Authors Note:

The "fantasy's" that are described in this story came from a Friday night chat in the Delphi chat room.

I hope I remembered them all...LOL!




"Rain Kissed Fantasy's"





Walker sat on the rug in front of the fire place waiting for Alex. His arms lay on his knees that were bent and pulled up in front of him, a large throw pillow propped behind his back against the coffee table. His strong shoulders and chest were shirtless as the reflection of the fire dancing across his muscles. The first two buttons on the fly of his jeans were undone and his feet were bare. There was a gentle rain falling outside and even though the weather was still too warm to have the heat from a fire, the sound of the rain hitting the porch roof and the fire in the hearth just added to the beautiful ambiance and mood of the wonderful evening he and Alex had been enjoying together.




They had both had an exceptionally hard week at work. The days had been long and filled with seemingly endless cases, court appearances and pursuits, not leaving much down time for either of them. With what little bit of extra time they did have during the week, they had spent doing odd jobs at Alex's HOPE house or working with Walker's Kick Drug kids. But finally the long awaited and much needed weekend had arrived. They had taken full advantage of it by going to bed early last night and sleeping in late this morning. They had then spent the good majority of the day catching up on neglected chores that needed done; Alex catching up on laundry and house cleaning while Walker had cleaned the horses stalls and giving Amigo and Angel some much needed special attention and exercise.


After their day of seemingly endless chores, they had decided to spend a quiet evening at home instead of making their usual trip into town to eat Saturday nights meal with C.D. and Jimmy. To make sure they were not disturbed Walker had called to let C.D. and Trivette both know that they wouldn't be coming in tonight and asked Trivette if he could take care of anything that came up. When Trivette had assured him that he could handle anything unexpected, and swore neither C.D. nor himself would think of bothering them; Walker thanked him, saying they would see them both on Monday morning for breakfast. Alex had then called and left a message at HOPE house for Josie, that if an emergency arose they were to contact C.D.'s and leave a message there. Alex then removed the phone from the hook just to ensure no unwanted interruptions would occur.


Having taken care of their phone calls, they had set about preparing their evening meal of thick juicy steaks on the grill, with baked potatoes and a nice fresh salad, accompanied by a bottle of chilled white wine that they both enjoyed on occasions when they really needed to unwind. Alex sat on the porch swing reading a book as Walker cooked the steaks to perfection.


As they enjoyed their meal, the conversation was light and filled with laughter; with no mention of work being brought up by either. When their meal was completed and the bottle of wine was emptied, they had cleared the dishes together, moving to the kitchen laughing and playfully teasing each other.


They continued their playful banter as Alex washed and Walker dried the dishes and put them away. Finishing with her end of the job, Alex dried her hands as she watched Walker place the dishes back into the cupboard. With his back to her and his hands occupied a devilish smile creeped onto her face as she twirled the dish towel in her hand and flicked it, connecting quite soundly with it across Walker's butt.


Walker's reaction was instantaneous. In retaliation he scooped up a hand full of suds from the sink, let out his best Cherokee war cry, as he chased her all around the kitchen. Finally catching her by trapping her in the one corner, Walker smeared the soap all over her face, as she giggled and squirmed trying to get away from him. The sound of their loving laughter filled the quiet evening air. When Alex had declared him the winner, Walker brushed the hair back from her face as his lips claimed hers in a passion filled kiss. As their kiss ended the real water fight began with Alex grabbing a glass of water and throwing it on him. Their playing had ended up so out of hand that they finally collapsed on the floor in fits of laughter; very wet and covered with soap suds. 


Managing to somehow finally complete their task of the dishes and then cleaning up the mess from their water battle, Walker and Alex both decided to have a fire, and relax for the rest of the evening. Turning the kitchen light off and moving into the hallway, Alex moved up the stairs to "go and change into something a little more comfortable and a whole lot drier," she had laughed as Walker swatted her on her bottom as he continued on into the living room to start the fire.




As Walker continued to stare into the newly growing flames, he sensed Alex's presence in the room, immediately drawing his undivided attention and eyes towards her. He turned to see her standing inside the door of the room and his breath caught in his chest. His heart leaped with the fullness of love and pride that he felt in it for her.


She was a vision of loveliness. She was wearing a silky lavender colored negligee that flowed softly over her body to the floor. Her hair was loose and had been brushed until it shined, as it framed her delicate face. Her eyes were sparkling with love and desire; a sweet smile on her lips. As she moved across the room towards him, Walker watched as the negligee clung to her breasts and hips with each step she took and he felt his desire for her begin to spark and come to life.


Alex moved to stand beside him, as she placed a small bottle on the table. She let her eyes wonder over her husbands face as she bent down giving him a soft kiss. As she stood back up she let her eyes wonder down to her husbands muscular and hairy chest. The muscles there were so firm and strong. Alex found herself thinking about how good it always felt when he held her in his arms pulled tight against him. She always felt so safe. So secure and loved. She continued letting her gaze follow the light red hair down to his waist were it disappeared into the waist band of his jeans and beyond. Raising her eyes back up to meet and lock with his, she smiled as she then nudged him forward, moving the pillow he had been leaning on, so that she could sit on the table behind him. Gently she reached forward to draw him back against her so that he rested nestled between the softness of her thighs. Her hands moved to pick up the small bottle that she had moments ago sat down. Walker turned his head and watched as she poured scented oil onto the palms of her hands, rubbing them together to warm the oil, before she placed them on his shoulders as she began to gently massage the tight, tense muscles that she found there.


The oil felt so good against his skin and the smell was of musk. Alex often used it when she would massage his back for him when he needed to unwind after a long day. The feel and the scent of the oil, along with the feel of her slender hands was very intoxicating to Walker's already aroused senses. He closed his eyes, a sigh escaped from his lips as Alex's hands began to perform their magical talent.


Her hands where firm in her motions, kneading and pressing deeply into the muscles of his shoulders and back. Slowly and methodically, Alex made sure that no muscle was left unattended. Round and round. Up and down. Fast, then tantalizingly slow. Every now and then she would let her finger tips and nails run teasingly up the side of his neck and then down his spin, causing little goose bumps to form on his arms.


Her hands continued to glide over his skin until Walker suddenly turned, pulling her down onto his lap, immediately covering her lips with his. Her small squeal of surprise was lost to the depths of his passionate kiss. Walker's strong hands held her face as his thumbs caressed her cheeks. As his kiss deepened still more, his arms then encircled her, pulling her willing body even closer to his.


The feel of the silk that covered her breasts was cool against his sexually heated skin. He could feel the arousal of her breasts through the thin material of her negligee against his own. Her hands had moved around his neck to softly grasp the hair at the back of his head, letting her fingers run smoothly threw it. Their hearts pounded in their chests, with the same hard, strong tempo of passion. Their breath came in quick little moans of uncontrollable desire, as they pressed their bodies even tighter together. Slowly, Walker moved his hands down the soft skin of her back and then down even further to caress her hips and thighs before moving back up to squeeze her buttocks firmly with his hands.


Alex could feel Walker becoming fully aroused through his jeans against her bottom, straining to be released. Not wanting her husband to become too excited or the evening to climax too soon, she gently ended their kiss, pulling herself away from him so she could look into his eyes.


Walkers' eyes held questions about her denial of his intentions, but before he could speak, she placed her fingers against his lips silencing him. "I want tonight to be one of fantasy's coming true my darling. I don't want it to be rushed. I want it to last as long as possible. I want it to be a night to remember. Is that all right Walker?", she whispered seductively.


Walker nodded his agreement, as Alex moved off his lap, to sit between his thighs, letting her back rest against his chest. Walker's arms encircled her, as they both tried to let their breathing return to normal. The room was once again quiet as they turned their attention back to the now blazing fire in the hearth before them. They watched as the smoke and sparks move away from the logs, making their way up and out the chimney. They listened to the hiss and crackles of the wood as it was consumed by the fire. They enjoyed the sound of the rain bouncing off the window sills, in a steady rhythmic cadence. Walker's hands gently traced small circles up and down Alex's arms as they stared into the flames. They didn't speak for nearly an hour; each lost in the wonderful sensations of just being in the arms of the person that they loved.


Eventually Alex stirred asking if he would like something to drink. Deciding that they both wanted a glass of cold iced tea, Alex kissed Walker before rising and going to the kitchen to get their drinks and something to munch on.


As Walker watched Alex leave the room, he went and placed another log in the fireplace and arranged some more pillows on the floor so they would have a more comfortable place to lay when Alex returned. Satisfied with the placement of the pillows, Walker noticed the book that Alex had been so engrossed in earlier. Wondering what it was about he picked it up and laid down on the pillows opening it to where she had marked the page when she had stopped reading.


Walker scanned the page in front of him, quickly coming to the realization that it was a romance novel. "How can women read these things?" he thought to himself. Shaking his head and turning to place the book back where he had found it, he heard Alex coming out of the kitchen and heading back towards the living room. A smile formed on his face, as he placed the book beside him instead of returning it to its original location. "Hmm...she had said earlier about wanting tonight to be a night when fantasy's came true didn't she?" he thought as he turned to watch his beautiful wife walk into the room.


Alex placed the tray she carried with their drinks and two bowls; one of strawberries and one of whipped cream, on the floor in front of where Walker was laying. As she sat on the floor beside him she noticed her book laying on the one pillow beside him. "What's this doing here?", she asked as she reached to pick up the book.


Before she could reach it, Walker picked it up, the smile on his face growing as he proceeded to play a game of cat and mouse with her. "What's wrong Alex? Don't you want me to see what you have been reading? What's in this book that you don't want me to see?"


"Walker. Give that to me. It is just a book. It is nothing you would be interested in."


"Now how do you know I wouldn't be interested in it?" Walker laughed holding the book just out of Alex's reach.


"Because you wouldn't. Walker give it to me." Alex laughed trying to wrestle the book out of his hands.


"What's it about?" Walker asked as he yet again managed to keep the book just far enough out of Alex's reach that she couldn't get it.


"Cordell Walker. Give me that. This isn't funny. It is nothing that would interest you, now give it here."


"If you won't tell me what it's about, I guess I will just have to start reading it for myself then." Walker opened the book and began in his rich throaty voice..."Oh my darling Cole. Your kisses leave me breathless. Your arms..."


Before Walker could finish his sentence Alex made another grab for the book. Walker was expecting her move and in one swift motion he had grabbed Alex pinning her to the pillows beneath him. He held her arms above her head, and had her legs held firmly between his tight thighs. Alex's squeal of being caught off guard and pinned so easily brought a huge smile to Walker's face and laughter of his own to escape from his lips. He loved to see Alex laugh, to really laugh. Especially when it was just the two of them. When they were alone they could let their inhibitions run totally wild and free, and they did so at every opportunity.


When Walker finally got his own laughter under control he asked, "Now are you my dear wife, going to tell me what this book is about, or do I have to tickle it out of you?"


Alex squirmed trying her hardest to get out of Walker's grasp and away from the hand that he had positioned above her; poised and ready to carry through with his threat of tickling her. Knowing it was useless to try to get away from him, Alex decided to appear to concede to his victory.


"OK Walker. OK. You win." Alex replied, stopping her struggles and giving Walker what she thought to be a very convincing defeated look. "I'll tell you what the book is about. Will you let me go now?"


Walker searched Alex's face, seeing immediately that she was faking giving into him. "Well I don't know. I don't know if you really mean it or not. Maybe, just to make sure I should tickle you..." Walker didn't even finish what he was saying before his hands descended, grabbing Alex's sides and he began tickling her unmercifully.


Alex's little screams of laughter reverberated through the living room being joined with Walker's own. They rolled around on the floor together as Alex begged him to stop, trying to fend off his tickling hands. When Alex finally surrendered and neither could breath anymore from their laughter, they lay still in each others arms trying to catch their breath. Walker gently wiped the tears of laughter from Alex's cheeks, as Alex playfully punched him in the arm, her loving "You are so bad!" brought a smile once again to both of their faces.


"That was not fair Walker. You know once I start laughing I can't defend myself."


"I know. That's why I love to tickle you. You are totally defenseless then. Totally at my mercy." Walker replied with laughter.


"Cordell Walker. You mean to tell me you like picking on defenseless women?"


"Nope...not defenseless women...just YOU!" Walker grabbed for her again, but this time Alex was waiting and scooted out of his reach.


"Stop that Walker." Alex laughed as she smacked him upside the head with a pillow.


"Now who doesn't play fair?"


"I never said I played fair." Alex once again hit him with a pillow just to make her point.


"All right Alex. I give up. How about we make a deal?  I will stop tickling you if you tell me what is so good about that book and then tell me why anyone would want to read it. Deal?" Walker extended his hand in truce to her.


"I don't know Cowboy. Can I trust you to behave yourself?"


Walker laughed loudly. "I never said I would behave Alex," a devilish little smile creasing his lips, "I just said that I wouldn't pick on you anymore by tickling you. Do we have a deal?"


Alex giggled as she accepted his hand shake. "It's a deal."


Walker rolled onto his back putting his hands behind his head as he laid back on one of the overstuffed pillows. Alex moved to get a glass of the iced tea that she had retrieved earlier. She then startled him and sat on his hips. After taking several refreshing sips herself, Alex offered it to Walker's lips holding it for him. Walker hesitated before taking a drink. He knew Alex would plot some kind of revenge for him tickling her. Not seeing what she intended to do, Walker placed his lips on the glass to take a long deep drink. If he wouldn't have been so distracted by where Alex was sitting and the sensations that it was causing he would have been ready for her next actions. When Alex figured he had had enough to drink she intentionally tipped the glass more than was needed so the golden liquid and the ice cubes spilled all over his face and down onto his chest.


"ALEX...that's cold." Walker said laughingly, immediately trying to sit up, but Alex was ready for him this time. As soon as the cold liquid had hit his skin she had hurriedly sat the glass down so that her body and hands where free for her planned course of action. When Walker tried to sit up, Alex pushed on his shoulders and leaned forward with her body to keep him exactly where he was. She knew her strength was not physical in keeping him there. She was counting on the view he would get to keep him just where she wanted him. She was right.


Their eyes met for a brief second before Walker let his gaze move from her face, down her neck, down to her almost fully exposed breasts. He slowly let his eyes wonder upwards as he said, "You REALLY don't play fair do you?"


"No I don't." Alex sighed as she leaned forward to let her tongue lick the iced tea that still lay on his lips, before kissing him with total abandon. As she ended the kiss Walker could see the burning desire in her eyes. Alex began to speak in a low sensual voice, "You want to know what my book is about Walker. I'll be happy to tell you what it is about. It's a western novel. You know about Cowboys and Indians. In fact, you would enjoy the historical correctness of the events that take place in it; the Indians are the good guys and win every confrontation. is also about a man; who just happens to be part Indian and about a woman he can't resist. It is about their journey through life, before and after meeting each other. They hate each other when they first meet. But eventually they end up madly in love with each other. It is about love and romance. It is about exploring new things with someone you love. It is about dreams and fantasy's. It is about doing anything and everything that you ever wanted to do with the person that you love. Whether it was fighting cattle rustlers together to making love in the rain. That's what my book is about."


Walker's breathing was deep and rapid as he listened to Alex's words and as he enjoyed the sensations that were growing at a rapid pace deep inside his very soul. The whole time Alex had been talking she had been moving her breasts very softly back and forth across his chest as she licked, kissed and nibbled at his lips, neck and shoulders.


As Alex started to sit up and move away from him, Walker reached for her to pull her back into his embrace. He didn't want the contact between them to be broken; in fact he wanted more. As he tried to pull her back into his arms, she placed her hands on his chest easing him back against the pillows once again. "Easy Cowboy. I'm not going far. I promise. I have plans for you." Alex whispered as she picked up the glass of iced tea taking a slow lingering drink of it before plucking a piece of the ice out of the glass with her fingers.


Walker watched her eyes that were burning bright with desire and passion, as she leaned forward, a soft mischievous smile on her face, and she placed the ice cube against his lips. When she saw he would make no move to stop her little game of seduction she traced his full lower lip before kissing away the water that was left behind and then began to make a teasing journey down onto his chest with the ice cube. As she moved the cube all over his chest, it began to melt even more, leaving a trail of water in its wake. Alex shifted her position so she could let her lips follow the ices' path. She caressed her lover's chest with her mouth and hands, watching the increased rise and fall of it as the fire began to build inside him. Lower she moved until she reached his stomach and his navel. With a quick glance up at him, she placed the ice cube right above his belly button letting the melting water drip into it until nothing remained of the ice.


Walker couldn't believe the sensations that were running through his body. Alex always aroused him, taking him to new levels of passion every time they made love, but tonight...tonight she was driving him wild with her playful torture. And what sweet torture it was.


Walker could feel every furious beat of his heart slamming against his chest with the extent of his excitement. Alex's lips were so soft against his heated skin they caused his muscles to contract on their own accord at every touch. She had moved off to the side of him as she had traced his body with the ice. As she watched the last of the water drip from her finger tips she glanced up at him with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.


Her cheeks glowed. Her eyes blazed with flames of arousal. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly with her own desire building. She turned her attentions to his straining manhood, tentatively placing her fingertips on the outline of it, as she traced its length and hardness through his jeans. Every caress made it pulse, begging to be released from its confines. She moved her hands to massage his thighs, exploring the strength of them with her firm touches. Returning to his wet stomach, she slowly lowered her head to place her lips to his belly button; letting her tongue teasingly lap up the liquid that had pooled there as her hands continued to fondle his thighs and arousal.


Slowly she drew her tongue across his stomach, moving around his belly button and then downward as far as his jeans would allow, before kissing her way back up. Walker inhaled deeply at the touch of her tongue and her hands. A moan of pure pleasure escaping his lips, as he closed his eyes willing his body to stay in control. He knew that if he didn't stop what Alex was doing there would be no controlling his all to willing and very excited body. He let her continue her wild seduction until he couldn't take it any more.


Growling; a low throaty growl and rolling all in the same unexpected motion, Walker caught Alex totally off guard, landing with her against the cushions; her body positioned perfectly beneath his. The flames from the fireplace danced in her sky blue eyes, as she looked at him so innocently, sighing as she whispered, "What's wrong Cowboy? You looked flushed."


Walker brushed the hair away from her face as he searched her eyes with his own. "Flushed Huh?  I'll show you flushed." he replied in a whisper. He could see her desire begging to be fulfilled. He could see and feel her love calling out to him so strongly. He knew what she wanted, but not yet. Now it was his turn to lovingly torment her. He caressed her face and mouth with his fingertips, before lowering his lips down to just brush hers with his own. Softly, barely touching them. Over and over again; never really kissing her fully.


Alex moaned softly as he continued with his little butterfly kisses. They felt so good, so sensual, but what she really wanted was to feel his lips pressed firmly against hers. She wanted to feel his tongue shyly touch hers before it would begin an exploration of her mouth. She wanted their breath to mix and become one. Alex laced her hands around the back of his neck hoping to coax him down into the deep kiss that her body craved. But Walker had plans of his own as he backed away from her reaching for the bowl of strawberries and whipped cream.


"Not so fast Alex," Walker said in his low, throaty voice. He picked up one of the strawberries, dipping it into the whipped cream before continuing, "You said you wanted tonight to be filled with fantasy's that come true. Well I have fantasy's too. Now it's my turn." He smiled as he placed the piece of fruit against her lips, slowly moving it back and forth leaving a trail of the sweet white substance there, before placing the berry into her mouth so she could take a bite. Walker then popped the rest of it into his own mouth before lowering his lips to hers. Slowly he let his tongue trace the shape of first her top lip and then her bottom one, as he licked the whipped cream away. He savored each lick; taking his time, making sure to leave nothing behind. He could hear her soft moans of pleasure. He could see the flush of passion creep onto her cheeks. He reached for another strawberry, making sure to get even more of the whipped cream on it this time. With a sly grin, he once again placed it against her lips. But this time instead of tracing just her lips with it, he moved it teasingly downward; down her chin, down her neck, down to where the top of her negligee barely covered her breasts. He watched the rapid rise and fall of her breasts. He let his gaze roam back up to her face where he captured her eyes with his own; holding them for an instant, before lowering his lips to taste of her sweet skin.


And taste it he did. He licked and nibbled his way around the tops of her breasts; pulling the top of her negligee lower so he could also kiss and suckle her erect nipples before starting to move slowly back up to where he started.


Time stood still for Alex as she revealed in the soft caress of his beard against her skin. She arched her back, offering her body to his skilled hands, mouth and tongue as he created sensations that carried her high on the wings of passion and desire; desire that was demanding to be fulfilled.


Finally reaching her mouth once again, he claimed her lips in a long, deep kiss; the kiss she had been longing for all night. The kiss that took her breath away. The kiss that said they were about to declare their love for one another once again; in the most sincere and honest way they knew making love to each other.


Alex's heart pounded with anticipation. Strong. Steady. So loud that she was sure Walker could hear it. When Walker began to draw away from her lips, she moaned her dismay before she realized that the pounding she was hearing, was in fact coming from outside. Their eyes locked as the realization dawned on them both. Walker had heard the noise too.


"Walker, what is it?" Alex asked, trying to catch her breath, as she pulled the straps of her negligee back onto her shoulders.


"It sounds like it is coming from the barn? Stay here and lock the door behind me." Walker rose quickly, as he headed to the front door. Grabbing his gun, he slipped silently out the door, into the darkness.


Alex ran to the door locking it as he had said to do. She pulled the curtain back far enough she could see out without being seen herself. It was still raining, but other than that she couldn't see anything else. She waited and listened what seemed an eternity before she saw the light coming on in the barn through the open barn door. A few more minutes passed before she finally saw Walker moving around in the barn. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she unlocked the door and stepped cautiously out onto the porch.


She was greeted by the sound of Walker's laughter drifting to her through the rain drops. Relief immediately washed over her. Wondering what he possibly could be laughing about, she walked to the end of the porch where she could see better. Walker had turned the big outside light of the barn on and had just emerged, leading both Amigo and Angel out.


"Walker? Is everything all right?" she asked, as she watched him release both horses into the pasture; closing the gate behind them.


"Everything's fine Alex." Walker replied heading towards her, laughing loudly as he moved.


Alex couldn't imagine why Walker would be putting the horses out at this time of night, in the rain; or even laughing for that matter, but those thoughts didn't stay with her long as she watched her husband walk towards her.


He was truly a magnificent sight. Alex let her eyes wander over his body. His face held a huge smile, as laughter continued to erupt from him. The rain trickled in little streams down his muscular chest. His gun was tucked low into the waist band of his soak and wet jeans; which clung tightly to his thighs. His feet were bare and covered with mud.


Alex, smiled thinking that she had never seen Walker look more ruggedly handsome than he did right now. Oh yes, she had to admit she loved it when she could convince him to dress up; especially in a tuxedo. But this was what Walker was really all about. Nothing fancy. Just being one with his surroundings.


"Walker, what was that noise?" Alex asked, as Walker once again erupted into laughter at her question. "Why did you put the horses out in the pasture in the rain, and what the devil is so FUNNY?" Alex put her hands on her hips in disgust at not having her questions answered.


Walker got his laughter under control long enough to answer her. "The noise we heard was Amigo kicking in his stall. Seems he has decided that he wants to be closer to Angel." He chuckled again seeing the look of confusion on his wife's face, Alex had not a clue of what he was talking about. "He decided he wanted to frolic a little out in the pasture with Angel. Now do you understand what I mean Alex?"


As the realization of what Walker was saying began to make sense to her, Alex began to giggle. "You mean they wanted to...?"


"Yep, that's exactly what I mean." Walker said as he stepped onto the porch, shaking the rain out of his hair.


"Hey. You're getting me all wet." Alex laughed moving away from the drops of water that were flying through the air.


"Well, maybe I should just take a lesson from Amigo. Maybe I should take my woman out into the rain and make love to her also." As Walker spoke, an evil grin appeared on his full lips, as he moved slowly towards Alex.


"Cordell Walker. Don't you even think about it." Alex squealed as she turned running to get into the house before Walker could catch her.


Alex had just put her hand on the door knob when she was scooped up into Walker's powerful arms. "Too late. I already thought about it." Walker stated as he swiftly moved off the side of the porch back out into the soft drizzle of rain that continued to fall. He continued walking until they reached a small stand of trees and bushes, where he knew they would be out of sight and have total privacy.


Alex sighed, as she have heartedly tried to get out of his arms.

"Walker put me down. What has gotten into you?"


As Walker reached his destination, he slowly let Alex's body slide down the front of his; placing her on her feet before him, he looked deeply into her beautiful eyes as he cupped her face with his hands. "You talked about fantasy's and wanting tonight to be a night to remember didn't you?" he whispered just before he began to kiss the rain drops away from the silky smooth skin of her face.


Alex shivered with anticipation, as Walker continued kissing his way down to her shoulders, before moving even lower onto her chest. Alex couldn't believe they were about to do what they were going to do, especially where they were going to do it. She could resist. The feel of the rain hitting her exposed skin was wonderfully exhilarating. The sensation of the now drenched silk negligee clinging to her aroused body. The feel of Walker's wet beard as he kissed his way onto her now naked left breast. The look in his eyes as he rose to offer his lips to hers once more.


As their arms encircled each other and their lips touched in a passionate kiss, Alex knew in that instant, that if Walker wanted to make love out here in the rain and mud, that is exactly what she would do. She would do anything for the man before her; even if she had to loose her life to do it. He meant that much to her and so much more. She never thought she could love anyone as much as she loved this rugged Cowboy, and she knew every time he looked at her, that he felt the same about her. There was only one way that their love for each other could be more complete. More perfect. Tonight was the night that their love for each other would be complete, Alex could feel it deep inside herself.


As their kiss deepened; their passion fully ignited, they began to let their hands roam freely over each others bodies. Within moments nothing separated them but the rain drops that now fell upon their naked bodies. They explored each other. Touching. Caressing. Fondling. Finding all the right places. All the sensitive spots. Their moans of pleasure, filling the night air, as they slowly sank to the soft, wet ground.


There was no embarrassment between them. No apprehension; making love outside, in the rain was the most natural thing they could do and because of this, they held nothing back. They murmured their love for each other with every touch and in every kiss.


When their desire could no long be denied and it demanded to be fulfilled, Walker positioned himself between Alex's parted thighs. He ached with the need to feel her soft womanhood surrounding him. As she lifted her hips slightly, offering herself to him, he gently began to ease himself inside her moist warmth.


Time stood still as their bodies became one. Their eyes locked, as they watched the flames of passion erupt into a blazing inferno deep within their souls. Walker held perfectly still at first, savoring the feel of her perfect body accepting his hard member's full length. He could feel her muscles contracting with excitement and anticipation around his firmness. With a seductive little smile, Alex began to wiggle her hips ever so slightly as she contracted her muscles even tighter, sending ripples of earth shattering sensations coursing through Walker's entire body. The effect was what she expected and had hoped for; Walker's restraint was broken and he began a slow sensual thrusting motion.


Waves of pleasure coursed through their bodies. Little moans of desire escaped from their lips, as they moved in the age old dance of making love. Slow and unhurried; letting their bodies set the tempo of their movements and lead the way.


They tempted each other with gentle caresses. They whispered their love for one another as their passion continued to grow. Without withdrawing from her, Walker gently wrapped his arms around Alex's torso and rolled, stopping when she was safely positioned above him; a position that he knew she always enjoyed.


Walker saw the smile on her lips as she slowly sat up settling her hips into just the right position, before arching her back. She looked so beautiful and tempting. He watched as the rain ran down her slender body and onto his. He reached up, cupping her firm breasts in his hands. He couldn't help but think how perfectly they fit into his palms as he began to knead them softly.


Alex’s' movements increased as their desire for fulfillment took over. Walker rolled again, placing Alex once more beneath him. Immediately he resumed the pace she had set; glorying in the sweet sensations it created for both of them. They moved with ease as they soared higher and higher, reaching for that ultimate pleasure of fulfillment.


Twice they brought each other to the edge of release, only to slow and hold back, letting their bodies relax slightly before beginning anew. They created a symphony of peaks and crescendos, keeping tempo with each other. When they could stand the torture no longer they instinctively moved faster towards the final strain of their rare and wonderful music.


As their lovemaking reached that magical moment of climax simultaneously, Alex and Walker clung to each other. Not only were their bodies intertwined but their hearts and souls were too. They were one soul. They had searched for and achieved that final note of fulfillment.


As the rain continued to fall, they lay spent in each others arms, waiting for the last spasms of their climax to end. They held onto each other cradled tightly together, as they kissed and caressed while whispering each others names and their love for one another.


When their passion had finally abated, they released each other moving to gather their discarded clothing and began putting the wet garments back on. Arm and arm they moved out of their secluded spot, walking over to the pasture fence to check on Amigo and Angel. Off in the distance they could just barely make out the shadows of the two horses as they chased each other around, stopping every once in a while to nuzzle each others necks. Laughing softly about the antics of their horses, Walker and Alex then slowly walked back to the house.




Alex watched from the third step of the stairs, as Walker locked the front door and turned the lights off, before moving to lock his gun up for the night. Tears of joy welled up in her eyes because of the love she held so dearly in her heart for the man before her. He was her life. Her soul mate. He was the only person who had ever made all her dreams and fantasy's come true. As the tears fell from her eyes, she placed her hands lovingly on her flat stomach. Somehow she knew deep in her heart, that their lovemaking tonight had created a new life, and at this very moment a child was beginning to grow inside of her. Their child. Walker's and hers. A child created because of their love for each other.


Walker had moved to her side as he touched her face, concern evident in his features because of the tears he found there. "Honey what's wrong?" he asked drawing her into his arms as he wiped the tears away.


"Nothing darling." Alex smiled, kissing him on the cheek. As she held him tightly she decided she would wait until she could do a pregnancy test before saying anything to Walker about the baby. Leaning back to look into his eyes Alex finished, "I was just thinking about how you make all my fantasy's come true, that's all."


"You sure?"


"Yes Walker, I'm sure. Come on, we need to go get this mud off of us. We look like a couple of mud wrestlers." She laughed, picking a dried clump of the mud out of his beard.


"We do look pretty silly. You know...since we are making fantasies come true..." Walker grinned an evil little grin as he took her hand leading her up the steps, towards the bathroom.


Alex once again placed her hand on her stomach. Fantasy's...Dreams that come true. Yes...this child was a dream come true...a fantasy she had always wanted......their very own "Rain Kissed Fantasy."



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