This story starts when Walker leaves Alex’s office after telling her she is being assigned two Rangers for her protection, giving her a kiss on the cheek before departing.

Retribution extras

By Sissy (

& Jennifer

Alex stares after Walker till she hears the door shut then she backs up and sits down at her desk, her eyes still on the door. She sighs deeply, then picks up her pencil and resumes the task she was doing before his welcoming interruption.

She looks up when she hears a soft click and sees Walker moving away from the closed door towards her. “Darling, did you forget something?” She stands as he comes around the desk.

“Sure did.” He takes her in his arms, pulling her close, belly to belly, hip to hip. “This.” His mouth covers hers, his tongue probing until her startled lips part.  His tongue gently teases hers into play as the kiss deepens. His hand slides inside her blazer, cupping her breast through her blouse his thumb rubbing over the hard nub straining against the fabric of her bra and shirt.

A light groan slips out of her mouth into his, as her fingers move to the nape of his neck twining into his hair. Realizing that things are heating up faster than he expected, he steps back, kisses her quickly one more time then just before moving for the door, he points his finger at her and gives her a ‘I mean it’ look and says, “Don’t go anywhere without them.” He then steps through the door pulling it closed behind him.

She stands still, feeling complete frustration with the heat starting to build deep down inside her, but also elated that he had made the move to give her a more appropriate parting kiss. Well, maybe a little more than appropriate but she was glad that he came back. Another sigh, then she sits down but instead of getting back to work, her eyes glaze over when a vision fills her head. In her mind’s eye she sees him naked, flat on his back, and what a sight that is. The best part is seeing herself crawling over him, intent on kissing him from head to toe and not missing an inch in between.  And he would have several very interesting inches that will require a lot of attention…


The bodyguards walk away after she gets into the truck. “Well,” he says looking deep into her eyes.

“I’m really enjoying all this attention I’m getting for you.”

“Oh, you are, are you.”  He leans in and kisses her softly, twice.

“Yes, I am. Come on let’s go home.” He smiles and turns his attention to driving. But Alex, still wired from the kiss he left her with earlier is nudged closer to the edge with the light kisses he just gave her. All he has to do is put his hands on her and her body begins to ready itself for him.

She snuggles close to his side, as he concentrates on driving in the rush hour traffic. As they drive out of town the traffic lightens some, but still keeps them at a slower speed. She's never felt quite like this before, her heartbeat is slow and heavy, her body feels ripe, pulsing with life. She wants him, wants his hardness and passion inside her. She can feel him beside her, tight with sexual awareness. Glancing down she sees the hard ridge in the front of his jeans. His eyes are on the road, but she knows his attention is on her.

"Walker," she says, the word vibrating around the small interior of the cab.

He's sweating, and heat is rolling off him in waves. Excitement coils in her belly; he is almost out of control in a way she has never seen before. No matter how aroused he was he has always managed to hold back until she had been satisfied. But this time is different.

She reaches out and trails her finger between his thigh and groin, feeling his muscles harden beneath her touch. His erection is like iron, pushing against the constraint of his pants. She strokes her finger up and down the length of it.

His breath hisses out between his teeth. “Stop teasing me, Alex.”

“Oh, I'm not teasing,” she murmurs. “I'm very serious.”

“I can't stop now,” speaking through clenched teeth. “There's too much traffic.”

“See any interesting ... motels?” She asks, her tone distracted as she concentrates on unbuckling his belt.

He shudders, sucking in his breath giving her hands more room. He wants her to stop but at the same time he is helpless against the pleasure.

“You'd better drive faster,” she says as she eases down the zipper and works her hand inside his pants to close her fingers around his naked shaft.

A rough moan bursts from him and she savors the sound of it just as she savors the feel of him throbbing in her hand. She knows that a few quick hard pumps and it would be all over for him, so she deliberately keeps her touch light, slow and lingering. His face is tight as she snuggles closer and kisses the underside of his jaw. Her breasts are pressed against his muscled arm, and she can feel the fine tremor shaking it.

“You're going to pay for this,” he warned.

She bites his earlobe. “Sounds interesting. Got any ideas?”

He thinks of several but none that can be taken care of in the truck. He just hopes he doesn't get stopped for speeding because there is no way in hell he can get his pants zipped up. She continues to gently caress him, keeping him achingly hard. “Are you having fun?” he growls.

“Oodles.” Her tongue dips briefly into his ear and he shivers convulsively. “I'm not ready to stop either. You just keep driving.”

He does, like he's never driven before, with a strong concentration, but it still isn't enough to block out what she is doing to him.

“You're really enjoying this aren't you?”

She gives him a slow satisfied smile. “Of course I am. You usually drive me crazy. How does it feel to be on the receiving end?”

“Like I'm about to die.”

She looks around pinpointing their location. “We'll be home in another five minutes. You can hold out till then can't you?” She continues caressing him, enflaming him further.

He gasps again, his body going rigid. “Maybe.”

By the time they get home, he is wild, his hips surging upward with every lingering stroke of her hand. He literally drags her from the truck and into the house where they stumble into the bedroom, tearing and pulling at each other's clothes.

Still half dressed, they fall onto the bed. He flips her over onto her stomach, knees her legs open and drives into her with a battering force.

Alex digs her fingers into the blankets, her body shuddering under the force of his thrusts. She is as excited as if she had been the one so deliciously tormented.

She lifts her buttocks, wiggling against him to take him deeper. He groans with every thrust and then his entire body tenses and he shoves deep into her and holds himself there, shuddering, hoarsely crying out, his climax shaking him to the core.

Afterwards he eases down to lie half beside her and half on her, his body trembling. His chest heaving as he struggles to get enough oxygen, and she can feel the force of his heartbeat thudding through his body. “Oh, God,” he wheezed. “That almost killed me.”

“Really,” she murmurs. “I thought you enjoyed it. But if you don't like it, I won't do it again....”

 He thrust his hand into her hair, turning her head so he can stop her words with a kiss. “I'll try to bear up under the strain.”

“My hero,” she says, nipping at his lower lip then returning for a deeper kiss.

A deep purr rumbles in his chest. He turns her in his arms and lifts himself over her. “Now, lady, let's see about you.”

He slides down in the bed until he is kneeling between her legs. Slipping his hands under her hips he lifts her up to his face. His tongue touching her lightly, parting her folds of flesh, then spears into her delicious treasure. She arches up, moaning as sensations ripple through her. He finds the swollen nubbin and begins rolling it under his thumb, bringing a cry from her at the exquisite torment he is inflicting on her. When her climax bursts free she cries out as her hips surge up, his tongue continuing its magic on her.

As her body relaxes, he moves closer and shoves his rock hard shaft into her, burying deep. He pauses, letting her come off her high, wanting her to join him, wanting to bring her to pleasure again. When she begins moving with him they’re soon racing for that climatic release. The tight coil inside them finally reaches the breaking point sending them both to the pinnacle of ecstasy, leaving them clinging to each other, exhausted, limp and satiated.

Afterward they lay together in the tangled sheets in a quiet stupor.  She absently plays with the curly hair on his chest. After awhile she yawns and says, “I need to get up and fix dinner. I hear your stomach growling.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been listening to the horses in the barn, too, they’re probably wondering if I’ve forgotten them again.”

She moves just enough to kiss his cheek, “You go feed the horses, and I’ll start dinner.”

“Umm … I guess we should. You go first.”

“Uh huh … you.  I can’t move yet.”

After several minutes, and another long whinny from the barn, “Come on, we’ll get up together.” He pulls up to a sitting position and brings Alex up with him. He rolls out of bed, then turns and takes her hands and pulls her up to stand on the floor. She reaches for her robe as he grabs for his pants.


They are just finishing dinner when the phone rings. Walker lays a hand on her arm, “I’ll get it.”

When he returns to the table he is definitely upset. “What is it, darling?”

“I have to go back to town. Trivette and Rosetti were shot, if not for their bullet proof vests, they’d be dead.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Getting the lights and shutting the door, they walk out of the house to the Ram and head for Dallas.


Arriving at the Task Force headquarters, they rush in to see Trivette and Rosetti standing with Gage and Sydney. After making sure that the two men are all right, Walker turns to look at Gage and Sydney, “I want you two wearing vests, too, until this is all over.”

When Walker goes downstairs to take part in the questioning of Sweetness, Alex increasingly finds it hard to keep her eyes open. Sitting down on the couch in Walker’s office, she leans back against the end cushion and stretches her legs out the length of the sofa, and within minutes she’s asleep.

It is close to midnight when Walker returns to Task Force Headquarters. Entering the large room he moves toward his office, nodding to Ranger Carvel, who stands just outside the office door.

“She’s asleep. Singer is with her,” the Ranger volunteers.

Walker pauses with his hand on the knob. “Thanks for coming back tonight. We’ll be going home now.” 

“Anytime, Walker. See you in the morning.”

Walker softly pushes the door open and nods to Ranger Singer before turning his attention to his sleeping wife. As Singer exits the office he moves quietly to the couch where she lies, and bending down, he softly brushes her cheek with his fingertips before leaning over and softly touching her lips with his.  A smile touches his lips as he watches her eyelids flutter open and her gaze focus in on him.

“What time is it?” Alex whispers, yawning.

“Almost midnight, hon,” he whispers in return. Taking her hands in his, he stands, bringing her up with him.

Alex slips her arms around his waist, lying her head on his chest. “What did you find out?”

“Sweetness set them up. He told them they’d find Nick Kingsley at this motel…but Kingsley had already left.  Instead, part of the Chairman’s hit squad was there and followed them when they left. Trivette and Rosetti chased them into a vacant lot, and they got into a shoot out…then were shot at themselves by the Chairman’s hit man.” He feels Alex shiver and tightens his hold on her. “Don’t worry, hon, we got Sweetness to give up the place the men use for a staging area.  We’ll be checking it out tomorrow. Won’t be long now…the Chairman’s days are numbered.”


He looks down at her, “Really. Come on, let’s go home.”   Slipping his arm around her shoulders they head for home.  The ride home is quiet as they both absorb the events of the day and think about what is to come the following day. When they get home, Alex slips into the shower as Walker locks up, then after a quick shower himself, he slips into bed beside her.

Alex moves into his arms as he reaches to pull her closer.  Sliding her leg across his thighs, she lays her head in the crook of his shoulder, burrows her hand into the soft hair on his chest and sighs deeply. 

Walker hears her sigh of contentment and thinks how content he feels to be lying in bed with his beautiful, and naked, wife in his arms.  Feeling a sudden need to kiss her, he turns on his side, pulls her up and lowers his lips to hers in a tender kiss that tells her of the love he feels for her.  Alex whimpers softly as the kiss grows, her hands move to the back of his head, her fingers twining in his hair. The kiss ends and lips part only to meet again and again, tongues imitating what their bodies crave. 

Moving his hand to cup her buttocks, his other arm still around her waist, Walker pulls Alex’s body up against his own, letting her feel his need.  A soft moan escapes her as she reaches down to cup the soft velvety sac nestled between his thighs, then wrap her hand gently around his warm hard shaft, stroking him lightly. With her leg between his, her hips soon begin to undulate against his leg, her hips matching the rhythm of her hand, his breaths now coming in short gasps as she brings him close to orgasm.

Rolling her onto her back, he removes her hand from around him, ending her sweet torture. Grasping his steel hard shaft, he probes the opening of her moist feminine treasure, finding the small bud of pleasure, stroking it, bringing soft cries from her lips.  Her breathing comes faster as she feels her climax begin as a tingle in her toes and she stiffens in the throes of ecstasy, crying out, as it swiftly moves up her legs to burst forth. It is when her climax bursts forth, that Walker thrusts into her, riding the electric contractions of her orgasm as she arches her back, her cries louder.  He slows his pace as her climax wanes and she opens heavy lidded eyes to gaze at him.  Smiling a soft sensual smile she runs her hands up and down his back, and licking her lips, wraps her legs around his waist, thrusting upward to take him deeper.

His control is shattered. Gripping her buttocks in his hand, he brings her hips up to meet each thrust, quickening the pace. Her hands grip his muscular arms as the closer and deeper contact brings the onset of her second climax. With a loud moan, Walker thrusts deep one last time, spilling his hot seed deep within her trembling body. 

Utterly spent and satiated, Walker collapses heavily onto Alex’s body, his racing heartbeat matching hers.  Several minutes later, he slips free and she turns in his arms, snuggling back against his body. With her head tucked under his chin, he wraps his arm around her, cupping her breast in his hands, and in seconds both are asleep.


Walker turns his face into Alex’s hair and a ray of sun strikes across his eyes, he squints then rolls into Alex, then his eyes flash open when he realizes that they have over slept. He shakes Alex, “Honey, we need to get moving.”  He leans over and kisses her softly then makes his way to the bathroom for the quickest shower of his life. As he stumbles out, Alex passes him, turns her face and kisses at him as she takes her turn under the water. Fifteen minutes later they are rushing out the front door. Walker is looking the door when he hears the phone ring. ‘Damn, that’s got to be Trivette.’

Alex notices his hesitation, “Walker what is it?”

“It’s the phone, probably Trivette, wondering where we are.”  He takes her arms and guides her to the Ram. Opening the door and giving her an arm up, he slams the door and rushes around to the driver’s side and gets in, starts the engine and backs out, heading for Dallas.

Stopping at the courthouse, he gives Alex a soft tender kiss, and after making sure the body guards are with her, he leaves for the office of the Task Force.

Alex is kept busy preparing trials for the ones already in jail, which is turning into quite a group. She has interrogated most of them several times and knows there won’t be any trouble prosecuting them, but that along with getting the judge to sign for search warrants and trying to keep tabs on Walker and the rest of the Task Force she feels like she is coming unwound.

It is late when she finishes and she still hasn’t heard from Walker.  She makes a few calls of inquiry and what little they tell her just makes her worry that much more. By the time Walker picks her up she is strung tighter than a kite.

On the ride home, Walker tells her what they had accomplished and taking her hand in his murmurs, “It won’t be long hon, I can feel it. He’s running out of places to hide.”

“Desperate men, take desperate chances, Walker.”

He looks at her as she closes her eyes and lays her head back, knowing this contract on all of them has her nerves strung tight.  He knows how to take care of that. After a light supper, the call it a night, and as they slip under the sheets, Walker turns her over on her stomach, gets a jar of body lotion from the nightstand and straddling her legs, begins massaging away the knots in her neck and shoulders.

When he finishes, he leans over to ask her if she feels better and sees that her eyes are closed and her breathing is slow and shallow. She’s fallen asleep. He smiles, puts the lotion away, then slides down beside her drawing her back into his arm.  He hears a small sigh of contentment as he pulls the sheet up to cover them.


Walker slowly comes awakes when the woman at his side snuggles tighter against him, turning so that she’s laying half on top of him, her left leg drawn up across his thighs, her face pressed against his neck. He feels wetness on his skin and brings his arm up around her back holding her tighter.  “Alex?” he murmurs, his voice thick with the dregs of sleep. Placing a finger under her chin, he tilts her head up and sees the flood of tears in her eyes. “Honey, what’s the matter.” He brushes his hand across her forehead, warm but not overly hot. No fever.

“I’m not sick,” her voice barely audible. “I’m just so worried about you … and the others. This … this chairman … is a maniac. No one knows what he is planning next.”

“Alex, he is a maniac. But we’ve been able to neutralize his operation. He’s starting to panic.”

“Panic?  He’s shifted his sights to take the task force out, specifically you.” She raises up on her elbows, looks deep into his eyes. “You saw what he tried to do to Gage, and then Trivette and Rosetti?”  She lies back down on his chest, her lips murmuring against his throat. “You’re next, Walker, … and I’m scared.”

He begins to slide his hand up and down her back, “I’m pretty resilient, honey, and Buzz is keeping tight tabs on this Wizard.” His hand slides farther down her spine to the crease of her buttocks with each tender stroke, reaching farther with each pass of his hand. “When she sees any stirring on the computer she’ll alert the task force.” On the downward caress his hand slips between her legs. His voice raspy as desire builds, “Nothing is going to happen to me, baby, not as long as I have you in my life.”

With his hand stroking her back and down her leg, she feels a spring of desire beginning to coil low in her belly. She gasps and arches against him as his finger slips inside her. Her nipples, pebble hard stab into his chest as her body writhes against him.  He pulls her leg up higher, giving his finger better access to her sweet center. Her hip begins to undulate against his leg as his finger strokes deep, his thumb rubbing the small nub, bringing a mewling cry from her lips. “Please … oh, God, Walker…”

He tilts her head up and covers her mouth with his, kissing her deeply, his tongue probing, playing with hers. Her arms wrap around his neck, bringing his mouth hard against hers, as liquid fire begins to spread outward from her loins, exploding into a cascade of sensations that ripple deliciously throughout her body.

Feeling her body stiffen and melt into him, he holds her tight until she relaxes, then he rolls her over onto her back. Raising up on his elbow he looks down on her face, a face that has transformed from the worried look to one of serenity.

She opens heavy eyelids and sees him looking at her with love shining in his eyes. She reaches up and lays her hand against his cheek. As she looks up into his face, she feels an irresistible compulsion to move into his arms and never leave them. To simply press herself against him and cling until her flesh has melded with his, until they are no longer two separate beings but a part of each other, eternally linked in flesh and heart and mind. When she isn’t with Walker, she feels … lonely, and she’s never been lonely in her life. She’s been alone many times and enjoys her solitude as much as she enjoys the company of friends, but without him, she feels oddly … incomplete.

Sliding her hand from his cheek to the back of his head, he pulls him down until his lips touch hers. She reaches down between them and wraps her fingers around his swollen manhood. “I love you.” Her voice is soft, sensual against his lips. Lightly she strokes him up and down, bringing a growl from deep within him.

He releases her lips and moves slowly down to take one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking it deep into his mouth, his tongue rolling over and around the hard nub.

Alex moans softly at his tender touches and arches up to press herself for more of the delicious sensations that are beginning to course through her once again. His mouth works lovingly at her breast as his hand lifts, squeezes the other breast, his thumb bringing the nipple to a harder sensitive peak.

He pulls her hand from around him and moves over her, nestling himself between her legs, his manhood resting in the cleft of her thighs. She reaches down for him and guides him into her moist, inviting depths.

He pushes slowly into her velvety warmth until he is buried to the hilt. He grinds against her then lies still enjoying the enveloping tightness around him.  He leans down and kisses her softly, murmuring, “I love you.”

Her answer is to wrap her legs around his waist as he starts a slow pace of thrusting and then withdrawing. He keeps his movements slow wanting to draw out the time with her. But the coil in Alex’s is already wound tight and wanting him go with her she begins to work him faster.

He feels a sudden jolt of intense desire as she lifts herself up to him. Then she’s doing it again, lifting to take him deep, then clamping all her internal muscles on him and holding him tight as she pulls back, milking him with her body. He shudders and picks up the pace, pounding into her as he races for that release that his body is crying for.  He feels her body stiffen as her inner muscles tighten around him, spasms of intense pleasure rippling through her, and his control shatters then as he thrusts deep, jerking over her as he spews his seed deep within her.

After several minutes, Alex opens her eyes, and seeing the morning dawn creeping in around the curtains, she moves against him, “It’s morning,” she says softly.

He kisses her tenderly, and moves to her side, pulling her into his arms. “I know.” Feeling a slight tremor ripple through her, “It’ll be alright, honey.”

“I just wish this was all over, and the chairman was in jail.”

“Soon, honey, soon.”

The ride into Dallas is quiet, and when he stops in front of the courthouse he sees her bodyguards waiting. She turns to face him, worry evident on her face.

“I’m really gonna be happy when this is over.”

“So will a lot of people.”


“Alex … everything will be fine … I promise.” He leans over and kisses her deeply, reminding her of their morning of love. He pulls back and gives her his wink, his way of telling her that he loves her.

She gets out of the truck and, followed by the bodyguards, walks into the courthouse.


After the explosion:

He helps her up from the ground, holding her tight, whispering softly, “Come on, Alex. Let’s get out of here,” as he walks her toward the truck. When she begins shaking in his arms, he stops and leans against a tree, holding her tighter. “Honey, it’s over…”

But she doesn’t hear him. She’s beyond anything but the urgent need to affirm that she is alive. That she can smell and taste and see and hear and feel… Her shivers intensify until she is quaking in his arms, her body presses against him from to his knees to chest. Her hands burrow up under his shirt to find the heat of his skin, pushing the shirt up and over his head in her greediness to absorb his warmth, his movements hampered by the cloth that stretches from elbow to elbow. In her frenzy, Walker stumbles and falls into the soft grass under the trees. She’s mindless now, as she follows his body to the ground, acting solely on instinct; primitive instinct, intent on affirming her body’s life force.

Her open mouth runs along his neck, down through the curling soft hair on his chest, over his hard stomach to the waistband of his pants. She nuzzles her face lower, pressing her mouth against his crotch, nibbling at the swelling bulge she can feel straining against the soft fabric. He jerks, sucking in his breath. She doesn’t stop, can’t stop. Her hands are urgent, tugging at his snap, working down his zipper so that his manhood falls free, unconfined by underwear now, he’s huge and hot and pulsing and alive. She takes it in her mouth, cupping the soft sacs beneath with hands that shake, rubbing and stroking and caressing the twin roundness while her lips and teeth and tongue work his shaft.

“For God’s sake, Alex…” He’s kneeling; her head in his lap as she crouches in front of him. Unable to fend her off with the shirt hampering the use of his arms, he tries to rise, but she pushes against his chest hard, turning into a feral creature with her need to affirm life, to keep the darkness of fear away. He sprawls backwards, unable to save himself without the use of his hands. Immediately she’s over him, tugging at his open pants, pulling them down around his hips as her mouth once again finds and claims him. This time he doesn’t try to stop her. Through the haze that she’s lost in, she hears the harsh gasps of his breathing, but still she doesn’t stop. She bites and sucks and kisses and caresses until he is groaning and jerking and needing her as she needs him.

“Ride me, baby. Please. Ride me.” His hoarse plea is accompanied by the urgent movements of his pelvis. Alex runs her tongue up the length of him one last time, then sits back on her heels to look at him. With his shirt binding his arms and his jeans down around his thighs, he is naked and vulnerable to her. His manhood is jutting enormously upright from its nest of dark hair, thick and pulsing and wet from her ministrations. She bends her head to kiss it again.

He jerks sideways. Her lips meet the furred skin of his belly.

“Ride me, Alex.” His voice is hoarse.

She stares at his pulsing shaft, and feeling an urgency start in her own loins, she straddles him. Her breasts covered by her bra and shirt, but only the flimsiest of silk and lace keeps the part of her, that needs him most, from him. Quickly shoving her panties down and off, she holds him tightly while she settles herself on him. Delicately, so delicately, the hot thick quivering shaft probes then slides inside. He gasps. She gasps. Then she closes her eyes, her muscles clenching, closing around him. He’s so big, so hot.

She moans, her fingers clenching in the hair on his chest, her head thrown back, her muscles contracting. He surges upward, violently, unable or unwilling to let her set the pace any longer. She cries out, riding him, her movements matching his, her urgency matching his. She needs him, needs him, needs him….

When the release comes it’s another explosion. Her nails dig into his chest, her neck arches, and she cries out as exquisite convulsions claim her. He cries out too, pushed over the edge by her ecstasy, his hips coming up off the floor as he grinds himself inside her. When it’s over she collapses limply on his chest. Beneath her ear she can her the pounding of his heart.

“God in heaven,” he says after a moment, his eyes still closed. “If that didn’t kill me nothing will.”

Alex stirs slightly, her fingers brushing across his lips, “Walker…?”

Still unable to move his arms, to hold her close, to comfort her, a weak whisper, “Alex … honey, we need to get up.” His ears hearing the very faint sound of sirens, he knows they need to get up. “Alex, please…”

His pleas finally get through her sexual haze, “What…?” Her eyes finally open slightly to gaze into his.

“Honey, if we don’t get dressed the whole fire department is going to get a good eyeful.” She pulls away from him and sits up. Then realizing the condition that they are in, she quickly begins to straighten her clothes. Walker sits up and with Alex’s help gets the shirt back over his head freeing his arms to pull up his trousers and fasten them.

Both dressed and standing now, Alex slides her arms around her husbands waist her face pushed into his neck, “God, I’m sorry, Walker, I … don’t know what came over me.”

“Alex, don’t apologize,” tilting her head back, searching her face, “we just came through a life and death situation, I think … we … needed it.” He kisses her softly, “Beside, that had to be the most exhilarating ride I’ve ever … been taken on.” He wraps his arms around her, pulling her tighter against him. Turning as the emergency vehicles pull into the yard, Walker notices a small wad of cloth lying on the ground by the tree.

“Walker…” seeing her blush, he quickly picks up the intimate article of hers and shoves it down into his pocket just as Trivette comes rushing up with Gage, Rosetti, and Sydney close behind him.

“Are you two all right?” Seeing nods from both of them, “Man, that was some explosion! Bet that was felt clear up in the heavens!”

The two lovers look into each other’s eyes, smile, thinking of their own explosion, and move together towards the Ram.

The End