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Something in the way she moves, attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woo’s me, don’t wanna leave her now, you know I believe and how.

The words ran through Walker’s head as he drove down the road on the way to a very important date, with Alex, and she didn’t even know it yet.
He had made plans to be off for the next three days and he had cleared it with Alex’s bosses and they were going away, far away, since they’d been working so hard and they had some time coming and the wedding plans were made and everything was set he intended on giving her some quality time with no interruptions.

So much he wanted to share with her and not just work, but their time alone together. So the bed and breakfast he had in mind and a few days off was right on time, now to get her and take her away.
He’d even packed for her. He didn’t want to waste any time.
The place he chose was out in the middle of God’s country and away from everything, no phones, no helicopters and no interruptions. He’d have her all to himself.

She knew that Walker was on the way, and wasn’t sure what was going on, he was being very mysterious, and her boss had just come in and told her that her case load was being taken over for three days and she was to go and enjoy herself, that Walker had made the arrangements and she was off for the rest of the day. Now that she was doing just that, getting ready, but for what?
With Walker, there was no telling, and for being such a stubborn cowboy, she’d found out that he had a romantic streak in him a mile long. How many times had he made her dinner by candlelight and the late night strolls in the moonlight with no one around but them at the ranch, and roses decorated her desk every week, each week a different color.
Cards, oh man, something was definitely up, because the card she got today with her flowers was all but making her blush,” Can’t wait till we’re alone and I can hold you in my arms again”
Memories of last night flashed in her head, and she smiled.
As she looked at her desk and knew the nightmare she was returning to, some time off definitely sounded good, time to recharge her batteries and come back at it fresh and new. The wedding was all set and now was just the waiting, and a few last minute details.

She heard footsteps in the hall, Walker, was here,
“Hi gorgeous,” he walked in the door and smiled at her, coming towards her he took her in his arms, kissing her softly, “Are you ready to go?”
“Walker, Yes I am, But go where? What are you up to?”
“It’s a surprise,” he said and turning took her hand and led her out the door.

As she neared the Ram she saw two suitcases in the back,” Walker, you even packed for me?”
Walker smiled and looked at her,” Yes, and trust me, I only packed what your going to need!!!”
Alex looked at him and wondered at this man she was marrying, she couldn’t wait to see what he’d packed for her.

They drove out of the driveway and he headed for the freeway, “We should be there in a couple of hours and I think you’re going to love it.” And smiling at her he took her hand and kissed it.
We haven’t had hardly any time together since you’ve been working on this case and with me going out of town every week, so I thought some time alone was in order so we can relax and recharge before the big event and all.
She just looked at him and smiled, and exactly where is this place, “You’ll see,” he said, “ you’ll see.”

Sitting back in the Ram and just watching the countryside go by, when in the last few years had she done that, without somewhere to go or someone to meet? So long she couldn’t remember.

As she thought back to the times that Walker and her had spent together a lot of it was filled with heartbreak and tragedy, and it seemed that their lives were filled with crazy’s either trying to get away from them or trying to kill them, now just sitting here and relaxing she couldn’t even imagine what to relax could be like.

A slow country song came on and she hummed along,

Cowboy take me away,

love this girl as high as you can into the wild blue,

Closer to heaven above and closer to you, cowboy take me away

As she looked at Walker, she smiled, this may be just the thing they both needed. Walker looked at her and knew just leaving the city was already taking some of the tension out of her, he could see her starting to relax, good for her, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when they got there.

As they drove and the scenery changed and the trees turned to pine and the road more isolated and they started passing signs like, Lake Randolph Resort, Alex wondered more and more what this man of hers was up to.

They talked about work and the wedding and what they were going to do when they got back and how they were looking forward to a change of scenery Alex, said, I can’t believe you just told my boss you were taking me away for a few days and he said o.k.

Well, he actually didn’t like the idea at first, but when I mentioned that you’d been rather tired and hadn’t had any time off in a long time, he just gave in and said yes.
Slowing down at the turn coming up and Walker made a left at a sign that said Belle’s Bed and Breakfast and Lake Resort.

She smiled at him and said, oh Walker, is this it?

Yes babe, it is, our getaway for three days and two nights.

As they pulled up to the main house and Alex saw the lake she just smiled, how did he know?

For three weeks now she’d been secretly wanting to just get away and read and just relax, with no worries and no bad guys to think about.
And now here they were at this beautiful lake and resort and the water looked so inviting. Wonder if Walker brought a swim suit? Oh, she just couldn’t wait to see what hers had in it.

They walked up the drive to the office and went inside and were instantly greeted by a matronly little woman who gave them a smile and said, “Mr. Walker and the bride to be Alex, it is such a pleasure to have you all here. Your accommodations are in order and let me know if there’s anything we can do for you. We have a full gamut of activities here and if you choose to participate that’s fine and if you choose to stay alone that’s fine too. Meals are provided and will be sent to your cabin at your request.

Alex has, I believe several surprises in store for her, and she winked at Cordell.
Alex looked around and then at Walker, “What are you up to Cowboy?”

He just smiled and took her hand and led her behind their guide.

Alex looked all around and saw nothing but beauty and the area was clean and neat, there weren’t a lot of people here, and as they headed for their “cabin”, which turned out to be a two bedroom house that reeked of elegance and Alex looking around knew that indeed Walker had outdone himself.

As their bags were brought in and the carrier retreated out the door with a nod and a smile, Alex turned to Walker, Well, my love, I am surprised. Walker taking her in his arms said, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!

What is your first request, dinner, a hot bath and anything that you can have any time you want here, all you have to do is ask for it.

Alex looked around, as she looked about the room at the chandelier above and the King size bed and the bathroom and sink and their walk in closet, she sat down on the bed.  It was warm and it sank as she sat on it, A water bed? She hadn’t slept on one of those in years.

Walker took her hands and sat beside her. I want for these three days for you to want for nothing, rest relaxation and fun are the orders.

Alex smiled, Walker, I Love You!!!!

How about a walk around and then maybe a dip in that delicious looking lake out there!! She asked.

Walker smiled, “sounds good to me, “ Oh, did you bring swimsuits, Walker only laughed and said, “Yes Alex I did.”

As they made the round of the resort she saw an exercise room and a huge pool, a Dining Room and a Dancing area and brochures that spoke of a live band every night.

Hand in hand they strolled and watched the other visitors here they entered an area of the main office and took in a formal dining room and further down the hall a room where dancing and the band played.
There was a gift shop and an exercise room and as they completed their stroll the owner made them aware of water boats and jet skis if they wanted some water activity.
The next three days they did just that, rested relaxed and swam and played. Nights were spent in one another’s arms either sitting and cuddling or in some activity, Dancing one night to the live band and Alex was the envy of every woman there, Cordell looked so sharp in a suit and tie.

And as the end of the last night came and they faced the end of their fun together Alex sat back in Walker’s arms in their room where they were resting from their resting.

Walker, I’ve had a lovely time, thanks for doing this for us.
Walker said, Nothings too good for my lady. We’ll have to do it again sometime.
Maybe on our honeymoon?
Laughing, they kissed and as the moon shone above them, they knew that life couldn’t get any better because they had each other.