By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex entered her apartment removed her key from the lock then slammed the door behind her as hard as she could but the door instead of closing flew back open and almost hit her in the head. Alex then looked at the door and muttered to herself "just great, now the door won't close. Can this day get any worse?" Alex went to the door and looked at it to see what was wrong only to discover that when she had tried to slam it shut the lock had jammed in an open position. Alex then got her key and put it back in the lock and tried to unlock the lock so that she could then lock the door. All the time she was trying to fix the lock so that she could close the door Alex was muttering to herself about the way that Walker had treated her at C.D.'s earlier in the evening. He had previously told her that when the Mr. O. case was over that they would have a very serious discussion about getting married but Walker had joked his way out of the discussion leaving Alex standing there in front of C.D. feeling like a fool. Then Walker had practically run out the door with Trivette when a situation had arisen that they needed to take care of. The evening had gotten even worse when C.D. in an attempt to help her had told Alex that Cordell was like a mustang and that while she had the saddle on Walker wouldn't take to the cinch. Then C.D. had said that Walker really loved her but Alex was now beginning to wonder about that. They had been engaged for well over a year now and every time she brought up the subject of them actually getting married Walker avoided setting a date. Alex thought to herself 'if Walker doesn't want to get married why doesn't he just have the decency to tell me that instead of joking his way out of it? There are plenty of other guys out there who would want to marry me. But no I pick a cowboy who's terrified of getting married or maybe he just doesn't love me anymore.' As Alex was mussing to herself a very good looking man knocked on her door frame and said to her "Hi, my name is Dave Taggert. I just moved in next door. Would you by chance happen to have some coffee that I can borrow?"

"Hi. My name is Alex Cahill and I can lend you some coffee. Why don't you come in while I get you it?" Alex replied and Dave came into Alex's apartment and noticing the key in the lock asked her "are you having trouble with your lock? Why don't I take a look at it for you?"

"If you don't mind, I think that the lock got jammed somehow. I'll get the coffee while you're looking at it." Alex replied and went and got the coffee. When she came back into the living room with the coffee Dave held out her key as he told her "It's fixed for now but you might consider replacing this lock with dead bolt lock as soon as you can, they're a lot better to have on a main door. So tell me Alex, is it okay if I call you Alex?" After Alex nodded yes that it was okay to call her by her first name Dave added "can you tell where the best place to hang out after work is? You know a friendly little place where I can get to meet some decent people? I just moved into area from Austin and I don't know anyone but the people I work with and they transferred here with me. "

"There's a bar by the name of C.D.'s, it's run by a very good friend of mine. I'll write down the directions to it for you." Alex offered and wrote down the directions as Dave questioned her "how about we meet there someday after work? If it has a dance floor maybe we can share a dance or two, what do you say to that? Not to brag but I'm a pretty good dancer and I'll bet that you dance just as good. Please say yes Alex because you're the only person that I know in town. So how about it?"

"I don't think that Walker would like us meeting at C.D.'s and then dancing together." Alex answered Dave who asked her "Who's Walker?"

"Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, my fiancée." Alex told him as she held up her left hand so that Dave could see her engagement ring. Dave looked at the ring then said to Alex "can't blame a guy for trying when you're as beautiful as you are. Does your Ranger know how lucky he is?"

"It was nice meeting you Mr. Taggert but if you don't mind, it's late and I've had a long day." Alex hinted to Dave who got the hint "I’ll see you around Miss Cahill. Maybe in time I can change your mind about dancing with me. Good night."

 After he left her apartment Alex sat down on her couch and replayed the scene in her mind from earlier in the evening at C.D.'s where Walker had somewhat coldly shot her down when she attempted to hold him to his promise to discuss their getting married. The more Alex replayed the scene in her mind the more upset she became until finally she decided what had happened earlier was a sure sign that she and Walker would never get married and that she should give up on him. As she remained sitting on the couch Alex began to subconsciously twist her engagement ring until it started coming off of her finger. Alex looked at it then said to herself 'I might just as well take this off since Walker and I are never getting married. This evening made that clear enough.'  Instead of doing that though Alex laid back on the couch as she replayed her relationship with Walker in her mind and fell asleep while doing that.

Chapter Two

Alex drifted into a dream in which she was laying in a hospital bed and Walker who was standing by the bed offered her his hand as he told her "here squeeze my hand if the pain is too much for you." Alex took him up on the offer and squeezed Walker's hand as hard as she could and when Alex released it she saw Walker grimace then shake his hand as though he was trying to shake the pain away. Noticing Alex looking at him with a big smile on her face Walker asked her "so you think that's funny, do you lady?"

"Sure do cowboy, besides this is all your fault and you know it." Alex replied. Walker smiled as he asked her "you had nothing to do with it?  I believe that all of this was your idea, not mine."

"I'll admit that the living room was my idea but the bedroom wasn't my idea so you share the blame cowboy." Alex replied as she grabbed for Walker's hand again as the pain intensified. Walker moved so that Alex could hold his other hand as he told her "hang in there honey, it's almost over. Then the pain for both of us will have been well worth it." Alex nodded through the pain.

The next thing that Alex dreamed about was her being in a hospital room with a very happy looking Walker telling her "honey, our son looks just like you with his blonde hair and blue eyes and I think our daughter is going to have my hair and my eyes." Alex teased him "she doesn't have your beard too, does she?"

"No Alex she doesn't." Walker answered Alex who said to him "Walker, answer the doorbell, will you? I can't get up." The dream faded as Alex realized that her doorbell was being rang so she got up to answer it only to find Dave Taggert standing there. "Mr. Taggert, what can I do for you now?" Alex asked him.

Dave said "Would you happen to have some milk that I can borrow? I was going to make the coffee that you lent me earlier but I like my coffee with milk and well I don't have any milk or creamer for that matter in my apartment. I don't really have much of anything since I haven't gotten around to getting any groceries. I've been too busy settling into my new office and getting everyone on the same page at work." Undoing the door chain Alex replied "why don't you just come in and have a cup of coffee with me? I have some milk in my fridge. Have a seat and I'll go get the coffee along with some coffee cake."

Dave sat down on the couch as Alex got them some coffee to drink and each of them a piece of coffee cake to eat. As they were drinking the coffee and eating the coffee cake Dave asked her "so what does a beautiful woman like you do for a living? I'll bet that you're a model or an actress; you have to be with your looks. Which are incredible by the way."

"Neither one I'm afraid. I'm an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County. What about you Mr. Taggert, what do you do for a living if you don't mind me asking?" Alex asked Dave who answered "I work for a new outfit in town, McLloyd and Associates; we specialize in the oil and natural gas industry among other things. We just set up shop over in main business hub of the Fort Worth-Dallas Metroplex. Say we could use a lawyer to help us with the legal issues that are sure to arise from our entering a new market as it were. Are you interested in the job? The pay is pretty good if I do say so myself."

"Not interested." Alex quickly replied but Dave pressed on "at least promise me that you'll think about it Alex. The pay has to be at least three or four times what you're making now and there's plenty of room for advancement. A woman like you could go places in our company."

"Thanks but no thanks, I'm not looking to leave my job with the D.A.'s office; either now or in the future. If you'll excuse me a minute, I need to do something in the kitchen." Alex said to Dave then took the plates and coffee mugs and left the room without waiting for an answer. Alex returned a few minutes later with several bags. Handing the bags, one after the other to Dave Alex told him "There's some milk, bread, butter and a dozen of eggs in this bag, and in this one I put some canned goods and frozen things to get you through until you can get to the grocery store. That way you'll have something to eat for awhile and won't have to keep asking me for things."

Dave took the bags and said to her "thanks for the supplies Alex, see you around beautiful." He then left. After he was gone Alex locked the door then placed the chain lock on it and headed to her bedroom only to hear the phone ring. Picking it up she said "this is Alex Cahill. Who's calling?"

"Uhm Alex, it's Walker can I stop by your place in a little while? We can talk about things." Walker questioned her but Alex replied "no you may not stop by my place, goodnight Walker." Alex then hung up the phone and switched the answering machine on.

Alex was leaving her bathroom when she happened to glance at the mirror. Looking at her reflection Alex said to herself 'That was a vision of what your future holds if you don't give into temptation and strangle Walker like he really deserves right now. But you Alex Cahill also need to make Cordell Walker realize that he can't take you for granted anymore either.'

 Chapter Three

Walker gave Trivette back his cell phone after Alex hung up on him. Trivette noticing that Walker seemed more quiet than usual asked him "hey Walker is everything okay with you and Alex? If you want to you can drop me off at Ranger headquarters and I'll do the paperwork on the bust, that way you can go and see your fiancée at her apartment."

"How about I take you back to C.D.'s so that you can get your car? The paperwork can wait until tomorrow." Walker suggested to Trivette who teased "You in that much of a hurry to see the woman that you're going to marry; someday that is?"

Walker answered his partner "No I'm not going to see Alex. As a matter of fact Trivette I'm going home, by myself." Trivette wisely dropped the subject.

Walker dropped Trivette off at C.D.'s so Trivette decided to find out what was going on with Walker and Alex. C.D. explained what had happened earlier in the evening between Walker and Alex. Trivette then said to him "What exactly is Walker's problem? I mean he and Alex are in love with each other but for whatever reason he's in no hurry to get married and if he keeps dragging his feet about getting married Walker just may lose Alex. How are they going to have children if they don't get married? It makes no sense, they would both make great parents and neither one of them would ever have a child without being married first. So why doesn't Walker just marry Alex so that they could get started on having a family?"

"I don't know what Walker's problem is but I do know this, Alex will never give up on Cordell. She loves him too much to ever give up on him. But I will say that Alex was pretty upset with Walker when she left here earlier this evening. Why don't you suggest to Walker that he stop dragging his feet about marrying Alex? And that he could lose her over it, Cordell just might need a little wakeup call when it comes to the way he takes Alex for granted. I don't think Cordell is doing it on purpose but he is doing it."

Trivette objected “I don't think Walker would appreciate me saying something like that to him. Can't you do it? I mean I have to be in a truck with him most of the day and Walker can get pretty grouchy when you try to talk with him about his private life; which by the way he likes to keep to himself. Heck C.D. Walker never even said a word to me about asking Alex to marry him and I'm his partner. I was as surprised as you were when he finally proposed to Alex. I will admit though sometimes Alex isn't all that much better about talking about her private life either. Those two really do belong together and the sooner they get married, the better. Walker just needs to agree to a wedding date."

"I already talked to Walker about him dragging his heels when it came to Alex and marriage. As a matter of fact I talked to him right before Alex arrived to have her talk with Walker and Cordell told me in no uncertain terms to stay out of it. Then Alex comes in and wants to talk about when they're getting married and Walker joked his way out of it, yet again. Then you come in and he takes off leaving Alex just standing there. Just think about talking to Cordell about Alex will you Jimmy?" C.D. suggested to Trivette who reluctantly agreed "Okay I'll talk to Walker but if he bites my head off you're going to hear about it."

 The next morning at Ranger headquarters Trivette asked Walker "Walker can we talk?" Walker answered "Can't that wait a minute? I want to go see if Alex is in her office."

Trivette nodded okay so Walker left Ranger headquarters and went to Alex's office where he was told that she was already in court. Walker went into Alex's private office and left a note on her desk.

When Alex returned to her office her secretary Janette told her "Ranger Walker was here looking for you." Alex questioned "Did he say what he wanted me for?"

"No but he went into your private office for something." The secretary answered and Alex went into her office to find a dozen yellow roses on her desk. Taking the card from them she read the note

              Sorry about last night

                You know who

Alex thought to herself 'they have to be from Walker because who else would have sent them to her. My cowboy finally realized that he should send me roses.' As she smelled the roses Alex spotted a folded piece of paper on her desk so she read it


    Can you come out to the ranch tonight?


Alex picked up her phone called Ranger headquarters and asked for Walker to thank him for the roses but she ended up talking to Trivette who had answered Walker's phone so she told him "Jimmy can you tell Walker that I'll be there at seven?"

"Sure thing Alex and by the way where are you going to be at seven?" Trivette teasingly asked her so Alex told him "the ranch and don't you or C.D. come up with a reason to either stop by or call. We do not want to be disturbed by anyone or anything tonight, got that?"

"Yes I got that and I'll tell C.D. not to bother the two of you. Have fun tonight Alex." Trivette replied causing Alex to tell him "I intend to and that partner of yours may be just a little bit tired tomorrow morning."

Later when Walker came into Ranger headquarters Trivette passed on Alex's message then told Walker "man you are so lucky, you take Alex for granted and she doesn't complain about it, she just hangs in there with you. So tell me man, are you ever going to marry that woman?  Because there will come a day when even Alex gives up on you."

"I know that Trivette but for now why don't we do our jobs?" Walker asked so they got down to Ranger business. At the end of the day Walker told him "Trivette can you handle anything that comes up tonight?"

"Yes I can Walker, besides Alex already told me that you two didn't want to be disturbed at the ranch tonight. So what are you two going to be doing that you don't want to be disturbed?  Would that be making wedding plans by any chance? Or something else more important?" Trivette finished with a few teasing questions. Walker growled at his partner "Trivette" Walker left Ranger headquarters as Trivette tried not to laugh too loud.

Chapter Four

Alex opened Walker's front door around six thirty and called out "Walker, I'm here." When she didn't get an answer Alex went into the kitchen to see what they were having for dinner only to find out that there wasn't anything cooking on the stove. Alex then headed upstairs to Walker's bedroom to see if he was there, he wasn't. Alex then went back down stairs and headed to the barn hoping to find Walker there, he was so she said to him "Hi cowboy I'm a little early. So what's for dinner? Anything good?"

Walker answered "I lost track of time cleaning the barn and I haven't started dinner. But I did manage to stop on the way home and pick up something for dessert. Why don't we go into the house and I'll figure out something to make us to eat for dinner then we can have our dessert." Alex instead suggested to him "How about we go into the house and I'll think of something to make for us for dinner while you take a shower?"

"Okay, you're a much better cook than I am." Walker answered and they went into the house where Walker took his shower and Alex after looking over the contents of Walker's fridge decided to make them a chicken and pasta dinner with a side salad. She also discovered that Walker had bought chocolate pudding for their dessert. When Walker entered the dining room he told her "it looks good Alex, thanks."

"You're welcome Cowboy, so what's the reason that you invited me out here tonight? Anything special on your mind?" Alex questioned Walker hoping he would say setting a wedding date but instead he answered "I just wanted to spend the evening with a beautiful lady, that's all."

Alex looked away from Walker who noticed it and asked her "Alex is there something the matter? You seem upset with me about something. What is it?"

"I was upset with you this morning Walker but the yellow roses that you sent me at my office today took care of that. When I read the note with them I realized that you didn't mean to hurt me at C.D.'s last night. They are so beautiful, where did you get them from?" Alex replied.

Walker told her "Alex I didn't send you any yellow roses. Do you have another boyfriend that I don't know about?" Thinking that Walker was joking with her Alex answered "Sure do and he's so good looking."

"Alex are you telling me that you're involved with someone else?" Walker questioned Alex who realized that he hadn't been joking about the flowers "No Walker, I am not involved with another man and how dare you suggest such a thing. I really thought you had sent me the roses because they were on top of the note from you asking me to come out here this evening. And the card with the yellow roses said 'Sorry about last night. You know who.' You were the only one who had a reason to send me roses with that written on the card. Of course it really was silly of me to think that you would actually buy me flowers because you don't buy them for me, ever. Just like you don't want to...Never mind this is getting me nowhere. I think that I'll call it a night because I have court in the morning."

Alex got up and left the dining room. Walker quickly got up and caught up to her in the foyer. "Alex if I had known that you wanted flowers I would have bought them for you. Please come back into the dining room and finish dinner, I promise you that you'll like what's for dessert."

Alex allowed Walker to lead her back into the dining room, after they were seated Alex stated "Walker I have two questions to ask you and I want you to honestly answer the questions. One do you really want to get married? Two, if so am I the woman that you want to marry?"

"Alex I love you and I want to marry you and only you but..." Walker was saying when Alex broke in "but you don't want to get married right now, do you?" Walker shook his head no half-afraid that Alex would get up and walk away from him forever. Alex got up from the table and told him "I'm going for a ride on Angel. After I'm done I may or may not stop back in here for dessert."

Walker was sitting in his living room when Alex came back in and informed him “Okay cowboy here's how it goes. I love you and I want to be your wife. I will never want to marry anyone but you. So if you can promise me that you feel same way about me I'll stay for dessert otherwise I'm leaving right now and not coming back."

"Alex, I can promise you that I feel the same way about you. Now about dessert, do you want to eat it in here or in the dining room?" Walker replied causing Alex to answer him "How about in your bed? Haven't you ever had pudding while in bed? It can be quite fun."

"Alex how are we going to eat pudding in bed without making a mess?" Walker asked Alex who quickly responded "Cowboy if we make a mess in your bedroom with the pudding we can change the sheets then take a shower together, okay? Are you game?"

 Walker just as quickly answered "I'm game lady, I'll get the pudding you turn down the covers." When they were done eating the pudding which ended up all over them Walker and Alex changed the sheets then took a shower together. As they were lying in Walker's bed Walker said "Alex I don't like the idea of another man sending you flowers. Do you have any idea who could have sent them? Have you met anybody new recently?"

"Just my new neighbor Dave Taggert but I doubt if it was him, we only met last night when he came to my place to borrow some coffee. Then he came back a little while later to borrow some milk so I invited him in to have coffee and some coffee cake. Then I gave him some things so that he wouldn't have a reason to come back again last night. He might be good looking but I don't want him thinking that he can stop by my place to borrow things whenever he wants to." Alex explained.

"So you think he's good-looking?" Walker asked Alex who laughed then assured him "Yes he's good-looking but I prefer the cowboy that I’m with right now. Besides you're pretty good-looking yourself. Good enough to eat as a matter of fact."

Walker teased "Is that so lady? Want to prove that?" Alex however answered "No, I didn't mean it that way. I'm sorry if I led you on but I won't do something like that, it goes against everything that my mother taught me."

"Okay, how about we get some sleep?" Walker asked and settled down in the bed but Alex questioned him "Walker are you really okay with me not doing that for you? Don't most men like having that done to them?"

"Alex I am not most men and I wouldn't expect you to do something like that for me when you don't feel right about doing it. How you want to make love with me is perfectly okay with me." Walker said as he began caressing Alex's back. "Okay, I want to make love with you my way, right now as a matter of fact." Alex then kissed Walker as they forgot about sleeping for awhile.

Chapter Five

Alex returned from court to find another dozen of yellow roses on her desk. Now knowing that the roses weren't from Walker, Alex looked for a card to see who they were from but she couldn't find one so she asked her secretary "Janette do you know what florists brought these roses?"

"I didn't catch a name why? They're from that Ranger of yours, aren't they?" Janette questioned Alex who answered "No reason, if you're done with your paperwork you can leave early." Janette took Alex up on the offer and left for the day. Alex sat at her desk debating what to do about the roses and finally decided that for now she wouldn't worry about who had sent her the roses unless they kept sending them to her.

Walker and Trivette were finishing up their paperwork when Trivette suggested "How about we go to C.D.'s and get something to eat? That way I can get my car that I left there this morning."

"Okay, I'll see if Alex can meet us there." Walker replied then called Alex up "It's Walker, Trivette and I are headed to C.D.'s to eat. Can you join us? We'll be there in about a half an hour."

"Only if you promise to dance with me dear." Alex jokingly answered Walker who told her "one dance and that's it lady." Alex insisted "no way Walker, I want to dance for awhile and since you're my fiancée you have to dance with me three times each time we meet in the evenings at C.D.'s. That's according to the fiancée rules."

"Alex who made that fiancée rule up, you?" Walker questioned Alex who laughed as she replied "I sure did and you're going to go along with it because I win our arguments and you know that cowboy. See you at C.D.'s."

After Walker hung up Trivette asked "hey Walker is everything all right with Alex and you?  C.D. said something about Alex being upset with you."

"Yes Trivette Alex and I are just fine but I'd like to know who sent her a dozen yellow roses yesterday. Was it you?" Walker answered his partner. "No it wasn't me Walker. Why would I do that? Maybe someone thinks they can take Alex away from you. Why else would they send Alex a dozen of roses unless they were making a move on her? Walker man face it you have competition for Alex's affection. So what do you plan to do about it?"

"Trivette no one is trying to take Alex from me and even if they tried they wouldn't succeed because Alex isn't interested. Now are you ready to leave or not?" Walker snapped at Trivette who got up from his desk and headed to the door. As they were driving to C.D.'s Trivette spotted a known criminal so he told Walker "hey isn't that's Derek 'Speedy' Mason over there. The F.B.I. has been looking him for at least a year now. How about we nab him for them?" Walker nodded okay and they pulled over and nabbed Derek 'Speedy' Mason. After they had him secured Trivette handed Walker his cell phone "You might as well call Alex and tell her that something came up and you won't be able to make that date with her. Then I'll call Cindy and tell her that I can't make it either."

Walker took the cell phone as he said "I'll tell Alex that we'll be just a little bit late and you can tell Cindy the same thing. We'll turn Mason over to Dallas P.D. as soon as they get here then we'll go to C.D.'s." Trivette replied "good because Cindy is really pretty."

Alex was sitting in a booth picking over some chips and waiting for Walker to come in when Dave Taggert entered C.D.'s and spotted her. He slid into the booth besides her and said "Alex, you're here all by yourself. Would you like to dance with me?"

"No thanks, I'm waiting for Walker. He should be here shortly." Alex replied hoping Taggert would take the hint and leave her alone but instead of leaving the booth he asked her "Did you like the roses that you got yesterday and today?"

"That was you?" Alex questioned Taggert who said “yes it was me, yellow roses for a beautiful blonde that I'd like to get to know a lot better. Alex I can't help it, I'm interested in you and I know that if you give me a chance you'll be interested in me the same way. I mean I know that you're engaged but yet you're sitting here all by yourself when you should be having an enjoyable evening. If your fiancée cared about you at all he would be here with you."

"Okay that's quite enough Mr. Taggert. Let me make this perfectly clear to you, I am not interested in you or anyone else for that matter. Walker is the man that I will marry someday. I did not like you sending me roses last night and earlier today and you are not to do that again in the future. Now would you please leave this booth before Walker gets here?" Alex straightened Taggert out.

"I was just trying to be a little friendly with you. Alex you have to admit that you were more than a little friendly with me last night and led me to believe that you might be interested in having a dance or two with me. You didn't have to get so nasty about turning me down." Taggert said as he got up and left the booth almost bowling Walker over. Walker looked at him then at Alex who said "Dave Taggert, my new neighbor and the one who sent me a dozen of roses last night and again today. When I told him that I wasn't interested in him he acted like a teenager with a first crush."

 Trivette asked "What do you mean by that Alex?" Walker sat in the booth besides Alex and took her hand as he pointed out "Trivette don't you have a date waiting for you?" After Trivette left Alex explained what had happened to Walker who assured her "he’ll get over it. But for now how about those dances you were talking about lady?"

They danced for several hours before leaving C.D.'s and when they left Walker insisted on following Alex to her apartment. After he unlocked the door Walker kissed Alex then asked her "want me to spend the night?"

"Not tonight honey, I need to look over my brief, is tomorrow night okay?" Alex replied as she kissed him back. "Okay make sure that you put the chain lock on after I leave." Alex did that and settled on the couch to go over her brief when the doorbell rang. Getting up she looked through the peephole to see Taggert standing there so she kept the chain lock on the door and opened it a little bit.

"Mr. Taggert what do you want?" Alex questioned him. Taggert answered "to tell you that I'm sorry about the way I behaved earlier. It won't happen again."

"Okay." Alex responded and started to close the door but Taggert said "can I come in so that we can talk about what happened?  I would like to explain why I behaved the way that I did. It's not like me to behave that way."

"Not tonight Mr. Taggert." Alex answered and closed the door on him.

Chapter Six

 Walker came into C.D.'s early the next morning for a cup of coffee and C.D. said to him "what's this I hear about another man sending Alex some flowers?" Walker replied "her new neighbor Dave Taggert sent Alex a dozen of yellow roses the other night and again the next morning. Alex told him not to send her them anymore."

C.D. questioned "do you really think that he'll listen to Alex about sending her the roses? Cordell why don't you have a talk with Taggert and let him know that Alex is taken and for him to leave her alone?"

"Have you seen Trivette yet this morning?" Walker questioned back changing the subject but C.D. knew what he was doing and pointed out "maybe you ought to take this thing with that Taggert fellow a little more seriously Cordell. Did it ever occur to you that maybe just maybe Alex will someday get tired of you dragging your feet when it comes to actually marrying her? That she just might be tempted to give up on you? I mean look at it this way Cordell, Alex has a fiancée that doesn't seem that interested in marrying her but she does have a very good-looking neighbor who is sending her roses. Aren't you the least bit worried about the situation?"

"No C.D., I'm not." Walker answered then finished his cup of coffee and left C.D.'s for Ranger headquarters.

Alex entered her office to find another dozen of yellow roses there. Alex read the card, it said:

     I'm sorry about the way I behaved.

     Please let me make it up to you.

     The man who loves you.

 Alex threw the roses in the garbage and got started on her work day. That evening Alex met Walker outside of Ranger headquarters. Walker asked her "want to stop by C.D.'s for dinner and some dancing? Or do you want to come out to the ranch with me?" Alex replied "No, you're coming to my place tonight. I'll cook us a nice dinner and after we eat we can just sit on the couch and do whatever comes to our minds."

"Alex how about we stop on the way there and pick up something to eat? That way you can relax instead of cooking me dinner. You look like you've had a long hard day."

"Sounds good to me, come on let's go." Alex said as they got into the elevator.

After they ate their dinner Alex and Walker settled on the couch to relax together but Alex fell asleep in Walker's arms so he gently laid her down on the couch. Walker then went into Alex's bedroom and turned down the covers so that he could put her into bed. Walker returned to the living room and was starting to pick Alex up when the doorbell rang so he answered it.

Dave Taggert who was standing there asked him "Where's Alex at? I need to talk to her, it's important." Walker answered "You can talk to her tomorrow, good night."

Dave then attempted to force his way in as he said "I just told you that I had to talk with Alex and that it was important. Get out of my way before I knock you out of my way." Walker shoved him back into the hallway and shut the door without another word but Taggert then rang the doorbell which woke Alex up.

"Walker, can you get the door?" Alex asked as she sat up on the couch. Walker told her "it's your neighbor Taggert; he said that he needed to talk with you and that it was important."

Alex moved over to the door "I'd better talk to him and get it over with because if I don't he'll keep ringing that doorbell." Alex opened the door and said "Mr. Taggert, come in. The three of us are going to talk and then you are you to leave here and not come back."

Dave sat on the couch as he said "I need to tell you how sorry I am about the way I behaved at C.D.'s, that's not like me." Walker growled at him "you've said what you had to say now leave."

"Alex can we please talk without him here? I just know that if I can explain everything to you, you'll understand that I have very deep feelings for you, even though we just met. I also think that given enough time you'll return my feelings." Dave pleaded with Alex who informed him "Mr. Taggert, we've had this talk. I do not care about any feelings that you may have for me because I don't return them and I never will. I thought that I made that perfectly clear in C.D.'s? I also thought that you had agreed to stop sending me roses?"

"I did agree to stop sending you roses and I haven't sent you anymore, I swear. I keep my word. If you got any roses today I had nothing to do with it. Alex listen I'll leave now and come back after he's gone so that we can talk about our feelings." Dave replied.

"Walker's spending the night and furthermore you and I are not going to have a talk about anything. Goodnight Mr. Taggert, please don't bother me again because if you do I'll get a restraining order against you." Alex said to Dave as she showed him the door. Taggert stopped at the door and shouted at her "Alex you can't fight your destiny, we belong together."

Walker grabbed him and said "You were given a chance to leave on your own two feet now do so before I lose my temper." Dave shrugged away Walker's grip and left the apartment saying "we will find our way to each other; he's not going to stop us. Alex I won't bother you again because you need some time to understand that we belong together. When you see that I'm right you'll come to me and we'll be so happy together, I promise."

When Walker went to follow Taggert Alex grabbed him by the arm and said as she closed the door "Walker let him go, he's not worth the effort. You are my destiny and nothing or no-one will ever change that. We are the ones who are going to live happily ever after." Walker pulled her close and said "Come on lady, I turned your covers down."

  Walker I know that I all but promised you that I would have sex with you tonight but I'm too tired to be any good tonight." Alex objected but Walker assured her "I know that Alex, the only thing we are going to be doing in your bed is sleeping. Now you go ahead and get in bed while I get a shower."

"What exactly do you plan on wearing to bed? Because there is no way you're getting into bed with me when you're naked and I'm too tired to do anything." Alex stated causing Walker to teasingly reply "Why can't you keep your hands off of me even when you're tired?"

Alex didn't answer him so Walker added "Just go get into bed and when I'm done with my shower I'll get into bed with you and I promise you that I'll wear my shorts and a tee shirt to bed. Is that okay with you?" Alex nodded yes and that's what they did.

Chapter Seven

Several weeks went by and Taggert seemed to have given up on trying to get Alex interested in him. Alex received no more roses and never once saw Taggert anywhere near her apartment. One morning Walker along with Trivette stopped by Alex's apartment to get a legal brief for her that she had forgotten in her rush to be on time for court. (Walker had agreed to get the brief after Alex had pointed out to him that her being late was his fault because he had kept her up late the night before.) As Walker opened the door with his own key Trivette questioned "Hey Walker how is it that you have a key to Alex's place? Just how much time do you spend here anyway?"

Walker ignored his partner who kept up the teasing by asking "Does Alex have a key to your place too? Or is it a one-sided deal? You know the kind of deal where you get all the perks and she gets all the headaches?" Walker who had just smelled some men's cologne pulled his gun out of its holster as he held his other hand up so that Trivette would know that something was up. After nodding yes that he knew something was up Trivette kept up the banter "So when are the two of you moving in together?" Walker replied as they started down the hallway to Alex's bedroom "We're not, now where did Alex say that she left that brief?"

 Trivette raised his voice as he answered "In her bedroom on the nightstand." As he turned the doorknob to the bedroom Walker heard the sound of someone moving away from the door as did Trivette who pulled his gun and took up a stance across from the door. Walker put his gun back into the holster and then kicked open the door to see Alex's neighbor Taggert duck into the bathroom. Walker quickly went into the bathroom grabbed Taggert and brought him back into the bedroom. Noticing that Taggert only had on a pair of boxers Trivette hurriedly produced a set of handcuffs and cuffed Taggert. Trivette then looked around and found the rest of Taggert's clothes and gathered them up. Trivette then suggested to Walker who looked like he was about to hit first and ask questions later "I've got his clothes, how about we take him into the living room and question him?" They took him into the living room where Walker all but slammed Taggert into the chair. Trivette removed the handcuffs from Taggert and stepped back. Walker did the questioning "What were you doing in A.D.A. Cahill's bedroom? How did you get in here?"

"Alex gave me the key last night when she admitted that she had fallen in love with me. After she gave me the key we gave ourselves to each other. This morning when we woke up wrapped in each other's arms Alex told me that I might as well consider this my place too. Now since you've lost her I suggest that you leave here and never come back because I don't take too kindly to some two bit cowboy hitting on my woman. Alex belongs to me now, got that?" Taggert said as he stood up to get in Walker's face. Walker half-smiled as he answered "Is that so?"

"Yes that's so. Now leave before I make you leave. I have a black belt in karate, my hands are lethal." Dave was boasting when Walker kicked him in the jaw dropping Taggert to the floor. Trivette dragged Taggert back to his feet and told the man "Walker's feet are deadly, and if you don't get your clothes back on this minute I'll let him kick you again."

 Taggert took his clothes from Trivette and threw them in Walker's face right before he attacked him. Walker quickly fended off the attack and just as quickly as before dropped Taggert to the floor with a kick to the jaw. Trivette said "I am not picking him off the floor again."

Walker told his partner "I'll take out the trash Trivette." Walker dragged Taggert to the door and tossed him out of it into the hallway. Trivette threw Taggert's clothes out after him. After the door was closed Walker picked up Alex's phone and called C.D. "C.D., this is Walker. I need you to come and stay at Alex's place until the lock is changed."

"What happened Cordell?" C.D. asked him. Walker explained "We just found Alex's neighbor in her bedroom, he said that she gave him a key. Listen C.D. just get here as soon as you can, Trivette and I have to take Alex's brief to her."

"Okay let me have Carly take over; I'll be there before you know it." C.D. assured Walker. Trivette offered "Hey Walker, why don't I wait here for C.D. while you go and take that brief to Alex? After the lock is changed I'll ride back to headquarters with C.D. and give you the keys to the lock. Then we should decide what to do about Taggert besides the obvious." Walker agreed and left Alex's apartment.

Outside Judge Louche's courtroom Walker handed Alex her brief then told her "I'll wait right here for you while you file your brief." Alex protested "Walker, you don't have to wait while I file this brief, I'm a big girl now."

"I know that Alex but we found Taggert in your bedroom dressed in a pair of boxers and nothing else. He said that you gave him a key to your apartment last night when you admitted falling in love with him. That you slept with him then and told him to consider your place his place." A shocked Alex said "That's not true. I never gave that man a key to my place. I most certainly never fell for him either, nor did I sleep with him."

Walker told her "I know all that Alex, remember last night? Taggert has some sort of fixation on you and that's why Trivette is waiting at your apartment for C.D. They're going to see to it that your lock is changed. Then Trivette is going to bring the keys to Ranger headquarters. Is that okay with you?" Alex replied "Okay but we do have to decide what to do about Mr. Taggert; he's delusional about me returning his feelings. His actions really worry me." As he watched Alex enter Judge Louche's courtroom Walker thought to himself 'me too lady.'

Chapter Eight

Walker was at Ranger headquarters when both C.D. and Trivette came in. C.D. asked him "Cordell, why don't you join Jimmy and me in the conference room?" Walker got up and followed them into the conference room where C.D. looked at Trivette who handed Walker a set of keys as he said "These are the new keys to Alex's apartment, there's two sets of keys here. Walker after C.D. came to Alex's place with the locksmith he suggested that I make sure that Taggert hadn't left anything behind just to be on the safe side. I swear that's the only reason that I looked through Alex's bedroom. I didn't mean to find what I found under her bed. I'm really sorry about that."

Walker questioned his partner "You're sorry that you found some dust bunnies under Alex's bed?" Trivette glanced at C.D. who took the conversation over "Now Cordell you know that Jimmy would never ever pry into your private life with Alex. He was just looking to see if Taggert had put something there that would upset Alex if she found it. Listen Cordell the three of us here are grown men and I think that we should just forget that Jimmy found those sex toys under Alex's bed. I mean he left them right there where they were and no one else needs to know about them."

"C.D. exactly what do you mean by sex toys? Alex isn't that type. There were not any sex toys under Alex's bed before last night. I know that because...well never mind how I know that. Taggert have to had put them there this morning when he broke into her place." Walker told them as he turned a little red.

C.D. and Trivette looked at each other for a minute then Trivette said "There's a black mask, a set of red velvet wrapped handcuffs, a whip, a box containing several different kinds of condoms, and ...uhm...well a book for lovers with very explicit pictures in it. Are you sure that none of that belongs to Alex?"

"Very sure Trivette, Alex is not the type of person to even think about using things like that." A very red Walker answered them causing C.D. to say "Okay then we get those things dusted for fingerprints and if they have Taggert's prints on them we can have him arrested for breaking and entering."

"We can't do that C.D., can you imagine what would happen if the media got a hold of that information? Alex doesn't need something like that to be made public; she has her reputation to worry about. We'll have to get Taggert in some other way. Any ideas that don't include deadly force?  Not that he doesn't deserve a good thrashing." Trivette pointed out.

Walker told them "I'll talk to Alex after she's done in court and let her know what's under her bed. In the meantime Taggert is not going to get anywhere near her." Trivette said "Why don't you just have Alex move in with you? I mean sooner or later she's going to be living there anyhow. Might just as well get it done and over with. Tell Alex that I'll be glad to help her move in with you."

"Trivette the arrest warrant for Harksteng should be ready now, how about you go and get it and I'll meet you in the lobby?" Walker hinted to Trivette who took the hint and left. C.D. said to Walker "You make sure that you take care of that Taggert, one way or the other Cordell. Alex doesn't need to be worrying about some crack pot stalker."

"If it's the last thing that I do C.D. I will take care of Taggert." Walker vowed.

Later on that afternoon Walker met Alex at the courtroom door and led her to her private office. After he closed the door behind them Alex asked him "Okay Walker, what's the matter now?"

"Alex when Trivette searched your apartment to see if Taggert had left anything behind he found some things of a sexual nature under your bed." Walker informed Alex who questioned him "Walker what do you mean by that? I don't have anything of a sexual nature under my bed and you know that from last night."

 "I know that Alex but it seems that Taggert left a black mask, handcuffs wrapped in red velvet, a box with condoms in it, a whip and an adult book with very explicit pictures in it under your bed this morning." Walker managed to answer his fiancée who was stunned into silence. Walker then said to her "Alex move in with me."

Alex walked over to the window and looked out it for a minute before turning around to answer Walker "No I will not move in with you, mainly because if Taggert hadn't done what he did you would never have suggested that I move in with you. You value your privacy way too much to suggest such a thing, that's why you're not ready to marry me yet."

"Alex, I'm worried about your safety. I need to be sure that you're okay and the only way that I can do that is if you're with me at night." Walker pleaded with Alex who responded "Honey I know that you're worried about my safety but that is not a good enough reason for me to move in with you. However I am willing to spend the next week or so at your ranch, at least until we can take care of Mr. Taggert. But after that's done I will come back here to live."

            "Why won't you just move in with me permanently?" Walker asked Alex who answered him "Because I will not just live with a man. Walker when I move into your place permanently I want it to be as your wife, not as the woman who's living with you. After our wedding I'll be more than happy to move in with you, not a minute before then."

"Okay stubborn, how about we go pack some things for you to take to the ranch?" Walker suggested to her.

Chapter Nine

Alex was in her bedroom packing a few things to take to Walker's ranch when she heard what sounded like a fight in her living room so she hurried into the room where she found three men attacking Walker. Alex went to the kitchen grabbed her phone and called Trivette "Jimmy, its Alex; there are three men in my place who are fighting with Walker. He's holding his own for now but how soon can you get here?"

"In a couple of minutes, I'm right down the street from your place." Trivette told her. Alex then heard the sound of breaking glass so she said to him "I'm going to see if Walker's okay." Then she hung up the phone and grabbed a skillet from her stove and went into the living room where two men had a hold of Walker and the third one was trying to use a sleeper hold on Walker. Alex took the skillet and whacked the third man in the back of the head as Walker freed himself from the other two. One of the men then asked her "What's the matter with you lady? We're trying to rescue you from him and you hit my brother in the back of his head with a skillet? What's wrong with you?"

"Rescue me from him? From where I'm standing you three are the ones that I need rescued from." Alex said as Walker dropped the other two men. The man who had questioned Alex told her "Look lady all I know is that your fiancée hired us to get you away from this man. Your fiancée said that you were being kept prisoner by this man because you had dumped him and that this man had refused to accept it and became obsessed with getting you back."

"This man here that you just tried to attack is my fiancée, Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B. What does this man who hired you look like? What's his name as if I didn't know already know it?" Alex asked the men who didn't answer so she added "Okay gentlemen I'm an Assistant District Attorney and as I've told you the man you tried to attack is a Texas Ranger so that means the three of you are facing very serious charges. So what is it going to be? Are you going to tell us who hired you? Because if you don't start talking it's jail time for the three of you. It's your choice."

 The one man who appeared to be the leader said "Are you really an A.D.A. and you a Texas Ranger?" After Walker answered that yes they were the man said to them "We were hired by a Mr. Dave Taggert, he told us Miss that you were being held against your will in your place by this man. That when we rescued you we were to take you to Taggert's place. We did not know that you were an A.D.A. or that this man was a Texas Ranger. If I show you proof Ranger Walker that we thought we were rescuing her can you assure me that my brothers won't be going to jail? I took the job because I needed the money and I talked my brothers into helping me. My name is Kaleb Blare and these are my younger brothers Max and Fred Blare. They only agreed to help me after Taggert convinced them that we were rescuing a damsel in distress. That her life was in danger because of you and your obsession with her."

Walker pointed to the couch and told the men "Sit there and wait until the police get here to take you to Ranger headquarters. If you leave before the police get here I will hunt you down and take care of you myself, understand?" After the men sat down Walker headed to the door, catching up to him Alex said "Walker you can't take the law into your own hands."

"I'm going to arrest a man who tried to have an A.D.A. kidnapped." Walker said as he left Alex's apartment. A short time later Trivette arrived along with the police department. Alex told him "Ranger Trivette these men were hired by Dave Taggert to kidnap me and take me to his place. Ranger Walker just went to Mr. Taggert's place."

"Okay, take these men to Ranger headquarters and have them held there until we can question them later." Trivette told the police officers who started handcuffing the men. As the men were being led away Trivette left Alex's apartment to see what Walker was up to. In the hallway Walker was dragging a handcuffed Taggert with him, spotting the police Walker told them "Take him in too." The police led Taggert too.

"I'll go and follow them to Ranger headquarters." Trivette stated and looked at Walker who nodded okay. Walker then followed Alex back into her apartment and before she knew what was happening he grabbed her and took her into the bedroom where he quickly put Alex on the bed removed her pants and then undid his pants. Several minutes later Walker rolled away from her as he said "I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it like that. I...oh god...Alex I never want to hurt you."

"Walker I can't say that I like it quick with you because I don't. As for what just happened, you owe me and you're going to make it up to me tonight at your ranch. Got that cowboy? But for now I think we'd better get to Ranger headquarters." Alex told Walker who nodded okay as he helped her up from the bed.

At Ranger headquarters Trivette told them "D.A. Moody has agreed to let Max and Fred Blare plead guilty in return for their testimony. They will be put into an intervention program, this was the first time they were ever arrested for anything. As for older brother Kaleb, he has a criminal record that consists mainly of being drunk and disorderly. Taggert knew Kaleb Blare because he was one of the janitor's assigned to clean Taggert's office and Taggert got into the habit of saying things in front of Blare that he shouldn't have. Kaleb Blare said that when he pointed out to Taggert that maybe he shouldn't be talking in front of him like he wasn't really there Taggert told him that he was under a lot of stress because of his fiancée being bothered by her old boyfriend and hadn't meant to treat him that way. Then he asked Kaleb if he knew someone who could help him out and Blare told him that he might know someone but only if the lady was really being bothered. Taggert said to Blare several times that he was worried about his fiancée being killed by her old boyfriend so he agreed to help Taggert out himself. He recorded Taggert paying him to kidnap Alex from her place, he also recorded when Taggert convinced his younger brothers to help kidnap Alex from her place and take her to his place. Blare also recorded Taggert bragging about some insider trading that he had done in Austin and how he planned on doing it again in Dallas. Moody has alerted the feds to the tapes and they are very interested in them."

"I don't care what prison Taggert ends up in just so long as he can never bother us again." Alex replied. Walker assured her "That man will never get close to you again Alex."

"I know that Walker. I think we'd better go give our statements to the D.A.'s office." Alex said and started to the door. Walker told her "You go ahead; I'll be there in a minute." As they watched Alex leave Trivette asked "Is she okay Walker?"

"This time Trivette." Walker answered his partner who questioned him "Walker I know that this in none of my business but why don't you have Alex move in with you? I mean you two are going to be getting married, so why not live together now?"

"Because my fiancée made it very clear that she's not about to move in with me until we're married." Walker answered him then left Ranger headquarters.

Chapter Ten

Walker opened the door at his ranch for Alex as he told her "Why don't you go sit in the living room while I take these groceries to the kitchen and put them away?" Alex took a bag from him as she answered "Why don't we put these groceries away together? That way we'll be done faster and after that we can relax in front of the fire for awhile."

Walker agreed and they put the groceries away together then went into the living room where Walker made them a fire. As he sat down on the couch next to Alex Walker blurted out "Alex let's go to Las Vegas and get married." Alex said "No we are not going to go to Las Vegas and have a quickie wedding. When we get married you will be standing at the end of an aisle waiting for me to walk down it."

Walker tried again "Why not Alex? How do you expect me to protect you when you live at your apartment and I live here? I have the ranch to take care of and I can't spend all my nights at your place. You have to move in with me."

Alex rebuffed him "I most certainly do not have to move in with you. I also do not expect you to spend all of your nights at my place either. As for your protecting me, I want you to understand that I'm not looking for a protector. I'm looking for the man that I love to want me to be with him because he loves me not because he wants to keep me safe. You can understand that, can't you?"

Walker got up and moved away from Alex before answering her "Alex I love you more than anything and because of that I have to make sure that you're safe because if I were to lose you my life would mean nothing. And the only way that I can be sure that you're safe is to have you here each and every night. Alex if you want us to we'll get married next week, we will. That way you will have no excuse for not moving in here with me."

"I will not marry you for the wrong reasons. Walker listen to me, I know that you're worried about my safety just like I'm worried about your safety but I would never ever think about asking you to quit the Rangers because of that. Honey when we get married it will be because you're ready to share your life with me, which you aren't quite ready to do yet and you know that. As for me having to live here so that you can keep me safe, I could be hit by a car crossing the street or something like that. You can't keep me from being harmed by life, nor do I want you to. Walker if you're reacting this way because of what Taggert tried to do how are you going to be when we have children?" Alex finished up with a question.

             Walker vowed "Alex after we're married and have children if anyone even thinks about harming them I will make them regret it. I promise you that." Alex then said to him "I would expect no less from you because I feel the same way. Our children will be Walker’s and you Walker protect what is yours. You don't back down to anyone for anything, ever. After we're married I'll be a Walker too and I will not back down to anyone for anything ever."

"All right, since you're not going to move in with me until after we're married how about you spending at least one weekend a month here?" Walker questioned Alex who replied "I could do that as long as you return the favor."

"Okay lady. I believe that you wanted to me to make something up to you?" Walker asked as he began to unbutton Alex's blouse. Starting to unbutton Walker's shirt Alex told him "Yes you are, all night long."

When they were undressed Walker noticed that Alex seemed to have some redness on her thighs so he questioned her "What happened to you Alex? Did Taggert hurt you?"

"No he did not, that happened at my apartment after the police took him away. Now where were we?" Alex responded but Walker stepped back and said "Are you telling me that I did that to you earlier? Alex I swear that I didn't mean to hurt you. How can you even be here with me after me hurting you like that?"

"First of all Walker, I never said anything about you hurting me because you didn't. What I said was that I didn't like quickies with you and I don't so that means you owe me. Yes I'm a little red there but you're going to kiss it and make it all better. Got that?" Alex informed Walker who did as she told him to do. When they were done Walker said to her "I will marry you someday Alex."

"I know that you will and I can't wait to have your children." Alex replied causing Walker to ask her "How many children do you want to have?"

"How about a dozen?" Alex teased him. Walker said "How about two, a boy and a girl? That's enough, isn't it?"

"How about we just let nature take its course? We'll have as many children as we were meant to have. Sound good to you?" Alex told Walker who replied "Sounds good to me, just so long as we can try to make babies as many times as we want to after we're married."

"We are most certainly going to be doing that, each and every night if need be." Alex stated. Walker pulled her closer and he fell asleep Walker thought to himself 'I almost blew it with Alex; thank god she didn't give up on me.'  As she drifted into sleep Alex thought to herself 'I think about five children would be just about right but there's no way I'm scaring you off by telling you that right now cowboy. I might tell you about twins running in my family after we're married though.'

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story was meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a great show, nothing more.