Run for Your Life
By Vonnie (

A three-day weekend, a rare occasion to be sure, but what was rarer was a whole day to themselves. Saturday and Sunday they had plans with the kids, but Friday was all theirs and with the kids all in school, they were going to make the most of it.

Starting with an early morning ride to the lake, and a cool swim to begin another blistering hot day. After a rough and tumble frolic in the water, they come out of the water to lay on the blanket, in the shade of a large maple tree, to air dry.

Suddenly feeling his eyes on her, she rolls over to see him lying with his hands clasped behind his head, his eyes taking in her beautiful nude body as her eyes scan down his. Seeing the beginnings of an arousal, she smiles as she drags her eyes back to his. He murmurs softly as he reaches for her, "Come here, wife." They both move together, arms and legs tangling as lips meet, tongues exploring, and hands caressing as bodies slowly move toward fulfillment. His fingers shove into her hair, holding her mouth captive, while his arm slants over her hips and he rolls her onto her side, leaning over her.

He looks into her eyes and murmurs, "Our fourteenth Anniversary is coming up and I still want you every bit as much as I did those 14 years ago." He brushes his chest over her breasts, barely caressing her nipples, through the mat of hair on his chest. He leans down and touches her lips softly before fully covering her mouth with his. Their tongues joining together in a tantalizing union as they move from her mouth to his than back. Feeling desire building in the deep recesses of her womanhood, she arches her hips up rubbing her feminine mound against his rock hard arousal bringing forth moans as pleasure sweeps through them.

She sweeps her hands down his back, following the curve of his spine. Moving them over his hips, to his buttocks, pulling him against her, squeezing gently before bringing her hands back up moving to the front and brushing her fingers through the tight curls around his turgid erection. She closes her hand around him, he moans, his breathing ragged.

He slides down burying his face between her breasts, pressing them in from the sides, his tongue washing over her nipples before taking one between his lips, letting his tongue taste her, his teeth nibbling gently then sucking it deep into his mouth. Stimulated deeply by the soft moans of her pleasure, his body swells in an urgent desire for more.

With an effort, he makes himself slow down and rolls her back on top of him. As she moves to sit up he stops her when she is straddling his erection. Her hands move to his chest, leaning over him, watching his eyes as they begin to smolder, she lets her hands wander over his chest until she encounters his soft nipples. She rolls them between her fingers then leans over to take one between her lips, teasing it with her tongue, nibbling with her teeth bringing it to a hard pebble before moving to the other one. He draws in his breath sharply and Alex feels the sudden jerk of his hips as if he were inside her.

He lifts her up and settles her down over his rock hard erection, groaning softly as she surrounds his manhood with her silky softness. He closes his eyes, feeling her inner muscles tighten around him, he lies still, wanting the delicious feeling to last. He hears Alex moan softly, "Don't … go … to … sleep," before her hips begin a gentle rock.

"Not … on … your … life." His hips arch up, slowly moving within her. She rides him hard, then feeling sensations of pure pleasure building, she leans over him, her hands gripping his shoulders, and as the pace increases, he places his hands on her hips to steady her. Feeling the surge of ecstasy exploding through her, she shuts her eyes and lies down against his chest. He pumps once … twice more, bringing his orgasm slicing through him. He wraps his arms around her, holding her close as the spasms of delicious sensations flows through them.

As her breathing and her heart slows to a more normal pace, she murmurs softly against his chest, "Honey?"


"I … think we need to move … or I'm going to have … toasted buns."


"The sun is encroaching on our little slice of heaven here, honey."

He slowly slides his hand down her back, to rest on her beautiful derriθre, feeling the warmth on her skin, "I … think you're right." Kissing the top of her head, then glancing up at the sun, "It's getting pretty close to noon, why don't we take another dip … then head for home?"

She raises her head, and seeing the sparkle in his eyes, says, "Dip … as in water or as in…?"

He stands, grabs her hand and pulls her with him towards the water, "Both!"


The sun is almost straight up in the sky, when they ride into the barn. After taking care of the horses, Walker grabs her hand, turning Alex around in his arms, and kissing her deeply.

"I love you." He murmurs against her lips.

"I love you, too, sweetheart."

"Well, well, well. Isn't this cozy!"

Hearing the strange voice, Walker immediately pulls Alex behind him, then looking in the direction of the sound, he sees two men standing in the doorway of the barn holding guns aimed at them.

"Now don't get excited, if you do what you're told, no one will get hurt." He throws something down on the floor in front of Walker, but it's ignored.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"Walker, you don't know us, have never had any dealings of any kind with us. And you'll find out in due time what we want. Now, put on the leg chains."

When he doesn't move, "We've been watching you both for several days, including the display of … affections … between the two of you this morning, but only for the purpose of catching you at the best time where there would be the least resistance. This morning wouldn't have worked because the area was wide open, too easy for you to get away. This is the ideal place because there is no place to run."

Walker still doesn't move.

"We have all the time in the world, Walker. But you don't. Because if we're still here when the children come home from school … well … we'll just take them with us.

A sharp cry, and a soft murmur, "Walker?"

He stands still a few seconds longer then sits down on the ground and puts the leg chains around his ankles. "Now, put these on." Throwing another set of cuffs on the ground in front of him. Walker picks them up and puts them around his wrists.

"Good! Now, Mrs. Walker, you do the same." Throwing leg chains and cuffs on the ground for her, too.

Walker slips the leg chains on her, then stands and puts on the wrist cuffs, looking deep into her eyes trying to convey a sense of hope that everything will be all right.

"All right, come out here." They walk in jerky motions out of the barn. "See that van? Move over and get in the back."

The back door opens when they approach the vehicle, and looking inside he sees no windows, and the back is completely shut off from the front. The inside of the van is totally black. He steps inside and sits down on a bench across the back with Alex sitting down beside him, just seconds later. The door closes and they are shut into complete darkness. Several minutes later, they feel the van moving. Alex leans against Walker, needing to touch him, to feel his presence.


When the van finally stops, Walker sits up, pulling Alex with him. The trip had been a long one and they had lain down on the bench and Alex had fallen asleep, but Walker had stayed wide-awake, waiting for a chance. Any chance that might arise for them to escape. The van had never stopped and the total darkness kept them from knowing where they were going.
When the door slides open, the outside is almost as dark as the van had been. "You can come out now. Move slowly, your legs will be stiff."

They step out of the van into what looks like a garage. Alex stays close to Walker, her hand clinging to his arm. "Please move over to that door," a beam from a flashlight showing the location. Moving up to the door, "Go on in. And wait five minutes."

Hearing the door shut behind them, they stand still, wrapped in each other's arms, when they hear the van leave and the garage doors closing.

"Walker, what is going on?"

"I don't know." He begins moving slowly, his hands sliding over walls, when his fingers encounter a light switch. "Alex, I've found a light switch, cover your eyes, I'm going to turn it on." He places his hands over his eyes then flips the switch. The room is enveloped in white light, and after being locked in the dark for so long, it takes a while for their eyes to adjust.

Alex is the first to speak. "Walker, this is a house! A regular house."

"Well, it seems to be. Let's look around." Turning lights on in each room the find that they are indeed in a regular house. A two bedroom, one bath, living room and kitchen. A small house but very well furnished. "Moving to the living room window, he pulls the curtains back, and looks out into the dark.

"Walker, I found a key and a note." She shuffles up to him, handing him the note. "It says the key unlocks the cuffs and there is enough food to last quite awhile." They quickly get out of the cuffs and chains and begin to take a closer look at their surroundings. Looking around, they notice that there is no television or a radio but there is a stereo and quite a few CD's in a rack on a small table beside the couch. "Walker, this is weird."

"Very! Come on, let's look around then see if we can get some sleep. Tomorrow may be very long." They check through out the house, finding that they can lock the doors, which doesn't really mean anything, because who ever brought them here would have keys. Taking turns in the bathroom, and taking their shoes off they settle down into bed with their clothes still on.

The next morning the first thing Walker does is open the front door and step outside with Alex at his side. The little house is surrounded by a 10-foot high fence, which has barbed wire around the top, with signs on the fence that read 'HIGH VOLTAGE'.

"Figures." He steps back inside and the two of them go through the closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, and the refrigerator. Clothes consist of sweatpants, loose shirts, nylon pants but no underwear, for either of them. The refrigerator is well stocked as well as the freezer. The cabinets contain can goods, cereals, and just about anything you would need to make a delicious meal.

While Alex is showering, he begins a methodical check of all the rooms. As Alex comes out of the bathroom with towel wrapped around her, Walker quickly pushes her back and shuts the door. "The rooms all have camera's except the bedroom and this bath." He watches her as shock shows in her eyes. "So no running around in the nude, sweetheart." He kisses her and with his hand on the door, "I'll bring you some clothes."

The next couple of days, they explore the place inside and out finding nothing to indicate where they are or anyway for them to escape. After one of dozens of walks around the place, Walker quietly says, "No electric lines, they must all be below ground. The house has no electric box, either. Now where would they put it?" Looking around the grounds he sees flowers, bushes and trees, of which are well away from the fence. "Alex the house has camera's all around it, so if we find anything don't let on. Okay?"

"Find anything? What in the world could we find? There isn't anything out here."

"That's the way it looks, but we need to keep looking, until we've walked over every step of this ground."

They continue their daily walks, trying to keep them as normal as possible, always at the same time every day. Wanting whoever is watching to think it's just a daily ritual. On the second day out, Alex steps on something that sounds metallic. "Walker," she whispers.

"I heard it, don't stop." They make another pass around the same area, with Walker noting where the metallic sound came from.

That night, late, a storm hits the area. Walker tells Alex that if the electricity goes out he's going out to check out that metallic sound. With luck on their side, the light in the bedside lamp flickers and goes out. Walker is outside a second later, and Alex is standing at the door holding her breath waiting on him. He slips back inside the door, just seconds before the electricity comes back on. Holding a hand over her mouth, he guides her back to the bedroom, then discarding his sweatpants, and watching her slip her clothes off, they slide into bed.

Cuddling close, "What did you find?"

His voice low, he says, "I'm not sure but it looks like a covering to a sewer. I sure that's not what it is but it could be a way out of here."

"Oh, honey, do you really think so?" She raises up on her elbow, to look at him.

"We may only have one chance to find out." He pulls her close, "We'll work it all out tomorrow."

She feels his hands brush over her nipples, stirring up embers that have lied dormant since their abduction. "Ahh ... Honey, do you think ... we should?"

With his lips touching hers, he murmurs, "If I don't I'm going to explode."
Alex giggles, "Then lets make it worth while, shall we?"

His answer is lost as he covers her mouth, and slipping his tongue between her parted lips, he caresses hers intimately before drawing it into his mouth sucking at the taste of her. Her body arches against him as his hand kneads her breast, his thumb gently rolling the nipple, bringing it to a hard sensitive peak. She moans into his mouth, as fingers of desire twirl around her body to gather into that which is the core of womanhood.

Bending one knee up and sliding an arm around her waist, he rolls her over on her back. His lips leaving a trail of fire as they move over her neck, nibbling lightly, before they continue down to her breasts, he suckles one while his hand moves down over her satiny belly, to lie nestled in the tight nest of blonde curls at the apex of her thighs. His fingers slide down to caress her inner thigh, touching her lightly, her legs parting giving him easier access. He moves down between her thigh, slides his hands under her bottom, lifting her, his tongue parting the folds of flesh to delicately touch the small nub of her existence. Alex cries out, her hands reaching down, and as his tongue dips in, her fingers wind into his hair, gripping tightly, pulling him closer, feeling sensations of delicious pleasure rushing through her with each thrust of his tongue. Her body shudders than stiffens at her climax that goes on and on and on.

As the orgasm rips through her, he lowers her and slides easily into her hot moistness. Feeling her body still in the throes of ecstasy, her inner muscles grip him as he thrusts into her, carrying him rapidly closer to release. He drives deep once ... twice, then explodes into her then follows her into oblivion.


The next morning Walker makes plans for them to leave after it gets dark. He knows this will only be a one-time shot. Once they lift the grate, it's no turning back. Hopefully it will take them far beyond the fence. Deciding to wear the clothes they were captured in they quickly change then search through the house for something to carry water and a little food in. The take the plastic half-gallon container of milk, rinse it thoroughly and fill it with water. Then finding a garbage bag, fill it with non-perishable food. Then they wait.


They leave the house at midnight, hoping that whoever is watching will be sleepy. Finding the covered grate, Walker opens it and helps Alex down into the hole, and he quickly follows. The only light they have is one tapered candle. Lighting it to get their bearings, Alex shivers and murmurs softly, "Which way? The tunnel runs both ways."

"This way. The fence is this way." He takes her hand they begin the trek out of the sewage line. "Douse the light, Alex, we can feel our way." It isn't long before they find another opening, and Walker pushes the cover over, seeing that they are outside the compound, he pulls himself up and then Alex.

"Oh, God, Walker, how do we know which way to go? We don't even know where we are!"
"This way, we want to go away from the compound, just as fast as we can. By morning they'll know we're gone and start looking for us."

The rest of the night they walk, through a wooded area, a meadow of lush grass, then over bare ground with scraggly sagebrush dotting the terrain. At daylight, they stop to rest and to eat, then they are moving again. It is close to noon, when Walker suddenly pulls to a stop, standing very still. "Walker, what is it?"

At almost a whisper, "Dogs. They've got dogs tracking us. Damn! Come on, we've got to keep moving." After a couple more hours, Walker knows that the trackers are gaining on them. He pushes Alex harder, knowing if they are caught, they will be prisoners, again.

"I … can't … go any … farther." Her breathing is harsh, fast, shallow, her lungs fighting for air.
"Go … without … me." Her legs give out and she sinks to the ground. "I can't … God, Walker, my legs feel like lead … can't move."

"Alex, I can't … I won't leave you. Now … come on … let's go, the dogs are getting closer." He reaches under her arms trying to pull her up, but he knows he can't carry her, the terrain is to rough, and if he fell … she could be seriously hurt. She had to walk. "Alex, let's go!"

"Walker," her lungs hurt for want of air, "You ... go on. Save … yourself. Take care … of the … children. Tell them … I love them!"

"Do I also tell them … their mother is … a quitter? That she … didn't care enough … about her children … to keep trying … that she just … quit? Is that what I tell them, Alex?"

She raises her eyes then and looks at him with anger flashing. "Help … me … up." She grabs his hand and on shaky legs pulls herself up. "I'm … not a … quitter." And hanging onto his arm she struggles to keep up with him. Walker smiles, knowing she only needed motivation.

As they move over the rocky ground Walker looks around for a place to hide, to make a stand, but the area is wide open. Their only hope is to keep moving. He knows that Alex can't keep this pace up much longer. Just before dark, Walker realizes that he can't hear the dogs any longer. He stops, pulling Alex close and listens intently. Have they lost them? Not likely, but why have the dogs stopped. Hearing a noise behind him, he turns and sees their captor moving out from behind a large boulder, with a rifle at his shoulder. He sees a flash an instant before he feels a sharp pain, a fleeting thought of Alex, then darkness.


When Alex wakes up, she's lying on the ground with her head in Walker's lap. The sun is directly overhead, shining on her. She moans, raises her hand to shield her eyes, and feels Walker's hand caressing her cheek. "Are you all right?"

"I think so. What...?" Remembering the chase, she struggles to sit up. "Where are we?" A gunshot, she heard a gunshot, and Walker falling. She gets to her knees, and begins running her hands over him. "Walker, you were shot, I saw you fall."

"I'm all right Alex. You were shot, too. Tranquilizer guns."

"Where are we? Back in the compound?"

"No! Look around Alex."

She turns her head, looking at the familiar surroundings, "Home? We're home?"

"Yes, right back where we started. Can you stand?" Helping her to her feet, they start walking toward the house.

"Walker, the children? Have you seen them, yet?"

"No, I woke up just a few minutes before you. It's after nine, so they're probably in school or staying with someone. Come on, we need to make some calls."

"Walker? Is that you, Walker? Where are you? Is Alex with you? Are you hurt? Come on, man, we've been worried sick!"

"Trivette, if you'll be quite for a minute, I'll tell you. First, where are the kids?"

"The finally went back to school today. And that took some serious talking. Now, where are you?"

"We're at the ranch, Trivette. Can you go pick up the kids and bring them home? Then, I'll tell you everything that we know."

"Yes, I'll get them ... Walker, Jessie found a note on the front door when she came home from school, saying you would be returned in one week, unharmed. And you were ... this is weird, man."

By the time Jimmy arrives with the kids, both had showered and changed clothes and were sitting on the porch, waiting.

After much hugging and tears, everyone seats themselves around Walker and Alex, on the porch, with Chrissy sitting in her mother's lap and the older three sitting on the porch in from of them.

Walker tells the story of their abduction, which was very little. They were forced into a van and driven to an unknown place in unknown territory where they were left alone, until they escaped and the last part is what's puzzling. They were evidently shot with tranquilizer darts and ... then brought home. That's all they call tell.

"We don't know where we were taken, or why."


Their story is told again to Capt. Price but without anything to go on, and no leads to follow, the case is put into an inactive file until evidence is turned up.

Two weeks after their return, Alex pushes open the door to Ranger Headquarters and walks briskly up to Walker's desk. He looks up as she drops an envelope on his desk. "This was delivered to my office this morning."

He opens the envelope and extracts a sheet of paper. Alex watches his eyes as they scan the single page, and when he looks at her, he is just as puzzled as she is.

"I called the bank and they confirm that a deposit of half a million dollars was deposited in the Hope Center account, and half a million into KDOOA's account, anonymously. The money was wired to the bank the first thing this morning. They're running a trace on it, but they aren't to hopeful."

"Did you read this?" Seeing her nod. "This says it was all a game. One man bets a million dollars that he can keep us out of circulation for one week. The second man bets that he can't. All money is donated to the winners favorite charity. And since we escaped to neutral ground, the million dollars went to our favorite charity. Which they found out was The Hope Center and KDOOA."

"Yes, Walker. It was all a game. We're spied on, scared half to death, imprisoned against our wishes then chased over the roughest ground I've ever seen, and it's all a game!" She throws her hands up in the air, take's a step back, then faces Walker again, eyes still flashing, "And that's not counting how worried our children and our friends were."

Walker comes around the desk taking his wife in his arms, "I know, honey, there is no accounting how some people get their kicks. We weren't hurt, which is one good thing."

"Yes, that's true." She lays her forehead to his. "But they spied on us. They saw us making..."

"I know." Remembering the morning of their abduction. "It was still special."

She looks into his eyes, smiles and says, "Very special."

"Are you done for the day?" She nods, and he turns her around, "Let's go home, we have ... three hours before the kids come home."

"In the privacy of our bedroom this time?"


The End