SURVIVAL, continued


                                                                                                                                   By Jennifer G



The wind kicked up by the helicopter ruffled their hair as they watched it land. Walker still held Alex in his arms, rocking her back and forth. She hadn’t said anything yet, but every now and then he’d hear her sniffle as she tried in vain to hold back the tears. He pulled back a fraction to look at her face once again. He softly kissed her lips as he wiped away a lone tear that had escaped her beautiful blue eyes. He smiled as he thought how a little earlier after she had given Dwight Trammel his just desserts, she walked back to him and into his arms. As he took her in his arms he felt the soft warm skin on her back and remembered her dress was ripped, her back exposed.   His jaw tensing in anger at what they were going to do to her, he started to pull the ripped material together, but stopped when she softly whispered “no” against his ear. He pulled back to look into her eyes, and without communicating it verbally, he understood what she was saying with her eyes…that with the feel of his warm hand on her skin, she felt more secure and safe.


Walker kissed Alex’s lips, then turning toward Trent, “Trent…I’m gonna take Alex back on the chopper. Think you can get the ladies down off the mountain by yourself? Call for help getting

this scum to jail?”


“Sure, not a problem Walker.”


Turning back to Alex, he placed both hands on either side of her face. “I’m gonna take you to the hospital, let the docs check you over.”


“Ok..but I want to get changed into my own clothes” she whispered, barely audible.


Walker nodded and gave her a gentle squeeze before releasing her from his arms. He was surprised when he got no argument from her, which only made him worry as to what

the Trammel brothers did to her. If it took him to his dying day, he’d see to it that they paid

for what they did to the woman he loved more than life itself.


At the hospital while Alex was being checked, Walker hurried down to the small drugstore next

door. Trivette was in the OR with Carlos nearby, and Trent would meet them there after seeing

that the other two ladies made it to the Sheriffs Department and that arrangements were made to

bring the Trammel brothers down off the mountain.


Walker got back to the hospital as the doctor was finishing with Alex.


“How is she?” Walker inquired.


“She’s fine Ranger Walker. Just a few scratches and bruises physically, but…” he hesitated for

a few moments, making Walker’s stomach clench. “…it may take a while to heal the emotional wounds. She didn’t say much, other to answer yes or no to my questions, but I’ve heard the Trammel brothers are ruthless, not a moral in any of them.”


“I know. Thank you very much doctor. Can she go now?”

“Yes, she’s getting dressed.”


Walker stood at the door to the examining room and knocked softly. Hearing Alex’s soft invitation to enter, he opened the door to find her tying her shoes.


Expecting another doctor or a nurse, Alex didn’t at first look up. When the doctor or nurse

didn’t say anything, she finally looked up to find Walker looking at her pensively, his cowboy

hat in his hands.


Alex’s eyes immediately filled with tears, her chin quivering as they spilled over. In seconds Walker had her wrapped in his arms. He caressed her hair as he whispered that things were going

to be ok, that he was there and she was safe. When he felt her relax and the tears stopped, he led

her over to the mirror.


“Oh Walker, I look just terrible!” she wailed as the tears threatened to start again.


Holding up the bag he brought in with his left hand, he reached across with his right to gently cup her chin. Kissing her cheek, he reached into the bag and brought out a hairbrush, some lipstick, and a compact, laying each on the shelf beneath the mirror.  He quietly said, “Honey, I think you’re beautiful, but I figured you’d want to freshen up, figured it would make you feel a little better…until we can get back to the hotel. I uh…I had a little help picking out the lipstick…told the pharmacist that you had beautiful blonde hair, eyes as blue as the sky on a clear day, and that you were incredibly beautiful.”


To Walker’s delight, Alex smiled. She leaned across and hugged him fiercely. “Oh Cordell, I

love you so much!”


“Well, Alexandra…” he said as he looked into her eyes and whispered, “…I love you too.”


Alex’s eyes filled with tears, for it was the first time he had uttered those three little words. Simultaneously they closed the fraction of an inch between them and shared a romantic kiss.


After Alex had freshened up, Walker led her to Trivette’s room, his arms around her shoulders,

holding her close. There they met up with Trent and Carlos. As the minutes passed, Walker could sense Alex withdrawing. The more they talked about the Trammel brothers, the more she withdrew. Anxious to get her back to the hotel, they were the first to leave Trivette’s bedside. Walker didn’t have to tell Trivette why they were leaving so early, he had sensed her withdrawing as well. Walker looked at him and nodded his head towards the door.


When Trivette answered with an ever so slight nod of his head, Walker whispered in Alex’s ear,

“Want to go?”


Alex met his eyes, and blinking back her tears, she nodded her answer.


Giving her a gentle squeeze he turned toward Carlos and Trent. “We’re gonna get back to the

hotel. See you guys tomorrow?”


Trent smiled as Carlos answered, “Yeah Walker..tomorrow. See ya Alex.”


Alex managed a weak smile in return as she and Walker left the room.


The ride back to the hotel was silent. Tears fell from Alex’s eyes, but she made no sound, just

stared out the window and cried. She sat next to him the entire ride, their legs touching, his

right arm around her shoulders. She felt safe as long as some part of her was in contact with

Walker, and he knew it. Truth was, he didn’t want to let go of her either. When he parked the car, instead of getting out and going around to the other side to let Alex out, he got out and reaching back in the drivers side, he swung her legs up on the seat and eased her out, hugging her as her feet touched the ground. After lovingly rubbing her back, he whispered “Lets go” as he reached for her hand.


After letting themselves into her room, Walker stepped a little forward to place the room key on

a table. Turning around he noticed Alex was still by the door.


Her tears still falling, Alex looked at him plaintively. “Walker…take me home.” The look on her face touched his very soul, hurt him to the core. He loved her so much, that when she hurt, he hurt too. He quickly took her into his arms again and held her tightly.


“I’m sorry Walker, I just want to go home.”


“Shhh, its okay Alex…no need to apologize for anything. I’m here and you’re safe…shhhh,” he

soothed, rocking her back and forth. Pulling back a little to look into her eyes, he said “But, Alex honey, its late. We won’t get a flight out tonight, and I think we should spend the night here, not at the airport.”


Wiping the tears from her face, and breathing deeply, Alex nodded. “You’re right.” Then after a pause, “Walker?”


Caressing her face he asked, “What?”


Alex’s watery eyes searched his eyes. “Would you mind…um…I…I don’t want to be alone…”


Walker knew immediately what she wanted, as if she even had to ask. “Of course I’ll stay with you tonight…I wasn’t going to leave your side anyway” he finished, kissing her lips.


After being released from Walker’s strong hug, Alex looked up at her cowboy. “I want to take a

shower…you’ll still be here when I’m finished, won’t you?…right here?” She was feeling apprehensive about being alone in a room, not being able to feel or see Walker. She didn’t feel

safe anymore without him.


Walker’s heart clenched again. He hated to see her so afraid, so dependent on him. Of course, he

loved taking care of her, protecting her, but she was not her usual independent self. “Of course,

Alex…I’ll be right out here. We’ll leave the bedroom door open and leave the bathroom door cracked open just a bit. Here…” he said as he led her over to the bedroom. Reaching the bedroom he turned on the light, leading her inside. He then walked her over to the nightstand and turned on that light. Turning, he walked to the bathroom and turned on that light.


Kissing Alex tenderly, he whispered, “Go ahead and take your shower, I’ll be right out here making some coffee. You’re safe.” He turned and left the room, leaving the door open as he said he would.


Looking hesitantly toward the bathroom, then back at Walker’s retreating back, Alex made her way to the bathroom, turned on the water as hot as she could take it, then stripped and stepped in.

The hot water felt good as it poured over her. Beginning to cry again, she reached for the shampoo and washed her hair, rinsed, then washed it again, trying in vain it seemed, to get all the Trammell dirt out of her hair. With tears now falling unchecked down her face, she reached for the washcloth and soap, and working it up into a good lather, proceeded to scrub the dirt off her skin. She looked at her wrists and saw the marks from the leather straps used to tie her to the tree. As much as she scrubbed, the marks wouldn’t come off! As she scrubbed her mind kept dredging up images of the Trammel brothers, images of them punching her in the stomach, images of them pushing her through the woods, images of them rigging up the booby trap that hurt Trivette, images of Dwight Trammel taking her engagement ring off her finger, images of them ripping the dress she wore. Alex leaned against the tile wall, and dropping the soap and washcloth, pounded the wall with her fists, sobbing quietly so Walker wouldn’t hear.


After making the coffee and drinking a cup himself, Walker started to wonder what was taking Alex so long. The water had been running for 30 minutes. Walking to the bedroom, he stood just

inside the door, listening. Hearing only the water still running,  he went to the bathroom door and softly knocked. Hearing no response, he opened the door slowly. It was hard to see through the steam, but he could hear her soft cries. Walker ignored the fact that she was naked and that he had never laid eyes on her unclothed body. The woman he loved needed him and he wasn’t about to let that stand in the way. He knew it wouldn’t matter to her, not when she needed him this much.


Opening up the shower door, Walker saw Alex huddled against the shower wall, shaking and sobbing. His heart broke. Ignoring the still running water, Walker stepped in the shower and gently turned her to him, gathering her lovingly in his arms. He noticed with a smile that as soon as his arms went around her, she stopped shaking. Her tears continued to fall, but the contact of his warm arms on her bare skin made her feel more safe. He reached behind himself and turned off the water, but made no move to step out of the shower. He continued to just hold her, whispering soothing words to let her know she was safe, that the Trammel’s couldn’t hurt her anymore. He was keenly aware that he was holding a naked Alex in his arms, but his concern over her condition helped him to keep himself in check.


When she stopped crying, Walker reached for the towel. He wrapped the towel around her, then  still holding her, stepped out of the shower. Once out, he held her face in his hands and wiped

away the last of  her tears. Softly, he asked “Where’s your robe?”


Instead of answering, Alex threw her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. Enveloping

her in his arms once again, Walker looked around the bathroom and found the robe on the back

of the door. He took the robe and placed it around her, helping her into the robe, one arm at a time. Once he had the robe tied around her waist, he discarded the towel, picked her up and carried her over to the bed, laying her gently on it. After kicking off his wet shoes, he turned down the sheets, gathered her in his arms again, and lay down. He laid on his back, with Alex snuggled into his side, her head on his shoulder, her left arm across his stomach, his arms tightly around her.


Kissing her head, he murmured, “Sleep, Alex. You’re safe and no one is going to hurt you.” As

he heard her even breathing, knowing she had fallen asleep, he murmured with conviction, “ever



Alex slept fitfully for a few hours. Even with her tossing and turning, Walker managed to fall

asleep as well, his arms never once breaking contact with her body. It was in the wee hours of the morning that Walker was startled out of his sleep by a screaming Alex.


The Trammel brothers invaded Alex’s dreams. She dreamed she was tied to the tree, her dress was ripped, and a whip was being cracked. It was when the whip hit her back that she screamed,

sitting bolt right up in bed, feeling the pain of the whip.


Walker bolted up as well and Alex screamed again, the horror of her dream still with her. He immediately enveloped her in his arms. “Alex…its ok, its ok…you were just dreaming…shhhh

…I’m here” he soothed as she began to cry. He held her in his arms, rocking slightly to and fro as she cried. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she held on tight.


“Oh Walker, it was so real,” she sobbed, “I dreamed I was tied to the tree and Dwight Trammel hit me with the whip.” Walker’s breath caught in this throat. “I could actually feel it hit my back” she cried. For a moment Walker thought Dwight had actually hit her with the whip. He knew it hadn’t happened because he had seen her back when he stepped in the shower, he would’ve seen the marks; but, he couldn’t stop himself from loosening the belt on her robe and looking down the neck of the back of her robe to make sure.


His eyes registering relief, he continued to soothe Alex with whispered words, holding her tightly in his arms and caressing her back and her hair. As her tears subsided and shaking ceased, he laid back down in the bed, Alex still in his arms. Kissing her lips, he whispered more assuring words until she fell asleep again.


It was a few hours before dawn when the Trammel brothers invaded her dreams again. This time she was in the ramshackle cabin with Luke, the brother that picked her out in the bar. She was tied up again, but this time to the bed, and he was ripping her dress…from the hem to the waist line. She was tossing and turning again, calling out in her sleep, “No don’t…don’t do this…oh God, Walker help me! Walker!”


He woke when he heard his name called out, realizing that Alex was having another nightmare. He quickly and gently shook her. “Alex…Alex honey…you’re dreaming.”


Alex’s eyes fluttered open and she was at first disoriented. She heard Walker say “you’re dreaming” and turned toward him. Her chin began to quiver and the tears started to fall as she turned her head into his chest. “Oh Walker!” she wailed. “This time I was tied to the bed and Luke Trammel ripped my dress…the bottom of my dress” she finished as the tears intensified.


Walker knew right away that she dreamed she was about to be raped. His heart went out to her,

knowing the dream was probably as real as the one she’d had earlier. “Shhh honey, it was just a dream…just a dream. Shhhh...neither Luke or the other Trammel’s can hurt you.” He continued to soothe her, alternately caressing and kissing her face. “Try to get some more rest honey.”


“NO! I can’t…I’m afraid that if I do…I’ll have another nightmare!”


Turning her so that he could see her face, “The Trammel’s can’t hurt you anymore Alex. No one will, not as long as I’m drawing a breath.”, then softly, “I’ll be holding you all night.” He thought for a moment…he wanted Alex to know in her sleep that she was safe and secure. Thinking back to how she reacted to his touch when he came to her in the shower, he pulled his shirt over his head and took it off. He then once again loosened the belt on her robe and opened the top so that her chest was exposed. Then he pulled her close, holding her tight, so that she could feel his warm skin against her own. In an instant he felt her shaking cease, her cries stopped. He could feel her breasts on his chest, and his body started to react to this, but once again, he banished those thoughts from his mind. He felt her arms wrap around his waist and her small voice say “I love you.” Kissing the top of her head, they both fell back to sleep.


When Walker awoke, the sun was up and shining. Looking at his watch, he noticed it was already after 9:00. He looked down at Alex and saw that her face held a peaceful look. She hadn’t woke since her second nightmare, since they had slept with her bare skin in contact with his own. He smiled then. He knew without a doubt, as if he had doubted it!, that she loved him with all her heart and trusted him implicitly. He loved taking care of her, loved the fact that just his touch brought her such peace. But, he knew that she still had to resolve her fears, resolve what had happened to her.


Walker was torn. He wanted Alex to get more sleep, she certainly needed it. But, he also knew how anxious she was to go home. Figuring she would have plenty of time to rest once they got

home..home to his ranch…he leaned down and kissed her lips to wake her.


Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled when she saw his eyes shining down on her. “Walker?”




“Thank you for last night.”


Kissing her lips he whispered, “No reason to thank me Alex. I love you…and isn’t that what two

people in love do…take care of each other?” He kissed her tenderly as he closed the front of her

robe and tightened the belt.


Alex smiled. He didn’t often tell her he loved her, and he’d done it twice in the past 24 hours.


“Its getting late. Do you still want to go home, or have you changed your mind about leaving?”


Alex immediately answered “NO!”, and her face clouded. “I want to go home…get as far away

from the Trammel brothers as I can.”


“Ok..why don’t you get dressed while I call the airport. We can stop by and see Jimmy on our way out..that ok with you?”


Taking a deep breath, and nodding her head in answer, Alex started to rise.


Half an hour later, they had reservations on a noon flight out of Utah and left the hotel for the

hospital. Alex had hurriedly dressed in jeans and a light sweater, her hair in a ponytail, with a minimal amount of makeup. When she came out of the bathroom Walker had told her how beautiful she looked. ‘She’d look beautiful in a gunny sack’ he’d thought to himself.


After checking on Jimmy and saying goodbye to him, Carlos, and Trent, they headed for the airport, and home. ‘Home’ Alex thought, ‘home to a lonely apartment’. She hoped Walker wouldn’t mind staying at her place.


“Walker…would you stay with me when we get back to Dallas?”


“No,” Alex’s face fell. “you’re staying with me at the ranch…where you belong.” Alex threw her

arms around his neck and hugged him fiercely. It was at this moment that the cab pulled up to the

airport. Grabbing her hand, he smiled “Ready?”


The flight back to Dallas didn’t take a long time, but to Alex it seemed like forever. She was anxious to get home, home to the ranch. Once there Walker took Alex’s things up to his bedroom. There was no question with him where Alex would sleep…she would sleep with him, so he could hold her close during the night. Also, it just felt right. Secretly, Alex was surprised when he took her things upstairs, she thought he’d take them right into the first floor guestroom, but she was glad. She didn’t want to be alone at night, when it was dark and the dreams were sure to come.


After dinner and a quick call to C.D. to thank him for taking care of the horses, Alex and Walker

sat out on the porch, coffee in hand. They remained silent most of the time, just enjoying each

other’s company. Talk turned to work, the auto theft ring Walker and Trivette were almost ready to bust, and the Martin case Alex was to prosecute in the coming week.


Noticing Alex stifling a yawn, Walker looked at Alex with concern. “You look tired Alex. Why

don’t we go up to bed?”


“No Walker, I’m not tired.”


“Alex, I saw you stifle a yawn.”


“That was just a minor yawn, Walker.”


“Minor yawn?” Walker asked, chuckling.


“Yes, a minor yawn! I’m not tired…see,” she replied, opening her eyes as wide as she could get



Walker almost laughed out loud, instead he leaned over to kiss her. The kiss broke off when Alex loudly yawned. “Now Alex, I would normally be offended if someone yawned when I kissed them, but you’re not getting away with it this time. Come on, we’re going up to bed” he said as he got up, taking Alex by the hand.


“No Walker…I…don’t want to go to bed.”


“Alex, honey, I know you’re afraid to sleep, afraid you’ll dream about the Trammel brothers again, but there’s no need to be afraid.” Taking her face in his hands, and peering into her eyes he continued, “I’ll be there with you…holding you…safe, in my arms.”


Alex placed her arms around Walker’s neck and hugged him tight. When he heard her whisper

“ok”, he swept her off her feet and carried her up to his bedroom. Setting her down on her feet at

the end of the bed, he motioned toward her bag sitting on the bed. “Go ahead and get dressed for

bed, I’m gonna go take a shower.” He kissed her sweetly on the lips before heading off to the



Alex put on the hunter green silk pajamas Walker gave her last Christmas. It was the first somewhat intimate gift he had given her. She smiled as she remembered the almost embarrassed

look on his face when she opened the gift. He had been unsure about his purchase, unsure if it was appropriate at that stage in their relationship. His doubts disappeared when he saw the huge smile on her face. After donning the pajamas, she sat on the end of the bed. She still didn’t want to go to sleep, and was also unsure which side of the bed she should lay on. She began to brush her hair while waiting for Walker to finish his shower. The even brush strokes lulled her into a trance, she began to think back on the weekend with the Trammel brothers. As her thoughts turned to when she was tied to the tree, she stopped the brushing mid-strand, just sat there frozen as she relived it.


She didn’t hear Walker finish his shower, didn’t see him come out of the shower dressed only in sweatpants, didn’t see him come up behind her. She jumped when he put his hand over her hand

clutching the hairbrush. “Aaahhhh! Geez, Walker! You scared the devil out of me!” She put her

hand over her heart, as if she were trying to slow the pounding in it.


“Sorry, Alex,  didn’t mean to scare ya. You looked like you were a million miles away.” Narrowing his eyes, he squatted down to her level, “What were you thinking about?” he asked as he began to brush her hair.


Alex lowered her head, placing her head in her hands. After a moment she answered quietly, “The Trammel’s”.


Sighing, Walker quickly stood and picked her up off the bed. Walking over to the side of the bed, he stood there for a moment with her in his arms. Looking down at her with all of his love for her shining in his eyes, he whispered, “There’s no need to be afraid, Alex. I told you, I’ll be with you all night long.” Bringing his face to hers for a kiss, he laid down in the bed, with her tucked into his left side, and pulled the covers over them. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed her on the forehead. “The first step in healing is to talk about what’s bothering you. Tell me what happened…” his eyes grew dark, “…starting with..did they hurt you?”


Understanding that he meant ‘did they rape her’, she looked him in the eyes and whispered, “ least not in that way,” she added, looking him in the eyes. Seeing relief in his eyes, relief that they hadn’t hurt her in a way most damaging to a woman’s emotional well being, Alex continued, tears streaming down her face as she told the story. She told him about the hike up the mountain, about them setting the booby trap, and about arriving at the cabin. “I wasn’t going to put on that dress, until Venessa and Sally showed me the scars from the whippings they endured. But the worst part Walker,” looking up at him, the tears flowing harder, her voice breaking, “was when Dwight took the engagement ring off my finger.”


Walker hugged her to him, caressing the back of her head as she continued to cry. After a few

moments she pulled back slightly and continued. “But…I knew you’d come for me, I never lost

hope…but when they tied me to that tree and Dwight cracked the whip…” her voice cracked again and she dissolved into tears once more as she remembered the nightmare and how it felt so real.


Walker continued to hold her as tightly as possible, caressing her back and her hair, whispering soothing words. “Shhhh sweetheart, its all over. The Trammel brothers are in jail, they can’t hurt

you or anyone else ever again. Shhhh…sleep sweetheart.”


Ever grateful for his loving arms and equally loving words, Alex murmured “I love you, Walker” before sleep claimed her.


As she had been afraid, the nightmares came again. Walker was aware of this when he felt her begin to tremble. He whispered soothing words to her and caressed her back. “Shhhh, its ok honey…you’re safe…I won’t let anyone hurt you…” Soon the trembling abated and she was again slumbering, her breathing once again even. Kissing her lips, he settled back to sleep himself.


Once again during the night, the nightmares came. She dreamed she was being abducted again, and cried out in her sleep. Walker woke her by gently shaking her, and again whispered soothing words. Alex looked at him with tears in her eyes. Her chin trembling, she cried, “Oh Walker!” 


Without thinking twice about it, Walker reached out and began to undo the buttons on the front of her pajama top. Alex watched his face the entire time, watched the flicker of emotion in his eyes, seeing the emotions of love and tenderness, protectiveness. After freeing the last button, he opened up her top, exposing her breasts. His heart raced as he laid eyes on them again, but true to himself, he ignored his racing heart and reacting body, and brought his hands around to her back, pulling her close, so close it was hard to tell where his chest ended and hers began. The effect on Alex was the same, her tears and shaking stopped. Her cries ended as she brought her arms around his back to hold him just as tightly.






“How is it you know exactly what I need?

“That’s easy honey.” he said, his eyes registering that special look she’d seen before in the mountains when they went to look for the Swan Song. “Its because I love you…very much.”


To say that Alex was shocked would be putting it mildly. He’d told her several times in the past

couple of days that he loved her, but to express it like this rendered her speechless.


Kissing her tenderly, he continued. “I sense what you need. I can sense when you’re happy, when you’re mad…and that’s not just because of the way your mouth sets in a thin line and you squint your eyes!” he said as his eyes sparkled. He reached out to run the tips of his fingers over her lips, “I can sense when you’re sad…and…when you’re scared.” Pausing to kiss her, he looked her in the eyes. “The Trammel brothers are in jail, they can’t hurt you.”


“I know…but…what about the next time. What about the next Dwight Trammel or…or Victor LaRue?”


Walker closed his eyes. ‘Of course…its not just the Trammel’s’ he thought. Mentally slapping himself for not thinking of that, he caressed her back.. “Honey, I may not be able to be with you one hundred percent of the time, but I’ll always be there when you need me, you know that. And when I’m not there when you get into some trouble, you know how to take care of yourself…you demonstrated that pretty well when you gave Dwight that right hook of yours!”


For the first time in days, Alex giggled. I guess you’re right, it was a good right hook! Looking up at Walker, her eyes shining, she said softly, “Have you any idea how much I love you?!”


Walker’s heart pounded. His Alex was back! “Alex, I’ve known how much you love me for years, I was just too stubborn…and mule headed…to admit it.” He leaned down and kissed her passionately, his hands beginning to caress her back.


Alex shifted to deepen the kiss, feeling Walker push her pajama top off her shoulders and down her arms. The kiss continued, the passion in them building until they were both gasping for air,

their hearts racing. Walker moved so that he was above her, and ever so slowly removed her

pajama bottoms and panties, kissing his way back up her body. As he got within reach, Alex moved to slide his sweatpants over his hips and down, immediately feeling his desire for her.

For a while time spun out as they explored each others bodies with their hands and mouths,

memorizing every hill and every valley…until Walker once again moved above Alex, her legs instinctively opening to accommodate him. Then finally…oh finally!…he entered her, Alex

crying out as he did so, mindless with the pleasure coursing through her. Grunting, Walker started to move, and as if one person, she moved with him. The tempo of their movements gradually increased as their passion spiraled out of control. Walker felt Alex reach her peak, and kissed her as she reached it, his hand moving to caress one of her breasts. To Alex, her climax seemed to go on and on. It was when she climaxed again that Walker finally released all the pent up passion he had for her, calling out her name as it came.


They kissed passionately as their heartbeats slowed, and when Walker slipped free, he rolled them over and settled her tucked into his left side once again. Both were speechless. It was the first time they had made love, and each was thinking they wished they hadn’t waited so long. Walker marveled at how natural it seemed to have Alex at the ranch and in his bed. He never wanted her to leave.


Alex was the first to find her voice. “Walker?”




“I was just thinking about how…normal…it seemed for you to come into the shower with me

yesterday when we were in Utah…how normal it seemed when you opened up my robe so

that I could sleep feeling you against me,” she looked at him with unadulterated love and

continued, “…how normal it seemed when you did the same thing with my pajama top last

night and how right it felt to make love with you. Yesterday was the first time you’ve seen me…nude…and it didn’t make me nervous, or scared…it just seemed so…natural.”


Kissing her once more, Walker said, “You know Honey, I was just thinking the same thing. I was thinking how natural it seemed to have you here at the ranch, not just visiting, but sleeping here…and I don’t mean in the guestroom, but here with me…in my bed.” His eyes registering that special look again, he whispered, “Alex, I don’t want you to go home…I want you to stay here.  If it means getting married today, then we’ll get married today…but this is your home too…stay.”


“Oh Walker, do you know how long I have wanted to “stay” here?! Every time I was here with you, I hated to leave.” Pausing to kiss him back, she whispered, “Of course I’ll stay…but we’re not getting married today…C.D. would have our heads!!”, she finished laughing.


Laughing with her, Walker pulled her back to him for another passion filled kiss, and time once

again spun out as they communicated their love for one another in the way that now felt so natural.



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