Rangers Get the Job Done.


By Pam Gooderham


C.D. wrinkled up his nose. "You stink! Take off that T-shirt!"

Trivette removed his top and dropped it to the floor. "I got some of it on me."

"I told you incoming was expected and to use protection, but oh no, you wouldn't listen." The elder Ranger thought for a moment. "Right. Let's get on with it then." He peeled away the fastenings.

"OH YUCK! Man that's ..eek!" Trivette turned away and looked back in awe.

"So much of it too!"

C.D. stared at him. "Don't be such a sissy. You're a macho Texas Ranger for gosh sakes!"

"Yeah well they don't prepare you for THAT!"

"I'll lift. You ease it out." C.D. looked at the young black man again. "Well hurry up! We don't have all day! There you go. That's it." C.D. looked around.

"Okay, what's next? Let's see here .you take that out."


"Jimmy! Just do it will you?"

"If I'd have known this I'd have brought along surgical gloves."

Exasperated C.D. nudged him in the arm. "Get rid of it!"


"Where?' His mentor repeated.

Trivette looked perplexed. "Yeah. Where to? Does it go in the regular trash or what, man?"

"I don't rightly know. Use some reasoning, but just get goin', okay?"

Tentatively Trivette moved outside as if he were holding a bomb.

C.D. turned back to the job in hand, muttering to himself. "Okay. What next?

Must be damp swabs followed by dry ones."

Some two minutes later Trivette returned.

C.D. barely glanced up. "Whad you do with it?"

"I put it in two plastic bags, tied it real tight, and hung it out the back!

Fixed to the door handle. They can figure it out tomorrow."

"What's it supposed to do like that? Ward off coyotes?" Trivette cast a sarcastic look and C.D. carried on in spite of it. C.D. moved the used swabs to the side "you can get rid of these nasty critters now."

Trivette's shoulders fell. Knowing a protest would fall on deaf ears he took a deep breath, gathered the 'critters' together, and left the room again, this time returning to C.D.'s studious posture.

Peering through his glasses at the small print the old man sought an opinion. "Well I've read the box but it's not clear. Which way did they say that was supposed to go? This way, or that way?"

"It should be obvious!"

C.D. was defensive; "At least I'm big enough to own up to the fact that I shoulda paid more attention. Well? Which way?"

"Trivette studied further. "Hmm, not as obvious as you think is it?"

"See?" C.D. countered. "It's not obvious. We'll go with this way. Okay!

Sprinkle this on." C.D. handed over a tin and Trivette took to the task with great gusto.

Both men flapped their hands wildly, pulling faces. "Gees, man. That came out quick."

"Honestly, Jimmy! Scrape some off then pull that side in as I pull this side in."

Trivette laughed. "You made a mistake C.D."

"Oh dang it!" C.D. sat back in disgust.

Trivette couldn't help himself. He roared with laughter then wiped the tears from his eyes. "Oh man! That's so funny!" Holding a hand to his stomach he pointed at his mentor. "You shoulda taken off the protective tabs after we dusted."

"Twenty twenty vision with hindsight, smart Alec! Go see if Cordell has any tape on his desk."

"How about this?" Trivette asked on his return, still trying to stifle a giggle. "Mailing tape."

"That'll do. Hold this bit." There was a big ripping sound, and a tear.

"Oops." Trivette grinned again. "You got it stuck round your thumb. Wait a sec." Trivette prized away the tape, scrunched it in a ball, took a few seconds to rid his finger of it and they tried again.

C.D. looked better pleased as the ripping continued and the tape was applied liberally. "Watch where you put it now. Just on the outside."

They both looked up. "Just in time Big Dog! They're back!"



Alex wrapped an arm round Walker's waist as they entered the house. "Our first hour away together. You think everything's okay?"

Walker squeezed her. "What can go wrong in an h.?"

They stopped in their tracks and after a second to sum up the scene, burst out laughing.

With a huge grin Walker tenderly lifted up his six-month-old baby and held him to his chest. His son gave him an endearing lopsided grin in return.

"See?" Walker bantered with him, "I told you your uncles would be a lot of fun, didn't I, Ray?"

Alex hugged their friends. "But I think we'll have to explain diaper changing one more time!"




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