By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker entered his son's nursery and asked J.C. as he picked him up “What’s the matter son?" After checking his diaper Walker figured out what the problem was and changed his son then walked around the room with him until he fell back asleep. Walker then laid J.C. back in his crib turned off the light and left the nursery. Walker went downstairs to the living room where he sat on the couch watching t.v. by himself because his wife Alex was out of town. She was working on a case with a federal prosecutor by the name of Tim Monroe whom Walker had taken an instant dislike to when Alex had introduced them. Alex had then told Walker that she would be assisting Monroe with a federal trial that was taking place in Houston.

Walker channel surfed for awhile then he snapped off the t.v. got up from the couch and went over to the window where he recalled the conversation that he and Alex had had about her going to Houston to assist Monroe with the federal prosecution of Jason Duquesne. “Alex I don't want you to go, you need to stay here at home with your family. Who's going to take care of J.C. while you're gone and I'm at work?"

Alex had answered him while still packing her clothes "Walker, I'll only be gone for a week at the most. You've been on stakeouts a lot longer than that since we've been married. As for who's going to watch our son while you're at work; I've already arranged for my father and C.D. to watch him during the day while you're at work and when you're not at work you can watch him. You're his father, after all. Walker how many times have I been here all alone with our son while you're off on a stakeout or doing lord knows what else?" Walker then told her “You’re my wife and you're staying home with my son, end of subject."

Alex snapped her suitcase closed as she informed him "You're my husband not my boss, end of subject." Then Alex had left their bedroom with her suitcase and had gone to the nursery where she told her baby “Mommy is going to miss you so much, now you be good for your Daddy and I'll see you in a week." Walker who had followed Alex into the nursery said “Alex let someone else do it, J.C. needs you home with him not running off to Houston."

Alex kissed her son on his head then left the nursery without another word. Walker caught up to his wife by the door and asked her “Alex why are you so determined to go to Houston? What's in it for you besides the press clippings? Is there someone waiting there for you that I don't know about, like your old friend Monroe?"

By now furious Alex snapped "The press clippings have never mattered to me and you know that Walker. As to why I'm so determined to go, are you forgetting that Jason Duquesne has gotten away with at least three murders in our county? That this federal case may be the only way to see to it that he ends up in jail?" Walker replied “I know what he's gotten away with Alex but I don't want you leaving your family behind in your quest for justice."

Alex opened the front door then said “Walker I am not leaving my family behind, what I am doing is doing my job and that's seeing that a criminal faces justice. Why can't you understand that?" Walker being stubborn responded “I understand that you're going to another city and that you won't be here. Tell me Alex, just how well do you know Tim Monroe? When you went to law school with him what else did the two of you do besides study law books? You've been calling him by his first name not his last name like you would with any other prosecutor, why's that?"

“Walker there is no reason for you to act like this. If I didn't know better I would say that you were jealous but we both know that isn't the case because you don't love me like I love you. Tim Monroe and I attended law school at the same time, that's all. I'll see you in a week; take good care of my son for me." Alex said then got into a cab. Walker had watched until the cab left his property.

Walker turned away from the window picked up the phone and called Alex's hotel room. Walker was surprised when a man answered the phone but he asked him “Is Alex there?"

The man said “This is Tim, Alex is in the shower. Who should I tell her called?" Walker slammed the phone down. When Alex came out of the bathroom she asked Tim “Who was that on the phone?"

Tim lied to her “Wrong number, are you ready to go to dinner?" Alex said as she picked up some legal papers “I thought that you wanted to look over these papers?" Tim took them from her as he answered “I do but can't we do that over dinner?"

Alex replied “I don't think that we should do eat dinner out. I'm really tired and I need to get in some rest before court tomorrow, it's pretty late as it is."

Tim informed her “Oh come on, Alex the reservations are already made. What's the harm in co-workers eating dinner together after a very long and hard day in court? I'm starving, the judge kept the court in session for a lot longer than I thought he would." Alex reluctantly agreed " Okay but once dinner is over I want to come straight back here so that I can call Walker and see how my baby boy is doing."

After dinner was over Tim tried badgering Alex into going to a night club with him but she refused and they went back to the hotel where Tim insisted on seeing Alex to her door. Once at the door Tim asked her “Can I come in? I need to use the bathroom." Alex allowed him in and after Tim was done in the bathroom he suggested to Alex “How about I call room service and get us something to drink?"

Realizing what Tim was up to Alex went over to the door opened it and said “I’m not interested in what you have in mind; I'm a happily married woman. Good night Mr. Monroe, I'll see you tomorrow in the courtroom. And just so you know, the second this trial is over I will be going back home to my husband and son." After he left Alex called her home but Walker didn't answer the phone.

Chapter Two

A weary Alex dragged herself up the front steps at the ranch and opened her door then called out “Is there anyone here?" C.D. came out of the kitchen and told her “I’m right here. Alex, aren't you home a couple of days early?"

“Yes I am home a couple of days early. C.D. where are Walker and my son at?" Alex questioned C.D. who told her “J.C. is upstairs taking a nap. Why don't you go and see him? He missed his mother."

Alex headed upstairs where she found her son lying in his crib wide awake so she picked him up and took him downstairs so that she could visit with C.D. who asked her “How did the trial go? Did you get a conviction on that criminal?"

Alex replied “Yes we did, we were able to get him to confess to all charges once it was pointed out to him that we had enough evidence to go for the death penalty on him and his wife. He confessed and pleaded guilty and in return we agreed not to seek the death penalty against his wife. She got ten years in a federal prison. Not to change the subject but how was J.C. for you and my Dad during the days?" C.D. answered “I had him during the days and your father watched him at night. He's a good baby."

“What do you mean that you watched J.C. during the days and that my father watched him at night? Where was Walker at that he couldn't watch his own son for five days?" An upset Alex questioned C.D. who replied “He took a undercover assignment in Austin; he should be back tomorrow or the next day. Since you're home I really need to get back to my bar." C.D. then left the ranch as quickly as he could because he knew that Alex was pretty mad at Walker for his leaving J.C. with him and her father and going off on an undercover assignment when she was already out of town.

After feeding J.C. his dinner Alex sat him down on the living room floor and watched as he got up on his wobbly legs while holding onto the couch. Alex went over by him and held out her hands as she said “You ready to walk on your own honey?" J.C. smiled at his mother and said “Mama, Mama." Alex told him “That’s right, I'm your mother."

J.C. then walked a couple of steps to his mother who hugged him to her as she gushed "You've taken your first steps J.C. Mommy's so proud of her big boy, walking when he's only eleven months old. You're a special baby, so smart and handsome." J.C. then plopped back down on the floor and resumed crawling around.

After putting her son to bed Alex was getting ready to retire herself when the phone rang. It was Monroe who said to her “Alex, it's me Tim Monroe, I have a proposition for you. I would like you to join my staff here in Houston, you'd be my assistant during the day and at night...well you know what I mean. What do you say Alex?"

“I’m not interested. I thought that I made that quite clear earlier today when you asked me the same exact question? My answer is not going to change, good bye." Alex answered Tim who pressed on “Alex come on, don't play hard to get. Both you and I know that you have political ambitions that you want to be a D.A. someday. But that right now you'll settle for being a Federal Prosecutor. The best way to become a D.A. is to keep your name in the papers and you can't do that while working as a local prosecutor. Now when are you going to admit that you need me to further your career? I can help you in more ways than one, for instance I can see to it that you have your pick of the high profile cases that come through the Houston Attorney General's office. That is if you see things my way and you know what I mean by that. All you have to do is to leave your husband and baby in Dallas and move to Houston. You can still see them on the weekends, although you would be better off getting rid of them all together. What do you say?"

Alex simply hung up the phone without a word. The phone immediately rang again so Alex didn't answer it. When the phone kept on ringing Alex put the answering machine on and went to bed.

When Walker returned home in the middle of the night he saw the message light flashing so he listened to the messages and they were all from Tim Monroe who made it seem like he and Alex had done much more than try a case together, that Alex was going to be moving to Houston at any second to be with Monroe. Disgusted by the messages Walker erased them then went to the nursery where he saw that J.C. was sound asleep. Walker vowed to the baby 'Daddy and Mommy will always be here for you son.' Walker then headed to his bedroom and crawled into bed with Alex who stirred and asked him “What time is it?"

Instead of answering her question Walker tried to pull Alex into a kiss but she moved away and told him “Walker, please don't." Walker then snapped “What’s the matter Alex? Aren't I good enough for you anymore now that you have...?"

Alex replied "Walker what I do have is my monthly and there's no way we're having sex when I'm on it. We've never discussed this before but I don't believe in having sex of any kind during my monthly and that includes me taking care of you. I'm sorry if that bothers you but I'm not changing my mind." Walker in a bout of jealousy questioned his wife “Did you have the same policy with your friend Timmy? Or is the hands off policy just for me, you know your husband?"

“I have no idea what you're talking about. It's late and I'm tired, we can continue this conversation in the morning." Alex said and rolled onto her side away from Walker who laid there wondering exactly what Alex's relationship with Tim Monroe was.

Chapter Three

The next morning when she woke up Alex felt sick to her stomach and went bolting into the bathroom where she was ill. Walker returning from the nursery heard Alex in the bathroom being sick so he decided to get their son dressed for the day. A very pale Alex came into the dining room and sat herself down at the table across from her husband who was trying to feed their son. Alex told him “J.C. took his first steps last night."

Walker said “He did? Isn't he too young to do that?" Alex smiled as she said “No, he's not too young to start walking. Although my precious baby is doing it at eleven months instead of twelve months like most other babies."

Walker questioned her "Is he really that precious to you Alex? Or are you planning on leaving the two of us behind to go to Houston to be with your boyfriend?" Shocked by what Walker was asking her Alex replied “Where ever did you get the idea that I was moving to Houston and that I had a boyfriend? And how dare you imply that I would leave my son behind?"

“So it is true that you want out of this marriage? Well if that's the case you can forget about taking my son with you. He is staying here with his father; where he belongs. If you want to be a hot-shot federal prosecutor in Houston you can, I won't stand in your way but like I just told you J.C. will remain here. If I have to fight you and your father for him I will." Walker informed Alex who said to him “Walker, I don't understand why you're saying that I want out of our marriage because I don't. As for being a federal prosecutor in Houston I already told Tim that I wasn't interested in being one. Walker, how can you sit there and say those kinds of things to me? I turn you down for sex because of my monthly and this is the way that you treat me? I know that you don't love me but I thought you at least cared about me a little bit. That you understood that I love you enough to make up for your lack of love when it comes to me. I guess that I was wrong because it seems to me that you're the one who wants out of this marriage. That's why you've been asking me those questions about me wanting to leave because you're not man enough to admit that you want me gone and that you J.C. all to yourself. Well guess what Cordell John Walker that is not going to happen. I will never leave my son for anyone or anything got that?"

J.C. started crying then so Alex asked Walker as she picked him up “You happy now? You've made your son cry." Alex then left the dining room followed by Walker who said “If you are telling me the truth why did your 'friend' Tim answer the phone in your hotel room? You know that night I called you and you were in the shower?"

Alex replied “I have no idea what you are talking about; Tim was never in my hotel room while I was taking a shower and you never called me. If you cared about me at all you would have called me at least once to see how I was doing but no you had to run off to Austin leaving J.C. without either one of his parents here. How could you Walker?"

Mad himself Walker snapped “How could you betray your family Alexandra? Is he that good?" By now furious Alex said “I don't know what you're talking about but since you seem so determined to get rid of me maybe you can charge me with adultery when you file for that divorce that you so obviously want. A divorce that I have no intention of giving you by the way. I will not let my son lose either one of his parents." Right after she said that Alex doubled over in pain and Walker had to grab J.C. out of her arms. Setting his son on the floor Walker gently lowered Alex to the floor as he asked her “Alex, what's wrong? Should I call an ambulance for you?"

Alex shook her head no then said “I’m just having some really bad cramps, can you please watch J.C. while I take a hot bath? We'll have to finish this discussion later." Walker helped her up from the floor as he told her " Go ahead and take your hot bath, I'll drop J.C. off at the daycare center for you."

“I wasn't going to work today, I'm off until Monday. Can you stay here with him until I'm done with my bath?" Alex asked her husband who agreed. When Alex was done with her bath she came back downstairs still looking very pale so Walker told her “I can take the day off it you need to lay down or something."

“I’d like that but don't you want to be away from me? You sure were acting like it earlier." Alex said to Walker who told her “No. Alex I don't want to be away from you, I just want to be sure that you really want to be here with us."

“Walker, I want to be here with you and my son more than anything on the face of this earth but I won't put up with you questioning my character by implying that I would ever betray my family. You can understand that, can't you?" Alex asked him.

“Yes I can. You go ahead and get some rest in while J.C. and I hang out together." Walker answered Alex who went upstairs to get some rest in. Awhile later after Walker had laid J.C. down in his crib he went to his bedroom where he found Alex in the middle of a dream and she was saying “No please don't do that to me. Walker, no please don't, I love you."

Looking at his wife begging him not to do something to her Walker began to regret the way he had jumped on Alex at breakfast. While he was thinking that over Alex woke up and asked him “Where’s J.C.?"

“He’s sleeping, are you feeling any better?" Walker asked Alex as he ran his hand through her hair but Alex moved away as she replied "A little but I'm still not having sex with you until my monthly is over."

Walker kissed her on the cheek as he said “That’s okay because I wasn't planning on making love with my wife until she feels a lot better." Alex seriously asked him “Walker do you want out of our marriage? I want an honest answer."

“No. Alex I do not want out of this marriage. What I want some day is to have more children with you. Do you want more children with me or do you want to be a Federal prosecutor someday?" Walker answered Alex's question with a question of his own.

“Walker for the last time, I do not want to be a Federal prosecutor. As for wanting more children with you, yes I do but I think we're going to have to wait to get started on that for a couple more days." Alex replied as she got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. After she returned from the bathroom Alex told her husband “Walker, I'm feeling a lot better now if you want to go to work you can. I was thinking about taking J.C. to see my father and C.D. at C.D.'s around one. If you're free then maybe you can meet us there."

“Okay see you then." Walker answered and left for Ranger headquarters.

Chapter Four

When Walker arrived at Ranger headquarters his fellow Rangers were gathered around Trivette's desk and they were discussing something while some of them were glancing at Walker's desk so he asked them “What’s going on?" His fellow Rangers quickly went back to their own desks as Trivette suggested “Walker why don't we go to the conference room?"

Walker followed Trivette to the conference room and after the door was closed waited for Trivette to say something. After Trivette fidgeted around for a few minutes Walker barked at him “Trivette will you just spit it out?"

“Walker, Bonnie down in the records department said that Alex was going to resign her position here and move to Houston to be a Federal prosecutor. That she was going to leave you and J.C. behind because of Tim Monroe. Is it true Walker?" A nervous Trivette asked Walker who replied “No, it's not true Trivette. Where did Bonnie get an idea like that?"

“I wondered that myself so I went to Alex's office to see if she was in but Sabrina told me that Alex was off until Monday at which time she was going to resign. When I asked Sabrina how she knew that she told me that D.A. Clark had come into Alex's office with the newest A.D.A. and told the both of them that as soon as Alex resigned on Monday he could have her office. Walker do you mind telling me what is going on?" Trivette ended his explanation with a question.

“Trivette all I know is that Tim Monroe wants Alex to become a Federal Prosecutor in Houston but Alex is not the least bit interested in the position. Now don't we have some cases that need looked into?" Walker said to Trivette who replied "Yes and I just got a lead on one of Colemen's drug labs. It took a lot of doing on my computer but I was able to trace ownership of that Meth lab on Freemont back to Colemen. What do you say we go raid the place? He's gotten away with his operation long enough."

“What are you waiting for Trivette?" Walker asked his partner who answered “The search warrant which should be ready any minute now."

After the bust was over Trivette suggested “Hey Walker, I can do the paperwork on the bust if you have to be somewhere, you've been looking at the clock every couple of minutes."

Walker told him “Alex wanted me to meet her at C.D.'s around one. Why don't you come with me? We can do the paperwork after lunch." Trivette asked him “Is Alex going to ask you for custody of my namesake?" Walker replied " No she's not, now drop it will you?" Trivette nodded okay and they left Ranger headquarters.

At C.D.'s Alex was sitting at a booth while her father was sitting across from her holding his grandson. Gordon said to his daughter “What’s this I hear about you resigning your position here and becoming a Federal Prosecutor in Houston? It's a good career move though; I always thought that you had the makings of a great prosecutor. But I thought you said that you wanted to remain in your current job?"

“Not you too Dad?" Alex asked her father who replied "Not me too what Alexandra? I was just asking if the rumor was true that you were going to Houston to join the Attorney General's office there. Now before I upset you any further Alex I know that the rumor that you were going to leave your son behind isn't true. There's no way that my daughter would leave her baby behind to further her career. I'll help you with the custody case if Walker puts up a fight for my grandson."

Choosing her words Alex replied “Dad, I am not going to Houston or anywhere else for that matter. I am not about to resign my position here and there's no way that I would ever leave my husband and baby behind. Walker and I are going to remain married and hopefully someday have more children. I don't want J.C. to an only child."

Realizing that he had been way out of line Gordon decided to ease the tension by teasing “Alex when you have more children will you at least think about naming one after me?" Alex responded “Dad at least wait until we decide when we're having another baby to ask me that will you?”

            “Yes, I guess that I can wait until then Alexandra." Gordon answered back and they sat there making small talk while waiting for Walker to arrive. Instead Monroe entered the bar, spotted Alex and said to her “There you are my love. The week that we shared in Houston is only the start of great things to come, I promise you that. Now when are you going to stop pretending that your current family is more important to you than your career? I spoke with D.A. Clark earlier today and he said that he would be more than happy to accept your resignation on Monday."

A furious Alex told her father “Please take J.C. to the back room, I don't want to burn his ears when Mr. Monroe and I discuss the rumors that he's been spreading about me." Seeing the look on his daughter's face Gordon did as he was told.

After they were gone Tim slid into the booth and said “Now that he's gone with the kid, how about a dance?" Alex informed him "Let get a few things straight Mr. Monroe, I am not interested in you. I will never be interested in you and I have no intention of doing anything that would harm my family. Now for the final time, get lost."

After she said that Alex got up and walked away from the booth but Monroe got up and grabbed her left arm as he told her “I’m going to kiss you and you're going to love it. Come on Alex, you know that you want me." Alex attempted to pull away but Monroe tightened his grip as he questioned her “Sweetheart why don't you stop trying to fight this thing between us? You want it as much as I do and you know it. Why don't you just relax and accept the fact that I'm the only man for you?"

Alex told him “Mr. Monroe I have a response to your suggestion." Monroe replied “Well then lay it on me baby." Alex delivered a solid right hook to Monroe's jaw dropping him to the floor. As he lay on the floor Alex told him “If you ever attempt to do something like that to me again you will be singing soprano for the rest of your life. Do you understand me now?"

Walker who entered C.D.’s with Trivette in time to witness Alex punching out Monroe said to him “If you ever bother my wife again you won't have to worry about her, you'll have to worry about me. I protect what's mine and Alex is my wife. Now get out of here." Monroe scrambled to his feet and left C.D.'s.

Trivette then asked “So I guess this means that you aren't leaving Walker and J.C. to move to Houston to be with Monroe?" Alex answered “What is wrong with everyone today? First Walker then my father and then you Trivette accuse me of wanting to leave my family behind when they are the most precious things in my life. I would give up my career for them without a second thought."

“Alex I'm sorry if I upset you but it seems like D.A. Clark expects you to resign at any minute. I heard that he even hired a replacement for you." Trivette explained to Alex who snapped “I will deal with D.A. Clark myself Monday morning."

Gordon brought J.C. out of the backroom and handed him to Alex who hugged her son as she said “I’m starved, how about we get something to eat?" They went to the booth and ate their lunch. After it was over Trivette went outside to wait for Walker and Gordon went to his law firm.

Alex took J.C. from Walker and asked him “Do you know when you'll be home?" Walker replied “In a couple of hours, if it's not too late when I get home how about we go for a ride? That is if you're feeling okay then."

“It’s a date." Alex answered and left C.D.'s

Chapter Five 

When Walker arrived home he was much later than he had told Alex that he would be because of a breaking case. Alex had already put their son to bed and was sound asleep on the couch. After locking the house up Walker went into the living room and knelt on the floor besides Alex as he ran his hands through her hair. Alex became restless and muttered “Please don't do that to me Walker. Please, no don't. Walker I love you. Please I'm begging you, don't." Walker withdrew his hand and moved away as Alex stirred even more. Awakening she yawned then asked him “Walker, what time is it?"

Walker answered his wife “Around midnight, Alex is everything okay?" Alex got up from the couch and told “Other than these killer cramps from my monthly everything is fine." Walker reached out and lightly took a hold of Alex's arm to stop her from leaving the room then he questioned her “Do you want to talk about your dream? What were you begging me not to do to you? Alex you know that I would never hurt you, don't you?"

“I don't remember what I was dreaming about. Walker why did you get home so late? I thought that we had a date to ride our horses?" Alex asked her husband in an attempt to change the subject but Walker insisted “Alex I think that you remember what you were dreaming about, it was the same dream that you had just this morning. Alex tell me what is bothering you enough to make you plead with me not to do that to you in your dreams. You plead with me not to do something to you then you tell me that you love me then you ask me again not to do that to you. Tell me what it is Alex."

“Please Walker, right now I can't tell you what my dream was about because I really don't remember it. All I remember is a feeling of being completely heartbroken, as though someone had just ripped my heart from my chest and then stomped on it. Can we just go to bed? It's late and I'm really tired." Alex asked Walker who answered "Come on, I'll even tuck you in."

After they were in bed Walker questioned his wife while turning beet red "Alex, uhm... when is your..uhm your monthly over with? Any time soon?" Alex questioned him back “In a couple of days, you can wait that long for sex, can't you?"

Walker shook his head no as he said “Alex I wasn't asking you when we could have sex again. I was asking about it because it seemed to me like you were in a lot of pain and I was hoping that it would end soon for your sake, that's all."

“These cramps that I'm having have got to be the worst that I have ever had. Dr. Bates did tell me that my monthly would be heavier and more painful that it had been recently because of the manner in which I had to stop breast-feeding our son. Usually a woman starts weaning her child and her body starts to produce less milk but in my case I had to be given a shot to stop my body from producing milk. This caused my monthly cycle to get messed up and the end result of that is a heavier period and more painful cramping. I'm sure that the next one will be a lot easier on me than this one was. But I have to tell you if I could just find something to heat my lower back the pain would be a lot less, I've tried some things but none of them have worked." Alex ended her explanation as she began rubbing her lower back.

Walker got out of bed left the room and returned a few minutes later with a jar of something. He told her "Raise your nightgown and roll onto your stomach, I'll rub some of this cream on your lower back." Alex did as he asked her to and after Walker was done she said to him “That’s feels so good, where did you get that at?"

“White Eagle says that it's good for muscle aches and pains. I take it that it worked? I wasn't sure that it would but I don't like to see you in any kind of pain." Walker answered Alex who vowed “It worked great and as soon as my monthly is over I'm going to show you my thanks."

“Alex you don't have to thank me, you're my wife and I was trying to help you. I didn't rub it on your back to get you to have sex with me; I would never do that to you." Walker objected as Alex snuggled close to him. Laying her head on his chest a sleepy Alex asked her husband “Well then when my monthly is over, can we make love instead of having sex? I've really missed it."

Running his hand through her hair Walker replied “As often as you want to. Now how about we get some sleep?" Already half-asleep Alex muttered “I love you Cordell John Walker." Walker pulled his wife even closer as he said “Some day lady you will know how much I care for you."

The next morning as they were eating breakfast Alex said “Walker, I need to know why you thought I was going to leave you and our child behind and move to Houston. I also want to know why you thought that Monroe had been in my hotel room while I was taking a shower because he never was. After you tell me that we don't have to discuss that worm again, okay?"

“Okay. I thought that Monroe was in your room when you were taking a shower because I called you one night and when Monroe answered the phone he told me that you were taking a shower. As for thinking that you were leaving us Monroe called here and left a bunch of messages on the answering machine that made it seem like you were going to do exactly that because you had fallen for him." Walker explained.

“I didn't know that you had even called me. One night Monroe stopped by my room for some legal papers right as I had to use the bathroom really badly. When I came out of the bathroom I asked Monroe who had called and he said that it was a wrong number. He then talked me into going out to dinner with him and after we returned to the hotel room Monroe hit on me. I turned him down in no uncertain terms and I thought that he had gotten the idea but we both know now that he didn't. After I got back from Houston Monroe called me and suggested that I leave you and J.C. for him, I told him that was never going to happen and hung up the phone. When it rang again I ignored it because I thought that it was him. I did not know that he had left messages that made it seem like I had betrayed you. Walker, I love you and our son and there is no way that I would ever do anything to hurt either one of you. As for Monroe I really wish that I had punched him a lot harder, that's the least that he deserves for the trouble that he caused us." Alex told Walker who pulled her up from the table kissed her soundly then said to her “I don't deserve you lady but I am never letting you go. Alex I..."

The phone rang then causing Walker to swear “Damn it, I'd better answer it." Alex nodded okay and Walker went and answered the phone only to find out that he had to go to Ranger headquarters.

Chapter Six

Walker entered Ranger headquarters but before he could ask Trivette what was going on Harland opened his office door and said “Walker, I want you in my office right now." Walker went into his captain's office where Harland told him “Walker close the door and take a seat." After Walker was seated Harland said to him “Walker you are my best Ranger and while I think that your approach to your job is unorthodox at best it does produce outstanding results. However having said that what you did yesterday can't be overlooked by anyone. Walker as of this minute consider yourself suspended from the Texas Rangers. Hand over your gun and badge."

As he was handing over his gun and badge Walker questioned his boss “Exactly why am I being suspended? Don't I get a hearing first?" Harland took Walker's gun and badge locked them in his desk drawer then told Walker "That is the way it's usually done but when D.A. Clark himself called the governor and informed him what you had done the governor agreed with Clark that you were to be suspended as soon as you got here today. Walker, the hearing is scheduled for two weeks from Tuesday and I'll see to it that you get a chance to present your side then."

Walker asked Harland “My side to what? Why am I being suspended when I've done nothing wrong? What did I do that the governor would agree with Clark to suspend me? Captain Harland either tell me now or keep that badge."

Harland replied “Walker come on even you must know that a Federal prosecutor can't be assaulted without you getting yourself suspended." Walker then asked in disbelief “I’m being suspended because my wife defended herself from a jerk?"

“Walker, are you trying to tell me that your wife is the one who almost broke Federal Prosecutor Tim Monroe's jaw? Come on Walker everyone knows that Monroe was interested in your wife and from what D.A. Clark told me himself this morning she was leaving you from him. Now do you want to just admit the truth that you punched out Monroe? If you do that and then tell Monroe that you're sorry about losing your temper I'll somehow get the governor to forget about the suspension. Walker, any man in your position most likely would have been at the very least tempted to hit the man who was stealing his wife from him. While I understand why you did what you did I can't condone it as your captain. Just tell the man that you're sorry and this will all be over with." Harland said to Walker.

Getting up from his seat Walker snapped "I did not punch out Monroe at C.D.'s yesterday if you don't believe me ask Trivette who witnessed Alex defending herself from Monroe who was making unwanted sexual advances to her. Captain Harland if I had been the one to assault Monroe he would be in the hospital right now instead of lying to everyone about his actions. As for Clark lying to the governor, Clark has always resented the fact that he has to keep Alex on at the D.A.'s office because she's a much better prosecutor than he could ever hope to be." Walker then left Harland's office without another word.

Trivette asked Walker “Hey man what's going on?" Walker answered “Ask Harland that." Walker then left Ranger headquarters as Trivette went into Harland's office. Harland told him to be seated then asked him “Trivette what happened in C.D.'s yesterday between Walker and Monroe?"

“It was more like Alex and Monroe. Apparently Monroe has been making everyone think that Alex was going to leave Walker and J.C. behind and move to Houston to be with him. When Walker and I entered C.D.'s yesterday Alex was punching out Monroe then she told Monroe that if he ever did anything like that to her again he would be singing soprano for the rest of his life. Alex then asked him if he understood her now. When I questioned Alex about what was going on she asked not me too. Alex then said that Monroe had been trying to make everyone think that she was leaving Walker and J.C. for Monroe which wasn't the case. She then said that Walker and J.C. were the most precious things in her life and that she would give up her career for her family without a second thought." Trivette explained to his boss then asked him "Captain Harland if you don’t mind me asking, what is going on?"

“D.A. Clark called up the governor and told him that Walker had punched out Monroe yesterday and Clark got the governor to agree that Walker was to be suspended as soon as he got to work this morning. Trivette are you telling me the truth? Was A.D.A. Cahill-Walker the person who hit Federal Prosecutor Monroe?" Harland said to Trivette who replied “Alex dropped him with the best right hook that I have ever seen. Captain if you don't believe me go ask your own secretary Candace Cranston who was there and witnessed the whole thing. I believe that she was eating lunch with Sherry Jonas, the mayor's secretary and Carly Borman who is I believe is D.A.'s Clark's secretary. Captain you must know that if Walker had been the one to hit Monroe he wouldn't be walking right now, he'd be in the hospital. Alex hit Monroe, Walker didn't. And if you ask me Monroe deserved that and a whole lot more for lying about Alex like that."

“Okay, you've made your point Ranger Trivette. I'll talk to those ladies myself and then make the governor understand that Clark has been lying to him since he appears to have a thing against A.D.A. Cahill-Walker and her husband for a reason that I won't get into. Trivette why don't you take the rest of the weekend off too? I want you and Walker back here the first thing Monday morning to take over the case of hotels being robbed at gunpoint by a gang of men from Hall, he's going to San Antonio. And take these and give them to Walker, will you?" Harland told Trivette as he handed over Walker's gun and badge. Trivette left Ranger headquarters.

Arriving at the ranch Trivette asked Alex “Where’s Walker at?" Alex replied “Upstairs putting J.C. to sleep, why?" Trivette headed for the steps as he said “I have something that belongs to him."

Going into the nursery Trivette told Walker “Harland told me to bring these to you, he also said that we had the rest of the weekend off. Harland wants us to be at work bright and early Monday morning to take over that case of hotels being robbed at gunpoint by a gang of men from Hall who's going to San Antonio." Taking his gun and badge Walker said “I thought that I was on suspension?"

“Not anymore, I told Harland that there were at least three people he could talk to that had witnessed Alex punching out Monroe. Harland said that he would talk to them and then make the governor understand that Clark was lying about you and Alex because Clark has a thing against Alex for a reason that Harland won't get into with the governor." Trivette explained to Walker then teased him “I’ll bet you that's a first; a Ranger getting suspended because his wife punched someone out."

Alex who had come into the nursery asked “Walker got suspended because of me punching Monroe? The way Monroe behaved during the Duguesne case and afterwards he deserved to have a lot more done to him than a right hook delivered to his jaw."

Trivette assured her “It’s okay Alex, the captain is going to make sure that the governor knows that Monroe and Clark have been lying to him. Walker still has his badge; we're going to be taking over a case from Hall Monday morning."

“I really should have kicked Monroe when he was on the floor. As for D.A. Clark, you'd better believe that he is going to hear from me about the lies he told about you Walker." Alex said causing Walker to tell her “Alex, I can fight my own battles."

Alex kissed Walker on the cheek then told him “I wasn't saying that you couldn't Cordell but there is no way that I'm letting Clark think that he can get away with his stunt. Don't worry I won't hit him but I will let him know in no uncertain terms that he had better think twice about trying to hurt a member of my family again."

Trivette said “Walker, Alex has been hanging around you too much. She'll protect what's her's just like you would do." Placing his arm around Alex's shoulder Walker replied " She's a Walker now, what else did you expect?"

Chapter Seven

Walker and Alex dropped their son off at the daycare center together then Alex went to her office while Walker went to Ranger headquarters only to find Monroe standing there talking to Captain Harland "Listen Harland were you or were you not told to suspend Walker? If you know what's good for you you'll do it as soon as Walker gets to work today. You were supposed to have suspended him on Saturday." Harland answered “Mr. Monroe the next time a lady punches you out I suggest that you don't lie and tell everyone that her husband did it."

“It was Walker who hit me because his wife Alex is moving to Houston to be with me. As a matter of fact she's handing in her resignation to D.A. Clark as we speak." Monroe insisted in spite of the fact that Walker and Trivette were right behind him. Trivette questioned his partner "Hey Walker did you know that the mayor's secretary, Sherry Jonas took a picture of your wife punching out the jerk who was harassing her in C.D.'s?"

Walker played along “Did she now Ranger Trivette?" A smiling Trivette answered “Yes she did Ranger Walker, as a matter of fact Miss Jonas gave it to Braylon down in the lab and he made a wanted poster out of it. See the poster is right over there on the wall behind Captain Harland."

Monroe said “You’re lying; Walker assaulted me in C.D.'s not Alex who loves me enough to leave her family behind and move to Houston to be with me." Harland took Monroe by the arm and turned him to face the poster as he said “It looks to me like A.D.A. Cahill-Walker is defending herself from a man that was hitting on her."

Monroe tore the poster down and told everyone “That doesn't change the fact that Walker's wife is turning her resignation as we speak. She loves and wants me not Walker." Walker said to him “Monroe leave while you're still able to walk."

Trivette added “If you thought Alex hit you hard that's nothing compared to what Walker will do to you for hitting on his wife. Now like the man just told you leave." Monroe refused saying “I want Walker arrested for threatening me. Everyone heard him threaten me."

Harland said “All anyone heard was Walker protecting his family, as is his right to do so. For the last time, goodbye." Monroe tried one last time “You’ll see Alex will leave him for me. I'm the better man for her." When Walker started towards him Monroe ran away from Walker and out the door causing the rest of the Rangers to laugh at him. Harland then told everyone to get back to work.

At her office Alex told Sabrina “I want to be notified just as soon as D.A. Clark comes to my office." Sabrina answered “D.A. Clark is in your private office right now with the newest A.D.A." Alex without another word went into her private office and said to her boss “D.A. Clark, what brings you by today?"

“Miss Cahill, you know what brings me by, your resignation." A smug Clark answered Alex who told him “I don't know where you got the idea that I was resigning because I'm not. Now if you don't mind I have some files to go over."

Clark questioned “What do you mean that you're not resigning Cahill? Federal Prosecutor Monroe told me himself that you were resigning your position here and moving to Houston to join his staff and him by the way. That was the reason your husband assaulted him wasn't it?"

“D.A. Clark my name is A.D.A. Cahill-Walker and no I'm not moving to Houston or anywhere else for that matter. As for who hit Monroe in C.D.'s, that was me because I did not like the way he conducted himself during the Duquesne case and afterwards. Now I suggest that in the future before someone calls the governor to get Walker suspended that they know the facts instead of listening to a man like Monroe." Alex explained to Clark who asked her “Did you really hit Monroe or are you lying for that husband of yours?"

“If you don't believe me I suggest that you talk to Ranger Captain Harland. I believe that he at least took the time to talk to the witnesses at C.D.'s. who were there when the confrontation between Monroe and myself occurred. Now can I please get to work?" Alex asked Clark who realizing that he wasn't getting rid of her anytime soon snapped at her "Yes you may Miss Cahill-Walker but you will be sharing this office with Welsch here until Grossman retires next month, then he'll move to that office. He's going to be your assistant prosecutor until then. I want you to show him the ropes and you'd better do a good job of it."

After Clark left Alex held out her hand as she said “Hi, I'm Alex Cahill-Walker but you can call me Alex." Shaking her hand Holland replied “I’m Jonathon Xavier Welsch but you can call me Jack." Alex nodded okay and then buzzed for Sabrina to come in. After she did so Alex told her “Sabrina this is Jack, we will be sharing this office until Grossman retires next month. Can you call maintence and see if they can get Jack a desk so that we can get started on the Louise case?"

“I’ll do that right now Alex. Nice to meet you Jack." Sabrina answered and went back to her outer office where she was able to get Jack a desk to sit at.

Later on that day Alex suggested “Jack I think that it's time for lunch, would you like to come to C.D.'s with me to eat? Or do you have plans?" Jack answered “C.D.'s sounds good, will your husband be there?"

“Maybe, maybe not, Walker and Trivette have a new case that they are working on, why?" Alex questioned Jack who answered “I’ve heard a lot about Ranger Walker and I just wanted to meet him is all. It would be such an honor for me to meet a man like him."

“Jack, Walker doesn't like it when people make him out to be a hero or something, so please don't do that. Treat him like you would when you meet a co-worker's husband because that's what he is, my husband." Alex suggested to Jack who nodded okay.

At C.D.'s they were at a table waiting for their food when Walker and Trivette entered the bar so Alex motioned for Walker to come over to the table which he did followed by Trivette. Alex said to them “Guys I would like you to meet Jonathon Xavier Welsch better known as Jack, my assistant prosecutor. He's going to be sharing my office with me until Grossman retires next month then he'll have that office and be on his own. Jack I would like you to meet my husband Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and his partner James Trivette." After the men shook hands Trivette said “Hey Jack, why don't you come over to the bar with me? C.D. will give you your food there."

They went to the bar and Walker sat down at the table. Alex told him “As you can see I still have my job but enough about work. What do you think about us taking a vacation together soon? I'd like to get started on those children that you want me to have." Walker answered “We’ll make plans for that vacation this weekend. Is that okay with you lady?"

“Okay by me cowboy." Alex replied and then turned their attention to other matters.

Chapter Eight

The next afternoon Walker asked his partner “Hey Trivette how long does it take you to get those things from the fax machine anyhow?" Taking the last fax out and putting it with the others Trivette replied “I’m done now, what's your hurry?"

“I’m not in a hurry but I would like to get home sometime this evening. Just put those things on your desk and go through them tomorrow, will you?" Walker said to Trivette who stacked them up and set them on his desk. Trivette turned off his computer then slammed his desk drawer shut which caused the stack of faxes to fall on the floor. Walker sighed to himself as Trivette started restacking them and when Trivette stopped to look at one Walker questioned him “Trivette what is so interesting in that fax that you have to stare at it?"

Holding the fax Trivette asked "Walker, where is Alex at right now?" Walker answered “At home with J.C. What's the matter Trivette?" Handing the fax to Walker Trivette told him “Timothy Randolph Monroe is named as a person of interest in the death of his wife Caroline Edwina Hitches-Monroe. According to this fax her body was discovered by the maid this morning when she arrived for work. The police think that she was killed shortly before her husband left their house and came here. Walker you don't think that Monroe went to the ranch to bother Alex, do you?"

Walker headed for the door followed by Trivette who muttered to himself  'I guess that means Walker thinks Monroe might be after Alex.' Aloud Trivette said “Walker hold up, I'm going with you. Alex is my friend." Walker waited just long enough for Trivette to catch up with him.

In the Ram Walker told Trivette “If Monroe is at the ranch I'm going to see if I can get him to go outside, I don't want my son in the line of fire." Trivette asked “What if he drags Alex outside with him?"

“Then you'd better be a damn good shot Trivette." Walker answered him. As he neared the ranch Walker had Trivette duck down in case Monroe was there, that way if he was he wouldn't see Trivette and they would have the element of surprise on their side. Trivette agreed and when Walker started down the lane to his house he crouched down.

Walker entered his house asking “Where is my son at?" Monroe appeared holding a gun on Alex as he said “Your brat is upstairs sleeping. As for your wife, she is going to be leaving with me." Walker shrugged his shoulders then told Monroe “You can have her, I don't love her. I only married her because she was carrying my son."

A stunned Alex pleaded “Walker don't do this to me, I love you. Please Walker." Steeling himself Walker ignored Alex's begging then said to her “Will you stop your whining already? If it wasn't for J.C. I would have booted you out a long time ago but my son needed his mother around so I let you stay. However I can no longer ignore the fact that sex with you is boring at best." Walker turned his attention to Monroe and told him “If you're taking her with you do it already? I need to get my son fed."

Monroe asked “What do you mean that you don't want her? You threatened my life at Ranger headquarters for hitting on her. Walker I'm not that stupid, once I leave the house with Alex you'll shoot me in the back."

“I had to, there were people around but now there's no one but the three of us. We might as well settle this like adults that means you can take her with you. Monroe I'm not about to shoot you in the back, see I'm locking my gun up." Walker said as he did exactly that. Still unsure about it Monroe questioned as he started lowering his gun “Why are you so determined to have me take your wife off of your hands? What changed your mind about keeping her?"

Before Walker could say anything Alex again pleaded with him “Please Walker don't do this to me, I'm begging you. Walker I love you, please don't throw me out." Again Walker steeled himself before answering “Alex I was going to stay in this marriage for our son's sake but I can't put up with you in the bedroom anymore. Last night made it clear that I was wasting my time hoping that you would improve. Will you please just leave?"

Alex snapped “Well guess what Walker, last night made it very clear to me that you'll never improve either." Then she told Monroe “Let’s go, I've had it with this jerk. Once we're in Houston I'll have my father sue him for custody of my son."

A stunned Monroe said “You’re agreeing to leave with me?" Alex replied "Yes I am, now are you coming or not?"

Alex started out of the door followed by Monroe who once they were in the yard raised his gun and pointed it at Alex's back then told her “I’m sorry Alex, I didn't mean for this to happen." Turning around to face him Alex said “If you're sorry about breaking up my marriage, don't be. We had to get married because of J.C."

Monroe leveled the gun at Alex and said “No I'm sorry that you're so bad in bed. I didn't get rid of my wife only to end up with someone who's just as bad in bed as she was. Goodbye Alex." Walker flew out of the house as two gunshots rang out. Alex crumpled to the ground as did Monroe. Walker reached her side and pleaded “Alex please be all right." Turning Alex over and seeing blood on her forehead Walker said to his wife “Alex please don't leave me, I love you."

Opening her eyes Alex told him “Don’t lie to me Walker." Walker replied “I am not lying to you Alex, I never have and I never will." Alex nodded okay as she held her hand to her head and when her hand came away with blood Walker told his wife " I'll call an ambulance for you, hang in there honey."

“Walker I don't need an ambulance. Just help me up will you?" Alex asked Walker who refused as he said “Alex you were just shot." Alex replied “Walker, I wasn't shot, I hit my head on a rock when I landed face first on the ground."

Walker told her “You are going to go to the hospital to be checked out, understand lady?" Alex replied “Okay dear."

Trivette who had checked Monroe's pulse cleared his throat as he neared them then said “He’s dead; I got him with both shots. I'll call Captain Harland and the police department. I get an ambulance for Alex too." After Trivette went inside to make his phone calls Walker started explaining “Alex Monroe was wanted as a person of interest in his wife's death, she was killed right before he came up here after you. I had to make him think that I no longer wanted you in order to get him out of our house. We needed him outside where Trivette had a clean shot and J.C. wasn't in the line of fire. I didn't think that he would try to shoot you, I'm sorry."

“I figured most of that out Walker but you and I are still going to be discussing our love life very soon, whether or not you like it. Got that cowboy?" Alex informed her husband who nodded okay. Trivette came back outside and told them “Harland’s on his way here to handle things. He told me that he would deal with the police department himself."

Helping Alex up from the ground Walker told Trivette “Thanks." Trivette answered “No problem, like I told you Alex is a friend of mine. But I think one of you had better see to your son, I think I hear him fussing." They both went into the house where Walker took care of J.C. while insisting that Alex stay seated until an ambulance arrived. Trivette stayed outside to wait for Captain Harland.

Chapter Nine

Alex was taken to the E.R. by the paramedics over her objections and was checked out by the doctor on call who decided that she should spend the night in the hospital just to be on the safe side. Walker had Alex's father come to the ranch to watch his grandson then he went to the hospital to be with his wife. As Walker was sitting by her bedside Alex urged him “Walker please get me released, I'm perfectly fine."

Walker told her “No, you're staying here and that's final." Alex pouted “But Walker I had plans for us tonight."

“We can have that talk you wanted to have about our love life some other night. Alex will you please just do what the doctor tells you for once?" Walker asked his wife who said “I think that you are the one who never follows the doctor's advice, not me. Walker I really have to go home tonight, please get me out of here."

“Alex for the last time you are staying here in the hospital tonight, even if I have to handcuff you to the bed." Walker answered concerned about Alex's well being but she was thinking about other matters “Have you ever wanted to do that with me?"

“Do what with you?"  Walker asked her. Alex replied as she ran her hand over his chest “Handcuff me to the bed during lovemaking. I've never thought about doing it that way but the thought does raise some interesting possibilities, or do I mean positions?"

Starting to turn red Walker moved away as he whispered “Alex will you stop talking like that? We're in a hospital and anyone can overhear you." Alex patted his cheek and told him “You are so handsome when you blush. Who would have thought that talking about sex would make a tough guy like you turn as red as a beet? But since we are in a hospital and anyone can walk through that door any minute I'll behave myself."

Trivette entered the room awhile later and told them “Captain Harland told me to tell the both of you that we would need your statements tomorrow. Also he said that Houston P.D. informed him that when they searched Monroe's e-mail accounts they found an e-mail that Monroe had sent to his wife telling her that he had met someone else. That he was leaving her for his true love Alexandra who was leaving her family behind and moving to Houston to be with him. The e-mail was sent the night before the Duquesne trial started. They also found an e-mail reply that Caroline Monroe had sent him in return that said they had been down this path before and he always returned to her. But that this time it was going to take a whole lot more than him begging her forgiveness that she wanted something to show for her emotional pain. Monroe then e-mailed her back and told her to meet him at their house and he would give her something for her pain. Houston P.D. said that they met at the house and Monroe killed his wife then came up here after Alex."

Alex said “I did not lead him on. I don't know why Monroe thought I would leave my family for him." Trivette replied “Who knows what makes men like him think what they think? I'm glad that you're okay. I'll see you two tomorrow."

Walker watched Trivette leave then he closed the door and said “Now lady how about a good night kiss?" Alex replied “Okay but just one since I have to stay here tonight and you get to go home." After Walker kissed Alex goodbye he headed to the door as Alex said “You do know cowboy that I had planned on our making love tonight since my monthly is over?"

Walker stood there for a minute then he came back to the bed and kissed Alex soundly then told her “There’s always tomorrow night Mrs. Walker." Alex never at a lost for words said "Yes but that's when we're discussing our love life, remember?" Before Walker could respond Alex sighed and closed her eyes. Walker realizing that his wife would always win a battle of words left the room.

The next morning Alex was released from the hospital and they went to Ranger headquarters where they gave their statements. After they were done Trivette asked them “Walker how did you and Alex get Monroe to follow Alex out of the house? You have to let me know, I'm your partner."

Alex answered Trivette" It doesn't matter how we did it, what matters is that we did it." Turning her attention to her husband Alex said “Walker, I'll see you at home. Don't forget our plans." Trivette questioned his partner “What plans to you have Walker? Is Alex dragging you to the opera? I mean the last time you were supposed to take her the two of you stayed home so you owe Alex a night at the opera. Why did you two stay home that night anyway?"

“Trivette why don't you go get the faxes that are coming out of the fax machine? It's your job, isn't it?" Walker questioned to change the subject. Trivette went and got them knowing that he had better stop being so nosey about private details of the Walker marriage if he wanted to keep on breathing.

That night in their bedroom Alex said to her husband “Okay Walker, it's time for that talk and I'm going first. When we make love if you do something or want to do something that I have a problem with I'll tell you and I expect you to do the same. What about you? Is there anything that you want to do differently?" Walker shook his head no instead of replying. Alex then got up from the bed and told him “I have something else that I want to bring up but it will have to wait until I'm done in the bathroom."

While waiting for Alex to get done in the bathroom Walker turned off his lamp and settled into bed. Alex came out of the bedroom dressed in a long robe that covered her up. Going to her side of the bed Alex asked “Walker, do you have more interest in me when I'm dressed like this? Or would you rather I come to bed dressed in a revealing negligee? Or would you prefer me being naked?"

Walker not really paying attention answered “Whatever you feel is best Alex." Alex smiled and opened her robe to reveal a see-through negligee then told him “Okay I guess that I'll throw this negligee away since you don't seem to care what I wear to bed." Walker who by now was paying attention pulled Alex to him and said “Don’t you dare throw it away. It's the next best thing to you being naked."

After they were done Alex teased “I really brought something up, didn't I?" Walker responded “Yes you did lady. What are you going to do to me for an encore?" Alex slid down her husband's frame causing him to tell her “Alex, you don't have to do that if you don't want to."

Alex said “I want to. Now let me inspect your birthmark, okay?" By this point Walker could only nod okay as his wife drove him crazy. When Alex was done Walker pulled her to his side as he ran his hands down her back. A few minutes later Walker told her “Alex I really do love you." Lifting her head up Alex looked him in the eyes and said “I know that you do Cordell Walker. You never have to say it again but I will always know that you love me and I will always love you." They fell asleep in each other's arms.

                    I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. This story was not meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show, nothing more.