.  As soon as she was in, he sneaked into the room and started to take off his clothes. “Won’t she be surprised when I show up.  Or maybe she’ll kick me out." Walker said to himself.

He slowly opened the door being careful not to make any noise.  He closed the door and

carefully open the shower door.  She didn’t notice him, she was washing her hair and her eyes were closed.  Walker climbed in then closed the door and grabbed Alex   "Hey lady you want company?" 

Alex screamed. "Walker,  oh Walker wow.  Yes sir come on in.  She said with a grin as she stood there looking at Walker.   Walker put his arms around Alex and kissed her. 

Walker put soap all over Alex’s body and washed her giving her little kisses.  He gently massaged her back working his way down to her buttocks and then in between her legs causing moans from Alex.  And then she soaped up Walker.  She massaged his muscular chest and then worked her way around to his back rubbing the soap all around.  Then worked her way down lower and then their lips met again.  They took their time and enjoyed their shower.  Then Alex got a big reaction out of  Walker when she reached down and gently massaged Walker's manhood causing an instant arousal…mmmm!!!!

Walker looked into Alex blue eyes then kissed her.  Then said,  would you like to continue this in the bedroom?"   Alex didn’t have to say a word he could see the answer in her eyes.  Walker picked Alex up in his arms and laid her down on the bed.  And then someone knocked at the door.  "Damn Walker said, who can that be?  I’ll get it!  Alex pulled Walker down on the bed and said “oh no you don’t, I’ll get that my dear.   It’s room service I ordered some fresh pineapple and whip cream.  You stay right where you are."    Walker just smiled and said “anything you say.”

A short time later Alex returned with the cart with fresh fruit and lots of whip cream.

They laid there on the bed enjoying their fruit.  Alex picked up a piece of pineapple and dipped it in the whip cream and dropped some whip cream on Walker’s chest.  "Opps sorry my dear."     "Well are you just going to leave it there?"  "No my dear I will just have to clean up my mess won’t I."

Alex put her head down to Walker’s chest and used her tongue to lick up the whip cream.

"Oh, now this is good." 

"Oh yeah,"  Walker replied.  He picked up some more whip cream and tossed it down a little farther. 

"Walker what are you doing?" 

"You look like you are having fun so I thought I would help you out." 

"You are so kind and yes it is fun." 

“Well you’ll get no complaints out of me.”  When Alex was done Walker kissed her and changed places with her.

Walker picked up some whip cream  "OOPS,  now just look at that, I spilled it all over your beautiful chest now I will just have to clean up my mess."   Walker put his lips down to Alex’s chest and put her nipple, which was full of whip cream into his mouth and began to suck on it getting every little bit of cream off of her chest.  Then continued  down making sure to get every little drop.  Walker kissed her waiting lips and gently squeezed her hardened nipples  he then slowly put his body on top of her and entered her.

Their love was so strong and so beautiful that nothing could keep them apart not even God would break up the love that was so strong and meant to be, for it was him that sent his angels to protect Walker from sure death.

"Walker you have hidden talents you never told me about." 

"And so do you my love."

"Well you know we are going to need another shower don’t you?  

“Gee what a shame” and then off they went to the shower again  TOGETHER .

The next morning they met Trivette for breakfast. "Well partner, I’m heading back to

Dallas this morning and I will take Wallis with me.  So you two stay here and have some fun."  “We will and thank you partner, for everything.  See you back in Dallas in a few days Trivette.”

"Well Alex, it’s just you and I what do you want to do?”  

“Walker I want to go to a luau.  I’ve always wanted to go to one.  Please?"  

“I think if that’s what you want to do then you should do it."

They went for a swim and a long walk on the beach that day arm and arm..  They talked and laughed and chased each other around the beach, through the water.  Just had a great time being with each other.

"Hey Walker lets go shopping.  I want to buy a Hawaiian shirt for the luau."  They go into this shop and looked around for shirts,  "Walker lets get matching shirts." 

"No Alex." 

"Come on Walker it’ll be fun." 


Alex gave Walker that sad puppy dog look and stuck out her bottom lip knowing that Walker couldn’t say no to her when she did that  "Please!!

“Alex are you ever going to let me win an argument?" 


They pick out two shirts and Alex went and tried hers on and came out to show Walker.  "Well what do you think Walker?"

"Wow, You look very Hawaiian he said.  "Boy what you do for that shirt should be illegal .

I hate to admit it Alex but you look great."  

"Thank you very much Cowboy and now it’s your turn.  Go try on your shirt." 

Walker went in and tried on his shirt and he wasn’t too happy when he came out.  "Alex I look ridiculous.”

“No you don’t Walker, you look great."  

"Alex this is not me."  

"Walker, this is Hawaii not Texas you are allowed to look the part and no cowboy hat for a change.  I like it.   I think you look terrific."

There was an old black lady standing a few feet away and couldn't help but hear them.  She turned to look at Walker. "Honey!” she said, “if you is taken a vote well he looses.  I vote for the shirt.  I can think of a few words for the way you looks and ridiculous isn’t one of them.  Honey you looks mighty fine in that shirt. um um um  and you better not take it off."  Alex started to laugh it was so funny.  That lady sure told him and she was so serious.

That evening they went to a luau,  they never been to anything like it before. Hula dancers shaking their grass skirts.  Walker couldn’t help thinking to himself  “sure would like to see Alex shake one of those skirts.”  The fire sticks twirling around and around and the food, the roast pig.  They were having a wonderful time and then one of the hula dancers came over to Alex.  "You are Miss Cahill right?" 

"Right!  How did you know?" 

"My brother is Captain Chun,  come with me please." 


"You will see." 

"Ranger Walker you stay right there and don’t move." 

"Okay what ever you say." 

She took Alex over and put a grass skirt on her and showed her how to shake the skirt and just where to do the shaking.   They started the music and out came Alex in a grass skirt and Walker’s mouth dropped open he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  She didn’t say a word just smiled and looked right into Walker’s eyes and started shaking the skirt right in front of Walker's face.  His eyes didn’t leave Alex for a second and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.   Oh was he enjoying this.  Alex looked so cute in that skirt.  What a wonderful surprise this was.

Walker watched her shake that skirt as if she had done it for years and was he impressed.   After the dance was over she sat down in his lap and he put his arms around her and gave her a big kiss. "Alex you look so beautiful out there in the hula skirt.

After the luau they walked back to their room taking in all the sites. They changed their clothes and when to a local night club for a few drinks and dancing.  Walker these last few days have been wonderful too bad it all has to end.  Yeah, it has been Walker replied.   It was nice to relax and not have to worry about work.

Walker and Alex’s plane arrived back at Dallas and Trivette picked them up at the airport.  “Hey there Alex, Walker did you two have fun?"  

“Yes we did Jimmy thanks."

“Partner it’s really good to see you after all that happened.  C.D. gave me order’s to bring you down there from the airport.  

“Well are you up to it or do you want to go home? 

“I’m fine Walker lets go see C.D.

"Hello C.D.," Walker yelled as he came through the door. 

"Walker you’re a site for sore eyes let me tell you."  

"Thanks C.D.” the two shook hands and set them all up with a drink. 

“What was supposed to be a quick turn trip sure turned into a long one.  We did have fun after every thing settled down.  Oh you should have seen Alex in a grass skirt.   Oh baby she never ceases to amaze me." 

"Walker" Alex punched Walker in the arm and he grabbed her up in his arms and gave her a big kiss and said lets dance.

                                               the end