"Private Dancer"

 By Cheyenne

*All disclaimers apply this is my first story on this site please give me some feedback if you like or no!

It was a nice warm sunny afternoon, Alex was working in her home offices (although she was not really working) she was rather thinking about last night and her very steamy encounter with Walker. She has to give herself props; for she and Walker have always tried to keep their sexual relationship rather "platonic" from others they never are afraid to shine light upon each other’s desires at home. Sitting at her desk just staring into space thinking about him and how rippled his muscles looked in the room with the candles he had lit, and the way he satisfied her every need that night; "I honestly can't remember screaming that loud before."

Thinking back to the time when they first spent the night making love to each other and screaming so loud that their neighbors from down the road called the police to make sure nothing was wrong. Alex blushed at the thought of how embarrassed she and Walker both were; especially Walker since he had to explain the whole ordeal to an old friend of his.

While sitting Alex pulls open her desk draw and takes out her journal that she kept there whenever she wanted to write about past arguments or affairs etc. while looking through it she stumbles upon what she had titled the page "Walker's fantasies."

She skims the page and written in bold type is the word "stripper pole" and "private dancer" her eyes suddenly get big to the night when she and Walker where talking about fantasies and how they could fulfill the others need with that fantasy.

To be honest Alex had always detested the fact at how young woman in "gentlemen clubs" could dance around strange men and take their clothes off in front of them; why Alex still does not feel comfortable peeing in front of Walker yet alone dancing like that in front of him. 

Alex pondered some more over whether she should surprise him with a little show number; but there was only one problem SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO STRIP! Alex set her journal down on the desk and looked through her information cards with people whose numbers she had taken in case she ever needed a favor and boy this was big one.

She remembers the time she was working on a case with Walker and an exotic dance instructor came up to her, gave her, her card, and told her she had nice legs and if she was ever interested she could give Alex a free lesson in pole dancing. Alex took the card and politely said no thanks, though Alex wanted to throw the card away she was glad she did not because she sure was going to hold that woman to her free lesson!

Alex decided that if she was going to do this she first had to keep it a secret from Walker and she would have to find a place where you could have men install a pole for you in your bedroom and plan the exact day she was going to surprise Walker.

Once Alex found the card, she started to dial the number on the card on her home office phone when she heard her cowboy call her downstairs. Her eyes wide with fear she quickly cleaned everything off the desk and headed downstairs. "Hey babe, what's up"? "Do you want to you want to come with me to run a couple of errands?  I know it may not seem fun but either way I get to spend time with my beautiful temptress."  "Ooh I get a new nickname now when did that happen?" 

 "Um...last night when I was jumping the bones of this beautiful blond.” (Gasp) Alex playfully slapped Walker on his arm and said, "let's go before you get yourself into more trouble.” After coming home from running errands with Walker, Alex makes a mad dash up the stairs to her home office. Walker notices this action and quickly follows her upstairs thinking she was playing a little "catch me if you can."  When Walker gets to the door, he tries the knob but sees that it is locked so he goes back down stairs to prepare supper.

 Alex still is standing on the other side of the door looking regretfully at how she ran upstairs without a word to Walker.  However, if she wanted to surprise him she had to keep things hush, hush. With trembling fingers, Alex dialed the woman's number and waited for someone not to answer. "Please don't pick up I don't know what I would say if you did." "Hello"?  "Um... hi yes this is attorney Alex -Walker I'm the woman you saw some time ago you commented me on my nice legs, when I was in your bar with the Ranger.”

"Oh yes I remember I'm Christi what can I do for you Mrs. Walker...it is Mrs. Walker isn't it?" ”Yes... I was wondering can I still get that free dance lesson at your studio." "Yes you can, do you want a private session?" Alex then thought, "There’s a private session? Well if I did a private session I won't have to worry about embarrassing myself in front of the class."

"Um... Sure I'll take a private class what time is it and what's your address?" "One moment...okay our address is 5326 N. Lansing our number if you ever want to contact me or the facility is 1 -773-334-6937 I'll write you an appointment for Friday the 6th and 4:00 pm is that okay?” "Friday the 6th, 4pm, yes that will be fine I'll see you then. Thanks you bye-bye" "Oh before I forget." "Yes?" "Bring your highest heels that you can walk in of course and clothes that you can move around in like boy-shorts and tank-top okay and that's all you'll need for the class.” “Okay bye.” "Bye.” Alex then snuck her head out of the door to make sure Walker was not listening then made her way downstairs.

"Is everything okay you ran upstairs so fast I thought you were sick?" "Oh yeah every things fine" "Here I made your favorite dish." "You did what?" "Chicken fettuccine with veggies." "Oh that is exactly what I want how did you know"? “Well it's because I know you." "That you most certainly do.” The whole rest of that evening was quiet Walker would occasionally bring up how everything at work was going and Alex would tell him about her case that she had been working on but the main thing that was going through her mind was "you have no idea what a surprise you’re in for this weekend. I'll guarantee that when the weekend is over you'll never look at our room the same way again." 

The next morning Alex woke up it was Friday and she had to admit this is the earliest that she has ever been up. That was something different that Alex noticed Walker was and early bird who wakes up before dawn while Alex is more like the worm I guess you can say because she loves to sleep in.  With Walker still in bed, Alex crept to her nightstand and pull out the things she would need for her class today.

"Okay I have my shorts and tank-top now what else am I missing...oh that's right my shoes." Alex looked over her shoulder to check and see if Walker was still sleep when she was sure that he was, she tiptoed over to her closet and got out her heels.  she had bought  them when she was out doing errands with Walker; when he questioned her about why she got them she just said "it's a girl thing to want to have lot's of shoes, a girl can never go wrong with too many shoes." The thought made Alex feel warm inside at the thought of their day yesterday, but right now, she had to hurry and get things set so when four o'clock came she could go to her class.


After Alex gathered up her things and put them in her gym bag along with some other items, she set the bag aside in the corner of the room and started to head back to bed when Walker stirred. "MM...Alex where are you?" "I'm right here I just had to go to the bathroom" she hated having to lie to him but she was doing this for him and she wanted this to be a surprise. "Well get over here I'm getting cold." "Yes sir." Alex said teasingly as she hopped into bed with the man she loved. When she was secure in his arms Alex asked, "What are you doing today?"  "Well I thought that I would go and watch the football game with Trivette and catch up with him for a while, why? What are you going to be doing"? Just at the thought of the question Alex said "oh nothing I'm just going to the gym with Sydney is that okay?" "Why do you need to go to the gym you have a perfect body" "I know but I like hanging out with Sydney so I thought we could try the new gym."  "Okay if you say so, but we may watch the game over here, Jimmy's flat-screen is on the fritz again."  "Oh yeah Alex how do you plan on exercising with heels on?"

Alex just gave a simple smile.


Later on it was getting awfully close to four o' clock and Alex was getting somewhat antsy. She had already called Sydney and let her in on what she was doing but she still felt somewhat giddyish because she was hiding this from Walker; and knowing Walker, he always finds outs about things so this made her even antsier. "Why are you so jumpy?" Walker asked. "Oh I'm just waiting for Sydney to get here, uh when are the guys coming over again?" "In a few minutes why?" “Oh no reason" just then she heard Sydney car pull up "oh that's Sydney got to go don't wait up okay?" "Okay have fun.”  Alex hopped into the car "okay Syd step on it I want get this over with.”Anything you say" their drive over to the gym was quiet but they still made it there on time once there Alex rushed out of the car before Sydney could park it "Alex no need to rush you'll get there in time either way I’m sure Walker will love this little routine your doing for him."

Once in and greeted by Christi they both got changed and began  Alex had to admit it was kind of fun and Christi said that she was a natural she even wanted Alex to do a half-pint to Sydney’s surprise Alex did look like a natural that was more than she could say for herself. After the session, Christi gave Alex the number to a pole installation place where they could install the pole for you the same day. Alex accepted the number and asked Christi once again did she think she was ready, once assured that she was Sydney drove Alex home. When Alex got home she discovered that Walker was not there "oh good he and the guys must of left this gives me enough to prepare for tonight" Alex said with a wicked smile on her face. Walker was just getting home from Jimmy's house the Rangers had won and he was in a good mood, he was glad to see that the porch light was still on.  He really wanted to share the Rangers game with Alex.

As Walker walked up the stairs to his ranch house and entered, he saw that there were rose petals spread all over the floor leading all the way upstairs. He saw that on the front table was a card with his name on it. he sauntered over to the card and it simply read:

"come up stairs cow-boy I’m waiting for you"  Walker took the stairs two at a time he saw that there was still rose petals all over the floor to their bedroom door, he saw candles everywhere and he knew that his "Lexy" was waiting for him, and he couldn't wait. When Walker entered the room, his mouth dropped wide open, he could not believe his eyes there standing right in front of him was his Lexy wearing a silk robe and standing against a long golden pole, that look like it had been installed today, "Hey Cowboy why don't you lose the shirt so we can start the show."  "What show?" "Oh I forgot to tell you I have a little presentation for you that I know you'll love and it seems like it will be really special because the Rangers won their game tonight." Walker still could not believe his eyes first the Rangers won their game now this all he could say to her was "I love you more than I can say."

                               ************************* 20 min later ************************ 

It has been 20 minutes and Alex has really worked up a sweat for Walker she has to admit she was still shy about doing this but this was one fantasy that Alex wanted to come true for Walker. After all, she was madly in love with him; she would do anything to make him happy. Walker could not hold it any longer he had to take her or else the bulge in his pants was going to drive him crazy. Walker walked up to her and carried her over to the bed he felt like he was going to explode.

                            *************************** 5 hours later **************************

(Panting) They both just emerged from under the covers (panting,) "did I fulfill your fantasy?" "Yeah” Walker said still out of breath "I think you covered all the bases.” good because I have one hell of a fantasy that you have to do for me."