By: Murph (HistoryPro)

Alex heard the vague rumbling of thunder as she was just finishing the salads for their evening meal. Hoping that Walker had finished with the steaks, she peaked out the kitchen door to where he had the grill set up. A broad grin spread across her face as she saw her husband lying in the hammock, one dangling hand holding a fork, the other balancing a cold drink on his bare stomach.

“You’re not straining yourself there?” She teased. “I wouldn’t want you to get overheated!”

“That’s not what you said last night.” Walker replied without even opening his eyes.

Alex shook her head as a little giggle escaped her lips. Last night, and the night before. She never tired of their lovemaking!

“Are those steaks done, cause I think it’s gonna rain.” She jumped as, perfectly timed to illustrate her point, a brilliant flash of lightning flared, and a deafening clash of thunder sounded. Sitting up, Walker strode over to the grill and poked a steak.

“They’re done,” he announced as he lifted them off the grill and deposited them on a plate. Turning, he grinned at the still shaken Alex and curled his arm around her. They went into the kitchen just as the first few drops of rain splashed down.

The couple enjoyed their meal of steak, baked potatoes, and salad at the kitchen table. This was the time of day that Alex loved the most. Getting to relax at home with her husband as they discussed the day’s events.

“So the Miller trial is over now?” Walker asked.

“Finally.” Alex sighed as she thought of all the work they had both put in tracking down witnesses, assuring them that they would be safe if they testified, and collecting evidence. It had been the first time since their marriage that they had worked so closely together and Alex was amazed at how well it had gone. Having each other close by in the evenings and mornings proved to be very useful. They had often discussed the case, played ideas off each other, and, eventually they had come up with solutions.

“You know, Walker,” Alex said, “we really make a good team.”

Walker looked across at his beautiful wife, and once again felt a little twinge of regret. He wondered briefly how he could have taken so long to realize what an important and essential role she played in his life.

“We make a great team, Alex.” He said sincerely. He started to reach across the table to take her hand when a loud howl filled the room.

“Oh my gosh,” Alex jumped from her chair. “What was that?” She looked at Walker who was also standing. As they listened, the howl came again. It did not seem to be threatening. It was more a sad, imploring sound. As if some creature was lost and trying to find comfort.

Walker spoke. “It seems to be coming from behind the barn. I’m gonna go check it out.” He turned to Alex with the words, “stay here” on his lips, but stopped himself from saying them. Instead, he looked at her and asked, “Want to come with me?”

Alex smiled to show Walker that she recognized his gesture. “No way, Cowboy!” She replied. “I’ll just supervise from the safety of the kitchen on this one. Wild animals are YOUR forte!”

Walker winked at her and grabbed his shirt from the chair. Slipping it on, he buttoned it as he went out the door and strode toward the barn. The rain had stopped and the country air smelled fresh and clean. As he neared the barn, he heard the two horses nickering and moving about in their stalls. His Cherokee instincts kicked in as he sensed danger nearby. Rounding the corner leading to the stalls, he caught a quick movement from the corner of the barn. It was only a second, but he had seen something large, and black.

Walker soothed the two horses while his eyes focused on the place he had seen the movement. When his ears and eyes detected nothing, he cautiously began to explore the barn, checking for anything that would give him a clue. Finding nothing in the barn, Walker went outside and patrolled the perimeter of the structure. He stopped suddenly, and knelt down, peering at the ground. There in the fresh mud were two large paw prints. Alex was not going to like this, thought Walker as he rose and retraced his steps to the house. Nope, not one bit.

“What?” Alex immediately asked as her husband reappeared in the kitchen. She had long ago developed a sense of knowing there was something wrong just by looking at him.

“We’ve got a problem,” Walker began. “I found cougar tracks behind the barn. He must be sick or injured to be this close to humans.” He looked at the kitchen clock. “It’s too close to sunset now, but tomorrow I am going to have to track him down.”

Alex sighed. Would there ever be a time in their lives when there was absolutely no danger? Then she looked at the man standing in front of her and grinned. He was most definitely worth it, she thought. Danger and all, life was never dull for the Walkers!

Finishing the last dish, she put in into a top cabinet. Seeing his chance, Walker moved forward and slipped his arms around her slim waist. He began kissing her neck. Alex relaxed in his arms enjoying the tingling sensations his touch brought to her body. Walker gently pulled her around to face him, his lips descending on hers in a passionate kiss. Time stood still as Alex lost herself in the kiss, her tongue sliding against his, not even breathing seemed necessary at this moment. Finally, he broke off the kiss as each of their bodies demanded air.

“Let’s go upstairs.” He said huskily. They quickly mounted the steps to their bedroom, each never taking their eyes off the other. As they entered, Walker turned to look at his beautiful new wife. A sudden urge to see her, all of her, overwhelmed him. He reached out and carefully began to unbutton her shirt. Alex reached to unbutton his shirt too, but Walker stilled her hands with his own.

“I want to do you first.” He said, his eyes dark with passion.

Alex stood still, her hands at her sides as her man finished unbuttoning her shirt. He pulled it from her shoulders, tossing it on a nearby chair. His breathing became quicker as he gazed at her lace-covered breasts. But, he didn’t touch her. Alex felt his lustful gaze and her knees began to quiver as she began to imagine what he would do to her.

Next, he slowly took the waistband of her jeans in both hands, using his thumbs to undo the button and then slide the zipper down. Carefully, he slid the jeans down and off along with her shoes and socks, leaving her to stand in only the lace bra and panties. His gaze moved from her delicate ankles, up her legs, past the blonde triangle that nestled at the apex of her thighs. He looked at her firm stomach and jutting breasts. Alex could feel the sexual tension begin to spread throughout her body. It was almost as if he was touching her in those intimate places, and she felt the wetness between her legs spread to an overwhelming desire to push her hips forward. Anything to feel his touch. Her eyes begged for more.

Walker moved behind her and put his hands on her waist. “Come.” He whispered in her ear. “I want you to see me take you up.”

He moved her so that they were facing the large floor length mirror that stood by their dresser. She saw her nearly nude body in contrast to his fully clothed one. She reached behind her, but again Walker stilled her hand. “Wait.” He said teasingly. Then his hands moved from her waist, sliding up her flat stomach to cup her sensitive breasts. He flicked open the front clasp, and slid the bra off. Then, as Alex moaned deeply, he gently kneaded and caressed her tingling breasts. His fingers rolled the peaked tips between them, and Alex’s knees began to weaken again.

Slowly, almost so that she didn’t notice, he slid one hand down and grasped her panties. In a quick movement, he slipped them down and off. Alex was now totally nude. She felt his clothed body behind her, his rough shirt and jeans, and the coldness of his belt buckle. When she looked before her she saw the incredibly sexy image of a naked woman being fondled by large, powerful hands.

Walker’s hands began to play over her body, caressing her breasts, stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Her erect nipples throbbed, as did her womanhood, which he was careful not to touch.

“Walker….” She breathed leaning back into his arms. “Please….”

“Watch, Alex,” he murmured into her ear as his fingers finally slid into her. The visual and sensual images overwhelmed Alex. She groaned and squirmed in his arms as his fingers worked their magic on her womanhood. Involuntarily her hips bucked against his hand. A groan of pure ecstasy issued from her throat. His tongue slipped into her ear and his other hand kneaded her breast. The climax that was building threatened to explode. She had never been so excited. Her lust-glazed eyes focused on the mirror before her for only a second before fiery tentacles of sensation began to shoot up her legs. As the climax exploded around her, she bucked furiously into Walker’s hand. Her knees buckled completely, and he held her through the aftershocks never once losing his grip on her womanhood.

Slumped in his arms, Alex slowly came back to reality. “Oh, darling,” She turned into his arms, resting her head against his shoulder. “That was incredible!”

“Well, it’s not over yet,” He smiled and led her to the bed. He gently sat her on the edge of the bed and stood back a few feet, just out of her touch. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. Alex noticed that his nipples were already erect, and a fine sheen of perspiration showed that he had been very much affected by the scene in front of the mirror. He pulled his boots off, then undid his jeans, but stopped there. He looked at Alex, his eyes dark, and in a sexy voice he asked, “Would you like to take them off?”

Alex sat up straight on the edge of the bed. “Come to me,” She commanded him. Walker moved closer to his naked wife. She reached up and slid her hands around his hips inside his jeans. Sensuously she moved her hands down over his hips and buttocks bringing the jeans with her. When they fell to the floor, he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Alex’s attention was only on one thing. His rock hard erection that strained against his boxers. Sliding her hands into the waistband of the boxers, she lifted them outward and released his manhood. With a swift motion, the boxers were gone, and her magnificent husband stood naked before her.

Walker’s breathing became jagged as Alex’s fingers slid around his manhood and caressed the soft flesh. When she saw a small drop of fluid form on the tip, her first reaction was to gently lick it away. Then she kissed him. His reaction was to moan and softly begin to caress her shoulders. The sight in front of her rekindled Alex’s passion to the boiling point. She opened her mouth and took him in, kissing and sucking his swollen member. Walker was lost. His knees began to buckle as his hands gripped Alex’s shoulders for balance. A deep groan rumbled through him.

After several moments, he couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted, needed, HAD to be inside her! Pulling back, he lifted the protesting Alex to her feet, and walked her around to the side of the bed. Seeing what he wanted, Alex lay down and spread her legs, her smoky blue eyes filled with want. Walker knelt between her legs and she reached down to guide him into her. The moment he was inside her, Walker began to move. Alex’s legs lifted to lock around his back and his thrusts increased. The slapping of their two naked bellies and the groans of passion filled the room. The bed rocked as Walker drove relentlessly into her warm, inviting center. Alex could feel him rippling with desire as his stiff manhood stroked her within. He fell into a rhythm that he knew never failed to bring her to a climax.

Alex felt the stirring begin again. She grunted and clasped his slippery back, calling his name over and over. Walker concentrated hard, trying not to come before she did. Her breasts moving against his chest and the feel of her around his manhood was driving him over. Suddenly, Alex tensed. Her eyes flew open and her head fell back as she arched her body against his. Feeling her climaxing, Walker let himself go. His knees pushed hard against the bed as he pressed into her, spilling his seed. A loud cry of ecstasy such as Alex had never heard him utter filled the air. Then, it was quiet save for the heavy breathing and soft whispers of endearment, as they lay sated in each other’s arms.

Somewhere out in the night a black form moved among the trees. It paused a moment when the sounds of mating ceased. Then it continued it’s slow trek around the house and barn. Knowing instinctively it belonged, but sensing a fearful challenge to its very existence.

Walker was already gone when Alex got down to the kitchen the next morning. He had made coffee, and as she poured herself a cup, she allowed her thoughts to wander. She loved this house and the privacy that the ranch afforded, but sometimes it was a little lonely. Smiling at her silliness, she decided to go see the horses for some company.

They were already out frolicking in the corral she noticed as she approached the barn. They whinnied a hello to her and sprinted to the fence expecting the sugar cube she always seemed to have for them. As she stood running her fingers through the mane of one of the horses, Alex heard a sound coming from behind the house. Wishing her husband was home, Alex slowly approached the edge of the house and peered around. Seeing nothing amiss, she was just about ready to return to the paddock when a low growl pierced the peaceful spring air.

Alex froze. Oh, god, she thought. It’s the cougar! Trying not to move quickly, she slowly turned toward the direction of the sound. Like a nightmare in slow motion, she was knocked roughly to the ground by a large, black shape. Alex screamed and tried to turn over, but the weight of the cougar on her back kept her pinned. She heard a deep growl and then a howl. And, in her confusion, she heard what sounded like a bark. Suddenly, the weight lifted off her back. She whirled around to face the cougar. But, all she saw was the back legs of the black creature as it disappeared behind some trees. Alex quickly ran into the house, slamming the door behind her.

“What’s going on?” Walker, who had come in through the front door, scared the hell out of her.

“Geez, Walker!” Alex managed to get out. “I didn’t hear you come in, because I was too busy getting crushed by that cougar you were chasing!” Walker quickly moved to check over his wife, looking for any injuries.

“Are you hurt?” He asked with concern.

Alex calmed down and checked herself out. “No, I’m okay.” She said. “Walker, I think that cougar was right in the backyard!”

Walker shook his head. “He must have smelled the steaks that I had grilled last night.”

Shivering, Alex asked, “Why didn’t he just dine on me? I mean, he sat on me, and then he just ran away.”

Walker glanced at her. “He sat on you? I’ve never heard of a cougar doing that…”

“He sat on me Walker!” Alex repeated, a little pissed at his tone. “Or something sat on me.”

“What do you mean, something sat on you?”

“It all happened so fast, but I just had this impression that there was more than one animal.” She shrugged helplessly. “My back was turned, but some of the growls seemed to be coming from farther away….”

“Alex, I didn’t mean that I doubted you, it just isn’t making sense. Let me go look in the yard and see if I can pick up some tracks.” Walker kissed her on the cheek as he slipped past her. She reluctantly followed him into the back yard.

The thick grass and stone paths that Alex carefully maintained left little ground for any tracks. Walker saw a few partial prints, but nothing that he could conclude there were two animals from. He turned and asked her where the animal had run off to.

“Somewhere over there,” Alex pointed to some thick trees. When Walker started to move in that direction, she reached out to touch his arm. “Do you have to go after him? Maybe he got scared, and won’t be back.”

Walker smiled reassuringly at his wife. “Alex,” he said with a slight grin, “Do you know what the guys at work would say about me if I couldn’t track a cougar that was harming my family down?”

Alex grinned back. “They’d say you were whipped!”

Walker laughed heartily. “That’s right. Now go in the house, and let your big macho man take care of you!” He was just teasing, but he caught the look that flashed across Alex’s features. He loved it when she got independent on him, even when it was a pain. And he knew his words would get her engines going.

Alex didn’t disappoint him. Her blue eyes flashed. “Cordell Walker, if you think I’m going to let you go out there alone again you can just forget it. I’m going too!”

Walker figured their troublesome cougar was probably long gone by now, so he had no objections to Alex going along. It would be a nice walk. Maybe they could even go skinny-dipping at the little pond if he played his cards right….!

After 20 minutes of wandering through the humid paths behind their home, both of them were sticky and sweaty. They had not seen one sign of the cougar as they came to the little pond. Walker knelt and scooped up some cool water in his hands and dumped it over his head.

Standing behind and watching him, Alex began to grin. Quickly she began to undo the buttons on her blouse, and soon she was nude. “Walker,” she said very softly. When her unsuspecting hubby glanced around, she blurted, “Race you to the float!”

Walker stared in disbelief as his very naked wife streaked past him and began swimming for the small, floating dock anchored in the middle of the pond. He quickly disrobed and swam out to join her.

Alex was sunbathing on the deck of the float as she felt Walker climb up. Soon she felt cold drops falling on her nude body. Giggling, she reached over and grabbed a hairy leg, making Walker off-balance enough that he had to sit down. They both sat quietly for several moments listening to the sounds of the birds, and the water sloshing lazily against the float. Walker’s eyes closed, and he found himself dozing. Suddenly, the float shifted and he opened his eyes to see Alex sitting cross-legged in front of him.

“Want to play a game?” She raised her eyebrow slightly with the question, and Walker knew instantly he wanted to play any game that she had in mind. He nodded.

“Close your eyes,” she instructed. Scooting a little closer to him, she put her legs over his and had him extend his legs on either side of her body. They were now only a few inches apart, and when she looked down, Alex saw that the nearness of her body already was affecting him. “Now,” she continued, the purpose of this is to really know your partner by touch. So you can’t move when I am touching you, and you can’t open your eyes.”

Seeing him nod, Alex closed her eyes and placed her hands on his head. Slowly, she began to caress his temples and cheeks. She moved her fingers over his lips, sliding one into his mouth. When he began to suck on it, she scolded him, “No moving!” Carefully and thoroughly she rubbed and caressed his neck and shoulders. As her hands moved across his chest she felt his nipples harden with desire and a slight moan escaped his lips. Reaching his waist she had to move carefully to avoid touching his straining manhood. Instead her hands slipped down to circle his testes, cupping them in one hand, smoothing the soft skin with the other. She could tell that he was getting very excited by the tautness of his muscles, so she moved on to his thighs. After kneading the powerful muscles she felt there, she tried to attend to his knees, but he was so ticklish there that he kept giggling. Finally, she kneaded his feet eliciting a groan of pleasure.

Peeking just a little, she leaned forward to kiss him very softly. “Now, it’s your turn.” She purred to him. Walker didn’t have to be told twice. His hands very gently began to caress her face and lips. He spent a long time running his hands over her slender neck and shoulders. He ran his hands down her arms and kissed her fingers before his hot hands came to rest on her breasts. Alex’s breathing became jagged as his lips closed on the tip of one. He sucked and ran his tongue back and forth across her rigid nipple. Alex moaned, “Walker….”

“No talking!” He reprimanded her, and she fell silent. Finally, he began to caress her waist and belly. He also encountered giggles in this area, for this is where Alex had her ticklish spot. He quickly moved on to her thighs. Kneading them, he remembered what they felt like when they were wrapped around him, and another groan escaped his lips. Finishing by rubbing her delicate feet, he waited, wondering what was going to happen next.

Alex reached down and took his manhood in her gentle hands. She caressed him until she knew he was ready. Then she slowly pushed him back until he was lying on his back on the deck. Moving up, she balanced above him, slowly rubbing his rigid member across her dripping center of desire. Their breathing became heavy and jagged as each delighted in the sexual torment of not joining completely. Finally, Alex lowered herself completely onto him. Moving slowly and in control, she lifted her hips up and down in a rhythm as old as time. The swinging movement of the float increased their sexual pleasure, as Alex rode him like a surfer on a wave of desire. He reached down and placed his thumb against her providing the pressure she needed. Rocking wildly they climbed the wave of desire slowly at first, but soon their movements became more driven as their bodies craved release.

Walker felt Alex jerk against his thumb, spasms of pleasure running through her body, right to where they were joined so intimately. As her muscles contracted around his manhood, his own climax brought his hips up off the deck. Alex clung to him as he moaned, emptying his seed into her.

Lying atop his panting body, Alex felt his thumb begin to move over her again. “Walker….” She began, but his mouth caught hers in a passionate kiss. As his tongue dipped into her mouth, she felt her second climax explode within her. Finally, they lay together on the float. Sated and happy, all thoughts of the cougar completely out of their minds.

Alex was dozing when she felt the float tip and looked up to see Walker swimming in the pond. Looking at him, her heart filled with love for this complicated, yet so simple man. Sensing her gaze, he turned toward her.

“You think we ought to get back before dark?” He asked with a smile. “I hear cougars are nocturnal…”

Alex sat up quickly and jumped into the water. She began to swim so quickly toward the shore that Walker had trouble keeping up with her. By the time they were dressed and beginning to head back, the sun had set. Shadows began to appear.

Walking close by his side, Alex whispered to her husband, “Do you know the way?”

Walker’s loud chuckle startled her. “Alex, I have lived here a pretty long time. Yes, I know the way….” The teasing was interrupted by a loud crash in front of them. Walker pushed Alex behind him, but before he could turn completely back toward the sound, a huge black body hurled at him from the dark woods. Caught off balance, he went down hard and unfortunately near a large granite rock. His head struck the rock, knocking him unconscious immediately. Blood dripped from a cut above his eye.

Horror gripped Alex as she stared at the prone body of her husband. She looked up into the yellow eyes of a puma, a black cougar! Saliva dripped from his sharp fangs. He limped noticeably as he moved from side to side in front of her. Despite the limp, Alex knew she was no match for the powerful jaws and sharp claws of this huge cat. But, she couldn’t run and leave Walker.

“Go away!” She yelled at the cat. She looked desperately for something to hit or throw at the beast. Walker moaned slightly and tried to sit up. The puma became more agitated and moved toward Alex. She stood frozen in horror.

Suddenly, from behind her, a black form glided past Alex. She gasped thinking it was another puma. But, the animal moved so that it was between Alex, Walker, and the puma. A low growl issued from its throat, and it’s lips curled to reveal large, sharp teeth. Canine teeth. Alex found herself looking at a huge, black dog!

As the puma started to take a step toward the now conscious Walker, the dog snarled viscously at it. The hair on his back stood up and his ears lay back against his head. Finally, it lunged toward the cougar barking and growling furiously. Undone by the large animal’s threatening presence, the cat turned tail and disappeared into the woods.

Alex allowed herself to breathe first. Then she rushed to Walker’s side, helping him to stand. He shook his head a little, but seemed to be okay. He looked at the large, black Labrador that now stood off to one side. The dog’s deep gold eyes shone with intelligence and courage.

Respectfully, Walker softly addressed the animal. “Well, boy, I guess we owe you a good dinner at the very least.” He held out his hand to pat the dog, but to his surprise, it moved past him and stood by Alex’s side. She reached down and gingerly petted his huge, boxy head.

“I think he likes me.” She smiled brightly at Walker, who couldn’t help but grin.

The three headed back to the ranch for some dinner. Days went by and there was no sign of the cougar. The black lab and Alex became fast friends. Walker even felt a little jealous at times, but he too had grown to love the beautiful animal. As for the lab, it made itself right at home. Often Walker or Alex would trip over him as he lay stretched out like a rug across one of the doors or porch. Walker noticed that he always put himself where he could watch them, and protect them if needed.

One lovely spring night Walker and Alex were curled up on the porch swing, the lab stretched across the porch at their feet.

“Do you think he has a home, Walker?” Alex said as she snuggled into his shoulder. Walker thought for a minute before answering.

“I don’t think he has any home except for this one.” He replied squeezing her shoulder.

Alex’s head shot up. “You mean we can keep him?” she almost shouted.

Walker grinned warmly. He looked at the huge dog stretched across the floor at his feet. “Yeah, we can keep him. You may need to get another job so we can afford to feed him…”

Alex cut him off with a big kiss. As if on cue the lab stood up and put his front legs on the swing. His boxy, black head even with Walker’s.

“What do you want?” Walker said gruffly, teasing the big dog. Before he could react the lab placed a big, wet kiss on his bearded mouth.

“Ugh!” Walker scooted back on the swing, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. Alex was hugging the dog and laughing hysterically.

Walker looked at them both and sighed. “Well, now that he’s one of the family, he will need a name.”

“I have one already picked out,” Alex said softly. She kept one arm around the dog while she reached over and put the other one around her husband.

“He’s my protector,” Alex began, “just like you.” She smiled. “His name is Ranger.”

Walker looked into the lovely face of his bride. He thought of how the dog had indeed protected them both a few days ago. He nodded his approval.

Without ceremony, Ranger suddenly jumped on the swing between them and barked happily. As the swing bounced, they all fought to stay on, laughing and hugging each other.