I hope this story is not too much of a disappointment. As usual my mind went amok!

Return To Amity

By Sasquaw

The Department of Public Safety has been called to the scene of an accident just outside of Brewster, Texas. On arrival they observe a bearded man trying to exit the small convertible that has crashed into a tree, resting precariously on an embankment. The man is stumbling and trying to make it to the passenger side, and to the blonde headed woman inside.

        The troopers exit their patrol cars and begin running to the man, trying to assist him. The younger trooper is helping the bearded man while his partner is gently pulling the woman from the wreckage.

"Its o.k. mister, my partner has the woman out, she seems to be o.k."

The man pulls away from the trooper and runs half stumbling to the woman that has been assisted to a large rock. She is attempting to touch her head, she feels the blood.

"Alex, Alex---are you o.k.?"

         The woman turns to the voice and mumbles.

         "I'm alright---Walker---are you hurt?”

          "No hon,” he grabs her and pulls her to him gently, "just a knot on the head---but just knowing you're o.k. that's all that matters!”

          An hour later finds the couple trying to explain the accident to the troopers.

          The older trooper eyes the victims suspiciously, and hands Walker back his wallet.

"You're saying an 18 wheeler forced you off the road?”

          "That's what I'm saying, officer the truck came out nowhere, and I didn't have time to react. The next thing I know, I'm heading straight for that embankment, luckily the tree stopped us from going over!”

An ambulance and a tow truck have arrived on the scene. Walker has sat down beside Alex and repeatedly asking her not to touch her forehead. The medical attendant is nodding his head and trying to examine her.

"He's right ma'am---keep your hand away and let me get it cleaned. I don't think you're going to need but one or two stitches, I can do that here, just relax.”

Walker reaches over and kisses the side of her cheek.

          "I'll be right back hon, just going to see what damage was done to your car.”

The man from the tow truck is shaking his head, and going back to his truck. The two officers are looking back at Walker, they approach him slowly.

"Have you been drinking, Ranger Walker?”

           "What? Hell no I haven't been drinking!”

The older trooper sighs, "Then how else do you explain losing control of your car on an almost deserted piece of highway; how fast were you driving?”

"I was within the speed limit.  I was not speeding! Take a look at the car; you'll see the silver paint chips from that semi!  Not to mention the caved in left fender!”

The troopers walk back to the little Sebring, they motion for Walker to join them. The older trooper points to the car.

"I see no visible damage to your car, Ranger! No paint chips and as you can see your car doesn't have any dents."

Walker stares back at the car and then to the troopers, he begins shaking his head.

"No way!” He keeps mumbling as he circles the car, going from the front to the back, he keeps looking to the troopers.

"I'm telling you that left rear fender was completely caved in and that stupid idiot left his calling card; paint chips and dents all over the bumper!”

The two troopers look to each other and the younger one looks back to Alex who is attempting to walk over to them.     

"What about your lady friend, can she confirm there was another auto involved?”

Walker reaches out to Alex and steadies her.

"Alex tell them about the semi. They don't believe me!"

Alex looks to Walker, shaking her head, "Walker, I didn't see any truck!”

"Of course you did hon. The guy came out of nowhere and I was struggling to get your car under control, I slammed on the brakes as we were sliding towards that embankment."

Alex is still shaking her head, "Honey, all I heard was you swearing about some stupid idiot that was trying to run us off the road.  You hit the brakes and I ended up in the floorboard!”

The older trooper nods his head, "You're saying you didn't see or hear the truck----miss----miss?”

"Cahill, my name is Alexandra Cahill.  I'm an Assistant District Attorney of Tarrant County, this is my car.”

"So, let's get this straight---you---Ranger Walker are driving a car that you're not familiar with, you lose control of it and hit a tree---but you say you haven't had anything to drink!”

Walker's temper is starting to rise, "I don't drink and drive, officer!!  Tell them Alex I wasn't drinking!  For pete's sake, give me a breath test if you don't believe me!”

"He's telling you the truth officer, neither one of us has had anything to drink, and we will gladly take any tests that you want us to take!”

The trooper points back to the little convertible.

"All I am saying ma'am is this; there is not one scratch on that car except for the branches of that tree that your friend hit! Now, if there was another vehicle involved there would be some damage, don't you agree?”

Walker is gritting his teeth, "It was a semi, officer how many times do I have to tell you that?”

"All the more proof that there would be damage to your car Miss Cahill, especially if 'he rear ended you' the way that you said he did, Ranger Walker!”

Walker walks back to the car, Alex follows him.

"I'm telling you the truth, Alex there was a semi, and he forced us off the road. I couldn't stop your car without throwing the gear into park wait---wait I'll prove it. I got back into the car and tried to start it the pistons were knocking!”

Walker gets behind the wheel and tries turning over the engine, it starts right up.

"I don't hear any pistons knocking, do you Sam?”

The younger officer shakes his head, "It's purring like a kitten, Sarge.”

The sergeant starts writing out a ticket and hands it to Alex.

"I reckon you've seen enough of these to know the procedure, Miss Cahill. You have 30 days to appear in court, the only thing I'm citing you for is reckless driving----have a good day.”

The troopers leave and Walker is still shaking his head. He lets out a string of curse words, climbs back into the car and heads it East, towards his ranch near Jacksboro. He and Alex say very little all the way home.


Walker Ranch:

Alex has taken a shower while Walker goes to the barn to check on his animals. He's still saying very little as he enters his home and sees Alex fixing them sandwiches.

"Don't fix me anything to eat.  I'm not hungry!”

"Walker, you haven't eaten anything all day and neither have I.  We are eating so sit down and don't take your anger out on me!”

"I'm not angry at you Alex!”

"Well, I sure wouldn't know it by the tone in your voice! What did you want me to say to those DPS officers?  I didn't see any truck; did you want me to lie and say I did?”

"Of course not but I wasn't lying either!! There was a semi, Alex---it ran us off the road!!”

"O.k. honey, calm down.  I believe you; I'm just saying that I didn't see it!”

She sits the sandwiches down in front of him, he pushes them away and grabs his coffee cup and heads for the coffee pot.

"I'm sorry hon---but this has got me all rattled---I know what I saw!”

"O.k. honey, just sit down and eat and let's talk about this calmly."

Walker takes a bite of his sandwich; he smacks his lips and then devours it in three bites. He looks back to her and grins.

"Guess I was hungrier than I thought I was, can I have another one---maybe two or three?”

She smiles and slides her sandwich over to him, "Here honey, eat mine that was the last of the turkey meatloaf.  I'll fix us some bacon and eggs.”

He finishes the second sandwich and then begins helping Alex to prepare the bacon and eggs. He walks up slowly behind her and puts his arms around her waist, kissing her neck.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, you know I didn't mean it!”

She reaches back and touches his face, "It's o.k. I know how you get when you get tired.”

He laughs, "Well, at least I don't start throwing things! Careful don't break the yolks in my eggs!”

"Would you go and sit down? I think I know by now how to fix your eggs. How many do you want?”

"I'm still starving---about a half dozen---since I'm not getting any gravy and biscuits to go with them!”

"Walker, if you want gravy and biscuits, then you are going to have to run to the market because your cupboard is bare---or else we go to I-Hop!”

"I was only kidding; the bacon and eggs will be fine.  Don't know why I'm so hungry---we haven't done anything-----yet!”

"And, if you don't stop interrupting me I'm never going to get your bacon and eggs fixed.  So we can----do something-----as you put it!”

"Mums the word---I'm not saying anything else----feed me!”


It's now a few hours later as the lovers are lying side by side listening to the still of the night.  Walker has gradually brought the 'accident' up in conversation.

Alex has listened to Walker tell his side of what he believes happened. She strokes his bare chest, and then sits up in bed and looks down at him.

"Walker, you're saying that after the accident happened that you helped me to get out of the car, and it was you that sat me down on that rock?”

"Yes Alex, I got you out of the car and I told you to stop touching your head and then I went to check out the damage on your car. There were silver paint chips all over the bumper where that idiot rammed us!!  Then, I was worried about the damage to your car because I had to throw the gear into park, I crawled under your car and when I started it up----the pistons were knocking like crazy! I said I thought that it would be o.k. to drive it into Ft. Stockton. Don't you remember me telling you that?”

The blank look on Alex's face is all he needs to see; he throws the sheet back and crawls out of bed.

"You still don't believe me, do you?”

She grabs her little gown and slides out of his bed. She pulls the gown closer around her body, walking up to him slowly.

"Walker, I'm not saying that I don't believe you or what you think you say happened, but you're confused about how it happened. You did not pull me out of the car, the DPS trooper did!”

"No Alex---I pulled you out!”

Alex puts up her hands in a calming gesture, "O.k. Walker---let's say you did pull me out---then why was I back in the car when those troopers got there? Are you saying--you put me back in the car?”

Walker starts pacing the floor, he keeps rubbing his head.

"I don't know why we were back in the car.  I don't understand that part.”

"Walker, you are scaring me---you said that you had a knot on your head, so therefore you suffered some kind of injury from that accident---you need to see a doctor!”

"I don't need to see a damn doctor.  I just need you to believe what I'm saying. I didn't just imagine all of this, the semi, the damage to your car."

Alex starts shaking her head and backing up, she reaches for the phone.

"I am calling my friend that works in the ER, and to see if you can see a doctor tonight!”

"NO----I'm not seeing any doctor, there's nothing wrong with me!”

"Honey, listen to yourself----you have had enough concussions to know the signs.  You are in total denial that you might have a head injury.  Walker please, I am so scared right now. Please, please see a doctor----for me?”



The doctor has given Walker a brief exam, and has released him.

Walker sees the worried look on Alex's face, he smiles.

"Are you happy now that I'm not going to turn into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? The doc says I'm fine!”

"I would still feel better if you would see a specialist!”

"Alex, come on---hon---I'm fine."

 She continues to stare at him with those eyes, he breathes a deep sigh.

"O.k. you win; I will see a specialist.”

"Good, I will make the appointment for you.”

Walker shakes his head, "Just don't make it tomorrow, I have to go down to Mineral Wells with Trivette, make it towards the end of the week.  Will that be soon enough for you?”

She pushes her bottom lip out in a pursing gesture, "Yes, thank you honey, I feel so much better; now you can buy me dessert"

"Dessert? Alex, it's almost 2am!”

"So? That's when a hot fudge sundae tastes the best"


Mineral Wells:

The Rangers are waiting on an arrest warrant from the county judge

They are having lunch at a local diner.

Ranger Trivette has observed his partner and how the bearded man keeps playing with his food. He dabs at the mashed potatoes and then goes back to the meat loaf, still dabbling.

"Walker, are you going to eat that or torture it to death?”

"What, what are you mumbling about?”

"I'm saying hurry up and eat that, so we can get this warrant, arrest the Bopsey twins, and get the heck out of this place and head for home!”

Walker pushes his meal away and goes to his coffee.

"The meatloaf stinks.  I like the way Alex fixes it better, she uses turkey not beef!!”

"So? You knew that before you ordered it!”

"Well excuse me---I guess I'm just not hungry---o.k.?”

Trivette swallows his food, and then makes a face.

"Well, you're right about the food stinking.  This chicken fried steak is so tough, it's like eating rubber!”

"I can't believe that you're eating a fried dinner. Did you give up on being a vegetarian, why didn't you order a salad like you always do?”

Trivette makes another face, "Well, there wasn't that much to choose from the menu, everything is fried and did you see the color of that lettuce----it was brown! All the signs of food poisoning! No sir, can't wait to get back to Dallas and get some sushi!”

Walker sips his coffee slowly like he's thinking hard about something.

"Speaking of chicken fried steak, Alex and I stopped at this place somewhere on highway 385 and we had the best I've ever tasted. It was so tender that Alex said she could cut it with her fork and the gravy----the gravy was so...”

Trivette glares back at his partner, "And the gravy was what? You stopped in mid sentence, how did the gravy taste?”

Walker stares down at his plate and dabbles at the gravy on his mashed potatoes; he lays his fork back down and looks to Trivette.

"It was the best gravy I've ever tasted, so was the whole meal.”

Trivette smiles, "Great! What was the name of the place; maybe we can drive over there and get a decent meal?”

"I don't remember the name of the place.” Walker answers softly.

Trivette grins, "Had other things on your mind, huh Walkman?”

"What? What other things?”

"Like spending time with a beautiful and sexy woman does any of that ring a bell?”

Walker rubs his beard, he answers quietly.

"Yeah, other things.”

"Walker, are you o.k.? You sound like you're out in space somewhere, but then Alex has that affect on you!”

"What are you talking about, Trivette? What affect?”

 "Get off it, Walker, that woman has you walking around like you're in the Twilight Zone.  Which isn’t hard to do ever since you two got back from that rafting trip? You've been acting strange, believe me strange-er!”

Walker remains silent and Trivette keeps staring at him.

"Earth to Walker you can land now! It won't be the first time that a woman has made a man leave his senses.  It happens to me all the time!!  Which is another reason why I want to get back to Dallas, Walker. You will not believe this woman that I have met!  She's gorgeous----got boobs like you won't believe and they're real!  Let me tell you about the other night----we---"

"Trivette, I need to ask you a question.”

Trivette grins, "I said---they are real Walker!”

"What's real?”

"Not' what'----them----them!”

"Trivette, what the hell are you talking about?”

Trivette stops and stares back at his partner, "You haven't heard one word that I have said, have you?”

"You're mumbling about something being real!  Never mind that---I need to ask you a question. Have you ever heard of Amity?”

Trivette's mouth drops open as he shakes his head back and forth.

"Here I am trying to tell you about this gorgeous babe that I'm making time with between the sheets and you want to talk about sharks?”

"Not sharks.  I'm talking about that place up in New York where that murder took place----that Amity!”

"Oooooh, that Amity---now that clears it up even more! Because I thought you wanted to talk about sharks but no you want to talk about some murdering idiot that killed his whole family!! Like we don't deal in enough murders right here in Texas that we got to talk about murders in New York!!!!  Walker, let me ask you a question! What kind of conversations do you have with a woman during a romantic liaison? How does Alex put up with you?”

Walker takes a deep sigh, "Are you through, trying to analyze my love life?”

"What love life? No wonder you don't date much, what woman will put up with you and these weird conversations?”

"My love life is just fine, thank you; at least I'm not with a different woman almost every night!!”

Trivette grins, "And, that's a bad thing?

"Can we just get back to the question about Amity, you have heard of it?”

"Yes, Walker who hasn't?” The black Ranger answers angrily.

 Walker hesitates, "Well I think maybe I've been to this Amity.”

"Whoopee----news flash---a lot of people have been there, it's no big deal! When that story broke, the book and all and then the movie a lot of people scurried up there to see that place in person. I just can't picture you as one of those people!”

"I don't mean that I was at the one in New York, I mean the one here.”

"Here? There's an Amityville---here----in Texas?”

"Well, not exactly.  At least I can't find it on the map and neither could Alex!

"You're losing me, Walker---now you're saying that you and Alex were in a town called Amityville---here in Texas----somewhere----but you can't find it on the map! How did you find it to eat there?”

Walker signals for the waitress to bring him more coffee, "That's just it I don't know how we found it-----it was just there!”

"There? Meaning, it just showed up when you and Alex were driving down the highway! Explain, Walker because you are not making any sense!  A town just doesn't pop up out of nowhere and then you say you don't know where it is.”

"That's what I'm saying, I know it sounds crazy but all of this started right after the accident.”

Trivette shakes his head and motions for the waitress to pour him a cup of coffee too.

"Now, we're back to the accident again? The same accident that you said a semi ran you and Alex off the road, that his truck rear ended you and made you hit a tree, that same accident?”

"YES Trivette----the very same!”

Trivette takes a long drink of his coffee, and then grimaces.

"Why don't you just admit it Walker, you fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of Alex's car! What's the big deal? You wouldn't be the first or the last driver to fall asleep while driving!”

"Because I did not fall asleep and I was not drinking as those DPS troopers tried to imply I was!”

"There was no damage to Alex's car, how do you explain that Walkman? There is no way that accident could have happened that way and you know it!”

"I can't explain it, Trivette.  I just know that I was seeing everything that was happening.  It was like I was in a dream but I know I wasn't.”

"And, that's why Alex had you in the emergency room at 2am this morning, right?”

"She told you about that?”

"No, Big Dog told me! She called him and was telling him how worried she was about you, and that she thought you had some kind of head injury and from the way you're talking, I think she has a right to be concerned! You're not having one of those war relapses are you?”

"No, I'm not having a war relapse; they're called 'flashbacks!  I just can't believe that she told C.D.!”

"She's worried about you man, and so am I!”

"There's nothing to be worried about.  I know what I saw everything was so real to me.”

"I'm surprised that you haven't contacted White Eagle, doesn't he usually 'pop' in when you're troubled? Maybe he will make you go to the sweat lodge, contact your Cherokee ancestors so they can slap you up beside the head with tribal medicine, get into your sub-conscious mind and all, and make you breathe in some of that sweet grass as you call it!”

"Yeah, I'm a little surprised at that myself since my ancestors were also involved in this dream or whatever the hell it is I'm having!!”

"Wait a minute, time out, now you're saying that your ancestors are in this Amityville story? Which one, the one here or New York?"

"Both, the Cherokee was a distant relative to the Paumanauke tribe that was buried on the consecrated grounds of the DeFeo property, and they were in this dream----or whatever!”

"I know I'm going to hate myself for asking but how, how were they involved?”

Walker orders more coffee, "Are you sure that you want to know?”

"I'm not too sure about anything but please continue. I'm just dying to know how your Cherokee ancestors fit into all of this!”

"Well, it's still a little confusing to me.  But I think there was some kind of curse put on them or rather their descendants of that other tribe.”

"A curse? What kind of a curse, Walker?” The black Ranger asks sarcastically.

"All of the men were sterile, that was the curse that this 'thing' put on them.”

Trivette starts to laugh, "Sterile, huh? Walker you are making this up, aren't you? You're trying to trick me like the time that you and 'Big Dog' tried to tell me about those varmints that just jump right into your gunny sack, begging you to trap them!”

"What varmints?”

"I can't remember what they were called because they never existed and just like this story now that you are trying to lay on me.  I'm not buying into it!”

"Excuse me Rangers, I think you were waiting on these?”

Walker looks up to see a young policeman handing him some papers, "The arrest warrants for the Bopsey twins, they're here, Trivette!”

Trivette throws his hands up in the air and shouts.

"Thank God, now we can get back to the real world and worry about the real things that could happen around us like maybe 'getting shot?”

Trivette grabs the papers from Walker and begins stomping towards the front door of the little diner flailing his arms in the air. All the time he's  mumbling about 'getting shot, harpooning a shark, demons that live in eye shaped haunted houses, and those little varmints that kept jumping into his gunny sack’!

The whole diner is looking at Trivette and then back to Walker. He calmly stands up as the waitress walks over to him and hands him the check.

The waitress nods towards Trivette, and then back to Walker, "Is he alright?”

"Yeah, he's fine just not enough cholesterol in his diet.”

Walker looks down at the check, he grimaces, "I don't suppose that he took care of the check ahead of time did he?”


 Alex's Condo / Dallas

The woman is straddling his back; the palms of her hands go deep into his shoulders. She massages harder, taking the oils and rubbing on his back. He groans softly.

"Don't ever stop, that feels so good.”

Alex leans in closer to his cheek and nuzzles his beard.

         "Honey you are so tense relax. What has you so 'knotted' up?”

The Ranger sighs, "Would spending the day with Trivette explain any of it?”

"Jimmy has you all tensed up, why?”

Walker thinks back to the conversation with Trivette, he shakes his head.

"Never mind hon, it's not important.”

Alex giggles and reaches back and slaps the Ranger on his buttocks, "O.k. Cowboy you're through.  Now it's my turn and remember, I like it real slow!”

He rolls over quickly, taking her with him, his hands begin to roam.

"Slow huh? You can never make up your mind how you like it slow then fast, then harder, and then back to slow-----woman you drive me crazy!”

She kisses him long and tender, her tongue going deep inside his mouth, she comes up for air, smiling.

"I am woman hear me roar-----grooooooowl. And, it's my prerogative to change my mind.  My claws are out so you better be prepared to tame this wild cat.”

Walker stops and looks down at her, he grins, "A cat huh, and a wild one----I might add!”

"You better believe it, cowboy you might have some claw marks on your body come morning!”

He groans as he lowers his mouth to her right breast, taking it in and very slowly sucking it, then he goes to the left one.

"I think I've had my fair share of claw marks lately.  Don't scratch me up too much, remember I got to see that specialists tomorrow. If he sees claw marks that might take extra explaining!”

She laughs, "Honey, the specialist is going to be looking at your head and your eyes not your backside!”

"Hmmmmm, so we can get all wild as long as you don't scratch my eyes out or go for my head."

Alex frowns as she massages his chest, "Honey, why in the world would I try to scratch your eyes out? That's gross, I know we get a little 'kinky' at times but we're not into pain!”

He smiles teasily, "And you're not going to change back and forth are you?” His brows dance up and down.

"Change back and forth, Walker what are you talking about?”

"Don't tease me Alex; you know how you get when you get excited you can't control yourself.”

"O.k. cowboy you are asking for it and we better not be interrupted that's all I can say!”

"Then what happens are you going to start throwing things?”

"You don't want to find out---do you?”

 "No way cat woman. Come here! Show me all the ways you don't want to be interrupted I can take it!”

She giggles as they roll back and forth between the sheets and then their soft murmurs fill the bedroom as the night opens up with a series of thunder and lightning bolts fill the sky. The sky opens up with a steady rain falling as the lovers are swept into their own world.


Ranger Headquarters:

Walker looks up to see a very tired and exhausted Trivette saunter in. The man stops at the coffee pot, pours himself half a cup then fills the rest with milk and sugar.           

"What a waste to a perfect cup of coffee", Walker mutters.

"Good morning Walker----and how did you sleep last night? Anymore weird and un-explainable dreams that you would care to release on me this fine, beautiful morning?”

"Good morning to you too, Trivette and no I don't have any weird dreams to tell you about because I slept just fine. In fact, it was the most restful sleep I've had since------since I can't remember when.”

Trivette continues to grin, "Aren't you going to ask me how I slept, partner?”

Walker reaches for his cup of coffee, and leans back into his chair, he shakes his head.

"Nope, because I don't have to ask, it's written all over your face! You had a very romantic night with that woman you were telling me about.  The one that was 'well endowed', am I right?”

Trivette's grin goes wider, "Yeah pure heaven big guy and then all hell broke loose!”

Walker sits up quickly in his chair, "What happened, did you find out that she was married?”

"Almost as bad----she sprung a leak!”

Walker bursts out laughing, "You mean the silicone was leaking? You were just saying not 24 hours ago that they were real!”

Trivette stammers, "I thought they were.  She lied to me!!”

"And, you couldn't tell the difference, I thought you were an expert in that department?”     

The other Rangers have heard Trivette's outburst and everyone is laughing, Trivette is heading back to the coffee pot for another round of coffee with his milk and sugar.

"I couldn't believe it, Walker, we were going at it all hot and heavy then she grabbed her chest and these things were bobbing up and down and then she started hollering to take her to the ER. I start trying to get dressed, and she's hollering that something was wrong, and the next thing I know she's flying out the door half dressed!”

"So, what happened?”

"She called me later and said that she was going to sue the doctor that operated on her and then I was left to try and get myself 'calmed down' so I could get some sleep!”

Walker is still laughing, "And, by getting 'calmed down' you mean a cold shower?”

"Yeeeeah, several of them----geez----what a night!  Almost as bad as listening to your weird dreams but hey not all was lost!”

"What do you mean?”

"Well, I couldn't sleep so I decided that I would try to find out once and for all if there is a town called Amity in Texas!”

"There's not we looked on the atlas remember?”

"Walker, when are you going to come into the computer age? I Googled it!”

"Googled it?”

Trivette emits a long sigh "GOOGLE.com” Walker!!! It's the computers' answer to Webster's dictionary and the World Atlas and yes there is a town called AMITY, here in Texas.  I'll bring it up on my computer right here SEE?”

Walker rises from his chair and walks quickly to his partner's desk. He stares down at the location.

"That can't be right, Trivette---it's saying that it's in Brownwood, near Abilene!”

"Right outside there, off Highway 36.  Walker it does exist!”

Walker sighs, "Wrong place, Trivette, Brownwood is a good 2 hours away from where Alex and I had that accident.”

"Well, maybe there's another one, give me a minute.  It's the only one listed, Walker! There's a map and everything! Maybe you were wrong about the location?”

"If that's true, then how did Alex and I end up just outside of Brewster over 200 miles away?”

"What does Alex say about all of this?”

"She doesn't say anything about it because she doesn't remember anything that happened---up to the time that we were forced off the road."

"What happened before that?”

"We were just driving along, looking at the scenery.  I remember it was getting cold and I asked her if she wanted me to put the top up then we started to argue.”

"You argued about putting the top up?”

"No, I don't think so, something about coming back to Dallas and everything would change or something like that!”

"You know Walker, that's something else that is not making any sense.  Why were you and Alex down in The Big Bend area? That seemed a little out of the way after leaving that rafting site!”

"We just decided to do some sightseeing, Alex said she had never seen that part of Texas and she wanted to see it. So, when we left the river we drove south' and then east towards Ft. Stockton.”

"That had to be quite a sightseeing trip, when did you leave the river?”

"Sometime in the early morning, we just took our time and enjoyed the scenery. We traveled parallel to the river for quite awhile, Alex was pointing out those pulleys in the side of the mountain.  You know the ones used for old mining cars?”

The Rangers are interrupted as they see Alex walking in; Walker quickly nudges Trivette to get off the computer. She's all smiles as she walks up to them, speaking very quietly so the rest of the office can't hear about Walker's seeing a specialist.

"Hi guys, Walker I have good news and I have bad news.”

Walker's brow arches, "What kind of news?”

"Well, Dr Garrett just called me and cancelled your appointment.”

The Ranger takes a deep sigh, "Ohhhh that's too bad.”

 She nods her head, "Oh yeah, like you're all upset about it!  Well, the good news is he gave me a referral for another doctor and I managed to get you in at the same time. But, this doctor is over in Plano, so you are going to have to leave now to get there in time!”

The Ranger sighs, "Alex is this really necessary? I feel fine!”

Her voice changes as she stares back at him, "Walker you are keeping this appointment.  Do you know how much trouble I have had trying to get you this appointment? You promised me, Walker don't you dare back down!”

She shoves a piece of paper into his hand, "Here's the Doctor's name and the address!”

"O.k., o.k.----I'm going!!  Trivette, since we're having to go all the way to Plano, then you can drop me off and pick me up when my appointment is over and then we can go to Lewisville to interrogate that suspect.”

Trivette nods, "Sure o.k. want me to go to the appointment with you?”

Walker glares back at him and then to Alex, "NO, I'm a big boy.  I can go to my appointment alone.  I don't need you holding my hand!”

Alex softly giggles, as she whispers "Call me later!”


The Rangers are heading to Plano; Trivette is still trying to pull up info on the town of Amity.

"That's about it, Walker it's just a tiny little town that hasn't prospered much in the last 30 years or so, a small church, cemetery, that's about it!”

"All of that sounds similar, but the location is all wrong.”

"Walker, I sure hope this specialist can help you because you are so obsessed with all of this, you're giving me a headache.  I think it's turning into a migraine. Do men get migraines?”

"I suppose they do.  They have stress just as much as a woman does and it's usually a woman that causes them the stress!”

"Whoooooa---better not let Alex hear you say that.  That woman has a temper!!!

"I've seen her temper, Trivette but she usually has good reason when she loses her temper."

"Oh yeah and you better watch it, Walkman because one of the main causes for Alex to maybe lose that temper is appearing at Billy Bob's this very weekend!”

Walker tries to clear his voice, "Marilee?  She's here?”

"Yep, your little country and western song bird haven't you seen the flyers all over C.D.'s.  He's got them plastered everywhere among the Christmas decorations. And, Billy Bob's is only a stone throw away from Big Dog's.  So, you can just bet that Marilee is going to be getting in touch with her favorite TEXAS RANGER!”

"Oh great, that's all I need!”  Groans Walker. "Well, there's only one thing to do and that is avoid places that she might be going to.”

"Walker, you know that she's going to get in touch with you sooner or later! That's what you get for leaving these lasting impressions on the women that you do date. You might not date very much, but when you do date a woman look out!”

"You're exaggerating, and I don't know why I would worry about seeing her again, there's nothing between us that was over with---a long time ago!”

Trivette sighs, "Maybe, but can you honestly say that you don't think about her from time to time?  I know you must have seen her from time to time in the news and on those country and western singing shows, etc, etc. And, you can't deny she's a gorgeous woman, flaming red hair, nice body---those pouty lips----and let's not forget those BOOBS!”

Walker feels himself getting uneasy, as his mind races back to the night he spent with Marilee Summers. Then the arguments with Alex over how he could fall so quickly for another woman.

"Yes, she is an attractive woman.  We had one brief encounter. "

"Not an encounter, Walker you had an affair with her just call it like it is!”

"Alright an affair if that's what you want to call it; it was one night, Trivette.  I'm over her o.k.?”

"I'm not the one you have to convince.  All I know is that Alex raked you over good when she found out about that one night, and I have to admit you could have handled that a lot better than you did.  But, you didn't seem to care how it was hurting Alex.”

"Trivette, that's in the past.   I know Alex was hurt and I paid the price for my deception.  I will not keep apologizing for it to her or you!  Alex and I weren't dating seriously at that time and we were both seeing others!  Now Alex is the only woman in my life right now and that's the way I want to keep it. I tried listening to you about having more than one woman at a time and look where it got me? I won't go down that road again!”

"O.k. big guy I believe you!  I just hope Alex does, or there might be an "encounter', as you put it between those two!!!  You better slow down, you're going to miss your turn what's the address we're looking for?”

Walker pulls out the paper, "It's probably over there in that Katrina Court, all kinds of doctors' offices there. Yeah, 112 Ocean Avenue there it is!”

"And, for your information Trivette Alex is too much of a lady and has too much class to 'encounter' that kind of a confrontation!”

"Yeah, right Walker nothing like a good 'cat fight' between two women!”

Walker pulls up to the office building and Trivette slides over under the wheel, he's all smiles.

"Can't believe you're letting me drive the Ram.  What time you want me to pick you up?”

"The appointments at one, I should be out in half an hour.”

"Half an hour?? Walker, it's going to take you that long to just fill out the paper work.  I'll pick you up around three!”

Trivette revs the engine and Walker is yelling at him not to wreck his truck. The Ram pulls away and Walker looks down at the piece of paper, he sees the doctor's name:  Dr J. Anson


Walker is looking for the doctor's office; he never realized a hallway could be so long. He keeps tugging at his shirt collar.

"Why is it so damn hot in this building?  Finally, there it is!! I sure hope this damn doctor knows what he's talking about.”

He opens the door slowly and walks in.

"Hello, Dr Anson?”

A voice is heard in the back room, "Be right there!”

Walker looks around at all the pictures on the wall of various music artists.

"That's strange; no placards from medical centers not even a diploma of any kind.”

He hears someone coming, the door opens and Walker does a double take. There before him is a woman that looks strikingly like Marilee Summers! The woman is all smiles as she walks towards the Ranger holding out her hand.

"Hello, I'm sorry I was busy in the back room, Cordell Walker right?”

Walker is speechless as he keeps trying to find his voice, he nods his head.

"Yes----I'm Cordell Walker----are you Dr. Anson?”

The woman is gorgeous with beautiful red hair, pulled up on top of her head, held back by a small comb.

"Yes, I'm Dr. Jane Anson.  Don't tell me you were expecting a man?”

Walker keeps staring at the woman, "Yeah I guess I was.”

The woman is wearing a two piece suit, pale blue and rather snug fitting, showing off a very nice figure.  She smiles back at him.

"Well, I hope you're not disappointed.”

"No-----no----I'm not---disappointed. I just assumed that you would be a  man. And, I think that my friend that made this appointment for me assumed you were a man also!””

The woman smiles as she motions for a very nervous Ranger to take a seat.  She looks down at his medical papers.

"Well I see here that you have had an accident and that you are worried that you might have some injury to you head, am I right?”

Walker has to clear his voice as again he keeps tugging at his collar.

"Yes, that's right.  I keep saying that I'm alright but my friend she gets worried easily!”

"Your friend? You aren't married?”

"No ma'am!” The Ranger answers quickly.

"I see.  I must apologize for the stuffiness in here; I think they're having trouble with the thermostat or something!”

"It's o.k. I haven't even noticed.” He lies.

"Well let's see what is going on inside that head of yours, I want to look at your eyes.”

She approaches him, and leans over with the little flashlight. Her bosom is only inches from his face. He closes his eyes, and he hears her laugh softly.

"You have to keep your eyes open for me to examine them---Ranger Walker."

          He swallows hard and takes a deep breath, "I'm sorry, wasn't thinking straight.”

She backs away and sits on the corner of her desk, her skirt rises slowly.

Walker keeps trying to look away but his eyes are drawn back to the skirt, and her shapely legs.

"Soooo, what's the verdict, doctor?” He tries to sound business like.

The woman sighs as she reaches up and undoes the top button of her blouse.

"Damn, I think it's getting hotter in here, what do you think, Cordell?”

"No----its fine----is that it? Can I go now?”

"No, Cordell, I have to run some more tests!" She purrs softly "Let's look at those eyes again.”

"I think they're o.k., actually I feel a lot better."

The woman stops and looks at him as she unbuttons another button, "Why, Mr. Walker am I making you nervous?”

"No ma'am I just think I need to go now."

The woman laughs and reaches up to take the comb out of her hair, her long red hair cascades down, she walks slowly up to him.

"What about your friend, Ranger Walker?”

"What about her?” He asks.

"Well, she's the one that made this appointment.  She would want you to stay for the whole examination wouldn't she?”

Walker breathes deeply, "Believe me, if she had any idea who you look like I would definitely not be here!”

The woman leans over in front of him again, and another button is released, his eyes grow wide as her red lips are almost upon his.

"Cordell Walker----the doctor will see you now!”

Walker is jolted awake as someone is nudging him. He looks up to see a nurse staring back at him.

He looks around the waiting room as he sees the other patients staring back at him.  The nurse gently nudges him towards an office. The Ranger keeps shaking his head.

"Did I fall asleep?”

"Yes, Mr. Walker you did.  It's this darn heat, it's causing quite a few patients to dose off!”

"How long was I asleep?”

"Not long----about 10 minutes.  The doctor is waiting for you."

Walker hesitates, "Uhhhh---nurse, is this doctor---a man or a woman?”

"Dr. Anson is a man, Mr. Walker----Doctor Jay Anson"

Walker sighs, "Thank goodness.  I don't think I could go through that again!”

The nurse looks back to Walker, "Go through 'what' again?”

"Never mind, you would have had to have been there.”


         Dr Anson's office:

Walker has listened very closely to the doctor's observations.

The doctor is tall and slender, wearing thick eyeglasses, silver hair and moustache. The man keeps shaking his head.

"Ranger Walker, I see nothing wrong. There is no swelling, no signs of any kind of trauma, what so ever! And, you say you are not having headaches, blurred vision---none of the symptoms that might generally accompany a concussion. But, I think you're already aware of all of this, aren't you?”

"I've had concussions before, doctor, I know the signs.”

"Then, why are you here?”

Walker takes a deep sigh, "Because, I promised my lady friend that I would see a specialist to ease her worries and maybe some of my own?”

"We can do a cat scan, Ranger if it would make you feel better about all of this!  But I truly don't think it's necessary, but that's your decision to do so!”

"What about the dreams, doctor?”

"I can't explain the dreams, that is not my field of expertise.  I can refer you to a very good psychoanalyst if you like?”

The Ranger stands slowly and walks to the door, he reflects on the last dream and thinking of the woman that looked like Marilee. He shakes his head.

"No thanks doctor with the kind of luck I'm having the psychoanalyst would probably resemble the darkman

"Excuse me---the 'darkman' who is that?”

"Never mind doc---just send me a bill----and thanks for your time!”


The Rangers are now heading to Lewisville to question a prisoner.

"Sooooo, everything alright partner? Was the doc able to help you?”

"Not really! Trivette, I've come to a conclusion!”

"What kind of conclusion?” Trivette asks cautiously.

"Well these dreams or whatever it is I'm having are harmless!  I don't feel like my life or Alex's is in any kind of danger---so I'm going to do just what the doctor ordered me do and the same thing those other doctors ordered when I was having those flashbacks----and that is: Get plenty of rest and stop thinking about what's causing them and get on with my life!”

"That's what I've been telling you all along, stop trying to analyze these dreams and just accept them for what they are nightmares!”

"You're right, Trivette.”

"Thank goodness, you're finally taking my advice on something!”

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you I fell asleep in the waiting room and guess who was in my dream none other than Marilee!”

"Oh my God what kind of dream, Walker? Was it X-rated?”

Walker shakes his head, "It might have been if I hadn't been awakened by the nurse!”

Trivette is bouncing in his seat, "Well, tell me about it what was she wearing something sexy?”

"You're just chomping at the bit for all the details, aren't you?”

"OF COURSE!!! Walker the details, please!”

"It's all your fault you know, for bringing it up that she was in town. I certainly didn't have her in any of my thoughts till you brought her name up.  Now I have to concentrate on getting her out of my thoughts!”

"Walker, if you're having to concentrate on not concentrating on her then you are thinking about her!”

Walker stares back at Trivette, "What the hell is that suppose to mean? She was nowhere in my thoughts till you mentioned her!”

"Yeah, yeah, Walkman you just keep telling yourself that. Something made you think of Marilee and she stayed in your sub-conscious mind!  And, sooner or later you would have seen her pictures plastered all over C.D's and you would have started thinking about her.  Don't blame me for your evil thoughts!”

Walker takes a deep sigh, "Well, so much for trying to put these dreams to rest.  Alex and I are having dinner tonight at Antonio's, and she's going to be asking me how the session went with Dr. Anson.  I just hope I can remember which Dr. Anson to tell her about!!”

Trivette's brow arches, "Which Dr. Anson? How many doctors did you see?”

Walker tells his partner about the dream in which he thought Marilee was his doctor.

Trivette is doubling over with laughter and shaking his finger at Walker.

"Oh man I do not want to be you, should you slip and mention the wrong doctor!!!

"Believe me, Trivette I'm not looking forward to it!”

Trivette is still gloating, "Oh man, this is unbelievable and almost humorous!”

"Humorous?  You're actually getting a kick out of all of this, aren't you?”

"YES, yes I am!!  Because you know why, Walker I remember all those times that I was the 'butt' of all the jokes that you and 'Big Dog' played on me---the city boy from Baltimore?  Remember how you and C.D. wanted to take me 'snipe hunting'? Huh? Remember that, Walkman?”

"Yes, I remember. We were just teasing you, Trivette, it was a joke!”

Trivette is nodding his head up and down.

"Oh yeah, let's play a joke on the city boy and tell him that snipes are so eager to be caught they'll climb right into your gunny sack. Big joke, Walker you just forgot to inform me there is no such thing!  I felt like a fool for believing that, especially when that skunk crawled into my sack!!”

"Yeah, I guess we did overdo it---I'm sorry!”

"No, no, no, you're not getting off so easy.  I've waited for the day to come when the great Cherokee warrior would get his!  Well guess what---that time is here!”

"You're really upset about this, aren't you?”

"Not anymore, because now the tables have turned and you know how it feels to be 'duped'!"

"Are you saying that someone is trying to play a joke on me, and that I'm not really having these dreams?”

"No, Walker---I'm just saying for once you're not in complete control of your actions and this dream or whatever has you completely out of control! You've always been so solid, nothing ever rattled you.  You could always see the logic in everything, and for once that Cherokee crap and patience of Yen thang is not working either!”

Walker sighs, "Well, we're both in agreement on one thing---I don't know how to handle this."

Trivette smirks, "I thought you said you were going to stop thinking about it?”

"Easier said than done, especially when you keep bringing it up!”

Trivette starts to argue when they get a call about an 18 wheeler flipping on the LBJ freeway.

"Should we check it out, Walkman? It might be your "mysterious semi-that also---doesn't exist!”

The Rangers have joined the DPS and they are going over the wreckage.

"Well, Walker---is it your semi?”

"Nope, this is a cattle truck, Trivette! The one in my 'dream' was an oil tanker--- alright?”

"OOOOOhhhh, so sorry---but Walker---it's silver!”                                 

The troopers are watching the Rangers argue, they shake their heads and the senior officer walks over to Walker.

"Don't mean to interrupt you two, but I thought maybe you would like to question the drivers, at least one of them is able to talk! The driver of this cattle truck was pretty badly burned. Not expected to make it!”

"Yeah, what happened Smitty?”

"Well, according to the driver of that camper over there, the trucker just lost control and plowed right into him, both trucks caught on fire!”

The Rangers look to what is left of the camper, and Trivette does a double take.

"You mean the driver of this camper is alive to talk about it?”

"Yeah, he's standing right over there, tall dude in the cowboy hat. Hey Jackson, bring that driver over here!”

Walker watches as the man approaches them, and then he lets out a curse word, and mutters, "I should have known!”

Trivette stares back at the guy, "Hey isn't that, Alex’s old boyfriend?”

The cowboy approaches the Rangers slowly; he looks to Walker and slowly extends his hand.

"Heyyy Walker----how's it going?”

Walker shakes the man's hand, "The question is what's going on here, Dalton? How did you get involved in this?”

The cowboy is hesitant about answering.

"Well, I stopped to assist a fellow motorist---got out of my camper----and then  all of a sudden this dude's air horns start blasting----and me and the motorist are scrambling to get of the way. Fortunately, we made it---but my poor camper has gone to that 'camper heaven' in the sky.”

Trivette is listening to the cowboy trying to explain in his slow Texas drawl. The Ranger nods his head up and down, wanting the explanation to speed up. He then looks to Walker; his partner has that look of discontent for the cowboy standing in front of him. Trivette has seen that look before---jealousy!

Walker looks around and then back to Dalton, "Where's the motorist that you were 'assisting'?”

Again, Dalton is slow to answer, "I guess she took off, I don't know!”

Walker nods his head.  "SHE? I should have known it would be a woman---you're always involved with helping out 'damsels in distress.”

Dalton scratches his chin, takes his hat off and runs his hand through his hair.

"Yeah----welllll I seem to remember someone else always going to help damsels in distress----by the way, how is Cahill?”

Walker grits his teeth, "She's fine!”

"Well, you tell her hello for me, Walker---I would call and tell her myself---but I'm a little fond of keeping my teeth!”

Trivette puts his hands up and smiles, "Ah guys----can we get back to the accident----what else can you tell me about the other driver?”

The senior DPS officer walks back up to them, "Can't ask him anything, he just died---Walker, I got something over here that you should see.”

Walker joins the other officer and Dalton breathes a sigh of relief.

"He hasn't changed, has he?"

"Excuse me?”

"He has always been hot tempered where Cahill is concerned. Of course he never would admit it to anyone---not even her!"

Trivette smiles, "Well, things have changed between those two and my advice to you would be to steer clear from Alex----or you just might end up in a body cast, never mind having any teeth!”

Dalton nods his head, "I'll do that Ranger--can I go now?”

"I've got no more questions; do you want me to ask Walker if he has any?”

"Not really!” Dalton answers slowly,  "If it's all o.k. with you and the DPS, I'd like to try and get in touch with my insurance company---maybe get a ride somewhere?”

Trivette waves him away and walks over to his partner.

The DPS trooper is holding up what is left of an old driver's license that has been scorched in the cab of the semi.

Walker keeps looking at the license, "Trivette, look at this---it's an old Texas license----and  as near as I can make out, it was issued some 20 years ago---197---the last number is burned away!”

"The guys in the lab can get the information we need, maybe bring up some prints and identify the driver.”

The DPS trooper shakes his head, "How in the world was this guy able to keep driving with a license that has expired some 20 years ago?”

Trivette smiles, "That's a good question, Smitty---don't you guys enforce the license renewals anymore? I have to renew mine every four years--now, why is that?”

Smitty grins, "Maybe he's been a better driver than you, Trivette and was never caught! And, as soon as we find out who he is, maybe we can find out why he hasn't renewed his license---will that be satisfactory for you, Trivette?”

"Will you two stop arguing? Trivette---get over here and look at this!”

Trivette growls at the officer making a snapping noise then walks towards his partner,

Yeah, Walker, what is it?”

Walker holds up a piece of paper and hands it to his partner.

"It looks like some kind of a sticker that's placed on a windshield---from some state park? I can't make out the name; it doesn't look as old as that license. Where did you find it?”

"It was here on the ground, can't tell if it came off the cattle truck or Dalton's camper. Where is Dalton?”

"I released him; we can get him back if you want to question him more?”

Walker shakes his head, "No, I have a feeling I wouldn't like any of his answers. Besides, I want to enjoy this dinner with Alex tonight, without any thoughts of Dalton Reed popping up.”

Trivette looks at his partner curiously, "Why would you be having thoughts of him?”

"For the same reason I don't want to be thinking of Marilee---Dalton was in the dream too----or at least his camper was!"



Walker and Alex have arrived at one of their favorite restaurants, it's rather crowded as the waiter shows them to their table and seats them.

Alex is all aglow as she keeps looking to the bearded Ranger and smiling.         

"I am so glad I was able to get reservations, it being so close to Christmas and all."

He smiles back at her, "You know that Antonio would make room for us, hon--he always does. We're two of his best customers!”

 They order their drinks and then Walker calls the waiter back to change it.

"I think instead we'll have a nice dinner wine, is that o.k. with you, Alex?”

Yes, of course! Red or white wine?”

"Doesn't matter to me you choose.”

As Alex is telling the waiter what kind of wine they want, Walker looks around at all the customers. Everyone is all decked out in holiday dress; he looks back to Alex and smiles.       

 "Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?”

She purrs, "Yessss you did, several times and that's why we were late in getting here. But, I'm not complaining.”

He laughs, "Well, can't blame a guy for trying. I would rather spend the evening totally alone with you than in a crowded restaurant.”

She reaches across the table and takes his hand, "There's always the rest of the evening. Now, tell me everything that Dr. Anson said to you.”

"Well, to put it all in a nut shell, he said I needed to stop thinking about this dream and I agree with him. It was the same advice that the doctors gave me when I was having those flashbacks, it's just a dream and dreams can't hurt you.”

"That's true, honey---you can't control your dreams, no one can!”

Their wine has been set before them for approval; Alex lets Walker make the decision.

"I will give you a couple of minutes to look over the menu and then I will return. I must point out that we have a couple of new items that our proprietor has chosen for his customers, please take all the time you need.”

"Thank you Edwardo, the wine is delicious!”

Walker is glancing over the menu; his eyes go quickly to the prices. He shakes his head and mumbles to himself.

"Not tonight, prices are no issue---whatever Alex wants---she's getting.”

"Did you say something, honey?”

"Nope, just mumbling. Everything looks great, what are you having?”

"I think I will choose the lasagna and clam sauce, what about you?”

"Sounds good, but no clam sauce---just the regular meat sauce.”

"Walker, look! I can't believe that an Italian restaurant has added this to the menu!”


"Chicken fried steak, can you believe that?”

Walker stares back at the menu, "Probably just a misprint or the Italian way of cooking the steak.”

Alex pushes the menu away, "Oh well, I'm sticking with the lasagna, because there is no way we could get chicken-fried steak that tasted as good as that place that we stopped at coming back from the rafting trip.”

Walker stares back at her, "You remember stopping at a little cafe and having chicken-fried steak?”

"Yes, sure.  It was right after we left the rafting site. Don't you remember honey, the steak was so tender that-----"

"That you said you could cut it with your fork!”

Alex nods her head, "Yes---it was delicious.”

Walker reaches for his wine, "Just for curiosity's sake, do you remember what we had with that steak?”

"Hmmm, let's see---I had mashed potatoes with gravy, a salad, iced tea and you had your coffee, why?”

"No reason, hon. It was delicious, we both said it was. Right?”

"Yes, but I'm ready to order my lasagna, with a salad and lots of blue cheese dressing.”  She answers teasingly.

Edwardo takes their order, and Walker very casually asks the waiter when they added the chicken-fried steak to the menu.

"I think it was around the first of last month sir, but I can find out exactly when---if you wish?”

Walker mumbles to himself, "Oh, I can just guess when it was added---November 13th----when else?”

"Not necessary, I'll have the lasagna and salad too---ranch dressing please and lots of breath mints for afterwards!”

Alex slaps his hand playfully and they both laugh. They continue talking about the doctor's appointment.

Alex sips her wine while holding Walker's left hand across the table.

"Honey, I am so relieved what this doctor has told you and the attitude you are taking. I was so afraid that you would argue with him, like with those other doctors, but you seem so calm.”

"Yep, I've decided not to let the dream control me, and more importantly, not to worry you anymore. I'm going to just take each day as it comes---and try not to think about it anymore!”

Alex leans back in her chair, "Well, I am impressed with this doctor! I am going to call him and thank him for what he has said to you.”

Walker smiles and reaches across the table for Alex's hand, "I just never wanted to upset you with anything that I was saying and I know a couple of times I got damn right rude with you. I'm sorry Alex, I never meant to cause you worry.”

Alex chokes up, "I worry about you Walker, and I can't help it. That's what happens when someone cares for someone else----the way I do about you. I know that our relationship has a long ways to go---and I am not rushing it---believe me I'm not. I just don't want to be pushed away when you are troubled----or hurt!”

"When have I ever pushed you away, Alex?”

"When your Uncle Ray died----and there was another time, but I know you don't want to discuss---her?”

Walker sighs, "You mean Ellen?”

"Yes, I know she was very important to you and you----loved her---very much---I understand that---I would never try to take her memory away from you.”

"I know that, Alex. I know that there have been times that I can't seem to go forward with our relationship, but I am trying. You have to believe that!  I haven't had these kinds of feelings for any other woman in a long, long time."

Alex has to clear her voice as she whispers "Thank you.”

Walker looks down at her hand and kisses her fingers.  

"Not only did you get your hair done today, which I really like with the curls coming over your ear lobes and the back of your sexy neck, but you had your nails done too. New color?”

She begins to cry softly, "That's it!  I am not only going to call this Dr Anson and thank him for your session, I am taking him a basket of fruit---because I love this change in you. You are so observant tonight!”

Walker smiles sheepishly as he whispers to himself.

"Please don't fall asleep in the waiting room!”

Their food has arrived and Alex looks back to Walker. 

"What? Did you say something, honey?”

"Nope, just mumbling! Let's eat, I'm hungry!”

They are about halfway through their meal when Alex says quietly.

"I am going to take advantage of this good mood that you are in. Walker, I need to ask you a question and please say 'yes'!

"Say 'yes' to what, what are you going to ask me?”

"Do you remember my friend, Kristi?”

Walker takes a long sip of his wine, "Kristi?”

"Yes, Kristi! She was my friend through college and she worked in the DA's office for awhile, dark headed my height?”

"Oh yeah, I remember her. Didn't we have a dinner date with her and some guy named Matt---or something?”

"Good memory---the same one. Well, she and Matt are getting married---now I know how you feel about weddings and stuff, but Walker she has invited us and I would love to go---would you please go with me?”

Walker is starting to get uneasy, he hates going to weddings.

"Uhhh, I don't know Alex."

"Oh Walker, please don't make me drive all the way to Abilene alone.”

"Abilene? The wedding is in Abilene?”

"Yes, that's where Matt is from, why?”

"Uhhhh, that's not far from Brownwood, is it?”

"I think about 75 miles or so, why?”

"Sure, I'll go with you!”

 Alex eyes him suspiciously, "You will?”

"Sure, what date?”

"The 18th of December---please don't say you have something else that's going to pop up on that date!”

He shakes his head slowly and reaches for her hand.

"Alex, I will go to the wedding with you, after all Kristi is your best friend!”

"You do know, that you will have to wear a tuxedo?”

           Walker chokes on his wine, "No problem!  It's a wedding Alex, what else would you expect me to wear?”

"I can't believe this change in you!  Getting you to go to a wedding is a miracle in itself, but no arguing about wearing a tuxedo---I'm stunned---but happy!”

"Whatever makes you happy hon, and you know what? You might even get a dance out of me before the evening is over."

The two have finished their dinner and are enjoying more wine. Alex is still in shock over Walker's 'new change'. She's still holding his hand as his thumb caresses the top of her hand.  She takes a deep breath.

"This has been the perfect evening!  Walker---I am so excited about this wedding."

"Wedding? Did I hear mention of a wedding"?

Both Walker and Alex look towards the loud voice and Walker groans as he sees Marilee Summers and her entourage heading towards their table.

"Cordell, did you get tired of waiting on me?”

The woman is half stumbling as one of her 'bodyguards' has to reach out to stop her from falling into another customers' lap. Marilee is giggling as she makes her way to Walker; she stops and sees Alex staring back at her.

"Oh hi sweetie----Alex---right?”

Alex takes a deep breath saying nothing as she glares back at Walker who is trying to stay out of Marilee's grasp.

Walker is trying to motion for Marilee's bodyguards to get her out of the restaurant. The woman is pulling away from them.

"Leave me alone---what was this----I was hearing---about a wedding? ---Cordell----are you getting married?”

Marilee stops and looks at Alex's left hand, "Can't be you, huh sweetie? Not even an engagement ring yet!  What's wrong, Alex, can't you get this cowboy lassoed?  I'll let you in on a little secret you don't have to be married it's not all it's 'hacked' up to be.”

Alex is gritting her teeth, "Well, you should know---how many times have you been married?  Is it three or four times now?”

Walker grabs one of the guards, "Get her out of here now---she's creating a scene!”

Marilee is stumbling back towards Walker as he is trying to get out of his seat.

"Come on Cordell---let's go dancing.”

"You've had too much to drink Marillee, it's time you leave.”

"No---I'm not going anywhere---unless it's back to your ranch----and finish what we started---come on.”

          "I'm not going anywhere with you, Marilee---you're drunk---get out of here before the cops are called!  You don't want this to end up in the news-do you?”

"I don't care!!! What was that you were asking me, sweetie---how many times I been 'hitched'---hell who knows? I think I married my last husband---twice----I think. But, if you remember right sweetie---I was still married when I slept with your boyfriend---didn't bother me none---or Cordell, did it, Cordell?”

          Now the waiters are trying to make the bodyguards get Marilee out, but she keeps trying to go back to Walker, throwing her arms around him. He keeps pushing her away and reaching out for Alex's hand.

Marilee grabs Walker and starts kissing him hard, the guards are still trying to pull her away. A hand goes out and yanks Marilee back by her hair and then a fist slams into her mouth, the redhead goes to the floor! Everyone stops and stares at the woman in the floor and then to Alex, who is holding her hand and grimacing.

Walker stares down at the redhead lying in the floor and then to Alex.  He replies slowly, "Damn!”

The flashbulbs are popping and customers are scrambling for the front door. Walker grabs Alex's hand and the waiters are clearing the way for them to exit.

Walker stops at the cashier's and starts pulling out his credit card, the waiters are waving him away, saying they settle up later. Walker heads the Ram towards home and Alex is shaking her hand up and down.

"Damn--- this hurts! But, it felt so good hitting that woman! I've wanted to do that for sooooo long!”

"Keep moving your fingers, hon----it's not broken---just bruised!”

She looks down at her hand and swears again.

"What's wrong, Alex?”

She stares back at him, "I broke a nail!! Look at this Walker--and I just had my nails done!  I can't believe I broke a nail---on that bitch!!”

Walker begins to smile as he reaches out and takes her left hand, "Don't worry 'ONE PUNCH" you'll survive to fight another day!!”


 C.D.'s Bar & Grill

          Walker has already stopped at Antonio's and settled his bill, leaving a nice tip for Edwardo. He apologizes for the 'fiasco' over and over, they assure him, they are not holding him or Alex responsible for any of it. He heads for C.D.'s

As he walks in several of the male customers are pointing at him and smiling, some are chuckling softly. He looks around to see the waitresses running around yanking Marilee's flyers down. C.D. is yelling back at them.

"Be sure and get every blasted one of those flyers down, I don't want any of them hanging up--no sirree--nary a one! Dad blast that little woman, how dare her speak to Alex that way!”

Walker sees the foul mood that his best friend is in, he speaks quietly.

"Everything alright, C.D.?”

The big man stops and stares back at the Ranger.                        

"Right? Jumping jeosafat---no---nothing ain't right!”

Walker takes a deep sigh as he spots the Dallas Times lying on the bar counter and the picture of him and Alex gracing the front page, a smaller one shows Marilee sitting in the floor with her hand to her mouth.

"Never mind that I asked, I see what you're upset about.”

C.D. stomps back to the counter, picks up the paper and then slams it back down, staring at Walker. In a low voice he speaks.

"Cordell, now I thought the world of that Marilee and all, and hell, I invited her in here, treating her like 'family' and all! And, then she has the gall to say those nasty things to Alex---our Alex? How dare that woman, well I know one thing, she's not welcome in here anymore!”

"Just take it easy C.D. it's over with."

"How is Alex this morning?”

"She's fine C.D., her hand------"

"How's her hand, Cordell?”

"Well, if you would let me get a word in edgewise I'll tell you!"

"I'm sorry Cordell; this just has me madder than a wet rooster!”

"Alex's hand is just fine, it's bruised--but-----"

"Hey Big Dog---did you see the Times?”

Walker swears softly as he looks up to see Trivette walking in holding a newspaper in front of him, Trivette looks up to see Walker staring back at him, shaking his head.

Trivette grins and begins shaking his finger at his partner in an 'I told you so' gesture.

"Don't start Trivette; I don't want to hear it!”

"Don't start what, Cordell---what's Jimmy talking about?”

"Apparently, you don't know, Big Dog---you want to tell him about the 'cat fight' Walker, or---are you going to say that it didn't happen---maybe---you just dreamed it! What, big guy? Huh?"

C.D. is staring at Walker and then to Trivette, "What in tarnation are you yapping about, Jimmy---what 'cat fight?”

Trivette is waiting for Walker to answer; he's grinning like a Cheshire cat!”

"It was not a cat fight, Trivette. It wasn't even a fight---hell Marilee didn't even see it coming, none of us did!”

Both C.D. and Trivette are now laughing and C.D. is nodding his head.

"Serves her right, she shouldn't have said those things to Alex!”

"Got that right Big Dog----did you read what the Times are saying and Alex's new nickname?”

"Yep, Jimmy---"One Punch!”

Walker groans, "Come on guys, let it rest and don't be teasing her about it when we come in here later tonight!”

"O.K, we won't Cordell," C.D. snickers, "I'll just have the waitresses put a rope around your table and hang up one of those bells, so you and Alex will feel like you're in a boxing ring!”

Trivette is doubled over in laughter as he keeps shaking his finger at Walker.

"I told you Walker---nothing like a good cat fight--Damn; wish I could have seen it

"That makes two of us, Jimmy!” Roars C.D.

"Hey Walker, how does it feel having two women fight over you---I'll bet this wasn't the first time, was it? Cause I told you---you got this charisma that makes the women--go ga- ga!”

The whole bar is now laughing and Walker shakes his head as he remembers another 'cat fight', a real cat fight.

The Ranger walks behind the bar and pours his own coffee sitting down on one of the bar stools. Both C.D. and Trivette are eyeing him suspiciously.

"Hey Cordell, we're just 'razing' you a little, don't get your feathers all ruffled!”

"I'm not upset, C.D. just thinking about something.”

Trivette drops his head down to his chest in a disgusted manner and groans.

"Oh no----please don't say that this happened in your dream too----no way!”

Walker says nothing as C.D. goes to the end of the bar to wait on a customer.

"Walker, you're putting me on. Last night's cat fight did not happen in your dream---you just said the other day that Alex had too much class and now you're saying she and Marilee were fighting over you---in this dream?”

"It wasn't Alex that was fighting Marilee.”

Trivette's eyebrows rise, "Now you're saying there was another woman in your dream? No wonder you don't want Alex to know about this dream! Because it's X-rated, a threesome?”

The Ranger remains silent and Trivette shakes his head back and forth.

"O.k., I'll bite----who was the other woman?”

"You're not going to believe it if I tell you!”

"Probably not, but tell me anyways!”'   

"It was Ellen.” Walker answers quietly.

"Ellen? Your ex-fiancι?”

"Yes, Ellen, my ex-fiancι and please don't say that I must have been thinking of her for her to appear in my dream!”

"Walker, you were engaged to this woman and from what 'Big Dog' has said, you were very much in love with her, and then she was killed right before your eyes!”

"Not killed-murdered!  Just like my parents were!”

"O.k., o.k. calm down. How often do you dream about her?”

"That's just it! I haven't had a dream about Ellen---in a long time. After her death I used to dream about her almost every night, but as the years passed, the dreams were less often. And, then as my relationship began to grow with Alex, the dreams were almost-never!”

"Then, that's why.”

"Why, what?”

"It's because you've tried to get on with your life with another woman, and now you're having this dream that Ellen is upset about Alex!”

"No, Trivette. Ellen wasn't upset with Alex---it was Marilee that she didn't like!”

"Walker, you are giving me another migraine!! I suppose in your dream that Ellen told you she didn't like Marilee, is that what you're trying to lay on me now?”

"She didn't have to say the words, her actions spoke loud and clear, and believe me--she put Marilee through fire and brimstone! And, it's probably Ellen that is giving you the migraine.  I think she gave them to the 'darkman' as well!!

Trivette lays his head down on the bar and bangs it several times. He raises his head up and shouts back to his partner.

"Now who the hell is the 'darkman'?”

C.D. and the customers stare back at Trivette and the old man starts yelling at him.

"Jimmy, you better keep your dad burned head off that bar or I'll make you wonder who the devil is---we have health regulations in here!”

Trivette is muttering, "I didn't say 'the devil'  C.D.---I said "darkman!”

C.D. comes stomping back to the two Rangers,

"Same difference Jimmy!”

Walker finishes his coffee and turns to Trivette.

"As much as I would like to stand here and discuss the devil with you two, I got better things to do.”

"Wait a minute, Walker---don't you leave me high and dry to try and explain this to 'Big Dog----where the heck you going?”

Walker yells back to him. "To pick up my tuxedo---got a wedding to attend!”


Later that night at C.D.'s:

As Walker and Alex walk in, the whole bar stands up and cheers.

"Way to go Alex!   You showed her!"

Alex groans, "Oh no, not again!"

Walker is trying to guide her to their table; everyone is trying to shake her hand.

"What do you mean, not again?”

"I went through the same thing at my office earlier today, and if another person shoves that picture from The Dallas Times in my face----I'm going to scream!”   

C.D. is rushing over to the couple; he leans down and kisses Alex's cheek.

"How you feeling, sweetheart?”

"I'm fine. My hand is fine. No, it was not a publicity stunt and yes, I'm damn glad I hit her!”   

C.D. chuckles, "Well, I sure am glad that you haven't lost your sense of humor, and I'm even more glad that you carry your 'class' as Cordell put it-in your tiny little fist!”

 "What are you talking about, C.D.?” Alex asks.

Walker glares back at the big man.

"Pay him no mind, Alex; he and Trivette are just flapping their yaps!”

C.D. grunts. "Flapping my yap, huh? Well, let me tell you a thing or two Mr. 'Know it all'---I'm not the only one 'flapping my yap as you put it.  The whole stockyards have been flapping their yaps----TEXAS STYLE!  Now, put that in your sweet grass and smoke it, Cordell!”

 "Guys, please----I'm getting a headache.”

"I sure hope it's not a migraine---they seem to be going around, huh Walker?”

Trivette sits down at their table. He looks to C.D.

"Wanna tell them what the latest is, Big Dog?”

"Yep, sure do Jimmy. I guess you haven't heard what happened over at Billy Bob's earlier this evening?”

 Alex grits her teeth, "C.D, if this has anything to do with that woman, and I don't want to hear it!”

"Me neither C. D., so give it a rest!

"Ohhhh, you're gonna want to hear this, Walkman. Go ahead 'Big Dog!”

C.D is all smiles.

"Well, several of Billy Bob's patrons were at Antonio’s' and they heard the words that were spoken to you Alex----and that little gal was 'booed off the stage!”

"Oh swell," moans Alex. "Now I will be responsible for her losing her job as well!”

"You're not responsible for any of this, hon, she was drunk and in a public place! She's responsible for her own actions!”

"Amen to that, Cordell!! That little gal messed with the wrong people if she thought she could come in here and mess with us TEXANS! You might not be a born TEXAN Alex, but you're close enough and we TEXANS look out for our own!”

"Thank you C.D. and all of you!”  Alex shouts to the rest of the patrons, they all raise their drinks to her.

Walker leans over and kisses her cheek, "I'm proud of you too, hon!”

Alex starts dabbing at her eyes, "I gotta go to the little girls' room.”

Trivette waits till Alex is out of ear range, he looks to Walker.

"I got back a name on that drivers' license, and the year it was issued."
"Don't tell me. Virgil Cain-1974?”

"Yep, and guess where he's from?”

Walker sighs, "Amityville.”

"Yeah, but it didn't say which one.”

"What about the sticker, did you find out which state park it was from?”

"I think you've already guessed which one---Big Bend! Do you want to guess what year it was issued?”

"I'll do better than that, Trivette. It was issued for this year, month of November, and say around the 13th?”

Trivette smirks.

"Right, on all counts. Don't know why I even bothered to find out the info via of my trusty computer when all I had to do was just ask you, and you pull all the info----out of a dream!”

          Walker reaches out and slaps Trivette on the shoulder.

"I appreciate all your help; partner and I know that all of this has been confusing to you. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm confused too, even more!”

"Walker, this is getting to be too weird. I know I have laughed at all of this, but I'm not laughing anymore. I'm afraid someone is going to get hurt. But, you said the dream was harmless and you weren’t worried?"

"Too many things are happening in the real life that have happened in that dream. I'm not so sure it was a dream. I think we were really there in some shape or form! And, frankly I'm worried too, which is the main reason that I agreed to go with Alex to that wedding."

"Was there a wedding in the dream?”

"No, but this wedding is being held in Abilene, which is close to Brownwood, close to Amity-don't you think that's a little too coincidental?”

Trivette nods in approval, "I agree, you can't continue to just let it rest---because it's not resting--something or someone is trying to tell you something. I'm ready to go, when you leaving?”

"You can't go, Trivette---this is my dream and I think it's slowly becoming Alex's too. She's remembered a few things, but I haven't pushed the questioning because I don't want to scare her."

"Then you think that it's Alex that's in danger?”

"I think so; some parts of the dream are still foggy to me, like I don't know who this 'darkman' is or what his purpose is--in the dream. But it seems that more and more this dream is imitating my real life--or vice versa.”

"What do you mean?”

"Think about it, Trivette. Everything and everyone that I have mentioned is somehow involved in this dream. Both Marilee and Ellen, Dalton, and Alex's Dad was mentioned.”

"Her Dad, how? Isn't he a lawyer too?”

"Yeah, and he was on the DeFeo case, only for a short time, but still connected to it. And, also I find out that he's a recovering alcoholic, and that her Mom was in an insane asylum!”

Trivette is moving back and forth in his seat, he studies his partner's face.

"So, when has a person's past ever made a difference to you?  When did Alex tell you all of this?”

Walker shakes his head, "She hasn't told me yet--at least not in real life.  She admitted it to me---in the dream!”

"I don't understand Walker, how are you going to get her to admit to something that she said in a dream? We can't be responsible for things we say or do in a dream!”

Walker takes a deep sigh and sips the last of his coffee.

"I don't know if I can, Trivette. I tossed and turned all night thinking about it. But, somehow I've got to bring this out in the open and get her to start talking about these things that she is starting to remember. But, I do know one thing is for sure."

"What's that?”

Walker looks up to see Alex coming back from the ladies' room.

"I lost one woman that I loved because I wasn't able to protect her, I won't let it happen again!"


December 17th:

Walker and Alex are on the road to Abilene, the conversation has been limited. Walker is deep in his thoughts about how he will approach Alex on the subject of visiting the little town of Amity and Alex has been going over some papers pertaining to a case she has coming up.

Alex keeps looking to the Ranger, finally she reaches over, flips up the arm of the console between them, unbuckles her seatbelt, moving over to sit next to him. She laughs softly.

"Well, at least this console can be moved out of the way, not like the one in my little convertible.  You don't mind if I sit next to you, do you cowboy?”

Walker laughs as he reaches down and pats the inside of her left leg.

"Just so you keep your hands to yourself, lady---don't be trying to 'paw' me while I'm driving!”

 "Ohhh, I will definitely try to refrain myself. Honey, are you upset about something?”

"No, why do you ask?”

"Because you've said very little since we left your ranch this morning. Walker, are you having second thoughts about attending this wedding?”

"Alex, I said I was coming with you and "no" I'm not having any second thoughts.”

"I know how social gatherings, especially weddings make you nervous, and I know I caught you at a weak moment when I asked you to come.”

Walker takes his right arm and puts it around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him.

"Alex, every moment with you is 'weak', you have that affect on me.”

 The blonde smiles and reaches her hand up to grasp his, weaving their fingers together.

"I just thought maybe that's why you were tossing and turning again in your sleep, and you were mumbling some things too."

Walker turns towards her, "I was? I was talking in my sleep?”

"I didn't say 'talking', I said 'mumbling', and just like you did the night before!”

"What was I mumbling about?” The Ranger asks nervously.

"I don't know, couldn't make out what you were saying. Something about something being 'foggy' and someone going through a wall?”

Walker exhales, "Must have been some dream, huh?”

"Yeah, I'll say---who was going through a wall?”

Walker shakes his head, "I have no idea, hon.  You know how some dreams get all jumbled up.”

Alex laughs and turns sideways, kissing his cheek.

"I don't want to talk about dreams.  I forgot to tell you that you got a phone call when you were in the shower, someone named Ben. He didn't leave a last name, said he would talk to you later.”

"I don't know any Ben.”

"I looked on the caller ID, it was unlisted, no area code, nothing!”

"I have no idea who this Ben is, probably involved on that case of the cattle truck and Dalton's camper."

"Oh yes, I remember you telling me about it--was Dalton hurt?”

"No, he wasn't hurt. Remember I told you he was helping a fellow 'tourist' that just happened to be a woman. Seems there's always a woman around him, in some way or another!”

 Alex hesitates and then she replies slowly.

"Seems to be the week for old flames to be 'popping up', huh?”

"Let's don't go there, hon---because we'll just end up in an argument like we always do where those two are mentioned."

Alex nods her head and gazes out the passenger's window, she mumbles to herself.

"Well, Marilee and Dalton aren't the only ones that can cause an argument and believe me Walker, I'm not liking it one bit that you are talking about Ellen in your dreams!”


December 18th:

Alex is helping her friend with the bridal veil. The ladies are laughing and remembering their college days.

"Oh Alex, I am so happy you could come. I was telling Matt that it just wouldn't be the same for me to be getting married without my best friend beside me. And, I'm even more glad that Walker came with you, you said he didn't like weddings!”

"He doesn't and I was totally shocked when he agreed to come with me. As soon as I mentioned that the wedding would be in Abilene, he jumped on it!”

Kristi smiles, "I'm so glad that he and Matt like each other.

"Me too. Hey, where are you two going for your honeymoon?”

 "To New York, Matt has family up that way. We'll be 'honeymooning' at Niagara Falls, can you believe it?”

"Sounds sooooo romantic, but anywhere can be romantic if you're with the right person.”

"I see that look in your eyes, Alexandra---you are going to have to tell me everything that happened on that rafting trip

Alex's eyes go wide, "EVERYTHING?”

The women start laughing, and Kristi nods her head up and down.

 "Well, you can leave out some of the intimate details---just tell me enough to keep my imagination from going into overdrive---Walker is soooo sexy.”

Alex pretends to be angry, "Watch it Kristi, I know you have said before that you had a little 'crush' on Walker, but remember----your getting married in less than an hour!”  

Kristi smiles, "Yes, to another sexy guy! And, besides I saw that picture in the Dallas Times and how you slugged that country and western singer, I'm not going to test that Cahill temper!"

Alex puts her hands up, "Pleeeease--let's not talk about that, this is your 'special day' let's talk happy thoughts.”

Kristi continues to eye her friend suspiciously.

"Alex, is there something bothering you?”

Alex tries to change the subject but Kristi walks her over to a couch and motions for Alex to sit, and then she attempts to sit down with her wedding gown on.

"I think I will continue to stand, that way the butterflies won't be so jittery, but you, Alexandra, are going to tell me what's bothering you. We have plenty of time before the wedding march starts---so girlfriend-talk!”

Alex reluctantly tells her friend about Walker talking in his sleep and calling out Ellen's name.

 "But, didn't you say that this "Ellen" is dead? Alex, how can she be a threat to you?”

          "Haven't you always heard that it's harder to fight a dead memory  than a live one?”

"Oh yeah, you proved that when you slugged that Marilee---you should have slugged her a long time ago!”

"I didn't have any right to be jealous of Walker when he had that affair or 'whatever' with Marilee, we weren't really dating at that time. At least not seriously!”'

"But, things are different now between you two, right?”

"Yes, and just the other night Walker was saying that he was trying to go forward with our relationship, and then the last two nights, he has dreamed of her!”

"Have you confronted Walker about all of this?”

"No, not yet! But, Kristi I will definitely have to get this all out in the open, I refuse to have a man, any man, having dreams about another woman while I'm sharing his bed! I will never go down that road again!”

"I don't blame you; I remember how hurt you were when that ex-husband had the affairs on you and not to mention the pain you went through with that professor.”

"Professor Green? I haven't thought about him---in years! Why would you bring his name up?”

"You know why, Alex. I know we agreed to never talk about what happened---but surely you must think about him from time to time. You were pregnant with his child!”

 Alex shakes her head, "No, I do not think about him and as for the 'other'---I don't want to talk about it, so could we please drop this subject? Besides, that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. What happened back in college has nothing to do with my relationship with Walker, but his dreaming about Ellen does!”

"O.k. Alex, I didn't mean to upset you. But, Alex I have seen the way Walker is with you, I don't see any of the typical signs that the man is thinking about any other woman, alive---or dead!  I know I'm far from being an expert and all, but Alex just the way he looks at you---says it all."

"Well, I have to admit that I have never been happier than I have been in the last month, but I have to confront him about-----"

"Alex, you said that Walker has been having some restless nights every since that accident that you two had, and you also told him that he can't control his dreams, isn't that what you said?”

"But, this is different---why now, why now is he having dreams about his ex-finance?”

Kristi takes her friend's hand and looks deep in her eyes.

"Maybe it's because his feelings are changing and maybe he's feeling guilty about finally allowing those feelings to change---because of you.”

Alex is pacing, "We can't talk about this anymore, this is the most important day in your life and we are not going to talk anymore about my problems. I say, all of this goes on the back burner because I hear the wedding march beginning---let's get this show on the road!”


Alex has gotten Walker on the dance floor to almost every song that has played and now the groom has requested a waltz.

Walker starts shaking his head and Alex keeps pulling him back to the dance floor.

 "Alex, they're going to play a waltz, I can't waltz!”

 "Oh yes, you can, just listen to the music and stop looking down at your feet.”

The Ranger is still trying to leave the floor, Matt and Kristi approach them.

"Walker, everyone dances to this song, do you call yourself a real Texan?”  Teases Matt.

Walker is still shaking his head and glaring back at Alex.

She takes his hand and urges him back to the dance floor.

"Yes, he's a real Texan and we are doing this waltz, aren't we, honey?”

"I guess! But, if I step on your toes, don't blame me!”

The music begins and everyone is dancing to "Waltz Across Texas.”

It's now later in the evening and everyone is wishing the happy couple congratulations, the limousine arrives to take them to the airport. Walker is saying goodbye to Matt and Alex goes to hug the happy bride.

"Send me a postcard from the falls, o.k.?”

I will, and Alex after we get back and things sort of get back to normal, could we get together and finish our little talk? Please try to take things easy, that's what you're always telling me, right?”

Alex nods her head, "Yes, we will definitely get together and you and Matt come to Dallas real soon.”

Everyone is going their way, Walker and Alex head towards the Ram.

After they have been on the road a few minutes, Walker turns off the interstate onto highway 36.

"Honey, why are we getting off the interstate, it's longer this way?”

"I know, I just thought we would take the back roads, see some scenery. Are you in a hurry to get home?”

"No, my case doesn't start till Monday. Yes, let's see some scenery!    Maybe we can find one of those 'out of the ordinary' antique shops.”

Walker groans, "You mean overly expensive garage sales, don't you?”

"Well, however you want to relate to them, if I see one, we're stopping!! Got that, Cowboy?”

"Yes ma'am---whatever you say.”

They pass through several small towns and Walker keeps looking for signs to Amity, they stop at a gas station to fill up. While Alex goes to get them something to drink, Walker talks to the man in the garage.

The man looks at Walker suspiciously when the Ranger asks him about the town of Amity.

"Oh, you city folk---you think just because that little town has the same name as the one back East that it's haunted and holds all kind of scary stories to tell. That's hogwash!”

Walker tries to keep his voice down, "Just the same, where is it? I've been all over the state of Texas and I don't recall ever seeing it'.

The old man laughs, "That's because if you blink, you'll drive right through it! There's nothing there, just an old church, cemetery---and a few old buildings---there ain't nothing to see!”

"I'm still curious about it, how far down the road is it?”

The old man points south, "About 20 miles that way as the crow flies, 30 for you city slickers!”

Walker thanks the old man and goes back to his truck. Alex hands him a can of coke.

"Sorry honey, they didn't have any fresh coffee. The pot looked like it had little critters trying to grow inside, and they didn't have Pepsi."

"The coke is fine hon, maybe this little town of Amity will have a decent place to get something to eat, want to try it?”

He watches her face for some kind of reaction to the name of Amity; she just nods her head and keeps looking out her window.

The old man was right, there's hardly anything to see as Walker slows down to look. Alex keeps watching him and back to the little town---of nothing.

"Walker, what is so intriguing about this place, do you know someone that lives around here?”

"No, why?”

Alex hesitates, "Was Ellen from this part of Texas?”

"No, she was born and raised in Arizona. She went to college at Abilene Christian and then switched to Texas Tech. Why the questions about Ellen?”

"I'm just curious about her, that's all."

 "There's got to be a reason why all of a sudden you're asking questions about Ellen.  Alex, is something wrong?”

"I said I wasn't going to get into this with you right now, but I can't help but wonder why you agreed to come to this wedding with me so quickly after I mention that it's being held in Abilene.  Now I find out that maybe it was because Ellen went to college here.”

Walker takes a deep breath, "I came to the wedding with you because you asked me!   It had nothing to do with Ellen, besides she only went to Abilene half a semester, and then she went to Texas Tech. What is it that you didn't want to 'get into' with me?”

"Now, you're getting angry because I'm asking about her.”

"No hon, I'm not angry. What is it that you want to know about her?”

"I'm curious about her because you never want to talk about her. I would just like to know the kind of woman that---you fell in love with and wanted to marry!”

"I never talk about her because like with Marilee, you would get angry and then we would argue. I never ask you about your ex-husband, do I? The only thing I know about him is that he didn't treat you right, that he was abusive towards you. I never wanted to bring up any unpleasant memories and I always figured if there was something you wanted me to know about that you would tell me!”

"So, in other words you're telling me that if you had wanted to tell me about Ellen, you would have.”

"There's something else bothering you Alex, why don't you tell me what the real issue is here?”

"O.k. I will!! I'm asking these questions like a jealous woman because--you are talking about her in your sleep!! Is that clear enough for you? How would you like it if, I was talking about an ex-lover while sharing your bed?”

Walker slams on the brakes, pulling the Ram to the side of the road. He turns to face Alex; she has tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I'm talking about Ellen, in my sleep?  Alex, are you sure?”

She moves to the far side of the Ram and yells back at him.

"Yes Walker, I think that's something I would be damn sure of, don't you think?”

The Ranger sits there staring at her, he reaches out to take her hand, and she pulls it away from him.

"Hon, there is no way that I could be talking about Ellen in my sleep, or any other woman!”

She lowers her voice and glares back at him.

"I heard you mention her name, Walker. Not just one night, but two. I'm surprised that since we're on some of her' old stomping grounds' that you weren’t talking about her last night too!”

Walker falls back against the seat; he looks to Alex and shakes his head slowly.

"I'm sorry Alex---I had no idea that I was even talking in my sleep. I didn't know that I did talk in my sleep! There is no way that I would hurt you this way, you know that!”

"I've never heard you talk in your sleep before, either and then I kept wondering 'why now were you talking about her?”

"I'm telling you Alex, ever since that accident, weird things have been happening, things I can't explain! I have talked to that Doctor like you wanted me to, he said I have no trauma to my head, but things have been happening in that dream that are happening in a similar way--in real life!”

"I don't understand what you're saying, now are you saying that Ellen was in that dream too?”

"Yes, Alex and other people too, like Marilee and Dalton!”

"Dalton? You're having a dream about---Dalton?”

"Unfortunately yes or at least that damn camper of his---was in it. I don't know where the hell he was, nor do I care!”

"This is all too weird." Alex answers.

Walker is looking around him at what is left of the little town.

"Maybe it's not too weird after all. We're in this town called Amity---and in my dream we were also in a town called Amity, but the location is wrong---or maybe it's not.”

Walker opens his door and steps out, walking slowly around, mumbling to himself.

Alex watches him pace, and then she too gets out of the truck. She keeps her arms in close to her chest, she starts to shiver.

"Walker, could we please get back on the road, it's going to be dark soon and it's getting colder?”

"I think we need to stay, hon---so we can get all of this out into the open and get some answers to that damn dream!”

"Stay? Stay here? Walker there is no place to stay, there are no motels, there's nothing here!”

Walker is returning to the truck, he points back to the way they came.

"There's a motel back up the road about 6 miles, we can stay there.”

"Walker, I really don't want to stay overnight, we're less than 2 hours from home. Let's go home!”

"Alex, please just listen to me. This town is the main reason I agreed to come to the wedding with you, because I also feel that you might be in some kind of danger.”

"Danger---from what?”

"That's what we have to find out once and for all. Pieces of this dream are coming back to me and I believe that eventually you will start to remember what happened too.”


The Escape:

Walker and Alex check into a small motel outside of Sidney, Texas-6 miles from Amity.         

Alex takes one look at the rundown motel and is begging Walker to leave.

"I am not staying here in this 'bug infested' motel room! Walker, if you do not leave with me, I am calling a taxi or someone to come and get me!”   

"Alex, please---just hear me out! We have to stay because this is the Eve of the18th, and that's the day they escaped!”  

Alex stares back at walker, her mouth drops open and she starts to stutter.

"Who escaped?  Walker, who are you talking about?”

The Ranger starts pacing as he goes to the thermostat and tries to get more heat into the room. He hits the wall causing Alex to jump.

"I can't get any more heat out of this thing, the controls are broken, I guess.”

"Another reason why we should leave! Walker, it's freezing in here!”

"I know hon, I know and I'm going to the manager to get him to turn the heat up---in the meantime put my sheepskin jacket on.”

Walker is trying to get Alex to put the jacket on, she keeps refusing it.

"Walker---I am leaving! With or without you!”

He stops and stares at her.

"Why, Alex? Why are you so determined to leave?”

"Because you are scaring me, Walker--talking about we have to stay because tomorrow is the day 'they' escaped--who escaped, Walker? What the hell are you talking about? And, please don't mention that damn dream!!”

 "Because everything is connected to that dream, Alex!”

She starts to cry as she starts walking to the door.

"I'm leaving, Walker---because right now I'm scared to death---of you!”

He stands in front of the door, stopping her exit. She backs up and is literally shaking from fright.

 "Something is wrong with you, Walker---you're acting plum crazy---please let me go.”

"Would you please just listen to me? I know you're scared because of all that I have laid on you in the past hour, but I can explain---at least give me the chance to--try and explain all of this!”

They continue to stare at each other, Alex backs up and reaches for the jacket, she's shivering.

"I will give you five minutes to explain---and then I am leaving!”

"It's going to take longer than five minutes, Alex--because it's so confusing----even to me!  Alex, please hon---just listen to me, have I ever lied to you?”

She shakes her head, and whispers.

"No, you are the most truthful person I have ever known--you have never lied to me. But Walker, I'm afraid of you now."

 "I would never hurt you Alex, not now---not ever! I know everything is scary right now, just give me this time to try and get everything out in the open about all that has happened recently----and in that dream. Because hon, it's because of that dream that all of this is happening!”

"It's so cold in here, Walker---would you please go and tell the manager to get us some heat--or move us to another room that has some?”

"O.k. hon, I will.”

He starts to the door and stops.

"I will leave the keys to the Ram---you can leave if you want to, but I just want you to know that if you do, this is never going to end. There's a little cafe across the highway, want me to bring you back some hot tea?”

"No, because I'm going with you to talk to the manager about some heat, and to get something to eat, I'm hungry!”

The manager has promised them more heat as they walk across the one lane highway to the little cafe. They take a booth nearest to the heat from the old fireplace. Walker turns to the waitress.

"Bring us plenty of coffee and hot tea, we'll order something to eat as soon as we warm up."

Alex has finally stopped shaking as she keeps looking to Walker; she sees the concern in his eyes.

 "Walker, I'm still scared."

"Of me?”

She reaches for his arm and snuggles up closer to him, "No, not you, just the anticipation of what you're about to tell me"

He pats her hand, kissing the side of her head.

"I know hon---at times it's scary to me, because I'm not understanding all of it, or why.”

"So, tell me everything about that dream. Is it connected to the wreck we had?”

"Yes, I've told you all along that it wasn't the DPS trooper that pulled you out of the car, it was me. I pulled you out; your little car was damaged when I threw it into park to stop it from going over that embankment after that semi hit us. Alex, do you remember any of that?”

"I'm not sure what I actually remember or if I remembering because you've talked about what happened.  I don't know honey.  I don't know!”

"O.k. hon, calm down. When we get back to our room, I just want you to start telling me what it is that you do remember, because Alex you have mentioned things that was in that dream. You mentioned 'chicken fried steak' that we both had at a little diner, remember?”

Alex sips her tea and frowns, "Yes, didn't I say I wanted a twist of lemon and one equal in my tea, where is that waitress?  I sure didn't have to tell that waiter at that diner how I wanted my tea, he just seemed to know, like--like---he was reading my mind!”

Walker smiles, “Yes! You are starting to remember things that happened. What else do you remember about that diner and the man that waited on us?”

Alex shakes her head slowly.

"I just remember he was real nice, everyone was so----friendly towards us, they kept saying something to us ----over and over---you were getting agitated.”

Walker nods his head, "And, what else do you remember?”

"That's all I remember honey, what else am I suppose to be remembering?”

The waitress comes to take their order.

"Walker, could we just order some sandwiches and take them back to our room, and also stop and get some extra blankets?”

The waitress smiles, "Yep sweetie, you're going to need them, the temperature is dropping like crazy---weatherman said we might even get snow flurries.”

"I'll order us some sandwiches, why don't you go on back to the room, and try and stay warm.”

As Alex goes back to their room, he spots a couple of truckers, he engages in a conversation with them asking about the town of Amity.

The two truckers eye the Ranger suspiciously.

"Just what is it that you want to know?” Asks the first trucker.

"Anything that you can tell me, do either of you run this route very often?”

Both of the truckers are starting to act nervous, the smaller one mutters to his friend.

"I knew it, he's an insurance investigator! Don't tell him anything Clyde---let the guys back at the office handle it!”

"Handle what? What is it that you're so afraid of, and "NO" I'm not an insurance investigator!”

"How can we be sure of that, you're just trying to get information on that wreck?"

"Clyde! For pete's sake--shut up!”"

Walker puts his hands up in defense, "Look guys, I swear to you I am not associated with any insurance company.  I'm asking because some friends of mine might have been involved in the accident you're trying not to talk about!”

The smaller trucker slams some money down on the counter.

"I'm out of here, I'm not getting involved in this---Jasper can fight his own battles!”

The second trucker starts to follow suit and Walker gently pulls him back.

"Look--I am not trying to get anyone in any trouble---but it's obvious that something happened out there on highway 36, near this town of Amity. Now, I'm getting very impatient and believe me, you won't like me very much when I get angry!”

"I'm not so sure I like you, even when you're not angry!! Look mister, I'm just a lone trucker, I have a very small business, and I don't want to get involved in this. Besides, half of what Jasper says you can't believe, the other half is the booze and drugs talking!”

"Who is this Jasper, is he involved in the wreck, where is he?"

"That's what we would all like to know, no one has seen him since---that incident!”

"Tell me what happened out there, I will make it worth your while and it will go no further, it's just between us! Was the accident reported?”

The trucker clears his throat. "Of course it was reported, how else would the insurance company know, you really aren't from any insurance company or you would know about a report!"

"I told you I wasn't. Just tell me about that accident, it's just between us!”

Clyde motions for them to take a table.

"You said that it was your friends that were involved in the accident, were they hurt badly?”

"They're fine- now tell me what happened out there?”

"O.k. mister, but like I said Jasper was a little 'strange' at times, and half the time we didn't pay any attention to what he was saying. But, that accident or whatever you want to call it was plain 'spooky!”

Walker orders them more coffee and urges the trucker to tell his story.

"Jasper was carrying a load down to San Angelo, he was to pick up another load from there and was suppose to take it down to Brewster, just on the other side of Ft. Stockton, know where that is?”

Walker nods his head, "Brewster? Oh yeah I'm well acquainted with that place. Go on, continue."

"I was talking to him on his old CB radio, he loved those antique 'jobbies', never would get one of those fancy cell phones that most of the truckers are now using. Anyways, we're talking, shooting the breeze and all of a sudden he's saying a fog is coming in.”

"A fog? What time of the day was this?”

"Early morning---anyways he's mumbling something about a small car being in front of him and the fog was getting thicker. Jasper started screaming back that he had hit the car in front of him, but the fog was so thick he couldn't see where the little car went to! He got down the road aways before he could finally stop, the fog started to lift so he went back up the road to try and find that car."

"Was the car a convertible?”

"Yes, was that your friends' car?”

"Yes, but something is wrong, we---I mean my friend said that the fog didn't come in till after they were hit. He said the semi ran them off the road deliberately!”

"NO----no way!! Jasper was a lot of things but he wasn't a road hog! He was trying to get his rig paid off, he wouldn't chance having another wreck or the company would fire him!”

"Another wreck? When was this one?”

"I don't know, somewhere around the 12th of November, I think. Another couple was involved, but they didn't want to file any charges, they acted-----like they were 'spaced' out on something. When the DPS was asking them questions about what happened, they just clammed up and refused to file charges against Jasper. The case was dropped, the couple just disappeared!”

"Do you know their names?”

"No, I don't! Jasper might know it if you could ever find him, but I'm sure the police report has their names, you can ask them!”

"Never mind, what kind of rig was Jasper driving, was it an oil tanker?”

"No, a cattle truck! He was taking them down to San Angelo to the slaughter house!"

"O.k. back to the other accident, why didn't he stop to render aid?”

Clyde reaches for another cup of coffee, he stares back at Walker.

"Because---there was nothing there! He went all the way back to Mesa Flats and back down that highway 36, yelling at me over the CB that he couldn't find any trace of the little car. The DPS went up and down that highway too, there was no trace of the car or any indication of an accident happening! No skid marks---nothing!”

Walker rubs his beard as he hesitates to ask the next question.

"Where did this accident happen?”

"As near as Jasper could say, right outside of that little town you asked about, AMITY!”

Walker stands up and reaches out to shake the trucker's hand, handing him a napkin.”

"Give me your name and address, I will send you a check for your help, and thanks again for the information.  If this Jasper is what you say 'unbelievable' at times, then there is no real evidence that the accident ever happened, right?”

"Let me ask you something mister, was your friends' car a dark green?”

Walker nods his head.

"The accident happened alright, there were dark green paint chips all over the grille of Jasper's rig, and he definitely hit something!”

Walker sighs as the waitress brings the sandwiches to him He turns to the trucker.

"Don't tell me, your friend's rig was silver---right?”

"Yep,  like most rigs are---popular color.  Here's my address and I hope you find the answers to your questions, because I have a feeling that it was YOU that was involved in that wreck!”

Walker walks away; he looks down at the napkin:  


He turns quickly to look back at the trucker, there is no one sitting at the table. The trucker is nowhere in sight, Walker feels a shiver go up his spine. He shoves the napkin into his pocket and walks quickly back to the little motel.

Alex is watching Walker pace, he still hasn't touched his sandwich, and he just keeps shaking his heads as he paces back and forth.

"Honey, please eat your sandwich, you haven't had anything to eat since we left the reception.”

"I can't eat, Alex---I can't get over that trucker. Why didn't I know that he was the same man in my dream? He was the leader of those people that were trying to get that curse lifted. That was BEN!”

"Walker, are you sure it was the same man?”

"I am now, but he looked different than the Ben in that dream, but I guess he was supposed to look different. Here, Alex look at the napkin, look at what he wrote. I never told that trucker who I was, so how did he know my name and how did he disappear so quickly?”

Alex takes a deep breath as she finishes the rest of her tea. She has the blankets wrapped around her, sitting in the middle of the bed.

"I'm ready for you to tell me everything that you can remember from that dream, and what this 'danger' is that you are saying that I might be in.”

"O.k. but some things are not going to make any sense, some of the things are still jumbled up in my mind---and some things might scare you.”

Alex smiles faintly, "I'm not afraid as long as you are here to protect me, Cowboy.”

Walker walks towards the bed and reaches out for her hand; he looks deep into her eyes, and strokes her face gently.

"You know that I will never let anyone or 'anything' hurt you Alex, you know that, don't you?”

          She lays her cheek on his hand and smiles up at him.

"Yes, you've proven it enough times to me---my knight in shining armor, or should I say my 'cowboy to the rescue?”

Walker laughs softly, "I just hope you won't be saying 'my cowboy that's in the loony bin!”

"Honey, now you're trying to say that this 'Ben' is telling you that another trucker named Jasper is the one that forced us off that road? O.k. let's say that is true, but how did we end up outside the town of Brewster, another two hundred miles away---when  this Ben is saying that the accident happened right down the road near that town of Amity?"

"The only explanation would be that other couple had a wreck at the very same time and hour that we were run off the road near Brewster and somehow, we exchanged places!”

"Walker, that is impossible!! You're making it sound like that we crossed some kind of time capsule---that's insane! Things like that can't happen!"

"I thought so too. But then I remembered something that Ben had said to me when I asked him why was this happening in Texas, and not back in New York where it all started!”

"When 'what' started, Walker? You're not making any sense!

"The 20th anniversary of that killing in Amityville! Alex, Ben said that it was not only happening here, but in all the states that had a town, city or whatever that bared the name of Amity. So, when that wreck occurred outside of Amity, we were having the wreck in Brewster and for some reason we ended up in Amity-----and yes------now I remember something else that Ben said!”

Alex is now walking around in circles, shaking her head.

 "I don't understand any of this, what else do you remember Ben saying?”

"You and I were chosen because we had a common bond that linked us to everything that was going on up there. The other couple was let go because they didn't have that 'bond', that's one of the reasons why he wouldn't let us leave.”

"Who wouldn't let us leave?”

"This is where it really gets crazy and I know what I'm about to tell is going to scare you, but you have to listen to me hon, and try to remain calm!”

Alex starts to shiver, "It's getting colder in here, Walker, and I am trying to remain 'calm' as you put it---but something tells me that this dream is going to get worse, isn't it?”

Walker walks back to the thermostat and juggles the switch; he motions for Alex to get back in bed and to put the blankets around her. He grabs the last cup of coffee and walks over to the bed and sits down beside her.

"I'm afraid so, but here goes. The pieces are coming back to me slowly. After we had the wreck, we got back into your car and we were going to try and make it to Ft. Stockton---remember that part?”

Alex is shaking as she reaches for his coffee and takes a sip, she nods her head.

"I think I do, just tell the story as you remember it, honey---it's getting so cold in here!”

"When we pulled back out on the road, I was driving slow because of the pistons knocking, a fog started coming in, it was getting thicker and I was yelling at you to look at the map and ------"

Alex grabs Walker's arm, "And, you were getting too close to the side of the road, because you couldn't see.”

Walker nods his head, "Yes! Alex, you are starting to remember all of this, what happened next?”

She starts to shiver more, "I kept yelling back at you to stay in the middle and then we took an exit. The fog lifted enough that I could see the name of----of----- this little town---Walker?”

"What's the name of the town, hon?”

"Amity! The name was Amity!”

"Right, what happened next, Alex? You have to keep remembering.”

She reaches for his coffee and drinks the last of it, she's shivering even more.

"Walker, I want to go home---now! All of this is really starting to scare me.”

"We will Alex, but I'm afraid that if we leave now, you'll stop remembering and we will be right back where we started and we're both going to be having this dream---or whatever the hell it is! You have to tell me everything that you are remembering, please hon---let's get all of this behind us!”

Alex is pulling the blankets snugger around her; she reaches for Walker's hand and begins pulling him to her.

"Walker, it's getting colder, please put your arms around me---I know you must be cold too."

He throws the blankets back and crawls in next to her, taking her into his arms.

"I'm here hon, just try and relax---please keep talking!”

Alex remembers being in the diner, and the night they spent there.

"Do you remember that we argued because I didn't send the flowers that were delivered to our room, right?”

"Yes, and we got into a big argument about Dalton, and Marilee. Why were they in this 'dream' Walker?”

Walker takes a deep sigh.

"Because we were being watched. It was all arranged that we would argue about the two people that we are the most jealous of so that 'he' could wear us down, to be more vulnerable to 'him'.

"Oh my God----the voices that I was hearing---were they real too?”

"What were the voices saying?”

"If you leave us, we will die.”

 "What do you remember when we did try to leave?”

Alex's eyes go wide, "The fog forced us back into that town----and, and I saw his eyes glaring back from the cab of that semi, they were red---fire looking red!”

"Yes Alex, we were forced back because he couldn't allow us to leave like he did the others that 'stumbled' into that nightmare---because we each had a common bond to what happened in The Amityville murders.”

"I was born in a small town near where all that happened, but I was just a kid when my family moved away. I was in my first year of college when those murders happened, around 1974?”

"Yes, November 13th, 1974. A year later I was on my way back from Viet Niam after the fall of Saigon. I remember picking up a small paperback and the story was mentioned. I read it, just because the flight was so long, I wasn't really interested in it, I believed even then that it was just a big hoax!”

 Alex has remained quiet; she repeats the date over and over to herself.

"Does that date mean anything to you, hon, outside of it being the date of The DeFeo murders?”

"No! why should it? Why should it mean anything to me? Is that our 'bond', that because I was born there and you just happened to read the story?”

"No, Alex. Our common bond was because your Father was on the DeFeo case and I'm of native Indian heritage. The Cherokee is distantly related to the Paumanauke tribe, which was mentioned as the tribe that was kept as prisoners on the DeFeo property!”

Alex sits up and stares back at Walker.

"How did you know that my Father was on that case, it was never mentioned in any of the newspapers because he was only on the case for a very short time?”

"Because you told me, Alex. You confirmed it after Ben said that you were there in your Father's 'presence’, like I was there because of my heritage to the Cherokee. And, you also told me about your Mother being in an asylum. You also asked me not to be angry or ashamed at anything else that I might learn about you.”

Alex starts to cry, "You said you could never be ashamed of me, that you were proud of me, and how I've made a name for myself.”

"That's true, I said it then and I'm still saying it. I'm not concerned with your past or what has happened to your parents, we all have our crosses to bear."

"Walker, what about that other couple that we 'supposedly' changed places with, are they having this same dream?”

"I don't think so, Ben said they were no threat and the 'darkman' let them go. Their memories were supposed to be erased; I don't honestly know what their fate held.  What else do you remember about that date, Alex?”

"I remember being separated from you I was so scared, that beast was so horrid, he stunk to high heaven---and those eyes----it was like he was seeing right through me, through my soul!”

Walker hesitates to ask the main question that he has been dying to ask her.

"What about the reason that he kept us apart, do you remember any of that?”

"Yes.”  Alex sobs, "He said I was pregnant---that you and I had conceived the male child that would lift the curse from Ben and his family.    Walker, please assure me that, that beast was not the father, the baby was yours----right?”

Walker breathes a sigh of relief.

"The darkman was sterile too-----and yes---the child was ours---mine and yours!”

Alex's face goes white; she throws the blankets off and jumps from the bed. She's crying hysterically as she starts throwing things around the room. Walker is running to her.

"Alex, stop it, what's wrong, don't you believe me?”

She falls into his arms sobbing and beating on his chest.

"It's my punishment, for killing my baby!”

"What are you talking about, Alex---you didn't kill any baby!”

She continues to cry as she walks in circles and mumbles.

"Yes, I did---I aborted my baby and this is my punishment, God is punishing me now!”

Walker stares back at her, "Alex, no one is punishing you for anything. The baby was a little girl and she was born---'perfectly' despite all that happened in such a short time."

"Little girl? No---that 'beast' said I was carrying the male child--my baby was a boy!”

Walker reaches out for her and puts his arms around her.

"No hon, he was wrong, he apparently had a low regard for women that he believed only a 'male child' could lift the curse from Ben's people. Fortunately, there was someone stronger than him, and 'she' gave us a daughter. A beautiful little girl that looked just like you, Alex, she had your beautiful blue eyes!”

Alex starts shaking her head, she keeps looking back at Walker, and he’s smiling.

"But, where is she, Walker---where is our baby girl?”

"I suppose it wasn't meant to be that she could join us once we left that---that place. I don't know hon!”

"Then---we have to go back! We have to go back Walker--we have to get our little girl!”

"We can't Alex----we can't go back.”

"I don't understand any of this, you said we had to come back to get answers. Now, you're saying we can't go back, why?”

"Because, that is a part of the dream---that wasn't real!”

"How do you know that--- was any of it real?”

          "Alex, think about how your pregnancy developed, you conceived and gave birth in----only days---hon---that is not humanly possible, you know that!"

She begins to sob and trying to talk.

"Of all the terrible things to have happen to us (sob) why is that the one thing (sob) that can't be real?”

He pulls her over to the bed and sits her down, kissing the side of her head.

"I don't know, hon. I don't know how much of all of this was real, what we imagined, or what. I just feel that once we leave here---all of these questions will be no more and we won't remember any of this!”

"Forget? We won't remember any of this? I don't understand if we were going to be made to forget all of this---then why were we brought here---in the first place?”

Walker looks around the room, he exhales.

"Alex, it's getting warmer in here---the thermostat must finally have kicked in, we're getting warm air!”

He walks over to the heater and checks it; nothing is coming out of it. He checks the thermostat, temperature is continuing to drop. He then walks to the window and looks out, a gentle snow is falling.

He looks back to Alex; she's sitting there on the side of the bed, staring at the floor. He walks slowly over towards her, and kneels down in front of her.

"Alex, I think we need to leave now.”

"Leave? Walker, I don't want to leave---we can't leave.”

He gently urges her to get up and he begins wrapping the blankets around her, he keeps looking towards the door.

"Yes Alex, we have to leave and we have to leave ---now!

She pulls back, and begins crying again.

"Walker, there's something I have to tell you.”

"Not here, hon---don't say anything else here. You can tell me when we're safely on the road.”

She keeps pulling back and looking around the room.

"But, if we leave, we can 'never' come back?”

Walker keeps nodding his head as he opens the door; he can feel the 'change' coming. The air is getting colder and then he sees it, the fog is moving in.

Without another word he picks Alex up and throws her over his shoulder, she's kicking and screaming that she wants to stay.

He literally throws her into the cab of his Ram, and with one hand is trying to hold her down while starting the engine. The truck roars to life and he floors the pedal, throwing them both back in their seats. He increases the speed, pointing the Ram back towards the interstate.  Alex is screaming at him to stop as she is trying to get the passenger door open. He hits the 'child proof locks' on his side, preventing her from opening her door.

"Alex, calm down----we're not going back---stop it---we have to get away from 'it'---'''


Now she's trying to get the window down, and screaming back at him.

He turns to her and whispers "I'm sorry hon" and then he hits her with the back of his hand, she's out like a light.

Walker keeps staring into his rearview mirror, the fog is gaining, and he begins to swear under his breath.

"Cord, there is no reason to swear---you will be safe---and so will she!”

The Ranger is looking around the cab of his truck; he feels a soft breath of air against his cheek.

"Ellen, Ellen---is that you?”

"Yes Cord, I am here---and soon you both will be safe, just don't stop till you reach your destination.”

 "What's happening? Why is the fog coming back?”

"It's his final attempt to keep you here, but he will not win! Just as before, there is a stronger force and he will lose the final battle and soon he will be forever in his own prison of purgatory.”

 Walker looks over to Alex, and reaches out to touch her cheek.

 "She will be fine, Cord. You had to do whatever was necessary to keep her safe. When she awakes, she won't remember anything---and neither will you.”

 "Why is any of this happening, is all of this a dream, what? Are we being punished for something?"

"No Cord, you nor Alex is being punished! For a small period of time you have crossed into my world and to the world of all those that have passed before.  Some of this has been upsetting, and maybe some small joy managed to find you both.  It's up to you to learn from this and go forward, and don't look back.”

"Will I remember talking to you; will I ever talk to you again?”

"I will still be in your thoughts from time to time, but not like this. Alex is in your future now and she's the one that matters. She's your future; I knew you would make the right choice. I was worried about you for awhile there, Cord---but not anymore. I have to go now, your destination is coming up---you're going home---for good!”

The fog has completely disappeared and signs pointing East to Ft. Worth are now staring back at the Ranger. He hears a small groan as he looks towards the blonde headed woman that is snuggled up inside his sheepskin jacket.

She rises up and stretches her arms out in front of her.

"Did I fall asleep?”

He smiles back at her, "Yep, you sure did, right after we left the river.”

"How long was I asleep?”

"About half an hour, you fell asleep right after we had lunch.”

"Only half an hour, it feels like I've been asleep for hours!”

"You were tired hon, rafting takes a lot out of you---and the other extra 'activities?”

She smiles as she looks towards the Ranger, then she sees the console in between them.

"Darn it---if I ever trade this car off, I'm never going to get another convertible in my life!”

"Good!! I've never like convertibles---we should have brought the Ram!”

"Oooooh no, if we had taken your truck, you would have insisted on having your radio turned on, thinking that the 'bad guys' can't get along without you! No thank you, I shanghaied you into this rafting trip, had everything all planned out and loaded in the trunk----and admit it 'cowboy'---you enjoyed this trip!”

"Yes, I did----but next time---I'm shanghaiing you.”

She crawls upon the console and snuggles next to his arm.

"Where? Where are you taking me?”

The Ranger grins, "Where the word originated---how about Hong Kong?”

"Hong Kong, are you serious?”

"Yep, I'm serious. I have a reunion to attend there next May and some tournaments, would you like to go?”

Her eyes grow wide, "Just tell me when and what to pack. I'm ready to go!!”


C.D.'s Bar & Grill May:

Our couple is enjoying breakfast and Walker keeps looking at his watch and sighing

"Darn that Trivette, where is he? Our plane leaves in less than two hours!”

"He'll be here, honey----see---there he comes now!”

The three do a double take as they watch the black Ranger walk slowly over to their table. The man looks exhausted.

"Jimmy, what in tarnation has happened to you, you look like you've been in a fight with a bobcat?”

"Don't start in on me 'Big Dog' I didn't get a wink of sleep last night!”

"Jimmy, what's wrong?”

Walker sighs, "Isn't it obvious, he was up all night with that new woman that he met last week? What's the matter Trivette, couldn't keep up with her?”

Alex slaps Walker's arm as he and C.D. burst out laughing.

Trivette emits a fake laugh, "No, I was not up all night with Sadie. I was up all night because of you two!”

"Because of us, Walker and me?”

"YESSSSS---who else?  I was having this weird dream and you two were in it!”

"Uh oh!” Groans Walker, "I don't know if we should be hearing this!”

"Well, I do! Shouts C.D. Then he grins.

"What kind of dream was it, Jimmy, can you tell it in mixed company?”

"C. D.!!”

Everyone is staring at Trivette, the man is hesitating.

"Welll----it was really weird----people floating through walls, dead people walking around, there was this 'dude' he must have been at least 7 ft tall---dressed completely in black----"

"Was it Johnny Cash---did he have a guitar?”

"Big Dog, do you mind?  This was my dream---do you want to hear it or not?  And, who is Johnny Cash?”      

"Please Jimmy---just get on with the story, we have to get to the airport, our plane leaves for Hong Kong.”

"Yeah, Trivette---and why were you dreaming about us? Is your sex life so boring that you have to dream about ours?”


"Noooo, my love life is just fine! And I don't know why I was dreaming about you two, when I could have been dreaming about Halle Berry, The Playboy Centerfold, or Pamela Sue Anderson!! Instead I'm dreaming that, that that----“

"For crying out loud Jimmy, you sound like your tongue is stuck! Spit it out!

"I dreamed that you were pregnant.”

"Who was pregnant?  Alex?”

Trivette stares back at the big man, "No C.D.! You!  Who else do you think I'm referring to---of course, it was Alex!”

Walker does a double take and turns to Alex, she's staring back at Trivette with her mouth open.

"Me?---You were dreaming that I was pregnant??? Why on earth would you dream something like that?”

Trivette starts shaking his head, "I don't know, I guess it was that stupid movie that stayed on my mind, actually---all three of them!”

"What movies were you watching, Jimmy?”

"Sadie loves horror movies, we went to a marathon of old horror flicks---we saw The Exorcist, something called Rosemary's Baby, and the Amityville Murders.”

Alex stares back at their friend, "And, how did all of this come about--that I was pregnant?”

"Oh, that's only half of it Alex. I dreamed that you had the baby---in just a matter of days.”

Alex's jaw drops----"Whhhattt?”

Walker stands up, "Come on Alex, let's get to the airport, Trivette can explain all of it on the way. I just have one question for you, who was the Father?”

Alex stares back at him, "How would I know, it's not my dream!”!

They start towards the door and C.D. yells back at Trivette.

"Hey Jimmy---there's one horror flick that you definitely need to get next.”

"What's that, Big Dog?”

The old man laughs: "GODZILLA!!!”!

                                                                                       The End... Sasquaw        Jan 8th 2010