Red Roses

by: Elizabeth (Blue Rose),

Walker knelt down and held his gift before him, pausing to study it for a moment and clear his throat before beginning.  This was not easy for him, it was clear, but he knew the time had come to say all those things which had been hidden for so long.

"These roses are for you, Alex.  I realize I should have brought you these a long time ago.  There's a lot of things I should have done a long time ago, I guess that's why I'm here now.  You know I've never been much good at expressing myself, but I need to say this now.  I'm going to say this all at once and without any interruptions, and maybe I will get it all out.

"I tried to tell you once before how much you meant to me.  I thought I did fine--but that was a long time ago.  Things have changed a lot since then.

There were lots of other times-- when I wanted to tell you, but I could never quite say the words.  I just thought you would know.  Actions have always been more important to me.  Easier, too.  I hope I can show people what I don't say in words.  But I've never even done that enough with


There were a lot of times when I came close to telling you this, or I wanted to show you-- I couldn't find the words. I couldn't-- make everything clear to you the way it was to me.

"There have been a lot of times when I thought you understood.  And you've never been afraid to let it show.  I never had to doubt that you felt the same way-- or that you would be there.  I admire that so much--  I've never told you that before either.  But now I want-- I need--"

He paused again, trying to finally voice the difficult words.

"Alex, I'm trying to tell you that I love you.   More than you could ever realize.  I have for a long time-- and I will love you for the rest of my life.  Nothing can change that.  And I-- I just wish-- "

His voice broke, unable to withstand the force of emotion any longer, and he shut his eyes tightly to dam the tears which now threatened to finally overflow.  His entire body shook with the force of feelings which overwhelmed him, and the roses fell from his trembling hands.  Opening

his eyes, the only thing that he could see was the roses, blood-red against the white marble of her headstone.  His voice shook as he whispered one final thought.

"I brought you roses, Alex.  I finally brought you roses."